Miss Americana: Little Sex Shop of Horrors

BY : neoraichu
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Disclaimer: Miss Americana, Got Gal, Got Chick, Esha the Thief and Lady Midnight are all properties of Mister X. Contains a whole bunch of lesbian stuff as well. I make no money off this fanfiction. Pervers de Viant is my own creation.

by neoraichu

Miss Americana was utterly exhausted and totally drained. She stopped counting her forced orgasms around thirteen, as her mind was far to fuzzy to count any higher than that.

On top of that, she never imagined her tits would be so hard or her nipples so erect in her entire life. They were so firm that they were halfway pushing the pasties glued onto them off, but still it wasn't enough for any of her milk to leak out from them.

There was a whine of electic motors as her table leveled out.

"Well well," purred a woman's voice as someone climbed onto her, "I see you come here for a good time, no?"

'NO!' she groaned.

Her considerable tits mashed into her own as they rubbed their crotches together. She quickly deduced her captor must have stripped herself before climbing onto the table.

"In fifteen minutes, the beam should turn on again. I'd hate to leave you alone for so long, my enorme sein."

'I don't speak Francais,' she mused, 'but the tone sounded... snarky.'

"I suppose that Esha was saving your milk for later, but since she's... under wraps at the moment...'

'What?' One of the pasties on her nipple was grabbed.

"MMMMMM!!!" she moaned as it was torn loose without a care.

It was less than a second between the time her milk started spurting and a mouth sealed itself over her throbbing nipple. Her milk was greedily being gulped down as fast as it came out.

'AH! The aphrodisiac! My nipple-- still insanely sensitive!'

de Viant moaned her own pleasure as she swallowed. The maiden felt her pussy being probed by eager fingertips as well.

'Not again! I'm... getting worked up...'

"Oh mon dieu!" she moaned as she paused in suckling, "Your milk! I've never tasted anything like it! I must... must have it all!"

'Great...' she moaned as the sucking resumed even harder. She could almost feel her breast shrink as the pressure was reduced. 'But at least she can't totally suck my tits dry... right?'

Minutes passed as she was sucked and finger fucked, and her horniness was going off the charts once more. Even the sweet pain from her stripped nipple was adding to it all.

"Oh no, mon petite," she groaned as she paused again, "Now your lovely boobs... they are no longer in balance... This injustice cannot stand..."

'Wait! What are you saying?!'

The other pastie was torn loose with even less care than the first.

'SHIT! FUCK! GODDAMN THAT STINGS!' she moaned as loud as she could.

Once again, the mouth engulfed her nipple in less than a second. The first nipple was allowed to freely leak down the sides of her boob and chest. Each suck made the maiden breathe that much quicker.

'FUCK! I'm gonna blast off again!'

Several minutes later, she did have another climax. Since the drugs were beginning to wear off at last, this orgasm wasn't nearly as strong as the last one that overcame her.

Sucking her tit was making it even with the first.

"Dieu putain!" she moaned as she paused, "I've never drank this much mother's milk since I was a babe... how can... OH NO!!"

'Now what?!'

"Those aphrodisiacs, the lactation formula... That stupid cunt Esha! She added too much to your system and it got into your breast milk! My tits... they're getting heavier... I'm feeling horny... much more than normal..."

Something clicked in the background.

"Sacrebleu!" she moaned, "How long have I been up here?! I've lost track of time completely!"

Then something clicked on the table.

"The system! It's reingaging!" she cried, "It thinks I'm an intruder?!" There was struggles above her. "My arms! My legs! Restrained!" she whined. "My only chance is to use the voice override code before... *GLURK!!*"

Even blindfolded, Miss Americana could tell that her captor just got gagged by the mechanical arms. Soon, she would be blindfolded as well.

'Hah! Serves you right!' she thought smugly. 'Still, having her boobs ground into mine... it feels so... ARGH!!'

The Super Orgasma Beam had turned on again, but considering the intensity, she realized that it had to be targeting the pussy of de Viant instead of her. She was only getting the secondary effects in her own pussy and nipples. While her milk spurt out, de Viant's milk started raining down on her like a light shower.

"HHHMMM!!" she moaned along with her captor. Now they were both helpless before a relentless sex machine.

'UGH! Not... so... smug... are... you... now?!'

It was hard to tell which pussy was spurting more juices down the maiden's inner thighs: Her own or de Viant's. Pervers was struggling as hard as she could, but it was just as much acting in vain as it was for Miss Americana.

'Hope... you... enjoy... forced... orgasms... as... much... as... I... do...' she thought dripping with cynicism.

Just like she had, her captor was going to drive herself to exhaustion trying to escape while multiple orgasms drained her of her remaining strength and will. They were both going to be there... for quite sometime to come.

'I wonder how Esha's doing...'

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