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Kara had been very concerned about Luthorcorp taking over Catco for obvious reasons, even if that meant her new boss was Lena Luthor instead of her crazy brother. But whatever apprehension she had quickly went away as Mrs Luthor quickly proved herself to be a great boss and friend, and even an allied to Supergirl. Most of all, she might just be the best Dom Kara had ever met, which was really saying something considering how spoiled she had been lately. Especially as Mrs Luthor always seemed to find time for her, often during the day as well as at the end of it. Except for today. Today Mrs Luthor was constantly in meetings and barely said two words to her. It was enough to make Kara wonder if she had done something wrong and was being punished. Little did she know, it was the opposite.

The only real downside to this new arrangement between herself and this Luthor was the fact she was, well, Mrs Luthor, and no matter how much her new boss insisted that her wife was okay with it Kara couldn't help but feel guilty. Which only increased tenfold when that wife showed up just as Kara was about to leave and head straight for her. Despite being literally bullet-proof Kara was scared in that moment that she'd have a wronged wife yelling at her, maybe even trying to kill her in front of all these people, and yet somehow this woman greeted her with a smile on her face. And after initially being distracted by fear Kara was overwhelmed by something else, namely the thought of just how pretty this woman was.

"Kara Danvers? I'm Sam Luthor." Sam introduced herself with a beaming smile.

"I, I know who you are." Kara stammered guiltily.

"Of course you do." Sam's smiled didn't falter, "Can we talk? Please? I know for a fact my wife's office is free. She promised to leave it for us, so we would have somewhere we could go which was, private."

"She, she did." Kara said nervously, before quickly adding as she didn't want this woman to make a scene, "I mean, yes, absolutely. Let's talk."

Then when they were halfway there Sam whispered, "Don't worry, I'm not mad at you."

"You're not?" Kara questioned hopefully.

"No." Sam confirmed, then once they had closed her wife's office door behind them she took a deep breath, and then chickening out like a coward, "Can, can I get you a drink?"

"Oh, thanks, but I don't really drink." Kara said.

"Huh, me neither." Sam said thoughtfully, before finally approaching the subject, "I know it might seem weird to you, my arrangement with my wife, I mean."

"Actually it doesn't." Kara shrugged, "I've never really got monogamy. I mean, why just have sex with only one person?"

"I know, right?" Sam agreed, again looking thoughtful, before quickly adding, "I mean, don't get me wrong, I get jealous sometimes. But..."

"It's not a deal breaker." Kara finished for her, "And sometimes, you can kind of like it."

"And sometimes, I'm not just jealous of the other girl for being with her. I'm jealous with her being with the other girl." Sam continued, feeling emboldened by the way that she and Kara seem to be on the same page already, "She showed me pictures of you, you know? Like, right after your first time together."

"Really?" Kara grinned.

"Uh-huh." Sam confirmed, stepping closer, "I was instantly jealous of her, because you were so freaking hot."

Kara beamed, "Thanks. And you're like, wow. So, it means a lot."

Sam nodded in approval, then continued, "I want to do this right then and there, but Lena selfishly wanted to keep you to herself for a little while. So I let her. But now..."

"But now?" Kara pushed, getting really hopeful.

"Well..." Sam blushed a little, "We don't have to do anything you don't want too, but..."

"Oh, I'm like, super down for anything." Kara chuckled at her own bad joke, before eagerly insisting, "I'm a bit of a slut for pretty girls, and you're really beautiful."

"Thanks." Sam preened at the compliment, before quickly returning it, "And you're, wow."

The two women smiled at each other for a few long seconds, Kara feeling like a big dork the entire time, then she frowned, "Wait, aren't you like, a total bottom?"

"What? Never had sex with another bottom before?" Sam grinned, moving closer, "Don't worry about it, I do it all the time for my darling wife. Mmmmm yes, she just loves it when I put on a show for her. And so do I. But she was selfish and not only kept you to herself, but fucked you the first time without me. So just this once, I get a pretty girl all to myself. If that's okay."

"More than okay." Kara once again confirmed with another smile, before both women leaned in for a kiss.

