Defrosting Killer Frost

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Caitlin Snow was trying to relax after a long day, but her girlfriend Iris West was pretty much making that impossible. Which was ironic, because Iris was normally good at relaxing her, and making her blissfully happy. But that was the problem, because her life had been a rollercoaster for the past few years, and she couldn't help but feel like the ride wasn't done. No, instead she was just going up and up and up, and it felt like she could be shooting downwards at any second. This was the moment Iris left her. Finally realised she could do better. Realise that now Barry was single they belong together, and this whole thing was just a phase for her.

It was natural for someone in her position to feel like that, but the reason it rang so true was as she kept catching Iris staring at her, or just staring thoughtfully into the distance. It was like Iris was trying to find the right time, and more importantly the right words, to breakup with her as gently as possible. As if there was a way that Caitlin could lose Iris where it wouldn't absolutely devastate her. She'd already lost Ronnie, the only other person she'd ever felt this deeply for. Did she really have to lose Iris too? Well, she wouldn't. At least not without a fight Caitlin promised herself that. So next time she caught Iris staring Caitlin refused to let it go until she got some answers.

"What?" Caitlin questioned, unable to hide her frustration.

"Nothing." Iris mumbled unconvincingly.

"You keep saying that, but you don't mean it." Caitlin grumbled, before sighing, "Seriously Iris, talk to me. Did I do something wrong?"

"No, it isn't anything like that." Iris tried to reassure the other girl, clearly unsuccessfully

"Then what?" Caitlin pushed.

After a brief pause Iris softly said, "I, I just don't think this is the right time to talk about this."

"Great, when do you want to talk about it? Cause my schedule's free." Caitlin quipped bitterly, earning her a look from Iris. She then sighed and added, "I'm sorry, it's just... things have been so good... or at least they were. Until our anniversary. Which again, was so great, but ever since then you've been acting weird. Please don't deny it and just tell me what's wrong."

Another pause, then Iris stammered, "I, I... I..."

"What?"  Caitlin snapped after an even longer pause.

"I want more." Iris finally admitted, and then when Caitlin looked confused sighed deeply and then clarified, "You're right, things have been so good. That's the problem. I'm so, so happy with what we have. But.... I just can't get the thought out of my head. But I'm not sure I even want it. You know, more. Cause I had more, with Eddie. Then I didn't. And you had with Ronnie, and, well..."

"Oh..." Caitlin mumbled, unable to say anything else for a few long seconds, "You mean..."

"More." Iris interrupted quickly, "Let's just call it more for now. Less scary."

Caitlin nodded her head unconvincingly, "Yeah, not really."

"I know." Iris sighed, then after a pause pointed out, "You see, this is why I didn't want to say anything. I didn't want to make it weird. But then not saying something made it weird, so..."

"Yeah." Caitlin repeated softly.

After yet another pause Iris said firmly, "Look, this isn't a proposal. You deserve better than this confusing mess. We deserve better. But, now it's out there, should we talk about it?"

"Yeah." Caitlin repeated softly, quickly adding more firmly, "Yes, we should."

"Okay." Iris took a deep breath, "After all we've been through, I won't blame you if you didn't want to get married again, and I'd be okay with that. But I want kids. Not any time soon! Just, some time, in the future."

Caitlin nodded and then said softly, "You'd make a great Mom."

"Thanks." Iris beamed.

"I, I didn't have the best childhood." Caitlin reminded her girlfriend after another pause, "So... I kind of thought I wouldn't want them. But I did, with Ronnie. And now... I wouldn't be against it. I'd just be terrified that I'd screw them up."

"You'd make a great Mom." Iris parroted Caitlin's earlier words, truly meaning them.

"I severely doubt that, but thanks." Caitlin smiled softly, then after a brief pause added, "I do want to marry you though."

"Really?" Iris smiled.

"Really." Caitlin confirmed, before adding, "Someday... it's just that..."

"Your scared of jinxing us?" Iris offered.

"Yeah." Caitlin smiled softly.

"I know, right?" Iris laughed bitterly, "It's like I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I don't want to live like that. I want to move forward with you. Get my happy ending. You know?"

"I know." Caitlin sighed, before cautiously asking, "So... IS this a proposal?"

"No." Iris said firmly, and then quickly clarified, "You deserve so much better than this. At the very least dinner in a nice restaurant. Something with candles and soft music. God Cait, I don't even have a ring. I can't proposed to you without a ring."

"I don't need a ring." Caitlin said softly, before admitting, "But it would be nice."

"So..." Iris grinned, wrapping her arms gently around Caitlin, "It's agreed? We're not engaged, but asking would be okay? I have your permission?"

