Defrosting Killer Frost

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The words startled Iris West out of her thoughts, causing her to jump a little and rapidly blink. Once she was properly out of her own head Iris focused on the beautiful woman in front of her, and the smirk on her face which caused a little tingle of fear and excitement to rush through her body. Fear because Caitlin Snow truly looked like her Earth 2 doppelgänger Killer Frost in that moment, and excitement because she knew she had nothing to fear from the other woman, and Caitlin was merely looking at her endearingly, which was a welcome addition to what had once been a platonic friendship.

"No." Iris lied, and then added, "No, I just... it's been a long day."

"Tell me about it." Caitlin sighed, "This whole being a hero thing is hard."

"But you're so good at it." Iris insisted, "No way Barry could have succeeded without you."

"I doubt that. But it was nice to help." Caitlin admitted, the two friends turned lovers sharing a smile before the white-haired girl leaned in and added, "And for the record... I'm nervous. This is kind of a big deal, you know?"

"I know." Iris agreed softly.

It really was, considering this was their first official date. Or at least the first official date in public. They'd spent the last two weeks hanging out in each other's apartments, watching movies and mostly eating take-out whenever they weren't working. Or having sex. And it was pretty obvious they were both nervous, but Iris wanted to do her best to hide it as she knew Caitlin was self-conscious enough about her new look, many of the people at the restaurant quitely leaving when they arrive as it was obvious from her incredibly pale skin, and the way she instantly froze a few drinks, Caitlin was a Meta-human.

Deciding it might be better to come clean Iris admitted, "I'm nervous too, but I'm also excited. It's not every day I get to have a first time, and my first date with another girl is pretty special. And it's even better than I could imagine because it's with you."

Caitlin smiled and then took Iris's hand, "I feel the same way."

Iris smiled back and squeezed Caitlin's hand. Then the two of them just stared at each other from across the table while holding hands for a few long seconds, the two women just enjoying each other's company. Then their waiter came and after blushing slightly and turning their attention to their menus they ordered and then started making small talk, mostly about Iris's work at the paper. Iris gave Caitlin plenty of opportunity to talk about herself, but she always deflected, which didn't bode well.

Iris knew Caitlin had been struggling to adapt to her new body, and that the other girl didn't like to talk about it, especially now they were officially dating. As worrying as that was the fact that she deflected a conversation about her work suggested Caitlin hadn't made much progress on their latest 'big bad' or the attempts to turn herself back into her 'normal' form, and while Iris maintained that Caitlin's 'Killer Frost' form was awesome and allowed her to do a lot of good selfishly Iris wanted to be able to kiss her girlfriend. But there was something else, the reporter in her telling Iris that Caitlin was holding back something from her.

There was indeed something on Caitlin's mind, and shortly after their meal arrived, she blurted out, "So... have you told anyone about... you know, us?"

"No." Iris frowned, "Why? Has someone said anything?"

"No. Not... not exactly." Caitlin said, before admitting, "It's I just a kind of had a weird conversation with your Dad, and I kind of got the impression that he knows."

"Well he is a detective. I would be disappointed if he couldn't figure it out." Iris grinned, before quickly adding, "Wait, just how weird was this conversation?"

"Oh... you know, just..." Caitlin stalled for time, again debating what to say, before opting for the truth, "He asked me if you were seeing anyone, and I basically said it was up to you to tell him. Then he smiled and reminded me he taught you how to shoot."

"Yeah, he knows." Iris smirked after a brief pause, and then when Caitlin groaned she added, "What? That was just him playing the Dad card. All of my previous boyfriends basically got the same speech, and they weren't superheroes."

"I'm... I'm not..." Caitlin stammered, not really wanting to have this conversation again. Then she latched onto another part of Iris's words, "Wait, so I'm your boyfriend now? Erm, girlfriend?"

Suddenly very aware they hadn't officially had that conversation yet Iris bit her lip and said, "Well, we should probably go on a few more dates before using the word out loud, but yeah. Basically. Unless you want to avoid labels or something, in which case I don't mind."

"I'm okay with labels."  Caitlin said quickly, "Or at least that one."

The two girls smiled softly at each other, gently reached for the other's hand and then Iris said, "Good."

Then Caitlin asked, "So, do you think your Dad will kill me?"

"No." Iris laughed, took her hand back, and then when she saw Caitlin was serious added, "No, he loves you. Not like I do, but whenever we've talked about you in the past he's always had nice things to say about you."