Ever since Sam had made her intentions clear they had been inching closer together, albeit mostly Sam, to the point they were actually touching by the time the conversation stopped, and staring at each other's inviting lips. And oh, Sam's lips were just as inviting as they looked, and Kara was only too happy to make sure the same could be said for her lips. Even though it was a little unusual to be doing this. Because in case there was any doubt Sam was a bottom it was kind of clear in the way that she kissed Kara, as it was firm and confident, but it lacked the control and dominance Supergirl had become so used too, and addicted too. Not that it wasn't nice and sweet, and there was evidence to be said for that, but it definitely wasn't Kara's preference.

It was treatment that Kara continued receiving for the next long few minutes as the two of them just made out, Kara gradually getting so used to the difference that she didn't find it off-putting. Yes, all that really mattered was that she was kissing a pretty girl, and it was wonderful. Well, also she was kissing a Luthor, which was bizarrely becoming a very familiar feeling for Supergirl. Better yet, she was about to have sex with a Luthor. Her second ever Luthor, and hopefully her last. Because this woman's daughter was way too young for her, and Lena's mother hated aliens and was terrible to her lesbian daughter and her wife, and of course, sex with Lex Luthor was a literal nightmare for her.

Suddenly breaking the kiss Sam stroked Kara's face and asked her, "Hey, where did you go?"

"Huh, what?" Kara frowned.

"You were daydreaming." Sam explained softly, "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah." Kara blushed, before lying, "I just... I was just thinking about how I've now kiss both members in a marriage. That's a first for me, and I didn't think I'd ever do it. Not that it's a bad thing, because it's not, it's just..."

"Weird?" Sam offered with a knowing smile.

"But still okay." Kara insisted, before admitting, "And I kind of like weird."

"Me too." Sam admitted with a grin, stroking Kara's face again before adding, "But if you want, you can do more than kiss both people in a marriage."

Sam's response came in the form of another bashful smile, quickly followed by a kiss which again the two submissive women became lost in. Kara still seemed a little distracted, but never to the extent that she forgot about the kiss, being that Sam was just allowed to enjoy it for a truly nice long making out session. Sam loved kissing and could do it for hours if she was in the right mood. Lately that mood had been kissing other girls while her wife watched, so it was kind of thrilling to be doing this with a woman who wasn't her wife, without her wife present. Oh yes, this was all about Sam and what she wanted, and what she wanted was to kiss the woman that both she and Lena suspected to be Supergirl.

Of course eventually she started to remove Kara's clothing, and her own, but thankfully with a little help from the other woman Sam was able to do this almost completely without breaking her lips away from Kara's. Then when they were both completely naked Sam straddled Kara's lap so she pressed their bodies more firmly together. Which was obviously a new experience for the self-proclaimed Super Sub given the way she tensed up, but thanks to Sam's lips and tongue becoming a little more insistent Kara once again relaxed into the kiss. Only then did Sam finally break it, and even then it was to move onto kissing the other girl's neck, much to Kara's delight.

While Lena like to leave her mark in the soft flesh of a neck Sam was much more interested in treating Kara to some more gentle teasing, so she just kissed all over the neck for a few long minutes, moving back and forth so she could gently nibble Kara's ear a little bit in the process. Then she moved down to give Kara's tits similar treatment, although she spent much longer going back and forth between them as she swirled her tongue around each nipple before or after sucking. She also brought her hands up to gently push one of Kara's breasts into her mouth while playing with the other. All of which had Kara gasping and whimpering in mostly pure pleasure, but she gradually became more needy as the teasing continued, until finally the other sub could hold back no more.

"Please Mrs Luthor, more." Kara whimpered like the well-trained sub she was, "I need more! Oh Mrs Luthor, please, ohhhhhhhh please, mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me Mrs Luthor, fuck me."

"Mrs Luthor is my wife." Sam gently corrected Kara after removing her mouth from one of the other woman's boobs, "Just call me Sam."

"Okay, sorry." Kara blushed at the reminder.

"Don't be." Sam soothed her, "Easy mistake."

"So, can I have more now, Sam?" Kara asked hopefully.

"Maybe." Sam teased before returning to the other woman's tits.

Despite that little tease it wasn't that long after that Sam started kissing her way down Kara's incredibly toned stomach. In fact, Kara might be the most well toned, yet soft and feminine, woman that Sam had ever met, further proving that Lena might be right about this girl being Supergirl, which would of course make this even more fun. Especially if they could talk Kara into what they had planned. But Sam could think about that later. For now she was more interested in further teasing Kara by making her way to her final destination, only to ignore the other girl's cunt in favour of kissing around it and then her thighs, which once again got wonderful reactions out of this possible superhero.