"Yes." Caitlin said softly, then the girls shared a gentle kiss before the scientist offered, "So, pre-engagement celebration sex?"

"Pre-engagement celebration sex." Iris agreed with a wicked grin.

As they were in the comfort of their now shared apartment they didn't have to wait, or find a supply closet or toilet to have sex in. No, Iris just gave Caitlin another gentle kiss and then took her by the hand and led her into their bedroom. Iris then gently lay her down on their bed, got on top of her and then they just started making out. God, Caitlin loved making out with Iris. She had always liked making out, and could do it for hours, but there was just something special about doing it with Iris. Which had become the story of her life really. But as much as Caitlin loved the wonderfully soft sign of affection ultimately she wanted more.

Luckily it was clear Iris wanted the same thing, she did eventually start working on Caitlin's clothes, Caitlin only too happy to help her and then do the same for Iris's clothes, mostly without breaking the kiss. Which wasn't super easy, but luckily they had a lot of practice with it. Only when all their clothes were discarded somewhere off the bed did Iris moved down to her neck and start gently kissing the sensitive flesh she found there, making Caitlin moaned softly. Then cry out from Iris biting down slightly and then sucking, making sure to leave a mark. Marking her territory. Or more accurately remarking. Whatever the case Caitlin welcomed it with more cries, moans, whimpers and gasps of pleasure.

Iris loved to give Caitlin hickeys, marks, etc, to remind her lover of things she liked to do to her, and of the love they shared, but if she was honest there was something territorial about it. She had been that way with men too, but Caitlin bought out that side of her more than anyone else ever had, and Iris wasn't sure whether that was just because of Caitlin herself, the fact she was a woman, or Iris was just going too far with this whole being a top thing. Whatever the case she couldn't really help herself under normal circumstances, and given Caitlin had basically just agreed to marry her, and have kids with her, Iris was so surprised that she didn't accidentally hurt her.

Of course when she had effectively left a mark Iris was drawn lower to Caitlin's perky little boobs, where she basically repeated the process, except much more gently. Also she started concentrating on one area to leave a mark. Iris spent a lot of time moving her lips around that soft flesh, much to Caitlin's displeasure given how she was whimpering. Although while she continued going back and forth, and kissing the soft flesh around the nipples, it wasn't long before those nipples were Iris's main focus, taking one by one into her mouth and sucking on them softly. Then she started swirling her tongue around them, and even biting down ever so softly in the way she knew her girl liked.

While Iris was doing that Caitlin tilted her head back and sighed in approval of what she was doing, and then encouraging her to do more she pushed her into her chest. That was when Iris added her tongue and then her teeth into the equation, although she definitely used the former more than the latter, much to Caitlin's clear delight, the other brunette not only crying out with joy but her beautiful face came awash with pleasure. Which was a sight Iris often found herself looking at or going back and forth between those tits, eventually bringing her hands to caress whichever one she was working on to give Caitlin more pleasure. Although ultimately Iris wanted more, and she took it.

After lingering on Caitlin's tits for quite a while Iris finally allowed herself the pleasure of moving lower towards her final destination, taking about a minute to linger on Caitlin's flat stomach before reaching their destination. Then, because she was in a playful mood, Iris grinned up at Caitlin who looked down at her hopefully, only to be overcome by disappointment when Iris moved lower to kiss her way down one side and up the other and then repeated the process going the other way. It was mean, but Iris just couldn't resist, and to be fair she gave Caitlin what she really wanted right afterwards. Or more accurately, what they both really wanted, and she was rewarded for it with the most exquisite sounds and tastes.

Caitlin loved it when Iris took her time with her. Mostly. It made her feel special and loved. Mostly. Just as she loved to return the favour like that. Mostly. However Iris had a knack for pushing things so far that even Caitlin couldn't stand the gentle teasing any more, often pushing Caitlin into explicitly asking for what she wanted. She tried a few times throughout the foreplay, but every time she got close Iris thankfully moved on, sparing Caitlin the indignity. More importantly Iris was teasing her as much as she could bear, and then just when she could take no more giving her exactly what she wanted, and there was definitely something to be said for that.

However she was still very grateful when Iris's tongue finally slid over her pussy lips, causing Caitlin to let out a cry of relief. It was a long, slow, gentle lick which started from the very bottom of her pussy and went all the way up to the top, even lingering on her clit before repeating the process. Well, the following half a dozen licks completely ignored Caitlin's clit, but there was still more than enough to make Caitlin cry out again. Also she whimpered, gasped and moaned with pure pleasure. And maybe a little writhing. All of which seemed to please Iris given the way that her eyes were lighting up in Caitlin could just about see a grin when she looked down between her breasts and see her girlfriend staring up at her.

