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Kara Danvers didn't like to judge people she didn't know, or make assumptions about them just because of their friends, or family. Or at least, she tried not too. But it was kind of hard when her new boss was a Luthor, which was literally something out of her nightmares. Only this wasn't that Luthor. The one who tried to kill her cousin, and succeeded in killing so many innocent people. This wasn't Lex Luthor, it was Lena Luthor, who as far as Kara was aware hadn't done anything wrong. Unfortunately she still had the overwhelming urge to call up Ms Grant and ask her why on Earth she would ever sell her company to a Luthor, and had Kara done something to offend her and she was looking for a punishment that Kara wouldn't enjoy? Although as it turns out, it wasn't a punishment, but Kara would enjoy it.

She didn't known that the first time she met Lena Luthor though, and Kara couldn't help being on edge, mostly because Mrs Luthor wanted to speak to her personally at the end of the day, but also because the sister of her cousin's arch nemesis was even prettier in person. Beautiful even. Like, when Mrs Luthor was introducing herself to the Catco employees Kara couldn't stop staring at her. And not because she didn't trust her. Well, a little of that, but mostly Kara was just staring at her new boss with heart eyes, which was extremely inappropriate given the circumstances. But Kara just couldn't help herself. She did however avoid ringing up Ms Grant, and although she was proud of herself for that Kara found herself regretting it, especially when she walked into Ms Grant's office for her meeting with her new boss.

"Kara Danvers?" Lena beamed as she looked up from her laptop.

"Ye, yes." Kara stammered.

"Lena Luthor." Lena unnecessarily introduced herself, closing her laptop and leaning back in her chair, "Cat has told me so much about you."

"Oh." Kara blushed.

"Yes." Lena grinned widely, before insisting, "Please, closed the door and sit down."

"Am, am I being fired?" Kara stammered.

Lena raised an eyebrow, "Is there a reason I should fire you?"

"No, no, no... I, erm." Kara blushed.

"Wow, you are easy to tease." Lena grinned, "This is going to be fun."

With a deep calming breath Kara finally moved to close the door and then sit down in the chair in front of the desk before nervously asking, "So, what did Ms Grant say about me?"

"That you're smart, determined, and hard-working, although opinionated and too stubborn at times. Which trust me, for her, that's gushing. And she never gushes." Lena confessed, looking Kara up and down, before casually adding, "You must have really impressed her."

"Oh." Kara blushed again, "Really?"

"Best assistant she ever had." Lena admitted with another smile.

"Oh, erm... I'm not-" Kara began hesitantly.

"Not an assistant any more. I know." Lena soothed, "You're moving up in the world, following in your cousin's footsteps. I can relate."

"What?" Kara frowned.

"I'm not even thirty, and I'm already the CEO of a large company. No wonder Lex went insane." Lena laughed softly, and sadly, "Although he was a man. His father-son. Given every benefit of the doubt. I have to earn my way out of his shadow, even when most people have made up their minds about me."

For a moment Kara thought terrible at thinking the same way, before a particularly nasty thought came tumbling out of her mouth without her permission, "That's not why you bought the magazine, right?"

There was a brief and terrifying silence, and then Lena laughed, "Do you really think I'd try anything so transparent? Kara, what kind of fool do you take me for? No, I can't just buy a good name. I need to earn it. That's why I need honest journalists, who will stop at nothing to seek the truth, even if it's at my expense. Cat assures me that's you Kara. Is it?"

"Yes Mrs Luthor." Kara quickly replied, then when there was more silence she nervously added, "I, I know I'm new to all this, but I really think I've found my calling."

"I'm glad." Lena said, looking Kara up and down, "I expect great things from you Ms Danvers. And not just as a reporter."

Kara frowned, and nervously asked, "Wha, what do you mean?"

Lena smiled softly, slowly got up and poured herself a drink, "You know, I'd rather you didn't repeat this, and I'll deny it if you do, but... the main reason I bought the company? A favour to a friend. Well, more like favours, but the biggest one was to make sure her legacy wasn't destroyed or tarnished. As someone who's had their name dragged through the mud lately, I know how terrible that is, I really want to save Cat from that."

"You do?" Kara asked softly.

"Yes." Lena admitted, poured another drink, and then walking back over to her new employee, "This might be hard to believe, but I don't have many friends. Not real ones. Often I'm surrounded by too many people with their own agendas, just telling me what they think I want to hear. It was never like that with me and Cat."

"How was it like?" Kara asked curiously.

"A conversation for another time." Lena smiled, offering Kara the drink.

"Oh, I don't-" Kara began weakly.

"Worried that it's poisoned?" Lena joked, and then when Kara didn't laugh added, "Don't worry, I would never poison someone before I got to know them."

"It's not that..." Kara lied, "I'm... I'm just not really a Scotch kind of girl."

"Suit yourself." Lena shrugged, downing Kara's glass and then leaving it on the table before making her way back to her seat, "I find it really takes the edge off after a long day. Although with everything I've gone through with Lex I'd probably be an alcoholic by now if it wasn't for my family."

"Your Mom?" Kara guessed.

"God no." Lena laughed loudly, before turning her attention to a picture frame on her desk, which she smiled warmly at before turning it towards her new employee, "My real family."

"Oh." Kara blushed with embarrassment at having no gay-da, and then smiled warmly at the picture of Lena with a woman her age and a younger girl, who was presumably their daughter, "You're-"

"Married to the most wonderful woman ever, Sam Luthor." Lena beamed, "I'm surprise you don't know. It's not like I try to hide it."

"Yes, well, I've heard a lot of different things about you." Kara said in her defence, immediately hating herself for it, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offence."

"None taken." Lena reassured her gently.

There was a brief pause, then Kara quickly told the other woman, "You have a beautiful family."

"Thank you." Lena smiled.

"So, how did you meet?" Kara asked out of curiosity.

Another brief pause, then Lena smiled and confessed, "At L-Corp. Well, it was Luthorcorp then and I wasn't in charge, but I was still higher up the food chain and her boss, so it was awkward. I had only just joined the company and everybody thought I was only there out of pure nepotism, even though I was working twice as hard as everyone else, and had the exact same qualifications as everyone else. But Sam, she wasn't like that. She was nothing but respectful and helpful, to the point where I slowly started leaning on her. She was my rock those first few years. People called her teacher's pet, made all sorts of accusations before anything happened between us, which initially stopped me from pursuing anything with her. But it was like swimming against the current, and after she confessed to having feelings for me I just couldn't hold back any more. After that things moved pretty fast, and now I just couldn't imagine life without her. Or our daughter Ruby."

Yet another brief pause, and then Kara softly murmured, "Wow."

"I'm sorry." Lena blushed, "When I get talking about my family, I tend to ramble."

"No, no... I think it's sweet." Kara beamed, "Please, tell me more."

"I'm the one supposed to be finding out about you." Lena chuckled.

"We can do both." Kara smiled, desperately avoiding thinking about the scary thought of a Luthor finding out more about her, even if this one seemed nice, "Tell me about Ruby, and I'll tell you more about me."

"Deal." Lena quickly agreed with another smile, that smile getting wider she explained, "Sam had Ruby before we met, and I wasn't expecting her like me, but she did. Granted this was before Lex went crazy, but it was still surprise, and when I lost my brother to his madness they were both me when no one else was. I'm not sure I could have survived without them."

"I don't know, from what I can see you might be selling yourself a bit short." Kara smiled softly, before adding, "But I'm so glad you had people you could depend on. No one should go through, something like that, alone."

