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“Kiiiiirrrrrraaaaaaaa!” Cat Grant yelled loudly.

Kara Danvers sighed softly. She didn't mind that her boss continuously called her by the wrong name, because she knew it was a running joke or perhaps a way for Ms Grant to create some separation between them after one too many meaningful conversations. She also didn't mind being yelled at by her boss, because it was all part of paying her dues like any normal human, and that was the point of this job, to feel connected to humanity. And she definitely didn't mind having a demanding boss, as Kara took pride in knowing that she could fulfil those needs with a smile on her face, and thus had become one of the very few of Ms Grant's assistants to keep her job for more than a week.

The problem was that it was now about 10 o'clock at night, meaning she'd worked for over 11 hours straight without a proper break, which she was pretty sure was against the law. She'd had to sneak a sandwich around lunchtime, but Ms Grant had confiscated her take-out delivery because she had too much work to do, meaning that Kara had skipped a meal, which was unprecedented. It was so unfair. She was so hungry, and everyone else had gone home, where they could eat, and she was stuck here doing mostly things which weren't her responsibility, but Ms Grant insisted this was a test she needed to pass, and since there was no Supergirl emergency calling her away she stayed, even though she was hungry, tired and desperately in need of the stress relief she could only get from Alex.

Still, after a few long seconds Kara forced a smile to cross her face and called out, "Coming Ms Grant."

Reminding herself not to use her full speed Kara then stood up and walked into Ms Grant's office. Every other time today she had done this Ms Grant had been sitting at her desk and had barely looked up at her. A few times she had even been wearing her adorable glasses. But not now. No, Ms Grant was standing in front of her desk, allowing Kara to admire the dress which no doubt cost more than what she made in a year which showed that for a woman in her 50s Cat Grant was still stunning, something which Kara couldn't help but focus on as she approached. Then she realised Ms Grant was holding out a drink of Scotch for her, which made her smile, as while it wouldn't have any effect on her it was a sign that her workday was finally over and she was about to get some explanation of what all this was about, and hopefully a life lesson out of it that would make her long day worthwhile.

"I'm very proud of you Kira." Cat said softly, not missing the way that made Kara beamed happily, "You truly went above and beyond today, and I promise you, you will be rewarded for it."

"Thank you Ms Grant." Kara said brightly, taking the offered glass and casually taking a sip.

"I'm not talking about the drink Kira." Cat said flatly, "At least it doesn't have to be. It's really up to you."

Kara frowned, "What do you mean Ms Grant?"

There was a brief pause, and then Cat very deliberately looked her assistant up and down before admitting, "I had a very... informative conversation with your adopted sister today."

"Oh?" Kara blushed.

"Yes." Cat gently confirmed, taking a sip of her drink before continuing, "It confirmed a lot of suspicions I've had about you since the moment we met."

"Oh, oh really?" Kara stammered, trying to play it cool and failing so very hard, even nervously laughing as she added, "Like what?"

There was another brief pause and then Cat said, "Well for one thing... you're a sub."

“Oh?” Kara murmured, taking a deep breath before asking, "And?"

"Huh." Cat smiled, "I expected you to be more hesitant to admit that."

"Why?" Kara asked.

"Shame?" Cat offered with a raised eyebrow.

"But Subs are the ones with all the power." Kara pointed out in confusion, and then when Ms Grant continued staring at her added, "In a proper Dom/sub relationship there are safe words, which the sub can say at any time to make things stop. It's up to the Dom to stop that from happening, but if they make a mistake that's it."

"Well said Kira." Cat smiled, taking a sip of her drink before adding, "I must say it's refreshing to find someone your age who is so enlightened about sex. Especially someone who nearly never curses, and dresses like a school librarian. But then, that just made it more obvious what you really are. Which is cliché, but it's cliché for a reason."

"That's me, a big old cliché." Kara tried to smile innocently as Ms Grant took another sip of her drink, "Nothing abnormal about me."

"Very convincing." Cat said dryly, taking a few steps to her right to reveal what had been hiding behind her, "Kira, do me a favour and open that box."

Recognising the box in question Kara blushed a little bit and stupidly pointed and murmured, "That box?"

"Yes Kira, that box." Cat sighed.

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara said after a brief hesitation, taking a few steps forward and opening the lid to the led box, and then tried to hide her reaction to what was inside it.

"What's inside it?" Cat asked, as if she didn't know.

"A collar." Kara said softly, before admitting, "My collar."

"And what a beautiful one it is." Cat said, adding almost casually, "I spent far too much time debating on whether you had an owner or not. At first I assumed not, but the more I spent time with you the more I notice that you didn't show the usual signs of sexual frustration that comes from not regularly getting laid. You certainly don't reek of the desperation that particularly your handsome hobbit friend suffers from. But I was sure it was someone outside of work, because you showed little interest in anyone outside of James Olsen, and in time I realised that was merely a smokescreen to hide the fact that you're a raging homosexual. Which is understandable. It's hard enough being a working woman, let alone one who enjoys the company of other women. That's why I've been so particular about my own dalliances with my own sex."

"You're-" Kara began.

"Bisexual." Cat clarified, "And don't interrupt."

"Sorry Ms Grant." Kara quickly apologised.

"Now, where was I? Ah yes, your blatant homosexuality." Cat smiled, "Honestly I am ashamed I didn't realise it sooner, but in my defence I thought I was just flattering myself that such a young pretty thing like you, who doesn't seem like the goldigger type, really was interested in someone like me."

"How could you say that?" Kara asked.

"What did I say about not interrupting?" Cat scowled.

"Sorry Ms Grant." Kara apologised before quickly adding, "But I'm just so shocked you would think that. You're normally so confident. And you should be. You're amazing, and smart, and funny, and so, so beautiful. I, I feel honoured just to get to be around you."

Hiding a blush of her own for once Cat grumbled, "Such a charmer."

"It's the truth." Kara said firmly.

