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"Who are you?" Kara asked breathlessly.

The woman dressed in a black version of a Supergirl suit smirked, "You don't recognise me?"

Kara frowned, "Should I?"

"Perhaps not..." The other woman said dryly, before punching Supergirl across the room, and then casually mocking, "After all, you have suffered at the hands of so many women, I'm surprised you can remember any of them."

"Just the truly memorable ones." Kara quipped, before going on the attack again.

Kara was putting a brave face on it, trying to live up to the unstoppable force of truth and justice she'd always wanted Supergirl to be, but the truth was she had been on the ropes for this entire fight, metaphorically speaking of course. The reality was much worse, as it involved being thrown through walls, ceilings, floors and various different other objects, and it was beginning to take its toll. Oh God, not even Superman had given her this much trouble. Then again, he had been brainwashed into thinking he was fighting someone he hated, leaving him open to making mistakes. But this girl? She didn't seem to make mistakes, even though she seemed to hit her far worse.

Every time Kara finally caught a break and landed a few solid blows it was reversed so that she received double of what she had just got, if not triple, and she honestly wasn't sure how much more she could take. But they were now fighting on top of a building in the middle of her city, camera crews and civilians crowding the streets beneath her, and even a helicopter reporting the action, making it feel like not only the whole city was watching, but the entire world. So she couldn't lose, right? Not to someone who had been terrorising her city. And yet, she did. The mighty Supergirl fought until she could fight no more, but ultimately she found herself hanging off the edge of the building by her neck, the black clad figure squeezing her neck with just one hand almost hard enough to crush it as she admired her handiwork.

Then after a few brief seconds the figure pulled her in close and reminded her, "You asked me a question?"

"Wha, what?" Kara groaned, barely conscious at this point.

"Well, to answer it, I'm Reign." Reign finally introduced herself, adding with an evil smirk, "And you? You're mine!"

With that Reign smashed her skull against Kara's in a savage headbutt; and the next thing, the mighty Supergirl knew was that she was falling. She tried to fly, but she just didn't have it in her, finding herself slipping into unconsciousness before she even hit the ground. The impact jolted her awake somewhat, but that was almost worse, because she was aware of the physical and mental pain of her utter failure. Perhaps not surprisingly, it was the mental pain which was worse, especially as the crowds gathered around her, including camera crews to make sure that her humiliating defeat was captured forever on film. She was even aware that Alex was there, although she had no idea what she was saying to her.

Then just when Kara didn't think it could get any worse Reign lowered herself back down to the ground in front of her, making the people surrounding her scatter. Well, most of them. Alex actually threatened to shoot Reign, then did so when she was ignored, only for the terrifying woman to shrug off the kryptonite bullets, grabbed Kara by the throat again, and slide back up into the sky like it was nothing. Kara thought for sure she was about to be murdered in front of the whole world, and her sister/lover, and there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing but weep, not over her failure, but out of fear of what this woman might do to the people she loves. Only as it turns out she was about to sufferer a far more humiliating, and pleasurable, fate.

"You are defeated!" Reign spoke loud enough for the audience to hear, "Surrender your body to me and I will complete my victory over you in front of these people. Refuse... and you shall regret it..."

Instantly turned on by the idea, Kara whimpered, "I... I surrender."

Reign raised an eyebrow, and just stared at her pray for a few long seconds, busking in her victory. Then she sat down in mid-air, flipped Supergirl over her knee, and lowered them so they were still out of reach, but low enough that even the people in the crowd could get a clear view of exactly what was happening. Namely Reign pulling that cute little skirt up, and then tearing away the other woman's panties to expose Supergirl's bottom. Which she had to admit, was very cute. Well-rounded, yet firm, and very, very spank-able. Which was exactly what Reign did, raising her hand high in the air, and bringing it crashing down upon Supergirl's buttocks, before repeating the process.

Unlike the spankings her wife had given her... no, that wasn't right. She wasn't weak, pathetic Sam. She was her true self now, Reign reminded herself. But the point was, unlike when Lena Luthor spanked her pathetic little wife Sam Luthor, there was no slow, gentle build upwhere she was squeezing Supergirl's cheeks. Although Reign had to admit she was very, very tempted to do so. But she avoided it, so this could be what it needed to be. Oh yes, this needed to be the most brutal butt beating ever, one that not even Kara Danvers would enjoy. And yet despite trying her best, Reign failed, that failure only fuelling her to brutalize Supergirl's bottom even harder. But it didn't matter, as she just continuously failed.