Lena smiled, nodded and then confessed, "I hear you are also lucky in this regard."

"What? No, I don't have a daughter." Kara quickly corrected.

"No, I mean there are people in your life you can rely on." Lena clarified.

"Oh, right." Kara blushed, feeling embarrassed, "Absolutely. There's James, Winn, J'oh... I mean, erm, Hank, and-"

"Your sister Alex?" Lena grinned, "Sorry, I mean adopted sister. Yes, Cat told me all about how you... rely, on her."

"Oh." Kara blushed, cautiously asking, "Erm, what exactly did Cat tell you?"

Lena beamed wickedly, "Everything."

This time there was long pause and then Kara cautiously asked, "And is that... a problem?"

"Not at all." Lena reassured with another wicked grin, "In fact, it's exactly the opposite."

Kara's eyes went wide, "But... what about your wife?"

Lena chuckled softly, "Unless Cat is pulling a prank on me, it seems I have the same arrangement with my wife that you have with your sister. We're totally devoted to each other, mentally and spiritually. But physically... we can do whatever we want, within reason. Although as a general rule we sign off on each other's choices, especially if there is the chance we'll invite her into our bed."

"Wow!" Kara found herself saying again, albeit for very different reasons, "You guys really are like me and Alex."

Which caused Lena to chuckle again, and further confess, "Of course, I'm the Alex, which is why Cat thought we would get on, and I'm happy to report so far she was very right. Also she was hoping that I would take care of certain... needs of yours, which I am more than happy to do now that I've met you. Not that there's any rush. If you would feel more comfortable, we could have dinner first."

"We could do that." Kara nodded, before leaning forward and in the most bold move of her life pushed, "We could do anything you want, Mrs Luthor."

"Wow... Cat, you do not disappoint." Lena murmured happily to herself, before telling her new friend, "I'm impressed, but I'm sure Cat was wrong about one thing... you can't possibly be a bigger bottom then my darling wife. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, Sam is easily the biggest bottom I've ever met. I've never met a girl that was such a slut for a spanking before. Or a whore for my cunt, and strap-on. She even let me share her with Cat. That's right, we passed her around like the hot little fuck toy she is, then sandwiched her between us and did every twisted thing imaginable to her. And she loved every second of it. Surely Kara, someone like you would never stoop so low?"

Feeling like she was being teased, and loving it, Kara leaned in and flirtatiously told her new boss, "You know what I call that? A good Friday night."

"Oh Kara." Lena beamed, leaning in even more, "I think we're going to get along just fine."

With those words their lips connected, and Kara was officially kissing a married woman. Which made her feel a little guilty, despite the fact that as far as she knew Lena was telling the truth about being in an open marriage, which seemed plausible given she was a friend of Ms Grant. She also felt guilty because the last few times she had kissed another woman who wasn't her adopted sibling she had gotten Mistress Alex's permission first, although hopefully that would lead to Kara receiving an extra hard spanking in the near future. Finally she felt a little guilty because this was her new boss, which of course was a ridiculous feeling given the kind of relationship she had with her old one.

These feelings were more or less forgotten when the kiss actually began, because Kara felt like she was being struck by lightning. And maybe Lena felt something similar, because they both briefly hesitated before melting into each other and becoming lost in a truly wonderful kiss. This was a romantic movie kiss, where the couple finally gave into their feelings for each other, or maybe even the one they had at the climax of the movie. Which was kind of scary considering they had only shared one conversation with each other, and again this was a Luthor, but Kara couldn't help it. There was just something about this woman which made kissing her better than almost anyone else. Second only to Mistress Alex, which was really saying something.

Who knows how long after that Lena broke the kiss and gasped, "Wow, that was... wow..."

"Yeah." Kara agreed softly, then after a brief awkward silence she pleaded in her best little girl voice, "Oh please Mrs Luthor, punish me. I've been a bad, bad girl."

Which caused Lena to burst out into a fit of giggles, "Oh my God, you're adorable."

"Too porny?" Kara asked nervously.

"Maybe." Lena admitted with a wicked grin, "But not enough to put me off."

"Good." Kara smiled, and then after a few long seconds of her new boss staring at her she began, "So..."

"Stand up! Turn around. Slowly. That's it..." Lena ordered, watching with delight as her new employee followed her instructions perfectly, "So, what is this look exactly? World's most fuck-able assistant?"

"I'm not a assistant any more. I'm a reporter." Kara pointed out proudly.

"Turn so that you're facing away from me." Lena abruptly ordered, taking a few seconds just to stare at Kara's ass before reaching out and squeezing it while murmuring, "You've still got a look though. And God, this ass is just perfection. Your whole body is, but I'm definitely an ass girl, and wow. That's the second most fuck-able, and spank-able, ass I've ever seen. And you're actually pretty close to the best."

Briefly Kara was offended, before realisation hit and she smiled, "The best being your wife?"

"Uh-huh." Lena nodded, taking a few more seconds to enjoy the feeling of that ass before she slapped it and ordered, "Now let's see if you take it quite as well as she does. Bend over my new desk. Mmmmm, I hear it's a position your very familiar with."

"Yeah it is." Kara happily agreed, quickly moving into position.

Lena quickly got up and followed so she could watch this masterpiece of a woman bend over her desk. It was definitely worth the effort, as Kara got into the perfect position, hands, elbows and the lower part of her arms resting against the desk while she stuck out that perfect little ass of hers. God, Lena just wanted to take a picture of it so she could hang it up on these walls to liven them up, or at least take it home so she could prove to Sam just how heavenly this ass was. Then briefly Lena was struck with the wonderful thought of her wife on her knees behind Kara, Sam kissing that beautiful behind for Lena's amusement. Then giving her a deep, passionate rim job to prepare Kara for Lena's strap-on.

It was a fantasy Lena got lost in for a few long seconds, and probably would do again before the end of the night, but she tried to ignore it in favour of reaching out to grab that ass again and go right back to squeezing and groping it just like she did before. Partly because she still couldn't believe there could be an ass which truly rivalled Sam's, but mostly because Lena just love to tease her lovers, and she could tell that the simple act was already having an effect on her new employee, Kara not even attempting to hide her annoyance at not getting what she wanted. And Cat had called her a Super Sub? More like, Super Inpatient Sub, the thought making Lena smiled briefly.

Then she abruptly gave that perfect ass a nice hard strike, obviously catching Kara off-guard as she cried out loudly. The following strikes didn't get quite the same reaction, mostly because there was plenty of time in between them in which Lena massage the pain away with her gleeful groping. But that was kind of the point, as this was still supposed to be just the early stages, and Lena was still very much in the mood to tease her new lover. After all, she had made sure they wouldn't be disturbed, and the first time with any woman should be savoured, not rushed. And Kara Danvers was definitely worth savouring. Hell, it was impressively long before Lena gave into temptation and finally revealed her prize properly to her.

"You were right Kara, you have been a bad girl." Lena said almost casually, "Shamelessly seducing other women, letting them do all sorts of obscene things to you, and to be in a Dom/Sub relationship with your own adopted sister. And now here you are, dressed like a slut, shamelessly seducing your new boss, just like you did with your old one. Such crimes can't be left unpunished. Mmmmm, and you can't possibly be properly punished while still wearing these tightfitting pants. So they'll have to go, along with everything else you might be wearing. Understood?"

"Yes Mrs Luthor." Kara nodded, trying and failing to sound sorry, "Thank you for giving me the punishment I need."

