The Monster Hunt

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“They’ve Got Wood!”


Pearl fucked the ogre until he came, flooding her ghostly pussy with his monstrous seed. She thrashed and shuddered on the spurting cock until she collapsed with fatigue beside Wendy, leaving the savage ogre to lumber off into the woods, his depleted cock hanging limply between his legs.

The two girls dozed peacefully for nearly half an hour until suddenly a rough voice awakened them both. “Hey!” it said, “Who are you two?”

Wendy and Pearl both scrambled to their feet and looked around for the source of the voice. Their eyes widened as they saw the apple tree they had been napping under staring back at them! A rough face had appeared in the bark of the tree trunk—two eyes were set in deep wooden sockets above a stubby branch for a nose, and underneath a ragged horizontal gash of a mouth sneered at them.

“What’s going on here, anyway?” he said gruffly, “I wake up and find two naked girls sleeping underneath me!”

“Oh!” Wendy blushed, embarrassed, “I’m sorry! We didn’t know you were a talking tree!”

“Well, I am!” the tree said with a grimace. “Now who are you?”

“I’m Wendy!” Wendy introduced herself, “I’m a Good Little Witch, and this is my friend, Pearl. She’s a ghost. —but a friendly ghost!” she hastened to add.

Somewhere in the apple tree’s branches, a bird chirped gaily before flying off into the air with a twitter. “Hey!” the apple tree frowned, “The little bird just told me you two were fucking an ogre underneath my branches! Is that true!”

“Um… Yes sir!” Pearl admitted shyly.

“You see, Mr. Apple Tree…” Wendy explained, “We were out bird-watching, and we got lonesome for our boyfriends, so we decided to go hunting for unusual cocks to fuck!”

The tree thought for a moment, then a broad smile crossed its bark-covered face. “Unusual cocks, huh?” he grinned. Immediately a vertical split separated the bark at the base of the tree, widening to expose the naked wood beneath. A triangle of three wooden nodules began to extrude from the smooth surface, the lower two expanding into two orbs that merged seamlessly into a wooden sculpture of a scrotum, while the upper nodule sprouted forth into a perfect replica of an eight-inch phallus.

“Unusual enough?” the apple tree grinned.

Wendy and Pearl both examined the smooth wooden cock that protruded from the bole of the tree. It looked as if the magnificent organ had been turned on a lathe, then expertly carved into the shape of a humanoid penis. Wendy ran her hand over the wooden cock, it was hard and smooth, with a waxy coating which she assumed facilitated insertion with the female of their species.

“Gee!” Wendy said, “I’ve met talking trees before, but I’ve never seen one with a cock!”

The tree sneered, “Well, it’s not like we go around flashing our dicks at people in the woods!” he said, “We only take them out when we need them!”

“Can I fuck you then?” Wendy asked.

“That’s why I’ve got my cock out!” the apple tree grinned.

Wendy got down on all fours, backing up so that her lovely ass faced the tree trunk. She crawled backward until the lips of her pussy pressed against the wooden knob of the tree’s cock and squirmed the hard pole into her juicy pink snatch.

“So how do you guys fuck?” Wendy asked, “I mean, you can’t move your hips… in fact, you don’t even have any hips!”

“It works like this!” the apple tree smiled mischievously. Suddenly his cock extended, spearing into the succulent tunnel of Wendy’s seething cunt. Wendy squealed with delight as the cock then retracted, then extended again, pumping rhythmically back and forth inside her hot gripping pussy.

“Golly!” Pearl exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly, “That looks amazing! I can’t wait till I get my turn to fuck a tree cock!”

“Why wait?” the apple tree responded, “Hey, Maple!” he called out, “Wake up! Free pussy!”

Pearl heard the shaking of branches behind her. She turned to see a maple tree several feet behind her suddenly come to life, a gnarled wooden face appearing in the bark of its trunk.

“Pussy, huh?” the maple tree asked suspiciously, “What kind of pussy?”

“Ghost pussy!” Pearl replied, smiling coquettishly at the maple tree.

“Hm!” the maple mused, “Never fucked a ghost before!”

“Now’s your chance!” Pearl grinned, “If you can show me a nice big tree cock like Mr. Apple over there!”

The bark of the maple tree split and a similarly sized phallus sprouted from the smooth wood beneath. “Come over here, girlie, and I’ll show you why they call maple a hardwood!”

Pearl knelt down and backed onto the wooden shaft, wriggling with delight as the hard tree cock penetrated her ghostly innards. She sighed blissfully as the maple tree pistoned his stiff member back and forth inside her juicy quivering cunt.