More accurately, it was half a failure, because she just fully succeeded on getting some gasps from her audience, all of them horrified to see their champion being humiliated this way. And they heard it too, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the open space, which was tremendously satisfying. As was the fact that Supergirl's ass quickly turned bright red, and then a dark and bruised red, which looked as if despite her healing Kara would never truly recover from it. And yet, through it all she could feel how wet Supergirl got from this brutal public humiliation, and while to some extent that just made it more satisfying, it also made it worrying. Especially as she was trying not to imagine herself in the same position.

Because to do what she needed to do, Reign needed to cast off the shell of her old life, and banish her weak half to the very deepest corners of her mind. However, the spanking only brought back Sam's memories more vividly, to the point that she could sense Sam trying to break through and take back control of their body, something Reign could never let happen again, especially when they were in the middle of hovering in the air, trying to humiliate Supergirl. What was worse was that Sam's memories were now so vivid Reign imagined herself in Kara's place. In Supergirl's place. Bent over someone's knee, and allowing herself to be humiliated. And the idea actually turned her on, something which horrified Reign to her core. So much so she was forced to cut the spanking short, in favour of another form of domination.

"Look at this... LOOK AT THIS!" Reign demanded of the people beneath her, abruptly stopping the spanking in favour of sliding her fingertips along Kara's pussy momentarily, before presenting the cameras below with the wetness she found there, "This is your champion? This nasty little lesbian slut? Imagine actually enjoying being spanked? Clearly she has no shame, do you bitch?"

"I..." Kara whimpered, but there was nothing she could say, and soon she was crying out in pain as she received another hard slap to her rear, "AH RAO!"

"Silence!" Reign ordered, before continuing, "Mmmmmmmm, let's just see how much of a slut you really are..."

Kara then cried out loudly as two fingers slipped into her already very wet pussy, quickly followed by another, and another. And of course, the addition of these fingers got the same pleasure filled cry out of her, followed by pathetic whimpers as she was obviously humiliated. Something that the mighty Supergirl shouldn't be enjoying, especially not in this incredibly public setting, but she just couldn't help herself. Her entire life she had been sexually submissive, and over the past few years she'd embrace truly being the lesbian slut she was born to be. She was in an open relationship with her own sister, for Rao's sakes, and recently they had started dating a married couple, who were both women. One of whom, along with her sister, regularly spanked her.

So what chance did she really have of resisting? Reign was so strong, confident, and if they had met at a bar, the result would probably be the same, Kara's ass bright red, and her slutty little pussy welcoming the fingers of this intimidating woman. Because of the arrangement she had with her girlfriends Kara would be having the time of her life, taking everything Reign had to give her completely guilt free. But Reign hadn't seduced her, or even asked if she could touch her. She was just taking her, and that made it rape, regardless of how much Kara was loving it. Or at least it did initially, until with a few simple words Reign truly destroyed Supergirl.

"Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, you like that, don't you, you little slut?" Reign smiled, before pushing, "Yeah you do, mmmmmmmmm, and everyone can see it. Everyone can see how wet your pussy is, and how easily you're taking this. Ohhhhhhhhhh, but I'm in a good mood, so I'll give you the chance to save yourself. All you have to do is tell me you don't want it. Oh yes, tell me you don't want to be fucked like the dyke slut you are, and I promise, I'll stop. You have my word. Just say it Supergirl. Prove to the entire world that you're not just a shameless little Super Sub, and tell me to stop fucking you in front of your adoring fans. Just say it Supergirl, mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss, say it! Say it!"

Which should have been so easy, but it wasn't. Kara's greedy body wouldn't allow her to say the words that would stop this, and in that moment it became crystal clear to the entire world that the mighty Supergirl, was publicly surrendering her body to a super villain, allowing Reign to do whatever she wanted to her. Which included pushing her thumb along in with her four fingers, and then in one hard thrust, shoving them pass the knuckles. Which of course provide her with incredible pain, but it was worth it for the pleasure which followed. For having entire fist inside her, once again. An entire girl fist! She was being fisted by another woman, a strong, powerful woman, and Kara just couldn't resist crying out joyfully, making it again crystal clear she was loving this.

