Defrosting Killer Frost

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Iris West hadn't slept a lot lately. She'd always been a workaholic who pushed herself to a limit on a fraction of the sleep she should be getting, but lately she'd been spending every waking moment looking for someone and trying not to think about the thing which was haunting her dreams, or more accurately her nightmares. But ultimately she was caught sleeping at her desk one too many times, and was sent home, both from her day job and from Star Labs. She only made it home thanks to her best friend Barry Allen, who had pretty much forced her into bed and stayed with her until she fell asleep. Which in some ways made it easier, as she was so exhausted at this point she was almost asleep the second her head hit the pillow. Unfortunately that triggered the same dream again, in the exact same way.

Gunshots, blood... Caitlin Snow calling out her name before falling into her arms. Caitlin jumping in front of a bullet meant for her, the shooter running like a cowered as her fiancé’s life slowly began to fade away from her. Iris desperately trying to stay strong, but knowing it was no use, and all she could really do was not lose her mind for the seconds Caitlin had left. Then Caitlin told her she loved her, right before she died in her arms, causing Iris to absolutely lose it. But a few seconds later Caitlin's body became as cold as ice, and she fully transformed into Killer Frost, throwing an icicle which killed the gunmen instantly. Then for a moment her cold blue eyes met Iris's eyes and then the super villain was on her feet using her powers to launch herself in the air and away from her, and all Iris could do was call after her.

That would be the point Iris remembered it wasn't a dream. That her happy life had suddenly taken a dark turn, and now she didn't know if Caitlin was still alive somewhere in there, or whether now there was only Killer Frost. The difference between all those times and this was that she woke up to find a chill in the air, so much so that she could see her breath. She then cautiously turned her head to where Barry had been sitting only to see Killer Frost sitting there with of course a wicked smile on her face, which for most people would be truly terrifying, but Iris couldn't help but see her girlfriend in there. She just hoped she wasn't wrong, and chose to take the fact that she wasn't dead yet as a positive sign.

"Morning sleepy head." Killer Frost beamed, her tone sounding so much like Caitlin, but ever so slightly off, "Well, not morning. It's still very much night-time, so... bad dream? That sucks."

It took a few long seconds for Iris to find her voice, and then she cautiously murmured, "I've been worried..."

"You should be." Killer Frost growled menacingly, moving to the bed.

"About you!" Iris quickly added as she cautiously sat up in bed, bringing their faces closer together as she tried to reach out and touch her girl, only for her to pull away, "I've been worried about you."

"Me? I'm fine. Better than fine. I'm more myself than I've ever been." Killer Frost boasted, before leaning in and threatening, "You should worry about yourself."

Despite the glowing eyes and hands Iris didn't flinch, even for a second, "You would never hurt me."

"You sure about that?" Killer Frost purred, and then when Iris continued to remain firm she pointed out, "Caitlin, maybe. But I'm not Caitlin."

"You sure about that?" Iris threw the other woman's words back in her face, quickly following up with, "You don't think I thought about this every second since you left? That my sweet Caitlin could be gone forever, replaced by the same monster she met in another world? Of course I thought of that possibility, but it was her greatest fear, so of course after a dramatic experience she would conclude that she had to be a super villain for killing someone, even if they killed her first. But okay, let's say for a minute you're not my girl. That you're someone different. A split personality created by a dramatic event. Or even someone who was always there. Why no more dead bodies under your MO? Huh? Why hasn't Killer Frost been living up to her name?"

"Maybe I just haven't got the right opportunity yet?" Killer Frost suggested, although it sounded more like a question than a statement.

"Or maybe you don't want too?" Iris pushed, "Maybe you can be Killer Frost without being a villain? Maybe you just need someone to give you permission for that? Or for someone to tell you it's going to be okay, and they love you no matter what. Like I do."