It was not a sight Caitlin could focus on. Partly because it was a strain on her neck, but mostly because it was just too erotic seeing someone in between her legs. Especially someone with long dark hair and very clearly female features. And the female body. And the fact that this was Iris West. Her girlfriend. Technically maybe even fiancé, or at least future fiancé, which was as terrifying as it was wonderful, as marriage had been the beginning of the end for her relationship with Ronnie, and just Ronnie, and the idea of losing Iris was unbearable. Although Caitlin did her best to ignore these frightening thoughts and just enjoy the moment, and ultimately move on with her life.

While normally it was easy to enjoy Iris going down on her this time was different. This time Iris had been brave enough to broach the subject of marriage, something which hadn't exactly worked out for either one of them in the past. Caitlin wasn't sure she could have done it, and she had wanted too. Even thought about doing it, and was so grateful that Iris had. So surely Caitlin should be the one showing her gratitude? Sure, she had been a bit lost in the role of the bottom over the last year, basically doing every little thing Iris wanted, but surely this was the time to be assertive? Or at the very least, to find a compromise? Yes, Caitlin could think of a very, very pleasant compromise, one she was sure that Iris would agree too.

Iris loved eating pussy. She had been curious about it for a long time, but she couldn't have been sure she would actually like it. But she did, especially when it was Caitlin's yummy little cunt. Especially when it was her precious Killer Frost. Oh yes, Iris loved fucking this woman in either of her forms, but while she might not admit it out loud there was definitely an advantage to eating the nice, warm pussy of Dr Caitlin Snow. Although both were tasty, and either way Iris would be happy to go down on this girl all night long. She'd even come close a few times, although Caitlin always insisted on returning the favour, and this time she didn't even wait for her to finish.

"Sit on my face." Caitlin moaned seemingly from out of nowhere, "Ohhhhhh Iris, baby, mmmmmm, that feels so good, but I wanna do you too. Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, sit on my face so I can lick you too. Come on baby, let's 69."

For a few long seconds Iris waited to see whether her girl would say anything more, as she loved it when prim and proper Caitlin Snow talked dirty. When it was clear Caitlin was done talking Iris began debating the pros and cons of the request. The pros were particularly obvious as there was nothing Iris loved more than sitting on that pretty face, with the possible exception of fucking Caitlin's tight little ass hole with her strap-on. However particularly since taking Caitlin's anal cherry Caitlin had been giving most of the oral while Iris had mostly pounded the other girl with her big cock, so it was tempting to refuse the request in the name of properly returning the recent favours. But ultimately Iris just couldn't resist the allure of that talented mouth and tongue.

So after a brief hesitation Iris started moving herself around on the bed while making sure her tongue never stopped touching Caitlin's cunt. Which was a little awkward, but so worth it to continue showing what her true priority was, and getting more of that tasty treat which was her girlfriend's pussy cream. It was also worth it because once she was in position Iris got to tease Caitlin for a few long seconds by keeping herself just out of reach of her tongue. This caused Caitlin to groan in frustration which had Iris chuckling into Caitlin's pussy. Better yet a few seconds later Caitlin reached up, grabbed Iris's butt with both hands and pulled her down was onto her face.

Having her normally so submissive girlfriend taking this kind of initiative was incredibly hot, and it only added to the pleasure Iris felt as Caitlin's tongue started rapidly caressing her cunt. Clearly Caitlin was determined to catch up to the progress that Iris had already made, which really wouldn't take much, as Iris was raring to go and being able to pleasure Caitlin at the same time only made things better, which made her question why she'd been so hesitant to try this. Then she was reminded by the growing desire to cum, threatening to end their fun prematurely, to the point that the best Iris could do was wait until Caitlin push things further, that way at least it wouldn't be her who ended the fun. Which she knew was incredibly petty, but that was something neither one of them was above.

Caitlin certainly wasn't in a hurry to bring this to an end. After all, this was literally a dream come true. Or more accurately multiple dreams coming true. Firstly it was sex with Iris West, who was first going down on her, and then 69'ing with her. That was Iris West, as in her best female friend, doing that stuff to her. Another girl. The girl she loved. And they were 69'ing for the very first time, and it was even better than Caitlin had imagined. Which made her regret not bringing up the subject of a 69 before, because while as a complete and total bottom Caitlin preferred to follow Iris's lead clearly her top could do with some suggestions, at least from time to time.