"Oh, so only he had good things to say?" Caitlin teased.

"Pretty much." Iris teased back, giving Caitlin a fond smile.

After returning that smile Caitlin asked, "So, who else do you think really knows?"

Iris thought for a minute, and then said, "Maybe the Wellses, although Harry probably wouldn't care, and Jesse is probably either waiting for us to come out to say anything, or... distracted."

Caitlin frowned, "Distracted?"

"What, you have a notice what's going with her and my baby brother?" Iris murmured.

"Wally?" Caitlin softly exclaimed with genuine surprise, "Huh... isn't she a bit young for him?"

"Not really." Iris shrugged, "It's easy to forget but Wally is closer to Jesse's age then ours."

"I guess you're right." Caitlin said.

"You really had no idea?" Iris pushed after a couple of seconds of silence, "They've been super obvious."

"Well, I've been a little preoccupied." Caitlin said coldly.

"Of course you have..." Iris said softly, quickly searching for something to defuse the tension that was now between them. Luckily she found one, "And hey, I can guarantee Wally has no clue about us."

This succeeded in making Caitlin smile, and then as soon as possible she asked, "What about Barry?"

There was maybe a second or two of silence, and then both women burst out laughing at the idea that Barry Alan would be able to pick up on the change between them. True, Caitlin hadn't known him that long, but Iris assured her that he had never been good with subtlety and had always been adorably clueless about when it came to people's feelings. After all, he hadn't realised that both of them at one point would have said yes if he had the nerve to ask them out, and had even considered doing it themselves. Although they were glad they hadn't, as they might not be here otherwise.

The night then went on like that for sometime, the two girls swapping stories, making each other laugh, and generally enjoying the meal, and most importantly each other's company. It meant so much to Caitlin, because maybe for the first time since going through her transformation she felt normal again Well, maybe she had felt kind of normal on the unofficial dates she'd had with Iris, and all those times they had sex, but this was different. This was public. In the real world where anyone could see, making this thing between them much more real. The only problem was that for most of the meal they could have been mistaken as just friends, and there was a part of Caitlin which longed for that simplicity. At least until she walked Iris to her door. Then friends was the last thing she wanted.

"So here we are." Caitlin mumbled when they arrived.

"Here we are." Iris nodded in agreement.

There was a brief silence between them and then Caitlin admitted, "You know, the old me would have never had sex on the first date. Not even if I had slept with the guy previously. And the whole sleeping with someone first happen once, and that was with Ronnie, and... I don't know. I guess I was just a traditional girl at heart."

"Hey." Iris said softly, stepping closer, "You can still be a traditional girl if you want. I don't mind. I keep telling you, just because you're different doesn't mean you're different. We can wait as long as you want."

There was another brief pause, and then Caitlin slowly step forward, looked Iris right in the eye and said, "The villain in me wants to take you right up against this door where anyone could see."

"Or we could do that." Iris smiled softly, then when Caitlin lowered her head and looked nervous again, Iris took hold of her chin, lifted up and told the other girl, "Hey, how about a compromise. You come inside and we can just talk. Or we can... 'just talk'. Whatever you want."

Yet another pause, then Caitlin gulped, "Okay."

Smiling softly Iris stared at her for a few long seconds, then turned to lock the door before locking it behind them once they had slowly shuffled inside. Then she turned back to her girlfriend and asked, "So... can I get you a drink? I have straws."

Caitlin smiled, "I'm fine thanks."

Iris nodded, then there was more silence, eventually broken by Iris softly admitting, "You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you."

"Oh believe me, I do." Caitlin promised.

There was another long pause, may be the longest yet, and then Caitlin extended her arms awkwardly. Iris smiled softly and then quickly accepted the gesture, the two girls embracing and then just holding each other for maybe a few minutes. It didn't do much to quell Caitlin's fears that this was becoming a friendly date instead of a date-date, but it was nice. Then those fears were pretty much quelled as Iris began kissing her neck, Caitlin closing her eyes and moaning softly in pleasure.

Then Caitlin opened her eyes and softly murmured, "Iris."

More silence and then Iris whispered into her ear, "If you want me to stop, just say so."

Yet more silence and neck kissing, and then Caitlin whispered, "Never."

