Defrosting Killer Frost

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Telling everyone that they were dating was ridiculously overdue, but still incredibly nerve wracking. They kind of wanted to get it all over with at once, but agreed that they should at least tell Iris's Dad first. Maybe Barry and Wally two, but definitely Jo. Which was most arguably the most nerve wracking of them all, especially for Caitlin, but it had to be done. So Iris came up with a simple plan, a family dinner. One in which they arrived an hour early so they could talk to Jo alone. Of course Caitlin did this in her nonthreatening human form, but the downside to that was that it meant it was more noticeable when her palms became sweaty, and because they were holding hands of course Iris noticed. Although she probably would have done anyway given how jittery Caitlin was.

"Relax. I told you, everything is going to be fine." Iris said for what felt like the millionth time.

Caitlin mumbled an agreement, then after a brief pause grumbled more loudly, "You don't know that."

"I do." Iris said firmly, "He likes you, and I know he just wants me to be happy. And you make me happy. And I'm dating a superhero. What is wrong with that?"

Caitlin scoffed, "A superhero called Killer Frost, who looks and sounds like a super villain. And was one in another life."

"In another world." Iris reminded her lover, "It's not the same thing."

"It feels like it." Caitlin mumbled.

"Well you better straight up ignore that feeling." Iris said firmly, grabbing Caitlin and turning their bodies to face each other, "You're good Cait. I know it."

"But-" Caitlin began.

"No buts!" Iris quickly interrupted, "Listen very carefully to me Caitlin Snow, you're a superhero, and if you ever doubt it just find me and I'll tell you how amazing you are. How wonderful. How good. The things you've done. The lives you've saved, including mine. How much you've helped this team. And that was before you got your powers. Now? Now you are a goddess, I wish you could see that."

Caitlin blushed, lowered her head, bit her lip, and then looked up at Iris while replying, "The only time I feel that way is when you're saying it."

Iris smiled, "Then I'll just have to say it more often."

Honestly Caitlin wasn't sure whether she moved forward, or Iris did, or whether they both moved simultaneously as they were both equally lost in the moment. Whatever the case it didn't really matter, because she was in Iris's arms being gently kissed by the girl she loved, and for a few wonderful seconds the whole world faded away and it was just the two of them. Then they became very aware of the front door opening and they froze. Caitlin had become so lost in her self-doubt and Iris's reassurance that she genuinely wasn't sure whether they'd knocked or not, but it didn't really matter in that moment, as whatever the case had been they had now been discovered in the most compromising position possible. Well, Caitlin could think of a few that would be worse, but she desperately tried not to focus on that now.

The very thought of it had her breaking the kiss and turning her head to see who had discovered them. Iris did the same thing at the same time, probably making them look like characters out of a cartoon. Although it was hard to be upset about that, or anything else, as the two Flashes of this world were now in front of them. At least Kid Flash, a.k.a. Wally West a.k.a. Iris's biological brother had the decency to cover his eyes. The Flash, a.k.a. Barry Allen, a.k.a. Iris's adopted brother, was just staring in disbelief at them. And even though she really, really wanted to pull away from her lover Caitlin found herself staring back with the same look of disbelief.

"Gee, thanks Iris. You just ruined lesbian porn for me!" Wally grumbled, breaking the awkward tension and causing Iris to finally pull away from Caitlin just to punch him in the arm, "Hey! I'm not sure I deserved that."

"Oh you know you did." Iris glared at him.

"So... you two are together. That's great. That's... great." Barry mumbled unconvincingly.

"We, we were just about to tell you. And we wanted to tell you earlier, we just... we just weren't sure when the right time was." Caitlin said softly, "I'm so sorry Barry. I, I really like her."

"No, I get it. And I'm happy for you." Barry said quickly and unconvincingly, before smiling, "Or at least I will be. Just give me some time."

As they had this awkward exchange Caitlin and Iris slowly made their way into the house and shut the door behind them. There was then a little more small talk, in which Barry explained that Joe was preparing dinner and would be out soon, and then they sat down and patiently waited. It wasn't long after this that Caitlin's nervousness returned to her. After all, it had been Jo she had been most nervous about telling that his daughter was dating a potential super villain, and that feeling was never stronger than when he came in the room and gave them an innocent smile. Instantly Caitlin's mouth went dry and she had no idea what to say. Which wasn't the same for Iris.

"Dad, me and Caitlin are dating." Iris announced nonchalantly.

Jo gave his daughter a look, "Was that supposed to be a secret?"

