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"Men!" Lucy Lane exclaimed the second the door was opened.

"Erm, hi Lucy." Kara mumbled, allowing her friend to barge past her and then closing the door to her apartment behind the clearly annoyed brunette.

"God Kara, you're so lucky you're a lesbian." Lucy groaned, making her way to the kitchen before briefly pausing, and then pointing out, "I mean, I get relationships are complicated regardless of gender, and I'm totally oversimplifying the issue, but I mean, it's like were literally different species."

"Well, I'm one of the last surviving members of my race, and the rest are all evil, or my cousin, so..." Kara quipped, second guessing it a little when Lucy glared at her but decided to double down anyway, "So if anyone knows about interspecies dating it's me. And believe me, from what I can tell, it's just as frustrating."

"I don't know..." Lucy said, casually taking one of the beers which Kara kept in her fridge for Alex and opening it, then just as Kara was about to protest Lucy brought it up to her lips and quipped just before taking a swig, "You and Alex seem to have it down pat."

Kara let out an inhuman squeak, before trying to protest while clearly flustered, "What? No! No, we're not... I mean, we're sisters!"

"Adopted." Lucy unnecessarily reminded her, "It's not the same as me and Lois fooling around."

"We're not." Kara weakly protested again, and then frowned, "Wait, are you?"

"Am I what?" Lucy frowned, before her eyes went wide, "No! Seriously, no. And stop denying you are. It's adorable to see you try, and somehow you're even more unconvincing than Alex, but I already got the truth out of her, and she is away better liar then you are."

Briefly Kara opened her mouth to deny the truth again, but instead only side, "It's not just fooling around. I love her."

"I know." Lucy smiled, "I've known that since day one, and I'm shocked more people don't. Like James! He has no idea you two are together, or that you're even gay, and he won't hear otherwise. It's really, really annoying. Like seriously, you guys should just make out in front of him so he finally gets the picture and gives up on his stupid crush on you."

Kara blushed at the idea, mostly because she didn't find it unpleasant, then cautiously asked, "Is that why you're mad at James? Because he has a crush on me?"

"No." Lucy sighed, taking a big swig of her drink before admitting, "And yes. It's a number of things, actually. I guess it always is. Which is why I'm leaving."

"James, or?" Kara began.

"Both." Lucy explained, taking another big swig of her drink before continuing, "I'm quitting the DEO, effective immediately, and transferring to another department in the government. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but as long as it's anywhere except here that's fine by me."

"Oh." Kara murmured.

"Don't take it personally." Lucy said, "I just need a fresh start."

"No, I get it." Kara smiled softly, before opening her arms wide, "I'm going to miss you Lucy. We all will."

"I'm sure." Lucy said dismissively, allowing Kara to give her what was admittedly quite a nice hug. Then Lucy smiled wickedly against Kara's ear, "But I'm going to give you a parting gift. Something to remember me by."

"Oh?" Kara raised an eyebrow, allowing herself to be held in place.

"You see, ever since I got here, there's one thing I've really wanted to do, but couldn't. Not until now." Lucy told her.

"Oh?" Kara repeated, liking the sound of this more and more.

Lucy leaned in even closer and whispered huskily into Kara's ear, "I'm going to fuck Supergirl."

Kara blushed slightly, but pulled back and admitted with a shy smile, "I'd be totally okay with that. Supergirl would, I mean."

"I'm sure you would, you big dork." Lucy chuckled, before promising, "But I'm not just going to fuck you. I'm going to give you exactly what you need, Super Sub."

"Oh, you really have been talking to Alex." Kara blushed.

"Uh-huh." Lucy grinned, pulling back and looking Kara up and down, "You know, I totally thought I was done with this after college, but the first time I saw you in that little red and blue costume, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, I got myself off so hard thinking about riding your face. You have no idea."

"Thanks." Kara blushed awkwardly, before offering, "Would you like me to put on my super suit?"

"No." Lucy said quickly, before quickly adding, "I thought the same thing when we met, and you were... well, you. Besides, I definitely want you completely naked."

"I can do that..." Kara beamed, disappearing in a flash and then reappearing without a stitch of clothing on.

"Wow." Lucy murmured, downing her drink and tossing the discarded bottle on to the kitchen table before slowly walking around the normally timid girl who was clearly proud of her body given the way she was just standing there, showing it off. Then after circling the other woman a few times Lucy waited until they were face to face again, gulped, and then told the alien, "You're so fucking hot. No wonder your sister couldn't keep her hands off you."

"She tried. Unfortunately." Kara softly grumbled, remembering how it took years for Alex to even kiss her, let alone fuck her.

Ignoring that Lucy continued, "I mean seriously, wow. I don't even consider myself bi, just occasionally curious, but... fuck, I almost want to stay and fuck you as much as your sister does."

"You could, if you really wanted too." Kara offered.

"Nice offer, but I've made up my mind." Lucy smiled softly, although she didn't sound as convincing as she meant too, and certainly not as convincing as the next part, "Which is why I want to make this count. Completely get you out of my system in one long fuck. But I'm going to be nice and give you the choice... we can go with my original plan, and just spend the rest of the day making sweet, gentle lesbian love. Or I can make you my slut."

"Oh, that! Can we do that?" Kara eagerly chose, and then clarified, "I want you to make me your slut."

"Good." Lucy grinned, "Well? Go get me your Kryptonite collar! Mmmmm yeah, because what's even the point if you don't feel it?"

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara grinned, retrieving the box with her collar in in a flash and then offering it to her temporary owner.