"Or maybe I'm here to kill you?" Killer Frost growled, producing an icicle out of thin air and pressing it against Iris's heart, "Punish Caitlin for keeping me locked away all these years by killing the woman she loves. Solidify my name and new position. Embrace my destiny. Earn my stripes as a villain. And knock The Flash off his game. You think about that?"

There was a brief pause, then Iris pushed, "So do it?"

Emboldened by the fact that Killer Frost, or Caitlin, or whoever this was hesitated Iris grabbed the back of the blonde's head and force their lips together in a deep and passionate kiss. For a few long seconds Iris thought she made a deadly mistake, as after some hesitation the other woman kissed back, her superpowers sucking the heat out of the reporter's body and causing it to freeze up. Then pretty much at the last minute the other woman pulled away, initially looking surprised like they had forgotten this was one of her powers. Then she clearly became angry and scolded Iris, even as she threw away the icicle and grabbed Iris's duvet tightly around the shivering reporter, desperately trying to heat her up again.

"Do you have a death wish or something?" Killer Frost grumbled.

"I, I... I would just do anything to save you from yourself." Iris shivered.

"Your mistake." Killer Frost grumbled, and then when Iris had recovered somewhat she smirked, "Okay, maybe I can't just kill you. Even if, trust me, honey, part of me wants too. It would be so much easier, and more fun. No wait, not more fun, because I just so happen to have a back-up plan."

Iris smiled, "So you planned for the possibility that you wouldn't be able to hurt me?"

"I've already hurt you." Killer Frost said softly and sadly, before quickly changing the subject, "But yeah, I did have this other idea. See, I can't stop thinking about you. The things we did together. How easily you made Caitlin your little bitch. Which for you is impressive, and hot, but for me? The idea of submitting to such things so easily is truly shameful. But I know the perfect way to get my revenge. Mmmmm yessssss, all I have to do is return the favour. Make you my little bitch, even more than I was yours. Oh yes, I like that idea. But how about you, huh? You let little Caity try topping at first, so why not let someone who knows what they're doing have a turn?"

There was a brief pause, then Iris wisely questioned, "What do you want to do to me, exactly?"

"Nothing much." Killer Frost lied, before admitting with an evil grin, "Just a little spanking. And a butt fucking."

Another brief pause, then Iris gulped softly and offered, "Deal, if... you comeback to Star Labs tomorrow and let us run some tests on you."

Killer Frost glared, "I'm not letting you lock me up."

"We won't, I promise." Iris quickly swore.

"And I won't just be shoved back in the bottle." Killer Frost protested, "I like being this way."

"I'm not saying that either." Iris promised, quickly pointing out, "But don't do it for me, or for Caitlin. Do it for you. Prove you really are someone different, and... and Caitlin is really gone. If you can."

Yet another long pause, then Killer Frost begrudgingly agreed, "Alright, but they're better not be any tricks, otherwise there will be really unpleasant consequences."

"No tricks, I promise." Iris quickly replied.

"Well then, take off your cute little pyjamas and bend over." Killer Frost grinned wickedly.

Killer Frost hadn't really planned for this part. In her dark little mind she had imagined tearing off Iris's clothes, forcing her to bend over and then shoving an icicle straight up her butt. Yet when the moment came her icy heart somewhat defrosted, leaving her to agree to this worrying compromise. A real villain probably wouldn't have settled for such a thing, but she was still settling into the role, so she felt she could be forgiven for going easy on this woman who had very nearly been her wife? Or at least, Caitlin's wife. Besides, sex was always more fun with a willing participant, so this just meant that Killer Frost's revenge would be mutually pleasurable.

Any hesitancy with the way that this had been handled disappeared when Iris West pulled her pyjama top over her head, revealing those full, beautiful boobs of hers. Things got even better when Iris then really pushed off her pyjama bottoms, leaving her completely naked. And then, oh God, then she practically pushed her big juicy black booty right in Killer Frost's face, practically making the meta-human drool. Then after just staring at her prize for a few long seconds Killer Frost reached out and grabbed two handfuls of her prize, causing Iris to yelp and jump a little as cold hands touch warm flesh, bringing another wicked grin to Killer Frost's face. Which was nothing compared to the yelp and the jump from Iris when Killer Frost raised her hands high in the air and gave the other girl's big butt a hard double strike.

