Miss Americana: Little Sex Shop of Horrors

BY : neoraichu
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Disclaimer: Miss Americana, Got Gal, Got Chick, Esha the Thief and Lady Midnight are all properties of Mister X. Contains a whole bunch of lesbian stuff as well. I make no money off this fanfiction. Pervers de Viant is my own creation.

by neoraichu

Miss Americana rushed to the crime scene. She was tipped off that Esha the Thief (holding the title of one of her oldest enemies) was pulling off a bold daylight robbery of the Sextoy Superstore. It was normally Esha's style to rob places at night, but then that store was normally open evenings and nights. So daylight robbery was the only practical solution.

'Maybe it's better that Flag Girl isn't available to help me this time,' she mused as she thought about all the smut and filth she was sure to see once she came inside. Her virtuous mind seemed too fragile to handle such dirty fantasies on public display. Well, almost public display. You had to show an ID proving you're old enough to shop there, and children definitely weren't allowed at all.

'Besides...' she continued, 'I don't want Flag Girl or the other heroines I know... to know what's really going on in my mind. How filthy and perverse my own fantasies are...'

Her hand drifted from her Americar's stick shift down between her legs. She often fantasized what it might be like to take off her panties and ride that long, hard, cold shaft that taunted her from the center of her front seats. In her mind, she saw herself bouncing up and down on it like some filthy whore, moaning her pleasure to the world until she orgasmed on it.

He pussy felt damp underneath her panties as she rubbed herself.

'STOP IT!' she chided herself, 'You're powered by your virtue and will!' 

Indeed, her power belt which was the source of her superhuman strength was dependant upon the power of Miss Americana's virtue and willpower. Taking the belt away, or worse, making her cum sapped her will and took her powers away for a number of hours.

With so many perverse super villains and mutant monsters about, her weaknesses were far too often used against her. If she wasn't so dedicated to battling crime and the forces of evil, she would have given up her mask a long time ago.

It took so much of her will to stop playing with herself as she pulled into the parking lot. She drove around back to the delivery dock as that was a shadowy place she was sure Esha would use to break in. Hopping out, she rushed over to the regular door beside the semi-truck bay and discovered the door was already unlocked.

'She's in here!' she mused, 'Maybe this time, I'll get the jump on her! My tip indicated that only the silent alarm was tripped, so Esha shouldn't know her break-in was detected!'

Opening the door and slipping inside, she soon found herself in the warehouse part of the building. It was packed full of boxes and crates from a cubic foot all the way up to crates that normal people could only handle with a forklift.

An open crate caught her attention, so she wandered over to peek inside.

'Just a little look won't hurt. I'm sure Esha is breaking into the office to look for the vault anyways. HOLY SH!...'

The crate was full of boxed up Blow-Up Miss Americana Sex Dolls.

'I never allowed a license for THIS!' she fumed. One of the boxes was opened, and one of the Miss Americana Dolls was already full inflated. She was hogtied hand and foot, her legs tied so she couldn't close them if she was really her. Her pussy, ass and open mouth... they were impossible not to notice.

She began fantasizing about herself tied up like that... waiting for some Master or Mistress to come by and violate her without mercy. Yes, Bondage was one of her dark fantasies she had to struggle to keep under control. Something she only allowed herself when she was sure Miss Americana wasn't needed.

'Seeing this... making me horny...' she thought as her breathing speeded up.

Her gloved hand drifted back to her crotch as she started fingering her panties again. She could feel her pussy getting wet through the thin material of her panties. It was getting bad enough that her fluids were leaking around the sides of her panty panel.

'DAMNIT! My mind... so filthy... so perverse...'

Her fingers slipped under her waistband as her other hand began fondling her left tit. Closing her eyes, her dark desires were running wild through her mind. She began rubbing her cunt directly with her pointer and index fingers even as she lifted her top to let her tit pop out. Soon, she was rubbing her nipple as much as her pussy.

'I'm so ashamed!'

Her cunt was soon all hot and bothered, and her nipple was soon quite aroused. Nether lips were parted by her pointer finger as it was coated with her juices.

She cupped her breast and squeezed causing a nipple to poke through her fingers.

'I can't lose control! Can't let myself cum!'