"Yes, well..." Cat murmured, briefly struggling to get them back on track, but eventually managing it, "My beauty aside I couldn't help notice how you looked at James's girlfriend Lucy Lane. The way you smiled at her. The way your body moved. The attraction was obvious to anyone with half a brain, which made me want to fire half the people in the room for not being smart or observant enough to notice. But I digress. The point is from that moment on I suspected that you were gay, and harbouring a crush on me. Both of which your sister was only too happy to confirm. But what I couldn't have imagine is that you were sleeping with your own sister."

"I'm adopted." Kara quickly reminded her boss.

"I know." Cat said, "Still it is very unusual. But then I suppose all of this is. And luckily for you I do like unusual... pick up your collar."

"What?" Kara asked, taken off-guard by the sudden command.

"Do not pretend you didn't hear. Or make me repeat myself." Cat said firmly.

There was another brief pause and then Kara did as she was told, again trying not to react as she picked up the little collar and smiled awkwardly at her boss. She also properly turned around for the first time since she came to stand in front of the box, mostly facing forwards as Ms Grant interrogated her, only turning around when it was appropriate, like to reassure her boss of her beauty. Ms Grant stared at her for a long time, then at the collar, then back and forth as if she was expecting more of a reaction. Kara tried not to give her one, but it was difficult. Then Ms Grant slowly step forward, closing the distance between them, causing a little squeak to escape Kara's lips.

"It really is beautiful work." Cat said softly, adding almost casually, "I specially like the way these tiny little green stones are spread out in such a pretty pattern you could almost be forgiven for not realising it's Kryptonite."

"W, what?" Kara stammered.

"No need to play dumb Kara." Cat smiled softly, "Alex clearly realised she'd made a mistake when she handed this to me. It might have helped if she hadn't included the led box, but even then I'm familiar with Kryptonite enough to know it when I see it."

"Ms Grant, I-" Kara began.

"Kira, we both know you're not good at coming up with excuses on the spot, so how about we leave the excuses in till tomorrow?" Cat suggested, "I'm not looking for confirmation on that particular suspicion. I'm a lot more interested in confirming everything else, especially your interest in being my sub. So I'll make this simple. If that's something you want, you can put on your little collar and-"

As quick as she could without using her super speed Kara shoved the collar around her neck and firmly attached it. Then when her boss continued staring at her she timidly added, "Yes Ms Grant?"

"I wasn't finished." Cat scolded, "You and your sister have put us both in a very compromising position Ms Danvers. One I do not take lightly. If it ever got out that there was something... unprofessional about our relationship it would be beyond scandalous. It would not matter if I terminated your employment right now, or simply moved you to another department now or later. Actually, it might be worse. Bottom line is that I would be far better off sending you on your way now and then forgetting all about it, because really, sleeping with one's assistant? I'm not sure I could endure the embarrassment of being caught doing anything so clichéd. And yet... I think you would be worth the risk. Don't you?"

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara replied quickly, "I, I promise I would make it worth your while."

"If I doubted that, we wouldn't be having this conversation." Cat said dryly, finishing her drink, putting it down on her desk and then with a deep breath continuing, "And if we are going to do this, we're going to do it right. I know Kira, I want to get to the good stuff too, but first I need to make a few things clear. Firstly, and most importantly, you will tell no one about this. No one. I can't be clearer on that."

"What about Alex?" Kara asked, knowing it was a stupid question, but wanting to be clear.

"Well of course, if you must." Cat rolled her eyes, "But nowhere someone else can hear you. If you do, this ends. Understand?"

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara nodded.

"Good." Cat smiled, getting even closer to her pray, "It should go without saying that you need to do everything I say without question, regardless of what it is. Although I promise you, it will be nothing your sister hasn't signed off on. It should also go without saying that you can stop me at any time by uttering your safe word, which for us will be... Supergirl."

"Supergirl?" Kara blushed.

"Yes, Supergirl." Cat smiled again, although trying to make it not as wicked and gleeful as she felt inside, "After all, you were very outspoken about the name that I initially chose for our, mutual friend. And I can't imagine why we would discuss her, and to me the fact that we both know her makes this whole thing even more kinky. So I ask you, what could be more appropriate? Unless of course, it makes you uncomfortable for some reason..."

"No." Kara said weakly, "Supergirl is fine."

"Right then, let's move on to how you should address me." Cat said, "Like at work I expect you to call me Ms Grant. Not Cat, not Ms, and certainly not Ma'am. Especially never Ma'am. I have allowed you a little leeway when you have occasionally called me Cat at work simply because we have grown closer, you have proven yourself to be a good assistant, and more importantly a bright young woman capable of so much more. But as my sub I will not tolerate such familiarity. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara nodded.

"And of course I expect you to be professional around the office." Cat continued, "That means no looks, no smiles and certainly no touches or body language which could suggest there's anything unprofessional about us. And absolutely no propositioning me. I may do it from time to time, but I believe I'm a better judge of my surroundings than you are, and as the Dom I should have some privileges. But by all means, continue wearing those tight skirts and pants around the office. I do so enjoy those. And I definitely want you to keep bending over to grab something so everyone can stare at your ass, but only when I can get a good view of it. So essentially, just keep doing what you've been doing, you little slut."

Kara hadn't realised that anyone knew that was on purpose, and she certainly hoped no one else noticed, but she put that out of her mind for now and simply nodded, "Yes Ms Grant, I understand."

"Alright, let's get started, shall we?" Cat asked rhetorically, then just in case her assistant try to answer it she quickly added, "Bend over my desk and stick your cute little ass out!"

Just before that last order Cat had cruelly leaned in like she was going to kiss Kara only to pull back. It was a move that Kara was very used to receiving from her sister Alex, and made her wonder if Alex had recommended that particular move to Ms Grant. Then again, would Ms Grant take that level of sex tips from anyone? Surely she wouldn't need it? Would she? Of course that little internal debate caused her to pause before doing what she was told, which made her flush with embarrassment. She was a super sub dammit, not some blushing virgin who didn't know what she wanted. She needed to get it together. She had a dominant older woman to impress.

Cat was already feeling impressed. That Kara hesitated was understandable, and she was happily able to forgive it, especially in this early stage of this new relationship. What was really impressive was that Kara hadn't even tried to deny the obscene things that her own sister, albeit adopted one, had said about her and had agreed to each one of her demands without any fuss. And then there was that ass. Oh God, Cat was genuinely embarrassed that she would literally drool at the sight of Kara Danvers bending over her desk, placing both her hands upon it and pushing out her perfect little butt like the well-trained sub she was.

