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Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl, was bored. She'd had quiet nights before, but this had to be an all-time record low criminal activity. Which on the one hand was good because it proved that people were thinking twice about committing crimes in her city, but on the other hand it led to incredible boredom. Normally there was some petty criminals stupid enough to try something, or something that resembled a threat stepping up to her, but this time there was nothing. Not even an accidental fire for her to save a few people from. And the second she heard about something in a different city in other superhero dealt with it, which got irritating after a while.

At least she comforted herself with the knowledge that once she returned home to be greeted by her loving big sister, and that definitely wouldn't be boring Kara thought with a smile. Thoughts of what exactly they would do had been playing throughout her mind throughout the day, as they always did, but it had been particularly useful as her working day had turned out to be just as dull as her time as Supergirl. Ms Grant hadn't given her much to do, which was a startling contrast to last week, just before they had sex for the first time. Kara smiled again as she thought how that first time had basically been repeated almost every night this past week, except for the weekend which was sister-sister time, but tonight it was Ms Grant who was busy and Alex who was available. Almost like they had a schedule or something.

Whatever the case it was tough for Kara not to change her schedule and fly straight for her sister Mistress, but somehow she was able to hold back and spend at least a few hours patrolling the skies before returning home for the treatment she so desperately needed. Although when she finally did she got like the best surprise ever, as not only was Alex waiting for her, but so was Ms Grant. Having a really good feeling about this it was tough for Kara to contain her smile, but while this might mean she would have a really good time later she had to remember that Ms Grant didn't know the truth, and therefore she quickly needed to come up with an excuse of why she was here.

"Alex Danvers, Ms Grant, what a wonderful surprise." Kara beamed, "I was just looking for Kara Danvers. Have either of you seen her?"

Cat smiled, "Hello Kara."

As her sister looked surprised, then gave her a look, Alex sighed, "Don't look at me like that. She already knew."

"And I just spent like an hour signing a ridiculous amount of disclaimers for the DEO, promising not to out you or them, or the kinds of things your sister and I do to you." Cat said dryly, taking a long sip of the expensive drink that was in her hand before adding, "Alex insisted on that last one."

"The point is, you were sloppy Kara." Alex glared angrily.

"Please, it's just glasses in a ponytail. I don't see why you people think that would work." Cat pointed out, "I mean sure, perhaps the people passing on the street wouldn't notice, but anyone who spends more than a few seconds with you has no excuse."

"It's more effective than you might think." Alex said dryly, "Besides, do you want an excuse to punish her or not?"

"We don't need an excuse to punish her darling, where her owners." Cat chided her new friend and Co-Mistress, before turning her attention back to her assistant, "Isn't that right, Supergirl?"

Smiling nervously Kara replied, "Yes Ms Grant."

"Good. Now we're all on the same page..." Cat said, briefly downing her drink and putting the last down on the table beside her walked forward slightly and ordered, "Get on your knees."

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara gave another nervous smile before falling to her knees in front of her boss.

The sight made Cat's breath hitch, then she took another step forward so she was directly in front of Kara and then started sliding her hand through her hair, "I've waited a long time to see you like this, in your pretty little costume. So don't even think about removing it! We'll move it aside as needs be, but tonight I'm fucking Supergirl. Understand me, Kara?"

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara said softly.

"Stay where you are Kara." Alex ordered softly.

"Yes Mistress." Kara quickly replied.

"It's Mistress Alex, tonight." Alex corrected.

"Then yes Mistress Alex." Kara smiled happily.

As she spoke Alex stepped forward to reveal Kara's kryptonite collar, Kara happily moving her head to the side to make it easier for Alex to strap it around her neck. The second it was near enough to her she felt weaker, and the second it was strapped around her neck she had to grit her teeth to stop herself from whimpering. Since introducing it into their fun time Alex had been experimenting with the collar, constantly adding and subtracting tiny kryptonite stones to try and find the right balance which would finally allow Kara to feel pain like humans did, while not actually doing damage themselves. They still hadn't found the right balance, but this was pretty close, and even though it hurt Kara liked it, because she was a total pain slut. Or, as she preferred, a Super Sub.

"Good, now crawl around like the little dog you are." Cat ordered with a wicked grin, eventually adding, "And bark for us."

Alex wasn't sure how she felt about this part. She got that it was supposed to be humiliating for Kara, and from the blush colouring Kara's cheeks after each of those commands it clearly worked, but to her it was just a little silly. It was near enough the only part of Cat's plan she disapproved of though, and not by much. After all, considering what else Kara enjoyed, and what that super durable body of hers went through on a regular basis, this was nothing. And Cat seem to get a real kick out of it, and it was now within Alex's best interests to keep her new friend happy. So she kept her mouth shut for a few long minutes while the mighty Supergirl crawled around her own apartment.

"I suppose that will do. Supergirl, lay your upper half on your coffee table and stick your ass out. It's time for our Super Sub to get a super spanking." Cat commanded.

Unsurprisingly Kara swiftly obeyed this command, but slowly enough that her Mistresses could enjoy the sight of her crawling over to the coffee table and then bend over it to present her ass for a spanking. After all, Alex was the one who trained her. What was surprising was that Cat didn't order Kara to expose her ass. Alex even opened her mouth to give that order, but quickly closed it again when it became clear what Cat wanted. As it should have been in the beginning. After all, the first time Alex saw Kara in her cute little Supergirl outfit the first thing she wanted to do was slowly peel it off of her. Or more accurately move part of it out of the way so she get to what she wanted, which was exactly what Cat did after a few long seconds of just staring at that ass.