"Oh, Mistress Lucy? I like that." Lucy admitted, trying out the name on her tongue, before nodding her head, "Yeah, call me that the rest of the night. And get down on your knees! I want to see Supergirl on her knees in front of me."

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara pouted, before doing as she was told.

Lucy had been struggling not to drool ever since she was suddenly confronted with a completely naked Supergirl, and she was pretty sure she lost that battle when the most powerful female in the entire world dropped to her knees in front of her and lowered her head submissively. Fuck, this might just be the most powerful being in the universe, and she was waiting to be collared and used like the little lesbian slut she was. Used by Lucy. She, Lucy Lane, suddenly found herself in complete control of Supergirl, a fact which stunned her into just standing there dumbly for a few long seconds, before hurrying to get out the collar and then tightening it around Kara's pretty neck with trembling hands.

Then as confidently as she could Lucy ordered, "Well, what are you waiting around for? Let's go to your room and get this party started."

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara said softly, biting her lip before offering, "Should I crawl slowly so you can admire the piece of ass you're about to spank?"

"Yes." Lucy said hoarsely, "We should do that."

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara grinned cheekily, "As you wish."

Even though she knew it wasn't very top like of her Lucy couldn't help give in to that suggestion, because fuck, it was a great suggestion. A really, really great suggestion, as Lucy was able to slowly walk behind Kara and not only admire her perfect little ass, but enjoy the sight of the mighty Supergirl crawling around like a little doggy. Which was out of this world hot. And kind of made her want to go back to the kitchen and finish off any alcohol she could find, but she didn't want to miss Kara crawling on the ground. Besides, while she had been drunk during her college experimental phase Lucy definitely wanted to do this sober, so she would remember every single second of it.

Sooner than she would have liked Lucy found herself in the bedroom, and after a few more seconds of staring at Kara's ass she walked over to the bed, sat down on it, and patted her knee, "Well, get over my knee then."

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara grinned, quickly doing as she was told.

Once Kara was in position Lucy immediately grabbed her butt and started squeezing and fondling it like it was a piece of meat, and Supergirl let her. More importantly Supergirl was letting her spank her, that thought overwhelming Lucy for a few long seconds, and she hadn't even started yet. Then with a wicked smile she raised her hand high in the air, held it there just long enough to tease her friend, and then brought it crashing down on Kara's ass. Which of course made the mighty Supergirl cry out, but it wasn't from pain. At least not entirely. Oh yes, there was more than a hint of delight, and Lucy could practically taste the eager smile on her friend's face.

As if that wasn't enough Kara then cried out, "More! Give me more! Please Mistress Lucy, spank me! Mmmmm, spank my naughty little ass! Oh Rao, spank it hard, AH GOD!"

While that encouragement caused her to grin with delight Lucy was soon cutting it off by delivering one hard strike after another, raining down blows which caused Kara's butt to slowly turn pink, and then even eventually red under the force of her assault. She just couldn't wait any longer to give Supergirl a spanking, especially as Supergirl continued letting out cries of pain and delight. No matter how hard Lucy did it. Towards the end she was actually trying to get a pure cry of pain, just to see if she could. Just to see if this pain slut had a limit which she could reach. Maybe even out of frustration of what happened with James. All that Lucy knew was that for a few long minutes she was smacking that ass so hard the cheeks jiggled and her hand ached.

Kara was used to more drawn-out teasing from Mistress Alex, who could grope her butt for what felt like hours, and then when the spanking really got under way normally there would be a steady build-up. But not with Lucy. No, she delivered one hard strike, decided that she liked it that way and just kept dishing it out. Which Kara really enjoyed, even if Lucy never did quite succeed in actually hurting her. More to the point her strikes were erratic, never hitting the same place twice, which was both good and bad. On the one hand it made sure the pain stayed on the same level throughout, when Kara would have liked more, but at least it gave her butt than even tan.

One rather disappointing thing about it was Lucy didn't capitalise on the idea that Kara was some evil homewrecker who had tempted James away from her deliberately and now Lucy was making her pay the price. No, Lucy remain completely silent throughout the spanking, seemingly concentrating only on the moment. But it didn't really matter, as the image in her head was pretty vivid, mostly because Kara did feel guilty for breaking them up. She hadn't done it deliberately, but unfortunately James seem to have got it into his head there was something between them, when she'd literally rather be fucking his girlfriend. And now, she would be, Kara thought with another wicked grin.

That grin then disappeared when Lucy abruptly stopped. Briefly Kara hoped that Lucy was taking a break and would return to smacking her butt just as hard, harder, or even less hard than before, but she got the impression that this was it, which was bitterly disappointing. Then again Lucy was new to this, and clearly not a natural Dom like her beloved Mistress Alex. Which just further proved how perfect she and Mistress Alex were together, Kara thought with a happy grin. Which got wider when she realised what they would be doing next. Or might be, as Mistress Lucy started gently caressing the pain away, her fingertips getting dangerously close to Kara's cunt, and oh, that would be a welcome surprise. But no, Kara was right the first time.

"So..." Lucy murmured with a grin while continuing to grope Kara's ass, "What do you and your precious Mistress Alex do now?"

"It depends, Mistress Lucy." Kara confessed with a grin of her own.

"On what?" Lucy raised an eyebrow.

Looking over her shoulder Kara smirked at the other girl, "On what Mistress Alex would like to do."

Lucy smirked back, deliberately slid her hand closer to Kara's pussy, "You know what I want now Kara?"

