Episodes Of Minneapolis: The Great Pumpkin

BY : JaxRhapsody
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“Heather, we can tell the other kids, and that way, they can have phone contact, in case we need to call the cops for back up with their location,” Marcie said.

“It’s settled. Let’s go,” Charlie ordered.

“I always liked that take charge attitude, Chuck,” she kissed him.

“Not without my kiss!”

Charlie kissed her good bye.

They walked, looking for weapons, walked for a long time arming themselves, hoping Linus hadn’t been to the house while they make their way. Slipping past random orange eyed teens. They saw cops out front, the Van Pelt house, slipping in the back.

“Here it is,” Lucy found the book in his closet.

“Wow… I wish we had Marcie to read all that,” Franklin said.

“Your girl is safe where she is,” Patricia replied.

“Okay… looks like… going by this spell… he’s what keeps The Pumpkin King here, he’s a tether to this mortal plain,” Lucy explained.

“So… how do we stop The Pumpkin King,” Violet asked.

“Yeah, he said no mortal weapons can kill him,” Patricia said.

Lucy tucked the book in her backpack, “we kill Linus.”

They looked at each other, and Lucy.

“Kill Linus it is,” Charlie made his leave.

“I’m totally down,” Joe agreed, “if he’s killable.”

“If he’s the anchor, we cut it, and send the ship adrift,” Patricia said.

They see it’s starting to get dark, Charlie called Heather to let her know they made it to, and our leaving Lucy’s with the book.

“Okay, let’s split up, but not too far,” Charlie said.

He, Patricia and Joe went one way, Lucy, Violet, and Franklin went another.

“You believed him the least, ridiculed the most,” 4 came from nowhere.

“He can’t wait to get you,” 3 said from behind.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Lucy punched 4.

“You do have quite the punch, he was right.”

“Yeah, I got one, too,” Violet punched 3.

“I’d be floored if it weren’t for the seed,” 4 said.

“Seed,” Lucy looked puzzled.

“Linus put his seeds in us,” 3 wrestled with Violet.

“That’s nasty,” Franklin said.

“No! Not that kinda seed,” 4 huffed. “The pumpkin seeds!”

“That makes it better,” Lucy growled, spraying 4 with mace.

She screamed, trying to attack Lucy, whom knocked her off her butt with the metal pipe she had.

“Only the Halloween Queen gets Linus real seed,” 3 smirked.

Violet shook her off, kicking her in her stomach, knocking her in the head with a crowbar, knocking her out. Quickly leaving as both seemed like they were coming to. Franklin called Marcie to let her know the street they’re walking down.


“He’s gotta be around here somewheres,” Joe said.

“Oh he’ll turn up,” Charlie said.

“That’s right he will! Guess who it is, Charlie?”

“It can’t be,” Patricia moaned.

“I’ll give you a hint; I’m too fabulous for the police to catch me!”

“C’mon out, Freddie,” Charlie ordered.

“What? You think we’re mindless, oh, no, no.”

“Ah fuck,” Patricia yelled out.

Freddie grabbed her broken arm, trying to take her down, she dropped her bat.

“I gotcha, Peppermints,” Joe swung both golf clubs at him, breaking him lose.

“Fucking Freddie Fabulous,” she kicked him in his balls hard as she could.

“That… hurt more than I thought it would,” he fell over.

“Serves ya right,” Joe laughed.

“Let’s hurry up,” Charlie called Heather to let them know where they were.

“We should be regrouping soon… at the elementary school playground.

Lucy got a call from Marcie.


“The Pumpkin King is here, the cops have us on lock down, they sent some to find you. SWAT has been keeping him at bay for a while, you guys need to find him quick!”

“We are, we’re about to regroup at… the elementary playground, there he is!”

“Okay Heather… there he is at the playground!”

The two groups found each other.


“Sir! Sir! They’re at the elementary school playground,” Heather told an officer.

He informed dispatch.


I was wanting all of you myself, your weapons won’t work on me… or my queen,” Linus chuckled.

“You really wanted to prove he was real, so bad, you’d sacrifice my sister,” Charlie hollered.

“She was the only one, the only virgin I could trick. I’d have used a nobody if I could have,” he shrugged. “But she was the only one to believe in me,” he roared.

“So that makes okay? We’re supposed to be friends, Linus!”

“Frieda,” Violet and Lucy shouted.

“It’s queen to you two,” she sneered.

“What happened to you,” Lucy ran up.

“He made a believer out of me, now I’ll be by his side,” she pushed Lucy to the ground.

“Lucy,” Violet helped her up.

“Snap out of it,” Lucy shook her, “this is not you!”

“It is now,” she giggled, “I’ve got a lot of seeds in me, and now I’m more than enough to take you out.”

“Why? We’re friends?!”

“She’s not our friend anymore,” Violet readies her crowbar.

“Too bad I can’t kill you. My king really wants you personally,” she picked Lucy up.

“You really hate me that much, Frieda, what did I do,” Lucy cried.

“I don’t really know,” she looked thoughtful.

Violet hooked one of her legs, knocking them both to the ground.

“It has to be his hate,” Violet stated.

“Both of Violets parents are dead because of you,” Patricia yelled.

“I never cared that much for her,” He shrugged.

“What about me?! I’m your friend and you killed my only parent!”

“All unbelievers must suffer! Claudia, handle my light work!”

“Oh no… I can’t fight her!”

Claudia came running, “P-please j-just die n-now!”

“Jeeze man,” Joe exclaimed.

He ran and tackled her.

“Joe,” Patricia screamed.

“Don’chu worry,” he said getting punched.

Joe reached for his backpack, she grabbed his foot, he kicked her, knocking her down, quickly hog tying her.

“She’s safe, guys!”

Charlie and Peppermint Patty rush Linus.

“Batter up,” Charlie yelled.

They both swung their bats, hitting him in the face, knocking him down.

“Fuck that hurt! Fuuuuuuck,” he screamed.


A shock went through The Pumpkin King, each hit brought him pain.

“Noooo, not him,” he bellowed, withdrawing from his assault.

“What hurt him, why’s he running,” a cop asked.


“Lucy read the book, Linus is his anchor, if we kill Linus, The Pumpkin King can’t stay here, that must be why he’s headed this way,” Franklin told Marcie, who relayed it to the cops.

“Hey… the girls are getting beat over there,” Joe yelled to Franklin.

“C’mon, man!”

“I know she’s our friend, but we gotta fight for real,” Violet yelled at Lucy.

“Okay… we have no choice,” she picked up her pipe.

Lucy rushed her, swinging, it hurt Lucy every time she swung, but they have to keep her at bay, to stop Linus. Franklin ran up, hitting her with a fire extinguisher, then spraying it in her face. She yelled as it burned her eyes. Violet let go a flurry with her crowbar.

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