The Monster Hunt

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Giant Sized!”


The two horny explorers continued further down the path, on the lookout for their favorite prey—monstrous denizens of the forest with strange cocks to fuck!

“I think I see something over there!” Pearl said, pointing to a huge jagged boulder that jutted from the ground nearby.

“Well, let’s go have a look!” Wendy suggested, leading the way toward the big rock.

As the two youngsters rounded the edge of the boulder, they spied an enormous giant, about twelve feet tall, leaning against the rock fast asleep.

The giant’s head was crowned with a mop of reddish brown hair upon which perched a green cloth cap. He wore a simple deerskin peasant’s tunic, scaled to fit his gigantic frame. His legs were bare, but his feet were clad in simple leather slippers.

Wendy cautiously approached the sleeping giant. “Golly!” she whispered, “Look how big he is! He’s about twice the size of a grownup human!”

“I wonder if his cock is twice the size too!” Pearl giggled quietly. She slowly and carefully lifted the hem of the short tunic and peeked underneath.

The giant wore no pants at all, his gargantuan genitals were covered only by the lower skirt of the leather tunic. “Oh, my!” Pearl gasped, pulling the tunic up to expose the massive member underneath. The flaccid phallus drooped over the wrinkled sac of the giant’s scrotum. The cock itself appeared to Pearl to be about eight inches in length, and the bloated balls were the size of two ripe peaches.

“Gee! Look how huge it is!” Pearl whispered in awe, “And it’s not even hard yet! I wonder how big it gets…”

Pearl began gently stroking the snoozing giant’s limp tool.

“Pearl!” Wendy whispered emphatically, “Be careful!”

“Don’t worry!” Pearl smiled, “He’s fast asleep!” She grasped the swelling shaft of the giant’s rapidly inflating cock. Soon her tiny hands were unable to wrap completely around the circumference of the pulsing organ as it hardened into its proper size—a full fifteen inches long and nearly three inches in diameter!

“My goodness!” Wendy exclaimed, “What a whopper!”

The giant stirred in his sleep. He felt the warm touch of someone’s hands on his swollen organ and his eyes flew open. “Hey! What’s the big idea?” he shouted.

Pearl let go of the giant’s throbbing dick. “G-gosh!” she stammered, “I’m sorry!”

“We just wanted to see your cock!” Wendy explained.

“Oh?” the giant squinted at the two girls menacingly, “How come?”

“We’ve never seen a giant’s cock before!” Pearl explained, “We were just curious as to how big it got when it was hard!”

The giant stood up and ogled the two naked girls, his eyes focusing on the hairless slits between their legs. “Hmm!” he grinned lecherously, “Well now that you’ve got it hard, you certainly can’t leave it that way! Now you gotta do something about it!”

“Oh, we intend to!” Wendy smiled, “I’m Wendy! I’m a good witch, and this is my ghost friend, Pearl…”

“We’ve been looking for monster cocks!” Pearl explained, “And this is the most monstrous we’ve seen yet!”

The giant eyed them suspiciously, “What do you want monster cocks for?” he asked.

“We fuck them!” Wendy replied.

“And suck them!” Pearl added. “In fact… I think I wanna try this humongous cock up my ass!”

Both Wendy and the giant seemed startled at the suggestion.

“You’re crazy!” Wendy exclaimed, “He’ll split you in two with that monster! It’s immense!”

“Yeah!” the giant agreed, “No way you can handle this big cock up that tiny little ass of yours!”

“Nonsense!” Pearl grinned, “Ectoplasm stretches! I can take that thing with no problem!”

“Gee! I forgot!” Wendy giggled. “You are a ghost, after all! I guess it is possible!”

“Are you sure?” the giant asked, uncertainly.

“Absolutely!” Pearl assured the giant. “I can take it!”

The giant thought for a moment. “Well…” he finally assented, “I guess you know what you’re talkin’ about! Let’s do it then!”

Pearl crouched down on all fours, wagging her snow-white ass at the towering giant. “All right!” she smiled, “Go ahead! Fuck my asshole!”

The giant knelt down behind Pearl’s upraised ass. He looked at the apple-sized head of his cock and back at Pearl’s tightly puckered sphincter. “Gonna be a tight fit!” he grinned.

“Maybe I should lube it up first!” Wendy said.

“Are you gonna cast a spell on it?” Pearl asked.

“Gosh, no!” Wendy giggled, “I’ve got a better way to get it slippery!” She interposed herself between Pearl and the giant and grasped the stiff throbbing cock in both hands. Extending her tongue, she began licking up and down the scorching hot shaft of the giant’s thick veiny member.