Using all her remaining will, she stopped herself from further masterbation and arousal. She pulled her hand away from her crotch and took a deep sniff of her own musk.


Suddenly, an arm wrapped about her torso pinning her arms down as a damp cloth was clamped over her whole face. She never even heard that someone was sneaking up behind her.

'DAMNIT!' she thought as a familiar smell filled her nose, 'CHLOROFORM!'

"You disgusting little bitch," purred Esha into her ear, "I can't believe you're getting aroused by an illegal blow-up doll of yourself. Lucky I opened the crate myself and inflated the Bondage Play version of you while I was checking out the place, isn't it?"

"HHHMMMPPPHHH!" she protested into the cloth.

Even though she wasn't really close to orgasm, her perverse desires combined with her own masterbation had weakened her will enough that she couldn't escape Esha's grip. That combined with Esha's somewhat above average strength, as she did also have an Aphrodite gene.

"Breath in those fumes, you fucking bitch," she purred, "You know you want to... you know you want to be defeated at my hands again."

She tried to twist in Esha's grip, but only managed to wiggle her shoulder, turn her head and make her tits sway back and forth. Her struggles simply made her breath in the Chloroform that much faster. The fumes fogged her mind to the point she couldn't even think about using her elbows or feet to attack Esha.

"MMMmmmMMM... mmmMMMmmm..." she moaned as she weakened.

'Ugh... Chloroform... making me black out... Can't resist it...' she thought, 'Why am I... so strongly affected by... knockout drugs?'

"And... down she goes," chuckled Esha.

Her knees buckled as she dropped lower. Only Esha's grip underneath the maiden's tits kept her from toppling onto the cold concrete flooring.

"All these toys," she mused as the super heroine slipped into blackness, "I'm sure I'll find something you'll like..."


Esha laid out the unconscious heroine on the floor as she looked about. She smirked at how one of Miss Americana's tits were hanging out, and how she still had her hand inside her panties.

"So many decisions," she purred, "So little time..."

She stripped off her prisoner's bikini top and bottom. Esha slightly jealous that Miss Americana was gifted with a bigger set of titties than her, and the thief's tits were nothing to sneeze at.

Her gaze, however, was drawn to the unconscious heroine's crotch. "Damn, her pussy's already so wet. Her nipples so hard," she purred, "SHIT! I don't have time to play with her right now,.. but I want to so badly!" Then she paused to add, "Wait, why am I talking to myself out loud like this?!"

Instead of her own rope, she fished around until she came up with a padded pair of titanium stell handcuffs. She rolled the big-titted heroine onto her stomach as she cuffed her hands together at the wrists. Now her hands were just behind her ass.

'Ah, it's like artwork... but I need something more...'

Then she fished out a nice latex bondage sleeve and used that to cover her arms almost to the shoulders. Strapping it down, her arms were tightly pulled together so even when she did awaken, she would have no means to use her hands or arms in any way to try and escape.

'Damn I'm good.'

She then clapped a pair of ankle cuffs on over her boots bringing her feet together. They were tight enough that Miss Americana couldn't just slip out of her boots to escape them.

Once that was done, she gather up some silk rope. She bent her prisoner's legs at the knees so she could tie the ankle restraints to the base of the bondage sleeve.

'I'd like to see you get out of that one, super bitch!'

She rolled her once more onto her back to look her prisoner over. Then for good measure, she used several more yards of rope to tied her up even tighter from her neck down to her knees. She could at most just wiggle around in vain now.

'It still needs... something...'

She hopped over to another crate, opened it and pulled out a foot-long deluxe vibrator complete with a control that strapped to one's thigh to keep it from slipping out. Being a good thief, she always had a couple of spare batteries in case she had to turn something on. Applying the battery, she shoved it into Miss Americana's already wet pussy, tied the control off to her thigh, and turned it up full.

'Don't say I never got you anything, you slut! I'm even blocking your hole so some other pervert can't rape you!'

Then she plucked out something else that caught her eye: A large ass plug.

'HAH!' she thought as she rolled the unconscious heroine onto her side and shoved the plug into her anus, 'Another vulnerable hole closed! I'm practically a girl scout!'