Of course while she wasn't in a hurry to end their first-ever 69 Caitlin knew she would eventually. Iris was too stubborn to lose control first, not to mention skilled, and eventually the urge to cum would become overwhelming. But in the meantime Caitlin tried to maximise the enjoyment for them both by frantically bringing Iris to the edge of orgasm with just a half-dozen quick licks, which included bashing her tongue against her clit, and then she did her best to keep her there for however long the pussy eating was going to be. Which mostly included licks which didn't touch Iris's clit, but Caitlin made sure not to ignore it entirely, and a few times even took some time to gently suck on it.

As a result she was constantly getting a mouthful, and a face full, of one of the two best liquids in the entire world, Iris West's pussy cream. It was second only to Iris West's girl cum, but Caitlin was doing her best to not think about that, as she was craving the other girl's cum enough without throwing too much fuel on the fire. Besides, soon enough she knew she would be rewarded with that, and there was definitely something to be said for Iris's regular cunt juice. It was certainly delicious, Caitlin swallowing as much as she could, and the rest did a wonderful job of marking her as what she truly was, Iris West's personal little pussy pleaser.

Ironically that heavenly liquid was perhaps ultimately Caitlin's downfall, because while she wanted to tasted all night long it also got her so horny that what she was getting simply wasn't enough, and she wanted more. She needed more, and what came after it. So inevitably she proved herself right by pushing her tongue as deep as it would go into Iris's cunt, immediately giving the other girl a powerful climax. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Caitlin worked tirelessly to get Iris off like a good little bottom should. Even if initially she was a little distracted by the pure heaven in liquid form which was Iris's cum, as Caitlin quickly pulled out her tongue and became lost in ravenously swallowing as much as she could.

Iris was grateful for that distraction, as it meant her climax was that much more satisfying. More importantly it gave her some much needed time to recover, so by the time Caitlin was pushing her tongue back inside her it was merely a retaliation to Iris doing the same thing. At least that particular time they were able to make each other cum simultaneously, even being able to pull their tongues out at the same time and wrap their lips around the other's entrance so they could try and swallow whatever the other person had to give. They were less lucky with the following orgasms as things became a lot more crazy and uncoordinated, but to their credit they more or less both gave as much as they received. Or at least it felt like it.

Honestly it was hard to tell, as they could both be tremendously stubborn when trying to solve a problem, and both of them were actively fixated on making the other cum. The only difference was that being on top allowed Iris to grind her cunt into Caitlin's face, initially making her climaxes that much more powerful. Then she just did that on instinct, even after that she changed their positions so they were side by side, which Iris did so she could have access to Caitlin's butt. To be fair she slid her fingers into her cunt first, while beginning to suck on her clit, but Iris just couldn't resist sliding a finger into that sensitive little back hole, especially when she knew it would make Caitlin cum extra hard, which it did.

Retaliation came in the form of Caitlin rubbing her face against Iris's cunt, and just more tongue fucking, which was more than enough to get the job done and make sure they eventually became just as consumed by the ecstasy they were feeling as what they were dishing out. Especially as they had each other's cum to swallow. Oh yes, it was truly a wonderful celebration. And if that had been it, it would have maybe been enough. But not for Iris. No, there was at least one other thing she was craving to do, and she knew it was Caitlin's favourite, so as tempting as it was to keep 69'ing until they fucked each other into unconsciousness Iris forced the fun to stop, at least temporarily.

At first that just involved literally rolling off of Caitlin and then both girls lying on their backs gasping for breath. It wasn't too long though that Iris got up, turned around and then pressed herself down on top of Caitlin's naked body so they could kiss again, this time sharing each other's flavour. That kiss was slow and sweet to begin with, mostly because of just how exhausted they both were, but inevitably it became more heated, especially when Iris pushed her tongue into Caitlin's mouth and the Meta massaged it with her own. Then, because she was just overwhelmed by their exchange earlier, Iris pulled back and couldn't help just grin goofily at the girl she loved.

"So, who wants to get ass fucked?" Iris teased.

"Oh, I do, I do." Caitlin eagerly replied.

"Then get me a nice big black cock, strap it to me and suck it." Iris ordered, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, get me nice and ready for your slutty little ass hole."

Caitlin quickly did as she was told without a moment's hesitation, getting off the bed and practically skipping over to their drawer filled with toys. Whereas before she had a variety of different colours they had been thrown out in favour of purely black dildos, most of which matched Iris's skin colour perfectly. Which was mostly for Iris's benefit, as she was the one who would get the best possible look at the penetration, but Caitlin had to admit there was a certain thrill to being fucked by her black girlfriend with a black cock. It just seemed so wonderfully appropriate, and she loved the contrast in colour as she was picking out a strap-on for Iris. Although she wasn't sure why she was debating, as inevitably they both knew Caitlin would pick the biggest.

