Miss Americana: Little Sex Shop of Horrors

BY : neoraichu
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Disclaimer: Miss Americana, Got Gal, Got Chick, Esha the Thief and Lady Midnight are all properties of Mister X. Contains a whole bunch of lesbian stuff as well. I make no money off this fanfiction. Pervers de Viant is my own creation.

by neorenamon

Miss Americana lay slumbering on the floor as Esha cleaned herself up. She plucked the experimental double dildo from her own pussy before she returned her bra and panties to their proper place.

'I might as well hang on to this,' thought Esha as she looked at her new toy, 'After all, I could use it again if Miss Little-stuck-up-bitch here isn't pregnant.' Her face softened as she added, 'So... of all the bitches in the world... it had to be you, didn't it?'

She picked up her new toy and her other living new toy, and placed it all as well as her robbery swag onto a dolly cart to haul out back to her waiting car.

'I'd steal her ride if it wasn't so bloody obvious,' she mused, 'She can obviously afford a better car than me.' She was just a bit jealous of Miss Americana's wealth, or the money of whoever was backing her.

Half a dozen cargo straps at roughly even spacing down her body to keep her prisoner immobile, and she was ready to go. She paused to fondle her rock hard tits along with the pasties covering her nipples, and guess about how much larger they were.

'Heh... She's gained a full cup size...' she guessed, 'Must be one of the effects of the Aphrodite gene. I wonder if they'll stay this large once I suck her dry?' She paused before she added, 'Of course, if she has my child, she's going to need plenty of milk to feed her.'

She knew enough science to know that the way Aphrodite genes worked, if two of them combined their DNA to make a child, it would automatically be an Aphrodite female as well. Something about super genes, but then the subject was only into scientific research papers at this point. No one had actually tried to do what Esha just did to Miss Americana.

Placing her hand on the maiden's smooth muscled belly, she sighed, 'Uh... having a baby takes so long!' She knew from personal experience that when someone like her was knocked up by a mutant monster, they could go through most of the pregnancy cycled in less than a day and showed a bulge in the bellies in only a couple of hours.

When she almost got to the back door with her captive mate and her swag, she was utterly surprised that the floor dropped. It turned into a ramp of about a 30 degree incline. Since she was pulling the cart instead of pushing it, it rammed her right in her sweet ass as it accelerated faster than Esha could run. There just wasn't enough room to jump over or sidestep it.

"FUUUUUUCK!!" she cussed as the cart careened down the slope.

Several stories below ground level, the ramp leveled out. Still, the cart had increased speed to a good forty or so miles per hour. Then the ramp leveled out and continued a good hundred yards beyond. Since the cart had no motor and wasn't designed to move long distances on it's own, it quickly slowed down. It rolled out into a huge room.

"DAYUM!" she mused as the cart rolled to a stop, "There's a secret warehouse underneath the Sextoy Superstore?!"

The place was poorly lit in the middle leaving deep shadows in the corners.

"You should really do something about that habit of talking your thoughts out loud," mused a nearby woman whose voice was somewhat deep and had a slight French accent to it.

Esha looked about for the voice when a fairly tall woman stepped out from a shadowy corner. She wore a blood red one piece swimsuit style jumpsuit with a large diamond cutout to show off the cleft in her rather large h-cup breasts. Her hair was tied up into a single ponytail, and her otherwise midnight black hair was only marred by a couple of streaks of white. She also wore red elbow length gloves and boots that came up just short of her knees. The boots had 3 inch heels on them as well as being leather.

"THE DEVIANT?!" she asked in mild alarm.

"Ah, you disgusting dog," she groaned, "It's Pervers de Viant to you!"

"I thought you never left France!"

"Normally, I would not," she mused, "but your city, it has the largest concentration of Aphrodite genes in the world."

"So... you're behind this whole operation?!"

"Let's just say that I am the majority shareholder?" she smirked.

"Judging by the size of your melons, I take it you're an Aphrodite too?"

"Such a crude way to put it," she groaned, "but yes... I am Aphrodite."

"As much as I'd like to hang around," replied Esha as she turned the cart around, "My girlfriend and I have places to go and people to see."

"You try to rob me blind and just expect me to let you go... just like that?"