Caitlin then closed her eyes again as she felt Iris smile against her neck and begin to slide her hands over her body. It wasn't long before Caitlin did the same, the two may be now former friends caressing each other's bodies but ignoring all the fun parts for now. Well, Caitlin couldn't resist giving Iris's big booty as squeeze, which caused Iris to chuckle and then return the favour, but other than that things were pretty PG-13. Then Iris began gently manoeuvring them towards her bedroom, pretty much the entire time looking at Caitlin to see if it was okay. And pretty much the entire time Caitlin did her best to let Iris know it was okay, albeit without her words because as she stared into the normal girl's beautiful eyes Caitlin was left completely speechless.

Iris was equally speechless, although even more so when they slowly started stripping each other. God, Caitlin was beautiful. Iris had always thought that, but over the past few weeks her appreciation for the other woman's beauty had increased tenfold. And oh, did Iris love showing her appreciation for that beauty by worshipping her now girlfriend's body, which was exactly what she did when they were both naked, Iris gently lying Caitlin down on her bed, getting on top of her and then kissing her neck again. Before she did that she lingered over Caitlin's lips, tempted just to risk it, but wisely choosing just to tease her lover before attacking her actual target.

When she hovered over her lips Caitlin looked adorably afraid, but that view was forgotten when Iris moved her lips back to her neck, this time sucking and even biting the soft flesh there and yet only getting gasps and moans of pleasure out of the other girl. It was the same story a few minutes later when Iris kissed her way down Caitlin's chest and up one of her tits before taking one of her girlfriend's nipples into her mouth. Except without the initial fear. Instead there was a gasp of anticipation followed by a long moan as Iris began sucking on Caitlin's nipples, slowly going back and forth between them for the next few minutes before beginning to swirl her tongue around them. She even bit down on them slightly, but nowhere near as much pressure as with Caitlin's neck.

With Caitlin's neck Iris had been trying to leave a mark which the scientist would either had to struggle to cover up or leave for the world to see, and she hoped it was the latter, as part of Iris really liked the idea of claiming Caitlin in that way. It was unhealthy, sure, but in the moment it was hot. But hopefully nobody else but the two of them would see Caitlin's nipples and in her experience a softer approach was better. Something she reminded herself when she bought her hands into the mix, playing with whichever one she wasn't concentrating on and pushing the other more firmly into her mouth. Iris wasn't sure how long she did that for. It felt like hours, but in reality was probably only a few minutes.

Either way just as she was about to move on Caitlin whimpered, "Iris, please... lower... I need, oh God!"

Delighted at hearing those words Iris smiled around Caitlin's right nipple, and then almost immediately started kissing her way down the scientist's flat stomach. She lingered there for a few long seconds, just so that she could hear Caitlin whimpering adorably again, before Iris completed her journey. Then when she was in between Caitlin's legs Iris took a few more long seconds to admire her prize before slowly leaning her head forward, sticking out her tongue and sliding it slowly along the other girl's pussy lips, causing the most wonderful gasp to escape from Caitlin's lips, which again had Iris smiling wickedly.

Caitlin quickly followed that up with a long moan of pleasure, which was then followed by another, and another, and another as Iris repeated the process, beginning to lick her pussy at a slow but steady rhythm. Another girl was licking her pussy! Caitlin didn't think she would ever get over that, or that it was this girl doing it. Partly because Iris was beautiful and amazing, but mostly because before that she had been her friend. Easily her closest female friend. Maybe ever. Which wasn't really saying a lot, as most women had always found Caitlin to be a little cold for them. Which was now horribly ironic. But she had allowed Iris to defrost her to the point she had considered her friend, and now so much more.

Just like the oral sex she was currently receiving was so much more than anything she'd received from previous boyfriends, or even Ronnie. Iris just knew exactly what she wanted, when she wanted it. She wasn't licking her too fast, or too slow, but just right. And she was even occasionally teasing her clit without touching it every time. At least at first. In time that would change, Caitlin had no doubt of that, but for now both women were content with a long, slow pussy licking. Especially Caitlin. Oh yes, after another stressful day of trying and failing to cure herself, and succeeding in helping Barry, it was nice to just relax and let Iris pleasured her.