Especially as Reign surprisingly showed her some mercy by just leaving her fist buried inside of Supergirl for a few long seconds. There was no doubt this was because the villain was savouring the moment of total conquest of the mighty Supergirl, and why shouldn't she? In this moment Supergirl was unquestionably her bitch, and the whole world knew it. Something which Kara should hate, but she didn't. She couldn't help it. She was a proud super sub, and she couldn't help but savour this wonderful moment of being totally conquered. Which allowed her body to relax, so that when the fisting truly did start, all she felt was pure pleasure. Which of course, increase the humiliation, which in turn increased her enjoyment.

Reign truly was savouring her conquest for the few long seconds that she paused, but she was also cursing herself for rushing this special moment. If anything she should be savouring her conquest of Supergirl, one of the few people in the world which might be a threat to her, and certainly her biggest rival. Then again, despite everything she knew about Kara Danvers, even she had underestimated what a total shameless slut she really was. She truly thought that Kara would have fought her off by now. Or at the very least, had the decency to tell her to stop. Because Reign could totally understand not begging for mercy, but to actually except what was happening to her publicly? Truly pathetic.

Then again, Sam had been no different, she thought with a blush. Oh God, Reign was suddenly bombarded by images... by memories of being in Kara's position. Of being bent over Lena Luthor's knee, her ass bright red, and aching from being spanked, and shamelessly begging for more fingers in her cunt. Lena of course was a master at domination, and had teased Sam to the point of madness, before finally giving her more. But that hadn't been enough for the greedy super sub which was Sam Luthor. No, Reign's weaker half begged to be fisted, and when she finally got what she wanted that weak, pathetic bitch came so hard that Reign had felt it. Which was enough to make her ache for it now.

Desperately trying to shake that feeling off now Reign loudly announced to her audience, "You see? Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, do you see Supergirl for who she really is now? Do you? Well, you should. You should see that this is not your Saviour. That this is a false idol. That this is nothing but a fuck hole to be used for the pleasure of superior women. Here, allow me to demonstrate. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, allow me to demonstrate just what a slut Supergirl is, by effortlessly making her cum. Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, watch this! Eyes on me, everyone. You want entertainment? I'll give you entertainment. Oh yes I will, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!"

Making good on her threat Reign started slowly, pumping her hand back and forth inside of Kara's cunt, gently at first, but gradually picking up her pace. Unfortunately this didn't really distract from those vivid memories of Lena dominating the hell out of Sam, at least not initially, but at least Supergirl continued to cry out and whimper with the same amount of pleasure that she did before. What was worse, was the fact that Reign allowed those fantasies to linger in her mind for longer than they should have, before she double down on the fisting. At that point, she'd already been fisting Kara pretty hard, but after that it was like she was using that poor little pussy as a punching bag.

Not even that completely banished those submissive thoughts, but there was one very effective distraction in the form of Supergirl cumming like crazy for her. Which would have been amazingly gratifying, if it had been the same hard-fought win Reign had earned through their fight, but no, she barely even got started before Kara started to cum. And of course, she just kept cumming. Cumming, and cumming, and cumming, like the truly shameless slut that she was. Which both caused Reign to laugh in delight, and scrunched up her face with disgust at just how much her rival was loving this. Just like Sam, when Lena topped her. Which pushed her to raise the stakes even further, by pulling her fist out of Kara's cunt, and switching to another, surely less welcoming, hole.

Kara cried out with disappointment when that fist was removed from her pussy, but then cried out in pleasure as Reign shoved it up her ass. Well, it was more like a mixture of pain and pleasure, but it was the type of the pain which Kara loved. Admittedly, it was more painful than ever before, but nothing Supergirl couldn't handle. Even if this was quite the unique pain. After all, Mistress Alex shoved her fist up Kara's slutty little ass all the time, but not literally. No she took her time, and stretched out her most intimate orifice, whereas Reign used her superstrength to do that literally. God, Kara had never been more grateful that her big sister, and all the other women she'd been with, had been obsessed with her ass, with Mrs Luthor and Mistress Alex making sure she got daily anal poundings.