"You knew?" Barry exclaimed, unknowingly echoing Caitlin's thoughts.

"You didn't?" Jo risened an eyebrow, "Really?"

"Ah come on Dad, it was hardly obvious." Wally chimed in.

"Wasn't it?" Jo asked, before sighing, "You know for a couple of superheroes, you boys could do with being a little more observant."

"Of my sister's sex life? Pass." Wally quipped.

Turning to her girlfriend Iris quipped, "Well, so much for our coming out dinner."


That dinner had been awkward, which Iris had been expecting, but at the end of the night her Dad, Wally and Barry all hugged her and told her that they loved her no matter what, and told Caitlin something similar, which again Iris had been expecting. In fact the whole night had gone pretty much as she expected, including her Dad not so subtly giving Caitlin the shovel talk. The only thing she wasn't expecting was for Caitlin to stand up to him during that and point out that Iris was perfectly capable of kicking her ass if she messed up, which clearly impressed him. Given how jittery her girl was going in this also impressed Iris, although she felt Caitlin was smart enough to know it was the right play. The only slightly annoying thing about the statement was with Caitlin's incredible powers Iris wasn't so sure she could physically kick her girlfriend's ass, but she chose not to point that out.

Of course their best friend wasn't present at that dinner. He was working on various things which would even the playing field, and even stop Caitlin if her inner Killer Frost ever took over. Caitlin had insisted on that, and while Iris desperately wanted to play the supportive girlfriend she had to admit there was some comfort knowing that they had the technology to restrain her girlfriend's darker side, just because it would give her a chance to talk Caitlin down from the ledge, if necessary. For giving them that chance Cisco deserved the truth, so the next time they were in Star Labs they summoned up all their courage and approached him.

"Cisco, we have some news." Iris announced brightly with a smile.

"Is it that you're dating?" Cisco asked nonchalantly.

"How did you know that?" Caitlin frowned.

"Well, for starters Barry looked really glum this morning, and Wally was teasing him about it, but when I asked about it they got really secretive. And Jo had a really big smile on his face this morning." Cisco listed out, before grinning, "But mostly because Killer Frost here has been icing over video cameras for the past couple weeks when the two of you have been alone together, like I wouldn't notice."

Both girls blushed as Caitlin mumbled, "Oh, that."

"I mean, you don't even have the decency to do it before you start making out half the time, and the worst part of it is that you guys are like my sisters so it's wasted on me." Cisco sighed.

"Tell me about it." Wally appeared out of nowhere, before speeding away again.

Iris quickly punched Cisco in the arm and then called out into the corridor, "I've got one for you too Wally, when you least expect it."

"You'll have to catch me first." Wally grinned, raising in and out of the room to deliver that message.

"Seriously though guys." Cisco whined while rubbing his arm, "Can you stop having sex in Star Labs? Or at least cut down on it? We work here."

"And super villains regularly drop by, so owww!" Wally cried out as Iris caught him with a punch to his arm, "No fair!"

"I warned you." Iris pointed out.

Despite her extreme embarrassment Caitlin had to smile, and then as Earth 2 Harrison Wells walked in she quickly told him in the name of getting it out of the way, "Harry, Iris and I are dating."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "So?"

Appearing as if out of nowhere Jesse Quick told her, "He means that's great, and we're both very happy for you."

There was a brief pause, and then Iris groaned, "You both knew too?"

Harry just gave them a look, while Jesse laughed, "Duh. You guys aren't nearly as subtle as you think you are."


"Well, that was embarrassing." Caitlin grumbled.

"You'd prefer outrage and threats?" Iris teased.

"No!" Caitlin protested, blushing so becomingly, "I just... I... I thought we were being so sneaky, you know? Or at least doing a pretty good job of keeping it under wraps."

"I don't know." Iris said thoughtfully, "In retrospect we really weren't that subtle, and at least most of Team Flash is pretty observant, soooo..."

"Yeah, all except our fearless leader." Caitlin grumbled.

"Oh honey, do you really think Barry was ever in charge?" Iris chuckled, pulling Caitlin into her arms, "Because if you did then it isn't just Barry and Wally who could do with being more observant."

In response Caitlin just pouted, 'forcing' Iris to kiss her girlfriend. As they were back in the comfort of Iris's apartment after a mostly uneventful day of monitoring the speedsters run around their city. The lack of action and the high of finally coming out, and the latter being so successful, made Iris eager for a different kind of action. Perhaps even a new type of action, if Caitlin was willing to be adventurous. But first she had to make sure to put Caitlin in the mood, and Iris prided herself on easily being able to do that now. Especially as it involved one of her favourite things ever, kissing the wonderfully soft lips of Caitlin Snow until they were both weaken the knees.