Unfortunately she couldn't completely relax, or at least not for long, because her new body was unpredictable and the last thing she would ever want to do was hurt Iris in any way. It was the same reason that as much as she wanted to slide a hand down to stroke Iris's long dark hair in encouragement, and maybe even pull her a little closer, Caitlin made sure to keep her hands to herself. Then later on tightly onto the bed sheets, because at least if she ruined them she could buy Iris some new ones. It was also why Caitlin kept a close eye on Iris. Well that, and she just loved looking down at the other girl in between her legs.

Even when she eventually closed her eyes to try and dull the intensity of what she was feeling, not that it really worked, Caitlin peaked them open ever so often to make sure she was still in control. Luckily she was, even as touches to her clit became increasingly frequent, going from every other lick to every lick, and then even beginning to linger on that sensitive bundle of nerves. Caitlin knew it would not be long after that she would begin to beg for more, but she would try and hold off for as long as possible, both to simply to savour the pleasure she was currently receiving and the fact that while she was using it she didn't have to worry about such things as truly becoming Killer Frost.

Iris still very much believed that Caitlin could avoid becoming that monster, that just because her girlfriend looked like her doppelgänger from another world it didn't mean she had to become her, but Iris definitely wasn't concentrating on that right now. No, she was concentrating on her favourite thing in the world, giving Caitlin Snow pleasure. And perhaps just as importantly making her scientist girlfriend forget all about her many, many worries, and the craziness which was their daily lives, and just enjoy this wonderful moment they had together. This opportunity to let each other know how they truly felt. This chance Iris had to go down on her girlfriend.

The thought made Iris smile as she pressed her face deeper in between Caitlin's legs. Girlfriend. She had a girlfriend. She had a super smart and beautiful girlfriend, with superpowers, who she was going down on. More accurately Iris was eating her girlfriend's pussy and making her moan with pleasure. Even more accurately Iris was licking up and down the full length of Caitlin Snow's pussy, starting from the very bottom and working her way up to the very top and back again. Eventually she even lingered on Caitlin's clit to get cute little whimpers out of her to go along with the moans, groans and gasps which had come before.

Then finally Caitlin started begging, "Iris, please, mmmmmm, baby, make me cum."

When they had done this in the past Iris hadn't really needed to coax anything dirty out of her lover's mouth. It was a routine they both seemed to enjoy, or at the very least Caitlin got rewarded for putting up with it. But this time Iris was tempted to reward her right away for her first attempt, because not only had she specifically asked what she wanted but she had called her baby. Of course that sweet endearment and the really, really more dirty talk could be applied to appease her, and Iris really, really didn't like being manipulated. So after some thought Iris decided to award Caitlin for her words, but not too much. At least not right away.

Soon she would make her cum nice and hard. In fact Iris had plans to make Caitlin cum a lot. But for now she settled with lingering her tongue on her clit for about a minute, and then she repeated the process. The amount of time she lingered always varied, but she always got a long moan and a whimper out of her girlfriend. Of course eventually those sounds turned pleading, and the words 'more' and 'please' began to be repeated over and over again along with more terms of endearment, but that would not cut it this time. No, if Caitlin wanted to cum she would beg properly like Iris wanted, Iris having no doubt that Caitlin was smart enough to figure out what was required, especially as they had done this so many times during their short relationship.

Caitlin knew exactly what Iris wanted. It didn't exactly take someone of her intellect to figure it out, which was good, because she wasn't exactly at her best right now. Which was dangerous, given how unpredictable her body had become, which was why she had her hands pointing far away from Iris and her eyes forced open and looking down to make sure the other girl was okay, even if seeing this beautiful creature in that position only made the aching inside her to cum even more painful. She also tried to get away with just a few words, similar to what she said before, but when it was clear that wasn't enough ultimately she gave in and gave Iris what she wanted. Or at least she tried.

"Iris please, fuck me." Caitlin practically wept, "Fuck my pussy and make me cum! Please? Ooooooooh God, please baby, I'll do anything! I swear, just... ohhhhhhh yessssssss!"

Before Caitlin could get much more out Iris wrapped her lips around her clit and began sucking, gently at first but quickly picking up the pace. At first Caitlin thought this was it, that Iris was going to make her cum, and do it without any penetration just to show off. Caitlin had no doubt that was possible in her current state, but just as she was about to cum Iris decrease the force of her suction drastically, denying Caitlin her orgasm and literally bring her to tears. It was a cruelty that Caitlin had never quite experienced before, and resulted in her being willing to say anything to get what she wanted. Which she was sure was the idea, but she was just so foregone she didn't care.