That yelp, and the sound of flesh meeting flesh, echoed throughout the room, especially as Killer Frost paused before and after it so the room would be extra quiet until that point. Also she wanted to loll Iris into a false sense of security. And most importantly, Killer Frost just wanted sometime groping that juicy black ass. Oh yes, Killer Frost had vivid memories of Iris groping her butt, or more accurately Caitlin's, and it made her feel like a piece of meat, and now she was returning some of that humiliation. Also Iris's ass was just incredibly sexy, and deserved this kind of attention. All of which encouraged her to repeat this process over and over again, albeit with the next half a dozen strikes far more gentle.

It was only a matter of time before Killer Frost cut out the gentle treatment and started giving Iris everything she had. They both knew that, but this would be so much more satisfying if the meta-human could hold out for a little longer, and really tease her pray. Besides, it would make it easier on Iris, said a voice in her head which sounded suspiciously like Caitlin Snow. But no, Caitlin was gone forever, and she was just Killer Frost now. No other outcome was acceptable, which was why Killer Frost perhaps didn't spend as long as she should do teasing Iris before she gradually phased out the gentle groping in between strikes in favour of constant blows, which increased in strength until she was giving that big black booty her all, making the cheeks jiggle obscenely.

Iris had ironically pushed for a more equal relationship initially, but it quickly became clear that Caitlin Snow was a pure bottom, and honestly she had revelled in playing the role of the pure top. However it would be a lie to say that Iris got nothing out of being spanked. It wasn't nearly as fun as topping Caitlin, but there was a certain thrill to it, and if this was what she needed to do to get back some version of her fiancé, so be it. Also it was very promising that 'Killer Frost' started things by massaging her ass, and then continuing to do so, massaging away the pain to something far, far more bearable. Humiliating to be sure, but she really didn't mind her lovers groping her this way.

When Iris was on the verge of asking for a harder spanking, both because she knew it was coming and just wanted to get it out of the way, and also because she wanted to see what kind of effect that would have on her body, Killer Frost obliged without having to be asked, gradually increasing her blows while phasing out the groping. Which admittedly caused Iris to cry out in pure pain and clutch the bed sheets beneath her, but even this had a certain thrill to it. Also the physical pain was enough to distract her from the possibility of losing Caitlin forever, which Iris very much welcomed. Then just when it felt as if it was getting too much, Killer Frost abruptly stopped beating her butt and went right back to caressing it, soothing the pain away.

To help with that even more really bizarre way Killer Frost leaned down and pressed her lips to one of Iris's ass cheeks in a super quick kiss, and then did the same to the other. She then went back and forth between them, like Caitlin had done so many times before as a sign of respect to her top, and a way to make them both giggle. This was preparation for something very different, and even more bizarrely away to soothe her sore ass after Caitlin, or at least someone who looked like her, had just spanked it. Thanks to the powers of Killer Frost those cold lips were really quite soothing, and the fact that they were only on her skin for a second meant there was no harm done. In fact, it felt really, really good.

Just as Iris was about to open her mouth and taunt her future wife, mostly out of habit, she felt cold hand spreading her butt cheeks and a cold tongue sliding it's way up her butt crack. Which other than the coldness of the hands and tongue certainly wasn't an unfamiliar experience for Iris, but that coldness reminded her that again, this was preparation for something. Preparation for her to lose her butt cherry, and while it was seemingly fair given how gleefully she had taken Caitlin's anal virginity, and then relentlessly ass fucked her for years afterwards, Iris would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous about this. Even if, as always, it felt good to feel that talented tongue caressing her most private hole.

