Defrosting Killer Frost

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"Okay, okay, I'm coming." Iris called out, sighing deeply as she quickened her pace towards her front door and then opened it, stupidly without looking through the keyhole, "What do you OH MY GOD!"

"Surprise." Caitlin beamed.

That was the understatement of the century, which Iris might have quipped if for once she wasn't completely speechless. Because here in front of her was Caitlin Snow, looking exactly how she was when they first met. Her hair and eyes were brown, her skin was no longer sickly pale and her lips were red and inviting. So inviting it was all Iris could do not to smash her lips against them. But even though they were dating she still wanted to get clear permission first, considering the circumstances last time she saw this woman. Besides, her curiosity got the better of her, forcing her out of her stunned state to the point where she had so many questions she wasn't sure what to ask first.

In the end Iris simply croaked, "How?"

Caitlin lifted up her hands and showed the other girl her new accessories, "Cisco made these for me. They dampen meta-human powers. And yes, he came up with the idea before, you know, I changed, but he wanted to run a whole bunch of tests before showing them to me. And I wanted to make absolutely sure they would work every time with no lasting side-effects. Because, because I just couldn't bear the thought of telling you about these and then not being able to use them without hurting you. Or worse, trying and, and... you know..."

There was a brief pause and then Iris asked, "So we can..."

"Yeah. I'm 100% sure." Caitlin smiled proudly, and then hesitated, "Well, more like 99.99%, because no matter how sure you are there is always the chance that-"

Before Caitlin could finish Iris grabbed her girlfriend, roughly pulled her inside the apartment, slammed the door and then push the other girl up against the nearest wall and did the one thing she wanted to do above everything else but couldn't for the last few weeks, kiss Caitlin Snow right on the mouth. Unlike some kisses she had in the past this was totally worth the wait, as all the movie clichés seem to happen at once. Her heart skipped a beat, she seemed to melt into the other girl and she swore she could hear birds singing. At least when Caitlin got with the program and started kissing her back, the scientist at first acting like this was some big surprise when obviously she had been planning this for quite a while.

Iris planned to make her pay for that sometime in the near future, but for now she simply massaged Caitlin's lips with her own and got completely lost in this wonderful act of mutual affection. To her delight Caitlin got just as lost, pulling Iris even closer into her and opening her mouth to allow Iris to push her tongue inside. Or Iris might have pushed herself even more firmly against Caitlin and forced her tongue into her mouth. Honestly it was hard to tell as she was so lost in the moment. She was fairly certain it was a combination of both, but just in case she pulled back to see if she was rushing things too much or doing something Caitlin didn't like.

For a brief moment the two women stared at each other, then Caitlin smiled widely. Iris did the same and they shared a brief laugh of relief before pressing their lips together again, and even though they added their tongues almost immediately this time the kiss remained soft and gentle. They also gently caressed each other, sliding their hands over each other's arms, sides, backs and faces while avoiding all the really fun parts. At least for now. Iris wanted to do more, but didn't want to overwhelm Caitlin if she wasn't ready for it. So instead she eventually broke the kiss, smiled at her lover again who returned it, and then gently pulled her further into her apartment while asking her some more questions.

"So, what kind of tests?" Iris grinned.

"Uh?" Caitlin replied, still a little dazed.

"What kinds of tested you run?" Iris gently pushed, before grinning, "Did you kiss any frogs?"

Looking bashful Caitlin shook her head, "No frogs."

Iris frowned, "Rats?"

"What? No!" Caitlin frowned.

"Well what then?" Iris pushed, and then when Caitlin looked hesitant she softly pleaded, "Tell me. Please? I promise, this is strictly off the record. I would never do that to you. But, I need to know."

There was a long silence and then Caitlin took a deep breath, "I kissed the last guy who tried to kill you. It was when I was 95% sure it wouldn't kill him, but I had Cisco keep a close eye on him for the past week or two, just in case there was a delayed reaction, but I'm fairly certain that if it was going to happen it would have happened by now."

"Wow." Iris murmured.

"It... it's not something I'm proud of." Caitlin stammered quickly.

"Hey, I get it." Iris reassured softly and swiftly, "There's no judgement here. But-"

"It's still a big risk, I know." Caitlin said solemnly.

"Well yeah..." Iris smiled, "And I want to be with you, completely, but I would hate to think of you crossing a line you can't come back from just for me."

"Oh, I definitely did it for me. Mostly." Caitlin admitted, leaning in slightly as she continued softly, "I really, really wanted to kiss you."