"You're welcome Kara." Lena grinned, "And keep calling me that, I like it."

"Yes Mrs Luthor." Kara grinned.

During those final words Lena was already in the process of reaching around Kara's body so she could undo her pants and pull them down around her ankles. The plan was to then pull down the underwear, but as she slipped her thumbs underneath the pants Lena was delighted to find new underwear, so instead she made sure to remove the pants nice and slowly and leaned down so she could get the best possible look of that reveal. God, it almost made her want to start using her fingers, tongue or a toy on one or both of the tantalising fuck holes which were being revealed to her, but she just about fought that urge so she could give this ass the spanking it deserved, and Lena so desperately wanted to give it.

Kara had been taken by surprise from that initial blow, which was why she had cried out. That, and just the delight of being treated to a spanking. Unfortunately after that she let out very few sounds, not because she was holding back, but because the spanking wasn't causing her any pain. To be fair Lena was just teasing her, and this wasn't all she was capable of, but Kara didn't have high hopes, as without something dulling her powers Mistress Alex could barely hurt her, and she was a highly trained government agent. Lena Luthor was just a businesswoman. One who was clearly in shape, but a businesswoman nevertheless. There was no hope of Lena hurting her physically, nor should Kara be tempting fate by hoping that she would find a way.

Fortunately Kara had found a way to enjoy being spanked by Mistress Alex long before they started using Kryptonite and red sunlamps, and that was simply to get off on the sheer humiliation of it. After all, this woman hopefully didn't know it, but she was Supergirl. The most physically powerful woman alive. She could fly, survive a nuclear explosion, and knock this entire building over if she wanted too. And here she was, bent over a desk and receiving a spanking like a naughty child from a woman who didn't have a fraction of her physical strength. True, when her powers were dulled this only added to the experience, but there was definitely something to be said for that sensation alone.

Especially because this wasn't just her new boss doing this to her, it was a Luthor. Lex Luthor's sister was spanking Superman's cousin, and the only person to truly know that fact right now was Kara. And boy, was she enjoying that twisted fact. Perhaps far more than she should. After all, getting off on degrading sex acts was one thing, even from her own family, but to enjoy them while receiving them from a family member from her family's biggest enemies was surely a step to far. And yet Kara revelled in every humiliating blow she took, and every playful squeeze she received, and maybe especially lustful look she received from this beautiful woman.

"Do you want more?" Lena teased, before she offered, "Because I can give it to you... or you can get straight to eating my pussy."

There was a long pause as Kara briefly debated what she should say, then hesitantly went for what she really wanted, "More... give me more! Oh please Mrs Luthor, spank me harder! Please? I need it! I've just been so, so bad."

"Yes, you have." Lena grinned wickedly, "And I'm going to give you just what you deserve."

"Oh thank you Mrs Luthor." Kara beamed, before crying out as she was once again taken off-guard by a strike.

That strike had been a lot more powerful than the ones she had received before, and even though Lena went right back to the slow and steady spanking she gradually phased that out, along with the pause to grope her, in favour of a relentless result on Kara's ass. It might even be the kind which would make Mistress Alex proud, which was truly heart-breaking because Kara couldn't really feel it. She actually felt something, which Kara wouldn't have thought was possible, which was really impressive and exciting, but it just wasn't enough. Oh God, Kara wanted to feel everything that Mrs Luthor was truly capable of, and she was sure when she did it would be something special.

Lena wasn't sure if she was impressed, or terrified. She was truly giving Kara her all, and the little pain slut was just continuing to cry out in mostly delight, and the cries of pain even sounded fake. Either this girl was the biggest pain slut in the history of the universe, and doing a bad job of hiding it, or she was an alien and doing an incredibly bad job of hiding it. In fact, suddenly Lena realised why this girl seemed so familiar. She couldn't put her finger on it before, but now she felt foolish. Of course there was no sense jumping to conclusions, especially if they were wonderful conclusions which would make this moment even better, therefore making her desire to see it influence her take on the results. But she could worry about that later. Right now Lena was just focus on brutally spanking Kara Danvers.

Particularly Lena wanted to focus on just how beautifully Kara's butt cheeks jiggled for her with every blow. It was maybe Lena's favourite part of spanking other women, especially when they had this type of ass. Namely well-rounded, but firm. Of course she liked all shapes and sizes, but Kara's ass just seemed perfect to Lena. She certainly loved spanking it, and there was a lot of other things she wanted to do to it. Sadly it just didn't seem to discolour in the same way other girls did, Lena barely able to get it looking pink after several long minutes of smacking it as hard as she could. And again, she couldn't quite get the sounds she wanted out of Kara, Lena ultimately having to admit defeat as her hand just became too tired from the work.

Then after a few long seconds of relaxation, and just staring at Kara's only slightly pink ass which was seemingly already starting to heal, Lena softly ordered, "Get on your knees."

"Yes Mrs Luthor." Kara quickly replied and obeyed.

There was another few long seconds of Lena just staring at that pretty face, then she stood up so her crotch was directly in front of Kara's face and she asked, "Do you want to eat my pussy?"

"God yes Mrs Luthor." Kara grinned.

"Beg." Lena pushed, "Beg me for the privilege of eating my cunt."

"Oh please Mrs Luthor, please let me eat your pussy." Kara pleaded, her mouth watering at the thought, "Please allow me the privilege of eating your delicious cunt. Please let me service my new boss, the exact same way I serviced my old one. Let me be your little employee slut. Your employed pussy slut! A slut you employ, just to eat your yummy pussy. Please?"

As Kara begged Lena very slowly removed her clothes. She did it in the most dominant way possible, which wasn't easy, but Kara was in the perfect position for it, and sometimes she even paused or trailed off a little, which was a wonderful boost to Lena's ego. Especially if this was who she thought it was. Or just some kind of powerful alien. Although honestly, it would be hot if this was just what it appeared to be, namely another beautiful human woman so willingly submitting to her. Then when every last stitch of clothing had been removed Lena sat back down on her chair and just listened to Kara beg for a few wonderful minutes, before deciding to give this girl what she wanted.

"Start with my feet, and slowly make your way up to my cunt. Then maybe I'll give you permission to lick it." Lena said in her no-nonsense businesswoman tone.

"Yes Mrs Luthor, thank you Mrs Luthor." Kara eagerly replied and obeyed.

Given Kara's enthusiasm, with this in all things which made her seem like an adorable puppy, Lena was kind of expecting her to rush her way through this part, giving Lena an excuse to punish her probably sooner rather than later. Although to her surprise Kara actually lingered on her feet for quite a while, which honestly Lena loved no matter what, but she just couldn't stop thinking about how this could be Supergirl grovelling at her feet, and that alone made her want to cum. Then Kara slowly kissed her way up Lena's long legs, meaning that by the time she reached her destination there was no way Lena could avoid giving her the permission she craved. Yes, all she could do was not embarrass herself, like blurted out too loudly and/or quickly.

So with as much restraint as she could muster Lena ordered, "Good girl, mmmmm, now you may lick me! Yessssss, now you have my permission to eat my cunt like the little lesbian slut you are. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, lick me just like that, just like that, ooooooh fuckkkkkk yeeeeeessssssss!"