It almost certainly hurt more because of her super healing, but Kara was used to the feeling of her ass being obscenely stretched like this. Admittedly she wasn't used to going 0 to 60 like this, but it still helped. As did the fact that for a few long seconds Reign just kept that fist perfectly still, allowing Supergirl's slutty little ass to adjust to this sudden and obscene violation. Which was quite a welcome surprise, especially as the sudden anal penetration had Kara closing her eyes to savour that wonderful moment. Especially as this was a new sensation, given the suddenness of the back door fisting. And maybe, just maybe, part of her wanted to pretend that it was actually Alex Danvers, Lena Luthor, or even Sam Luthor doing this to her.

When she finally opened her eyes Kara wasn't surprised to see Reign staring at her with disbelief and disgust. She wouldn't be surprised if everyone watching had the same expression on their face. If anyone was still watching at this point. And she should be hoping not. Hoping that everyone had left, and more importantly the cameras had been turned off, for the sake of decency. But a sadistic part of her hoped that wasn't the case. That every moment of this would be recorded, so she could masturbate to it later. The Fall of Supergirl. Kara could see the headlines now. Oh God, would she have to do a report about having the persona she'd worked so hard to turn into a symbol of truth and justice, and a role model for girls everywhere, to be sexually dominated publicly, and in such a perverted way, by a female super villain.

Again, Kara was reminded why she should stop this, so at least she could salvage a shred of dignity, but instead she just allowed herself to be publicly fisted, again, this time up the butt. Because it took a while, but eventually Reign began to move her fist again, and while Kara had come down from her earlier high, it didn't take that much to make her cum again. Especially when Reign started using her other hand to slap Supergirl in the face, and yell abuse at her. Oh God, Kara was now holding herself up by her own power, and allowing herself to be fucked in the ass, making it clear that she was no longer too tired and beaten to fight back. Well, she was still beaten, but mostly she was just horny, and desperate to be this super villain's anal fuck toy.

Reign was so revolted that Supergirl was not only enjoying this, but cumming from it, that she was stunned into silence. After all, she had known she was dealing with a total lesbian slut, who loved it up the ass, but she hadn't thought that even this slut would enjoy this brutal level of anal fisting, and was horrified to be wrong. Oh Rao, this girl was truly a disgrace to their entire race. The rest of her creators? Reign was a little unsure of the details, but it mattered not. All that mattered was that she was exposing Supergirl for the super sub she truly was. Even if she had to severely degrade herself in the process. Because don't get her wrong, she would do anything to complete her mission, but she hadn't thought that involve shoving her entire fist up some bitch's bottom.

However, the worst part of all of this was that Reign was actually getting off on it. Oh Rao, her own body was aching for the type of ecstasy that Kara was receiving now, and she even had a few vivid visions of herself receiving it. Either from Kara, as Supergirl turned the tables on her, or the far more likely scenario that Lena Luthor would show up, and that Reign would just melt into the same submissive little puddle that pathetic bitch Sam Luthor always was. Oh yes, she could practically feel Lena's strap-on inside her butt. Or even her fist. Which, weren't strictly fantasies. No, they were memories. Things which Sam has allowed this body to receive, and they were driving the Kryptonian crazy.

Again, desperately needing to regain a shred of the dominance she was supposed to be feeling Reign focused all of her energy on making Supergirl cum as hard and as frequently as possible, in probably the most twisted way possible. Namely by giving her such a rough anal fisting, that it was like the superior woman was practically using Kara's rectum as a punching bag. Something which no pathetic human could survive, but this twisted little super sub clearly loved every second of it. Even when Reign started pulling out her fist until the butt hole was stretching around her knuckles, and then seemingly shoving her hand ever deeper into that slutty little ass. Although Reign seemingly couldn't get it deep enough for her liking.

Even as she became lost in this perverted act Reign push them high into the clouds, making sure they were no longer visible to the naked eye, and especially not to those cameras. Not because she wanted to try and save Supergirl's dignity. No, that ship had thoroughly sailed. And wasn't something that Reign ever cared about. Instead she was very much focused on trying to keep at least a shred of her own dignity intact, as she did not want everyone to know how much she was enjoying it. Or worse, what she planned to do next. This eventually became just too much for her, and Reign needed a release. First though, she forced first one hand, then the other up to Kara's face.