Then up went Kara's skirt and down went her panties, exposing that beautiful little butt which was enough to make Alex's mouth, and another part of her, water with anticipation. Of course it had the same effect on Cat, who moved back so she could stare at that ass again, before flashing Alex an expectant look. She had to do it a few times for Alex to realise that Cat was expecting her to get her paddle, causing Alex to roll her eyes and huff. She wasn't one of these woman's employees, or slaves. If Cat even knew the difference, Alex thought with a grumble. She should let the rich woman get her own damn paddle. But such arguments could wait until later. For now Alex was eager to get to the spanking, so just this once she grabbed the paddles and returned to her position behind her sister.

As soon as she handed Cat hers the rich woman gave Kara's ass a hard smack with the paddle, from the looks of it using every ounce of her strength on that blow. It even had the mighty Supergirl crying out loudly, although it was mostly a cry of joy. Cat then gave a smug smirk at Alex, who returned it with a glare. Then a smile as she raised her hand and easily out did Cat's strike. Alex gave Cat a smirk of her own, the two Doms then staring at each other for a few long seconds before turning their full attention to their beloved Kara, partly to give the woman that they both adored what she so desperately wanted, and admittedly partly to outdo each other.

Kara had enjoyed the humiliation of acting like a little doggy, the collar around her neck enhancing the experience and helping her get into character. Of course she was also anticipating all the fun they were about to have, most likely including a nice hard spanking. Although she hadn't quite anticipated just how hard that spanking would be, or just how much she would receive. Maybe it was because despite Mistress Alex's protests they were using a large amount of kryptonite, or maybe Mistress Alex had a problem converting weapons into BDSM equipment, again, or maybe it was the fact that it was two women spanking her at the same time, or more likely a combination of all three of those things.

Whatever it was Kara loved it and she couldn't get enough of it. She could never get enough of sweet, sweet pain, again proving what a filthy a little pain slut she was. Which Mistress Alex should know by now, but Kara didn't need super hearing to pick up the sounds of concern, or to look at her sister's face to know that she was on the verge of checking up on her. She tried to make it clear she was enjoying it by wiggling her butt, emphasising her pleasure in her cries and even looking back at her Mistresses to grin wickedly, but nothing seemed to work, and inevitably Mistress Alex raised her unnecessary concern, even pausing her spanking in the process.

"Kara, are you okay?" Alex asked cautiously.

"Yes!" Kara cried out without hesitation, "Owww God, I'm better than okay. Oh God, this is amazing. Please spank me Mistress Alex! Mmmmm, spank me Ms Grant! Owww, spank me hard!"

That was all it took to get Kara what she wanted. Well, at least to convinced the two Doms to increase the force of the spanking, giving her more of the sweet pain that she had asked for. However it wasn't as much force as they were capable of, especially Mistress Alex, and greedily Kara wanted that, but she hadn't even asked for it. Yet. She thought about asking. Rao knows that she wanted to ask. But at the same time she wanted this to last for as long as possible, as it was literally heaven having both her sister Alex Danvers and her boss Cat Grant spanking her at the same time. So she didn't ask. Besides, she didn't need too. Sooner or later Mistress Alex always gave her what she wanted.

It turned out to be later. In fact it turned out to be much later than Kara would have guessed. But sure enough she got what she wanted, and of course it was Mistress Alex who gave it to her. Or in this case got the ball rolling, Kara crying out with joy as Mistress Alex slowly began building the pace until she was giving her everything she had. Moments later Ms Grant started doing the same, finally causing Kara's cries to turn mostly to pain. Of course Kara still very much enjoyed it, and loving big sister that she was Mistress  Alex knew that, and continued to beat the Kryptonian's butt while again Ms Grant seemed only too happy to follow the lead of Kara's first Mistress.

Cat would never describe herself as following anyone's lead. In fact in most cases it was the other way around, and for most of the spanking it was definitely Alex playing catch up on failing to impress her. Admittedly that did change a little right at the very end, although it was also fair to say that Alex jumped the gun and ended up spoiling their pet. At the same time, Cat did have to admit, if only silently to herself, that the force Alex was able to use on Kara's butt was impressive, especially as it remained skilful throughout. Annoyingly Cat just couldn't match it, no matter how hard she tried, and Alex knew it, the secret agent giving the Queen of all Media the kind of confident and taunting smirk which made Cat genuinely impressed, and even proud of her. For at least that moment Cat felt they could be truly equals.

Of course her fellow Dom was far from Cat's main focus. How could she be, when she had Supergirl kneeling in front of her, ass jiggling and discolouring more with every blow. Oh yes, that cute little backside quickly turned from flawless to bright pink, and then even a little red, but when Alex started giving it everything she had it turned dark red pretty quickly and even bruised. Yet still Supergirl refused to use her safe word, and happily took every brutal strike, causing both of the older women to become so lost in beating her butt that they did it for much longer than either of them had originally intended. In fact by the time they stopped Cat's hand was aching so much she almost paused to put it in ice.

Instead Cat nonchalantly ordered, "Crawl into your bedroom. Do it nice and slowly, and wiggle that beaten butt of yours, and maybe we'll give you the privilege of eating our pussies."

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara replied and obeyed without hesitation.

That lack of hesitation caused Cat to smirk in triumph, but not as much as the sight of Supergirl crawling on the floor again. Without another word Cat and Alex slowly followed behind her, both admiring their handiwork. Well, mostly Alex's handiwork, although Cat wasn't going to admit that out loud. Besides, she had definitely contributed, so Cat chose to call it a win. Whatever the case Cat was so busy staring at Supergirl's dark red butt she almost tripped over in her expensive heels. Luckily she had experience in walking that kind of thing off, although she did catch a smirk from Alex, which was totally unfair as Alex was more used to seeing Supergirl like this.