After maybe a full minute of just staring at that ass being framed beautifully by that skirt Cat was unable to stop herself from stumbling forward, reaching out and grabbing her assistant's inviting ass like the clichéd pervert she now was, shamelessly groping it as she growled softly, "Oh Kira, I'm so glad you like this kind of thing, because this beautiful butt was made to be spanked."

"Thank you Ms Grant." Kara replied cheekily.

It was extremely tempting to respond with a nice hard smack to Kara's ass, but because it couldn't be clearer that's what Kara wanted Cat simply glared briefly at the back of her assistant's head before going right back to groping her butt. She mostly did this to tease her pray, but the truth was this was something Cat had been itching to do ever since Kara's first interview, and the longer she was her assistant the more Cat wanted to reach out and grab this ass. Or maybe just give it a playful smack, like self entitled men did whenever they thought they could get away with it. Like some men had done to her when she was coming up in the business, and helpless to do anything about it.

So in a sense there was something almost poetic about this. Although there was nothing playful about the first time Cat finally smacked Kara's ass. It was hard and forceful, Cat suddenly taking both hands off Kara's cheeks to deliver the most brutal double smack she was capable of giving. As a result Kara cried out in pain, although not nearly as much as she probably should have, considering the force behind that blow. which was perhaps another breadcrumb that this girl was exactly who she thought she was. Not that Cat concentrated on that right now. No, she was far too busy dishing out half a dozen slaps to her assistant's perfect behind, officially beginning the spanking. Sort of.

In Cat's mind it wasn't quite official until she did one thing first, so grabbing the bottom of Kara's skirt she announced, "I'm sorry Kira, but I think a proper spanking should always be bare bottom."

"Me too Ms Grant." Kara grinned, "Please, expose my bare butt so you can spank it good and hard."

"Wow, you really are a little pain slut, huh?" Cat grinned.

"Uh-huh." Kara moaned, before a wicked smile crossed her face, "And not just a slut for pain."

Honestly that last part didn't even really register as Cat was slowly pushing her assistant's skirt up, bit by bit revealing the ass she so adored. As if that wasn't amazing enough one thing quickly became apparent, Kara was wearing a thong which somehow made her ass even more inviting, and that she was wearing something else which made Cat think she was going to cum on the spot. Once the skirt was firmly secured around Kara's waist Cat slowly pulled down the young girl's thong and spread her cheeks so she could get a good look at what was in between them. Which wasn't exactly a surprise, but to actually see her innocent assistant's ass hole being stretched open by a butt-plug was overwhelmingly erotic. So much so that Cat lost her voice for a few long seconds.

When she found it again Cat playfully scolded her assistant, "A butt-plug, really Kira?"

"I told you Ms Grant, I'm a slut." Kara replied shamelessly.

"Well..." Cat grinned as she continued staring at the plugged butt in front of her, "You know what happens to sluts, don't you?"

"Oh yes Ms Grant." Kara nodded eagerly, "They get spanked."

"And you want that?" Cat growled.

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara quickly confirmed.

"Then beg for it." Cat pushed, "Begged to be spanked in your boss's office like the clichéd slutty secretary you are!"

"Please Ms Grant, spank me! Spank me hard!" Kara started begging immediately, "Spank my slutty little ass! Please? I want it so bad. Please give it to me Ms Grant. Spank your assistant while she's bent over your desk and offering you her ass. Spank me hard! I want my boss to spank me in her office like the clichéd slutty secretary I am. Please Ms Grant, spank me hard! Oh God yes!"

Kara let out a cry of joy from the first strike to her ass. She then bit her lip and tried, mostly unsuccessfully, not to let out any more sounds of enjoyment as the spanking officially got underway. To be fair Ms Grant was clearly going easy on her in the beginning, not only using a fraction of her strength but giving her plenty of time in between each blow to recover, so Kara didn't think her reactions were that suspicious. It also helped that she was very used to this kind of teasing spanking from Alex, so Kara was able to keep herself from letting out sounds of frustration. She even enjoyed it to some degree, especially the way that Ms Grant would try and caress the pain away in between blows, which was unnecessary but she liked being felt up as it was assigned just how much Alex, and now Ms Grant, loved her butt.

Much like when Alex did this Ms Grant spent longer on the gentle spanking then Kara would have liked. Okay, so Kara didn't particularly want or need a gentle spanking, but again she got a certain amount of enjoyment out of it, especially because it was giving her the knowledge that she was pleasing her Dom, which was arguably the most important thing a sub could do. And of course, being a good sub was very important to Kara, as she wanted the term Super Sub to be more than just an insult and/or play on her superhero name. She wanted it to be an accurate description of the kind of sub she was. A symbol of her utter devotion to submission, especially to such amazing women like sexy secret agent Alex Danvers and super successful businesswoman Cat Grant.

Of course the longer the gentle spanking went on for the more frustrated Kara got, until she had to grind her teeth and dig her fingernails into the table, which despite the collar was threatening to break with the force. But just as she was about to break something, or beg for more, Ms Grant finally began increasing the force and the frequency of her blows, even giving Kara half a dozen hard-ish strikes against one cheek which forced another cry of joy from Kara's lips. That caused Ms Grant to pause, and then she began spanking her harder, and better yet phasing out the pauses in between the strikes, finally giving Kara the pain that she craved in the process.

It wasn't quite ideal, because unlike with Alex who knew her secret Kara had to first fake, and then exaggerate, a few cries of pain, at least enough to rival her cries of pleasure, and like with Alex she couldn't beg for more even though she wanted too, but it still ended up being pretty great. If it wasn't for the collar Kara would have probably barely felt it, but with that wonderful device she not only felt every blow but towards the end she began to truly feel pain, and it was wonderful. She could even sense her cheeks becoming discoloured, and jiggling from every blow, Kara smiling with almost delirious happiness as she truly became a clichéd slutty secretary. Just like she had dreamt of being so many times.

