Episodes Of Minneapolis: The Great Pumpkin

BY : JaxRhapsody
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“That was my dads car,” Lucy cried out, “my parents, my brother, are out there!”

“I’m sorry, dear, we have to get to the hotel,” Mrs. Brown said.

“But… but,” Lucy started.

Violet held her close, “I saw Rerun sitting on the police car, they might be fine, El. They’ll be at the hotel if they are.”

“Is it wrong that I feel bad, my parents are okay? All of you lost somebody… and I feel bad that I didn’t,” Heather wondered.

“No… you should be thankful we were there, that you saved them, Heather,” Mrs. Brown said.

“It just doesn’t feel okay. I don’t want you all to resent me,” she cried.

“I promise I won’t ever resent you, Heather,” Violet whispered.

“You know I won’t, you’ve been my rock, you and Trish.”

“I know I was jealous at first, but I won’t ever… and… I need you right now.”

At the hotel Heather reunited with her parents, she wasn’t the only one who hadn’t lost anybody, but she really felt bad, especially for Patricia. Lucy, Violet, and Patricia stayed in the room with Charlie and his mom, she wouldn’t have those girls by themselves in a room. Lucy and Violet got treated for their cuts. They saw few of their classmates, figuring they were either dead, or a part of the orange eyed bunch in lock up. They saw Patty’s mom, Lucy and Violet begged Mrs. Brown to stay in the room with her. There were cops all over. Nearly everyone managed to get some sleep.

Linus was sleep with Frieda in a car in a junkyard.

“Sweet Baboo, come here, and give your girl a kiss”

He wrapped her in his arms, planting a nice wet one on her.

“I love you Buttercup  wait, what’s that blood,” he looked at his shirt.

“Oh, it’s no biggie… I mean… you did it.”

“No… it is not okay,” he looked at her.

Her face was a pumpkin with jagged teeth.

“Sure it is, Linus, a gift from you, my love,” she beamed.

“That’s not okay, Sally, we need to get you to a hospital!”

“Really? Then… why did you do it? Why would somebody who loves me, hurt me like this, I had a heart for you,” she lifted her shirt, “well… there was one there.”

“Because he was obsessed with a dark lord,” The Pumpkin King revealed himself.

“So you’re the guy we were always waiting to meet.”

“The pleasures mine,” he bowed.

“So, your friend here is why you did this,” she growled.

“Oh very much yes, it was,” The Pumpkin King replied.

“You’d rather unleash  some kinda hell on earth, than be with the only girl who was pining for your sorry fucking ass?!”

“No! I mean…”

“Stow it, Linus! You gave all this up, for him, you said you hoped we could be together, was that a lie?!”

“N-no, I swear, I fucking swear!”

“Well ya fucking killed me, and you think that bitch would’ve loved you without a seed,” she bellowed, baring teeth. “We’ll discuss this next time you sleep.”

“I must be honest with you Ms. Sally; It is how the spell is done,” The Pumpkin King explained.

“I know, it’s not your fault, Mr. King.”

“It really is tragic it had to be you, sadly we can’t turn back time.”

“I know. It’s his fault!”

“Sally! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

He woke up in a sweat, looking around, holding Frieda tighter.

“Ms. Queen of Halloween my ass,” Sally’s voice echoed.


The next day, all the teens were in the hotels small conference room, having breakfast, only eating because they need to, not so much the desire.

“Lucy! Lucy,” Rerun comes running up.

“Rerun,” she hugged him too tight, “I thought it got you, I’m so happy!”

“I told you, El,” Violet teared up.

“My sweet daughter,” her dad rushed in, picking both kids up.

“Where’s mom?”

They both looked at her.

“Fuuuuck,” she burst out crying.

“Some creature leaped on the car… it reached for your mother. I didn’t know what to do, it was trying to get her out… I… I… I thought that if I sideswiped something it’d get knocked off. It’s claws deep in her, I didn’t see it. I didn’t see the pole I hit. It was too late for her already.”

“Daddy,” she cried.

“I heard Linus is behind this. All the cops keep talking about that Great Pumpkin, he was going on about.”

“That’s what it was, sir… we all saw it,” Charlie said.

“Charlie’s right, Leonard… the cops had just brought Charlie, Heather, Patricia, and we saw it go for Heathers house, the cops unloaded on it, and it laughed and threw the bed at us.”