Laying on her side with her legs bent, she could see the juices gushing around the vibrator from the unconscious maiden's pussy. It was making a puddle on the floor.

'Still needs something...'

She fetched a rubber ball gag and shoved it into her slack jaws. Then she strapped that behind her head.

Taking another cloth she carried as a backup, she added just a little more chloroform. Then she soaked the cloth in some aphrodisiac she found in the medical supply storage. One that only had to be breathed in as fumes to be effective. To add insult to injury, she added a third chemical that once inhaled, caused the female's breasts to start lactation as if she was pregnant. Soon, her massive tits would be loaded with sweet motherly milk.

Then she wrapped gauze tape around it all to make sure it wouldn't fall off. With her face fully covered, she couldn't see a damn thing.

'DAMN BITCH! You're a sick fuck even knocked out!'

She tapped Miss Americana's tits together with the tape as well so they would stand up no matter what way she was standing or laying.

'I have to say this is some of my best work,' she mused as she stared down at her victim.

She watched a few minutes as Miss Americana's breathing quickened. Her tits began growing slowly larger as they were loading with milk. With her knockers taped together, there was less room for the growing pool of milk within her super milk glans.

'Heh! Machine milking her tits dry...' she thought evily, 'now that would be so much fun!'

She left her to stew in her juices as she went off to crack the main safe. Even in her drug induced slumber, the vibrator buzzing furiously in her pussy was having an effect on its helpless victim. The drugs in her system made her breasts grow even heavier and her nipples become harder.


'Uh...' thought Brenda Wade, 'Where am I?'

She opened her eyes to see that she was in bed. Her own private bed. Yet she felt strange. She didn't want to move even though she wasn't alone in the room.

'GOT GAL?! GOT CHICK?!' she mused as she saw two shadowy figures emerge from opposite corners of the room. As they stepped by the window, the pale moonlight revealed that the two of them were naked from their neck down to their crotches. 'What are you doing in here?!'

"Miss Americana," purred Got Gal.

"We know your dirty little secret," added Got Chick.


"All your dirty little secrets," agreed Got Gal as she climbed onto the bed beside her.

Brenda looked down to realize that she was fully naked in her own bed. She could see that her nipples were already fully hard and milk was leaking down the sides of her plus sized breasts. With her tits as big as they were, she couldn't see her own pussy.

Got Gal reached over her and tweaked both her nipples at once. It sent a jolt through her body.

Got Chick climed onto the end of the bed, putting Brenda's legs over her bare shoulders. She wrapped her arms about her thighs as she lowered her head into the crotch Brenda couldn't see.

'DAMNIT! What's wrong with you?!' she thought as she tried to get away. Her body was paralyzed. She couldn't move at all even though she wasn't tied up in any way.

Got Gal slipped over her head so all she could see was the blonde pubes and her hot, wet cunt.

"Eat me! Eat me, you bitch!" she hissed as she sat on Brenda's face.


Miss Americana slowly awoke as the chloroform wore off.

'SHIT! I can't move!' she mused as she struggled in vain. Even with her power belt in place, the relentless vibrations of her pussy was making her so horny. Her will was already badly weakened even without an orgasm. Still, she still had enough chloroform in her systtem that she was in the state where she was half awake and half asleep.

"MMMmmmMMM mmmPPPhhh..." she groaned into the gag.

'UGH! My pussy! Stuffed so full! So tingling!' she throught as she felt the intense vibrations went through her G-spot, bouncing off the ass plug right back across it again. It was almost like having two vibrators working her for the price of one. There was a buzz coming from her pussy and the vibrator that made it up to her ears even though they were wrapped over by Esha.

"MMMmmmMMM mmmPPPhhh!"

Even without anything on her tits, her nipples were rock hard. Even the subtle breeze made by the store's air conditioner and the general chill in the air were driving them crazy. She could feel fat drops of milk emerging from her tingling nips.

"MMMmmmMMM mmmPPPhhh!!"

'Can't let myself cum!' she moaned as she rolled onto her back, 'I have to find a way to escape before... before...'

Her willpower was sapped to the point that she was weak as a kitten. Chemicals in her system didn't help any. The stimulation of her pussy was eroding her virtue at an alarming rate. She had no chance to overcome her bonds. The stimulation was just too much to ignore.