Killer Frost probably shouldn't have initially kissed Iris's ass, as it totally contradicted the message she was trying to send, but she just couldn't help it. She was overwhelmed by the urge to cover that big, black, beautiful booty with her lips, worshipping it as it deserved to be worshipped. Which was far from unpleasant for her. Which was kind of the problem, wasn't it? Yeah, there was still some small part of her which was submissive, and if she was going to be a villain that just wouldn't fly. No, she needed to get in touch with her inner Dom, and eventually she got back on track by concentrating on the forbidden hole of the other woman. Well, this could be still seen as submissive, but it was at least a step in the right direction.

Also Iris's ass hole was even more tasty than her meaty cheeks, Killer Frost pressing her face deep in between them and sliding her tongue all over the hole she planned to wreck with a strap-on. She was even rewarded with it by Iris moaning softly, which made part of Killer Frost's cold heart flutter with joy. Which again, was the weak Caitlin part of her which she was trying to bury deep inside of herself and never let out again, so she did her best to just ignore that feeling and think about taking Iris's anal cherry and actually turning the tables on her tormenter. Oh yes, Killer Frost really love the idea of that, so much so she literally tried to push her tongue into Iris's butt. Of course, with that hole being virgin she didn't get very far, but that was okay, because she knew a way she could change that.

Namely by replacing her tongue with a finger, Killer Frost gleefully taking it into her mouth and sucking it before pushing it into Iris's ass hole. Which of course caused Iris to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, which in turn, put a wicked smile on Killer Frost's face. This was exactly the reaction she was looking for. The kind which made her feel powerful and dominant, and gave Iris West a taste of her own medicine. Something which emboldened Killer Frost to not only push a finger all the way into that forbidden hole, but begin to pump that finger in and out, eventually adding a second one so she could really stretch this little butt slut in training out, and get her ready to lose her ass cherry.

Of course, to actually achieve that goal she needed to retrieve one of their toys, so after several long minutes of anal fingering Killer Frost pulled those fingers out, roughly spanked Iris's ass and ordered, "Finger your butt! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, finger fuck your hot little butt hole. Yeah, mmmmmmmmm, get it nice and ready for me to fuck while I go get a toy. Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, good girl."

Part of Killer Frost hoped that Iris would reply, yes, and maybe even say thank you, but deep down she should have expected this. Well, actually she was expecting Iris to refuse, so the fact that she did it immediately without question was a great sign that she both she wanted to obey, and perhaps even enjoying the anal already. Hopefully both, but definitely that last one, as Iris moaned softly as she pushed two fingers straight away into her back door, a sight which Killer Frost was so captivated by she just watched it for several long seconds, before remembering what she was supposed to do, and actually retrieved the strap-on. Something she scrambled to do, never feeling more awkward than trying to put on a cock, and then covering it with lubricant.

Although Killer Frost did feel a renewed sense of power when she found herself in the proper position, ordering Caitlin's precious fiancé, "Spread your cheeks! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, give me your virgin hole."

Iris hesitated only briefly before reaching back and spreading her cheeks. If someone had too do this to her at least it was her beloved Caitlin. Some version of her, even if it was an alter ego. That alter ego might have a scary name but she was still gentle with Iris's virgin ass hole, pressing her strap-on slowly against it meaning the stretching was as easy on her as possible. It also meant that Killer Frost got to savour taking her back door cherry, just like Iris had done with Caitlin originally, so there was likely an element of revenge to this, and perhaps Killer Frost was just taking some twisted pleasure out of it, but it really didn't matter to Iris. All that mattered was that it was a small sign of affection, and that this was still more or less the woman she loved.

Of course that didn't stop her from feeling pain the moment that her most private hole stretched wide enough for Killer Frost's cock to slide through it and into her virgin ass. No, Iris cried out loudly and then whimpered pathetically as she was officially robbed of her anal cherry. But again Killer Frost then paused and allowed her to get used to the sensation of having her back door forced open wider than it was ever intended too. Or at least, as used to it as she possibly could. Then Killer Frost started pushing forwards just as slowly as before, causing pain and discomfort, but it couldn't compare to the initial losing of her butt cherry, or how she imagined it might feel, especially if Killer Frost wasn't taking such good care of her.