Sure enough both girls exchanged a chuckle as Caitlin held out the big toy, although the humour was then quickly forgotten as she strapped the cock around Iris's waist and took it into her mouth. Which wasn't as fun as sucking it after it had pummelled her pussy and/or ass, but there was definitely something to be said for preparing a strap-on with her own saliva for her greedy fuck holes. Which inspired Caitlin to show off what great practice she now had as she bobbed her head up and down the shaft, taking more and more into her mouth with every bob until it was sliding into her throat. Then she went even further, eventually deep throating the entire length, much to Iris's delight.

"Yesssssss, take it! Take it all! Take every single inch down your throat, mmmmm yes, oh fuck yeah!" Iris encouraged gleefully, both with her words and with one of her hands gently stroking Caitlin's hair, "Suck it good ,mmmmm yessssssss! Cover that dick in spit so I can shove it straight up your ass. Oh, speaking of which, why don't you shove a couple of fingers up your ass? Oh yeah, stretch that slutty little hole for me while sucking my cock. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, show me just how eager you are to get butt fucked by thoroughly preparing your ass hole and my cock. Ooooooh, fuck yes, that's so hot, oh Caitlin, suck my cock Caitlin, Ohhhhhh yesssssss!"

Honestly Caitlin was a little disappointed by this, because she loved receiving rim jobs from Iris, and this likely indicated they were skipping part of the preparation. Of course as the bottom it wasn't her place to complain. Yes, she would do anything to make Iris happy, and most of all Caitlin was just as eager for the cock in her mouth to be stretching her ass. So she didn't hesitate reaching back and shoving a finger up her butt, barely pausing to rub it in pussy juices so it would be nice and lubricated for her back hole. She was a bit more thorough preparing the second finger, and was rewarded for it, Caitlin crying out in pure pleasure as she push that second finger into her own bottom.

Of course Caitlin wouldn't allow touching herself to get in the way of pleasing Iris, so she made sure to focus her attention just as much on the blow job as the anal fingering. Luckily they both meant pleasing Iris, who continued verbally and physically encouraging Caitlin onwards. Which she clearly was more than happy to do, but she couldn't help craving more. In fact she was fairly close to adding a third finger into her butt and/or begging the top to fuck her ass before Iris finally began contemplating exactly what position she should take Caitlin's butt in, before teasing her with a bit of stalling before finally and mercifully giving Caitlin what she so desperately wanted.

"Now, get up here and stick that slutty little ass hole of yours on my dick." Iris announced gleefully, "No, turn around. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I want the best view of my dick sliding into your butt. Yes, that's it, good girl. Now spread those cheeks. Ohhhhhh yesssss, give me a real show, my little anal slut."

Iris grinned wickedly as Caitlin obeyed all these commands like the well-trained bottom she had become, then further proving that by pulling her fingers out of her butt, spreading her cheeks and lowering herself downwards so she could easily penetrate herself. Of course Iris helped out by holding firmly onto the dildo and helping to guide it to Caitlin's rosebud, but that was all she did this time. Everything else was Caitlin willingly violating her most private hole for their mutual pleasure, the little slut even crying out joyfully as her slutty little ass hole began to stretch. There was pain mixed in with the pleasure, but the fact that Caitlin was enjoying this in any way just further proved what an anal slut she was. The anal slut Iris had gleefully trained her to be.

Part of that training was not to rush the anal penetration, because while Caitlin's ass was so slutty she could take a quick violation Iris quickly learned she preferred to savour this kind of thing. That went double for the butt stuffing, and sure enough Caitlin once again did what she was trained to do, slowly pushing herself downwards until the head of that cock slipped through her anal ring and into her ass. Then Caitlin started pushing herself downwards just as slowly, giving Iris plenty of time to enjoy the view. Especially considering Caitlin spent the whole time spreading her cheeks, which also doubled as Caitlin proving her submission to her. And Iris loved her for it.

One of Iris's favourite things in the entire world was watching her big black cock disappearing into Caitlin's white little ass. She just loved the contrast in colour. It was truly beautiful. And she got to enjoy a lot more when those pale cheeks came to rest against her chocolate thighs, announcing every inch of the dick was buried in Caitlin's butt. Then after savouring that fact for a few long seconds Caitlin started bouncing up and down while continuing to spread her cheeks, once again giving Iris the perfect view of her black dick violating Caitlin's white booty. Which Iris could have happily watched all night, but she wanted to make this special, and she knew just how she could do it.

"Turn around." Iris suddenly ordered, "Oh yes, I want to see your pretty face as you ride me."