"Uh..." she replied, "Yes?"

"Uh... no!"

Esha started to run, but took a dart right in her ass. The angle of the shot meant that it had to have been fired from a concealed gun somewhere in the ceiling near the center of the room. There was no appreciable sound, so it had to have been an air-propelled gun.

"FUCK!" she swore as she slowed to a stop. A warm feeling was spreading out from her ass cheek. "I'm going to la-la land real soon, aren't I?"

"As you Americans like to say... DAMN STRAIGHT!"

She managed to turn around before her legs buckled as she fell to her knees. 'This could hurt,' she muttered as she landed tits first on the front edge of the cart. Then she rolled over onto her back against the concrete floor.

"Now that you're my prisoner," she purred as Esha passed out, "I'll show you some of my real toys..."

'So much for honor among thieves...'


Miss Americana awoke in bed this time.

'SHIT!' she mused, 'What a strange dream I had...'

She rolled her head to look into the dreamy eyes of Lady Midnight. Other than her mask, she was totally naked.

"So..." she purred, "Did you have fun with your 'chocolate bunny'?"

"I... think so..."

"Well I had a good time with you," she replied.

"So... we're lovers?" she asked awkwardly.

"Oh yes," she smirked, "We all know your dirty little secret."

"You do?!"

"Damn straight!" she chuckled, "You're just a lesbian who gets fucked by a guy every once in a while to cover up the fact!" She took Miss Americana's gloved hand and clamped it over her motherly boob.

"But... do you know who I really am?!"

"Aw no," she replied, "That's part of our agreement. I don't show you who I really am and you don't take off your mask for me."

"I see..."

"What we don't know can't be used against us, after all."

"I guess that makes sense," she purred as she leaned in to kiss Lady Midnight on her thick, luscious lips. She placed her hand behind the other maiden's head to keep their lips tight against each other.

"I love you, sweets..." she replied as their lips parted.

"Ah... you make me tingle down below..."


Miss Americana slowly awoke from her drug induced slumber to find she was strapped down to a table. She was held spread eagle by her wrists and ankles. The table was tilted so she was head over feet by about 30 degrees.

Repeated orgasms had still left her willpower wrecked, her virtue in shambles and herself as weak as a kitten. But at least that buzzer was gone from her clit, and there was no vibrator crammed into her pussy anymore.

She was fully stripped down this time. Even her gloves and boots were gone, but her mask still remained. Her tits weren't taped up anymore either, but her nipples were still sealed by the glue and pasties. The pressure in her boobs was incredible and she wondered just how much they swelled up.

"Since you're here as Esha's 'guest'," mused a woman's voice, "I should share my new toys with you as well."

"Who are you?!" asked Miss Americana groggily, "What do you want?! Where's Esha the Thief?!"

"So many questions," she replied as she looked over her prisoner's hot, naked body, "but those answers can wait."

Before she could say more, a mechanical arm shoved a ball gag into her mouth and secured it behind her head.

She looked up to see some kind of massive energy cannon pointed right at her vulnerable and exposed pussy.

'Not again!' she groaned as her eyes were soon blindfolded once more and her mouth was covered over as well. Only her nose was once more left out.

"I call this my super orgasma beam!" she crowed as something that felt like an electrical shock zapped her pussy hard. The jolt not only ran up her cunt through her vagina into her womb, but also arced out right into her throbbing iron-hard nipples as well.

The shock made her twitch and twist, but even as her boobs swayed back and forth, the shock still followed her nips. There was a sharp buzzing sound in her ears like the sound made by plasma globe, but much louder as if it wasn't contained behind glass.

"Of course, since Esha kindly pumped you full of my aphrodisiac," she purred, "This might be a bumpy ride for you."

Her pussy and nips felt like they were on fire. She never felt anything so intense in her entire life.

Still half asleep, she moaned and moaned as she rolled her head from one side to the other and back. In about a minute, the first climax of many was ripped from her wanton, hungry body. Her pussy gushed all over the stainless steel table between her legs.

"MMMPPPHHH!! MMMMMM!! UUUHHHMMM!!" she moaned into the gag as loud as she could.