Given her current position it was easy for Iris to look back at Killer Frost and at least get an idea of what she was thinking. Iris was certainly staring at her throughout the initial anal penetration and the butt stuffing, even if it was embarrassing to do so, given that Killer Frost was grinning wickedly the entire time, especially when she officially took her ass cherry, and the moment thighs came to rest against cheeks, announcing every single inch of that dildo was buried within Iris's bowels. Which was embarrassing to see, but Iris knew that she had a similar one when it was her anally violating Caitlin, so this truly was her receiving a taste of her own medicine. And it only got more embarrassing when Killer Frost noticed Iris was staring at her, which naturally caused her to chuckle and taunt her.

"Every inch! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's every single inch of my big dick buried within Iris West's big black booty." Killer Frost gleefully bragged, smacking Iris's ass for good measure, "Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you just took it all up your butt. Oh God, no wonder you love doing this to that weak, pathetic little bitch Caitlin Snow. It's soooooooooo hot! Mmmmmmmm, or should that be, cool? Ha ha ha ha! Mmmmmmmmmm, whatever. Point is, I'm all the way in that black ass, and you know what that means, right? You're fucked! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Iris West is fucked, mmmmmmmmm, right up the ass. Brace yourself, this may hurt a little. And then you'll love it. Oh yes, I'm going to make the high and mighty Iris West love taking it in the ass! Oh fuck yeah!"

Unable to think of a retort Iris just blushed, and tried to look away, but there wasn't much to look at otherwise. Especially when Killer Frost began pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning Iris's first ever butt fucking. Or more accurately, the first one she'd ever received. Which like before, caused her to cry out, gasp and whimper in pain, but to her shame there was a hint of pleasure too. Eventually it became more than a hint, and Iris was forced to bury her face in the bed sheets to hide her sounds of enjoyment. Although, at least she could take comfort in the fact that she didn't start enjoying it as quickly as Caitlin did, something that Iris would only be too happy to point out if the other woman started taunting her again.

Killer Frost was very aware of that fact, but as far as she was concerned Caitlin Snow was a completely different person. A completely different person who just happened to be a shameless ass whore, who's memories were bombarding her right now, throwing her off her game somewhat. Especially as she was repeating all the actions Iris had treated Caitlin to when she took her, and maybe their, anal virginity. Which was at least partly why she was doing this, as it was created some wonderful alternative memories Killer Frost liked a lot more than the current ones she had. And oh, if she could make the woman who haunted her dreams her butt slut? That would surely cause her dreams to become the other way round.

Already Killer Frost was making progress with that, as the memory of being the first to fuck Iris West's ass would surely be one that she treasured for the rest of her days. Especially as she savoured every moment of it. The initial anal penetration, the ass stuffing, and then finally the butt fucking. Killer Frost did every part nice and slowly so she got plenty of time to savour each part, and to make matters even better Iris was giving her the best possible view of it by spreading her cheeks the entire time, giving her the best possible look of her strap-on disappearing into that forbidden hole, then pumping in and out of it, officially putting this bitch in her place. And making Iris West her anal loving bitch. Oh yes, that's exactly what she was now. Which was proven by the way that Iris gradually began moaning in pleasure from getting her butt fucked.

Which of course led to Killer Frost taunting her again, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, you're loving this, aren't you? Mmmmmmmmm, I knew you would. After all, ooooooooooh, this big beautiful black butt of yours was made to be fucked. And I'm just the one to do it. Mmmmmmmmm, gonna fuck this ass and turn you into my anal loving bitch. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, moan for me Iris! Moan for me! Mmmmmmmmm, moan and prove what an anal loving whore you are!"