All too soon they were inside Kara's bedroom, which looked exactly like Cat imagined it would. Cute, and deceptively ordinary. A disguise? Or a testament to the fact that deep down this Goddess who was crawling before her was like everyone else. Whatever the case it was again hard to concentrate on anything else except that Goddess crawling, and then kneeling before her, Cat taking a few moments to savour sight before beginning to slowly strip off her clothes to reward Kara for being so good. And because she just wanted too. Which of course made Kara's face light up with eagerness and anticipation. Unfortunately Alex beat her to the punch again.

"I suppose you've been good enough to deserve a reward." Alex said in her best Cat Grant impression, "You may now crawl in between my legs and receive your reward."

"Yes Mistress Alex." Kara replied with an eager smile.

"And why do you get her mouth first?" Cat raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I did train her." Alex pointed out.

"I don't see what that has to do with anything." Cat huffed.

"I also called dibs by specifically telling her to eat mine first." Alex offered, quickly adding when Cat looked like she was going to complain again, "But how about this, I have her mouth first, and you can be the first to have her ass during the DP?"

"Done." Cat grinned wickedly without hesitation.

Alex glared at her fellow Dom before turning to her Super Sub with the intention of telling her to hurry up, but the only thing that came out of her mouth was a sharp cry as Kara buried her face in her crotch and gave her needy pussy one long, slow lick. She then received another, and another, and another, Kara slipping into a well practised rhythm as Alex moaned with approval. Normally she would force Kara to earn those sounds of enjoyment a little more, but as they were a clear reminder that she was receiving pleasure right now and Cat was not, and that clearly bothered the older woman, Alex didn't hold back. In fact she relaxed, pushing her head back and her crotch forward while reaching a hand down to stroke Kara's long beautiful hair.

That small amount of encouragement caused Kara to moan happily against Alex's pussy, making this act even sweeter for the older sibling. It made Alex smile happily, then warmly down at Kara, and then finally teasingly at Cat when she noticed the expression on the older woman's face. Alex then closed her eyes and just savoured this wonderful sensation for a few long minutes, blocking Cat out completely to the point where it was like any other day the two sisters were alone together and enjoying some very special bonding time. Of course it wasn't fair on their guest, and more importantly it wasn't fair on Kara, so reluctantly Alex sighed and ordered Kara to give Cat some attention.

"Yesssssss Kara, lick me! Lick me just like that, ohhhhhhh fuck!" Alex moaned in encouragement before reluctantly adding, "But don't just concentrate on me. Mmmmm no, your precious boss is just waiting for you to crawl over there and lick her, so go ahead you little cunt slut. Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, lick your boss's pussy like a good little assistant."

"Yes Kara, lick me." Cat eagerly agreed, "My pussy need some attention from your talented tongue."

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara happily replied, and then just to be sure added, "Yes Mistress Alex."

Right after she said those words Kara crawled over to Cat and obediently started to lick her pussy, much to the older woman's clear delight given the way she moaned softly and tilted her head back. God, Alex was so jealous of the older woman at that moment. Maybe this really was a mistake. But no, trying to keep up with Kara was exhausting, and it would be so much easier with a second Dom to give the mighty Supergirl what she needed. Besides, while watching her little sister licking another woman's pussy made Alex jealous it was also incredibly hot. Which was a reminder of just how twisted Alex's life had become. Thankfully Cat distracted her from those thoughts by beginning to offer up encouragement.

"Oh yes, mmmmmm yessssssss, lick me Kara, lick my pussy!" Cat moaned with a smirk as her eyes started going back and forth between the two Danvers sisters, "Yes, good girl, lick me while your sister lover watches. Let's make her nice and jealous that her baby sister is eating my cunt. Oooooooh yes, then she'll take it out on you later. In a way you'll like, I'm sure."

"She can count on it." Alex promised with a smirk.

That promise made Cat chuckle with delight while it made Kara lick the other blonde's pussy even more enthusiastically, which of course led to more sounds of pleasure from Cat. And words of encouragement, knowing smirks, stroking of Kara's hair and of course even more enthusiastic licking from Kara, before her boss finally told her to slow down. Which was good, because Alex had just been about to step in. Or maybe she wouldn't. After all, if Cat had wanted to cum quickly that would be more than fine with Alex, as it would have just meant she got longer with Kara's tongue. So now Alex thought about it, it was a shame that Cat stopped her. Oh well, Alex would just wait patiently for her turn, like a real top.

"Kara! Cut it out! I'm not ready to cum yet!" Cat snapped, not having to act annoyed, tightening her grip on the back of Kara's head as she tried to pull away, "And NO, I don't want you to pull away and apologise, I just want you to do your job. God Kara, you're normally better than this. Mmmmm yesssssss, you're normally so good at your job as my assistant, and from now on you'll be assisting me every time my pussy feels like being licked by a little lezzie slut. Ohhhhhh yesssssss, mmmmm, you'll be under my desk, licking me just like this, whenever I want. Oh yes, nice and slow. Nice and slow. Mmmmm, yes, avoid my clit. At least for now. Oh yes, that's it, ooooooh yesssssss, that's better Kara. Show me you're worthy to be my personal pussy licker. Oh yes!"

Kara's entire body tingled with excitement at the idea of that. Of being Ms Grant's personal little pussy licker, spending her entire day beneath her boss's desk and eating this amazing woman's yummy little cunt. Then ideally her evenings bent over that desk while being fucked by Ms Grant's tongue, fingers and toys, her pussy, mouth and ass all available for this dominant woman to use for her pleasure. Oh yes, that had been promised to her before, but to see it truly become a reality was literally a dream come true for Kara Danvers. Especially if she had Alex Danvers to come home too, where she could receive more or less the exact same treatment.