"No Mistress Lucy, what?" Kara asked, her eyelids fluttering with hope and need.

Moving her hand away Lucy announced, "For you to eat my pussy."

"Oh yes please, mmmmm, please let me lick your pussy for you Mistress Lucy." Kara shamelessly begged, "I want to lick it. I-"

"Get on your knees in front of me." Lucy interrupted, and then when Kara was in place simply ordered, "Continue."

"I want to eat your pussy so bad Mistress Lucy!" Kara confessed like she'd never stopped, "Please give it to me. I love it! Mmmmm yes, I love pussy! I'm a lesbian slut who loves eating pussy. My own sister's pussy is my favourite, but I'm such a pussy whore I'll eat anyone's. Oh yes, sometimes I wonder, if any girl asked, would I just dropped to my knees and do it? Mistress Alex thinks I would, and I think she's right. Even in my superhero costume. Maybe especially in my superhero costume. Oh yeah, mmmmm, Supergirl falling to her knees for any girl, proving what a lesbian slut she is. And she's kneeling before you now, begging you to let her have the privilege of eating your pussy. So please just do it. Give it to me. Oh yes... take off all your clothes and let me see it. Mmmmm, let me see your tasty treat."

Initially Lucy just stared down at her lustfully, before slowly getting up and taking off her clothes. Now this, this she clearly done before, Lucy completely making up for her lack of experience when it came to spanking as she did this slowly, erotic striptease for Kara which left the poor kryptonian struggle to keep speaking, which was impressive considering what she had managed to keep speaking through. Kara prevailed, but she wasn't exactly sure what she was saying after Lucy started taking off her clothes. Luckily it didn't matter as Lucy didn't stop until she too was naked. Then Lucy came to stand right in front of her, her pussy right next to her mouth so that Kara could stick out her tongue and give it a quick lick without Lucy being any the wiser. But no, she waited like a good girl for permission.

Happy that little bitch pass the test Lucy smirked, sat back down on the edge of the bed, and then ordered, "Okay, come get what you've been begging for."

Lucy then cried out as Kara's head jerked forward quickly, albeit not as quickly as Supergirl was capable of, and slid her tongue slowly over her pussy lips, ending with one lingering lick to her clit. This process was then more or less repeated over and over again, albeit without the touching of her clit, but that was probably for the best, as this was overwhelming enough. After all, with all the constant fighting with James they really hadn't had a chance to have sex. Not even break up sex. And the last time they actually had sex they were just going through the motions, James barely bothering with this before pushing his cock inside her. Just like most of the men she had dated.

This was totally different. This wasn't a man barely speaking to her giving a half-hearted effort, or worse, a well-intentioned man trying to quickly running out of ideas. This was a girl. The first girl in a long time to go down on her, and that alone was overwhelming. And she was good. Perfect, even. Just the right speed, just where she wanted it, right from the get go, which kept her crying out, moaning, groaning and whimpering with sheer delight as the girl on her knees in front of her continued her wicked work, even if that was just gently lapping away at her cunt for now. Especially considering that alone was better than the last time she had sex with her ex-boyfriend. And especially considering who this was.

Supergirl! This was Supergirl, the most powerful woman in this world, at least physically. And she was kneeling before her like a total sub. Or Super Sub, as Kara preferred. And that was the other thing, the fact that this was sweet and innocent Kara Danvers. The woman that James, and so many other men, and apparently women, were in love with. Oh if James could only see her now. No! Lucy couldn't think like that, not because it was petty, but because just the idea of him walking in on Kara licking her pussy turned her on an indecent amount. Perhaps later when she was ready to cum, but not now. Not now, and not for a very, very long time.

While Lucy had no doubt that soon enough she would be ordering, or more accurately begging while trying to order, Kara to make her cum right now Lucy didn't want to cum. In fact, she didn't want to ever cum. She just wanted to stay like this forever, with the mighty Supergirl eating her cunt with the kind of enthusiasm literally no man had ever shown. Sadly that wasn't possible, but for a little while she got her wish, and Lucy wasn't sure she'd ever been happier. Then sure enough that happiness was ruined by her own body's needs, but for that moment, everything was perfect. And given everything Alex had told her about Kara, Lucy suspected it was the same for the little slut in between her legs.

Kara wouldn't exactly described this is perfect. After all, Mistress Lucy wasn't cumming in her mouth and all over her face yet. More to the point, while she liked Mistress Lucy it just wasn't the same as going down on the woman she loved. Also, there was just one pussy for her to lick, instead of another one beside Mistress Lucy and just aching for attention. Or better yet, another dominant woman behind her, ideally Mistress Alex fucking one of her slutty little holes with a nice big toy. Or at least fingering her. Oh, or spanking her. Any of those things would make this experience perfect, but Kara had to admit it was pretty close, and it was nice to just concentrate on a fresh, yummy pussy. Her third pussy.

At this point Kara didn't need further proof that she was gay, but it was still nice to get some, and this yummy treat was definitely proving what she already knew to be true. That she was born to protect the world, and please more dominant women. To lick their pussies and get fucked by them in any way they wanted, and Kara was only too happy to please them like the little Super Sub she was. Okay, maybe Mistress Lucy wasn't quite as naturally dominant as Mistress Alex or Ms Grant, but that just proves that Kara had been spoilt by all the amazing tops who had dominated her lately. And besides, Mistress Lucy wasn't doing that bad a job, as Kara's ass still felt nicely warmed, and the other woman did have her on her knees where she belonged.