When Iris added that second part Caitlin was looking over her shoulder at her in surprise, meaning it was impossible for the meta-human to hide her adorable blush at that compliment. Then without needing to be asked Caitlin pushed herself upwards so she turned herself around, but not far enough to pull the toy out of her ass. No, it stayed in the entire time, and soon Caitlin was pushing herself all the way back down again while moaning in pleasure. Which Iris enjoyed hearing, and seeing on Caitlin's face, two thing she enjoyed for quite a while, along with Caitlin's boobs bouncing up and down in front of her. At least until she leaned forward and latched her mouth around one of them, causing Caitlin to let out an extra loud pleasurable cry.

Caitlin had been taken completely off-guard by that, and really this whole thing since being told to swap positions. Normally Iris kept her in one position when they were having sex, and only changed positions when they changed sex acts, so that alone had been a surprise. It was a welcome one though, because although Caitlin adored showing off her brutalised butt hole it just wasn't quite as fun when she wasn't face down. Oh yes, when it came to riding Iris's cock Caitlin preferred it when they were face to face, as it meant she could watch Iris's beautiful face, and likewise with her while they became lost in anal sex. Sometimes they would even kiss a little, but this, this was a totally new one for them.

It was something Caitlin immediately welcomed with a loud cry of pleasure. She also automatically wrapped her hands around the back of Iris's head and pushed her deeper into her chest. Which probably wasn't the correct thing for a bottom to do under the circumstances, but as Iris didn't complain Caitlin kept those hands there so she could gently stroke the back of Iris's head and coo softly. Iris then kissed her way down one boob and up the other to take the other nipple into her mouth, before going back and forth between them, much as she would during foreplay, except now Caitlin had a massive dildo up her butt, which made it even more thrilling.

Then Iris was removing her mouth from her nipples and scolding, "Keep bouncing."

"Sorry." Caitlin blushed.

Briefly Caitlin considered pointing out that she had only stopped because Iris was distracting her, but that didn't seem like the actions of a good bottom. Besides, she was even more eager to restart the sodomy, so why would she waste time? Oh yes, instead of wasting time arguing about who's fault the pause was Caitlin lifted her butt up and then pushed it back down, repeating the process until she worked up to a steady rhythm, violating her most private hole for the mutual pleasure of herself and her girlfriend. Which caused Iris to smile around each nipple in turn, and suck them even harder than before, which in turn caused Caitlin to cry out even more loudly and happily than before.

Things continued like that for quite a while, both girls getting completely lost in the pleasure they were giving each other, even if it was Caitlin who was getting the lion share of the physical pleasure. Along the way Caitlin felt a growing need for more, but as always ignored it for as long as she could, because she lived for moments like this. Lived to please Iris West. And if she was honest, lived for Iris's cock up her ass. Of course she also lived for a great many other things, like her friends, a nice bottle of wine, and most importantly of all helping to save the world with the rest of Team Flash. And of course being with Iris, which was literally a dream come true for her. But in moments like this Caitlin felt like she lived most of all for the joy of being Iris's anal loving bottom.

It wasn't even just the incredible orgasms she received at the end. Honestly that came to second the thrill of giving up her most private hole to the woman she loved, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt there was no part of her which was off-limits to Iris West, and that her dominant top could fuck her however she wanted. And oh, to feel her forbidden hole sliding up and down a big toy cock, and to feel so much of her rectum stuffed with it, was just beyond words. Especially as in moments like this it felt like pure Iris West invading her like no one else had, and reminding Caitlin that she belonged to her. That she was Iris's bitch. Her anal loving little bitch, who really, really wanted to cum right now.

Just as Caitlin was about to beg for the privilege, and of course confirming what she was to make sure she gets what she wanted, and just because it was true, Iris moved her lips upwards and captured Caitlin's mouth with her own. Which at first delighted Caitlin, because being kissed by Iris West was yet another thing which she lived for. Maybe especially when Iris was forceful right from the start, pushing her tongue into Caitlin's mouth and dominating the scientist's tongue with her own. However that kiss lasted for several minutes, constantly denying Caitlin the chance to beg for more. And she tried to be patient, she really did, but Caitlin just couldn't resist increasing the pace, which of course led to her being punished.

Breaking the kiss Iris smacked Caitlin's ass roughly with both hands and told her, "Stop! What do you think you're doing?"

"I..." Caitlin began bashfully.

"Did I give you permission to cum?" Iris questioned.

"I, I wanted to ask." Caitlin stammered.