On this occasion Iris made sure to start out soft, loving and sweet. She also made it short, pulling back after a little bit to check Caitlin was up for more. Sure enough the pout was gone, replaced by affection and love which were practically beaming out of Caitlin even before she gave Iris a little smile. Iris happily returned it, and then kissed Caitlin again, this time pushing her tongue into the other girl's mouth. Being the perfect little bottom she was Caitlin immediately surrendered her mouth and tongue to her top, letting Iris do whatever she wanted, like hopefully she would do with the rest of her body, which only pushed Iris to turn up the heat on the kiss even more.

Caitlin loved it when Iris was just like this. It was just so commanding, and well, hot. And as it turned out Caitlin really, really liked commanding, at least when it came to women. Or at least Iris West. Caitlin really wasn't interested in a more scientific method of testing that theory, namely kissing or perhaps even going further with other women. No, all she wanted was Iris West, kissing her like this, and doing so many other naughty things to her body. And she had no doubt Iris wanted to do again, which Caitlin had no problem with. She would do anything for Iris. Although little did Caitlin know, that thought was about to come back to bite her in the ass, so to speak.

"Are you up for celebrating?" Iris asked when she eventually broke the latest kissed, although she barely moved her lips away from Caitlin's and gently kiss her again right afterwards.

"What, my embarrassment?" Caitlin teased in a brief pause between kissing.

"No, telling everyone about us." Iris said seriously, pulling her lips away properly this time.

Pouting slightly at the end of the kissing session Caitlin quipped, "And by celebrating, you of course meant a romantic candlelit dinner for two at an expensive restaurant?"

"Yes actually." Iris smiled softly, before admitting, "Well, at least for later. Right now, I had something else in mind..."

"Gee, let me guess." Caitlin grinned before kissing the other girl.

Surprisingly this seem to take Iris back a little bit, suggesting that maybe what she was suggesting wasn't quite as simple as just having sex. But before Caitlin could pull back and ask about it Iris reached up and pulled her face more firmly against hers and deepened their kiss, making Caitlin forget all about the question she was about to ask. Instead Caitlin became lost in the kiss and allowed Iris to slowly get them back into the bedroom, laying her down and then getting on top of her, or without separating their lips once. Then after a few moments of gentle kissing Iris pulled back and bit her lip, forcing Caitlin to push the issue.

"Is something wrong?" Caitlin asked.

"No." Iris quickly and unconvincingly replied.

Which Caitlin called her out on, "Yeah, because that was convincing."

"Well..." Iris bit her lip.

"Hey, whatever it is you can tell me." Caitlin gently pushed, "I... I really, really like you, and I want to make you happy."

"You do." Iris smiled warmly, "And I really, really like you too, which is why I don't want to screw this up. But..."

"You wanna try something kinky?" Caitlin smiled, unable to hide a fond smile, and then when Iris gave her a similar smile back added, "Like what? Handcuffs? Another toy, maybe? Oh, I'm not sure I'm down for anything super hard, but Ronnie sometimes liked to give me a gentle spanking."

"Yes to all of that." Iris grinned wickedly, "But I actually had something else in mind."

"What?" Caitlin frowned.

"I..." Iris blushed slightly, before finally admitting, "I wanna fuck your ass."

"Oh." Caitlin blushed.

"We don't have too." Iris quickly reassured, "It's just that... your ass is so hot, and Eddie wanted to do that to me... well, a lot of guys I dated did, but I was actually considering letting him do it on our honeymoon. But then, well... he died, and then we got together and... I'd totally do it first if you want. Or I could try it and if you're still not sure we just forget it. It's just... you're kind of the perfect bottom, you know? And I love topping you. I mean really, wow, I love topping you. But whenever I'm taking you doggy, I can't help think about what it would be like to fuck you there. To take that forbidden little hole and make it mine. To turn it into a slutty little fuck hole. To turn Dr Caitlin Snow into a little butt slut. God Cait, I cum so hard thinking about that. But we don't have too... say something. Please?"

