Miss Americana: Little Sex Shop of Horrors

BY : neoraichu
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Disclaimer: Miss Americana, Got Gal, Got Chick, Esha the Thief and Lady Midnight are all properties of Mister X. Contains a whole bunch of lesbian stuff as well. I make no money off this fanfiction. Pervers de Viant is my own creation.

by neoraichu

The goop turned gas that Esha was breathing was making her mind foggy, but not enough to not notice her vagina reamed hard and fast by plant monster cock.

'It's too much!' she moaned, 'Like getting fucked by a donkey!' She paused before she added, 'Why do I keep remembering that?!'

Then again, it was hardly the first time she was taken by a mutant plant dick. Far from it. She surely couldn't forget the time she was transported to an alien world just covered with the damn things. Wandering around for a couple of weeks getting knocked up every two days or so and dropping another plant to take root in that accursed jungle. Only surviving on water and whatever seed was... uh... forced into her stomach. She still couldn't remember what she did to get back home or how she wound up in a prison hospital.

'Ugh!' she groaned, 'I'm used to this by now... just as long as it doesn't...'

A smaller vine penetrated her anus.

'SHIT! Just once, could we do without that?!'

While it was smaller than the vine cock in her pussy, it surely was more than her poor ass was meant to take.

'Okay... maybe this isn't so bad... as long as it doesn't...'

An even smaller vine inside the 'mouth' forced it's way down Esha's throat.

'Whoop! Dey it is!'

It wasn't quite enough at either end for her to forget about how her pussy was being stretched out, reamed without mercy or how much the gas she was breathing was forcing her to enjoy being raped.

'It's almost like I'm forgeting something,' she mused as she struggled in vain. The monster had a grip on her with so many vines and it's raw strength was so much stronger than even what her Aphrodite genes granted her.

Another pair of 'mouths' engulfed her tits and began sucking on them hard. She could feel her motherly milk spurting from her throbbing nipples into the slimy and hot maws.

'OH! There it is!' she grunted, 'I wonder how long my poor tits are going to be delfated this time?!'

Yet in spite of the burning sensation of her nips, she was getting off on the pain she was feeling in them.

'I wonder if it's gonna be some demon seed or plant semen that gonna be pumped into my womb this time?'

After a while, her breathing quickened as she breathed in more gas. Her erotic energy levels were shooting off the end of the charts. It wasn't going to take long for her to cum really hard, and she already knew what came after that.

Her tits, just partly loaded with milk, were soon drained dry and down to only a fraction of their normal size. Esha was glad she couldn't see what her boobs looked like right then, firmly encased in monster plant 'mouths'.

'Oh... shit... Here it comes...'

Her body was wracked as she climaxed against her will... or at least against her conscious mind. As she orgasmed, she felt her pussy rapidly expand as a fairly large package started penetrating her vagina.

'DAMN! A giant seed! I'm just having all the damn luck today!'

Her vaginal muscles clamped down, but she was only delaying the inevitable. It would soon enough be inside her one way or another. She was, after all, fighting against her own body. Her body was programmed to take in that seed. To suck it up into her womb so it would grow into a new monster.

'Uh... just this once, can't that stupid fucking monster give up?!'

For the moment, her body was keeping the giant seed outside her body. But the pressure was constant and unrelenting. In spite of her Aphrodite genes, she didn't have unlimited endurance.

'Stupid gas!' she moaned, 'Just let me stop cumming!'

The constant Big-O was draining her strength and weakening her resolve. The gas was making her mind fuzzier. The seed began to penetrate her, and she had delivered at least one human baby that was smaller than that bloody seed going into her the wrong way. She was sure it was going to be even more fun when the 'final product' came out of her.

'Oh this is gonna hurt! Gonna hurt so damn good!'

Her pussy dialated inch by inch as the seed pressed further inside.

About then, the vines in her mouth and ass began pumping their loads into the opposite ends of her digestive system. She could tell by the throbbing in the vines that her stomach and bowels would both soon be bulging with whatever was being forced upon her.

"Can't... can't hold out any... any longer...'

Her body won over her mind. She had no strength left to resist, so the seed moved inside her much faster now. Her belly was bloating badly as the thing moved from her vagina into her now ripened womb. No one was quite sure how the process worked considering even monster mutant plants had no placentas, but the thing in her belly would somehow extract the nutrients it needed from Esha's Aphrodite body to grow and sustain itself.

The plant itself was surely making use of the motherly milk it ripped from her tits. She was sure of that much.

'Ugh...' she moaned as she came down from her climax, 'Defeated... impregnated... again... Is there some place... in this world... where I can get away... from these damn things?!'

The smell around her head changed again. Now the gas, it was making her sleepy.

'Oh... here we go again... Put me to sleep while... my belly grows huge... mutherfuckin bastard...'

She faded into unconsciousness before she finished her thought.

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