Iris smiled, leaned forward slightly so they could briefly kiss before she pulled back and asked, "So if you take these things off, do you..."

"Get frosty again? Yeah." Caitlin giggled, "But I'm in no hurry to do that."

"I get that." Iris nodded, "I just don't want to think you were giving up being a superhero just because you wanted to kiss me. "

Ignoring the superhero part Caitlin said as confidently as she could, "That's not all I wanted."

"Yeah?" Iris smiled.

"Yeah." Caitlin confirmed, taking a deep breath before whispering, "I, I wanted... I want to slide my lips all over your amazing body."

There was a moment's pause, then Iris admitted, "I want to see just how warm your beautiful body is."

Another pause, then Caitlin offered, "Bedroom?"

"Bedroom." Iris confirmed with the smile.

The two women then got up and Caitlin offered her hand which Iris quickly took, prompting another smile and even a giggle as Caitlin gently pulled Iris into the bedroom. Feeling more confident than usual Caitlin then pulled Iris into a deep and passionate kiss. She even pushed her tongue into Iris's mouth, although Caitlin lost the tongue battle almost as quickly as she lost her shirt, the two girls made quick work of each other's clothes as they continued to make out. Then Iris broke the kiss, gave her the smile which always made Caitlin melt, no matter how cold she felt lately, and then positioned herself in the centre of the bed.

"As much as I love kissing you..." Iris said flirtatiously after breaking the kiss, completing the line after she was in position on the bed, "I think you said something about wanting to slide your lips all over my amazing body."

"Wow." Caitlin murmured softly, although to softly because combined with that and Caitlin staring at her Iris clearly got the wrong idea.

"Or I could just slide my lips over your hot little body if you want. I don't mind." Iris said.

"What? No!" Caitlin stammered, quickly snapping herself out of her daze, "I, I mean I don't mind either, but I definitely want to fuck you. It's just that, you're so, so beautiful."

"Thanks." Iris smiled softly, curling her finger in invitation, as she added, "Now, why don't you prove it by pressing that hot little body of yours down on top of me and kissing me again?"

Caitlin smiled, "I can do that."

Unable to resist Iris added, "And that's hot figuratively and literally."

"I know." Caitlin said dryly.

Despite herself Caitlin couldn't help but giggle after that, Iris joining her for a brief second before Caitlin climbed onto the bed. Then the giggling very quickly went away as Caitlin slowly crawled up Iris's body until they once again face to face, Caitlin's now once again warm body pressed down against Iris's equally warm body. For a moment Caitlin just enjoyed that fact before pressing one long lingering kiss against Iris's lips, this one far more gentle and romantic than the rough and needy kiss which had proceeded it. And she worked her way down Iris's jaw to her neck and lingered there for a little while as her hands roamed Iris's body.

It was a little awkward with the power dampening bracelets still on. Make that a lot awkward, but totally worth it for the peace of mind that she wouldn't hurt her girlfriend. Well, 99.99% sure she wouldn't. Because Caitlin was now a freak of nature she could never be 100% sure again that she wouldn't hurt someone she cared about, and thankfully Iris loved her enough to know how selfish she was being by allowing their relationship to continue. So Caitlin could ignore that Iris seemed a little nervous, no doubt sharing her apprehension about the bracelets, although Caitlin did her best to take her mind off it first by kissing her lips, then her neck, and ultimately her tits. Well, she planned to go lower, but Iris's breasts definitely deserved some attention.

At first Caitlin had teased Iris by kissing her way down her lover's body, up one of her boobs and then concentrating on the area around the nipple for a long time before taking it into her mouth. Then she sucked it only briefly before moving over to the other. Caitlin then repeated this process a few times before gradually increasing the force of her suction, along the way beginning to slide her tongue around those nipples which particularly had Iris crying out in pleasure. Oh God, it felt so good to be pleasing Iris with her mouth, although Caitlin probably didn't give her girlfriend's tits the attention they deserved because she was so eager to get to the next part. Luckily Iris seemed to feel the same way.

"Lower baby. Mmmmm, lower." Iris moaned softly, "Ooooooh, you know what I want. I've wanted it for months. No, that's not true. Oh God, I've wanted it since we met!"

"Me too." Caitlin admitted.

"Then do it baby." Iris smiled softly, before explicitly telling her girlfriend to, "Eat my pussy. Ohhhhhh, please Cait. Eat it."

"Gladly." Caitlin whispered into Iris's flat stomach, already halfway down it.