While Iris rambled Caitlin just stared at her girlfriend in disbelief while a war went on inside her head. She'd always thought anal was gross and she'd never do it, even breaking up with a few guys who were pushy about it. Hell, she'd almost broken up with Ronnie about it when he had used similar words to what Iris had just said. But it still sounded icky coming out of his mouth. It sounded different coming from Iris. Somehow it almost sounded appealing, and Iris clearly wanted it, and most importantly she had just thought about how she would do anything for this girl. But could she really do this? Could she do something she'd previously not wanted to do? And like it? Although ultimately it felt like her decision was made for her, as Caitlin just couldn't take Iris looking nervous and rambling.

So ultimately Caitlin's answer was a cautious, "Okay."

"Really?" Iris grinned cautiously.

"Yeah..." Caitlin blushed, before admitting after Iris gave her a look, "I mean, it's something I promised myself I'd never do with a guy. But you're not a guy, so... loophole? I guess."

"Are you sure?" Iris pushed.

"I'm sure." Caitlin nodded, and then admitted bashfully, "I'd do anything for you."

Iris smiled softly, then admitted, "Me too."

"So..." Caitlin blushed after a few long seconds of silence, "How do you want me?"

"How else?" Iris grinned, "On your hands and knees."

"Of course." Caitlin rolled her eyes before getting into position.

Briefly Caitlin considered whether she should strip, but she was sure if Iris wanted that she would ask for it. Or arrange it herself. Whatever the case she was sure there would be some kind of foreplay, because there was no way anything was going up her virgin hole without some serious preparation. Which was another thought she kind of regretted later. Although initially it wasn't so as Iris just got on the bed behind her and slid her hand over her, cupping and squeezing the cheeks in a way which made Caitlin feel like a piece of meat, which really shouldn't have been appealing, but again it worked with Iris. Then Iris slapped her ass, causing Caitlin to yelp with surprise.

"What was that you were saying about a gentle spanking?" Iris grinned.

Caitlin blushed, then pointed out, "I said Ronnie liked it."

"And you?" Iris pushed with another grin.

Blushing again Caitlin grumbled, "Just get on with it you perv."

Iris giggled with wicked delight and delivered another slap to Caitlin's butt, soon followed by another, and another, and another. She made sure to keep the spanking as gentle as possible, at least for now, which was the least she could do considering what she was asking of her girlfriend. But Iris just couldn't help herself. Ever since the thought had first crossed her mind it just wouldn't go away. Plus Caitlin didn't exactly help by quickly realising that Iris had a thing for her ass, and started to show it off more by deliberately bending over in front of her, and wearing skirts and pants which hugged that beautiful butt even more, and that was really saying something because Caitlin Snow was gorgeous without even trying, and when she tried she was irresistible.

Part of Iris thought she should put on the brakes, but she just couldn't. It would be the smart thing to do. After all, this was a big step, and she didn't want to lose Caitlin over some twisted desire. Besides, she thought it would take weeks, and maybe even months or years, to talk Caitlin into trying a little anal. But then Caitlin just agreed after a matter of seconds, giving Iris what she wanted and proving that she was willing to do things for her that she wouldn't do for anyone else, which was such a big deal it was kind of scary. Then Caitlin had bent over and presented that beautiful booty of hers, and Iris realised she couldn't just spank Caitlin. It wasn't enough, at least not like this.

"Sorry babe, but if were going to do this, we're going to do this right." Iris growled lustfully, "Which means a nice hard bare bottom spanking."

Honestly Iris was expecting Caitlin to firmly object to this and put a stop to it, or take some convincing to go ahead, or at least a grumble and a witty quip. Instead Caitlin's only response was to whimper softly and lower her head in a sign of submission which almost overwhelmed Iris with pure lust. God, Caitlin really was the perfect little bottom. Or at least she would be when Iris was done with her tonight. Then, resisting the urge to get lost in that thought, Iris grabs Caitlin's cute little skirt and slowly pulled it and her girlfriend's panties down to reveal Caitlin's ass in all it's glory. She then took a few long seconds to admire it, before returning to the spanking.

Again Iris was gentle at first, but slowly and surely she increase the force of the blows until she was delivering on the hard spanking she promised. The hard spanking Ronnie had probably never given her girl. Or at least, she hoped he hadn't, as Iris liked the thought of being as many firsts for Caitlin as possible. Either way Iris may have gone a little too far with beating that ass, but she just couldn't help it. She just became so lost in watching those cheeks jiggle with every blow, and slowly turn bright pink, to bright red, to a dark and angry red. That, and the sheer power she felt from spanking her beautiful girlfriend, and a doctor at that, like a naughty child.