Finally Iris gave Caitlin what she so desperately wanted by shoving her tongue inside her pussy, triggering a powerful climax almost immediately. Iris then quickly removed her tongue so she could concentrate on swallowing the cum squirting into her mouth, and pretty much directly down her throat, but Caitlin was too lost in her orgasm to care about the loss. Besides, the sensation of Iris swallowing her cum was more than good enough to keep her on her high, and as soon as it was over Iris shoved her tongue back inside her pussy and quickly started fucking her with it, effortlessly pushing her to another climax before she got a chance to recover from the first.

Over and over again Iris made her cum, which was just one of the many reasons that Caitlin loved about Iris, although right now it was easily her favourite. It just seemed so easy for the other girl to make her cum. And not just cum ones, but multiple times with her tongue and eventually her fingers, effortlessly leaving Caitlin a quivering wreck in a way none of her previous boyfriends had done. Which made her wonder if she had always been gay and just not realise it, or whether there was just something special about Iris. Like if she was a Meta-human with the power to make women cum a lot. Or maybe just her. Or maybe there was something special about the two of them together. Or maybe Iris really was just good at everything. No matter what the explanation Caitlin hoped she'd get her chance to return the favour someday, which was her last coherent thought for a while as yet another climax rocked her body.

Iris definitely wanted Caitlin to return the favour someday, but she understood the scientist's hesitance, and honestly she didn't really want to risk it because the best case scenario was that it would kill her. Worst-case scenario they would have to go to Cisco for help, and Iris would die of embarrassment. Well, maybe Caitlin could fix it, but that was a big maybe and Iris could wait. Or at least that's what she thought most of the time. In her weaker moments, like right now, she almost thought it might be worth the risk to turn her body around and find out what it would be like to 69 with a girl. To 69 with Caitlin. To have Caitlin Snow eat her pussy. But she had faith that Caitlin would figure out a way they could do that without any fatal, or worse embarrassing, consequences.

In the meantime she was more than happy with concentrating on making Caitlin cum, first with rapid thrusts of her tongue, and then with equally fast and hard thrusts of her fingers, Iris pushing one and then two of them into Caitlin while using her tongue to flick her clit. She then went back and forth between those few techniques for a while, pausing every so often so she could swallow Caitlin's cum, which was easily the best thing she'd ever tasted. Then she began using her thumb to rub Caitlin's clit so she could crawl up the other girl's body and look in her eyes. Well, at first she was just looking at her face because her eyes were closed, but then Caitlin opened those eyes and Iris became lost in them.

That made the next few orgasms that Iris gave Caitlin so intense that Iris thought she came herself a few times. She also thought it wouldn't take much to push her over the edge for real, that all she'd have to do was rub her pussy hard enough against Caitlin's thigh and she'd get what it felt like she now so desperately wanted. But no. It was tempting, very tempting, but no. Iris wanted to save all her energy, and her first orgasm, for what she had planned next. Besides, if she came she might miss a second of Caitlin cumming, and that just wasn't acceptable to Iris. Not now that she was looking into her beautiful eyes and seeing just how much she was enjoying this.

They hadn't been together for that long, but whether because of their initial friendship or perhaps something else that Iris wasn't comfortable naming right now they had seemed to fall hard and fast for each other. That's what made these moments so wonderful. And horrible, because no matter how badly Iris wanted to kiss Caitlin she couldn't. She just couldn't, which was a fact Iris had to remind herself whenever she was this close to Caitlin's face, but especially in moments which was making her cum. At least she got the consolation of torturing Caitlin by eventually removing her fingers from her pussy, bringing them up to her lips and sucking them clean right in front of Caitlin, before grinning wickedly at her and then rolling off the bed to retrieve her special surprise.

Caitlin whimpered when Iris sucked her cum coated fingers clean in front of her. Iris had done it before, but it was so erotic that Caitlin just couldn't help it. Besides, she was coming down from her orgasms, and that amazing visual may have triggered an after-shock or two, so Caitlin didn't feel she could be blamed. Not that she really cared at this point. Yeah, she was just too tired to care about judgement, Caitlin laid back closing her eyes and letting out a deep satisfied sigh as Iris got off of her and moved away. When she didn't move back Caitlin frowned, opened her eyes and sat up to find Iris grinning at her with a sex toy in her hand.