Kara quickly and eagerly pressed her face in between Mrs Luthor's legs, but forced herself to slow down when it came to the actual lick. Mostly because that's how she had been trained by her beloved Mistress Alex, but also because she just loved savouring the taste of pussy. Especially when she was tasting that pussy for the first time, which was thankfully becoming a regular experience, as she and Mistress Alex had begun to pick up women in bars just so that Kara could have some fresh pussy to lick. More often than not while Mistress Alex was fucking her butt. And it was a shame that her sister wasn't here for this, but Kara was still hopeful she'd receive an ass fucking before the end of the night.

Trying her best not to think about the past and future for now Kara slid out her tongue and pressing it to the bottom of Mrs Luthor's pussy before slowly sliding it all the way to the top and lingering on the other woman's clit. Which very much brought her to the present, as Mrs Luthor tasted just as yummy as she looked. Maybe even yummier. Which just made her even more eager to become a regular pussy licker to a Luthor. Oh yes, just the idea of that was enough to make Kara feel like she was going to cum, and the taste of Lena Luthor on her tongue was certainly adding to that. It was almost enough to make her forsake her training and stick a hand between her legs. Almost.

Of course it was Mrs Luthor's pleasure which truly mattered now, Kara happily focusing on that as she repeated that first lick over, and over, and over again, albeit without lingering on the other woman's clit. Which broke her heart, because she really, really wanted to at least linger on it a little, especially given how Mrs Luthor had cried out so wonderfully from that initial lick. But no, she had been trained better than that. Besides, soon enough she would have a Luthor screaming in pleasure for her as she made her cum in her mouth and all over her face. Unless of course, Mrs Luthor wanted to cum sooner, then Kara would happily oblige, just as Mistress Alex had trained her to do.

Looking up at her temporary Mistress Kara was delighted to find Mrs Luthor staring down at her intensely. She also loved to see a woman with her head tilted back and letting out wonderful sounds for her, or maybe her eyes closed or just staring off into the distance, her face awash with pleasure. But Kara's favourite thing at this stage was for the woman she was going down on to be giving her every ounce of her attention. Especially as in cases like this they were able to lock eyes, making the moment even more intense, and even loving when it was herself and Mistress Alex. And maybe there was a touch of that now. Maybe more than a touch. Like, perhaps more than there should be. But whatever the case, Kara welcomed it.

Lena felt the same thing, and it kind of scared her. Previously she had only felt this level of instant connection with one person, her precious Sam Arias, now Sam Luthor, who she had been blissfully happy with for almost six years now, and married for one, so it would be just typical of Lena to self-destruct by developing feelings for someone else. But she couldn't be sure that was what this was yet, as it was far too early to tell. It might just be Lena getting excited over the idea that she might be fucking Supergirl. And besides, thanks to her agreement with the best wife ever she could fuck this slut all she wanted, and get whatever she was feeling out of her system.

Comforted by that idea Lena simply concentrated on the pretty girl kneeling before her, in between her legs and staring up at her with lust in her eyes as she eagerly licked her pussy. Oh yes, Lena loved having other women on their knees before her, especially when they were tonguing her cunt as if they were literally trying to worship her. Although it was also fun when they were just waiting for instructions, or Lena was deciding what to do with them, or even eating her ass or sucking her strap-on. But this was by far the most pleasure she could receive from another woman being on her knees, and while Lena enjoyed showing off her power by standing for it there was something which would arguably make it even better.

"Wait, let me sit at my new desk." Lena said abruptly, pushing Kara away and then walking around on shaky legs to sit at her desk before ordering, "Okay, get over here and continue your work, pussy slut. Oh yes, that's it, mmmmm, you look so cute when you're crawling to my cunt. Yes, lick it, ohhhhhhhh, lick it good, ah fuck!"

Without needing to be told Kara crawled along the floor like the well-trained sub Cat had promised she was, making Lena grin wickedly again. Further proving this once she reached her destination Kara didn't go straight into the pussy licking but instead took the time to position herself underneath the desk, acting every bit the slutty assistant, even if that wasn't technically her job any more. At least not officially. Although Lena was definitely going to use her as such, and because she was greedy, also get a slutty assistant and take care of her needs whenever Kara wasn't available, which would be a lot if she was Supergirl. Maybe even bring her previous assistant, Ms Tessmacher. She always had a talented tongue.

Although Kara might just have one of the best tongues Lena had ever felt caressing her cunt, and that was really saying something as she'd had some world class rug munchers in between her thighs. Hell, she'd trained most of them, introducing her beloved wife Sam. But Kara? Kara didn't need any training. In fact Lena was considering introducing Kara to Sam, and anyone else who licked her pussy, and insist she go down on them so that maybe they could learn a thing or two. Not that she'd tell Sam that of course, but she would also very much enjoy meeting Kara, and oh, would Lena love to watch those two beautiful women 69'ing for her amusement.

Just the idea of Sam and Kara fucking in front of her made Lena feel like she was going to cum, despite the fact that Kara was being a good girl and keeping the strokes of her tongue nice and gentle while only occasionally touching Lena's clit. She could tell that the other girl craved to do more, but she was waiting for permission just like a good sub should. And oh, how Lena wanted to give her that permission. Especially after that latest fantasy had made her glad she was sitting down now, because she was sure if she was still standing she would have embarrassed herself. But no, Lena wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible, so she resisted that urge.

She also forced herself to stop thinking about her wife, the girl in between her legs, and especially the thought of them together. Instead Lena focused on thoughts of her meetings tomorrow, for the tedious and in some cases downright unpleasant people she would have to talk too, of all the dull paperwork she would have to do, and all the time she would have to spend away from her family. None of it worked until she went to her last resort, thinking about how heartbroken her daughter would be if she ever found out Lena was currently with a woman which wasn't her wife/Ruby's mother. And how disgusted she would be if she found out it was because Lena and her 'real' Mom were in an open marriage.

That did the trick for a while, but inevitably Lena whimpered, "More! Please Kara, mmmmmm, more, oh God, give me more, oh yes, ohhhhhhh yessssss, oh Kara!"

Which was all it took for Kara to increase the speed and the force of her licks, teasing Lena's entrance by lingering on it, and perhaps most importantly of all increasing her attention to her clit. Oh yes, Kara went from touching it with every other lick, to almost every lick, then every lick while lingering on it. Eventually she began to spend entire long blissful minutes just tonguing her clit, and then taking it into her mouth to suck on it. Combined with all the build-up, including getting to spank the girl who was probably Supergirl, quickly had Lena on the edge of orgasm, where she stayed for a few agonisingly pleasurable minutes, before Lena finally gave Kara the permission they'd been both waiting for.

"Make me cum Kara!" Lena moaned, desperately trying to keep her words as demanding as possible, although embarrassingly she might have slipped into a little begging, "Mmmmmm, make me cum in your hot little mouth. Oh yes, eat my pussy you beautiful woman. Eat it and make me cum all over your pretty little face. Yesssssss, I want to cum in your hot little mouth and all over your pretty little face! Oh Kara, make me cum Kara! Please? Oh please fuck me Kara, mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd, fuck me with your wonderful little tongue! Ooooooh yesssssss, tongue fuck me, mmmmmm, fuck me good, oh Kara! Kara! Supergirl? Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss!"

It took a surprisingly long time considering just how eager Kara had been before but eventually she shoved her tongue as deep inside Lena's cunt as it would go, instantly triggering a powerful climax. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until Lena forgot the ability to think for a few blissful moments. Just before that Lena promised herself this would not be the last time that Kara Danvers was in between her legs, regardless if she was secretly a superhero or not. And better yet, maybe her wife would be there next time. Or maybe she would keep this tongue to herself for a while. Honestly she hadn't decided yet, but either way she was going to have a lot of fun being this pussy slut's boss.

