The Monster Hunt

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Wendy, Pearl and the Ogre”


Wendy and Pearl had not gone very far along the forest path when the rustling of a nearby tree caught their attention.

Approaching the sound cautiously, they observed an ogre plucking an apple from the tree. The nine-foot tall humanoid was of crude appearance, with a sloping forehead and jutting brow. The few hairs that sprouted from his head were coarse and black, and he wore only a ragged animal hide as clothing. They watched as the ogre noisily ate the apple, tossing the core onto the forest floor.

Wendy and Pearl moved closer to the ogre. “Excuse me, Mr. Ogre!” Wendy said sweetly, “May we have a word with you?”

Startled at first, the ogre studied the two intruders. A broad lecherous grin spread across his face as he noticed their nudity. “Two naked little girls, huh?” he grinned, “Up to no good, I’ll bet! You know it’s pretty dangerous here in this part of the Enchanted Forest”

“Not for us!” Pearl smiled, “We’re not ordinary little girls! I’m a ghost… and my friend here is a witch!”

The ogre seemed taken aback at the information. “So what is this? Some kinda trick? I ain’t doing anything wrong, I just came here to eat some apples!”

“We’re not here to harass you!” Wendy explained, “I’m Wendy and this is Pearl. We’re out searching for monster cocks!”

“To fuck!” Pearl hastily added, lest the ogre get the wrong idea that they were hunting for trophies of some sort.

“Monster cocks, huh?” the ogre grinned.

“We’d like to see yours, if we may!” Wendy politely requested.

“Well… Okay, girlie!” the ogre replied with a lewd smile. The hulking brute shed his shabby garment, revealing a thick serpentine cock that drooped above his pendulous wrinkled ball sac. “Is this one monstrous enough for ya?”

The two girls eyes lit up with delight. “I think that will do nicely!” Wendy said with a salacious grin.

Pearl approached the gargantuan ogre. Her head was nearly level with the creature’s crotch, and she reached out, grasping the ogre’s monumental member with both hands, stroking the swelling cock to a foot-long erection.

“Oh, my!” Pearl giggled, “That’s a big one!”

“Say, Mr. Ogre…” Wendy cooed seductively, “You ever had your ass licked?”

The ogre blushed slightly at the question. “Um… n-no!” he replied, “That sounds nasty!”

“Your ass is clean isn’t it?” Wendy asked. Although the ogre seemed reasonably clean enough, she was prepared to cast a quick spell to freshen things up, just in case.

“Of course!” the ogre replied emphatically, “Just ‘cause I’m an ogre don’t mean I don’t take a bath once in a while! We’re not wild animals, y’know!”

“Well, then there’s nothing nasty about it!” Wendy smiled. She pried apart the ogre’s ass cheeks, exposing his puckered brown asshole. “Let me show you what a good rimming feels like!”

Wendy extended her tongue, prying open the ogre’s tight sphincter with the tip. She worked the eely organ inside, wriggling it within the simmering heat of the ogre’s rectum.

“Yow!” the ogre exclaimed, “Say! That does feel good!” he glanced down toward his groin, “Hey, ghost girl! Whatcha doin’ down there?”

Pearl was unable to respond immediately, having engulfed one of the ogre’s egg-sized testicles in her mouth. She spat out the enormous orb and smiled, “Just sucking your balls!” she replied.

“Well, keep it up then!” the ogre laughed, “It feels fantastic!”

Pearl swapped testicles, sucking on the other swollen ball for a while. She finally stretched the ectoplasm of her cheeks wide enough to encompass the entire sac of ogre balls and rolled the egg-shaped organs around in her mouth.

Pearl pulled the ogre’s spit-soaked scrotum from her mouth and began licking up and down the gnarled twelve-inch shaft of his immense cock. She parted her lips, inserting the plum-colored head of the ogre’s cock inside her mouth and slowly inserted the monstrous cock inch by inch.

“Yikes!” the ogre exclaimed as his cock slid down the ghostly girl’s gullet, “It’s going all the way down your throat! I wonder how deep it’ll go!”

Pearl smiled around the ogre’s lip-stretching cock. She’d show the huge ogre a trick that would give him an idea of just how deep she could swallow a foot-long cock! She made her body semi-transparent, allowing the ogre’s mammoth dick to be visible through her nearly invisible skin.

“Wow!” the ogre exclaimed, “That’s amazing!” He could see the shaft of his swollen pulsing cock curving into the little girl’s phantom throat, plunging down her esophagus halfway to her ghostly stomach!

Wendy removed her squiggling tongue from the humid recesses of the ogre’s asshole and stepped aside to watch the mighty ogre’s cock slide back and forth inside Pearl’s diaphanous throat. “Golly!” she said, “What a blowjob! Pearl sure can suck cock, huh?”

The ogre’s face contorted in sheer bliss as Pearl’s throat constricted around his cock. “Gosh, yeah!” he grimaced, “Y’know, you’re pretty good at tongue-fucking an asshole, witchy girl!”

“Gee, thanks!” Wendy replied, “Suck him off good, Pearl!” she addressed her friend, “I wanna watch him cum down your throat… then I’m gonna fuck him!”

Pearl sucked and slurped around the throat-stuffing cock. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her lips as the massive fuck rod pistoned back and forth in her throat. She could feel the ogre’s sparsely-haired balls slap against her chin with every inward stroke.

“Yiee!” the ogre wailed, “This is too much! I’m gonna cum! Get ready for it, Pearlie! It’s gonna be a real gusher!”

With a thundering roar, the ogre came, his body shuddering as his roiling testicles detonated, sending a fountain of hot gelatinous cum spewing through his cock into Pearl’s sucking throat.