"You like it?" Iris grinned at Caitlin's adorablely surprised expression, before pointing out "It's just as white as you."

Caitlin frowned again, "Gee thanks."

"I didn't mean it in a bad way." Iris said apologetically, sitting back on the bed next to her girlfriend, "I just thought that the colour would be appropriate when you fuck me."

"When I fuck you..." Caitlin blushed, or at least her body tried, "With that?"

"Well, yeah." Iris said softly, "Unless you don't want to, in which case-"

"I want too!" Caitlin quickly interrupted, causing Iris to smile and then Caitlin backtracked, "I mean we can, it's just... I, I'm not sure I'm much of a, you know... top. So I don't know how good I'll be."

"Top?" Iris grinned.

"Yeah, you know... like, top and bottom? Butch and bitch? The dominant one, and the submissive one?" Caitlin elaborated, feeling more and more embarrassed until she realised how much Iris was grinning and frowned at her, "You know exactly what I mean, don't you."

"Of course, but it's cute to watch you ramble." Iris grinned, "Although I'm not sure that one of us always needs to be one or the other. For now though, if you're worried about using your mouth, this seems a good alternative. And if you're worried about using it, well, why don't I just ride you?"

If she could Caitlin would be blushing bright red as she bashfully nodded, "Yeah, we could do that."

"Good, then lift your legs up so I can strap this on you." Iris instructed.

Doing as she was told Caitlin watched with fascination as Iris slipped the harness over her feet and then slowly up her legs and then eventually thighs before securing it around her waist. Her eyes then went wide as Iris grabbed the dildo by it's base, grinned up at her and then slowly lowered her head down to the dick and took it into her mouth. Caitlin couldn't feel it. It was statistically impossible for her to feel it. And yet she let out a soft moan like she did. Which caused Iris to look at her in confusion for a moment, then she smiled around the dildo before beginning to gently bob her head up and down, giving Caitlin her first ever blow job.

It was ridiculously hot. Or at least Caitlin felt ridiculous for finding it so hot, because again she couldn't physically feel it, but she was getting such a mental high from having Iris West on her knees before her and sucking a cock protruding from her waist her mind was playing tricks on her. Which was really, really weird, because Caitlin had never experienced any kind of penis envy before, and while even now she didn't seriously want one she did wonder, just for a moment, what it would be like. Especially when Iris began lowering her mouth down even lower than before, and pushed the dildo into her throat, causing Caitlin to gasp out loud.

"God Iris!" Caitlin exclaimed mid-gasp, then trying to blush again as Iris looked up at her and smiled without removing her mouth from the dick.

Then Iris started taking even more of the strap-on into her mouth, easily taking far more than Caitlin thought was possible. Forget being jealous of men, Caitlin was suddenly extremely jealous of Iris if she was used to this kind of size. Also maybe a little jealous of the men who had treated her to that kind of size, and nervous that she could ever measure up. Or more accurately, given that she could choose the size of her cock, being able to fuck Iris the way she liked. Luckily Iris would be the one making sure she got what she wanted tonight, and as much as Caitlin liked the show she was currently getting she couldn't wait to the next show.

Iris would be lying if she claimed she wasn't at least a little nervous. After all, this was her first time doing this, and she had been greedy and chose a dildo a little bigger than she was used too. And maybe Iris had wanted to impress Caitlin if she had been the one who ended up wearing the harness. But she was good at hiding her nervousness, especially because after her transformation Caitlin was on edge a lot and tended to miss things. Like how nervous she was right now, for example. Which was a good thing, because Caitlin was clearly more nervous than she was, and desperately wanting to calm her down Iris gave her girlfriend a nice long blow job. Which was an extremely weird sentence, but it's exactly what happened.

Over and over again she bobbed her head up and down the dick, eventually taking as much as she could down her throat and licking what she couldn't reach while looking up at her nervous girlfriend. Iris also fingered herself, partly to prepare herself for what was about to happen, but mostly to relax her girl. She wasn't quite successful in the relaxing part as usual, but Iris was confident that she had the best she could, and the dildo was thoroughly prepared when she pulled her mouth away from it, gently pushing Caitlin back down on the bed and then she straddled her. There was then a moment where Iris almost forgot herself and kissed Caitlin, followed by a moment of considering just going for it anyway, consequences be damned.