Iris closed her eyes, partly to intensify the anticipation and partly because it was a bit overwhelming seeing long brunette locks slowly making their way down her body. Fucking Caitlin in her Killer Frost form had been one thing, but this was different. Before it was almost like she was with a completely different person, now she really was having sex with a friend. Which of course was stupid. She been doing that for months now, but because Caitlin looked like her old self again it just made her think about how this was a girl she had known for years, had cared for Barry when he was in the coma and then help him save the city, and even save the world. Had saved her. Had saved herself. And now she, Caitlin Snow, was going down on her.

Things only became more intense when it actually happened, Caitlin reaching her destination and after a brief hesitation sliding her tongue slowly over Iris's pussy lips, working her way from the very bottom to the very top and then repeating the process, Caitlin Snow beginning to lick her pussy with a slow but steady rhythm. Which made Iris open her eyes wide and let out a long loud cry, followed by a series of happy moans. Then she looked down to see her former best female friend in between her legs. Her girlfriend. Caitlin was now her girlfriend, and she was finally in between her legs and licking her pussy like Iris had wanted pretty much from day one.

She definitely hadn't been lying about that part as even before her first and only time with Linda the first time Iris had seen Caitlin she had thought she was beautiful. And after a brief conversation in which Caitlin had proven to be smart, good at her job and most importantly determined to help Barry not only was Iris put at ease but she found her initial attraction blossom into genuine curiosity, which had only grown since they had got to know each other. Initially Iris hadn't thought anything would come of it, but after a brief affair with Linda and Caitlin becoming even more attractive now she was a superhero Iris just hadn't been able to resist when the opportunity presented itself, and she was so glad she hadn't.

While Caitlin wasn't quite as confident or experienced as Linda had been their relationship had made it that much more intense. Also there was something to be said for the way that Caitlin looked up at her for approval every so often, looking so bashful yet hopeful that Iris couldn't help but encourage her a little more than she already was, which was saying something. To be fair Caitlin was doing a good job of teasing her clit, at first mostly ignoring it and then touching it with every other lick so as not to overwhelm Iris too soon, and slowly build up the pleasure until ultimately Iris would beg for more, even if she had time to hold off as long as possible so she could savour this wonderful sensation.

Caitlin was definitely trying to savour this. After all this was her first time eating pussy, and while there had been a time she had thought she wouldn't like it, or at least been sceptical, that ended as soon as she started having sex with Iris West. As soon as she had crossed that line getting to return the favour was one of the main reasons Caitlin wanted to find a way to change back to her 'normal' form. When she was stuck in her Killer Frost form Caitlin couldn't take the risk of her ice cold lips around that much warm liquid as it seemed almost inevitable she would cause the woman she was falling for agonising pain, but now she had her new fashion accessories everything was going better than she could have possibly hoped.

Not only did she love the taste of Iris's pussy but she actually had the other girl moaning in pure pleasure at what she was doing, a clear sign that she was doing well. Although Caitlin regularly looked upwards just to make it clear, as she was paranoid that at best her inexperience would have Iris taking pity on her and faking her enthusiasm. That was still possible, although the smile she got from Iris certainly seemed genuine, and Caitlin often found herself looking up just so she could receive another because each one made her heart flutter. Of course her main focus was pleasing Iris, Caitlin desperately trying to remember everything she'd read on the Internet about performing cunnilingus, and more importantly everything she'd learned from Iris going down on her.

She started by teasing Iris's clit, slowly showing it more and more attention as time went on, initially just with her tongue but then again eventually Caitlin wrapped her lips around the other girl's clit and gently sucked it for a few long seconds. This unsurprisingly caused Iris to gasp loudly in pleasure. Somewhat surprisingly it also caused her to reach down, grabbed hold of Caitlin's hair and push her more firmly against her pussy. Not that Caitlin was complaining. Exactly the opposite in fact, and this gave her just another way of knowing how well she was doing. And Iris didn't hesitate to use it, even occasionally taking control by tugging her this way and that, which Caitlin especially loved.

At the beginning she was tugging her away from her clit when, Caitlin assumed from her experience, it got too sensitive and Caitlin was giving it just a bit too much attention, but it wasn't long before Iris was pushing her against her clit for longer. Caitlin was happy to oblige with a longer suction, and eventually even one with more force behind it, both of which definitely got the positive reactions she was craving. But then Iris started pushing her lower, and taking a judgement call Caitlin denied her girlfriend what she clearly wanted for now, which clearly annoyed Iris but Caitlin was positive it would work out in the long run. Besides, Iris was a shameless tease, so it was about time Caitlin got a little payback.

