The Monster Hunt

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: With Casper & Spooky off visiting Hot Stuff, Wendy & Pearl go bird-watching until they turn their attention to hunting down and fucking the monsters that inhabit the Enchanted Forest!

CODES: AFFO 3Plus Anal Anthro (Trees) F/F M/F Minor1 Oral Rim Toys Xeno (Ghost)


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue #7

Featuring: Wendy the Good Little Witch and Pearl

The Monster Hunt



“While the Boys are Away”


It was a bright Spring day in the Enchanted Forest, and Wendy the Good Little Witch walked alongside her ghostly friend, Pearl, down the dirt path that cut through the woods.

“Look!” Pearl said, pointing to a chirping bird that perched in a nearby tree branch. “A blue-jay!”

Wendy followed Pearl’s finger to the branch of a nearby apple tree. The blue crested bird sang gaily as it peered left and right. “I see it!” she said with a smile, “That’s six different birds you’ve spotted so far! I’ve only noticed three!”

“Well, you seem a little preoccupied.” Pearl replied, “I’ll bet your mind’s on Casper, right?”

“Well, kinda…” Wendy admitted. Casper and Pearl’s boyfriend, Spooky, had taken off on a trip to visit Hot Stuff, the Little Devil, leaving the girls all alone to enjoy a day of birdwatching.

“Casper said they might not be back till tomorrow night!” Wendy pouted, “I miss him already! Sometimes I worry about him with those two… they always seem to get into trouble!”

“Gee, I’m sure they’re just fine!” Pearl assured her. “Casper can take care of himself and them too!” she laughed, “I’ll bet Casper’s probably trying his best to keep Spooky and Hot Stuff from getting into too much mischief!”

Wendy smirked. “Ha! Most likely they’re all three gangbanging Princess Charma!”

“Not like you haven’t done that yourself!” Pearl giggled. Hot Stuff’s girlfriend, Princess Charma, was a genuine fairy princess, and Wendy and Pearl had both enjoyed a few erotic romps with the winged blonde cutie. “Boys will be boys, you know!”

“Yeah!” Wendy smiled. “I can hardly blame him if he is fucking her.” She smiled at the thought of Casper’s stiff alabaster rod slamming into Charma’s hairless snatch and her pussy moistened and twitched in response.

“Aw, gee!” Wendy said, “Just thinking about Casper pounding that sweet fairy pussy has got me horny!” She scratched idly at her tingling twat. “I think I’m gonna stop here for a minute and take care of a little business… if you know what I mean!” she said with a sly wink.

Wendy stopped beneath a huge oak tree and began to strip off her scarlet robe. She reached into the robe’s pocket and retrieved her magical wand before lying down under the shade of the tree. Spreading her legs, Wendy pried apart the dainty pink petals of her dewy cunt and ran her fingers up and down the moist slit before plunging two digits inside the simmering wet tunnel of her juicing vagina.

With a flourish of her wand, Wendy chanted: “—Good Spirits, aid my masturbation—Give my wand a good vibration!—” The thin stick suddenly morphed into an eight-inch vibrating wooden phallus and Wendy slid the smooth head of the magic sex toy in between her moist juicy cunt lips.

“Ooo!” Pearl cooed, “That looks like fun!” She watched Wendy slide the buzzing toy in and out of her succulent snatch, and the smooth curve of own her ectoplasmic crotch began to change. A cleft appeared in the center, and a dainty pair of butterfly-like pussy lips took shape, forming a perfectly shaped milk-white cunt that exuded a thin trickle of fragrant juice.

Wendy looked up to see Pearl running her fingers through the pale slit of her phantom pussy. “Gee! That looks delicious!” Wendy said with a seductive smile, “C’mon over here and gimme a taste of that sweet ghost cunt!”

Pearl walked over and squatted above Wendy’s face. “You wanna eat some ghost pussy, huh?” she said teasingly, “Well, be my guest!” She mashed her wet dripping twat against Wendy’s mouth, feeling the little witch’s tongue slip between her cunt lips and into her wet silky vagina.

Wendy’s eely tongue slithered inside Pearl’s luscious cunt, provoking an effusion of exotic pussy nectar from the walls of the ghostly girl’s seething vagina. The unearthly fragrance of Pearl’s phantasmal pussy always drove Wendy wild, and she inhaled deeply, savoring the intoxicating aroma as she slurped down the tangy elixir of the young ghost’s cunt.

