Miss Americana: Little Sex Shop of Horrors

BY : neoraichu
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Disclaimer: Miss Americana, Got Gal, Got Chick, Esha the Thief and Lady Midnight are all properties of Mister X. Contains a whole bunch of lesbian stuff as well. I make no money off this fanfiction. Pervers de Viant is my own creation.

by neoraichu

When Miss Americana awoke, she was in yet another awkward position. She was hogtied to another woman, but couldn't tell much about them other than the large boobs mashing into hers. Her hands were fur-cuffed behind the other woman's back, and she could feel a pair behind her. They were in some kind of lesbian full body hug. Her feet were also manacled together at the ankles.

Then a web of silk ropes wrapped the two tighter against each other. Their boobs were spilling out to the sides of their torsos and might have gone out more save for the gauz bandages that mumified the two of them from head to toe.

Their heads were locked together in a crude kiss with some kind of plastic tube keeping their jaws apart. All they could do was stick their tongues into their partner's mouth.

The worst part for our heroine was the long vibrator crammed into her pussy and the fat plug in her anus. She had a suspicion it was a dual vibrator and the other woman was on the other end.

'Curses,' she thought based on how sopping wet her pussy was, 'I must have cum at least once while I was unconscious. I feel so weak, and yet I want to cum again so bad.'

Like before, the vibrator was sending waves across her G-spot only to have them bounce back off of the butt plug. Her G-spot was a true weakness even though it was kind of hard to use against her.

When she started struggling in vain, the other woman began moving as well. Her tongue came into Miss Americana's open mouth to play with her tongue, and the heroine had no way to stop it from happening.

As the two rolled around, the heat inside the mummy wrap was growing. She wasn't sure how much of it was caused by her massively escalating arousal and how much was just heat retention, but she sure was sweating like a pig. She assumed the other woman was really sweaty too.

'Shit!' she moaned, 'I'm gonna cum again!'

A moment later, she did. It was quite powerful and it destroyed her already weakened will. Even if her Power Belt wasn't taken by someone, it still would have been as useful as a leather belt would have. The juices were spurting from her cunt and no doubt joining those of her 'partner'.

She could barely make out men laughing around them before she was hoisted into the air by her feet. The blood was soon rushing to her head. Her pussy juices were running down her ass crack as well as over her moose knuckle.

'Laugh it up, miscreants!' she cussed tho it all came out as mumbles into her 'partner's' mouth.

Someone pushed them to make them swing from side to side. There was more snickering now.

'Well at least those men can't fuck either of us like this.'

She had a feeling she and her unwilling acomplice were going to be hanging around for hours.


Meanwhile, another heroine was hanging around on the roof of the Sextoy Superstore.

'Miss Americana's flag car can't be just sitting in the back lot of this dump for no reason,' mused Lady Midnight, 'I'm sure she's in there and I'm pretty sure her big ole booty needs saving... again.'

She had some unhealthy fantasies about Miss Americana's perfect breasts and her badonkadonk backside, not that she ever had the nerve to tell the object of her hidden lusts about how she was really feeling.

'I have to take care slipping in. The place must be crawling with employees considering the main store is open now. I just hope there isn't that many back here in storage.'

She moved to a skylight and looked down into the main warehouse. Most of the lights were off and she could see no one back there.

'This is the best place to break in,' she mused, 'and it's close to an exit in case I'm found out.'

She adjusted the one piece suit that was straining to contain her ever growing boobs. It was so tight, her nipples were pushing out against the material. Her expanding tits made material bunch up on top so her crotch felt even tighter. Moving her legs made it rub right against her pussy, making her damp between her legs most of the time.

'Why do I have to get a bigger suit so often?' she groaned.

When she was done, she removed a long, thin cable from her belt and opened the skylight. Tying it off to a nearby air conditioning unit, she tossed it down and began sliding down to the dark floor below her.