Caitlin had felt reduced to that on the few times that Ronnie had spanked her a little too roughly. On those occasions she had asked him to stop, and to his credit he had, and Caitlin had no doubt that Iris would do the same if she asked, but she didn't. For some unholy reason Caitlin allowed the spanking to become truly brutal, and to her shame she even enjoyed it. She wasn't sure why. She wasn't even sure she wanted to know why. Actually that wasn't true. As a scientist she couldn't avoid the curiosity, and it didn't take long to realise the difference. Simply put, now she was on the verge of becoming a super villain and hurting the people she loved Caitlin welcomed the punishment, and the feeling that Iris was putting her in her place.

It wasn't a healthy thing to believe, but Caitlin couldn't stop herself from feeling it, at least a little. Of course it wasn't the only part of it. The other part was that lately Caitlin had been revelling in the role of the submissive bottom, and while this was more extreme than anything else they had done so far Caitlin still very much enjoyed being under Iris's power. Towards the end of the spanking when her lust was overriding her brain Caitlin even allowed herself to believe that she was helpless. That if she asked Iris to stop she wouldn't, and all she could do was lay there and take it. Or more accurately wriggle and take it. And whimper. Oh God did Caitlin whimper, cry and even scream as her ass was repeatedly smacked.

At first Iris had gently caressed her ass in between each blow, and the pause between spanks lasted quite a while. All that groping almost made it more humiliating than the later brutal butt beating, Caitlin feeling like a piece of meat, but the pain had been barely noticeable. Now it consumed her entire world and tears were beginning to slide down her cheeks, and yet still Caitlin found herself enjoying it. The proof of that was sliding down her bare legs, something which Iris had to notice, as why else would she be spanking her like this? Then again, maybe Iris was just lost in the moment, which was a little worrying given what was about to happen. Yet either way Caitlin was bizarrely grateful for it, as it was weirdly cathartic, and enjoyable.

Just as it was becoming too much Iris slowly stopped and there was a long pause. Then Iris reached down and gently placed her hand back down on Caitlin's ass. That alone was enough to make Caitlin wince with pain, but she was soon sighing and even softly cooing as Iris began caressing her ass again. Or maybe it was Iris making those noises? Who cares, Caitlin thought. It didn't matter right now. What mattered was that the pain was being caressed away, and yet her arousal remained, giving Caitlin a growing desire to feel Iris touching her in other ways. Even in the new and scary ways that she knew Iris wanted to touch her.

"Too much?" Iris asked softly and apologetically after the long pause.

"No." Caitlin blushed, before adding with a little smile, "But you could kiss it better, you know?"

Iris smiled, "That's not a bad idea."

Iris then lowered her mouth down to that perfect butt and gently pressed her lips to the right cheek, meaning she was literally kissing Caitlin's ass. She then repeated the process with the left, shamelessly going back and forth for a few long seconds. Then she really got down to business, gently pulling Caitlin's butt cheeks apart with both hands and then slowly sliding her tongue over her ultimate target, causing her girlfriend to let out a loud cry of surprise, and a hint of pleasure. Caitlin then cooed, gasped and eventually even moaned as for the next few minutes Iris began eagerly licking her ass hole, making it crystal clear that the doctor was enjoying this as much as the reporter. Maybe even more.

Honestly Iris wasn't surprised Caitlin liked it, as she could imagine being touched in such a wickedly forbidden place would be thrilling. Embarrassing, but given the way that Caitlin had enjoyed the spanking that would probably only add to the thrill. What surprised Iris was just how much she enjoyed it. Sure, it wasn't nearly as fun as eating Caitlin's pussy, but it still tasted good. And it was so thrilling, especially when Caitlin relaxed and clearly got into it from the sounds of her moans, although Iris could imagine those pale cheeks of hers blushing so adorably from embarrassment that she couldn't hide the fact that she liked it.

Wanting to make this more nasty Iris pulled back briefly so she could spit onto Caitlin's ass hole and then rubbed that saliva in with her tongue. She did that a few more times before wrapping her mouth around Caitlin's back entrance and then began gently sucking on it. Finally Iris tried pushing her tongue inside Caitlin's butt. Unsurprisingly she didn't get far, although she got further than she would have guessed. All of which got very positive sounds out of her girl, but it wouldn't be enough to prepare Caitlin for a butt fucking. Luckily Iris had one more final trick for that, although not before she gave Caitlin a truly thorough rim job. After that Iris eventually retrieved her strap-on and a bottle of lubricant, attaching the former and applying the latter right in front of her nervous looking girlfriend.