While Kara would have liked some more verbal encouragement, or better yet orders, there was an incredible thrill to another girl constantly moaning, gasping and whimpering in pure pleasure. Normally Mistress Alex and especially Ms Grant made Kara have to work for those sounds, but Mistress Lucy was giving them to her right from the start, showing just how much she was enjoying this. And just how inexperienced she was compared to Kara's other Doms, but Kara tried not to focus on that. Which was mostly easy thanks to those sounds, the taste of pussy, and the fact that Mistress Lucy reached down and started stroking her hair gently, making Kara feel like a pet. A pussy licking pet. Oh yes, Kara loved that idea.

Despite Mistress Lucy's shortcomings as a Dom Kara found herself wishing she would stay so this could become a regular thing. Hell, Mistress Lucy didn't need to stay for this to become a regular thing, as no matter where she was in the world Kara could be there in a flash to eat her pussy, something Kara was very tempted to point out. The only barrier was of course James, Kara already feeling guilty for eating his ex-girlfriend's pussy right after they had broken up. Not guilty enough to stop, but still, guilty. And she would feel even more guilty if this became a regular thing. But Mistress Lucy just tasted so good, and Kara just adored the idea of having more women to dominate her. Especially if their pussies were as yummy as this.

Lucy was seriously considering making this a regular thing, and maybe even staying. Of course once she didn't have Supergirl's tongue caressing her pussy it would be unlikely that she would truly want to stay, but having a girl she could call to lick her pussy at a moments notice was certainly appealing, especially if she would lick her this good. Lucy wouldn't even necessarily have to return the favour, as it seemed very much like a Dom thing to send a frustrated Supergirl on her way without touching her. Leave her for Mistress Alex and/or Ms Grant to deal with. But not tonight. Oh yes, Lucy was looking forward to fucking Supergirl tonight, the thought of it pushing her closer towards climax. Or maybe that was Kara's tongue?

It was most likely a combination of both, because as she had been left to her own devices Kara had been happy to give her a long, drawn-out pussy licking, but just as Lucy was feeling the need to ask for more the mighty Supergirl increased the attention to her clit and even sped up the force of her licks. Which was enough to give her more pleasure, but not enough to make her cum. Hell, even when the other girl took her clit into her mouth and began sucking on it, it wasn't enough. Lucy needed more, and it became crystal clear that if she was going to get it, she needed to ask for it. She just hoped she managed to sound like she was giving an order, instead of begging.

"Fuck me." Lucy whimpered when she finally found her voice, "Mmmmm yessssss, that feels so good, soooooo gooooooddddddd, ohhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, but I need more! I need you to fuck me! Ooooooh yeahhhhh, fuck me with your tongue. Please Kara, oh yesssssss, Supergirl, tongue fuck me and make me cum, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, oh God!"

Fortunately Kara was so greedy for her cum that she soon gave Lucy what she wanted, literally shoving her tongue inside her and making her completely incoherent. It also made her cum, although surprisingly not straightaway, but that just meant Lucy got to savour the feeling of Kara's tongue buried inside her, Supergirl leaving it there for a few seconds so they could get used to the sensation before beginning to slide it in and out of her and literally start to fuck her with it. Shortly after that Lucy went over the edge of an amazingly powerful climax, and it was soon followed by another, and another, and another. Which definitely sealed the deal, this wouldn't be the last time she fucked a girl. Or this girl.

The idea of having Supergirl on speed dial under pussy licker, being able to call Supergirl up whenever she wanted her pussy licked, was a truly incredible thought. It easily pushed Lucy over the edge of her second climax of oh so many, Kara relentlessly using her mouth and tongue to make her cum. Perhaps Kara even used some of her superspeed? And superstrength? Honestly Lucy wasn't sure as she quickly lost the ability to think coherently as she was overwhelmed by ecstasy. Although ironically Kara's mouth and tongue wasn't what pushed her into that state of being. That was the delightfully wicked thought of what would her sister and Kara's cousin, the perfect couple of Lois and Clark, think if they could see them now.

Kara had thought something similar, although mostly she tried to banish the thought. For she was rendered almost equally as mindless as Lucy was right now whenever she had the joy of another woman cumming for her, especially when it was directly into her mouth and down her throat. Oh yes, the second Lucy came Kara used her superspeed to remove her tongue and wrap her mouth around the other girl's entrance so she could swallow every drop of that precious liquid. Then she slammed her tongue back into Lucy's cunt and started to fuck her again, albeit without her superspeed. She then repeated this process, making Lucy cum over and over again.

Part of Kara would have enjoyed continuing to do that all night long, or more accurately keep going until she literally fucked the other woman into unconsciousness. However there was another part of her which long for something else, something she had gotten very familiar receiving from Mistress Alex and Ms Grant, and something she sadly wasn't expecting from Lucy. Yet to her delight Lucy proved her wrong, and while it meant that she wouldn't be able to swallow everything Lucy had that, the other girl's cum still ended up in a good place. Namely her face, Lucy beginning to grind on it, gently at first but then with ever increasing force until she was using her face as a fuck pad.

Again showing her inexperience as a Dom Lucy did this for longer than she probably should have, and using and losing more strength than she should have, making Kara wonder if she would have any strength left to fuck her with. Again part of her would be happy with that, especially as she could go find Mistress Alex or Ms Grant to finish her off, but in that moment she selfishly wanted Lucy to fuck her. Kara even considered forcing Lucy to stop, something she could have done with ease thanks to her powers. However it wasn't her place, so she allowed Lucy to exhaust herself, the other woman fucking her face until she literally collapsed and gasped for breath, a state that Lucy was left in for a few long minutes.