"MMMmmmMMM mmmPPPhhh!"

'Gotta get away... Gotta get loose before I cum...' she mused even though she was losing her ability to believe she had a chance to escape.

Even though it was pointless, she twisted and turned as she tried desperately to escape her predicament. Her breasts flopped back and forth causing milk drops to fling from her nipples on either side. Flapping about in the breeze made her nipples grow even harder.

"MMMmmmMMM mmmPPPhhh!"

'So... fucking... horny...'

Breathing grew faster and more shallow as the minuted passed. She still wasn't fully awake as the vibrations just relentlessly pounded her pussy and the G-spot within her.

'CAN'T LET MYSELF CUM!' she thought in vain. In spite of her wishes, she was delaying the inevitable climax of her situation.

With her breathing the aphrodisiac, she couldn't stop herself from cumming even if she wanted to. Her dark fantasies surely wanted her to orgasm as much as the chemicals in her system did.

"MMMmmmMMM mmmPPPhhh!"

'UGH!! CAN'T!! LET!! MYSELF!! CUM!!' she moaned as her back arched against her bonds. Pussy juices were soaking her inner thighs as they spurt around the vibrator. Her head thrashed from one side to the other as she struggled to breath through just her nose.

It felt like the whole world was against her. She struggled in vain for countless minutes as she used what was left of her will to hold off the inevitable.

'Ugh... I can't resist my own dark fantasy... It's too much...'

She twisted herself, her hips shifting right and left as her tits swayed as well. Milk freely leaked from her throbbing nipples. Her back arched harder exposing her pussy to the open air even more. The juices from her vibrated pussy squirted further down her inner thighs. Her G-spot was reaching critical levels of arousal as it was pressed between the vibrator and the butt plug.

"MMMmmmMMM mmmPPPhhh!!"

'Can't stop myself... gonna cum...' she admitted at last.

With her arms and legs behind her, she was powerless to do anything more than squirm in vain. Powerless to defend herself. Powerless to stop her climax from coming.

She just laid still and waited for it to wash over her body.

In the end, biology and psychology won the day. Miss Americana suffered a massive will-crushing orgasm. It was powerful enough to make milk spurt from her rock hard nipples and soak the ground behind her ass with her pussy juice. The drugs comdined with the vibrator made the massive climax drag on for uncounted minutes.

"HHHMMM!" she moaned into the gag.

'I'm... defeated...' she panted as she tried to calm down, 'fully depowered. Esha the Thief wins again...'

Still the relentless vibration of her womanhood would not let her fully calm down. In fact, she felt that between that and the aphrodisiac chemicals still in her system, she was getting aroused all over again. She knew she could cum several times in a row thanks to her Aphrodite gene.

'NOT AGAIN!' she thought as she renewed her struggles in vain. Even wearing her power belt, she was totally drained of will, her power and she was absolutely helpless. It was her darkest desires fulfilled. Her greatest weakness exploited once more.

She managed to roll onto her stomach, but that only ground her erect nipples into the cold concrete floor beneath her. Her nipples rubbed on the floor even as more milk leaked out around them.

'UGH... I'm coming again... and again...'

Each climax she enjoyed only delayed her recovery by hours. Each will crushing orgasm she couldn't help but want to feel. She alternated between laying on her side, her back and her tits/stomach.

She figured Esha was long gone, and wondered when some hapless employee would find her struggling on the floor, a naked sight to see.

She was reduced to weak mewlings as she lay against the concrete floor.

"Gawd that safe was a bitch to crack," muttered Esha as she strolled in, "I was having to have doubts... shit. I'm talking aloud again, aren't I?" The voice was coming closer.

'Gawd, I just know she's staring at me! My naked body! My humiliation!'

"You know," she purred into the helpless maiden's ear, "That look is so you. I can tell that being tied up and helpless must be a total turn on for you. Who'da thunk the most pure heroine in the world was such a total bondage whore?"


"It's so lucky this place... they're too cheap to hire watchmen or even install cameras in the storage area..."


"In fact, I have a few hours before anyone shows up... I think I should pay more attention to you..."


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