Episodes Of Minneapolis: The Great Pumpkin

BY : JaxRhapsody
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“Oh, you’re so tight,” he moaned.

“Only the best for my king,” she gasped.

He thrust in her hard, gazing at her chest.

“Have some of these melons,” she squeezed her chest.

“Gladly,” he took one in his mouth.


“We gotta go, we can’t be out her,” Lucy stood.

“Where can we go?”

“Anywhere but outside. He’s real… Linus brought him to life,” she stood wide-eyed.

“Lucy… I just realized it’s nearly six am. Our parents haven’t called or anything.”

“We might not have anymore, we gotta go home.”

Charlie and Heather went over to Patricia’s after that phone call, arriving to a seen with cops and Ambulance.

“What happened,” Heather asked.

“Linus, Linus happened,” Franklin shouted.

He and Marcie are holding Patricia.

“Look,” she moved, showing Patricia’s arm in a cast.

“What in the fuck,” Charlie yelled.

“My dad is dead,” she looked up with tears in her eyes.

“What happened?”

“The same thing happened to Sal at the diner,” she bawled, “I have no family now!”

“My word, what happened to Sal,” Heather started crying.

“Linus came in yelling about The Great Pumpkin King, Peppermint Patty just… touched him… he broke her arm,” Marcie cried.

“Then some… thing grabbed Sal when he went to call the cops, it had a pumpkin head… man it picked Sal up by the throat and stuffed something down his throat, next thing we know vines and pumpkins explode out of him,” Franklin explained.

“This… doesn’t make sense,” Charlie said.

“He’s real, he’s real, he killed my dad.”

“I’m so sorry,” Heather cried.

“Are you friends of theirs,” a cop asked.

“Yeah, well Peppermint Patty is my other girlfriend.”

“Do you know where this Linus Van Pelt lives?”

“Yeah, he lives next door to me.”

“I’m going to need his information, right away.”

“Yessir,” Charlie went to give a statement.

“I can’t believe it! I’m so sorry,” Heather hugged her.

“Linus has to die… and that sadistic winter squash freak,” Patricia sniffled.

A cop walked up, “is there anywhere she can stay?”

“With our boyfriend, at his house,” his parents should understand.

“Charlie, right? We’ll give you a ride, we need to see if Linus may be home.

Another cop walked up, “we have another one.”

“Who? Who could it be,” Marcie asked.

“Another teenager… a Molly-”

“Molly Volley,” Patricia shouted.

“Molly Burkhead.”

“Oh my god, Molly Volley,” Patricia cried.


The cops gave Charlie, Patricia, and Heather a ride to Charlie’s, there was already police there, as soon as they let them out, Charlie ran up to his mom.

“Charlie… the killer got your dad,” she cried.


“Your dog was gotten as well,” a cop walked up.

“Snoopy,” tears filled his eyes.

“I don’t fucking believe it,” Heather said.

They were stunned, she never cursed.

“Not Snoopy, god damn it,” Patricia yelled, “baby, I’m so sorry.”

“M-m-mrs. Brown,” Heather swelled up, “they got Peppermint Patty’s dad, too!”

“You poor child,” she hugged Charlie and Patricia, “who is behind this?”

“Linus,” Charlie cried out.

“We’ve swept the whole Van Pelt house, Linus isn’t there,” the cop that gave them a ride said.

“We were getting reports of orange eyed teens rampaging,” another said.

“Linus had orange eyes,” Patricia spoke.

Suddenly they heard a maniacal laugh, they all turned to see The Great Pumpkin King running down the street.

“There he is, he killed Sal,” Patty shouted.

“He’s fast, we need to get him,” a cop said.

The Pumpkin King pointed their way, before leaping on a car, to a roof.

“Why’d he point to us,” they started to engage.

“He’s going to my house,” Heather Shrieked, “the green one!”

They chased him, sure enough he burst in Heathers house, Charlie, his mom, Patricia, Heather, followed. He went in a window, Heather unlocked the door, the cops rushed in to their bedroom where her parents were now awake and being attacked. The cops opened fire, riddling him with bullets.

“Mortal weapons cannot hurt me,” he tossed the mattress dashing out the window.

Her parents were hurt, but alive.

“We need another ambulance…,” cop started, walking out.

“We need to get you people somewhere safe, there’s so many of you teenagers and parents… you all need to be put somewhere until we catch who, or what that was, and this Linus Van Pelt.”

“A hotel,” Charlie piped up, “it’s everybody from school they’re after.”

“Everybody who didn’t believe Linus… is dying,” Patricia spoke softly.

“Believe in what,” Heathers parents asked.

“Yes, what is it, you all didn’t believe,” a cop asked.

“You wouldn’t believe us, but that thing we just saw,” Charlie started.