Kara was definitely going to enjoy being this woman's employee if this was the kind of treatment she could look forward to every day. It didn't matter if she was a Luthor, Kara wanted this to be how she ended every working day. Namely eating pussy, and ideally getting fucked by women from a family which was an enemy to her family. Especially if it meant she could go home to her beloved Mistress Alex and get more or less the same treatment. Sure, there was always a risk she would out herself to a Luthor, and Kara almost thought she heard Mrs Luthor calling her Supergirl therefore a second before dismissing it is impossible, but it was totally worth the risk for more yummy pussy, and delicious girl cum.

As always Kara had instantly loved the taste of a new pussy, and then later the cum she could so easily get out of it, but Lena Luthor truly had one of the best flavours she'd ever had the privilege of tasting. Maybe it was even second only to her beloved adopted sister. Which was really saying something, as Mistress Alex was the first woman Kara had ever gone down on, and naturally she had formed a bond with the taste of that pussy. Of course that more desperately made her want to do this as much as possible, and for that she couldn't concentrate on swallowing cum. No, her priority had to be making Mrs Luthor cum as hard and as frequently as possible to prove she really was a Super Sub.

To be fair Kara's training taught her to allow her Dom to savour her first orgasm, which gave her the excuse to initially concentrate on swallowing every drop of girl cum, something which was easy for her thanks to her superspeed. Which hopefully Mrs Luthor was too far gone to notice. Or would just dismiss it as her cum drunk mind playing tricks on her. Either way Kara proudly swallowed every drop of that first climax, and the next few that followed, before inevitably prioritising Mrs Luthor's pleasure by continuing the tongue fucking regardless of whether the other woman was cumming or not. Admittedly because of her current position a good portion of the girl cum was squirted straight down her throat, but mostly it drenched her face, marking Kara as what she was, a pussy loving lesbian slut.

She continued having that benefit when Mrs Luthor crossed her legs over her head, grabbed her hair with both hands and shoved her face as deep as it would go into her cunt, making it hard for Kara to breathe. Of course she could have resisted if she wanted too, but why would she ever want too? This was what she lived for, and she was so grateful when Mrs Luthor proved herself a real top by grinding her pussy into her face, practically drowning Kara in liquid heaven in the process. Which Kara would have been more than happy doing all night, or at least until she fucked Mrs Luthor into unconsciousness, but for better or worse the other woman pushed her away before that could happen and took a few long minutes of catching her breath before giving her another order.

"That was excellent Kara." Lena finally said once she'd regain some of her strength.

"Thank you, Mrs Luthor." Kara beamed proudly.

"Come up here." Lena grinned, curling her finger in a come-hither motion, "Kiss me."

"Yes Mrs Luthor." Kara grinned, eagerly obeying.

Lena always loved kissing women, but it was always extra special when one of their mouths were filled with traces of girl cum and pussy juices. Maybe especially if it was her own girl cum and pussy juices in the other girl's mouth, and all over her face, like it was right now. Although she couldn't ever imagine not enjoying kissing Kara, who was eager to share the yummy reward Lena had given her. So eager that Lena actually became lost in the kiss for a few long minutes, and even after that as she broke the kiss in favour of collecting some of her own juices from Kara's face and then feeding them to her. But there was a little more she wanted to do before letting Kara go, and thankfully the kissing had given her the strength to do it.

"Open up the bottom right draw of my desk." Lena ordered once she broke the kiss and pulled away.

Quickly and eagerly Kara did as she was told, and then did a bad job at pretending to be surprised when she found a toy inside that draw, "A strap-on? Wow Mrs Luthor, you and Ms Grant really are friends."

"Yes, we are." Lena chuckled, "Now get back on your knees and help prepare me to fuck you."

"Yes Mrs Luthor." Kara beamed, quickly doing as she was told.

To be fair Kara only lifted herself up enough to crouch, and she stayed there throughout the kiss and toy retrieval, it certainly took about a second her to get back into the position most suited for her. She then held out the harness, allowing Lena to step inside it, before Kara pulled it up her new boss's thighs and secured it around her waist. Kara then started stroking it as if it was real while looking up at Lena expectantly, who just stared back with a neutral expression. Lena had deliberately left her command vague because she wanted to see what Kara would do. Her new employee couldn't have missed the lube which had also been on the draw, and if somehow she had Lena would happily pointed out, but there was another option which honestly, Lena was happy that Kara took. Namely, wrap her lips around the dildo and start sucking it.

Naturally Lena chuckled at this, gently began stroking Kara's head, and then eventually encouraged, "Mmmmm, that's it Kara, suck my cock. Suck it just like that, oh fuck! Take it all! Oh yes, every inch! That's every, single inch of my big dick in your pretty little mouth and clearly talented throat. Oh yes, you are a talented little cock sucker. Oooooooh, talented, and well-trained. And I promise you Kara, mmmmm, you won't be slacking off as long as I'm around. Ohhhhhh yesssssss, I'm going to make sure you stay well practised at sucking strap-on, eating pussy, and taking everything a slutty little bottom like you wants to receive from a dominant top like me. Oh yes, I've got what you need right here Kara. Mmmmm, including a nice big cock for you to suck. Yes I do, yes I do, oh fuck yes!"

After the initial non-verbal encouragement Kara began eagerly bobbing her head up and down the strap-on, and even started pushing it into her throat by the time Lena started encouraging her to do just that. Less than a minute later Kara's nose was pressed against the base of the cock and she was looking up at Lena with pride at her shameless act of sluttiness, Lena amazed by that, and the fact that Kara stayed therefore a superhuman long time, and then eventually began bobbing her mouth up and down the full length of the shaft. Which surely confirmed this was Supergirl sucking her cock, or at least a extremely powerful alien or meta-human with the special abilities of being a Super Sub. Either way Lena considered getting her a Supergirl suit with two Ss instead of one.

It also confirmed that Kara was eager to get fucked, prompting Lena to leave her to just continue sucking strap-on for a few minutes before finally ordering, "I suppose that's wet enough for your cunt."

"My..." Kara began once she pulled away from the cock, before quickly remembering her place, "Mrs Luthor, a slut like me shouldn't be rewarded that way. No, you should fuck me like the whore I am, mmmmm, up the butt, no extra lube. Please? Oh please Mrs Luthor, butt fuck me with your big cock. Ohhhhhh yes, I wanna be ass fucked like the anal whore I am! Please Mrs Luthor, fuck me in the butt!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Lena grinned wickedly, "Bend over Kara, mmmmm, and I'll give you what you deserve."

Barely noticing those ominous words Kara did as she was told while gleefully replying, "Yes Mrs Luthor."

Admittedly Lena had been meaning it as a promise more than a threat, but she supposed it was, given that she had no intention of going straight to it. No, Kara probably didn't need extra lubricant given who she almost certainly was, but Lena wanted to give it, and the bratty little bottom was just going to have to take it. Namely, Lena's tongue, right where the sun didn't shine. Although first Lena took almost a full minute to admire the sight of the prize in front of her, especially as despite her best efforts Kara's ass was quickly returning to it's usual milky white, which inspired Lena to give it one more hard double smack, which in turn caused Kara to cry out and be reminded of the spanking she had recently taken. Then the boss spread those cheeks and got to work sure that her new employee was ready for the butt fucking she was aching to give her.

