Episodes Of Minneapolis: The Great Pumpkin

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Linus was tired of people not believing that the Great Pumpkin exist, from Charlie, to Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Rerun, even Sally is giving up hope.

“How did you get everybody to meet up here at the diner, Charlie? What’s the big deal, are we celebrating something,” Linus asked.

“Lucy helped me out, so did Peppermint Patty, and Marcie.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“Finally one thing your doofus friend got right; this is an intervention, dear brother.”

“It’s that time again…,” Rerun started.

“…and we’re tired of it,” Sally finished.

Linus looked around, “umm… I already lost my blanket, so what else could it be?”

“Though you have been odd ever since your parents took it from you, that’s one reason we really decided to do this. Linus; we don’t want to hear about The Great Pumpkin this year,” Charlie used air quotes, “or anymore after this.”

“Ever,” Marcie added

“But he’s real! Per the research; this year should be the year he shows up! You’ll see!”

“C’mon man,” Patricia sighed.

“He’s not real,” Frieda rolled her eyes.

“Yeah man, you creep out my sisters when you start that stuff up,” 5 added.

“I’m not going to take this,” Linus got up.

“We’re only doing this because we care about you,” Roy said.

“And it’s like annoying that me and Sally missed so many trick-or-treating,” Eudora added.

“Not hearing anymore,” Linus stormed to the door.

“Joe, Shermy,” Charlie called.

Shermy and Joe Agate stepped out  grabbing Linus by the arms, leading him back. Royanne and Molly moved so he was stuffed in the booth.

“This obsession is just as bad as that damn blanket was, and it needs to end today,” Lucy said.

“Right, last Halloween you made a fool of yourself at my party and about ruined it,” Violet glared.

“You’re too smart to be going on about some non-existent deity,” Franklin said.

“But he’s real!”

“No he’s not,” cried Bad Call Benny.

“How did you even discover something nobody else in the world has ever heard of, except you… and sadly the rest of us,” Charlie wondered.

“I found a book in the library.”

“I’ve never seen a book about Pumpkin Kings in the library,” Marcie looked quizzically.

“Neither have I, agreed Tapioca, “what about you, Thibault, Lydia?”

They both shook their heads.

“See… I love you brother, but stop being a blockhead, nobody here as ever heard of, or seen the pumpkin guy, not even you, and you’re the expert,” she air quoted.

“We’re being serious man. You gotta stop this crazy talk, man, it’s been decades. Give it up,” Charlie pleaded.

Linus saw he wasn’t getting out of this easy  and an escape would be quickly stopped with a number of the toughest kids here, so he took a moment.

“Okay… fuck… I’m done. All of you are sick of it.”

“Right, thank you, Linus. I mean we don’t care that you’ve started Paganism and other religions to help fill the spot of your blanket, but we just want you to let this one go,” Schroeder said, “everything else is fine.”

“I get it, I get it, I promise.”


“Yes Rerun.”

“I know your word is worth it,” Lucy added.

“Wouldn’t be my best friend, otherwise,” Charlie added, “okay Molly, Royanne, let him go.”

“We would like to thank you all for helping us out,” Lucy thanked.


Charlie and Lucy walked Sally and Rerun back home.

“I thought Heather would be there, too,” Lucy asked.

“She had to babysit, I’m going over there to fill her in on it all.”

Charlie walked over to Heathers place, she greeted him with a kiss.

“So how’d it go, baby?”

“It went pretty good, actually. Either way; I can’t wait for our Halloween date.”

“Me neither.”


Linus was at home going through the book again, finding something new, taking notes and making a list. With a crazed laugh, he ran downstairs.

“Where are you going,” Lucy asked, watching tv.

“Oh, I have some things to get, I’ll be right back.”

“Oookay, she looked suspicious.

“Yeah, so… I’ll be right back,” he flew out the door.


It’s Hallows eve and Linus is excited at his new discovery, his friends are starting to take notice in school.

“Linus seems a bit weird,” Patricia said.

“Yeah, he claims everything is fine, though,” Charlie explained.

“Hey Lucy,” Patricia waved her over, “you see anything odd about Linus?”

“Like I think I heard him cackling last night before dashing out the house, kinda weird?”

“That constitutes being weird,” Marcie said.

“I know it does. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he had to pick up a few things.”

“He’s never had to get things for the Great Pumpkin, has he,” Charlie asked.

“Not that I can ever remember.”