“What? What is it, Charles,” Heathers dad asked.

“The Great Pumpkin King. That’s what attacked you, Mr. Wold, killed my dad, my dog, Mr. Reichardt, I know you all don’t believe us, but that’s what that was.”

Charlie went to tell them the story as they gathered things to leave.

“We have a hotel, you’re smart, Charlie, one where we can surround the entire place,” a cop said.

They walked out of the Wold house to see Violet and Lucy running up.

“Who is that,” a cop yelled.

“That’s Lucy and Violet,” Heather yelled.

The cops relaxed, as they ran up.

“It’s real, it’s real,” Violet cried.

“The Great Pumpkin King, we saw it… it got Patty,” Lucy broke down.

“We just saw it too, it attacked us,” Mrs. Wold explained

“Patty?! What happened to Patty,” Patricia demanded.

“We were walking, and it jumped out, vines grabbed her… we tried to save her, it attacked us… we couldn’t do anything,” Lucy cried.

“Where,” a cop asked.

“Over on Alberton street,” Violet wheezed.

“Calm down, Vee, breath, baby,” Lucy said.

“Are you Violet Gray,” a cop asked.

“Yeah… why?”

She walked up and gave her a tight hug.

“Oh my god,” she wailed.

“I’m so sorry sweetie.”

“Fucking Linus,” Lucy dropped.

“You’re a friend to Linus, too,” a cop asked.

“I’m his sister!”

They were stunned.

“Wait… what happened here?!”

“We were talking to Mrs. Brown to inform her that it got her husband who was out looking for Sally Brown.”

“I’m so, so, sorry, Charlie,” she hugged him.

“It got Snoopy, too.”

She cried even harder.

“I found a note from Sally saying she was with Linus,” Mrs. Brown explained.

Lucy and Charlie looked at each other.

“She always went with him to wait The Great Pumpkin King,” Lucy said.

“That’s right. She always believed he was real, there’s no way he’d kill her, right,” Charlie explained.

“Have you seen Rerun, or my parents, he wouldn’t kill Rerun, he loved him.”

“I haven’t seen them,” Mrs. Brown answered.

“Where did they wait for him at?”

“The pumpkin patch near the park,” Patricia said.

Mrs. Brown ran in the house, grabbing her purse. Just then an ambulance pulled up.

“Mom, Dad, I’m happy these cops saved you, but Charlie needs me more, right now, so does Peppermint Patty,” she held Patricia.

Charlie’s mom ran to her car, they all got in, and she sped off with the cops behind her. They pulled up at the park and the cops took lead, searching around.

“I know it’s too soon, but I promise all of you, I’m going to be talking to our lawyers and anybody else… I will be doing everything I can to help you all,” Violet cried.

“Thank you Violet,” Mrs. Brown looked on.

“Thanks baby,” Lucy kissed her.

“I appreciate it, Violet,” Charlie said.

“Me too,” Patricia sniffed.

“We found something,” a cop spotted burnt out candles and Linus other supplies.

“What’s this,” one pulled out a knife with dry blood, “umm… is that… clothes.”

One started digging in the dirt finding Sally’s shriveled body, “oh my god!”

The other cops stopped them from getting too close.

“Is that my baby,” Mrs. Brown called out, “Let me see, I gotta see.”

She broke free, but they managed to subdue the teens. They watched as his mom fell to her knees, screaming. There was no more composure for any of them. One was on the radio, the others where trying to stop her from digging up the body. Charlie wanted to tackle the cop, but getting arrested was not what he wanted right now. There was a barrage of crying and profanity from Patricia, Heather, and Lucy.

“We need to find this kid, right away, he hasn’t been seen,” a cop said.

“Frieda,” Violet called out.


“Yes sir, after we were attacked, we called Frieda to tell her a crazy guy was on the loose, she said she was fine and with him… they were… were having sex in what she said was,” Lucy got a hitch in her voice, “a pumpkin patch of her parents in the living room! I’m sorry, sir, this with the Browns and and Heather… I forgot! Please I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay… this is a lot to take in, but you remembered. We need to get you people to the hotel, where your safe, and there are paramedics to look at both of your wounds.”

“Mrs. Brown, you’ve had so many losses,” the female cop lead her back to the teens, “it’s tragic, but we are spread thin, and you all have told us more than we’d have found out on our own, but you must get these kids to safty, can you do that?”

“Yes… I can.”

“Please, that thing took bullets like vitamins, if it comes back,” she was interrupted by her radio, cops were having a skirmish with The Pumpkin King. “See, and those two girls need medical attention.

“You’re right, we gotta go, everybody!”

“I’ll give you an escort.

They all left, speeding to the hotel, they passed a wrecked car with an ambulance.

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