Kara was a little disappointed that the Luthor didn't take this opportunity to strike and shove every single inch of that dick up her butt. Although it was probably good she didn't, because Kara would have probably cried out in pure joy at the delicious mix of pain and pleasure which came from her ass being seriously violated. It would have probably been even better without her healing ability returning her ass to virgin tightness every time, because then she would be loose like the biggest anal whore on the planet. Then again there was something to be said for the pain, which Kara was looking forward to even if Mrs Luthor was making extra sure there wouldn't be much of it.

The blow job would have been more than enough lube for Supergirl to take whatever a human could give her, especially without her precious Kryptonite collar, but she couldn't complain when receiving a long, drawn-out rim job. Especially as Mistress Alex had taken to giving them as special treat, and she was the one who had ever given Kara one. Ms Grant had made it clear that she thought it beneath her, and Lucy had tried during their one time together. And yet, here was a Luthor eating out Supergirl's ass like it was nothing, and she was even better at it than Mistress Alex was, which wasn't something Kara got to say, or even think, often. But Mrs Luthor just ate her butt so thoroughly, not just licking up an down the hole but passionately swirling her tongue around it and even pushed her face deep into that backside.

She then began to tongue fuck it. Lena Luthor was tongue fucking Kara Danvers's ass, and although she didn't get very far she got far enough to make a difference, and to make Supergirl whimper, gasp and cry out with delight. Then things got even better as Mrs Luthor began gently caressing Kara's pussy with her fingers, telegraphing her next move. Which made Kara grin wickedly, before letting out an extra loud cry as a Luthor began pushing her index finger into Supergirl's ass hole. It would have never succeeded if Kara hadn't started desperately concentrating on relaxing, but she did because she desperately wanted that finger inside her. Supergirl definitely wanted the sister of her cousin's arch nemesis to violate her bottom, and slowly but surely she got it, causing both women to cry out joyfully at the gradual penetration.

"God Kara, oh God!" Lena whimpered over and over again, but especially during the initial penetration and the moment she was actually able to get her whole finger inside that incredible tightness, at which point she moaned, "Mmmmmm fuck, are you sure Cat wasn't lying about taking you here?"

"Absolutely." Kara beamed, confessing without thinking, "Ohhhhhh, Ms Grant butt fucked me all the time. Not at first. Unfortunately. I wanted her too, mmmmmm, I always wanted her too, but things were strictly professional between us, until she found out that I was a Super Sub. Then? Oooooooh, I was practically bending over a desk everyday so she could fuck me up the ass."

"Then why are you so tight?" Lena raised an eyebrow, "God Kara, you practically feel virgin back here."

"Oh." Kara blushed, "Erm... just good genes I guess."

"Perhaps." Lena mumbled, making it clear she wasn't convinced.

This led to a few very tense seconds between them, then Mrs Luthor began pumping her finger in and out of Kara's butt, thankfully seeming to forget about that line of thinking. Or at least Kara completely forgot about it as her ass was taken and used by a Luthor, Lena doing so well that Kara felt the urge to practically confess undying love for her, or at the very least beg her to share custody of her with Mistress Alex. Which Kara found herself thinking a lot over the next few wonderful minutes as Mrs Luthor continued to finger fuck her butt, eventually even squeezing another finger into that forbidden hole to give her even more pleasure, and do an even better job at preparing her for what was to come.

Then Lena asked huskily, "Are you ready Kara?"

"Yes Mrs Luthor." Kara quickly replied.

"What are you ready for?" Lena pushed wickedly.

"For you to butt fuck me, Mrs Luthor." Kara grinned.

"You want that, don't you slut?" Lena purred with delight, and then when Kara just nodded eagerly she pushed, "Tell me! Mmmmm yes, tell me you want to be butt fucked by your new boss. No, don't just tell me, beg me. Beg a Luthor to fuck you in the ass!"

"Oh please butt fuck me Mrs Luthor! I wanna be fucked by a Luthor!" Kara replied eagerly, again not giving it much thought, "I wanna be butt fucked by my new boss! Please Mrs Luthor, give it to me. Give me your cock! I want to take your dictation. Ha, get it? No, forgive that, mmmmm, just fuck me. Mmmmm, fuck me in my tight little ass. Oh please, just fuck me."

"Oh don't worry Kara, I will." Lena promised with a chuckle, "But first, could you do something for me?"

"Anything Mrs Luthor." Kara promised, "Anything."

The thought causing a smile to cross the Luthor's face, before she simply ordered, "Then... spread your cheeks! Oh yes, spread your cheeks for me and give me your pretty little butt hole."

Lena grinned wickedly as the mighty Supergirl slowly reached back to pull apart her butt cheeks, offering up her virgin tight back hole for a Luthor to fuck. It was such a glorious sight that Lena found herself just staring at it, before sliding her strap-on up and down Kara's ass crack, teasing the Super about what was to come. Which for anybody else would be extremely inadvisable, as this pause would allow their ass hole to tighten up, but as the last few minutes proved Kara's Kryptonian ass would return to virgin tightness after only a few seconds, and they were passed that point now. Luckily Supergirl had proven that not only could she take a little pain, but she was a little Super Sub who enjoyed it.

Or at least that's what Lena thought was the case given the cry of pain that Supergirl let out when she finally pushed the head of her dildo into her butt hole after several long seconds of slow stretching, instantly making her feel guilty. And yes, she was aware of the irony of a Luthor feeling bad about hurting a Super, but she had no problem being the black sheep of the family if it meant she got to butt fuck this gorgeous woman. Because of that cry of pain Lena waited quite a while before pushing forwards. Also, if she was honest she just loved the sight of her cock stretching Supergirl's most intimate hole. Then to her surprise Kara started complaining about this.

"More! Mmmmm, give me more." Kara pleaded, "Please Mrs Luthor, give me more of your cock up my ass. I want every inch. Every inch of your big cock up my ass, ohhhhhhh yessssss, that's it, mmmmm, give it to me! Give me that cock, oh fuck."

Only too happy to oblige Lena started gently pushing forwards, forcing more of her dildo into Kara's rectum. She went slowly, just in case, but the only sounds out of Kara now seemed to be of pure pleasure, which were very curious. Kara's ass seemed like it was made to be fucked, but was it literally? After some initial pain did it recognise a cock, remember that it's true purpose was to be filled and pounded, and instantly relax? Or had Lena just misinterpreted the initial cry? Or was Kara just doing a better job of hiding the pain, because she didn't want to worry Lena? Or was Lena just so lost in her lust for Supergirl's bottom that she was imagining the encouraging sounds, and really she was causing this Super more pain than any other of her family members had done?

Whatever the case Lena just couldn't stop herself from continuing to push forward, causing inch after inch of that big dildo to disappear into Supergirl's slutty little ass hole. She was even using a bigger dildo then she normally would have, and the advice of this woman's own sister, making the whole thing even more obscene. And oh God, Lena just couldn't pull her eyes away from that incredibly captivating sight, especially as the mighty Supergirl continued spreading her cheeks so she was giving Lena the perfect view of her cute little butt hole stretching around the big dick which was slowly sliding into it. Oh yes, Supergirl was showing her a wonderful sign of submission, which just made this whole experience perfect.