Then just as Kara was beginning to worry they were done Lucy weakly lifted her head and silently beckoned her over. Which caused Kara to grin happily and hopefully as she quickly did as she was told, and then to her delight once she reached her destination Lucy kissed her, long, slow and sweet. Kara would have preferred hard and rough, like Mistress Alex and Ms Grant gave her after she went down on them, but this definitely had it's appeal as she got to savour the taste of her cum and cunt juices on Lucy's lips and tongue. And of course the kiss itself. Then to her delight Lucy broke the kiss, licked some of her own cum off of Kara's face, making them both giggle in delight before they fell into another gentle kiss.

"So..." Lucy began hoarsely after several long minutes of kissing, "I hear you like it up the ass."

"Oh Rao yes, mmmmm, I love it in the ass!" Kara happily confirmed, "It's my favourite. Nothing makes me feel more like a submissive little bitch then getting ass fucked. Oh please Mistress Lucy, fuck my ass."

"Huh, fucking Supergirl in the butt? How could I say no?" Lucy grinned teasingly, before ordering, "Go get me a strap-on and strap it onto me. You do that, and suck my cock good, maybe I'll let you show me just how much of an ass whore you really are by anally riding me. How does that sound?"

"Perfect Mistress Lucy." Kara grinned, before quickly adding, "Thank you Mistress Lucy."

Lucy then chuckled as in a flash Kara had the forementioned strap-on hovering over her feet. Honestly Lucy was surprised it wasn't already attached to her, although she was kind of glad it wasn't, as there was a thrill to Kara slowly sliding the harness up her legs. Okay, it was kind of awkward lifting her butt up at the end, but that was quickly forgotten as the mighty Supergirl ended up in the perfect position to suck her cock. Briefly Lucy wondered if this was part of the routine Kara had with her own sister, her eyes glazing over as she briefly imagined it, and the other things the Danvers sisters did together. Then she became very, very focused on what her friend was doing now. Namely, sucking her cock just like Lucy had ordered her too.

It started out nice and slowly, Kara wrapping her lips around the head of the shaft and then beginning to slowly bob her head up and down the first few inches of the dildo. God, Supergirl looked so pretty with a cock in her mouth, Lucy thought with another wicked grin. If only she could take a picture of it, or anything else they had done, or were about to do. She could have sold the picture for a small fortune. But no, Lucy couldn't do that to a friend, and besides, she preferred this being a treasured memory. Especially if it was a one-off. In fact it might be more appropriate if it truly was. Probably better for her health that way, as she could see Kara wearing her out quite easily.

After several long minutes of concentrating on the first few inches of the strap-on cock Kara started pushing more into her mouth with every bob of her head. She stopped for a little while once it was about halfway, and soon after that she just continued moving lower and lower, the dildo obviously sliding into her throat with a staggering amount of use. Which shouldn't have been surprising given the other amazing things this woman could do, but it still took Lucy's breath away. Then after Kara reached the base she looked up gleefully at Lucy and then began sliding her mouth up and down the full length, inspiring Lucy to provide some of the commentary she knew that her friend liked so much.

"Oh fuck yeah, take it all! Mmmmm, take it all down your throat! Oh fuck Kara!" Lucy swore with delight as she reached down to stroke her friend's hair, "Deep throat me, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, deep throat that fucking cock you shameless little whore! Oh fuck Kara, that's so hot! Soooooo hot, yessssss, get it nice and ready for your ass. Mmmmm, get my big cock nice and ready for your slutty little ass hole you perverted little bitch. Mmmmm, and get that slutty little ass hole of yours nice and ready for my big cock! Finger it Kara! Oh yes, I want you to finger your own butt hole like the desperate little anal whore you are! Ooooooh yessssss, show me just how badly you want it! How badly Supergirl wants to get butt fucked! Oh fuck yeah Kara! Ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeesssssss, finger that butt!"

Of course Kara didn't need much encouragement to do something kinky, although Lucy still flinched as the mighty Supergirl reached behind her and then without any form of lube she could see shoved a finger up her own ass. The thought of her own ass hole suffering the same fate was a frightening one for Lucy, although admittedly it was quickly overtaken by twisted glee at watching Supergirl do this to herself. Although was nothing compared to what was about to happen, Lucy was very eager to get to that point. To the point where she would strap-on fuck Supergirl up the butt. However she held herself back for as long as she could see that Kara could properly prepare herself. Which was only a few minutes, but Kara seemed to appreciate it.

"Are you ready, slut?" Lucy asked.

Quickly removing her mouth from the cock Kara beamed, "Oh yes Mistress Lucy. I'm ready to have my butt fucked."

"Then get up here and stick that cute little ass on my dick." Lucy ordered.

"Yes Mistress Lucy, thank you Mistress Lucy." Kara eagerly replied, before pulling her fingers, having just added a second, out of her ass hole and pushing them directly into her mouth.

Kara slowly sucked her fingers clean while moaning happily and then jumped up to impale herself on the dildo. Briefly she debated how, before ultimately settling on reverse cowgirl, because looking over her shoulder she just about still enjoyed the look on her lover's face as she anally rode their strap-on, while they could get the perfect view of her ass taking a toy. Or at least they could as long as she spread her cheeks, which Kara gleefully did now as with practised ease she lined up her butt hole with the head of the dick and then slowly but steadily pushed downwards, causing her forbidden hole to slowly stretch wide enough to allow that tip to slide through it and into her slutty little butt.