"You should see what I'm doing to Esha," she purred, "Oh wait... you can't see anymore, now can you?" She paused before she added, "Well, I left her in another room and you don't have X-ray vision, do you? No one would bother to blindfold you if that was one of your known powers..."


She wasn't even done with one powerful climax before the next one started a couple of minutes later. Her poor tits felt like they were going to explode, they felt so hard.


"You know, I'll leave 'you two' alone for about half an hour," she purred as her voice faded and Miss Americana could hear her footsteps retreating, "I'm sure you'll have more fun than is allowed by law in Utah..."

'NO!' she thought in a panic, 'I don't want a dozen or more orgasms so fast!'

She hadn't even begun to recover from the multiple times that Esha had made her cum against her will.

Now all she could hear was the buzzing in her ears and the smell of ozone all around her nose. It seemed that every major muscle in her body spasmed as she slipped from her second orgasm into her third.


Esha awoke in bed. It wasn't her own bed, but one in a very wealthy bedroom. One that costs multiple tens of thousands of dollars to make and furnish.

"Shit!" she muttered, "Where am I?!"

"Oh don't be like that," purred a voice next to her, "You're at home in bed with your sweet, loving wife."

She rolled her head to look right into the eyes of Miss Americana laying on her side. Oddly enough, she was still wearing her mask but was otherise nude. She glanced down to see that her motherly tits had grown two or three cup sizes since they first met each other.

"You can feel my boobs if you want," she purred, "Even suck them if you desire. It's not like my super tits can't keep up with both you and the twin girls."

'TWIN GIRLS?!' she thought in alarm, 'Just how long have I been out of it?!'

"Sometimes I worry about you," sighed the masked woman, "You act like you don't even remember knocking me up with the twins, keeping me as your sex slave for months, the time we fell in love, our hot dates, the lavish marraige, the honeymoon in the south of France, the sweet sweet bondage you forced on me every time we make out..."

'So... Maybe this is... NO! It can't be real! I'm not ready to settle down with anyone let alone Miss Americana!'

"Well if you're gonna nurse, you better do it soon. It's less than a half an hour before the twins need to suck me, and you know how loud they get if they miss their feeding time." She leaned in to give Esha a peck on the lips.

'It has to be a dream!' she mused, 'If we were married, she would sure have taken off her mask for me!'

"You're right about one thing!" growled a woman's voice.

She rolled her head the other way to look into the cold red eyes of de Viant.

"This is your NIGHTMARE!!" she hissed.

"NO!!!" she screamed.


Esha awoke naked in a cell. Only her mask remained. It took her eyes a number of minutes to adjust to the low light, but she felt like she was in an alien world surrounded by strange pods and inside iron bars. A rubber ball gag was also shoved into her mouth and strapped behind her head.

"Welcome back," purred de Viant from outside the cage, "Since you were so rude to me, I plan to return the favor with these genetically enhanced mutant plant monsters I left in there with you."

'SAY WHAT NOW?!' she thought in a panic as one of the pods began to split open before her very eyes.

Vines began to pour out, and she knew she was going to be violated by vine-tentacles any minute. In fact, it only took seconds for them to whip about her wrists and ankles. Only seconds for them to drag Esha towards the open pod as a huge plant-penis tentacle emerged from within.


Then a smaller bulb emerged with a pair of eyestalks and it split open to reveal a large, gross looking mouth. From its 'teeth' dripped a green slime that Esha was sure she didn't want to touch any part of her naked body.


The 'mouth' engulfed her whole head in one gulp. The slime flashed to gas as soon as it touched her skin, so she had no choice but to breath it in. The plant penis was crammed into her vagina hole without a care.


The thing stretched out her pussy greatly in only a second.

'OH FUCK THAT HURTS!' she mused. If she wasn't an Aphrodite, she surely would have remained stretched out and could only take massive cocks. But then, it had happened before and her cunt always returned to 'normal' within a day or so of being raped by some super pervert or mutant monster dick.

The fumes filling her nose were not only making her feel light headed, but her tits and womb were soon tingling like mad. Her boobs felt like they were suddenly filling up with motherly milk as well.

'SHIT! The fumes... they must be making me ready to... to... be knocked up!'

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