Then when her mouth was inches away from Kara's cunt Sam suddenly looked up at her and asked, "Kara, have you ever heard of a 69?"

"Of course." Kara scoffed, before eagerly adding, "Oh, I'm totally up for that, as long as I can call dibs on bottom."

"Deal." Sam chuckled, moving back and indicating to the floor.

Kara wordlessly and eagerly obeyed and then watched the familiar sight of a woman crawling on top of her and slowly pressing her pussy down onto her face. When Sam was close enough Kara lifted her head up, stuck out her tongue and slid it over the other woman's pussy lips in an eager little lick which had her new friend crying out joyfully. She then repeated that lick, although slowing it down as she wanted to tease Sam a little bit before getting down to some serious pussy eating. Which sadly meant ignoring her clit, unlike the first lick where she had even lingered on it at the end. Although unsurprisingly it still resulted in wonderful sounds of pleasure from Sam, who kept it up for the next few wonderful minutes.

Before that initial lick Kara had reached up to grab Sam's ass and pull her down towards her eager tongue as she was just taking so long, and unlike with Mrs Luthor, Ms Grant and Mistress Alex she suspected she could get away with such cheekiness. It looked like she was wonderfully right, although secretly Kara hoped that Sam would tell her wife, and Mrs Luthor would punish her for her impatience. Also just sleeping with her wife. Which would hopefully be playful, and not because Mrs Luthor was truly upset by it, the very thought of that hurting Kara's heart. Just like the thought of Lena Luthor ever coming to harm, which was why Kara had been keeping a close eye on her lately to make sure she was okay.

She was yet to save Sam Luthor, but part of Kara hoped the opportunity would present itself. Which she knew was wrong of her to think, because the last thing she wanted right now was for Sam to be in danger, but she liked the idea of flying through the sky with this woman in her arms. Ideally in this exact position, Kara thought with a wicked grin, and ironically a little blush as she imagined eating Sam out while flying through the sky. It was something she'd only done with Mistress Alex so far, but she would love to do it with someone else, like one of the Luthors. Maybe both at the same time? Now that was a fantasy, Kara going back and forth between two delicious pussies in the air while holding up two beautiful women with her enhanced strength.

Hopefully she would have the opportunity to go back and forth between the married couple without the added kink of flying very soon. Right now Kara was concentrating on eating Sam's pussy. Although it was very hard, first because those images were very distracting, and second because far sooner than Mrs Luthor, Ms Grant or Mistress Alex would do Sam lean down and started licking Kara's pussy, and thus completing the 69. Or getting it officially underway, or whatever. The point was one second it was just Kara's thoughts which were distracting her, and then it was actual physical pleasure. Which was wonderful, and it took an even well-trained sub like Kara a second to adjust. Luckily thanks to her abilities that second was a lot shorter than it was for most people.

Sam couldn't help but notice that, and wondered whether she should be offended. Was her work really that subpar? She had always worried that Lena was just placating her, because naturally she hope that she'd be good as Lena Luthor when it came to eating pussy. However while Lena had been her first woman she'd had plenty of experience with other women since then. Her wife had seen to that. Surely she hadn't paid them all off, had she? No, Sam thought with relief as Kara moaned into her pussy. She was doing okay, so Kara's miraculous recovery said more about her than it did about Sam. Oh yes, this was further proof of this woman was actually Supergirl, which was certainly a very, very thrilling thought.

Even if this wasn't Supergirl it was thrilling of course, as even with a few gentle licks to her twat Kara had been able to drive Sam crazy. Oh and that body of hers was insane, Sam unable to stop herself from gently caressing whatever parts of it she could reach while she had simply been sitting on Kara's beautiful face. Especially her perky little tits, and rock-hard nipples. Partly because it was the best way to give Kara pleasure without touching her pussy, and partly because it would make the other girl cry out into her cunt, and thus increase the pleasure Sam was feeling. The latter thing was admittedly a little selfish, but she just couldn't help it.