Iris was amused by this at first, and somewhat grateful as it would just mean her eventual climax would be that much more powerful. Also, it was just nice to drag this out a little bit, considering this was a first for them, and it was only the second time another girl had gone down on Iris. So yeah, Iris was all for not rushing this. But at the same time Caitlin was almost too good at easing her, and inevitably she wanted more. For a while she forced that ever increasing desire, partly to allow Caitlin her revenge, but mostly to savour the moment. Of course there was a limit to what anyone can take, and Iris reached hers when she not so subtly encouraged Caitlin to tongue fuck her and the other girl continued to insist on denying her.

"More! Give me more, mmmmmm, come on Caitlin, fuck me." Iris moaned softly, "Fuck me and make me cum. Ooooooooh yessssss, stick your tongue inside me and fuck me with it. Yeah, tongue fuck me, fuck, oh yes, just like that, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh FUCK ME! Oh Caitlin, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd!"

To Iris's surprise, and delight, she really didn't have to say much to get what she wanted. In fact the second that she actually said what she wanted in detail Caitlin started concentrating her licks on Iris's instructions, and then a second or two after that she began slowly pushing her tongue into her pussy, rendering Iris completely incoherent. Not that she fought very hard to remain coherent, as it was clear no more words were really needed. Iris continuing to provide encouragement to Caitlin for the fun of it, and to build up her girlfriend's fragile self-esteem, but otherwise she was completely concentrating on her own selfish pleasure.

Of course Iris West was no pillow princess, and fully intended to return the favour once Caitlin had gifted her with an orgasm. Or ideally a few of them, which didn't feel like it would take much given that Iris almost came from just the penetration, and as soon as the tongue fucking began it was pretty clear that she would soon have the opportunity to return the favour. More or less. Iris was tempted to literally, as she did love going down on Caitlin, but there was something she had been eager to try, and this special night felt perfect for it. And for better or for worse just thinking about it bought Iris even closer to the opportunity as she imagined taking Caitlin that way.

For a little while Iris held back just to build up her pleasure and savour being on the edge of orgasm, but Caitlin wouldn't be denied, and soon Iris found herself cumming in another girl's mouth was second time in her life. And more importantly into Caitlin's mouth. Oh yes, Iris was cumming into the cute little mouth of Caitlin Snow, fulfilling one of the most frequent fantasies for the past few years. To make this dream come true even better she focused on the pretty brown haired white girl between her legs as Caitlin further impressed her by making her cum over and over again, just like she hoped she would do. And hopefully would do again.

Caitlin desperately tried to swallow every drop of Iris's cum, but there was just so much of it and it wasn't like she had any previous experience doing this so a lot of it ended up on her face. Which made her whimper pathetically, because this was like the best tasting thing ever. It was heaven in liquid form, and Caitlin was now furious with herself for not doing it the second Cisco finished making the power dampening bracelets. Okay, no she didn't, but she had wished she had completed the testing a lot sooner. But no, she had to play hero, and waste her time sleeping and eating, when she should have been fixing her powers so she could finally go down on Iris West and swallow her cum. Or at least as much of it as she could get.

While it was frustrating not to get all of it, or even the majority of the next few orgasms, having a face covered in girl cum was thrilling. Caitlin especially liked it because not only did it prove that she could be a good pussy licker, but it proved that she could please Iris. That she could return the favour from all that amazing head Iris had lovingly given her, and perhaps most importantly no matter what happened next the proof of her ability to please Iris would be covering her face. The girl cum of her girlfriend, the amazing Iris West, would be on her face while Iris would be returning the favour and fucking the cum out of her! Now, that was one hell of a consolation prize.

Poor Caitlin had to settle for that consolation prize a lot for the next few minutes as the amount of liquid squirting out of Iris rapidly increased, almost as much as the other girl's movements. Then suddenly Iris began to grind down on her face, making it virtually impossible for Caitlin to swallow even half of the heavenly liquid. And it only got worse when she reached down, grabbed her head and held it firmly in place, Iris beginning to literally fuck Caitlin's face and make it difficult for the scientist to even breathe, let alone swallow cum. And yet, she was still pleasing Iris. In the end, that was all that really mattered, Caitlin thought to herself as she allowed Iris to use her however she wanted.

