The Monster Hunt

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“The Trolls”


“Look there!” Wendy said, pointing toward a huge boulder that rested in a clearing in the forest. “A couple of trolls!”

“See!” Pearl exclaimed, “I knew there were some around here!”

Sure enough, two trolls lounged against the giant boulder, chatting idly with each other about occasions of past mischief.

They were grotesque looking creatures, of human size and a caricature of human shape, with broad mouths and pointed ears fastened onto crude homely faces. One had skin of a mossy green hue, mottled with warty splotches of darker green, while the other was of a purple tint. The green troll was completely bald while the purple possessed a shock of straw-colored hair. Both were clad in rough fur loincloths.

Wendy cautiously approached the two trolls while Pearl stayed several steps behind. “Excuse me!” Wendy announced herself, “My name is Wendy!”

“Hey!” the purple troll said, grinning at his fellow, “Little girls! Let’s give them a good scare!”

The green troll grinned in reply as they both stood up, preparing to chase the young girls from their resting spot.

“I’m not just a little girl…” Wendy smiled, “I’m a little girl WITCH! And this is my friend, Pearl, she’s a little girl GHOST!”

The two trolls stopped in their tracks. “A w-witch and a g-ghost?” Purple stammered.

“Wait a minute, girls!” Green said, “We don’t want any trouble! Don’t hex us, please!”

Wendy giggled, “We’re not going to hex anybody!” she explained, “I’m a Good Little Witch! And Pearl is a friendly ghost. We were out looking for creature cock, and we wanted to know if you guys wanna fuck?”

The two trolls looked at each other in stunned silence. Huge smiles spread across their faces and the purple troll spoke up. “Gee! Sure!” he grinned salaciously.

“Wait a minute!” the green troll interrupted, grabbing his purple companion’s arm. “How do we know this ain’t some kinda trick?”

“Oh, it’s no trick!” Wendy assured him. She lowered her hood and began to disrobe, finally standing nude in front of the two trolls. “Just a couple of horny girls out for a good time!” she smiled.

The trolls looked at each other, then eyed the two girls up and down. Pearl’s ectoplasmic sex organs were still visible and her lily-white pussy lips glistened moistly, as did the perfect pink petals of Wendy’s delicate labia.

“Okay!” the green troll agreed, satisfied that the two naked moppets were not up to any act of deception. “I believe ya!” he grinned broadly.

Wendy draped her red robe over the boulder. She knelt naked in front of the purple troll and yanked at the knot that secured his loincloth, allowing the garment to fall to the ground.

She licked her lips at the sight of the fat purple shaft which had rapidly swollen into a stiff eight-inch rod of lavender cock flesh, entwined with ivy-like veins of violet. The mulberry-hued head of the trolls cock seeped a droplet of clear fluid and Wendy flicked out her tongue to snatch up the tasty dew.

“You ever suck troll cock, girlie?” Purple asked with a devilish grin.

“Once or twice!” Wendy smiled, “They’re always such pretty colors! No two are exactly alike!” She hefted the trolls hairless sagging scrotum in her hand, gently massaging the walnut-sized balls within. “And you guys always have such tasty cum!”

“How about you, Pearl?” the green troll smiled, “Wanna suck my troll dick?”

Pearl had stripped the ragged loincloth from the troll to expose a monumental organ of comparable size to his purple companion. The verdant shaft was mottled with forest-green bumps and the bulbous head was a dark turquoise color. A tracing of azure veins stood out along the length of the monstrous green phallus and his testicles hung heavily inside his wrinkled ball sac.

“I want this thing in my pussy first!” Pearl said excitedly. “I can suck it later, but right now my poor pussy needs fucking!” She knelt down and turned around, presenting her lily-white ass toward the green troll’s throbbing cock.

“You got it, missy!” Green replied with a lascivious grin. He pried apart the milky cheeks of Pearl’s ass, revealing the ivory pucker of her anus and the moist slit of her dribbling pussy. Placing the flared green head of his cock between the delicate folds of her labia, the troll shoved his hips forward, burying the entire length of his eight-inch cock to the root inside the little ghost girl’s sizzling wet snatch.

“Oh gee!” Pearl squealed as the green troll began humping away at her tight juicy pussy. “What a cock! It's got these delightful little bumps all along the shaft! Its amazing!”