“Hopefully it has nothing to do with pumpkins, great or not,” Patricia said.

“Right,” Charlie and Lucy agreed.


Later that evening Linus went to Charlie’s to talk to Sally, surpressing the urge to yell at her, when she opened the door;

“Hey, my Sweet Baboo?”

“I- yes, honey?”

Her jaw dropped, “wait… you called me honey, are you finally seeing the light?!”

“Yes. Yes I am, Sally. I’ll be your ‘Sweet Baboo’, if you help me out under these comditions.”

“The Great Pumpkin, is this what it’s all about, Linus?! I thought you were done, now you think you can play with my heart-”

“No, no, no! I swear! Just listen, please, my little buttercup,” he swooned.

“Awwww… buttercup,” she cooed.

“I found out I was doing it all wrong, this whole time! He just doesn’t show up, you have to summon him, you summon him on Halloween eve, then he shows up on Halloween,” he explained. “You always do it with me, like tradition, and this time it won’t be all night, just ten minutes, I promise.”

“Ten minutes? Ah dunno…”

“Please? I thought you loved me? I swear on our love for each other, this is the very last time I’ll ever do it. If nothing happens we can go to Violets party, whatever you want. I’ll be your boyfriend, I’ll do your homework, beat up your bullies, anything you want, my love… just for this one thing,” he held her chin.

“Seriously, no joking and taking it all back?”

“How serious is this,” he leaned in, kissing her deeply.

“Was that tongue,” she sighed.

“It was tongue.”

So, when do we do this?”

“Tonight, just before midnight, so that the spell ends at midnight.”

“No matter what happens, this is it, and you’re finally mine,” she raised an eyebrow.

“Yep. I don’t have my blanket, I’m giving up trying to meet The Great Pumpkin, and I’m finally accepting you, Buttercup, as my girlfriend. Sally, I’m growing up, some things need to change, right?”

“That’s true.”

“So, I have everything ready, and it’s not too far off, so how about I start this with spending time with my new, cute, girlfriend?”

“Oh Linus! I’ve been waiting for this moment,” she dragged him inside.

After a few minutes of cuddling and making out, Linus asked where Charlie was.

“He’s with Heather. So you’re really not tricking me right, this is such short notice after yesterday.”

“I’m not. Would the old blanket dragging, thumbsucking me, ever want to be this close to you, alone, for this long? Have I sucked my thumb once, no  I’d rather be sucking face with you. The last girlfriend I had dumped me because she got bored  and none of the others show any interest. I keep turning down the only girl in the city carrying a torch for me, it’s like finding a briefcase full of money and walking passed it.”

“Oh I love you, my Sweet Baboo!”

“I love you too, and I think I can grow to love you as much as you do me, Buttercup,” he kissed her again.

It was close to that time, and even under false pretenses, Linus was starting to like her, she really was caring, and didn’t act her usual self. They might actually work, if he wasn’t going to do what was planned. He had to prove to them once and for all The Great Pumpkin existed. If he didn’t exist, then maybe he would’ve been able to accept Sally.

“It’s getting close, Linus.”

“It is, you’re right. I’m going to get my backpack and come back for you,” he got up.

“Goodbye for now kisses?”

He leaned down planting one right on her lips, taking his leave next door. Sally decided to leave a note, just in case, before running out to his beck and call. She was elated, nearly frolicking as they made their way to the pumpkin patch.

“Here we are…”

“The last time, a nice goodbye to the past, and hello to new beginnings.”

“That was very profound, Sally,” he dropped the backpack.

“Thank you,” she blushed.

Linus sat down, pulling everything out of his backpack, laying it all out, lighting the candles, setting out the bowl, where he used a knife to cut the maize cornels in to, among other fall solstace things, then dragged many of the vines in to the shapes of the sigils, and arranging the needed pumpkins, cutting open one for the seeds and flesh. He instructed her to sit in the middle of it all, checking his paper, wiping some of the pumpkin flesh on his and her forehead, tracing the alchemic symbol for sulfur.

“Here my beck and call, we summon you, Great Pumpkin, now you.”

“Hear my beckoned call, we summon you, Great Pumpkin.

“We bring you a gift of harvest!”

“We bring you a gift of harvest!”

“The rest is me,” he took the knife, cutting his hand, letting blood drip in the bowl.

“I don’t hafta do that, do I?!”

“Of course not, Buttercup.”

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