Sadly that wasn't exactly how Kara's life could be. First and foremost she was Supergirl, and she had a responsibility to the people of this world to protect them, and that was exactly what she was going to do, no matter the cost. Also deep down she wanted to be Kara Danvers, career woman. Even if she wasn't sure what that career would be yet. But she was so happy she had found not one, but two people willing to give her what she so desperately needed in any amount of free time that she had. And any free time they would be filled with butt spanking, all hole fucking, and pussy licking. Well, maybe some ass licking too, but it was the pussy licking Kara was very much concentrating on right now.

Specifically she was concentrating on her boss's yummy cunt, sliding her tongue up and down it at a slow and steady pace, completely avoiding Ms Grant's clit, just as she was told. Although to be fair she hadn't been hitting it that often before. Just occasionally, like the first few licks. Then a few times after that, and okay, she may have got a little carried away with her speed, but she thought Ms Grant was a bit harsh with her words. Well, Ms Grant was always harsh with her words. It was one of the things Kara loved most about her. Although one not so good thing was that she could occasionally be a little selfish, Kara surprised that Mistress Alex allowed the other Dom to hog her tongue for so long. Of course inevitably Mistress Alex's patients ran out.

"My turn." Alex said, and then when she was rewarded with a look from Cat she added, "Oh don't give me that look, you know you've more than had your fair share."

There was a brief pause, and then Cat grumbled, "You're right... Kara, crawl over to your sister and eat her pussy."

Ignoring, or perhaps not noticing, her boss's smirk Kara beamed happily up at her, "Yes Ms Grant, thank you Ms Grant."

Then Kara crawled towards Alex, prompting the older sibling to eagerly encourage, "Oh yes, lick me Kara! Lick your sister's pussy! Oh God, you know how much I love the feeling of your tongue against my cunt! Oh yes, oooooooh yesssssssss, oh Kara, lick me! Mmmmm, I wanna feel my little sister's tongue on my twat. Oh fuck yes, ohhhhhhh Goooodddddd, I love it when my baby sister fucks me!"

As soon as she reached her destination Kara started eagerly lapping away at Mistress Alex's cunt at the exact same slow speed she had been just using on Ms Grant's pussy, assuming that's what her sister would want. It certainly seemed like it given that there nothing but positive sounds and words out of Mistress Alex after that, Kara unsure if Mistress Alex was taunting Ms Grant with the references to them being sisters, or whether that was for her benefit. Either way it only made Kara love Alex more. And this whole experience of course, and Kara wouldn't have thought she could have loved this more. Especially as she found herself going back and forth between the two Doms for what felt like hours, allowing her to worship them like they should be worshipped as she did it like the Super Sub she was.

Cat was now too important to be forced to be patient when she didn't want to be, but luckily for Alex Danvers, she found it amusing to watch two sisters having sex in front of her. Perhaps if they had been 'real' sisters Cat wouldn't have enjoyed it so much, although at this moment she was unsure of that. Especially as one of those girls was Supergirl, and the other was a secret agent. And they just looked so good together. The way they looked at each other, the way they spoke to each other, and the enthusiasm for how they fucked proved they were so much more than just sisters. More than casually dating, and more than Dom and Sub. They were actually in love with each other.

It was enough to make The Queen Of All Media jealous that she didn't have love like that in her life. Hell, she didn't currently have a Sub as well trained as Kara, and she wasn't sure she ever did, which made the prospect of co-owning this Super Sub beyond perfection for Cat. Of course as this would be co-ownership Cat was going to have to do better not to hog Kara's hot little fuck holes, maybe especially that sweet mouth of hers. So for a few long minutes the room fell into silence as Alex simply enjoyed her sister's tongue, and Cat simply enjoyed watching them. Cat even graciously gave Alex a few extra minutes after it felt like she had a decent turn before demanding her own, and did her best to do it nicely.

"My turn." Cat growled, making it clear that she wasn't asking, she was telling, but in a nice way, "Kara, crawl over to me and eat my pussy with the same enthusiasm you showed your sister's cunt."

Instantly Kara pulled away from her sibling, although then she paused to look at up her for permission, which Alex reluctantly gave, "She's right Kara. I know you'd prefer to be eating my cunt, but it really is her turn. So do it. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, crawl over to your boss and eat her pussy. Just like you like to eat mine."

"I would prefer... I mean, you're both wonderful. I... I mean... I, I..." Kara stammered before quickly correcting herself, "I mean, yes Mistress Alex. Yes Ms Grant."

As Kara did as she was told Cat smirked and offered her some brief encouragement, "Oh yes, crawl to me. Mmmmm, I love watching Supergirl crawling on her hands and knees like a bitch in heat, mmmmm, desperate to please me, oh yes, desperate to lick my cunt, oh yes! Ooooooooh yessssssss, mmmmm, lick me Kara! Lick me just like that! Just like your sister, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

While it wasn't quite up to the standards of that Kara had been giving to Alex before it was still amazing. Perhaps a little more than before, but it was hard to tell, because from their first time together Kara had never been anything except an amazing cunt lapper, a fact which she was proving once again now she was where she belonged, on her knees in front of a more dominant woman. Which was where she stayed for what felt like hours as the mighty Supergirl was passed back and forth like the fuck toy she was, Cat and Alex using the submissive girl's mouth and tongue for their pleasure until it all became too much. Both Doms try to outlast each other, but in the end it was pretty much simultaneous. Or at least that's what Cat told herself.

"Fuck me, oh fuck me, mmmmmm, just like that! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Lick my clit just like that, oh God! Oh Kara!" Cat cried out over and over again deliriously, before finally ordering, "Make me cum! Oh fuck Kara, shove your tongue inside me and make me cum! I want Supergirl to make me cum! Ooooooooh yessssssss, make me cum! Oh please, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, oh Kara, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, yessssssss, fuck me, fuck me good! Sooooooooo goooooooodddddddd, ohhhhhhhhh Kara, ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!"