"Taste yourself, bitch!" Reign snapped, mostly furious at herself for stooping this low, "Yeahhhhhhhhhh, get all those skank juices. Your cunt and your ass! Oh fuck, you're so nasty! Nasty little super sub. Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, clean every fucking drop! Oh God! Oh Rao. Oh yes, clean those fingers, ah fuck!"

"Thank you." Kara moaned breathlessly when she had the chance, and happily did as she was told.

Kara wasn't suspecting Reign to be so generous. She'd thought for sure she was about to get knocked unconscious, or worse, by her victorious rival, which unfortunately could still happen, but at least for now, she was being gifted with her own flavour, something which Kara took full advantage of. Oh yes, she ravenously licked those hands clean, going back and forth between them, so she could savour the taste of her own pussy cream, ass juice and cum, all of which she loved. In fact, she was so lost in these things, it was almost like she was with one of her girlfriends, after Alex, Lena or Sam had use their hands to play with her needy little holes.

Unfortunately, all too soon there was no cream to clean, leaving her in the awkward position of realizing where she was, and exactly what she was doing. Which made her blush with shame, but of course, that only added to her enjoyment. In fact, she was disappointed when she first realized they were up so high again that no one could see she was now willingly humiliating herself, as she cleaned the fists which had just been inside her, simply because the super villain told her too. Although on the bright side, if they were up this high maybe Reign wouldn't try and to knock her out, or worse? Surely she would want an audience for that? And maybe, just maybe, Kara would be allowed to return the favour.

Sure enough Reign suddenly grabbed the back of her head, shoved her downwards into her crotch, and yelled, "Eat me! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, eat me, you bitch! Eat my fucking cunt! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, prove just what a disgusting pussy loving pervert you are. Mmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, a subby little slut. Oh fuck, a dyke whore! Ah yeah, lick me, mmmmmmmm, lick my cunt. Oh fuck! Oh Rao! Oh Supergirl! Oh Kara, mmmmmmmmm, you're so good at that. Sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooodddddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, eat me bitch! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

For a moment there Kara, thought she heard her real name being used, but that wasn't possible, right? How could Reign possibly know her real name. Of course, it wasn't a thought Kara lingered on for long. Not with a tasty treat right in front of her. And Reign might be an evil, murderous super villain who needed to be brought to justice, but she really had one delicious tasting pussy. One which kind of tasted familiar, actually. Which was possibly a coincidence. Then again, maybe Kara had tasted every flavour of pussy? Oh yes, she like that. It made her feel like such a slut. Like just what Reign said she was, the other Kryptonian continuing to insult her for an impressively long time, which added to both of their enjoyment.

Given what they had been doing previously, it was a bit of a surprise when she received orders to pick up her game in almost record time. Taking back some small semblance of control Kara just ignored those commands initially, although admittedly that was more about increasing her own enjoyment, and just because she been trained to do this. Then, when it was clear that Reign was getting really annoyed, she followed through on giving this super villain what she wanted. Which was a weird thing to think, but it was true. At least for the moment, Supergirl gave a super villain what she wanted. And she continued to do that, eventually making her cum in the process. Which actually made Supergirl feel proud of herself. Oh God, this was so twisted. And that was why she loved it.

Reign was forced to admit it, Supergirl was good for something. She had been appalled at the actions of her weaker half. Honestly, all forms of sex were pretty revolting to Reign. She had wanted to believe she was above all that, but she just couldn't stop thinking about her wife. Sam's wife! She meant, Sam's wife, Lena Luthor. She couldn't stop thinking about her, and the things she and Sam had done together, and with the twisted Danvers sisters. And then she found herself with Supergirl helpless within her grasp, and she just couldn't help herself. And she was glad she didn't, because this was amazing. Oh yes, now she understood what all the fuss was about, and wanted to stay like this forever.

At the same time, she desperately wanted more. No, she needed more. She needed to cum. For Supergirl to make her cum. But she also needed to not embarrass herself more the necessary, by cumming too soon. Especially as she was afraid that her words would sound like less of a command, and more like the shameless begging of Sam Luthor. Of course, the irony was the more she waited, the more that she ran the risk of not being able to control her mouth. So Reign was forced to find a middle ground of sorts, after what seemed like an appropriate amount of time, and then take a deep and calming breath, before telling this super slut exactly what she wanted. Or more accurately, needed. And most of all, do it in a commanding, dominant way.