Cat had certainly dreamt of this exact thing, far too many times to be considered decent, and now she was finally getting her chance she fully indulged in giving her assistant a thorough spanking. While that had meant teasing in the beginning that time had very much past, and now Cat was using every ounce of her strength to beat Kara's butt. Which wasn't much compared to godlike aliens, or secret agents, and even in her youth her strength hadn't been that impressive, but still she was able to do some serious damage. Partly because unlike with other subs she truly didn't hold anything back, but mostly because this sub was unlike any other.

This sub continued to cry out in pleasure even as her butt cheeks turned from a milky hue, to a bright pink, then finally to a dark and angry red. Yes, it didn't matter how hurt she appeared to be, the twisted little slut loved it. Which certainly proved she was a Super Sub, regardless of the reason, but Cat had a very spacific suspicion why that was, and it just made it even more fun to brutally spank Kara Danvers. Especially when she really got going and could see those firm little cheeks jiggling for her with every blow, Cat becoming so captivated by it that she didn't notice how tired she was becoming, or how much her hand ached from smacking Kara's ass. Although not as badly as it probably would have if her assistant hadn't been wearing that collar.

When she finally stopped Cat collapse down onto her desk chair as dignified is possible and rubbed her sore hand while admiring her handiwork, then about a minute later ordered, "Kara, crawl under my desk."

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara replied, and did what she was told, immediately.

Clearly understanding exactly what her boss wanted Kara dropped down to her knees and shuffled under the desk so that she was facing Cat. Or more importantly, where Cat's crotch would be when she was properly sat at her desk, which was a place Cat had wanted Kara since that first meeting. Which was again, why she didn't want to rush this, Cat just enjoying the sight of Kara smiling shyly underneath her desk before she slowly stood up, reached under her dress and then pulled down her panties without removing the dress. The entire time Cat did this her assistant stared at her lustfully, which forced the smile she had been fighting against the last few minutes onto her face.

Then she finally pulled her chair in and ordered, "Kira... kiss my feet."

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara said softly.

The younger girl was clearly disappointed by this order, as it wasn't what she was expecting. Of course that was the point. Also it was just incredibly thrilling to have this girl kissing her feet. It would be particularly thrilling for any younger girl to be doing this, but especially this girl. Her assistant. Maybe even Supergirl herself. Bending down and kissing her high-heeled covered feet, Kara travelling up and down the shoe and switching back and forth between them like a good little sub, despite what an awkward angle this was for them both. And despite how eager her body was to get to the next stage Cat forced herself to savour this extra special moment.

Kara knew that Ms Grant had a lot of experience with people grovelling at her feet, and while she liked to think that wasn't exactly what she did she was thrilled to be doing it now. It helped that she had plenty of experience grovelling at Alex's feet, although that was also something of a problem, because it was something the two sisters did so much that Kara had an outstanding invitation to start off with Alex's shoes and eventually take them off so she could get to her feet. She couldn't exactly do that now, which was a shame, because she knew the feet were erogenous, and she just really wanted to give Ms Grant more pleasure than this. Luckily she was about to have her chance.

"Kira, kiss your way up my leg." Kara ordered, sighing happily as her assistant slowly obeyed, "Good, now down again. Mmmmm, again. Again! Yes, keep that up ohhhh, good girl."

Obeying to the best of her abilities Kara worked her way up and down Ms Grant's smooth legs, which was something else she had done for her sister, but never so much. Sure, Alex teased her, but she couldn't remember it ever being this bad, especially when she was ordered to kiss the area closest to Ms Grant's pussy, but not actually go for the prize. It was torturous being that close to what she wanted. Especially as in the process she finally got to taste Ms Grant's pussy cream, but not from the source, a.k.a. her boss's leaking cunt, and it tasted just as good as she imagine, if not better, and just made her crave more.

"Okay Kira..." Cat finally ordered softly, "Lick me."

There was a few seconds where Kara paused, partly because she was waiting for more, as Alex often used this opportunity to give her some of the dirty talk which she so loved, but also because she had her lips pressed to just below Ms Grant's knee at that particular moment, begging the question should she go right for her prize, or kiss her way to it. The latter was clearly the actions of a Super Sub, but Kara was just so desperate for Ms Grant's pussy at that point she just couldn't avoid the latter, and quickly leaned in for her first long lick of her boss's pussy, causing both women to let out a cry of pure pleasure, even if one was louder than the other.

It was quickly followed by more cries as Kara started a slow but steady tongue rhythm as she smiled in blissful happiness. She finally did it. She was finally eating Ms Grant's pussy. Better yet she was eating it underneath her desk like a clichéd slutty assistant, that fact giving Kara an incredibly naughty thrill. One which left her blissfully happy for quite a while, before she realised she didn't exactly know what Ms Grant wanted. It was probably a slow licking, but she was very wet already, so she wanted to cum quickly all she had to do was ask. But maybe she was just too blissfully happy too? Maybe? Deciding she better check, Kara increased the force of her licking, honestly unsure whether she wanted to be stopped or not.

Cat had been debating what she wanted for quite a while, and truthfully was no closer to making a decision when Kara decided to push her luck, which made it clear she would have to decide quickly. Spanking Kara, and the sheer mental high from finally seeing her in this position, along with thinking about this all day, made it really difficult to resist letting Kara make her cum. She wouldn't even have to say anything. She'd just have to remain silent for the next few minutes, or maybe even less, while Kara's tongue worked its magic. The thought was so, so tempting. But no, Cat had been waiting a long time for this, and now she finally had it she wasn't about to have it end so quickly.

"Stop!" Cat growled, grabbing her assistant's ponytail and twisting it, causing the younger girl to yelp with surprise, although probably not pain, "Did I tell you to make me cum? Huh? Don't answer that! Mmmmmm, we both know you don't have permission yet, and if you want it you're going to have to give me a real pussy licking. Yessssss, I'm not sure what your sister/Mistress was willing to put up with, but I expect nothing but the best from my Subs. Oooooh, especially one who likes to call herself a Super Sub. Yes, that's it, slow down and lick me properly. Ohhhhh yessssss Kira, you always were good at picking up instructions quickly.