Just like she couldn't help lowering her mouth down to that yummy little cunt sooner than she perhaps should have. Not that she had much experience being in this position, as Lena was almost always on top while riding her face, or during a 69. There had been a few occasions where she had been given a special treat, either by Lena or one of the girls they had picked up, but honestly Sam preferred it on the bottom, so this was kind of weird for her. Weird, but very enjoyable, especially as for once it felt natural for her to be the 'dominant' one, as she literally never met such a natural bottom as Kara Danvers. Which again would make fucking Supergirl that much more thrilling.

Once she was actually licking that pussy Sam was immediately angry with herself that she hadn't started sooner, because somehow Kara Danvers was just as yummy as she looked. Was that also prove she may be Supergirl? It was hard to say, but the way that she was so good at eating pussy had to be. Which just made Sam more desperate to show this woman everything she could do, even if she forced herself to start out slow like the well-trained pussy pleaser her wife Lena Luthor had turned her into. That led to a few very heavenly minutes when the two girls just enjoyed pleasing each other, and then even longer of them waiting for the other to push things further, and thus give them the excuse to do the same.

Kara normally love that stage because she easily had more stamina than any of her lovers, even Mistress Alex. However Sam seemed to have even more than that, meaning the two of them spent hours gently caressing each other's pussies with their tongues. Which was amazing, but also a little frustrating as they both felt the urge to cum becoming unbearable, and yet both stubbornly refused to be the one to break. Which made them wish their Doms were here, so they could give them the excuse of doing what they really wanted. Which in turn made them fantasise about putting on a show for Alex Danvers and Lena Luthor which had them whimpering into each other's cunts. Oh yes, that was a wonderful fantasy which Kara hoped would come true soon, and she suspected Sam felt the same way.

The image became so vivid in Kara's head that she could practically hear the two dominant women encouraging them to give each other everything they had, something she became so lost in she was actually the one to make the first move. It was only a small one, namely wrapping her lips around Sam's clit and sucking on it, then Sam not only did the same but she lingered on it for even longer than Kara had, and sucked it even harder. Then without really thinking about it Kara did the same thing, sucking harder and lingering longer, and then things just snowballed from there. No begging, no ordering, not even any tongue fucking. No, instead the two women just worked each other's clits relentlessly until they made each other cum.

This was actually new for Kara as she was so used to tongue fucking, whether it was one of the rare occasions one of her Doms went down her or the far more frequent occasions that it was her tongue going into another woman's cunt. But this was that rare thing, a first time experience, and Kara didn't think she had any of those left. Which of course made her initial orgasm that much more powerful. It also made this moment between her and Sam kind of special, which was good because Kara felt a kind of bond to her that she wasn't expecting with another bottom, or anyone really, especially after she had found it with her own sister and more recently this woman's wife. Making this kind of ironic.

She didn't really get a chance to enjoy that irony, because after slowing down somewhat so they could both enjoy their climaxes, yes they came together, making this even more special, Sam shoved her tongue as deep as it could go into Kara's pussy. Did this mean Kara won the little battle of wills? Or was it a draw, because she had accidentally increased the force of the clit sucking? Does it really matter? No, it didn't, and Kara couldn't care, because automatically she copied this action, meaning that once again the two women came together. Which was something they got very used to over the next few minutes as they frantically tried to outdo each other, or at least return the ecstasy they were receiving.

Sam was choosing to believe she had won the battle, simply because then she could put it out of her mind and concentrate on winning the war which was now raging between them. God, why hadn't she done this more with Lena? Oh right, she was a total bottom, who loved nothing more than having her wife sitting on her face, and then Lena using her fingers or a toy to give her something she had been relentlessly craving ever since she met the women conquering goddess known as Lena Luthor. But this wonderful session with Kara made Sam want to go straight home and beg Lena to 69 with her. Or better yet, take Kara home and put on a little show for her top, inspiring her wife to fuck them both.

That little fantasy made Sam cum extra hard, which was really saying something considering the amazing things that Kara Danvers was making her feel. Especially when the other girl started grinding her pussy against her face, making Sam's memories of her wife that much more vivid. Normally Sam didn't get the chance to return the favour, but it didn't take long for her to get the hang of it, her body doing it automatically for a few long seconds before she actually put some effort into it. Things escalated from there until the two women were fucking each other's faces almost violently, which of course only added to this wonderful heaven they were currently enjoying.