She left the line in place as it was hard to see in the shadows, and removed a small flashlight from her belt to shine around.

'DAYUM!" she thought as she sniffed around, 'Someone got fucked in here!'

Picking her way around as quietly as she could, she started looking for Miss Americana or any sign of what happened to her.

Her search was disturbed by the sound of footsteps approaching, so she hid behind some large boxes near the wall.

'They must be cheap here if they're not going to turn the lights on.'

There was people moving about, and she could hear things shifting.

'Must be taking out some boxes of sex toys for the display floor,' she mused as she hoped no one would accidentally stumble into her in the dark.

Someone slapped a damp cloth across her face from behind as another arm pinned her arms down. That was no accident.

"MMMPPPHHH!!" she moaned as she inhaled the fumes, 'It's... CHLOROFORM!'

Whoever was behind her was big and strong. She couldn't get away before the fumes started to affect her mind and body.

"Even with these night vision goggles," quipped a man nearby, "I can tell a chocolate bunny when I see one."

A hand pulled down on her top, making her huge breasts pop out with a *F-TOING!* Well at least there was less pressure on her crotch.

"I bet you don't get many of those melons to a pound!" growled another man as he roughly grabbed Lady's tits. Her nipples were mashed into the palms of his hands.

'Get off me... damn perverts...' she thought as her mind grew fuzzier.

Her top was pulled down to her belt.

The mauling of her tits continued for minute after minute, her nips growing rock hard even as her arousal levels shot off the charts.

"Undo the belt, stupid," hissed a third man, "I want the unitard on the floor right now."

"Shouldn't we turn her in to the boss first?" asked the first man.

"Oh... she's all tied up right now," he replied, "I'm sure no one's going to bitch about it if we screw this bitch."

Her belt popped open as her unitard slid down to the floor, leaving her all but naked and exposed. She suddenly wondered why she never wore underwear underneath her one piece.

"But where are our manners?" asked man #2, "The lady should always come first."

A hand clamped over her hot, wet pussy and began to finger her cunt.

'Damn! I'm already horny enough to cum and now this?!'

Two fingers were thrust up into her wanton cunt and gave her a good finger fucking.

"I'm going to be ready to fuck her good as soon as she cums!" grunted the first.

"I might just blow my wad all over that chocolate ass," said the second.

'I... can't let myself... climax... Not like... this...'

A third finger turned his hand in her pussy into a cluster fuck. The hands on her chest were roughly pinching her nips and pulling them hard away from her body.

'UGH... Not... gonna... cum...'

"Oh yeah, she's weakening," sneered the third.

'I'm... not... gonna... cum...'

The juices flowed freely down her inner thighs. Now she was getting the full fist up her twat.

"Damn," swore the first, "She's taking your whole hand easy. I betcha you pencil dicks probably won't even get her attention."

"She'll know my dick is in her ass!" bragged the second.

Minutes passed as she struggled to control herself, and was failing miserably.

'Gonna... cum...'

Her nipples were so hard and throbbing that milk began to leak out from them.

"She's gonna blow!" noted the third.

She threw her head back in spite of the cloth over her face, and she orgasmed on the hand inside her. Juices spurt all over her legs and floor from her pussy, and milk burst from her boobs.

'I'm defeated... broken... I can't resist them... when they fuck me now...'

Her arms were handcuffed behind her back even as manacles were slapped on her ankles. When she was forced to bend over ninety degrees, she knew what that meant. The hand was withdrawn and her sopping pussy was stuffed with a foot-long sausage.

Oh, and it was so very hard and so very fast, the way she was screwed.

It only seemed like a few minutes after that when she felt at least two of them creaming her ass and lower back with their seed. It wasn't long after that that she could feel the hot seed being shot up her vagina from the big man's big dick.

"We need to move this to a more... private location," said the first.

Towels were tied around her head, and then it was all stuffed in a sack. She was hoisted over one of their shoulders like a sack of dog food even as she blacked out.

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