Not wanting to spoil the Sub Cat forced herself into silence after that, which was difficult because she wanted to praise Kara for just how quickly she adapted her speed and started tonguing her twat just the way she wanted at the beginning of oral sex, a.k.a. nice and slow, avoiding her clit and entrance entirely while just concentrating on the lips. It took some women quite a while to get good at eating her cunt just right, because Cat was a self-proclaimed perfectionist, but once again Kara Danvers exceeded her expectations. Also she further proved that, as if there was a doubt at this point, she'd definitely done this before, even now the idea of Kara Danvers being a secret lesbian slut driving Cat crazy.

Those thoughts only made it harder not to praise Kara in some way, namely in the form of moaning, groaning, gasping and even whimpering in pure pleasure. All of those sounds inevitably escaped Cat's lips, even if she did a commendable job at first at repressing them. Then at making them infrequent as possible. But neither of those lasted long, Kara just proving so good with her tongue that soon Cat was having to grind her teeth and dig her fingernails into her chair to prevent herself from ending the sooner than she wanted by telling Kara to make her cum. Or worse, begged her to do it, which would be unthinkable for a Dom of Cat's calibre.

It was only the fact that she had wanted this for so long which kept Cat quiet for as long as she did. Well, that and then journalistic curiosity whether this was some kind of hidden superpower Supergirl was hiding from her and the rest of the world. Or maybe her suspicions were wrong and this really wasn't Supergirl, but another alien who's superpower was eating pussy. Pussygirl? The thought made Cat smile wickedly as she imagined the giant P on the front of this girl's costume instead of a giant S, calmly explaining her superpower to anyone who would listen, and then happily giving a demonstration to any lucky women near her at the time.

Of course it was Kara's beautiful face Cat imagined wearing the costume, because right now she couldn't imagine this being anyone but Supergirl, which just made the fact that she had her on her knees for her that much more erotic. Although if this really was just Kara Danvers, perfect assistant to Cat Grant, that would be more than acceptable, Cat having wanted this for so long and now finally achieving it making everything so much more intense. Especially the teasing licks Cat was receiving now, eventually making it impossible for the older woman to hold back any longer. She desperately needed some more satisfaction, and she knew just how to get it.

"That's good Kira, that's sooooooo goooooodddddddd mmmmmmmm fuck!" Cat praised, before firmly ordering, "Now lick my clit! Lick it you little dyke slut! Oooooooooh yessssssssss, just like that. Oh fuck! Oh God Kira, you must live with your face buried in between your sister's legs! Mmmmmm, you must spend every day eating pussy like a little lesbian whore to be this good a rug muncher. That, mmmmm, or you were just born to eat pussy. Or it's a superpower, because you really are doing a fantastic job at eating my cunt. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, maybe you are a Super Sub after all. Ooooooh yesssss, prove it to me now by sucking my clit, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, now back and forth, ooooooooh Kira, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Thankfully everything else out of her mouth was mostly incoherent, and she never actually begged the younger girl, despite receiving the clit worshipping of a lifetime. Kara was just so good, giving her the exact amount of pressure and lingering that she wanted, when she wanted it. At first she just did this with her tongue, but then under Cat's instructions Kara wrapped her lips around her clit and began to suck it perfectly. And she never forgot about the rest of her pussy, ever so often moving away from her clit to slide her tongue up and down her pussy lips, even lingering on her entrance which was just cheeky enough to make Cat smile without crossing the line too much.

Meanwhile the clit teasing just became too much until Cat found herself ordering as firmly she could at that point, "Kira! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh, you have permission to make me cum. Fuck me! Oh yes, do whatever you have too, just get it done. Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, make me cum, make me AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH KARA!"

After deliberately holding back for so long to savour the moment, and to ensure that her eventual orgasms would be that much more stronger, and given who this was, it should have hardly been surprising that Cat's first climax was mind blowing. But it really took her by surprise just how quickly Kara was able to bury her tongue into her cunt, and just how forcefully she was able to thrust it in and out of her. If her brain had been working properly Cat would have probably found it suspicious, or more likely proof of what she already expected, but in reality she only thought about that later. In that moment the only thing she was aware of was incredible pleasure rocketing through her.

Like a good little sub, a perfect sub, a Super Sub... Kara quickly swallowed down as much of her Dom's cum as possible before going right back to the tongue fucking, this process then repeating as the self-proclaimed Super Sub made Cat cum over and over again in what was easily the most powerful orgasms of her life, completely melting Cat's sharp mind and turning her into a screaming wreck. Her last coherent thoughts were firstly that she was glad that she had doublechecked no one was left in the building, because not even her soundproof office could hide the sound, and secondly she was glad that she was completely incoherent, because otherwise she would be embarrassing herself right now. Or at least more than she already was. Although later Cat realised that she had slipped a little.

Kara was really happy for that slip, because more than the heavenly liquid now squirting down her throat, the quivering of Ms Grant's body and the way the older woman was screaming, the simple fact that she had called her Kara made her heart flutter with happiness and pride. It was only once, or at least it was only once coherently, but it was enough to make Kara so unbelievably happy. Sure, she had always suspected that after the first week or so that Ms Grant knew her name and was deliberately getting it wrong as a way to keep her in her place, and her submissive side even enjoyed that, but that just made the reward of hearing it that much more powerful.

Of course as wonderful as that was Kara couldn't have possibly concentrated on that when her mouth constantly being refilled with liquid heaven, and more importantly she finally had the opportunity to make Ms Grant cum for her. Nothing was more important than making Ms Grant cum, which was why as much as Kara wanted to keep sucking her boss's cunt until she was sure every drop of cum was out of it she instead just sucked until Ms Grant was over one orgasm, before shoving her tongue back into her to work her way back to another climax, which was easy now the floodgates were open, Kara doing this over and over again until she was on the verge of pushing Ms Grant into unconsciousness.

It helped that as Supergirl she was able to catch every single drop of Ms Grant's cum and greedily swallow it. And Kara certainly did that for Ms Grant's first few climaxes, but then she worried that it would become too suspicious if she ended up catching it all. Besides, Kara loved it when Alex covered her face with her cream, so Kara started reluctantly letting some escape onto her face. Then Ms Grant ensured her face would be completely covered in girl cum by reaching down with both hands and starting to grind her cunt onto her face. Of course Kara could have easily stopped her, but that would have been suspicious, so she just let the older woman do what she wanted.