"Yes Kara, make her cum." Alex encouraged gleefully, quickly adding, before Cat had even finished speaking, "Then make me cum. You hear me Kara? Big sister wants to cum in your mouth, and all over your face. Just like your boss is right now. Oh yes, mmmmm, be a good little cum slut Kara, ooooooh, a good little Super Sub, and make us both cum."

Thankfully Kara didn't waste time by pulling away and telling her Doms 'yes Mistress Alex, yes Ms Grant' and instead went straight to work shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into Cat's pussy and then start to hammer it in and out. Not that she even got a chance to even get close to her top speed before Cat experienced the kind of powerful orgasm she could only truly have with another girl who really knew what she was doing. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until Cat could barely stand on her own two feet, Kara leaving her just as it was becoming too much. Which was disappointing, but more than worth it for the view which Cat was then treated too, namely watching one sister make the other cum.

Kara loved making women cum in her mouth, and now she didn't have to hide the truth about herself from Ms Grant she could happily use her powers to make sure she could swallow every drop of cum that was offered to her during that first climax. She wanted to do the same for the following climaxes, however Mistress Alex liked variety, and Kara guessed it would be the same for Ms Grant, given the way she had also grinded onto her face the first time they had done this. And sure enough, Ms Grant did it again. Which may have been unintentional. Honestly it was hard to tell in her current state, but the end result was the same, Ms Cat Grant, The Queen Of All Media and Kara's boss grinding down onto her face, covering it in her cum.

Although it wasn't her preference Kara still loved getting her face covered in cum, as it officially marked her as what she was, a Super Sub. More to the point, her face was getting covered in girl cum, marking her as a pussy loving lesbian slut. Ms Grant's pussy loving lesbian slut! And Mistress Alex's pussy loving lesbian slut! Oh yes, the mighty Supergirl was a total whore for these yummy pussies, and she would happily worship them whenever Mistress Alex and Ms Grant wanted. She was theirs now. Well, she'd always been Alex's, but now they were co-owning her, meaning these two wonderful women giving her exactly what she needed, which even included a face full of girl cum, and more importantly a belly full of it.

Eager to prove that Kara crawled over to Mistress Alex just like she was told too as soon as she sensed that Ms Grant was on the edge of passing out from an overdose of orgasms. Well, part of her worried that she left a little too soon, but she really wanted to be DP'ed, so she made sure to leave when her boss still had some energy left. Luckily her boss didn't complain about this, maybe because she was getting to watch Kara do the same thing she'd just done to her to Mistress Alex, the older of the two siblings letting out a loud cry of joy as soon as Kara's mouth was touching her cunt again. Mistress Alex also wrapped a hand in Kara's hair and pushed her deeper into her cunt, but surprisingly didn't encourage her. Maybe because she was too busy screaming and cumming for her, Kara thought with delight.

To be fair it wasn't like Kara needed the encouragement, and she would probably barely hear anything as she was too busy tongue fucking Mistress Alex, swallowing her cum and eventually allowing her adopted sibling to grind all over her face. After that Kara was hoping to return to Ms Grant's pussy and start going back and forth just like she had done before, only better because she would be making her cum, but sadly it was not to be. Kara's enhanced senses, mostly her hearing, let her know that Ms Grant probably wasn't recovered enough for a return of her mouth, and the second she had enough Mistress Alex pulled Kara's face from her cunt and passionately kissed her. Which to be fair was more than welcome, especially as Mistress Alex was tasting herself and Ms Grant, and any disappointment Kara might have been feeling was quickly drowned out with Mistress Alex's next words.

"So Kara, ready to be double stuffed?" Alex grinned wickedly when she eventually broke the kiss.

"Rao yes!" Kara beamed excitedly, then quickly corrected herself after a look from her boss, "I mean, yes Mistress Alex."

"Then equip us and prepare us." Alex ordered, slowly getting to her feet and then looking at Kara expectantly.

For a few long seconds Kara debated whether she had interpreted that order right, and then she just grinned happily up at her adopted sibling, "Yes Mistress Alex."

Kara then retrieved a couple of strap-on dildos, attached them firmly to the waists of Mistress Alex and Ms Grant, and then kneel down in front of her sister. She did all of this in about a second thanks to her super speed, Kara feeling like a puppy perfectly performing a trick for her Mistress, which certainly felt accurate given the look that the Danvers sisters exchanged. Then the other one took the older one's cock into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down on it while of course noisily sucking it. Which as always earned her praise from her Doms, albeit a little delayed as Mistress Alex was busy just enjoying the show, which was also true for Ms Grant, except obviously she was getting used to seeing Kara's powers in action during sex.

"Wow, she really is fast." Cat grumbled, and then trying to distract from that obvious comment she quickly added, "And eager."

"Yeah she is." Alex grinned, "Mmmmm, Supergirl is a very eager little cock sucker. And fast? Really? Ha, I guess that's true...Kara could have this dildo dripping with her saliva in seconds, but she clearly wants to take her time and enjoy giving me a blow job. Ohhhhhh yes, your employee just loves giving her big sister a nice long, drawn-out blow job. She loves it because it makes her feel like a slut. Like the cock sucking slut she is. Ooooooh yes, and she knows how much it pleases her Mistress Alex. That's why she sucks my cock before, and after, I use it on her. Mmmmm, every time. Oh yes, every time I fuck my sister with my cock she sucks it just like this, oh yes Kara, suck it good! Take it deep, mmmmm, show your boss just how much you love it."

"Yes, show me." Cat happily agreed, before changing her mind, "Or better yet, get over here and do the same to me."

"Oh come on Cat, I only just got her." Alex whined.