"I'm the anal whore? Really?" Iris scoffed, pulling her face out of the pillows and struggling to control her moans as she replied, "I'm not, mmmmmm, I'm not the one who moans when filling her ass full of cock. Or whooooooo ooooooooh fuck, or who moaned pretty much right after I start fucking her virgin ass. Oh yeah, face it Caity, ohhhhhhhhhhh, you're the anal whore, not me."

"You both are." Killer Frost countered gleefully, "I'm not Caity, remember? No, mmmmmmmm, you're cheating on your girlfriend with me. Not that I blame you. I'm awesome. And you, ohhhhhhh, you're in desperate need of a woman who can give you the ass fucking that you so desperately need. Hey, maybe we could share you? I top you, Caitlin bottoms for you. Oh yes, I love the sound of that. But in the meantime, just relax and enjoy this cock up your butt you little bitch! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, enjoy it, mmmmmmmm, as much as I'm enjoying your fucking ass hole you whore! Oh God, your butt hole makes such a good fuck hole! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmmm fuck!"

For a moment it looked like Iris wanted to argue the point, then a particularly loud moan and giggle from Killer Frost had her burying her face in the bed sheets again in a feudal attempt to make this less fun for her new top. Only of course she dismally failed, as soon not even those bed sheets could muffle the whimpers, cries, gasps and more importantly the moans of pure pleasure escaping Iris's mouth, as clearly whatever pain and discomfort there had been became a distant memory and all she felt was the pleasure of total submission. Something which Killer Frost now desperately wanted Iris West to regularly experience from her. Oh yes, she didn't want to hurt her, she wanted to make this woman her anal loving bitch.

What would be really fun was if she could break her entirely, meaning that poor little Caitlin would have to settle for eating pussy and fingering, or better yet go looking for another girl to top her while leaving Iris West all for her. Then again there was something extra thrilling about topping the girl who had dominated pathetic little Caitlin Snow. Not that it was much of an achievement. No, Caitlin Snow was a filthy bottom, and having vivid memories of being dominated by Iris was still affecting Killer Frost while sodomising the reporter. Which was weirdly making the whole thing more vivid, Killer Frost stuck between dominance and submission for a few long minutes, until finally Iris set her free by beginning to beg for more.

Iris desperately wanted to try and avoid giving Killer Frost the satisfaction of hearing her beg, but it quickly became clear that it was an inevitability, as her ass slowly but surely adjusted to being fucked to the point that all she was feeling was overwhelming pleasure. Well, that and relief, because it had been hard to believe that anyone would enjoy this, no matter how slutty they were, but now Iris understood it completely. Which means all those times that she had been gleefully sodomising Caitlin she had been causing her girl this kind of amazing pleasure. Iris even pretended for a while that Caitlin was right beside her, and it was the two of them sharing the joy of getting fucked in the ass together by two dominant tops. Or better yet, she was just fucking Caitlin's big juicy butt, something she would soon be doing to put this girl in her place.

Particularly that second fantasy was very satisfying, and put a wide smile on Iris's face, but it also pushed her closer to orgasm, and at the very least she wanted to avoid the temptation for a little longer. After all, she didn't want to be a total ass whore, like Caitlin Snow, and start begging for a hard butt fucking only a few minutes after the sodomy began. No, at the very least she wanted to avoid that humiliation, although ideally she wanted to hold out so long Killer Frost would become impatient and give her what she wanted anyway. For a while that actually seemed like it was going to happen, but ultimately all the build-up just became too much for Iris, and she finally gave in.

"Harder! Oooooooooooooh please, fuck me harder! Fuck my ass, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck it hard and deep! Please Frost, make me cum!" Iris begged desperately, "Oh yeah, pound me, pound my ass ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, pound fuck that big black booty! Make those cheeks jiggle for you! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, I love it when Caity's cheeks would jiggle for me. Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmm, I love it when Caitlin Snow's big meaty lily white ass cheeks jiggle for me! Get your revenge, Frost. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, get your revenge by wrecking my butt hole and making my ass cheeks jiggle for you! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, fuck me! Fuck me hard, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss and make me-"

"And make you cum?" Killer Frost interrupted.

Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!" Iris answered truthfully.

"Then ask me too." Killer Frost pushed.

Make me cum, oh please make me cum-" Iris began again.

"What's my name?" Killer Frost pushed again.

"Killer Frost?" Iris whimpered questioningly.

"Again!" Killer Frost demanded, smacking Iris's butt.

"Killer Frost?" Iris repeated, confident this time.

"AGAIN!" Killer Frost yelled, again smacking Iris's butt, this time hard.


Finally with one last infuriating chuckle Killer Frost began increasing the pace, quickly rendering Iris completely incoherent. But that was okay, because it just meant she could put her all into slamming her ass back against the dildo relentlessly misusing her most private hole and causing her an obscene amount of pleasure, especially considering the circumstances. Of course when she was so close to orgasm she could practically taste it Killer Frost decreased her pace ever so slightly, enough so that Iris cried out in frustration, which in turn caused another chuckle of delight from the evil bitch. But then before she could even try and complain, not that she really had the strength to do so, Killer Frost increase the pace again, sending Iris over the edge of easily one of the most powerful climaxes of her life.

Like Caitlin whenever Iris was sodomising her this way the roles were completely and utterly reverse so it was now Iris who was cumming ridiculously hard and frequently to the point where she could no longer think coherently. And her last coherent thought was as much as she loved Caitlin she really hoped this would become a regular thing. Oh yes, Iris wanted to be regularly butt fucked by her girlfriend's alter ego, as a punishment/reward for the anal abuse she had gleefully given Caitlin over the years. As long as she got to mostly be the top, and most importantly her girl was okay with that, Iris smiling blissfully as she pictured her precious Caitlin Snow while her alter ego Killer Frost brutalised her booty.

Killer Frost was determined to make this a regular thing one way or another, because Iris had a big beautiful booty which had to literally be made for fucking. Like this was totally Iris West's purpose in life, and therefore she was simply wasting her time by dating such a total bottom like Caitlin Snow. Oh yes, Iris desperately needed a real woman, a total top, like Killer Frost to sweep her off her feet and show her everything she had been missing. Which would mean she would be stealing Caitlin's girlfriend, which would make this whole thing even better. And maybe, just maybe, she could turn this woman into her evil sidekick. Then they could be super villains together.

To do that Killer Frost needed to make sure Iris came as hard and as frequently as possible, which was admittedly kind of hard for her. After all, despite her bravado this was her very first time doing anything like this, and the only reason she was as good as she was, was because she could vividly remember everything Iris had done to her, or more accurately done to Caitlin. Because she now wanted Iris to be hers so desperately Killer Frost searched those memories for inspiration, and she found it in the form of smacking that big booty and making those meaty cheeks jiggle even more than her thighs hammering against it, and eventually grabbing hold of Iris's head, pulling it back and taunting her.


Of course this just caused her to be stuck again in a weird state of submission and dominance as she remembered everything this woman had done to her. Which for a while was mostly a good thing, as it kept her from cumming too quickly. Or at least that's what Killer Frost initially thought. Then she realised it wasn't so much her being conflicted, as it was her being stubborn. Because when Killer Frost did finally go over the edge it was initially the submissive thoughts which did it, and then the combination made the following climaxes that much harder. Which was a little disturbing, and yet blissful, especially as Killer Frost could practically feel Iris West pounding her ass with a strap-on while she brutalised Iris West's butt with her own strap-on.