Just as Caitlin was becoming really lightheaded Iris pulled her up into a passionate kiss, tasting herself on the other brunette's lips and tongue. She then licked Caitlin's face like a dog, both girls giggling happily for a few long seconds in between licks, before Iris kissed her again. Then the process was repeated, just like it had when the roles were reversed and it was Caitlin curiously chasing herself on Iris's face, lips, tongue, and in her mouth. Through it all Caitlin had wondered how she could repay Iris, and even though she finally had she couldn't help greedily hope that Iris would also return the favour in some way, and from the look on Iris's eyes when she finally pulled away told her she was going to get what she wanted. But as it turns out, just not in the way she thought she would.

"Get on your knees, on the floor, and close your eyes." Iris grinned.

Caitlin frowned, "Why?"

"Because I said so." Iris answered cheekily, before correcting herself, "Because I have a surprise for you."

"Oh, okay." Caitlin replied, unsure what to think.

"And no peeking." Iris teased playfully, trying to keep the nervousness out of her voice as she quickly retrieved Caitlin surprise, strapped it on and then hurried over to stand in front of her girlfriend, "Okay, you can open your eyes now."

Slowly Caitlin did what she was told, and then she blushed, "Oh."

"Do you like it?" Iris asked, adding nervously before Caitlin could reply, "I got it from the same place I got your strap-on, and as you can see, it matches my skin tone perfectly just like yours does. Did. I mean, you're less pale now, so we can get you a new one if you want. It's just that, you never seemed comfortable wearing it, and if it's just not you're thing, I totally understand. It's just that I was wondering if you were, you know, a bottom. Which, for the record, would be so hot, and I'd love to top the hell out of you and fuck you with this thing into you're a quivering wreck. But it's totally up to you babe... also if you think this is too big I bought smaller ones just in case. I, I just couldn't resist giving myself a bigger cock than you."

There was another long pause and then Caitlin nervously asked, "So, you want to use this thing on me?"

Blushing a little Iris nodded, "Obviously."

Yet another pause, then Caitlin lent forward slightly and asked, "Would you like me to suck it?"

"Fuck yeah." Iris grinned, "I'd love for you to suck it."

Iris opened her mouth to say more, but she was rendered speechless when Caitlin Snow opened her mouth wide and slid it over the head of the cock strapped around her waist. There was a brief pause when Caitlin had wrapped her lips around the head where the scientist looked up to the reporter for approval, and even though Iris didn't intentionally react Caitlin must have seen something she liked in her eyes because she began to slowly bob her head up and down the first few inches. She also began sucking her cock, but Iris wasn't truly aware of that until Caitlin really got into the blow job, mostly because she couldn't feel it like a guy could, but also because she was just so captivated by the other girl's head bobbing up and down in front of her.

It was just so wonderfully erotic, and submissive, for Caitlin to be doing this. Here she was on her knees in front of her, sucking on a dildo which Iris was about to use on her pussy, and instead of being  scientific about it and doing  the bare minimum  before skipping to the good stuff Caitlin really worked that shaft, eventually even taking it into her throat and gagging on it, just to please Iris. Oh yes, Iris could watch this beautiful sight all night long. At the same time she had a sudden urge to face fuck her girlfriend, or even call her names like her personal cock sucker like something out of a porno. Luckily Iris was just about able to control herself, because even though she couldn't resist providing a little commentary she at least held back on the really nasty stuff going through her mind.

"That's it baby, suck my cock." Iris began hoarsely, before really getting into it, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, suck it! Fuck, you look beautiful with a cock in your mouth. Oh yeah, take it deep! Deep down your throat! Take it! Oh fuck, that's sooooooo hot. Mmmmm fuck yes, get it nice an wet for me. Make my cock nice and wet so I can fuck you with it. Yeahhhhh, get it all wet. Oh fuck, come here Cait, I need to fuck you."

Honestly Iris wasn't sure at what point she reached down to stroke Caitlin's hair, but it gave her something to grab onto when she wanted to pull her girlfriend up into her arms for a passionate kiss, Caitlin unsurprisingly letting her, kissing back and then not protesting as Iris gently moved them backwards and down onto the bed. Once she was lying on top of the other girl Iris kept up the kissing for a little while, reluctant to break it, but she didn't want to waste the saliva from the passionate blow job she just received, and she really, really wanted to fuck Caitlin, so it wasn't that long before she made her move. Namely to slide a hand down to Caitlin's cunt and gently start rubbing it, making the other brunette gasp into her mouth.