Through Pearl’s transparent skin, Wendy could see the gooey white fluid gushing from the bulbous head of the ogre’s cock down into Pearl’s belly. The ogre pulled his cock back, drawing the twelve-inch pole up her gullet where it discharged yet again.

The blast of scalding sperm backed up in Pearl’s throat, filling her cheeks. The gooey slime overfilled her mouth backing up into her nose to dribble from her left nostril, and seeped from the edges of her overstretched lips.

Gasping and choking, Pearl slid the gigantic cock from her gullet. A final spurt of thick syrupy semen splattered her across the cheek and the ogre’s cock dripped its last dollop of cum onto the ground. Pearl gulped down the hot glob of sperm she held in her mouth and sighed breathlessly.

“Golly gee!” she gurgled, “That was yummy!”

Wendy’s little pussy was juicing like crazy in anticipation of the ogre’s massive dick. “I’ve just gotta fuck that thing!” she exclaimed, “Are you ready to fuck me, Mr. Ogre?”

The ogre glanced down at his wilting cock. Pearl’s spectral throat had sucked the life right out of the monstrous member, and it was slowly beginning to lose its rigidity. “Sure!” he said, “Just gimme a minute to recharge my poor cock and balls!”

Wendy frowned petulantly, “My pussy can’t wait!” she said. She picked up her wand and tapped the ogre’s cock with it. “—Good Spirits of the saturnalia—” she chanted, “—Revive this ogre’s genitalia!—” A prismatic aura flashed around the ogre’s deflating cock and suddenly the organ effused with life, swelling immediately to a rock-hard twelve inches in length.

Wendy scrambled onto her knees, raising her pretty little ass in the air toward the massive ogre. “There!” she smiled, “That oughta do it! Now fuck me!”

The ogre grinned with delight as he examined the raging pulsating shaft of his cock. “This oughta do it all right!” he chuckled, “I hope you’re ready for it!” He nudged the apple-sized head of his cock against Wendy’s tight wet pussy, bullying the enormous knob past the dainty pink petals of her pussy lips and into the little witch’s elastic cunt hole.

The copious amount of cunt juice that Wendy’s overheated twat exuded helped ease the passage of the ogre’s monumental member, but she still struggled to wriggle her young cunt around the monster’s oversized phallus. “Magic wand!” she muttered through clenched teeth, “Help me out, will ya?”

The wand, which Wendy has dropped to the ground moments before, levitated into the air. It flew toward the fucking couple, hovering over the juncture between cock and cunt. A shower of glittering sparks sprayed from the end of the wand and settled onto Wendy’s pussy, relaxing her vagina and making the stretchy opening even more elastic for the passage of the ogre’s cock. The wand returned to its place on the ground, having successfully come to the aid of its mistress.

The ogre gave a mighty lunge, burying his cock to the balls inside Wendy’s simmering cunt and eliciting a howl of pleasant surprise from the Good Little Witch. “Yoww! Oh, my goodness!” Wendy wailed, “That hit the spot! Now fuck me hard with that thing!”

The ogre reared back until the swollen head of his cock was embedded just inside the entrance to Wendy’s pussy. Pausing briefly, he suddenly lunged forward, burying his enormous cock to the root inside the blistering wet channel of the little witch’s snug cunt.

“Oof!” Wendy exclaimed as the sudden invasion of the ogre’s impaling prick knocked the breath out of her. The ogre began alternately withdrawing his long thick member, then slamming it forcefully back inside Wendy’s juicy young pussy, creating a sloppy squishing sound that seemed to excite both the ogre and Wendy herself.

Pearl sat with her back against the apple tree, fingering her dripping cunt as she watched Wendy get mercilessly pounded by the ogre’s gigantic cock. “Gosh!” she grinned, “I can’t believe your little pussy can hold that huge cock! It must be past your bellybutton by now!”

“It’s m-magic!” Wendy stuttered, her body rocking with each impact of the ogre’s pummeling cock, “If I w-weren’t a w-witch… this thing would s-s-split me in two!”

The ogre grunted as his cock hammered into Wendy’s cunt. “Arrgh!” he snarled, “Oh, gosh! I’m gonna cum! This pussy is so hot and tight, I just can’t help it!”

“Oh, yeah!” Pearl cheered, “Creampie that little witch! Cum in her sweet little pussy!”

With a growling roar the ogre thrust his cock to the hilt inside Wendy’s churning cunt. The swollen knob of his glans bumped against her cervix as he came, blasting a fiery jet of gluey ogre sperm into Wendy’s womb.

Wendy screamed with ecstasy as an orgasmic jolt shot through every nerve, causing her body to convulse around the ogre’s cunt-skewering cock. Her pussy contracted and expanded as if it were trying to suck the cum straight from the ogre’s simmering balls.

Bursts of hot glutinous jizz continued to spew into Wendy’s cunt until finally the forceful spurts ebbed to mere dribbles. The ogre sighed with relief and staggered backward, his smoldering cock slithering from the gooey abyss of Wendy’s well-fucked pussy.

Pearl leapt upon Wendy’s slobbering snatch, fastening her mouth to the gaping pink hole and slurping up the cataract of creamy cum that poured from her friend’s lax pussy.

The ogre grinned as he watched Pearl eat his sperm from Wendy’s steaming cunt hole. His cock quivered at the sight of the little ghost’s upraised rump, and he stepped forward, kneeling down and planting the huge head of his cock against the opening of the ghost girl’s pearly-white pussy

“Eek!” Pearl squealed as the ogre thrust his cock to the balls inside her succulent cunt. “I guess it’s my turn to get fucked by an ogre, huh?”

Wendy lay back, exhausted, as she watched the ogre pummel Pearl’s pussy. “Enjoy it!” she said lazily. “I’m gonna take a nap! That ogre cock can really wear a girl out!”

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