"Please, that's more than enough for her slutty little pussy." Cat pointed out with a scoff, "I'm the one going up her ass. Obviously I'm more in need of a blow job. Mmmmm, and a longer and more thorough one."

"And you'll get it." Alex promised, "But there's no rush. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, let's have some more fun with her mouth first. Really take some time with it before the DP."

Cat thought about it for a few long seconds, then grumbled, "Fine, but I'm not waiting much longer."

"You won't have too." Alex promised.

True to her word Mistress Alex only allowed Kara to suck her cock for a few minutes after that before switching over to Ms Grant's. Kara then went back and forth between those two cocks, taking them deep into her mouth and eventually down her throat. Of course she waited for permission before doing so, but when she had it Kara pushed her lips around the base with practised ease, while gazing up adoringly at first Mistress Alex, and then Ms Grant. Who were only too happy to continue providing Kara with the kind of verbal humiliation she craved, albeit with a little break in between the moment she deep throated the entire length of their dildos in the moment she started bobbing her head up and down them.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yes, that's it slut, deep throat me like you deep throated your sister!" Cat eagerly encourage during her turn, "Yeahhhh, every inch down your throat, mmmmm, that's it, get it nice and wet. Nice and wet for your pretty little ass hole. Oh yes Kara, you better get my dick nice and wet, because in a second I'm going to shove every inch of it up your ass. Yesssss, I'm going to ass fuck you Kara! I'm going to ass fuck Supergirl! I'm going to fuck Supergirl's tight little butt hole, while her sister fucks her cunt, making this little Super Sub our little DP whore! You want that, huh? You want to be our little DP whore and take both our cocks inside you at the same time? Well, do you?"

"Answer the question Kara." Alex gently pushed.

"Yes, yes, YES!" Kara begged shamelessly, "Yes Mistress Alex, yes Ms Grant, I want to be DP'ed! I want to be your little DP whore! I want to be your little DP whore so bad. I loved being your little whore so much Mistress Alex, mmmmm, and Ms Grant. Now I want to be your little whore at the same time. Please give it to me. Give me your cocks at the same time."

"What you think Cat?" Alex raised an eyebrow at the older woman.

"I think that should be more than efficient." Cat snapped, "Alex, why don't you lie down while your sister gets on top of you?"

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara replied, just in case.

Of course Mistress Alex didn't offer up any kind of verbal confirmation like that, but she reluctantly did as she was told, lying down on the centre of the bed and allowing Kara the perfect chance to get on top of her. After everything that had built up to this Kara's cunt was more than ready to be taken, especially from a dildo glistening with her own saliva. Sure enough, Kara was able to line up the entrance to her pussy with that man-made dick and push herself all the way down that in one long, slow movement which caused her to moan loudly, her eyelids fluttering with joy. Then she got a few blissful minutes to ride it with her pussy, and while she would definitely like longer doing that what Kara wanted even more was to be double stuffed.

So Kara didn't hesitate to obey when Ms Grant simply called out, "Stop."

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara said submissively as she immediately did as she was told.

"Good girl." Cat purred, taking a few seconds just to enjoy the sight before ordering, "Alex, spread your sister's cheeks for me."

Alex glared, then compromised, "Only if you finger her little ass hole first."

"You say that is if it wasn't already the obvious plan." Cat quipped dismissively, before sliding a couple of fingers into her mouth to prepare them.

Even though she was a little disappointed she wouldn't be spreading her own cheeks as she loved how that enhanced the feeling of submission Kara loved the feeling of Mistress Alex spreading them, as in this case it was her big sister offering her boss her butt hole. Especially as it was a gift her boss happily took, first with her fingers, pushing one and then to into her bottom in order to prepare it for her cock.  Cat Grant's cock! Oh yes, Kara was moments away from receiving Cat Grant's cock in her ass. Again. And she could barely contain her excitement. Fortunately she was normally provided with the opportunity to beg for these things, and this was no exception, even if she did have to wait through a few minutes of enjoyable anal fingering to do it.

"Are you ready to be DP'ed, Supergirl?" Cat purred wickedly.

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara moaned happily.

"Come on Kara, we all know you can do better than that." Alex gently pushed with a wicked smile on her face.

"Sorry Mistress Alex." Kara quickly apologised, before shamelessly begging, "Please Ms Grant, please fuck my ass! Mmmmm, fuck my ass while my sister fucks my cunt. Oh Rao, I want both of you inside me at the same time. Please? Please fuck me! Mmmmm, double fuck me like the little slut I am! I'm your whore Ms Grant, ohhhhhhhh, I love being your whore. I'm a fuck hole for you and my sister to use however you want. Please Ms Grant, butt fuck me! Butt fuck Supergirl! Ooooooh yesssssss, Supergirl wants to be butt fucked, mmmmm, while riding her sister's cock. Oh Ms Grant, oh fuck me! Please Mistress Alex, you fuck me too. I want both of you to pound fuck my slutty little whore holes and use me for your pleasure. Please? Please use me, oh please, DP me! DP me like a whore! Make me your DP whore! ooooooohhhhhh yessssssss, DP me!"

Cat could never get enough of the mighty Supergirl begging for her, or the sight of her most forbidden hole presented to her, but she could only wait so long before pushing the head of her strap-on against her target and pushing forwards. She did this nice and slowly so she could savour the act, although it wasn't that long before Kara's anal ring had stretched wide enough to allow the head of her dick to slide through it and into her assistant's ass. Which initially caused Kara to gasp softly as she began to be stretched, and then she cried out loudly as she was anally penetrated. Then Kara Danvers, the mighty Supergirl, just kept begging to be butt fucked.