Kara certainly thought so, which was why she was so glad she was in this position for hopefully the first of many butt fuckings from Lena Luthor. When she was Cat Grant's assistant Kara found herself in this position a lot, and while unfortunately it wasn't happening nearly as frequently now she had her new job, and Ms Grant had hers, hopefully this would become a permanent thing and she'd once again be a powerful business woman's anal fuck toy on a regular basis. It was certainly perfect so far, Mrs Luthor effortlessly dominating her in all her favourite ways, ending with the best way possible, making Kara her anal slut by bending her over her desk and shoving her cock up her ass.

For someone with a last name of Luthor it was not perhaps as hard a penetration as Kara was expected, or would have like to be honest. Then again even her dear sister prefered to go slow during anal penetrations, but that was mostly about teasing her. This was her new friend showing genuine concern for her, which was so sweet and heart-warming. She just hoped when the time came Lena Luthor would have what it takes to give her a true rectum wrecking. For now, Kara was mostly more than satisfied with the slow sodomy, as it gave her a chance to savour everything about being anally violated, including the most important parts.

Moments like that big dildo slowly sliding into her rectum, the official start of the butt fucking, and of course, when Lena's thighs came to rest against her cheeks, announcing every inch of that strap-on was buried deep within her bowels. Oh yes, Kara especially love that last one, the Kryptonian letting out an extra loud contented sigh as the anal penetration was complete. She then let out a loud and happy cry what maybe a few minutes later when Lena slowly pulled that cock out about halfway, and then pushed it back in and then repeated the process, officially starting to sodomise her. Then of course Kara began offering up encouragement.

"God Lena, fuck me! Mmmmmm, fuck me please?" Kara moaned shamelessly, before recognising her mistake and quickly apologising for it, "I mean Mrs Luthor! Ohhhhh yessssssss, mmmmm, please fuck me Mrs Luthor! Fuck me harder! I'm so sorry I forgot your proper title, ooooooh, your dick just feel so good in my ass, sooooooo gooooooddddddd, that I just couldn't help myself. Oh it's so good! Mmmmmm, I love it in the ass! Oh yes, your new employee loves getting fucked in the ass by her new boss like the total slut she is, oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, Mrs Luthor! Fuck me just like that! Butt fuck me like a whore! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Seemingly ignoring her words Lena continued slowly sodomising her, which made Kara fall at least a little bit in love with her. Oh yes, despite what she might be saying this was exactly what Kara wanted, to be teased to the point she was ready to explode, proving that this definitely wasn't Lena's first time fucking a butt. No, Lena Luthor quickly proved herself to be a very capable butt fucker. Maybe the preparation and the slow anal violation should have been a giveaway, or at least a hint, but as far as Kara was concerned this only confirmed it, and it made her very excited, because the next stage was hard anal pounding, and Kara was so looking forward to that. Rao, she hoped that the Luthor wouldn't disappoint her.

Maybe Ms Grant had given Mrs Luthor  pointers on exactly what Kara wanted, and needed, and exactly how to give it to her, or maybe even she got her information from Mistress Alex, as for someone who was so reluctant to tell their friends about their sexual relationship Mistress Alex had spilled the beans before in the name of giving Kara what she wanted. But Kara truly believed in that moment that Mrs Luthor hadn't been coached, and even if she had been, it was unnecessary, because this entire night Lena Luthor had proven herself a truly talented top. Never was that more obvious then right now, given the way that she skilfully worked over Kara's butt hole in a way which couldn't be taught, it had to be earned with thorough practice. Unless Mrs Luthor was just naturally skilled.

Given her reputation it was likely a combination of both, making Mrs Luthor's wife one very lucky woman. Kara did feel a little guilty, as all she had to do was turn her head to see a picture of Mrs Luthor's wife, the framed pic of the happy couple reminding Kara that in this moment she was technically a homewrecker. Or she could be, if Mrs Luthor was lying about the agreement she had with her wife. Although Kara hoped that wasn't the case, as whatever guilt she was feeling was replaced by a vision of herself eating Mrs Sam Luthor's pussy while Ms Lena Luthor fucked her up the ass like she was doing right now. Oh yes, Kara licked her lips as she could practically taste pussy cream from one Mrs Luthor while the other sodomised her.

Just then Lena awoke Kara from her fantasies by ordering, "Wow, quite the stamina you've got there Kara. No wonder Cat raved about you so much. Mmmmm, but I'm not done with you yet. Not by a long shot. No, mmmmm, I want you to bounce that pretty little butt back at me. Come on you little slut, ride my cock! Ride it! Oh fuck, mmmmm yessssss, ride me!"

This command had Kara grinning widely, and almost instantly obeying. She briefly waited for the opportunity to reply 'yes Mrs Luthor', but as Mrs Luthor continued taunting her Kara took a calculated risk that her new boss just wanted her to go for it. Besides, if she wasn't right she'd be punished anyway, which would increase her own pleasure, especially now that Mrs Luthor had stopped completely. Thankfully she was right and was rewarded for her actions with what felt like another hour of butt fucking, Kara extremely impressed that Mrs Luthor was able to just stand there and let Kara wear herself out. Normally Ms Grant needed to sit down. Mistress Alex too. Of course if she waited too long it would be suspicious. Or at least that was the excuse Kara used to finally start begging for more, and really mean it.

"Fuck me, fuck my ass harder!" Kara whimpered, her words quickly becoming desperate, "Pound fuck my little ass hole and make me cum! Please? Please Mrs Luthor, mmmmm, I desperately want to cum for you! Cum for you with a dick in my ass! Ooooooooh yesssssssss, pound me, pound my butt hard and deep and make me cum like the little anal slut I am! Mmmmm, use me, use my ass! Oh Lena, ohhhhhhh, Mrs Luthor, please use my ass hole as your personal fuck hole! Please, use it however you want, whenever you want, mmmmmm, wherever you want! I'm your ass whore Mrs Luthor! You bought Catco, you bought my ass hole! It's yours now, oohooooh, yours to fuck, ooooooooh please fuck it hard! Slam fuck that whore hole! Please? Oh please Mrs Luthor, I need it! Ooooooohhhhhhh yesssssssss, I need to be fucked hard so I can cum! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh yesssssssss, fuck me! Make me cum! Oh Rao!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Lena grinned wickedly.

"YES!" Kara exclaimed desperately.

Lena was very tempted to use this to her advantage and ask this woman if she had a certain secret identity, the words on the tip of her tongue, but ultimately she showed mercy by instead ordering, "Then prove it! Mmmmmm yessssssss, prove it by pounding that sexy little ass of yours back at me harder! Come on, harder! Harder, harder, HARDER! Oooooooh yessssssss, ride that dick! Mmmmmm, fuck yeah, really put your back into it. Give it all you've got. Yeah, ride it while I fuck you! Yessssssssss Kara, show me just how badly you want to cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, cum for me, Ms Danvers. Cum like the anal whore you are! Ohhhhhhhh Goooooodddddd, cum from a Luthor fucking your ass like the slutty little Super... Sub you are!"

Not needing any more encouragement than that Kara started slamming herself back and forth, desperately trying to maintain her speed at a normal human level, but almost instantly she started to go over the edge of the kind of powerful climaxes which made it hard to care about keeping her secret identity under wraps. No, all Kara really cared about in that moment was making sure she didn't hurt the other woman, and of course cumming as much as possible. To the best of her knowledge she succeeded with both, but which came from Mrs Luthor beginning to fuck her harder than ever before, making sure that Kara's last coherent thought was a two-parter. One, she loved her new job, and two, she loved her new boss.

