Episodes Of Minneapolis: The Great Pumpkin

BY : JaxRhapsody
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“How many seeds does she have in her,” Violet asked incredulously.

“Millions… oh you mean pumpkin seeds… six, I think,” she slurred.

Joe came in with his golf clubs, while she blindly swung, catching Franklin.

“God damn!”

“Right,” Lucy exclaimed.

He swung his cane, cracking her in the chest.

They could hear police sirens approach.

“What are you doing to him,” The Pumpkin King roared.

“Oh shit,” Patricia yelled.

“Just keep hitting him!”

“Got anymore that rope,” Franklin asked.

“Got some chain.”

They wrangled Frieda down, chaining her arms to her side, locking it with Violets crowbar. She screamed as she laid on the ground.

“We gotta keep him from getting to Linus,” Franklin pulled out a hatchet.

“Oh yeah, It’s go time,” Joe unhooked his chainsaw.

Violet pulled out a machete, Lucy a fire axe. They rushed The Pumpkin King, figuring hacking at him, will slow him down. By now police are running to the fight, watching these teens risk life and limb. The Pumpkin King turns around at the sound of Joe’s chain saw, catching Lucy’s fire axe to the chest. Violet and Franklin hack at his legs, while Joe takes an arm. The police with rifles ready, can’t get a good shot.

“This is just sad, you guys,” Linus managed to get on his feet.

“You killed my dad,” Patricia screamed.

“Well we’re gonna kill more than that. Join us or die,” he caught her swing, “you have one good arm, you’re useless, all your accolades, pointless. Should I break the other one?”

“No,” Charlie hit him in the throat.

“We are strong together Linus,” The Pumpkin King yelled.

Linus kicked Patricia down. Some cops watched over Frieda and Claudia as they screamed and growled, trying to get free. The Pumpkin King sent Violet for a spin, starting to recover faster.

“We need to help Charlie and Peppermint Patty, we can weaken Linus enough, so the cops can keep The Pumpkin King at bay,” Lucy instructed.

“Peppermint Patty,” Violet screamed at the girl on the ground.

“Shit! There goes th’ Chainsaw!”

“You’ve destroyed everything just to prove this demon exist! Sally trusted you, she loved you, you took her away from everybody, and Snoopy- what did he do to you,” he swung low at his knees.

Violet grabbed Lucy’s pipe, running to Patricia,” there’s two guns in my bag from my house, take one, take him out!”

“Don’t you wanna do it?”

“Sure both my parents are dead now, but, it’s not the same, I know it bothers you way more than me, besides… I need to help Charlie wear down Linus, so the cops can keep The Pumpkin King off us. Do it for the both of us,” she stood up.

“Violet,” Patricia called out, “sisters!”


“Lucy,” she called out.

“I need a weapon!”

More SWAT moved in on The Pumpkin King with Franklin and Joe.

“Violets bag has another gun in it,” she held up hers.

Charlie was getting tired of swinging and Linus simply smacking him versus straight up punching him.

“I’m only showing pity because we’re friends, Charlie Brown.

“Some fucking pity!”

Violet ran up swinging Lucy’s pole right on Linus head,” I’m here!”

“Right,” Charlie smiled.

Joe ran towards Linus with the fire axe, striking his thigh. The Pumpkin King hissed. Franklin ran for his hockey stick hitting Linus in the head with Violet. The SWAT and other cops open fire on the Pumpkin King in his weakened state.

“Keep going kids, it’s working,” one shouted.

Lucy helped Patricia up, “I’d be honored… Trish.”

Joe took a swing at Linus back as he cried out, “not so tough now, aye?!”

Linus struggles to fend them all off, The Pumpkin King is nearly getting chopped down by gunfire, regenerating slower and slower.

“She haunts my nightmares, Charlie,” he catches he and Violets blows.

Charlie and Violet kick him, Franklin chops down on his arms, making him let go. The Pumpkin King trudges closer and closer.

“That’s good, Linus.”

Patricia and Lucy walk up, she steadies Patricia with an arm around her.

“Hey little brother,” Lucy shouted, “you know what I always say; I’m your big sister, I do it because I love you!”

They move out of the way, as the two girls open fire. Linus fell on his back, coughing.