While Iris would have really liked to be able to slide her dick right into her girlfriend's pussy she wasn't an inconsiderate guy, like some of the men she dated, and was more than happy going the extra mile to make sure Caitlin was ready to be fucked. Especially as that involved fingering Caitlin Snow, which had become one of her favourite pastimes. Not that she spent too long on it this time. In fact she might have spent more on the initial pussy rubbing, but only because when she initially slipped a finger into Caitlin that wonderful little hole was so wet and welcoming that she quickly added a second and then a third finger while Caitlin moaned in pleasure into her mouth.

Then, just to make sure, Iris broke the kiss and softly whispered, "Are you ready baby?"

"Yes." Caitlin gasped, "Please fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me please. Oh Iris, OH GOD!"

Caitlin would have happily begged for longer, all night if she had too, but before she could really get going Iris smiled at her warmly, and then in a flash removed her fingers and replaced them with her big black strap-on cock. The second penetration caused Caitlin to cry out, but it was mostly out of pleasure, and Iris stopped before that could change and then gave her plenty of time to relax before beginning the slow and seemingly never-ending thrust forward that pushed the rest of the cock into her cunt. Caitlin's previous boyfriends had been by no means small, but this was far beyond anything she'd had before. She had almost requested a smaller size, but despite her brain telling her it would be for the best Caitlin found her lust taking over and she decided to push her luck.

That turned out to be a very good thing as while she was stretched like never before it was nothing she couldn't handle, and the fact that she was being stretched like this by another girl, the girl she'd had a crush on for so long, the girl she was now dating, Iris West, made this whole thing so much more erotic than if she had just had the good fortune of hooking up with a particularly well hung guy. Or had bought the toy Iris was now using on her own for personal use. Plus, the fact that Iris was staring at her the whole time with concern in her face, and maybe even love, helped Caitlin to relax and accept the massive intrusion.

Honestly Caitlin was so consumed with staring back she kind of lost track of just how much cock was inside her, so at first she was confused when Iris started pushing the dildo into her pussy and there was something pressing against her crotch. Then she realised it was Iris. That Iris's thighs were pressed against her own, and her girlfriend's cock was now completely buried inside her cunt. Wow, that wasn't something Caitlin ever expected to think, let alone experience, and the realisation made her blush. Almost as much as the fact for all her intelligence it had taken her so long to realise what had happened. Which in turn made Iris smile, which of course made her blush even more.

She tried to explain herself, although honestly Caitlin had no idea what she was going to say, and it didn't matter as Iris immediately made her forget her train of thought by leaning down and pressing her lips against hers in a gentle kiss. Caitlin wasn't sure how long it lasted, but the next thing she was aware of was Iris beginning to thrust in and out of her, causing her to tense and let out a cry of pleasure mixed with a little discomfort. The discomfort was minor, especially considering what Caitlin had been expecting, but it immediately caused Iris to stop everything and check in with her, which of course just made Caitlin love her more.

"Are you okay?" Iris asked softly after she broke the kiss.

"I'm fine." Caitlin quickly reassured, honestly feeling embarrassed about her reaction, "It feels good, it's just..."

"New? I know." Iris said softly and sympathetically.

"I was going to say big." Caitlin admitted, perhaps blushing even more than before, before quickly changing the subject, "Can, can you please just keep going? Please, please just fuck me."

Iris smiled flirtatiously, "Who am I to deny a pretty girl anything?"

Caitlin barely had time to roll her eyes before she found herself moaning, "Oh God yes, mmmmm, just like that! Fuck me! Ohhhhhh Iris, please fuck me. Fuck me with your cock! Yessssss, fuck me good, oooooooh God! Oh my God Iris, that feel so good. Please keep doing that. Keep fucking me! Don't stop! Ooooohhhhhh, kiss me! Kiss me again while you fuck me."

Iris almost repeated herself, but she had made it pretty clear that she didn't like to deny a pretty girl anything. Especially her pretty girl. Oh yes, Caitlin Snow was her pretty girl, that primaeval thought never more powerful than right now as Iris took Caitlin like a man would, thrusting her big cock in and out of her and making her feel good. Making her moan and whimper so becomingly. And blush! Oh how Iris loved the way that Caitlin was blushing for her. She had done it a little as Killer Frost, but she had only really known because they were so close. Now Caitlin was back to normal, if perhaps only temporarily, Iris getting to enjoy the full experience, and it was glorious.