Wendy moaned as the apple tree continued to pummel her pussy. Cunt juice flowed around the hard shaft, lubricating the tree’s cock and squelching out onto his wrinkled wooden scrotum. “Fuck me faster!” she wailed, “I’m gonna cum!”

The apple tree sped up his strokes, pistoning his rigid member back and forth inside Wendy’s hot clenching cunt. He could feel the sap rising in his balls, signaling the imminent release of his eldritch sperm into the churning tunnel of the young witch’s pussy.

“Here it comes!” the tree yelled, his gnarled face contorting in a rough grimace. The woody stem of his cock swelled inside Wendy’s cunt and erupted, spewing a hot creamy load of tree cum into the depth’s of her eager twat.

“Oh, golly!” Wendy cried out, “I’m cumming too!” Her pussy clenched around the wooden shaft as her body convulsed in orgasm, impaled on the branch-like phallus of the apple tree. A creamy pale-yellow paste oozed from the edges of Wendy’s overstretched cunt lips as the tree’s wooden testicles emptied their overflowing load inside her. She detected a sweetish aroma—unlike the familiar alkaline scent of humanoid semen—and she dipped her finger between her legs to scoop up a glob of the apple tree’s sperm.

Placing the cum-coated finger in her mouth, Wendy smiled in surprise. “It tastes like applesauce!” she exclaimed.

“Of course it does!” the maple tree grinned, “He’s an APPLE tree! What did you think his jizz would taste like… Bananas?”

“Gee!” Wendy said, “I never thought of that!” She moved forward, withdrawing the apple tree’s member from her twat and spun around to lick the sweet sludge from the ligneous shaft of his cock.

Suddenly the maple tree let out a creaking howl as his balls erupted, spewing a gusher of scalding sperm inside Pearl’s ghostly cunt. Pearl shrieked in response, the blistering influx of gooey tree cum igniting a trembling orgasm throughout her phantasmal body.

The maple tree’s branches shook as his cock pumped blast after blast of gluey cum into Pearl’s clenching pussy. Pearl collapsed forward, allowing the maple tree’s still discharging cock slide from her cunt. A thick stream of brownish goo shot from the tip, spattering across Pearl’s back and ass cheeks.

Wendy raced over to Pearl’s supine body and ran a finger through the sticky brown slime. She tasted it and smiled with delight. “Just as I thought!” she exclaimed, “Maple syrup!”

“Ooo! Really?” Pearl squealed. She turned around and began cleaning the sweet goo from the maple tree’s cock with her tongue.

Wendy saw the trickle of syrupy maple sperm that oozed from Pearl’s cunt, and couldn’t resist leaping upon the dribbling slit. She drove her tongue inside the ghost girl’s sugary sweet snatch and began slurping out the rich cum of the maple tree.

Soon the little ghost and witch were tangled in a steamy sixty-nine, rolling on the leaves between the two trees, slurping the delicious tree sperm from each other’s simmering cunts.

“Well, that was fun!” the apple tree said with a ragged grin.

“Yeah!” the maple tree replied, “I hope these two come by here again!”

“Me too!” the apple tree agreed, “But for now, I think we should go back to sleep. My cock sure could use the rest!”

The phallic wooden poles retreated into the tree trunks and the bark closed around them. The crude wooden features slowly faded into mere suggestions of faces and the two trees returned to their inanimate state, leaving the two little girls to their sizzling sex play on the ground.

Wendy and Pearl ate each other to another thundering climax. Exhausted, the two supernatural vixens rested by the roots of the apple tree.

“Gee!” Wendy said, working her fingers into the sloppy channel of her cunt, “I think my pussy is still clogged up with applesauce!”

“I know!” Pearl giggled, “There was so much of it! My poor cunt is all gummy with maple syrup cum too!”

“I’ve got a spell for that!” Wendy remembered, picking up her wand.

“—Good Spirits, please, our cunts are sticky—Clean us up and make it quickie!—” she chanted. She placed the tip of the wand inside her pussy, and with a flash of multicolored light and a slurping sound, the magic wand sucked up the last gooey clots of apple tree sperm from the depths of her cunt.

Wendy repeated the procedure on Pearl’s phantom cunt, slurping out the sticky maple tree jizz and leaving her spectral pussy sparkling clean.

Pearl ran her fingers through her milky-white pussy slit. “That’s much better!” she giggled, “Now my thighs won’t stick together when I walk!”

Wendy stood up ant retrieved her robe from the tree root she had placed it on earlier. “C’mon!” she smiled, “Let’s see what else we can find to fuck today!”

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