At first this was pretty much heaven. Thanks to her super speed Kara still got to swallow a lot of girl cum, and it was truly fun to have Ms Grant using her face as a fuck pad. The only problem was, she was wearing glasses at the time, which was dangerous for Ms Grant, and her secret identity. She tried to keep them in place and avoid them touching her boss's pussy at first, but Ms Grant just face fucked her so enthusiastically inevitably they got knocked off slightly. It was a miracle they didn't get knocked off completely, or worse break, but somehow they survived the experience. Although Ms Grant almost didn't, Kara worried that she would wear herself out. Luckily that wasn't the case.

Just before she was about to pass out Cat pushed her assistant away, then after a few long minutes of gasping for breath Cat ordered, "Kira, bend over my desk."

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara said softly, crawling out from underneath the desk.

Then Kara immediately did as she was told, struggling not to use her super speed as she turned around and bent over the desk, making sure to arch her back and push her ass into the air to make sure it was as inviting as possible to Ms Grant. She even wiggled her ass a little. While doing that she finally got around to putting the glasses back on her face properly, Kara amazed that Ms Grant didn't notice the difference. Although not as grateful as the fact that Ms Grant quickly retrieved a strap-on from the bottom part of her desk, blushing as she realised it had probably been there the whole time, which put certain meetings into a whole new light. Something she couldn't help think about briefly as Ms Grant swapped her dress for the strap-on and covering it with lube. Then she was very much distracted from her thoughts.

"God Kira, you really do have an amazing ass." Cat was unable to stop herself from practically moaning, or shamelessly groping her assistance backside again, "So tight. So firm. So fuck-able."

"Please do Ms Grant." Kara quickly and shamelessly pleaded, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass hole. Please? It's stretched and ready to be used."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Cat smiled wickedly.

For a moment Kara thought that Ms Grant would tear the plug out and slam her cock up her ass just the way she wanted, and could sometimes manipulate Alex into doing if her sister was in a good mood, or just really pissed off with her. Unfortunately, but not necessarily surprisingly, Ms Grant insisted on being even slower than Alex normally was. Heck, it seemed to take an eternity for Ms Grant just to pull her skirt up around her waist and pull her panties down around her ankles, which was just cruel. Then when Ms Grant finally grabbed the handle of the butt-plug she didn't pull it out properly, just some of the way before pushing it back in, then repeating this process which would have probably been good for a human but just really frustrated the Kryptonian.

Finally Kara snapped, "Ms Grant, please stop teasing me. I want to be ass fucked. I need to be ass fucked. Please just ass fuck me already. I can take it."

"I'm sure you can." Cat said dryly, before reminding the Sub, "But remember Kara, you have the power to stop me at any time, but until you use your safe word you have to take everything I give you. No matter how much you beg for mercy."

"I know. It just hurts." Kara whined, "I want your cock up my ass so bad it hurts. Oh God, please just give it to me Ms Grant. I want it so bad. I've always wanted it. Since the moment I met you I haven't been able to stop thinking about you bending me over this desk and making me your little bitch, so please just do it! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

"You're so needy." Cat scolded, struggling to remain stern, "But I suppose I've had my fun. So here's your reward Kira, a nice big strap-on cock right up your tight little ass! What are you waiting for slut? Spread your cheeks to accept your Mistress's cock into your bitch hole. I thought you were supposed to be a Super Sub."

"I'm sorry Ms Grant." Kara quickly apologised, hands shooting to her cheeks so she could pull them open while she continued her shameless begging, "Here! Here's my tight little ass hole. It's yours to fuck. Please fuck it. Oh please, take my ass Ms Grant! Take it and make it yours! Make me yours. Oh God yes! Stretch my ass! Stretch and fuck my whore ass, OH FUCK!"

It still took way longer than Kara wanted, Ms Grant sliding her strap-on up and down her ass crack after initially pulling the butt-plug out of her, but not that long after spreading her cheeks the head of that dildo firmly pressed against her bitch hole and began slowly stretching it, making Kara cry out in pleasure. Although not as loudly as when her anal ring stretched wide enough to allow her boss's dick to slide into her slutty little butt, Kara becoming silent for the first time in a while as she savoured the moment. And Ms Grant gave her more than a fair chance to do it as she insisted on staying in place, almost certainly savouring the moment herself.

Then Ms Grant started slowly sliding her strap-on dildo into Kara's ass, and while it was probably slower than necessary slow was good as there was only so much the butt-plug and the Kryptonite collar could do to loosen her otherwise impenetrable backside. Besides, while it could still be considered teasing Kara loved the feeling of her ass being stretched and turned into a fuck hole nice and slow like this. Or directly reminding her ass that it was made to be fucked, something Kara believed with all her heart after countless nights filled with hard ass poundings by her loving big sister. Hopefully that fact would become just as clear to Ms Grant as Kara softly moaned with glee from having her ass stuffed.

Cat had known Kara had an ass that was made for fucking since she had interviewed the girl about her current position, Cat ashamed to admit she had been unable to stop from staring at Kara's retreating backside as the younger girl had walked out of her office. Kara might have initially looked sweet and wholesome, but all her innocent looking clothes held her curves tightly, especially her perfect ass, and ever since Cat had struggled not to spend all day staring at it. Now she finally had Kara where she most wanted her Cat took full advantage, unable to take her eyes off those spread cheeks and the cute little hole stretched around her invading cock.

It also didn't escape Cat's notice that Kara took every inch while moaning, whimpering, and gasping in pleasure, whereas any normal girl would have been struggling against the pain of having her most private orifice invaded. And then there was the tightness of the ass itself. She had taken anal virgins who were looser than this, Cat having to use all her strength and skill to continue the penetration, proving that the kryptonite collar and a butt-plug could only do so much. If Kara wasn't Supergirl than she had to be a alien of some kind, most likely one of the Kryptonians who had come here from that prison ship and had been terrorising this city ever since. Cat severely doubted the latter possibility, but either way it was incredibly thrilling to bend this beautiful alien girl over her desk and sodomise her.