Which was why although she couldn't deny Caitlin's request Iris couldn't stop herself from choosing to misinterpret it. So she did kiss Caitlin, just not on the lips. No, instead she leaned down to press her lips against her cheek before slowly sliding her mouth down to Caitlin's neck. She lingered there for quite a while so she could enjoy the soft sounds her pretty girl was making, and how her cheeks were flushing crimson as she continued making her moan for her. Which Iris was expecting to be punished for, at least in the form of a stern look from Caitlin, but instead the other girl just closed her eyes and seemed to let the pleasure takeover her, which led to Iris grinning against the soft skin underneath her lips.

Then after seemingly savouring this sensation for a little while Caitlin wrapped her arms and legs around Iris and pulled her more firmly against her body. This coincided with Iris thrusting forwards, so Caitlin pushed the dildo even harder, and deeper if that was possible, into her, which in turn caused Caitlin to let out a sharp cry of pleasure. Then she loosened her grip somewhat, allowing Iris to easily pull back, before pushing her forwards again and then repeating the process as Caitlin held Iris tightly against her neck and stroked her hair fondly. At least until Iris stopped playing ball, which earned her a stern look from Caitlin, especially when Iris lifted her head and grinned at her girlfriend.

It was very tempting to give Caitlin what she so desperately wanted, but as always Iris wanted her to actually ask. Especially as she'd been needy enough to do it only a few seconds ago. Also, Iris had wanted to do this for a very long time, and she wasn't quite ready for it to end yet. No, she wanted to draw this out a little more, so she leaned down and kissed Caitlin again, her girlfriend resisting initially but soon melting into it again. Ha, Killer Frost melting underneath her. Or should that be defrosting? Either way it continued to make Iris smile into the kiss as she continued gently but firmly fucking brilliant scientist Caitlin Snow, a.k.a. the superhero Killer Frost, with her big black cock.

Caitlin soon found herself whimpering with frustration into that kiss, as despite her earlier claim Iris happily denied her what she wanted, even though she damn well knew exactly what it was that Caitlin wanted her to do now. Although she suppose there was something to be said for delayed satisfaction, and she had no doubt Iris would give her what she wanted eventually. It was just that waiting for it became almost painful, especially as with her firm and steady thrusts Iris easily fucked away any uncomfortable stretching and replaced it with pure, wonderful pleasure that Caitlin just couldn't help but crave more of. So much so she be willing to beg for it given the chance.

As if reading her mind Iris broke the kiss and stared at her expectantly. Which of course caused Caitlin to blush, and initially chicken out, which just made Iris grin even more wickedly and continue fucking her so wonderfully it felt literally painful. Or at the very least annoying, Caitlin glaring up at her lover, which just made Iris grin more. Then Caitlin pushed herself to suck it up. She was a superhero, dammit. And yes, she still didn't thing that term applied to her, but she'd still done things she wouldn't have thought possible, from throwing ice cubes to getting strap-on fucked by Iris West. Plus she had done it before, and like before it was only a matter of time before she gave the girl exactly what she wanted.

"Harder!" Caitlin whimpered, "Fuck me harder! Please, ohhhhh, I want to cum. I need to cum."

"How badly?" Iris pushed.

"Really, really badly." Caitlin admitted.

"You wanna cum on my cock?" Iris asked with a wicked grin.

Caitlin blushed, "Yes."

"Say it for me baby." Iris pushed, "Say you wanna cum on my big cock."

Blushing even more than before Caitlin whimpered, although she became more bold with each word, "I, I wanna cum. Please I, I want to cum on your cock. Ohhhhhh Goooodddddd, I need to cum! Please Iris, make me cum! Make me cum! Oooooooh you said, mmmmmm, you said you could never deny a pretty girl anything, oh God, and I'm pretty again, so do what I say. Ooooooh Goooooodddddd yessssss, make me your pretty girl. Make your pretty girl cum. ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeessssssss, make me cum on your cock! Make me cum on your big black cock! I wanna cum on your big hard black cock! OH GOD!"

With those last words Iris suddenly grabbed hold of her legs, shove them onto her shoulders and then stared down at Caitlin with a wild look in her eye. This caused Caitlin to let out a soft gasp, and then suddenly the room became deafeningly silent as for a few long seconds Iris completely paused her thrusting. Then suddenly she restarted at the same pace as before, but quickly started to build up that pace until eventually Iris had to be fucking her with every ounce of her strength, with Caitlin folded up like an accordion no less. She didn't even know she was this flexible, although maybe that was because something was leftover from her transformation into Killer Frost. Not that she was thinking about that right now.