This caused Kara to let out a cry of pure pleasure, as she gently got off on the pain of being violated, and especially the mental high of doing something so naughty. It was the same story as she slowly lowered herself downwards, taking inch after inch of strap-on cock into her slut butt. Of course she was Supergirl, so it would have been nothing just to drop down until her backside was resting on Lucy's lap, making that dildo rocket straight up her back passage and causing her the most amount of physical pain possible. However Kara love to savour the sensation of her bottom being stretched, almost as much as Mistress Alex and Ms Grant loved watching Supergirl taking a cock up her ass.

Thankfully Lucy seemed to enjoy it just as much given the way she couldn't take her eyes off of Kara's butt hole slowly swallowing her strap-on. It also caused her mouth to fall open in amazement, her face a mask of surprise and lust, with maybe a little disgust thrown in. Just the way that Kara liked it, mostly because it reminded her of Mistress Alex. Oh yes, even now Mistress Alex was surprised, disgusted and overwhelmingly aroused every time she watched Kara shamelessly take a cock in her ass, especially when butt cheeks came to rest against thighs, or vice versa, officially meaning that Kara's slutty ass had taken the full length of the dildo inside it.

Kara took a few long seconds to savour that fact, giving Lucy chance to moan in her ear, "Fuck Kara, every inch. Mmmmm, every single inch of that big cock is up your butt. And you took it so easily. Oh fuck, I heard Supergirl was a naughty little anal whore, but I really had no idea, did I?"

"No, you didn't." Kara happily agreed, "Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, mmmmm, I'm the biggest anal whore on Earth!"

"More like in the Universe." Lucy quipped, before smirking, "I bet now you want to ride me, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara eagerly confirmed.

"Well go ahead bitch, ride me." Lucy ordered, "Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, I want the biggest anal whore in the Universe to ride my big dick! Mmmmm yesssss, I want Supergirl to ride me. Oh fuck Kara, oh fuck!"

Giggling with delight at those words Kara started eagerly bouncing her butt up and down Lucy's cock while still spreading her cheeks so her friend could get the perfect view of the anal sex they were now having. God, they should have done this so much sooner, Kara thought wistfully as what initial discomfort there had been completely vanished and was replaced with the heavenly pleasure that was getting her slutty ass fucked. Kara hadn't hit on Lucy because she was convinced she was straight, and she was already being greedy enough by having two amazing lovers in her precious sister and her boss. But now Kara wished she had been greedier.

Lucy couldn't help think the same thing earlier, but now she wasn't so sure. She was glad she was finally getting to hook up with Supergirl, because Lucy would have regretted not scratching this off her bucket list when she had the chance, but fuck, she really did have no idea just how perverted the Girl of Steel was. It was one thing to be into eating pussy, even if Kara had been completely shameless about it, and maybe even the occasional back door fun wasn't that extreme in this day and age, but Kara had just taken the full length of that dildo straight up her butt with very little preparation. She had done it slowly and gently, but she had moaned, gasped and cried out in pleasure the entire time.

Her sounds of clear enjoyment only became more passionate once Kara was bouncing her butt up and down, meaning the ass sex had officially begun, which was incredibly hot, but incredibly unsettling. No one should enjoy such a twisted act right from the start, or get off so much from being spanked, or just be such a shameless little whore. It made for a truly amazing one night stand, but Lucy wouldn't want this to be a permanent thing. If it was, she probably wouldn't recognise herself by the end of it, because she would become just as perverted as Kara. Or at least close to it. So yeah, after this she was going to get the hell out of Dodge and find herself a nice normal man to settle down with.

In the meantime Lucy was more than happy to sit back and watch the mighty Supergirl violate her most private hole, Kara continuing to give her the best look possible by spreading her cheeks wide open. It was a truly obscene sight which Lucy should have been disgusted with, but she just couldn't look away even for a second from Supergirl's shit hole first swallowing a strap-on and then sliding up and down it. Then that butt hole started slowly bouncing faster, and although Lucy didn't mind at first she really realise that Kara was getting close to making herself cum, and Alex had forbidden her from letting that happen. At least not without permission. Besides, there was something Lucy wanted to do first.

"Did I give you permission to cum?" Lucy asked softly, knowing that Supergirl would hear perfectly well.

"No." Kara whimpered with disappointment.

"Then what the fuck are you doing?" Lucy growled.

"I, I just-" Kara stammered.

"Get off of me and get on all fours!" Lucy snapped.

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara whimpered, reluctantly doing as she was told.

Through that entire conversation Lucy never took her eyes off of Kara's butt hole, even as it slid off her cock and then moved out of sight, instantly making this a great decision. Doubly so because she still felt so exhausted she wasn't sure she could move. But wanting to continue the butt sex was just enough motivation for her to get up onto her knees and then crawl over to where the mighty Supergirl was bending over like a little bitch. It was a sight which Lucy very much loved, so much so she just admired it for a few long seconds, especially loving the way that Kara slowly reached back and spread her cheeks, revealing that her ass hole was now gaping open. However, she had been given permission to do so, and therefore she had to be punished.

"Did I say spread your cheeks?" Lucy growled.

"No Mistress Lucy." Kara whimpered.

"Then stop doing it bitch!" Lucy snapped, before quickly reassuring, "Don't worry slut, we'll get back to fucking your ass soon. But first you need to be punished."

"Yes Mistress Lucy, sorry Mistress Lucy." Kara whimpered, quickly doing as she was told, then crying out joyfully as Lucy smacked her ass.