"Well, wait for permission like a good girl." Iris smirked, leaning back as she gave Caitlin's ass one more smack, "I wanted to watch your pretty face as you ride me, and you distracted me. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, now I want at least another five more minutes of watching you before you get to beg for the privilege of cumming with my cock up your ass."

"Yes Iris, sorry Iris." Caitlin blushed, before doing as she was told.

Which was difficult given just how much she wanted to cum, but Caitlin prided herself on being a submissive bottom who would do anything to please her dominant top, and she knew this would just probably make her eventual orgasm that much more powerful, so she pushed herself to continue the gentle violation of her own butt hole. Besides, it wasn't all bad news, it was likely Iris was just looking for a reason to tease her, so Caitlin's disobedience of increasing the pace on her own had likely saved her from having to wait for this teasing. More importantly it was almost easy to hold herself back when she saw the heart-warming pleased look on the face of Iris West. And just Iris's beautiful face, which she got lost in staring at for what turned out to be more than five minutes.

Then finally Iris purred, "Okay then my little butt slut, mmmmm, tell me what you want."

"Please, please Iris, ooooooh fuck, let me cum!" Caitlin whimpered pathetically while looking into her lover's eyes pleadingly, "Please let me cum! Let your little butt slut cum! I need to cum! I need it so bad! Ohhhhhh please, please let me cum for you. I wanna cum with a cock in my ass! Please, mmmmmm, I need to cum with a cock in my butt like the little ass slut I am! Oh Iris, ohhhhhhh fuck, I'm your ass slut. Mmmmm, your anal whore! Your little butt bitch. Please Iris, make your anal loving bottom cum, mmmmmm, or let me do it. I don't care any more, I just need it. Please, give me permission to cum. Yesssssss, mmmmm, allow me the privilege of cumming for you like a good little bottom."

"I suppose." Iris grinned wickedly after a few long seconds of Caitlin telling her what she wanted to hear, then gave her more encouragement while smacking her butt again, "Go on then, cum! Cum for me! Ohhhhhhh yessssss, cum like a good girl. Mmmmmm, a good bottom! Oh yes, that's what you are Caitlin. The best bottom, and butt slut, a girl could ask for. Oh yes, cum! Cum! Cum for me, oooooooh yeahhhhhhh!"

Once she finally had the permission she craved Caitlin started slamming herself rapidly up and down the dildo, barely building up the pace until she was hammering her own ass hole. Although she didn't even reach a top speed before she had the kind of earth shattering orgasm which caused her cum to squirt out of her cunt, and in this case onto Iris's stomach, her body to shake and for her to cry out joyfully. Fortunately she had been trained to push herself through such climaxes so she could give herself multiple orgasms, and just as fortunately Iris started helping her out, thrusting up into her ass gently and infrequently at first, and then a continuous brutal pounding which left her unable to even think coherently. Then inevitably Iris took over completely, turning Caitlin into what she craved to be right now, nothing but a fuck hole.

Iris grinned widely as once again Caitlin Snow came for her, which was one of the many things she lived for, and easily one of her favourites. Oh yes, Iris loved making Caitlin cum. Honestly she enjoyed it even more than her own climaxes, which she could barely keep herself from having at this stage, as it was worth holding back just so that she could make Caitlin cum more powerful and frequently. And while she liked doing it in all sorts of positions there was just something special about this. About making Caitlin cum through butt sex. It was just so naughty and wrong, and so thrilling, and most of all nothing made Caitlin cum harder and more frequently, because she was totally an anal loving bottom with a bottom made to be fucked. Something Iris lived for proving, just like this.

Despite the fact that she loved having Caitlin's cum squirting against her stomach this wasn't a position they'd done that often, something which Iris promised herself would change. Although she wasn't sure she wanted to cut into the time Caitlin was in her natural position, on all fours like the bitch she was, so she just had fun sodomising her girlfriend more. And soon to be her fiancé, Iris reminded herself. This was now going to be her wife, and it was important in a marriage to do things together, and Iris couldn't think of anything better than making sure that Caitlin got plenty of time getting her ass stretched, filled and fucked in every position possible, but especially this and doggy style.

Another position was quickly added to that list when Caitlin completely ran out of steam and tried to collapse. At first Iris kept her in the air with the firm grip she had on her waist, but that involved using some of the strength she was currently using to hammer up into Caitlin's ass hole, and that just wasn't acceptable. So she flipped Caitlin onto her back and got several benefits that she'd been enjoying before, except now instead of her future wife anally riding her Iris was back on top and in full control, taking Caitlin in the position most husbands took their wives, albeit in the 'wrong' hole. And oh yes, Iris would definitely have too add this to the list, especially as it allowed Caitlin to wrap her arms and legs around her while getting to stare lovingly into her eyes.