Wendy glanced over with interest. “Really?” she said, “I’ll have to give that one a try later! Right now…” she smiled, returning her attention to the pulsating cock in her hand, “I’m gonna get a taste of some purple troll dick!”

Wendy opened her lips, sliding the ovoid knob of the troll’s cock head into her mouth and gliding it over her tongue. She relaxed her throat, slowly shoving her head forward until the bulbous glans nudged the back of her throat, then slipped effortlessly into her gullet.

The purple troll’s eyes widened in awe as he watched Wendy swallow the entire length of his immense member down her throat until her lips were pressed against his naked groin. The little witch grasped the troll’s testicles, squeezing the tender orbs gently inside their sagging sac, causing the lavender shaft to throb and twitch inside her gullet.

“Wow!” the purple troll exclaimed, “You took the whole thing! First try! You must have a little troll blood in you, girlie!” he grinned, “I’ve never known anyone but a troll girl who could deep-throat a huge cock like that!”

“She’s a witch, remember!” Green reminded him, “They’ve got all sorts of magical tricks!”

Wendy smiled around the troll’s mouth-stuffing cock. She knew it wasn’t magic, but experience that allowed her to swallow down enormous dicks with such ease! Casper’s ectoplasmic cock could expand to whatever size he chose, and Wendy had plenty of practice experimenting with the Friendly Ghost’s pliable penis!

The green troll concentrated his efforts on forcing his enormous cunt-stretching cock in and out of Pearl’s tightly clenching twat. Despite the copious flood of juices that exuded from the satiny lining of the little ghost’s ectoplasmic vagina, the troll’s cock still struggled inside her strangling cunt.

“Geez!” the green troll grimaced, “Her cunt feels like a vise around my dick! This hot little pussy is gonna make me cum soon!” He increased his tempo, gripping the creamy white flesh of her ass in his hands as he hammered away at her blistering wet cunt.

“This one gives a pretty good blowjob!” the purple troll grinned. He grasped the back of Wendy’s head and began sliding her mouth back and forth along his engorged shaft. Gurgling noises escaped Wendy’s tightly stretched lips and sprays of spittle spattered the troll’s naked groin with each inward thrust.

“Look out little girlie!” Purple said through gritted teeth, “I’m gonna cum!” He drew his hips back so that the swollen head of his cock rested against Wendy’s pillowy tongue and came. His balls twitched inside their swinging sac as his cock erupted, spewing a voluminous load of thick scalding sperm into the young witch’s mouth.

Wendy swallowed quickly as her mouth suddenly filled with the troll’s bittersweet sperm. Her cheeks bulged from the sudden influx of viscous goo and some of the gluey semen spilled from the corners of her lips, dribbling down her chin in pale lavender rivulets.

Pearl watched, amazed, as the purple troll pumped his lilac-hued sperm into Wendy’s cum-hungry mouth. She had never had sex with a troll before, and was unaware that the beasts had such colorful cum!

“Yow!” The green troll howled, gripping Pearl’s buttocks even tighter. He rammed his hips to the hilt inside Pearl’s churning cunt, pressing the tip of his cock head against her cervix and discharging a blistering blast of glutinous sperm into the young girl’s spectral womb.

The scalding jet of troll cum ignited a bone-shaking orgasm that sent Pearl into ecstatic convulsions on the monster’s spewing member. Her cunt spasmed around the invading cock, milking out spurts of syrupy sperm that overfilled her womb, flowed through the channel of her vagina and oozed in yellowish-green dribbles from the edges of her overstretched cunt lips.

Wendy gulped down the last mouthful of tangy troll sludge and slid the slimy purple cock from her lips. She slurped off the pale purple festoons of semen that entwined the swollen shaft as she watched the green troll pump the last of his chartreuse seed inside Pearl’s simmering pussy.

Pearl shuddered as the last blast of troll scum rocketed into her bloated uterus. She collapsed forward, her cum-filled womb contracting and spilling a cascade of lime-tinted goo from her lax gaping cunt.

Wendy scrambled over and fastened her mouth to Pearl’s sloppy snatch, slurping out the tasty troll sperm that gushed from her flooded cunt.