Instead Iris lined herself up with the toy cock and pressed herself downwards, causing both girls to cry out as Iris slowly penetrated herself on the big dildo. It took a hot second for Iris to get used to it, then she smiled, closed her eyes and then pushed herself further downwards. The initial penetration had been a little uncomfortable, but the rest of the dildo's entry felt wonderfully good, Iris unable to stop herself from moaning softly and happily. Not that she tried. Yes, she just savoured every intense feeling, which was only heightened by her eyes being closed. Then once the penetration was complete and she was sitting on Caitlin's lap Iris opened her eyes again to be greeted by the most beautiful blues.

The initial change from chocolate brown to light blue had been jarring at first, but Iris had already grown to love them. She had really grown to love everything about Caitlin Snow, new form and all, but Iris really hoped that if her girlfriend managed to succeed in reversing the changes in her body she would somehow work out a way to keep these beautiful blues, because there was nothing Iris loved more than staring into them as she and Caitlin made love. This was certainly no exception, Iris becoming lost in staring into her lover's eyes as she lifted herself up and then pushed herself back down, slowly but surely establishing a steady rhythm as she began riding Caitlin's cock.

Caitlin became just as lost staring into Iris's big brown eyes as Iris did with her chillingly pale blues. Caitlin hated her eyes just as much as every other part of her body which had changed, but when Iris looked at her like this she felt truly beautiful and it often literally made her cry with joy. Then those tears would freeze and the joy would quickly fade from her crying, but that wouldn't happen right now, because she wasn't going to cry. No, she was going to concentrate on the fact that Iris was using her for her pleasure, that fact enough to stop Caitlin from getting too lost in the almost overwhelming love she was feeling and concentrating on giving Iris what she wanted, which was the least she could do under the circumstances.

Somewhat luckily for Caitlin ultimately Iris would close her eyes and/or look away as she moaned in pleasure. It was inevitable. They both knew that, but Iris was stubborn and normally tried to push it. But the result was the same, Iris closing her eyes and throwing her head back to let out a nice long moan, giving Caitlin some time to get control of her sappy emotions. More importantly it gave her a chance to admire the other incredible sight in front of her, including the now even more striking contrast between their skin colours and of course Iris's pussy sliding up and down a cock in between Caitlin's legs. And then, there were her boobs.

Before they had gotten together Caitlin never truly understood men's fascination with breasts. She'd learned to work with what she had, and she was definitely curious before, but being with Iris had turned curiosity into burning desire and Caitlin hated the fact that she couldn't wrap her mouth around them and suck them as hard as she could. She was so worried about something going wrong Caitlin didn't even slide her tongue around them, but God, she wanted to now. She had never wanted that more as Iris's tits bounced up and down with every thrust, her current moan meaning that she was arching her back and pushing them pretty much right into Caitlin's face.

Unable to resist Caitlin closed her eyes and leaned forward, making sure to tuck her chin so that she could try and reduce the chance of touching her girlfriend skin with her lips as she pressed her forehead to Iris's boobs. Oh God, she was motor-boating them, at least as much as she could, and in the process acting like a horny teenage boy who didn't have any idea what he was doing. How would she ever live this down? Luckily for her instead of being disgusted Iris chuckled softly, then gently grabbed the back of her head and pushed her deeper into her cleavage for a few blissful seconds, before gently pushing her head back and exchanging it for her hands, Caitlin very quickly getting the message and eagerly complying.

Iris moaned louder and chuckled softly as Caitlin began groping her with the same amount of eagerness she had when she motor-boated her. It was actually kind of adorable, and hot, Iris very much appreciating Caitlin's lusting over her. Of course she was grateful a few seconds later when Caitlin calmed down a bit and started giving her boobs the attention they deserved, slowly and gently massaging the soft flesh of the breasts themselfs and tweaking the incredibly hard nipples with just the right amount of pleasure that even Iris's most skilled male lovers hadn't quite got the hang of. And the entire time she was bouncing up and down on that big dick, making Iris feel so wonderfully good.

For what felt like eternity Iris rode that cock while Caitlin played with her boobs, the pleasures slowly turning from amazingly wonderful to amazingly torturous as the desire to cum became increasingly unbearable. Yet still Iris pushed on, not wanting to break the magic of this perfect moment. Of course as much as she didn't want to it was inevitable. All good things had to come to an end, and eventually the pleasure turned into a almost painful aching to cum. On the bright side Iris had a great idea how she could intensify what was already promising to be an amazing orgasm, if only she could get Caitlin to agree to it. Which turned out to be surprisingly hard.