Just a little added bonus was enough to send Iris crashing over the edge of an orgasm of her own. Admittedly the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of ass fucking Caitlin Snow had a lot to do with it, and the fact that she received several climaxes after that, but she wasn't focused on that right now. No, the only thing in Iris's world was powering through those climaxes so she received more, and more importantly give Caitlin more. Also, just to make sure Caitlin's butt would be gaping and aching, just like it always should be when she was done with it. Which was the last coherent thought she had for quite a while, Iris becoming a wild animal pounding into her submissive mate, until finally she collapsed with exhaustion down onto her girl.

For a few moments they just lay there regaining their breath, and then Iris chuckled against Caitlin's neck, "God, I love you."

"Don't you mean you love my ass." Caitlin groaned playfully.

"That too." Iris grinned, before lifting herself up slightly and ordering, "Show it to me."

Caitlin blushed furiously at this command, and then cried out loudly as Iris slowly began removing her cock from her ass so she could obey that perverted demand. The first time she had received it Caitlin had tried to protest, but even then she knew it was a waste of time trying to fight it, as she would do anything for Iris West. At least this time all she had to do when the dildo was pulled completely free from her now horribly empty feeling ass was rollover. That was all it took for Iris to see the damage she had done to Caitlin's butt hole. She didn't even have to spread her cheeks, as Iris was more than willing to do that herself, emphasising just how widely stretched her back hole was.

"Mmmmm, so pretty." Iris practically growled with lust.

"If you say so." Caitlin blushed.

"I do." Iris said firmly, softly adding, "I know it's weird, and I know you didn't get it, but I do."

"It's okay, I like it when we get weird." Caitlin admitted softly, blushed again, and then even more as she added, "Speaking of which, can we move on?"

"To what?" Iris grinned, knowing full well, but wanting Caitlin to say it.

"I..." Caitlin hesitated momentarily, somehow blushing even more than before, then finally forcing out the words, "I want to suck your cock."

"Oh you do, huh?" Iris chuckled, finally and reluctantly taking her hands off Caitlin's cheeks and laying down next to her girl, "You wanna suck my cock after it's been up your butt? Go ass to mouth? Huh? Ooooooh, dirty girl. Well go ahead you filthy little bottom. Taste your bottom! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, suck it off my dick! Ohhhhhhh fuck yes!"

This was another thing of course which Caitlin had initially protested, far more than simply showing off her gape. The first few times she'd even managed to talk Iris out of it, which silly her, she thought meant she could actually avoid doing it. But one bad deal later, which she was totally manipulated into, Caitlin found herself with a cock in her mouth which was straight from her ass. To her shame like anal sex itself Caitlin hadn't just found it bearable, but actually enjoyable, which even from the first time she was unable to hide, as back then and at this moment, the second she wrapped her lips around the head of Iris's cock she moaned loudly in pure pleasure, instantly loving the taste of her own butt.

Of course there were differences, one of them being that the first time Caitlin had been so surprised and deeply ashamed that she almost stopped, but ultimately succumbed to her sudden insatiable desire for more of her ass juices, whereas this time her overwhelming shame wasn't enough to stop her even for a second. Also the first time she had rushed, whereas now she savoured particularly the head of the cock, which had gone the deepest into her ass, before settling into giving Iris a long, drawn-out blow job. Which would see her taking Iris's dick far deeper down her throat and she had that first time. But the biggest difference? Iris's reaction. Oh yes, the first time she succeeded making Caitlin go ass to mouth Iris had just stared in stunned silence at her handiwork.

Now Iris just couldn't seem to stop gleefully encouraging her, "That's it baby, mmmmm, go ass to mouth for me! Oh my God Caitlin, ohhhhh, that's so hot! I love watching you do that. I love it so much. Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, take it deep. Take it all the way down your throat. Oh God! Ohhhhhh yessssss, suck it! Suck my cock! Oh Caitlin! Ohhhhhh fuck yes!"

That first time Caitlin had just become so lost in the act itself, only fully realising what she had done afterwards, and then almost dying from embarrassment. But soon there after Iris started encouraging her like this, and despite the fact it intensified the shame she was feeling it also made Caitlin's heart flutter with the knowledge she was pleasing her top. Right now she even had the courage to stare up at Iris while deep throating her dick, something which earned her more encouragement and smiles from her girlfriend. And eventually she was pulled up into a deep kiss before finding herself as the little spoon of a very enjoyable after-care session.

During which Iris softly whispered in her ear, "So, how about West-Snow?"

Caitlin smiled dreamily and softly replied, "Whatever you want, honey."

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