Soon Caitlin wasn't thinking about anything at all as she suddenly found herself crashing over the edge of a monster orgasm, perhaps more powerful than any she'd had so far, mostly because she could literally feel herself cumming on Iris West's big cock. Oh yes, she could feel herself squeeze down on it, and cover it with her cream. Cover Iris with her cream. Oh God, she knew it was an illusion bought on by her climax, but in that moment Caitlin could have sworn that Iris's cock was real, and throbbing and pulsating inside her. Which of course it wasn't, but it wasn't staying still either, Iris rapidly pounding it in and out of her, and making her cum over and over again until her brilliant mind melted away, along with perhaps her entire being, as she was consumed with pleasure. And Iris West.

Iris West felt just as consumed by Caitlin Snow. There were a few moments were Caitlin closed her eyes, maybe because things were just too intense for her, but overall the two girls kept her eyes open so they could stare at each other throughout this intense pussy pounding. Which definitely wasn't new, they did it all the time while fingering each other, but this was different. Somehow more intense. And Iris almost felt like she could feel what it was like inside of Caitlin. Feel her squeeze her. Feel her girlfriend's pussy squeezing her big cock. Which Iris knew was ridiculous, but then they dealt with a ridiculous all the time, and although she would never want to be a man this was the one time in her life Iris truly wanted a dick.

Of course ultimately it was unnecessary, as Iris couldn't imagine possessing a real dick could possibly make her feel more powerful and dominant then she did right now. Or make Caitlin any more submissive, and more importantly any less than hers. Because that's what this girl was now. Hers. Her pretty girl. Her pretty little white girl. Yes, the colour of their skin had never truly mattered in their relationship, except for the fact that Iris loved the contrast of their skin rubbing together when she made love to her, or one of her previous boyfriends, but hearing Caitlin call her cock big and black just seemed to provid her credible fuel, and despite her best efforts Iris just couldn't keep her mouth shut about it.

"Take it baby! Take my big black cock!" Iris growled, "Take it in your pretty little pink pussy! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, take it in your pretty little white pussy. Yeahhhhhhh baby, take it! Take it like a good girl. Oh God Caitlin, you're such a good girl. Such a pretty girl. My pretty girl. My girl. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, you're mine now Caitlin. All mine. You're my pretty little bottom. Yesssssss, we're going to do this all the time now Caitlin. I'll be the pussy pounding top, and you'll be the cock taking bottom. All you need to do is cum for me baby. Oh yeah, keep cumming nice and hard on my cock. That's it baby, be mine. All mine."

"All yours." Caitlin whimpered in between her orgasms.

Just hearing those words from Caitlin finally shut Iris up as she went over the edge of a powerful climax of her own, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of taking another girl, taking Caitlin, in this way pushing her over the edge and rendering her speechless. Also mindless as she pounded into her, at least for now, submissive mate, and not so subtly tried to convince her that this is how it should always be between them. Oh yes, it was so clear to Iris now. She should have always been the top, and Caitlin was born to be a bottom. She just needed to make her lover see that, and hopefully the multiple orgasms would be a good start.

Unfortunately that was the beginning of the end, as even though she was able to pound them both to multiple climaxes after that Iris didn't have the stamina of a Speedster. She didn't have the speed of one either, and she was to horribly aware that what she was giving Caitlin would pale in comparison to what someone like Barry could give her. Which pushed her on a little bit more, but ultimately she collapsed down on top of her lover and they were both left panting for breath. Which allowed Iris to take a step back and think about what she had just done, and to her dismay she couldn't help think she might have overdone it a little bit.

Then Caitlin let out a sigh, "I guess you were right... I'm a bottom."

At first Iris grinned, but then as Caitlin didn't seem to be jumping for joy at that fact reassured her, "You know, we don't have to stick to those labels, especially of it makes you uncomfortable."

"What? No, I..." Caitlin blushed, before admitting some things she probably wouldn't have if she wasn't exhausted and delirious from her orgasms, "I, I like it. I liked being your pretty little bottom. Your... your bitch."

Again this made Iris grin widely at first, but then she gently stroked Caitlin's face and told her, "Only in private baby."

For a moment Caitlin just stared at Iris, then murmured, "Then what am I in public?"

"My girlfriend. Or my girl. Or just, mine." Iris grinned, "And I'm your woman."

"That's so cheesy." Caitlin giggled softly, before admitting, "I like it."

"And I like you, my pretty little bottom." Iris grinned widely, making Caitlin blush again, before she pressed her lips against hers again, lingering there as they both thrilled at being able to do this now Killer Frost had been defrosted.

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