Lena definitely felt the same way, except her new job was a means to an end, one she was receiving in a ridiculously quick amount of time. Kara Danvers had been quite an easy conquest, and even if she had been an ordinary human it would have been worth every penny to have this cute little girl bent over her new desk and taking it up the ass. However this wasn't just any normal girl, this was Supergirl. She was sure of it now. Lena Luthor was sodomising Supergirl, a thought which echoed in Lena's mind in some form or another as they got down to what was easily the most brutal butt pounding Lena had ever been a part of. And she was barely responsible for half of it.

Seeming content to completely forget about her secret identity Supergirl shamelessly slammed her ass hole back and forth at an inhuman speed, at one point perhaps using everything she had. Sadly at that point Lena just couldn't contribute, as doing so would have endangered injuring herself, although Lena admitted, it might just be worth it. Both before and after that Lena was using every ounce of her strength to brutalise the other girl's butt hole in a way she would never use on a ordinary girl, especially not on their first date. Perhaps it was even harder than what Sam could take, and her slutty wife could take an insane amount of punishment.

That was the only way this could have been better, if her beloved Sam was with them, sharing this slut. It wouldn't be the first time they had enjoyed another woman together, making it so easy for Lena to picture her wife by her side now, stroking her back and whispering encouragement into her ear, or screaming it while smacking the ass of the slut she was sodomising. Or perhaps Sam would even be bent over next to Kara, patiently waiting her turn, or better yet begging for it. Probably with her ass hole loose, ready and waiting for her dick, Lena going back and forth between the two super bottoms until she had her fill of them. Or they'd had their fill of her, as in surprisingly Supergirl had even more stamina than Sam, although that was really saying something.

Of course thinking of Sam like that, combined with the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of fucking Supergirl in the ass sent Lena over the edge of one of the most powerful climaxes of her life, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. She had held back for as long as she could, but the moment had been just too overwhelming, and she hadn't been able to control herself. Hell, in the end all Lena could do was hold on tightly while Kara did most of the work, and then from her own selfish pride using whatever strength she had left to make Kara cum one last time just before she stopped. Which left the mighty Lena Luthor collapsing with exhaustion like a rank amateur onto the sweaty body beneath her, where she had to stay for several long seconds before recovering.

Kara dearly wanted to push Mrs Luthor back onto her chair and start riding her cock with her slutty little ass hole, just like she had done with Ms Grant not that long ago. She was automatically about to do it, but then in her head she heard Ms Grant mock her for it, and warn her against doing it again, unless she wanted to make it obvious who she really was. And perhaps under other circumstances Kara would have taken the risk. With anyone else. It was shameful for Kara to admit, even to herself, but because this was a Luthor she pretended to be as exhausted as the other woman, and allowed herself to fall off, taking the dick out of her own ass in the process. To be fair that ass fucking had been really satisfying, especially considering Kara's powers weren't being dampened, and Kara still took great pleasure in then rewarding this Luthor for her fine performance.

Namely by reaching back and spreading her cheeks, Supergirl shamelessly exposing her gaping butt hole to the Luthor who had just thoroughly destroyed it, causing Mrs Luthor to giggle and tell her, "Oh Kara, you really are the perfect sub. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean Super Sub."

"I am!" Kara grinned proudly, giving Mrs Luthor a few more long seconds to admire her handiwork before looking back and asking, "Do I have your permission to further prove it."

"And how would you do that, Ms Danvers?" Lena asked, although the grin on her face made it perfectly clear that she knew exactly what Kara had been referring too.

Nevertheless Kara was only too happy to clarify, "By getting down on my knees in front of my new boss and sucking cock. I hear that's the best way to get, ahead. Get it? Ahead?"

"Truly terrible." Lena groaned, although she was unable to hide her grin at the incredibly corny joke. Then she teased, "Perhaps it's a sign you don't really want the privilege of sucking your ass off my cock."

"What? No!" Kara blurted out, because she'd heard Luthors could be cruel, but this was clearly too far. Then just in case Mrs Luthor got the wrong idea Kara quickly clarified, "Please Mrs Luthor, please give me the privilege of sucking your cock! I want to suck your cock! Mmmmmm, I wanna suck it clean of my butt cream like the little ass to mouth slut I am! Ohhhhhhhh, I want it soooooo bad! I want that privilege so bad, ooooooooh Rao, please Mrs Luthor, let me prove that I really am a Super Sub who would do anything to please a Super Dom like you. Let me prove it by giving me the privilege of going ass to mouth for you. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? I promise you won't be disappointed."

"I certainly haven't been so far." Lena mumbled softly to herself, although she was sure that Kara heard it anyway, "Very well, but you better be an enthusiastic little cock sucker for me."

"Yes Mrs Luthor, thank you Mrs Luthor." Kara beamed and obeyed before Mrs Luthor could change her mind.

It was very unlikely that she would, but Kara wasn't taking any chances. No, she let go of her cheeks, turned around, drop down onto her knees and then wrapped her mouth around Mrs Luthor's cock pretty much in one fluid motion, only barely stopping herself from using superspeed to do it. Well, she may have slowed down right at the end to grin up mischievously at Mrs Luthor before taking the dildo which had so recently pummelled her ass deep into her mouth. Then of course Kara's eyes fluttered closed and she let out a long, loud moan at the taste of her own butt, which was long enough to prove that she was an ATM slut. But naturally that wouldn't be enough for Mrs Luthor, or Kara for that matter.

So after a few long seconds of savouring the flavour Kara began bobbing her head up and down that dick, going lower each time until Mrs Luthor's strap-on was pressing at the back of her mouth. Then she teased Mrs Luthor, and herself, for a few long moments by bobbing her head up and down those first few inches, before sure enough she pushed even lower, causing the dildo to enter her throat. Naturally this was an act that she was a little less used too. At least with the other things Mistress Alex had gleefully taught her, meaning that she gagged a little automatically, and forced herself to do it more so that Mrs Luthor wouldn't find it suspicious. Although that didn't stop her from quickly deep throating the entire length eventually, just so she could get every drop of that butt cream.

Which of course delighted Lena, "Yessssssss, suck it Kara! Mmmmmm, suck your own ass off of my cock you twisted little whore! Oh fuck, ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, you look so good, sooooooo goooooodddddd, like that, on your knees in front of me, sucking the big fat strap-on cock I just used to sodomise you. Wow, I can't imagine anything more wonderful. Not even Supergirl herself, mmmmmm, in her cute little costume, would be better than this. But who knows, maybe it will happen someday? Could you imagine that, Kara? Huh? Supergirl being such a submissive slut that she not only let's a Luthor fuck her in the ass, but actually gets on her knees afterwards and sucks her butt off of that Luthor's cock? Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, that would be a truly wonderful sight, but this is just as good, because Kara Danvers just makes the perfect little ass to mouth whore! And anal slut! And oh, most of all, a Super Sub. Ooooooooh yesssssssss you do, oh fuck!"

Which in turn caused Kara's submissive heart to flutter, and she even stared up at Mrs Luthor with grateful eyes and smiled at her around the cock stretching her mouth and throat. Oh God, Kara hoped Mrs Luthor was telling the truth, and this wouldn't be a one time thing. That a Luthor would use her for her sexual pleasure again, and again, and again. More than that, she hoped she wouldn't be the only one. That Mistress Alex would join forces with her new boss like she had with her old one, and maybe her old one too, so they could all spoil Kara. Hell, Mrs Luthor could bring along her wife too, and maybe the three of them could have a private evening together. So many wonderful possibilities, and Kara greedily wanted them all.

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