“I’ve been hearing stories all afternoon, Rebecca,” he shook his head, “heard he sacrificed a girl to bring this darkness on us.”

“My daughter,” Rebecca cried.

“Oh, oh, sorry just isn’t enough… it’s our fault… if we didn’t take that damn blanket!”

“I refuse to believe this started with that blanket.”

“And… Charles… Snoopy. Charles was a cornerstone of this community.”

“You all still have people,” Patricia sniffed.


“Sir… we’ll be okay… eventually. My girl here…. I can stuff it down for her. Pretty sure my dad would say something like that.”

“He probably would, Charlie,” he nodded.

“I know it’s not the same Patricia, but I’ll be right here with Charlie,” Rebecca said.

“Us too,” the Wolds walked up.

“I lost everybody, too. We were never close, but,” Violet started to cry, “we can be. We can be sisters, Peppermint Patty… if you want. Nothings ever going to be the same, but I’ll be damned, damned, if I don’t do my part to help you.”

“It’s just not fair,” Patricia cried.

“I love you, Trish, I’m here, you know I am. If you want to spend time with Violet, I’ll be okay. Almost everybody has lost somebody, but you and Violet lost the most.”

“I love you too, Trish. Spend time with Violet,” Heather agreed.

“Heather. Please don’t feel too bad about still having your parents. You’re not my girlfriend, but you might as well be. I care about you, it would hurt me if you keep beating yourself up over it,” Patricia said.

The teens all met outside to get some air.

“They think we all should be safe during the day, so there’s a curfew, until they catch him,” Joe Agate walked up.

“Joe…” Charlie started.

Joe waved his hands, “Charlie… no. Whatever rivalry we had is small peanuts, my guy. We don’t hafta be friends, but I lack the desire to be enemies. This… is the thing that’s important; friends and family. When this is all over, my guy, let’s just be chill.”

“Thank you, Joe.”

“An I’m sorry about Snoopy. I’m sorry about everybody, sorry I let Linus best me, one punch.”

“He threw me at a table,” Franklin said.

“Jeeze,” Joe rubbed his neck.

“We have to stop my brother, or this is going to be a long Halloween,” Lucy spoke.

“How? I mean… I know you’re not much of a lightweight, but he took us both out, and broke Peppermint Patty’s arm,” Franklin said.

“We gotta stop him. It has to be us,” Patricia said, holding Violet.

“The book. It has to be in the book. We gotta get it,” Lucy said.

“Wouldn’t he have it,” Marcie wondered.

“He didn’t have it, when he kicked me and Tibaults assess.”

“Not in the diner either.”

“He didn’t- wouldn’t go back home… it must be there,” Charlie deduced.

“If they only come at night, that’s passed curfew, we won’t be able to get out, then,” Violet chimed in.

“Leave now and don’t come back. If you stay out passed curfew, you can do it. We assume The Pumpkin King won’t come out in the day, that isn’t to be certain with Linus, cursed or not, he’s still human. Same goes for any of their slaves,” Marcie explained.

“That’s why you’re the smart one,” Patricia smiled.

“And how,” Joe added.

“Yeah,” she blushed.

“I guess you three stay here, and we’ll go deal with this,” Charlie instructed.

“No,” Violet and Patricia said.

“Huh, Peppermint Patty, you have a broken arm, and we can’t lose the both of you,” Franklin exclaimed.

“I don’t care, I need to be there, I don’t have anything else to lose, except Chuck and Heather.”

“Same here, I have nothing left.”

“There’s all that money and stuff,” Joe said.

“Fuck that money. If it runs dry taking care off all these broken families, so be it.”

“You’ve got a helluva crew here, Chuck.”

“Thanks Joe. Violet was never really my friend, but I know she’s got a good heart. And Lucy, I’m happy we can be friends again.”

“Charlie… you have that determined face again,” Heather walked outside.

“I do. We’re going to stop Linus  and The Pumpkin King.”

“It’s going to be dangerous!”

“I know, but it’s for the best.”

“And you… you’re staying here,” Patricia got up.

“What? You’re going in your condition?”

“Yep. If anything happens, Charlie needs one of his girls still standing, and you have a family.”

“But Trish…”

“No buts, you’re not built for this kinda stuff, plus I think… you’re one thing I don’t wanna lose out there.”

Heather started to tear up.

“Trish could hit my fastball, and knock my clothes of with one hand. These two are the toughest girls I know,” he smiled.

Patricia and Lucy Blushed.

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