The pinnacle of this was the moment her thighs came to rest against Kara's ass cheeks, announcing that Cat had buried every inch of her cock into her assistant's rectum. The initial penetration was either a close second, or it would have to share the honour with the full penetration. Cat could decide for sure in the weeks, months and even years that she thought back to the first time that she butt fucked Supergirl. For now Cat would just savour this wonderful moment that she would treasure for a lifetime, wishing more than ever before that she hadn't disabled the cameras in her office as she would have dearly love to see this again. Oh well, she would just have to settle for sodomising Supergirl on a regular basis. However would she cope?

Smirking at the thought Cat tightened the firm grip, which she'd had on Kara's waist ever since she moved one hand away from her cock when it was firmly planted up her assistant's ass, and slowly pulled her hips back, allowing inch after inch of dildo to slide out of Supergirl's ass hole before she returned it to where it belonged, deep within the younger woman's bowels. She then repeated this process over and over again, beginning to officially butt fuck this girl for what would hopefully be the first of many times. Cat would do anything and everything in her power to ensure that, because even in the unlikely event that the younger girl wasn't Supergirl, or even some kind of alien, then she still had an ass hole to die for.

Unable to stop herself Cat moaned, "So tight. Mmmmm, you're so tight Kira. Your ass is a dream. Maybe even superhuman. Or should that be, just super?"

Kara completely missed those words as she was just too lost in the heavenly sensation of a strap-on cock sliding in and out of her most private hole. It was a feeling she could have never imagined enjoying before Alex popped her anal cherry, but ever since that wonderful night Kara had been completely addicted to butt sex. Which was kind of a problem, because Alex tried her best, but she just didn't have the time or the energy to fuck Kara's ass as frequently as the blonde wanted. It was the same story with the spanking, and really everything they did together, which was why Kara was so giddily happy at the thought of getting a second Mistress.

It was also the reason she closed her eyes during the anal penetration so she could savour the first time she was butt fucked by somebody that wasn't her big sister, and arguably just as importantly by her boss Cat Grant. Oh yes, her boss the highly successful and inspirational businesswoman Cat Grant was now fucking her up the ass with a strap-on dildo, just the mental image of that enough to make Kara quiver with pleasure. Combine that with the physical pleasure she was receiving then Kara soon found herself having to bite her lip to prevent herself from begging her boss to make her cum like the little anal slut Alex had turned her into.

Like whenever Alex ass fucked her Kara fought that urge for as long as possible just so she could savour what was perhaps the ultimate submission by allowing someone else to use her most private hole as a fuck hole. Of course, it wasn't easy. Ms Grant had been even more gentle with her than Alex normally was, giving her slutty ass more than enough time to relax. Okay yeah, her healing factor returned her ass to its virgin tightness shortly after she took off the Kryptonite collar, but she was Supergirl dammit, she could handle a little pain, loved it even, and could handle much rougher treatment at the beginning of anal sex. Not that she really minded the gentle treatment, but inevitably it became so frustrating she just couldn't hold back from begging any more.

"Please Ms Grant, fuck me harder!" Kara whimpered, "Fuck my slutty little ass harder! Pound it hard! Wreck it, wreck my ass hole, ohhhhh, please, please fuck me! Alex always teases me like this, but eventually she slam fucks my ass hole like the fuck hole it is. So please Ms Grant, please just do it. Make my butt hole your personal little fuck hole! Just fuck me! Mmmmmm ooooooh fuckkkkkkk, fuck my ass, ass fuck me fuck me in the ass, ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, harder Ms Grant, harder! Drill my little butt hole hard and deep and make me cum! Please? Please Ms Grant, I wanna cum for you and be your little Super Sub. Please? Oh please, please, please ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss, fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeee aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd!"

Finally giving her what she wanted Ms Grant began slowly increasing the pace of the sodomy until eventually the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was almost as loud as Kara's squeals of pleasure. Kara tried her best to keep up her begging as her butt finally began to be fucked good and hard, however it was only a matter of time before her words dissolved into gibberish and she got completely lost in the ecstasy of being roughly butt fucked by her boss. And bent over her boss's desk like the clichéd slutty assistant she was in this moment, that thought quickly pushing Kara over the edge of her first anally induced orgasm of the night. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Ms Grant getting her off better than she had ever dreamt, which was really saying something as Kara had dreamt of this a lot.

Cat had dreamt of it just as much. She had tried not to, but how could she resist? Kara was just so cute and fuck-able, and most importantly of all competent, which was a major turn on for Cat as it was so rare to find. Although if she was being truly honest with herself the most irresistible thing about Kara Danvers might have been the perfect little bubble butt which she was now screwing with every ounce of her strength. And God, it looked even better like this then in those little skirts and tightfitting pants that Kara wore all the time, the little tease. Well now that tease was getting what she deserved, Cat unavoidably thought like the countless male bosses she had suffered through.

It made Cat's skin crawl to think like that, but she just couldn't help it. Kara Danvers always had that effect on her, and now her assistant was bent over her desk in front of her, her perfect little ass jiggling against her thighs with every hard thrust and her screams echoing probably through the whole building, if not the entire city as Cat relentlessly used the younger girl's butt hole for its intended purpose, taking big cocks inside it. Girl cocks. Her girl cock. Oh yes, this little slut was made to be bent over her desk and taking her big girl cock deep inside her bottom for their mutual pleasure, and Cat would use her extensive power and influence to make sure she would be regularly butt fucking Kara Danvers over her desk as hard as she could.

Of course no matter how much force she used Cat knew she could never truly hurt this girl. And not just because she had given her the unnecessary courtesy of making sure her rectum was thoroughly loosened for the hard anal pounding, but because she knew who this girl truly was. After all, she may not have been wearing her cute little costume right now, but this was Supergirl bent over her desk. Cat had suspected before but everything about this had seemed to confirm it, the feeling of satisfaction of being right combined with the thought of having Supergirl in her pretty little costume bent over her desk in the near future, along with everything else, pushing Cat to the edge of climax.