Wendy slobbered over the simmering flesh of the giant’s pulsing prick. She turned her attention to his wrinkly ball sac, engulfing each of the peach-sized testicles in her mouth one at a time and sucking on the mouth-filling orbs.

“Hey!” Pearl grinned, “You don’t need to lube up his balls!”

Wendy popped the huge testicle from her mouth and grinned. “I know!” she said, “But… with a couple of big meatballs like these…! I just couldn’t resist!”

Wendy scrambled out of the way as the giant grasped Pearl by the waist with his right hand. He guided his cock with the other hand, nudging the bulbous head of his spit-shined cock against the ivory burl of Pearl’s asshole.

The giant grunted as he shoved his hips steadily forward, his huge cock head wedging open the tight orifice of Pearl’s ectoplasmic anus and slipping slowly inside. Soon over half of the fifteen-inch phallus was firmly embedded inside Pearl’s overstretched ass.

“Gosh!” Pearl exclaimed, “It feels fantastic! He’s all the way inside my guts… see!” She faded her body to semi-transparency, allowing Wendy a glimpse of the enormous cock as it burrowed into her spectral intestines.

The giant began to move his hand back and forth, sliding Pearl’s body along his impaling cock. A lecherous smile spread across his face as his gigantic organ baked in the delicious heat of Pearl’s tight churning asshole.

“Wow!” The giant grinned, “What a tight ass! Hey, Pearl! You think you can take the whole thing up your asshole?”

“We can sure try!” Pearl responded enthusiastically, “After all, I’m a ghost! I should be able to take whatever you can give me!”

Wendy watched with surprise as the giant bore down on Pearl’s resisting ass. His cock bullied its way through the little ghost girl’s colon, stretching her ectoplasmic organs as it plowed further inside into her phantom stomach. “Omigosh!” Wendy cheered, “That’s amazing! If he were any bigger he’d be coming out your mouth!”

The giant gripped Pearl’s waist, shuttling the ghostly girl’s tautly stretched asshole along his rock-hard cock. Pearl’s red hair flew wildly as she slid back and forth on the ass-stretching cock, her mouth hung open, saliva spraying from her drooling lips as she moaned passionately.

“Gonna cum, little Pearlie!” the giant roared. He slammed Pearl’s body hard onto his groin, burying the entire fifteen-inch length of his monstrous member inside her bowels. A scalding jet of gluey sperm blasted from the end of the giant’s spasming cock, flooding the little girl’s ghostly guts and backwashing out through her rectum to ooze in thick gelatinous globs from the edges of her anus.

Pearl felt an odd sensation as something seemed to expand inside her. She turned her body translucent and glanced down to see a surge of cum gush upward from her intestines into her stomach. The cumming giant was filling her belly with sperm from the bottom end!

She felt a sudden constriction in her throat as another scorching burst of sperm flooded her guts, filling her bloated belly and rising through her esophagus. She could taste the giant’s salty, bittersweet sludge as it filled her mouth and oozed from her lips down her chin.

Wendy watched in awe as her friend, Pearl, was flooded with sperm from one end of her digestive system to another! Cum leaked out of both orifices as the giant continued to pump the little ghost girl full of hot syrupy semen.

The giant shuddered as his balls emptied their payload of hot viscous sludge inside Pearl’s overflowing ass. Finally spent of sperm, he slid the tiny ghost from his slippery fuck pole and carelessly dropped her to the ground.

Pearl landed with an audible “Oof!” beside the boulder. She rolled over and looked up at the giant, a satisfied grin splayed across her face. “Golly!” she gurgled through clotted cum, “That was amazing!”

Wendy hurried over to the giant’s steaming cock. She hoisted the serpentine organ in both hands and began slurping the gelatinous coating of briny sperm from the surface of the swollen shaft.

“What about you now, Wendy?” the giant grinned, “You ready to get fucked by a giant cock?”

Wendy’s pussy squirmed at the thought, exuding a fresh flood of juice in preparation for an imminent fuck. “Gosh, yes!” she replied, “But, I might need a little help!”

“I’ll be glad to help you if you need it!” Pearl smiled, standing up and walking weak-kneed to her friend. “Are you gonna take him up the ass too?”

“I'd rather have him in my pussy!” Wendy replied, “I don’t know if my poor ass could stand something that huge!”

“You’d better cast a spell to help you with that cock!” Pearl suggested, “Your fleshy pussy isn’t as elastic as my ectoplasmic one! He’ll push your womb up into your chest with that humongous cock!”

“Good idea!” Wendy gulped, “I don’t want him to rip me in half!”