“Now we swap!” the purple troll grinned, walking over in front of Pearl. The two trolls exchanged places and the green troll stood behind Wendy, his erect cock still pulsing with lustful vigor.

Pearl was now presented with the troll’s pulsing purple shaft. She stared at the bulging red-violet head of the creature’s swollen cock head and licked her lips in anticipation. Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed the bulbous glans and slid her head forward, driving the gnarled fuck pole inch by inch down her elastic phantom throat.

“Yee-ow!” the purple troll wailed, “This little ghost girl is quite a cocksucker too!”

“I’ll bet!” the green one replied. “Let’s see if this little witch is as good a fuck as her spooky little friend!”

The green troll grasped Wendy by the waist and lay down on the ground, holding the petite witch girl aloft above his towering cock. The pulsing green organ swayed nearly perpendicular to his groin as the troll lowered Wendy’s succulent cunt down onto the warty shaft.

Wendy felt the bumpy organ burrow inside her snug vagina. Each dark nodule along his cock shaft excited the satiny flesh of her pussy, eliciting a fresh drizzle of cunt juice from the sensitive lining.

“Golly, Pearl!” Wendy grinned, “You’re right! This bumpy cock is fantastic! It really tickles my insides in the right places!”

Pearl mumbled her agreement around the purple trolls cock. She slid the enormous organ from her mouth momentarily and focused her attention on the sagging ball sac that hung beneath the pulsing cock. Taking one of the plum-sized orbs in her mouth she sucked at the meaty testicle for a moment before spitting it out and replacing it with the other. Soon she had both of the troll’s swollen balls expanding her cheeks as she sucked on his sac.

Pearl finally spat out the trolls balls and returned to the job of deep-throating his gnarled lavender cock shaft. She gurgled around the choking cock as it penetrated her gullet again, swirling her tongue around the girth of the shaft as it slid in and out of her throat.

Her head bobbed back and forth along the purple pole, her mouth slobbering and slurping over the veiny rod of cock meat. She could feel the troll’s balls twitch inside his scrotum as the weighty sac slapped against her chin, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she was rewarded with a delicious mouthful of hot tangy troll sperm.

Meanwhile, Wendy rode up and down on the green troll’s skewering cock, her pussy squishing with each downward lunge against the monster’s mottled groin. The troll’s cock slammed against her cervix with each plunge, kissing the puckered entrance to her womb with the drooling slit in its bulbous head.

“Ohh!” the purple troll moaned, “This is too much! Get ready, little Pearl! I’m gonna feed you a big load of troll juice!”

Pearl grasped the troll’s ass cheeks, pulling the monster’s choking cock deeper into her throat. Her ectoplasmic esophagus contracted and relaxed around the invading cock shaft, endeavoring to milk the slimy troll scum out of his roiling balls and up through his pulsing phallus.

The troll drew back, struggling against the grip of Pearl’s phantasmal gullet, and came with an unearthly howl that sent the birds in the nearby trees scattering toward the sky. A fierce fountain of scalding troll sperm blasted into Pearl’s mouth, filling her cheeks as she swallowed down the salty-sweet scum.

Meanwhile, a shrill shriek nearby signaled Wendy’s orgasm as she sat impaled on the green troll’s lumpy cock shaft. The troll tightened his grip on her tiny waist, pulling her down hard onto his skewering pole and firing a searing load of glutinous semen into the little witch’s simmering womb.

The trolls finally detached their exhausted organs from the two girls, staggering over to sit against the boulder.

Yellow-green troll sperm leaked from Wendy’s slack cunt hole and drooled down her legs, while clots of pale lavender scum clung to Pearl’s lips and chin. Wendy retrieved her magic wand from the pocket of her robe and waved it in a circle above their heads.

“—Oh, Good Spirits, do your biz—” she chanted, “Clean us of this trollish jizz!—” The trolls’ colorful cum evaporated, leaving the two supernatural lasses sparkling clean.

Wendy folded up her robe and tucked it beneath her arm. “Might as well leave it off!” she snickered, “I’ll just have to remove it again when we find another monster cock!”

The two girls departed, leaving the exhausted trolls snoozing peacefully against the rock, their wilted cocks draped lazily over their thighs.

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