What finally pushed her over the edge wasn't the thought of the future, or that this was Supergirl, or the feeling of the stimulator bashing against her clit. No, it was the same wonderful thing she'd had over the last few minutes. The thing she had wanted over anything else, including Supergirl submitting to her. And that was Kara Danvers submitting to her. Kara Danvers, the wonderful person, the perfect assistant, the Super Sub, bent over in front of her and not just taking it up her perfect ass, but cumming while doing it. That gave Cat perhaps the most satisfying climaxes of her life, and it was quickly followed by several more as she happily gave up on her air of dominance in favour of just slamming Kara's ass hole as hard as she could, for as long as she could.

Kara always appreciated when Alex went the extra mile for her, and she perhaps loved it even more now. But it wasn't enough. It was never enough. Her ass was just too greedy. It wanted more. It needed more. So when Ms Grant finally collapsed down on top of her Kara wasted no time rolling backwards so that her boss landed in her chair, and she landed in her boss's lap. She did this because she hadn't wanted Ms Grant to slide off and pull her cock out in the process, because right now Kara couldn't bear the thought of going even a few seconds without at least some of that strap-on inside her slutty backside.

Of course she was careful to control her body weight the entire time so she didn't end up crushing the poor woman, and slowly restarted the sodomy to try and avoid suspicion, but Kara's self-control was reaching its breaking point. She could barely resist taking the collar off so she was anally somewhat restricted, but the Kryptonite was small and could only do so much when she was filled with adrenaline like this, and ultimately she ended up spending what felt like an hour hammering her own ass hole up and down Ms Grant's dick because she was just so lost in her own selfish pleasure that she just couldn't resist.

To be fair Kara would have liked to have seen anyone resist the urge to continue if they could when their cum was squirting out of them so violently and frequently as hers was now, one way or another covering the desk and the floor in front of her. Of course no ordinary human, and probably none of the aliens she met, would be able to do this, her kryptonian body allowing her to do incredible things, including this. Which was probably very suspicious, but Kara was too far gone to care, and she wasn't even sure if Ms Grant was still conscious. Probably not. After all she didn't have super powers, or even DEO training like Alex.

So Kara continued pounding her own butt until even her impressive stamina ran out and she collapsed down on the limp body of her boss beneath her. Although again she made sure to control her fall, and used her powers to keep most of her body weight off of the older woman, especially as she intended to lay there and enjoy the after-shocks of her orgasms with that big dildo still up her ass. Then something unexpected happened. Ms Grant began kissing her neck, her hands coming up to slide over her body in a way which made the after-shocks even more powerful and satisfying, but not too much. Which was nice, but Kara worried just how much of the last few minutes Ms Grant had been aware of.

"Wow Kira, that was really something." Cat softly murmured into the younger woman's ear.

"Yeah, it was." Kara moaned and smiled an agreement, relieved that her boss didn't seem suspicious.

"And I'm not sure I've ever had such an eager little anal whore like you before." Cat grinned, "It seems you really are a Super Sub."

"Thank you Ms Grant." Kara blushed.

"Of course, if that is true, I shouldn't have to tell you what to do next..." Cat smiled wickedly, removing her hands from her assistant so she could do what she expected of her.

Cat was a little surprised there was a pause given how perfect Kara had been so far, but then she became a little excited over the prospect of being the first to treat Supergirl to her favourite after anal humiliations. However then Kara slowly lifted herself off the dildo, bent over Cat's desk for a third time and reached back to slowly pull her ass cheeks apart, exposing a pretty little gape. Considering how brutally Kara had abused her own butt towards the end that poor little back hole should probably be gaping much wider, and would do if this girl was human, but it delighted Cat to know that in the right circumstances Supergirl's most private hole could be gaped, and she was one of the lucky two to do it.

Again proving she really was a Super Sub Kara stayed where she was for several minutes so Cat could get a really good look at her gaping ass hole, then she slid off the desk and onto her knees, slowly turned around and shuffled forward. Then she looked up at Cat with those big beautiful blue eyes, possibly doublechecking she was doing the right thing, then leaned forward, closing her eyes and parted those pretty lips of hers before taking Cat's cock into her mouth. The little slut even moaned in delight because of it, further proving just how submissive and perverted Supergirl really was, which in turn made Cat smirk once again in wicked delight.

She continued to smirk as after obviously savouring the deepest part of her butt for about a minute Kara started bobbing her head up and down the dildo which had pummelled her bottom, again moaning as she slowly cleaned it of her anal juices like the little ass to mouth slut she was. Kara did the same thing when she started pushing the bottom half into her mouth to get the last few drops of her own ass cream, not stopping until she reached the base of the cock and then holding it there without a hint of gag. Then she seemed to remember she was human, and deliberately gagged before coming up for air briefly, smiling at Cat and then going right back to the blow job, this time bobbing her head on the entire length like a good little well-trained sub.

While Kara did this Cat was unable to stop herself from reaching down and stroking the pretty little blonde hair in front of her and telling her assistant, "Good girl, that's exactly what I wanted. Mmmmm yes, suck my cock good. Clean it of your anal juices you dirty little ATM whore! Ooooooh fuck yeah, take it down your throat! Take it down your throat so you can get every drop of your ass cream you perverted little bitch! Oh Kira, your sister taught you so well. Oh yeahhhhhh, your big sister was great at teaching you how to suck cock, even after it's been up your butt, mmmmm, and how to eat pussy, ohhhhhh, and fuck, oh yes, and just to be an amazing little sub. The perfect sub. Or, mmmmm, as you prefer, a Super Sub. Oh Kara, I'm so proud of you."

The way that Kara's entire face lit up when Cat called her by the correct name was so endearing it almost made Cat want to call her assistant by the correct name more often. Or all the time. However now more than ever it was important to remind Kara of her place, especially when they were at work. However when they were in private and Kara was doing such a good job of pleasing her, like right now, Cat supposed she could let it slip once or twice. And she was going to make sure that Kara had plenty of chances to earn hearing her real name from her, because there was certainly no going back, as Cat couldn't imagine life without fucking Supergirl on a regular basis. Now all she needed to do was officially work out a joint custody agreement with Alex. And better yet, a play date where they could share their Super Sub.

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