Only too happy to oblige Cat slowly pushed inch after inch of strap-on dildo into the younger woman's ass, the entire time getting the best possible view thanks to that woman's sister spreading those cheeks for her. Oh yes, Kara's sister Alex was helping Cat sodomise her. They were DP'ing her. Taking her pussy and ass at the same time, and seemingly innocent little Kara was absolutely loving every single moment of it. And so was Cat. Although what she was really looking forward to was pumping in and out of that ass, which Cat did as soon as she had buried every inch of her strap-on deep within Kara's bowels, although first she took a few long seconds to savour that fact.

Which led to Kara whimpering, "Please Ms Grant, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oooooooh Gooooooddddddd, fuck me in the ass while Alex is fucking my cunt, OH RAO YES! DP ME! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

While Cat would have really loved to listen to her assistant begged to be butt fucked for a lot longer again she just couldn't wait any longer to fuck that sexy little butt, so with a firm grip on Kara's hips Cat began pumping her own hips back and forth, causing the dildo to begin sliding in and out of that cute little hole in front of her. Supergirl's butt hole! She was fucking Supergirl up the butt! Again! And just like last time she was getting the perfect view of this extreme taboo thanks to Supergirl's butt cheeks being spread. Only this time it wasn't Supergirl doing it, it was Supergirl's sister and first Dom giving Kara's most private hole to Cat, as something she could use for her pleasure.

It was truly a priceless moment which Cat would treasure forever. Then again, maybe she should insist on paying Kara, and literally turn her assistant into her little whore. Her little anal whore! Oh yes, Cat like the sound of that. At least as long as she made it clear she was only doing it to give Kara the humiliation the perverted little superhero craved so much. Perhaps she would discuss it with Alex later. For now Cat was perfectly content with gently sodomising Supergirl, something she could do until the Super Sub literally begged her for more. Maybe even after that, as honestly this felt like something Cat wanted to do forever, or at least until she ran out of every last bit of her energy. Whatever it took to make sure she could watch Supergirl's ass hole stretching for her cock as long as possible.

Kara was perfectly happy for this to go on as long as possible, because right now she felt like she was in heaven. A really, really perverted heaven, in which she was introduced to the greatest pleasure she had ever known. Which previously had been a cock up her ass, but then of course, it stood to reason that having another cock in her pussy at the same time would be even better, which was why she was so eager to be double teamed like this, but wow! Even she couldn't have imagined how wonderful it felt to have her pussy and ass filled at the same time. Okay, a little weird. Make that a lot weird, as she could feel the dildos rubbing against each other inside her through the thin wall separating her two passages, although the weirdest thing about it was how good it felt.

It also felt special, because it wasn't just too random women doing this to her, or one of these women and someone they had picked up at a bar. No, this was her boss, the infamous Cat Grant, and her own sister Alex Danvers who was sharing her like the little Super Slut that she was. And oh, if she was a slut before she really would be a Super Slut now, because this was the best feeling in the entire world, and she wanted to be double teamed just like this every single day. And maybe triple teamed. Oh yes, what would it be like to have a third woman pushing a strap-on into her mouth right now, making her air tight? That was the only way Kara could imagine this could possibly be better.

Actually that wasn't true. Kara could easily imagine how it could be better, she just didn't want that. Not yet. No, even as the pleasure turned torturous from Ms Grant slowly sodomising her, and impaling her pussy down onto Mistress Alex's cock with every thrust into her ass, Kara resisted the urge to beg for more. Luckily she had plenty of practice doing just that, and staring into the beautiful face of her sister helped a lot, partly because of the undying support she always gave her, but also because Kara didn't want to let down and embarrass her precious Mistress Alex. So she resisted for as long as she possibly could, but of course, even Supergirl had her limits.

"Harder!" Kara started with a soft whimper, briefly waiting for further command but then when Ms Grant remained uncharacteristically silent, and Mistress Alex just stared at her, she took that as confirmation to cry out, "Fuck me harder and make me cum! Please Ms Grant, pound fuck your slutty little assistant's ass hole! Punish her for lying to you. Ohhhhhh yessssssss, punish me for lying to you by destroying my little butt hole and making sure I can't sit for a week. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, and Alex! My wonderful Mistress Alex, oooooooh, my sister, I want you to fuck my cunt. I want you to slam it with your strap-on! Oh please big sister, ooooooooh yesssssss sister, fuck me! I want both of you to fuck me! Fuck me as hard as you can! Oh please, oh pleasssssseeeeee, fuck me hard and deep! Oh Ms Grant, ohhhhhhh Mistress Alex, DP me! DP me hard and deep, ooooooh, make me cum! Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssssss, oooooooohhhhhhhh fuck me!"

Even when Ms Grant finally began increasing the pace Kara did her best to continue to beg for more, just like she had been trained to do by Mistress Alex. Of course that didn't last long as what felt like barely a minute after picking up the pace her wonderful boss made her cum so hard that Kara became completely incoherent. Kara then continued to be incoherent as Ms Grant continued to make her cum over and over again, each one easily feeling like the biggest climax of her life, only for her to be proved wrong seconds later. Especially when Mistress Alex joined in the fun by thrusting up into Kara's cunt, causing the mighty Supergirl to become so consumed with the ecstasy she was feeling she couldn't even think coherently, let alone speak.

Alex loved looking into Kara's eyes when she came. She knew it was wrong, that no matter what Kara said they were sisters, but she just couldn't get enough of it, and nothing made Kara cum harder than being fucked up the ass. Except maybe being DP'ed, apparently, cementing the fact that this wouldn't be a one-time thing, because Kara would definitely want this again, and clearly Alex could never say no to her sister. But also if she was honest she wanted to do this again so she could make Kara feel this good. Except next time she wanted to be the one pounding Kara's ass, or at least switching the positions so it would be Alex on top and thrusting into Kara, who would have course still be in the middle, while Cat would be on the bottom.