Another thing which was going to that enjoyment was swallowing each other's cum. Again Sam was normally the only one doing it, which of course was favourable in it's own right, especially as Kara was predictably tasty, but to taste such heavenly liquid while cumming herself was even more intense. And somehow, she knew that Kara felt the same thing. Of course she could vividly feel herself cum in Kara's mouth, and then when the grinding got even more intense all over that pretty face of hers, but it was more than that. It was hard to explain, other than for those precious moments it was like Sam's senses were heightened, which of course increased her own pleasure.

As much as both women wish they could do this forever apparently even Supergirl had her limits, as when Sam rolled off of her she lay there gasping for breath just like the poor human was. Which made Sam frown in confusion. How had she been able to keep up so well with Supergirl? Wow, all that sex with Lena Luthor truly had paid off. Which said a lot about Lena's stamina. Which put a cum drunk smile on Sam's face, at least until she became aware of Kara rolling on top of her, looking every bit like the proud, confident Supergirl that Sam had seen on TV. Which either triggered another orgasm, or at least an after-shock. It also ironically filled Sam full of adrenaline, making her aching for more.

Which was good, because Kara offered with a grin, "So, up for more?"

Returning the grin Sam asked, "What did you have in mind?"

"Well... maybe if we?" Kara offered while crawling on top of the other girl.

Realising what the other girl was trying to do Sam moaned, "Yeah... that, oh, that works for me."

Kara had sort of done this with Mistress Alex, back when they were just starting out, and in an experimental phase. Mistress Alex had crawled on top of her and grinded her pussy into hers, which had felt surprisingly good just from the friction. Admittedly Kara wasn't entirely comfortable with being in the role of the top, but when she had a rhythm going she manoeuvred them so they were on their sides and tried to encourage Sam to do the same. Thankfully Sam did, and it didn't take long for the tired but still, horny women to work up a rhythm until they were making each other cum just from this. Despite Kara's best efforts along the way it was more there thighs rubbing against their pussies, but in some weird way that was almost better, at least as far as getting friction, if not mentally.

Of course, an advantage of this position was they were able to go right back to kissing each other, this time with the taste of each other's cum and pussy cream on each other's lips and tongues, deep inside their mouths, making the experience that much more incredible. Which again was something Kara had experienced with Mistress Alex, and others, but never while doing this particular act. And never while having sex with a bottom, something which again Kara had underestimated. Hopefully she would be able to make up for it by doing this over and over again, ideally with an audience, but in this moment she was more than content with just being here with Sam, and Sam only.

Suddenly Sam broke the kiss, tilted her head, and stared at Kara weirdly. It was almost like she was surprised to see her. Then surprised what they were doing. And surprised she was cumming so hard. It would have been adorable, if it wasn't so confusing. No, scratch that, it was definitely adorable, because now Sam was blushing for some reason, and Kara just couldn't resist kissing her again. For some weird reason Sam initially hesitated, but it was only for a second before she kissed back just as passionately... and then to Kara's surprise rolled on top of her, pinned her down and started forcefully grinding against her. So, maybe Sam did have an inner top somewhere deep inside her after all?

It was something Kara was very grateful for, and even more for Sam's impressive stamina, as she was able to make her cum and cum and cum until even she was feeling like she needed to rest. And then suddenly Sam's body seemed to relaxed, and then she looked confused again. Yet another orgasm had her forgetting all about the confusion in favour of more grinding, but soon the poor human ran out of steam, and she collapsed on top of Kara, both of them gasping for breath. Slowly, very slowly, that turned into cuddling, then kissing again, and then finally they rested their foreheads against each other and smiled with a warmness which was wonderful, but a little out of place, given they had just met.

"I'm sorry." Sam apologised, "I don't know what got into me."

"Don't apologise. It was great." Kara beamed dreamily.

Not letting it go Sam frowned, "It, it was almost like..."

"What?" Kara frowned in confusion.

There was a brief pause, then Sam waved it off, "Nothing. I'm just... really happy I met you."

"Me too." Kara smiled, before adding hopefully, "Maybe Mrs... Lena, could join us next time?"

"Or your sister?" Sam offered hopefully.

"Yeah." Kara grinned, "Alex would like that."

"So would Lena." Sam admitted with a smile.

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