Then after half a dozen strokes Lucy revealed, "You know what? Fucking Supergirl in the butt has put me in such a good mood, I'm going to treat you too an extra little punishment, which was sister/Mistress told me you are a total whore for. But if she is wrong, please tell me, and I'll stop. Mmmmm, or tell me how much you like it."

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara quickly replied, before crying out joyfully as the strap-on was pushed back into her slutty little ass, "Ooooooooh yesssssss, I love it! Mmmmm, I love being spanked with a dick in my ass! I love it! Please shove your dick in my ass and spank me! Spank me and fuck me! Fuck me and spank me! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, don't stop, don't ever stop! Mistress Alex was so right, I love this! I love being spanked with a dick in my ass! Oh Mistress Lucy, please spank and fuck my ass! Oh yes, ass fuck me and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, yeeeeeeeessssssssss, ah fuck!"

Kara adored being spanked when she had something stuffing her ass, because she closed down on it, increasing the glorious pain. Normally she had to be satisfied with just a butt-plug, which stretched little more than her ass hole, but on the rare occasion that was a nice big strap-on buried in her butt she got to enjoy the sensation of her rectum squeezing the toy in a way which would probably have made it cum if it was real. Luckily Kara didn't have to worry about that, because she was as gay as a rainbow, and all the dominant women she given her ass to so far had known just had treated. Even Lucy, who had done this before, which fuelled Kara's ego no end.

Sometimes Kara dreams of literally pimping her ass out, or offering up to random strangers for free. Maybe go to a gay bar or something. Or a straight bar and seduce the straightest woman she could find, just to see what would happen. Would her hot little body inspired them to give her the abuse she needed? What events takes a little extra, like approaching them as Supergirl. Would that get her ass use like this but mostly straight women? Or to get what she truly wanted, did Kara need someone with a lot of experience like Ms Grant, or the natural talent of Mistress Alex. It didn't matter now. Not while she was getting her butt beaten with a dick in it.

"Now, start riding me again." Lucy ordered, finally stopping the spanking, "Yeahhhhhh, bounce back against me, and maybe I'll help out. Ohhhhhh yesssss, bounce back against me like the little ass whore you are! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, you do that, and this time I want you to reach the edge of orgasm and stay there until I give you permission to cum. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, let's just see how much control the mighty Supergirl has."

"No, please..." Kara whimpered, only to be cut off.

"Now Kara!" Lucy pushed.

There was a brief pause and then Kara lowered her head and softly replied, "Yes Mistress Lucy."

Kara started bouncing back against Lucy, in no time at all reaching the edge of orgasm again. It kind of felt like she never left, given how much she enjoyed the second spanking, but Lucy was proving her wonderfully wrong by bringing her closer than ever before. So much so that was a struggle for Kara not to cum without permission. Of course she could manage it, because she was Supergirl, and she could handle anything, but she was also a greedy little anal whore who begged shamelessly to cum after just a little more of this treatment. Although to be fair there was as much about pleasing Lucy as it was getting what she wanted, even if that was a happy byproduct.

"Please make me cum! I need to cum!" Kara whimpered pathetically, quickly getting louder as she became more desperate, "Please Mistress Lucy, make my whore ass cum! I need it! Ohhhhhhh fuck, I need it so bad! I need to cum like the anal whore I am with a big dick up my ass! Mmmmmm, a girl dick! Please Mistress Lucy, make my lesbian ass cum with a big hard girl dick in it! Oooooooooh Rao, I need it, I need it sooooooo bad, ohhhhhhh, please give it to me! Please, please, please, ohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd yessssssssss, make me cum, make me fucking cum with a nice big girl dick up my gay butt! Oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

"You wanna cum? Then cum. Yes, cum! Cum! Cum for me now slut!" Lucy finally yelled, "Cum like the anal whore you are. You say you're the biggest on Earth? Maybe the biggest in the Universe? Well prove it, mmmmm yessssss, prove it by cumming on my dick you little ass slut! Yesssssss, cum for me! Cum like the butt sex loving bitch you are, oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss!"

The second she had permission Kara increase the pace ever so slightly, triggering incredibly powerful climax which was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until her whole world became nothing but ecstasy. Or at least as much as it ever could. Even with her collar attached she had to make sure not to hurt the other woman. Luckily Lucy seemed not only fine, but she to increased her pace, brutalising Kara's ass hole with the kind of enthusiasm and joy which could rival Mistress Alex, even if her technique wasn't quite as good. It was certainly enough to make sure that Kara was going to miss Lucy a lot, and regret not doing this sooner.

Lucy knew that was true for her to, as was the fact that she was going to need to get out of here soon otherwise she knew she was going to want to stay. But luckily she think too much on that, as she was just too lost in the blissful moment of sodomising Supergirl with every ounce of her strength, and Supergirl squealing with joy and cumming like the shameless little anal whore she was. Oh yes, Lucy Lane was making Supergirl's cum squirt out of her cunt because she was getting off so incredibly hard from being sodomised, which was a mental high the likes of which Lucy had never known before. Unfortunately it was a high which was her undoing.

It seemed silly given how good it had felt to have the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and feeling like she was going to cum from the sheer joy of dominating Supergirl in this way, but Lucy had genuinely thought she wasn't going to cum like this. She had even been looking forward to making Kara get her off with her mouth and tongue again as a reward for sodomising her. But no, Lucy had one of the most overwhelming climaxes of her life just from ass fucking Supergirl, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, until every ounce of strength from her body was gone, and she collapsed down onto the bed sheets beneath them.