“Golly!” Pearl moaned, “That feels good! Eat my pussy, Wendy! Make me cum with your mouth!”

Wendy wriggled her tongue inside Pearl’s juicing pussy, lapping up the sweet fluid that exuded from the ghost girl’s supernatural snatch. She thrust the vibrating dildo-wand in and out of her own clenching wet cunt as she enjoyed the briny-sweet flavor of ghost pussy.

Wendy flicked her tongue across the pearly white bud of Pearl’s clit, eliciting a shriek of pleasure from the little ghost girl.

“Omigosh, Wendy!” Pearl squealed, “Do that again! Lick my clit and make me cum!”

Wendy grinned as she removed her tongue from Pearl’s swollen bud. She wanted to tease the little spectral minx for a while before she brought her to climax. She drove her tongue deep inside the fiery tunnel of Pearl’s tight sloppy cunt, causing the lining of her vagina to exude a fresh gush of tasty cunt cream into her mouth.

“Oh! You little meanie!” Pearl giggled, “Work on my clit again, Wendy! Please! I just can’t stand it!”

Wendy finally relented, extracting her squirming tongue from Pearl’s succulent snatch and concentrating on the snow-white nubbin of Pearl’s clitoris.

The humming dildo pounded relentlessly in and out of Wendy’s trembling cunt. Wendy had let go of the vibrating wand in order to grasp the snowy cheeks of Pearl’s ass, and the arcane sex toy continued magically hammering away at the witch’s drooling cunt just as if Wendy herself were controlling its thrusts.

The vibrations of the magical dildo and the exotic flavor of Pearl’s phantasmal pussy were quickly bringing Wendy’s witchy pussy to a boil. If she timed it just right, the two of them would both erupt into orgasm at nearly the same time!

No sooner had she thought it, than her own pussy began to spasm. A jolt of sheer ecstasy shot through her body, centered on her convulsing cunt and radiating out through every nerve of her body. Wendy wailed wordlessly into Pearl’s pussy, her flicking tongue setting off an explosive climax inside the little ghost girl’s squirming pussy.

“Oh, gee! I’m cumming!” Pearl screamed, her pussy pouring streams of clear cunt-honey into Wendy’s swiftly sucking mouth. The climaxing ghost squished her pussy down onto Wendy’s mouth, moaning as the little witch wriggled her tongue inside her spasming cunt tunnel, slurping up every delicious drop of the ghostly nectar.

“Eat my pussy, Wendy!” Pearl cried, “Suck the juice right out of my hot cunt!”

The two girls writhed beneath the tree, their bodies quaking and shuddering until their bone-rattling orgasms finally subsided. Pearl dismounted Wendy’s cunt-smeared face, weak-kneed, and collapsed beside her with a breathless sigh.

“Whew!” Pearl exclaimed with a devilish grin, “What a talented tongue you have, my dear!”

“Gee, thanks!” Wendy replied with a smile. She glanced over at Pearl’s heaving body. The excitement of their lovemaking had caused a pair of erect nipples to extrude from the formerly smooth ectoplasm of Pearl’s girlishly flat chest, and she reached over and gave one of the ivory-hued nubs a playful tweak.

“You’re such a tease!” Pearl giggled, returning the favor by leaning over and giving one of Wendy’s rosy nipples a gentle suck.

Wendy extracted the dripping dildo from her snatch and placed the phallic rod in between her lips. She licked her own pussy juice from the wooden shaft before waving the dildo in a swirling pattern, returning it to its normal form of a simple witch’s wand.

“Gee! That was fun!” Pearl giggled, “So, what do you wanna do now? Wanna go back to birdwatching? Y’know, I thought I saw a woodpecker back there a while ago, but I wasn’t sure!”

Wendy grinned lewdly, “That’s not exactly the kind of pecker I had in mind!” she said, “Why don’t we go hunting monster cocks instead?”

“What do you mean?” Pearl asked curiously.

“I mean we go looking for monsters in the forest…” Wendy explained, “Let’s go after the most unusual dicks we can find… then fuck ‘em!”

“Sounds like fun!” Pearl agreed excitedly, straightening her violet hair bow which had become knocked askew during her shuddering orgasm. “You know, I think there are some trolls living nearby. Maybe we can find one who’ll let us fuck him!”

Wendy gathered her robe from beneath the tree and got dressed. She pulled her hood over her golden hair and tucked her wand into her pocket and started down the pathway, hand in hand with Pearl. “Okay,” she smiled, “Troll cock, here we come!”


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