"More! Mmmmmmmmm, give me more!" Reign eventually moaned, shoving Kara's face even deeper into her cunt in the process, "Yessssssssssssss, tongue me you bitch! Tongue fuck my cunt! Oh fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me now! No more teasing! No, no more teasing, mmmmmmmmm, you do what you were born to do. You make a superior woman cum, and you do it now. Come on Supergirl, prove just what a girl cum loving Super Sub you really are. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me fuck me fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooooh fuck me! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!"

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for Reign to get what she wanted. Namely Kara attacking her clit until she was on the edge of climax, and then shoving her tongue as deep into her cunt as it could possibly go. Which was more than enough to make her weaker half cum, and just about every other woman on this planet, so Reign thought it was important not to follow suit. No, she was just about able to hold back for a few long seconds, which felt close to hours given the intense and almost painful ecstasy she was feeling at the time. Although it was kinda worth it, as she could truly appreciate the feeling of another woman's tongue sliding in and out of her pussy, making it the first thing to truly fuck her.

She might be able to remember what it was like for Sam in this position, but experiencing it first-hand was a whole other thing. It was truly the most overwhelming experience of Reign's life, only to then be replaced by an even more overwhelming experience, that being of cumming from someone else's hand for the first time. Or more accurately, someone else's tongue. Another woman's tongue. Oh Rao, this was so twisted, but for better or for worse Reign loved every second of it. So much so that she became completely lost in it. Which was rather embarrassing for her, but she couldn't care less. In fact, she didn't care about anything, but getting more pleasure. And was more than happy to inflict permanent damage on this super slut to get it.

Kara cried out loudly and happily as maybe her favourite flavour hit her taste-buds, namely girl cum. Of course, that sound was overpowered by the loud cry Reign let out, making Kara feel very proud of herself, as she had reduced this unstoppable monster to an orgasming wreck. And she continued to enjoy how out of control she made this dangerous woman by the fact that almost immediately, Reign pressed her face so deep into her pussy that she couldn't really tongue fuck her anymore, and instead just grinded herself against her face, while squeezing down on her head. Both of which would have probably squished her skull if she had been human, but because she was Kryptonian, she was not only able to survive, but thrive.

Because while she wasn't able to use her normal routine, that being of switching between tongue fucking and cum swallowing, she was able to strategically thrust her tongue out to hit Reign's clit, normally triggering another orgasm, or at least an extra loud scream, cry, or whimper. Or a combination of both. Otherwise, Reign essentially did all the work, leaving Supergirl to concentrate on what really mattered to her in that moment. Namely, swallowing as much girl cum and pussy cream as she possibly could. Something that, thanks to her superpowers, she was very successful at. She didn't get all of it, but then again, she didn't want too, as the rest ended up covering her face, and marking her as what she truly was, a pussy loving slut.

In moments like this it was kind of hard for Kara to think coherently, but she was however dully aware that again, the girl cum and pussy cream she was greedily swallowing tasted familiar, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Hell, even the smell was familiar. And when she was finally pushed backwards and away from the super villain, there was even something familiar about the way Reign looked. Or maybe that was just because gone was the unstoppable force of nature, and in it's place, was just a tired woman, gasping for breath. Kara was even this close to asking if she was alright, before she once again found herself grabbed by the throat, and pulled into Reign's personal space.

"This never happened!" Reign snapped angrily, before growling, "I'm not like you. I'm not! I'm not a disgusting little super slut."

There was a brief pause, then Kara actually smirked and quipped, "Are you sure about that?"

The look on Reign's face was totally worth getting punched in hers. Of course, given that she saw it coming from a mile away, Kara really should have tried to do more to stop it. On the bright side, it wasn't enough to knock her out this time. It was however, enough to send her back to the ground, crashing in a crumpled heap in the rubble beneath her. For a brief and horrible moment, she thought Reign was coming back to finish the job, but her evil mirror image just smirked at her from a distance, making sure everyone got the visual of her floating over Supergirl's broken body, before flying away, leaving Kara to wonder how she was ever going to deal with such a threat. Or the fact that she had just been sexually humiliated in front of the whole world.

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