"Fuck me." Iris moaned, "Fuck me Caitlin! Come on baby, thrust up into me and make me cum. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, fuck me good. Make me cum on your cock."

That kind of talk had always encouraged the men Iris had been with, but with Caitlin it just made her blush. Or at least that's what Iris thought she was doing. Either way she tried to oblige, but it was awkward and uncoordinated, Caitlin lacking the skill or the power to truly give Iris what she had asked for. At least when it came to fucking her. However it was making Iris closer to cumming, if inadvertently. See, the way Caitlin bit her lip nervously while trying to fuck her, the panicked expression on her face, and even the awkward way that the other girl grabbed her hips to try and make her thrusts harder was also adorable it was pushing her closer to the edge.

"This feels weird." Caitlin complained.

"I know, but please keep going." Iris pleaded, "You're doing it! Oooooooh, you're making me cum baby. Ohhhhhhhh, I'm so close, aaaaaaahhhhhhh Goooooddddddd, give me just a little more, yes harder! Harder, harder, harder, harder, HARDER AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

Again it was more by accident on Caitlin's part, and her own thrusting, but Iris quickly achieved the kind of powerful climax she had been expecting. Well, that and picturing herself pounding Caitlin's pussy. See, Iris had suspected that Caitlin was a bottom, but she had figured this would be easier on them both. Next time she fully intended to be the one wearing the dick, and the idea of fucking this beautiful woman like that would have been more than enough to push Iris over the edge without the harder, if a little awkward, thrusting. It was a fantasy that Iris focused on pushing Caitlin into them working together to make sure she came over and over again, just like Caitlin always did.

Caitlin wasn't thinking about that. It didn't even occur to her. In fact she was worrying whether she would ever be able to truly satisfy Iris if this was what she wanted. Because this just didn't come naturally to her. She wasn't a Dom, or a top, or whatever the correct term was. In bed she liked to lay back for the most part and let her lover do all the work. Of course it was different with Iris. And not just because Iris was a girl, which was different than anything Caitlin had experienced before, but Caitlin was different. Her body was different. And with her mouth out of commission she would have to find other ways to please Iris. So even if this was scary and unnatural for her she would try her best to do it if it meant keeping this wonderful woman as hers.

Then Iris came on her cock, her thighs coated in girl cream as Iris trembled in her arms. Best of all she saw just how much ecstasy she was feeling as the two of them stared into each other's eyes. Perhaps best of all making Iris cum like this and the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit ensure that Caitlin had a powerful climax of her own. She even experienced more than one, although in this case the first was definitely the best, as the others came after the eye contact was broken when Iris couldn't keep her eyes open. Even then it felt good enough that Caitlin wanted to do this again, and especially because it made Iris feel good.

That said, or thought as the case may be, Caitlin kind of preferred the aftermath, at least for this act. Especially as it involved holding Iris close to her as the other girl slowly came down from the high they had both put her on, Caitlin's cold heart feeling warm as she was pressed tightly against the hot sweaty body of her lover. Then Iris began kissing her neck again, and stared into her eyes in a way which made even Caitlin want to take the risk. Then Iris got off of her, kneeled down and took the dildo back into her mouth, making Caitlin gasp as Iris once again began giving her a long, drawn-out blow job, for several long lazy minutes Caitlin sliding her hand through her girlfriend's hair as she sucked her own cum and pussy cream from the cock.

Then Iris lifted her head and smiled, "That was fun."

"Yeah, it was." Caitlin agreed.

"We should do it again sometime." Iris said.

"Uh-huh." Caitlin nodded, less confidently than before.

"Only this time, I get to fuck you." Iris grinned wickedly.

Those words made Caitlin's heart race at the image of Iris wearing this monstrosity and trying to fuck her with it. Which was still scary, but now Iris had taken it Caitlin was much more intrigued to give it a try. But not right now, and luckily Iris seemed to agree given the way she gently slipped the cock off of Caitlin's body, put the sex toy away and then came back to bed to cuddle. Which might just be Caitlin's favourite thing ever, the white-haired girl quickly turning onto her side so Iris could spoon her while they enjoyed their after sex glow, the two girls whispering soft nothings to each other as they gently dozed, and eventually fell completely asleep.

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