Her back was barely on the sheets for a second when Kara was suddenly on top of her and slamming her butt down on the dildo. It was hard to tell given they were now face to face, but Lucy was sure that Kara had taken every inch of that dick in her ass in a second. Which was about the time Kara's rectum had been free from the strap-on, but it was so impressive. And scary, given the crazed look in Kara's eyes. Then Lucy's stomach, tits and eventually even face became covered in girl cum as Supergirl shamelessly jack-hammered herself up and down for several long minutes, making Lucy cum a few times in the process.

Then just as Lucy was wondering if Kara would ever stop, and how either of them was conscious at this point, Supergirl finally ran out of steam. And the scary thing was, that was how she was while being collared with Kryptonite. How could Alex keep up with this? How could anybody? Especially as Lucy didn't know for sure that Kara was truly exhausted. Maybe she was just saving some energy for what came next, which included turning around bashfully, spreading her cheeks, and giving Lucy the perfect look at her butt hole again, this time the forbidden orifice looking like the Grand Canyon. Which was so obscene it disgusted Lucy to her core, but she couldn't look away.

Kara could have possibly pushed herself for a little longer, and her favourite times was when Mistress Alex or Ms Grant would order her to push herself to another orgasm just when she didn't think she could cum any more, and when they inevitably proved her wrong that extra climax was oh so satisfying. Lucy wasn't that calibre of Dom, but that was okay, because Kara was very much satisfied right now, especially as she knew her friend wouldn't deny her the usual reward. Which involved a reward for Lucy too, Kara shamelessly showing off her friend's handiwork, and grinning widely as she looked round to see that Lucy seemed fascinated by it. She even offered a little more of the verbal humiliation Kara so loved.

"Wow Kara, you're one twisted little slut." Lucy laughed.

"Mmmmm, yes I am. I'm a Super Slut, as well as a Super Sub." Kara beamed proudly, allowing Lucy a few more long seconds of staring at her gaping butt hole before turning around, moving closer to the brunette and pleading, "Please Mistress, oh please may I be permitted to prove it. Mmmmm, prove it further to you by shoving your big cock into my mouth. Please? Mmmmm, I want to suck your cock. I wanna go ass to mouth for you, and suck my own ass off your cock. Suck it like I would never have done for your boyfriend. Please Mistress Lucy, let me suck your cock. Pretty please with sugar on top."

Taken aback by not only Kara's shamelessness, but how much energy she still had, Lucy just stared at her for a few long seconds, before softly telling her, "Yes."

"Thank you Mistress Lucy." Kara beamed happily, getting down in front of the exhausted woman.

She was still beaming when she lowered her head down to wrap her lips around the head of Lucy's cock. She also kept eye contact, but both those things went away when Kara tasted the deepest part of her bowels that this cock could reach. Which was a flavour Kara had been addicted to ever since Mistress Alex had first allowed her the privilege of using her unworthy mouth on her beautiful strap-on cock after it had been used to pummel Kara's slutty little ass, and as always she closed her eyes and moaned happily at the taste. Which she spent a few long seconds savouring before beginning to bob her head up and down the shaft, at first concentrating on the upper half before trying to shove the rest of it into her throat.

To her delight Lucy reached down to start stroking her hair in approval, prompting Kara to open her eyes and grin up again at her temporary Dom. Lucy smiled back shyly, and sadly didn't provide any commentary, but that was a reward Kara didn't even always received from her usual Doms, and Lucy was still so understandably exhausted. Besides, this just meant Kara got to go at her own pace, choosing to give Lucy a long, drawn-out blow job. Then when it became time to stop lingering on the first half Kara showed off by sliding the rest of the toy into her mouth and down her throat in one slow movement and then stayed there for about a minute before literally fucking her own mouth on the cock, which again receive the same kind of approval from Lucy.

As a result by the time Kara had decided she had enough fun her butt cream had long gone, and yet when she tried to crawled upwards Lucy stopped her, "Do you really think I'm going to let you kiss me after that?"

"Well-" Kara began, before Lucy took her by surprise by slapping her in the face.

"Don't talk back bitch." Lucy taunted, briefly wondering if she had made a mistake as Kara briefly froze.

Then showing she hadn't Kara lowered her head and apologised, "I'm so sorry Mistress Lucy, I shouldn't be so disrespectful. Mistress Alex trained me better than that. Please tell her, and she will be more than happy to give me the punishment I deserve. Or, if you'd like, you could do it."

There was a brief pause as Lucy smirked at this response and then she told the other girl, "I could, or I could fuck you. Sit on your face, shove this cock back up your ass, or spank you. So many options, so little time. So tell you what, why don't you kiss my feet while I think about it? Mmmmm yes, why doesn't the mighty Supergirl grovel at my fucking feet while I decide what to do with her whore ass?"

"Yes Mistress Lucy." Kara said submissively.

Even though she had wanted to look up into Lucy's pretty eyes and beam happily at all these wonderful options Kara made sure to keep her head lowered submissively like the good little Sub her sister had trained her to be. Thankfully that training did involve foot worship, so Kara happily got into position and started covering those pretty little feet in kisses while only occasionally looking up at her temporary Dom. Kara had thought for sure they were done for the night, but maybe she had underestimated Mistress Lucy. Either way she definitely wanted to do this again, even if it was only on rare occasions and one on one like this, Kara hoped when they were truly done Lucy would tell her they could do this again. She could do was some good news, considering who she had heard might be taking over at Catco.

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