In reality Killer Frost was simply doing herself proud by continuing to hammer Iris's most private hole through each of her own climaxes, causing the other girl to cum even more, the two of them becoming like wild animals relentlessly hammering themselves against each other in search of more pleasure. And perhaps on some weird level to make sure Iris's butt was well and truly destroyed. Sadly neither one of them had unlimited stamina, and embarrassingly enough it was Killer Frost who collapsed first, taking Iris with her. Which embarrassed Killer Frost so much she tried to continue the ass fucking while in that position, only she had no strength left to move, so she had to settle for a gentle butt pumping, which admittedly was a nice way to bring them both down from their highs.

Killer Frost then pulled her cock out of Iris's butt, and then chuckled with wicked delight at her handiwork, "Spread your cheeks! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, show me that gape!"

Iris was so exhausted from her ordeal, both mentally and physically, that she didn't even hesitate to obey. Also, it just kind of felt good to continue on her submissive high for a while, even if it meant subjecting herself to this humiliation. And to be fair, it was one she had been subjecting Caitlin too. So again, she kind of deserved a taste of her own medicine. And she certainly got it. Oh yes, before she even realized what was going on she was grabbing onto her own butt cheeks, and slowly pulling them apart, emphasizing just how widely gaped her most private hole now was. Her butt hole! Oh God, her butt hole was gaping wide open, a fact which again caused Killer Frost to chuckle wickedly, and then provide further taunting.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, that's it! That's so hot, mmmmmmmmm, no wonder you love doing this to me. The other me. The weak me." Killer Frost muttered at first gleefully, then bitterly, before pushing, "How does it feel, huh Iris? How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine?"

"Good." Iris moaned softly.

"I doubt that." Killer Frost snorted, before grinning wickedly, "But let's see just how much you like this... suck my cock. Oh yes, suck my ass flavoured dick you bitch! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, show me just how sorry you are for turning me into an ass to mouth whore, by becoming one yourself. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, suck my strap-on and become my little ATM slut!"

Again Iris felt helpless to do anything except what she was told, and that she deserved this treatment at what she had done, and to her shame she kind of enjoyed the thought of it. It was hard to believe she would enjoy it, but then again Caitlin did, so hopefully she would too. Wow, she was actually hoping she would like the taste of her own ass. Wow, the tables really had turned. Something she was reminded of as she got down onto her knees in front of Killer Frost, her mouth hovering over the dildo which had just pummelled her poor butt. The poor butt which was now aching with every little movement she made, that and the fact that she was very tired making her incredibly sluggish.

She then paused, and understandably hesitated for a few long seconds, before leaning forward, closing her eyes, and wrapping her lips around the head of the strap-on cock. To her tremendous relief, it wasn't nearly as nasty as she thought it might be. Even better, unlike Caitlin, she didn't immediately moan like a whore from tasting her own butt. Although, she didn't hate it either, so she wasn't sure what to make of that. Not that it truly mattered, because in that moment she had a job to do, so that was exactly what she did, slowly beginning to bob her head up and down the dildo, taking more each time. Which of course caused Killer Frost to chuckle with delight, and provide some 'encouragement'.

"Oh my God... ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, suck it! Suck my dick Iris! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, suck it good. Get every drop of your ass cream!" Killer Frost eagerly ordered, clearly loving the show, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, suck it like I sucked it. Like Caity sucked it. Oh yeah, you really are just like Caitlin now. Or at least, you're going to be. Ooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, you'll see, mmmmmmmmmmm, I'm going to make Iris West the biggist ass to mouth loving anal whore in the whole world. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, and I'm going to love every minute of it. Almost as much is you will, slut."

Thankfully Iris was mostly able to ignore those words as she concentrated on sucking cock, something that she was out of practice with after a blissful year of exclusively topping her beloved Caity. But apparently that was okay, as Killer Frost was more interested in talking trash, without backing any of it up. So Iris was able to get away with licking the base instead of deep throating, because apparently, as long as she got every drop of her ass cream that was enough to amuse Killer Frost. Which Iris had to admit she enjoyed more and more towards the end, but it wasn't as much fun as topping. But maybe if she could just stick around, she would find a way to get her Caitlin back.

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