She retrieved her wand from her robe and gave it a flourish over her crotch. “—Good Spirits, make my body pliant—” she chanted, “—So I can fuck this horny giant!—”

Pearl poked her finger into Wendy’s bellybutton. It sank into her flesh, then sprang back when Pearl removed her finger. “Looks like you’re ready!” she smiled.

The giant lay back on the ground, his towering cock standing stiffly perpendicular to his groin. He reached out and grasped Wendy’s waist, placing her on his abdomen.

Wendy stood beside the immense organ. At fifteen inches it was literally almost a third of her height! She straddled the giant’s cock. With her legs slightly spread, the monumental member nudged against the pink folds of her pussy lips and Wendy readied herself for the descent onto the giant’s throbbing shaft.

Pearl flew to her friend’s aid, grasping Wendy beneath her arms and hovering behind her, steadying her as she lowered her juicing pussy onto the searing pole of the giant’s penis.

Wendy moaned as she felt the gargantuan cock burrow into her stretchy cunt hole. She could feel the rubbery knob of the giant’s cock head push against her cervix as it forced its way upward, compressing her tiny womb as it inexorably continued its path through her pussy.

The giant grasped Wendy around the waist with one hand and began thrusting her body up and down on his iron-hard cock, gently at first, then more forcefully as the copious juices from the little witch’s cunt flowed over his impaling prick shaft.

Pearl watched with delight as the bulging outline of the giant’s cock stood out in relief on Wendy’s abdomen. She could trace the path of the bulbous cock head as it stretched Wendy’s enchanted uterus past her navel, shoving her other organs aside. The magical spell was working just as intended, allowing the witch girl to take the impossibly large cock inside her petite young body.

The giant slid Wendy’s body up and down on his cock, essentially masturbating himself with the little witch’s hot stretchy cunt. He sighed blissfully as his cock basked in the wet simmering heat of the horny young girl’s supernatural snatch.

“Oh gosh!” Wendy wailed, “Harder! Faster! I want it all the way in!”

The giant gleefully obliged, slamming her gripping pussy down onto his skewering cock. Wendy gasped as the huge cock lunged inward. The bulbous head of the giant’s cock was somewhere in the vicinity of her lungs now, and the forceful thrusts knocked the breath out of her each time the monolithic member plowed into her body.

Suddenly Wendy’s cunt exploded, sending an intense jolt of orgasmic energy throughout every nerve. Her body thrashed and convulsed atop the impaling phallus, squeezing the pulsating shaft mercilessly.

The giant let out a howl that shook the branches on the nearby trees, sending nesting squirrels running down the trunks for cover. With a powerful lunge, he jammed Wendy down onto his spearing cock and ejaculated, spewing a fountain of superheated sperm through her battered cervix and into her elastic womb.

Wendy’s uterus bloated like a water balloon as it flooded with the giant’s blistering goo. The overfilled organ contracted, squeezing the glutinous sludge past the shaft of the cunt-stuffing cock to ooze out from the edges of her labia.

Wendy writhed atop the impaling pole for a minute, her orgasm slowly subsiding as the giant’s cock pumped the last of its slimy sperm into her tightly stretched pussy. Finally, the exhausted giant slid Wendy’s cunt from his smoldering dick, releasing her to collapse across his heaving belly.

Wendy lay on the giant’s abdomen for a moment, catching her breath. She staggered to her feet with Pearl’s assistance and the two girls dismounted the giant’s groin.

“Whew! Thank goodness for that spell!” Wendy remarked with a sigh of relief, “If I hadn’t made myself all rubbery, that gigantic dick would’ve exploded me!”

“Yeah!” Pearl concurred, “You know… I may be a ghost, but I sure am sore right now! I guess even ectoplasm has its limits!”

“I admit, I’m pretty sore too…” Wendy smiled weakly, “But it sure was worth it!”

The two young ladies collapsed side by side against the rock, gazing over at the reclining giant. His slimy cock draped limply over the side of his hip, and he began to snore loudly.

The girls laughed. Wendy stumbled to her feet and collected her robe. “I guess we should be getting back home!” she smiled. She donned the scarlet garment and held out her hand to Pearl.

Arm in arm the two mystical lasses ambled back along the path through the Enchanted Forest.

“Let’s go to my place!” Wendy invited, “I’ll heat up the tub, and we can soak our pussies in some nice hot water!”

“My ass could certainly use a good soaking too!” Pearl chuckled.

“I’ll bet!” Wendy replied with a laugh.

“You know,” Pearl said to Wendy, “If the boys aren’t coming back till tomorrow night, maybe we could go out ‘bird-watching’ again!”

“Okay!” Wendy giggled, “Maybe we can find a centaur! I hear their cocks are sometimes a yard long!”

“Oh, my aching pussy!” Pearl laughed as the two girls walked merrily back home.




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