Thrusting up into Kara's cunt just wasn't enough for Alex, not even when she started thrusting just as hard and as fast as Cat. Or at least she tried too. In reality the position was difficult, and Alex was very grateful when Cat abruptly stopped, pulled her dick out of Kara's ass and move back, giving Alex the opportunity to take over. Oh yes, before Kara could even whimper in disappointment Alex flipped them over and started pounding her sister with everything she had, first her pussy, then after a couple of orgasms switching to Kara's ass. Which of course Kara welcomed with a beaming happy smile, a little laugh, and then more screams of pleasure, quickly followed by more orgasms.

For better or for worse it was more orgasms for them both, not just Kara, as the stimulator inside the harness have been bashing against Alex's clit this entire time, and that combined with the mental stimulation of fucking her little sister, made Alex cum oh so hard. Plus this wasn't just fucking her baby sister, it was sharing her with her boss. It was DP'ing Kara with Kara's bitchy boss. And then it was ass fucking her kid sister in front of someone for the first time, and someone with a media empire she could use to expose the fact that the Danvers sisters frequently had kinky sex with each other. Oh yes, all those things had made Alex cum hard, and they continue to do so when she finally got to be in control.

As a result this round of sodomy sadly didn't last nearly as long as Alex would have liked it too, but she still thought she did pretty well, especially when she pushed Kara's legs onto her shoulders and leaned down so she was bending the mighty Supergirl in half. Oh yes, that was some deep, hard anal pounding, which had Kara's cum squirting violently against Alex's stomach. And if Alex wasn't mistaken, it also got her an impressed look from Cat. Not that she cared about that last thing, because all added up to exhausting her to the point where she had to collapse down her sister in utter exhaustion. Although on the bright side then Kara wrapped her arms and legs tightly around her, the Danvers sisters just enjoying the afterglow for a few long seconds. Then of course Cat had to ruin the moment.

"Stop spoiling the bitch and get off her." Cat grumbled, "Come on, I'm twice your age and you don't see me lying down on the job."

"Only twice?" Alex grumbled softly, before doing as she was told, "Kara, you know what to do now, right?"

"Yes Mistress Alex." Kara beamed happily, before crying out as Mistress Alex started to remove her cock from her ass.

Cat smirked as the second that Alex had finished pulling her strap-on out of her sister's butt Kara flipped over onto her stomach and pushed her ass into the air. She then reached back and pulled her butt cheeks wide apart, proudly displaying her gaping ass hole. Which of course had been perfectly visible without her spreading her cheeks, but it certainly emphasised the gape, and more importantly Kara's submission to them. Oh yes, this was Supergirl showing them just how submissive she was, that she would shamelessly show them just how widely gaping her most forbidden hole was after they had used it as their personal fuck hole. Yet still, it wasn't enough for the infamous Cat Grant.

"Nice work Kara, but we require more from you." Cat said.

"Yes Ms Grant." Kara smiled.

Before Cat could clarify what that was and order Kara to do it, and maybe not to dawdle, suddenly Supergirl was on her knees in front of her. Her costume and hair were dishevelled, she had the flush of a woman well fucked and there was a cheekiness in her eyes which was uncharacteristic, as far as the public knew, but it was her. This was Supergirl on her knees in front of Cat Grant, taking the dildo which had just been buried in her butt into her mouth. She even moaned. Supergirl moaned from tasting her own ass, and while she had done that before seeing it while she was wearing her super suit was truly magnificent. As was watching her beginning to bob her head up and down the shaft, and suck noisily on it.

After half a dozen bobs of her head Supergirl switched over to the other dildo, the one which had been inside all of her holes tonight, with the same result. Cat had been so lost in watching Supergirl going ass to mouth on a cock between her legs that she realise that Alex had moved so she was right next to her, allowing Kara to easily go back and forth between them without having to be asked. Which was glorious, even if Cat didn't feel like sharing at that moment. Although she temporarily forgot all about that as Supergirl started deep throating those dicks while her sister gleefully encouraged her, and Cat to join in on that fun.

"Oh yes Kara, that's it, mmmmm, good girl." Alex praised, stroking her sister's hair as she sucked her cock clean, "Take it deep! Take it deep down your throat like the little cock sucking slut you are! Ohhhhhhh Kara, I love it when you suck my cock. Mmmmm, especially after I'm done fucking you up the ass. And you love it too, don't you? Yeahhhhhh, I can tell just how badly you love sucking your own butt cream off of my big dick, mmmmm, and so can your boss. Ooooooh yesssss, your boss can tell just how much you love cleaning your own ass cream off of your big sister's cock like the little ATM whore you are, isn't that right Cat?"

"Yes, I can. Get over here and give me that hot little mouth, and I'll tell you how much." Cat gleefully bribed, quickly getting what she wanted and then living up to her end of the bargain, "Oh yes, oooooh yesssss, I can see how much you loved this Kara. How much Supergirl loves going ass to mouth like a good little ATM whore. Oh Kara, what would our readers think? What would our readers think if they knew you were like this? Mmmmm, what would this city think if they could see their hero now, on her knees in front of me, and her own sister, gleefully sucking on a couple of strap-ons which had just reamed her little ass hole? Ohhhhhh, if only they knew what a little Super Sub their hero was. They would never look at you the same way again."

That more than Alex's more graphic encouragement had Supergirl sucking cock even more enthusiastically. Or at least that's what Cat like to believe. The truth was she could have promised anything and Kara would have increased her pace, and just how much she was taking into her mouth and eventually down her throat, just so she could get every drop of her ass cream like the little slut she was. But that really wasn't important to Cat right now. What was important was that after years of searching she had finally found the perfect assistant, and Cat was very much looking forward to working closely with her, and enjoying her assistance. And if that meant doing this kind of thing to Supergirl on a regular basis, all the better.

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