“Maybe we can start over… on the other side… me and Sally,” he coughed, “I really didn’t want her involved… I’ll spare you the details, Charlie.”

“No! Get away from him,” The Pumpkin King roared, falling to his knees.

“Lucy…,” Linus started to cry.

“What are big sisters for,” she took the headshot.

“You fools,” The Pumpkin King cried out, as his body decayed.

Frieda and Claudia started coughing, spitting up black rotten pumpkin seeds.

“My head hurts, why am I chained up,” she cried.

“Wha-what h-happened, why was I f-fighting,” Claudia whined.

“You two are fine now, thanks to your friends,” a cop said, freeing them.

Lucy dropped the gun, walking in to Violets embrace.

“Baby, I wish it didn’t happen like this,” Violet cried.

“Let it out, Vee.”

Claudia walked up to Charlie and Patricia, “is that…?”

“Don’t look, Claudia,” He hugged her with Patricia.

“Lucy, Violet,’ Frieda ran to them.

Joe and Franklin looked around, deciding a fistbump was good enough. The police were proud of them, taking on such a fight. The police arrived to meet them personally. Along with several news stations.

“Lucy Van Pelt and Charlie Brown…  what you two planed was crazy, all of you were at risk, but the city thanks you two, and your friends.”

“We were the only ones that could do it, I had my brothers book.”

“We have loved ones, that needed protected,” Charlie added.

“You don’t seem too broken up about it, how hard are you kids?”

“We’re not, we’re just ordinary, average teenagers. Nearly everybody has lost somebody, so many emotions crying for who we lost, and they lost. I had my mourning, not enough I can tell you, but that girl over there with the broken arm is one of my girlfriends; she lost her only parent; I gotta take care of her, I’ll have my moments, but for once in my wishy-washy life, I’m not being that.”

“I lost a mom and brother, Violet Gray, my girlfriend lost everybody. I just don’t have that much to cry for, right now. Our friend Frieda lost both of her parents by my brothers hand. There are those that are completely no longer with us. We have to be strong for those that lost more than we did, once they’re getting there… we’ll finish ours, and hopefully they’ll be strong for us.”

Then we’ll grieve together, Lucy.”

“Yeah, Charlie. Me and you, we’ll get passed it, never over it, but passed it,” she hugged him, letting tears fall.


“I just… it was like a dream, I was there, but not,” Frieda explained.

“Yeah, I f-felt the same th-thing. Sad,” Claudia added.


“I just had to help my friends, I didn’t lose family, but we lost friends and their family, I saw first hand at Sal’s diner,” Franklin said.

“I wanted to get even with Linus… but… it turned in ta more’n that. I wasn’t fighting for me, it was everybody else, all these people, it… it ain’t right some kid can just rise some demon and wreck hell, ya know? And Sally, Sally was a looker, a good kid, tricked by the guy she loved. All yous guys out there better be like Charlie, don’t be like Linus rasin’ demons, real or metaphorically,” Joe said.


“I don’t know what to say, I’m just happy we did it, so nobody else has any more pain… we’ve had enough. We have friends with a different pain,” Violet started to cry, “a pain because they still have their parents, and we don’t! How do you help that, how can you help somebody who’s so hurt because they didn’t suffer with you?”


“I lost my dad, and Violet lost her parents, I still don’t understand how she puts me so above her. We weren’t really even friends, and she said we were sisters, so we wouldn’t be alone,” Patricia started to cry, “I just want us all to get better, and I know Chuck, and Heather, and Lucy are going to sacrifice themselves, so the rest of us are okay. I’m supposed to be one of the strong ones. And there’s Frieda who was a slave in all this. Frieda! Wanna be my sister with Violet?!”


“So we aren’t alone, that’s what she said!”

“Yes,” Frieda started crying.

Everybody was taken back to the hotel, where Charlie and Patricia couldn’t wait to see Heather, Lucy, Violet, and Frieda, consoled Patty’s parents for a while, Charlie’s mom and Heathers parents did the same for Patricia, but it was the hardest to watch the three sisters together, for everybody. When it was time to go back to their homes the next morning; was like the second hardest goodbye most of them ever had.

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