Then Iris got down behind Caitlin again, pulled one of her butt cheeks apart with her dry hand while using the one still covered in lube to rub her back hole. Then she slowly pushed a lube covered finger into Caitlin's butt hole, causing both girls to softly cry out this time. It was hard to tell whether Caitlin's cry was a sound of enjoyment or not, mostly because Iris's was and she was so preoccupied by the tightness of her girlfriend's virgin ass. Iris savoured that feeling for a few long seconds, before pumping that finger in and out, then up and down and side to side to make sure she slowly stretched Caitlin. Eventually she even added a second finger, and then repeated the process she had with the first.

After a few long minutes of anal fingering Iris softly asked, "Are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be." Caitlin replied softly.

"Are you sure?" Iris pushed.

"Yeah." Caitlin confirmed, before adding softly, "There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you."

Iris beamed happily, "Me too."

"Well then..." Caitlin said as boldly as she could, which wasn't very, "Fuck my ass."

Iris grinned, pulled her fingers out of Caitlin's ass, and then asked, "Do something for me first? Spread your ass cheeks. Show me that pretty little virgin hole of yours. Please? Oh yes, that's it! Mmmmmm, good girl."

Caitlin rolled her eyes and huffed, but mostly blushed at that command, before pressing her face into the bed sheets, reaching back and slowly pulling apart her butt cheeks. Doing that made her feel so vulnerable and exposed, but it was really thrilling. It also wasn't entirely new, as at least this was something Iris had made her do when she was fucking her pussy with that strap-on. But now things were different. Now that strap-on was going to invade her most intimate hole. The one which was never supposed to be entered. Which was incredibly frightening, although also thrilling, and Caitlin meant what she said, she would do anything for Iris West.

That was really put to the test when Caitlin felt the tip of the lube covered cock pressing against her virgin ass hole, causing her to clinch down nervously. She just couldn't help it, it was automatic, but to Iris's credit she didn't insult her intelligence by telling her to relax, instead just waiting patiently until Caitlin got there on her own. It was then the moment of truth, a.k.a. the moment that Iris began pushing forwards, stretching Caitlin's most intimate hole like never before. If Caitlin was going to back out now was the time to do it, and part of her really wanted too, but instead she did her best to ignore the pain and concentrate on relaxing so she could give her precious girlfriend her anal virginity.

It seemed to take forever, a clear sign of Iris's concern for her, but eventually Caitlin's virgin ass hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of that dildo to slip through it and into Caitlin's butt, meaning it was official, Iris had just taken her anal cherry. That thought was so thrilling that it almost totally made up for the pain, but despite herself Caitlin cried out rather pathetically as her butt cherry was popped. Again to her credit Iris didn't ask if she was okay, or remind her to relax, although it was pretty clear that she wanted too given the look on her face, which Caitlin could just about see given her current position. She could also see how turned on Iris was, so she ignored the small part of her that wanted to object to her anal violation and simply concentrated on relaxing so she could give this a chance.

She was rewarded embarrassingly quickly for that. Sure, the rest of the anal penetration was no picnic, but it was nowhere near as painful as the initial penetration, or as bad as she had feared it would be. More importantly, Caitlin was overwhelmed with the incredible thrill of doing something so naughty. Especially for another girl, when she wouldn't do it for a guy. Or maybe it was just something she would do for Iris, and only Iris. Either way it was thrilling. Then when the official butt fucking started whatever initial pain she felt quickly went away and was replaced by ever-increasing pleasure, until it was a struggle for Caitlin to hide just how much she was enjoying this. Which was something she failed spectacularly to do.

Iris certainly wasn't hiding her enjoyment. Well, she was just about able to avoid saying anything, but she didn't have too, it was written all over her face. Besides, the last thing she wanted to do was say the wrong thing and bring a premature end to this. No, she needed to not just see this through, but somehow convince Caitlin to let her do this again, because fuck, it was so hot. Sick and twisted, but so, so hot. So hot watching Caitlin's ass hole stretching wider and wider for her dick before it let her in, officially meaning that she had taken her girlfriend's anal virginity, and then swallow the rest of her cock once Iris started pushing forwards again as slowly as she could.

Ever since she had first fucked Caitlin with this strap-on Iris had been addicted to the feeling of power topping the powerful Metahuman gave her, and nothing had ever made her feel more powerful than robbing Killer Frost of her anal cherry. She was pretty sure nothing ever would, except maybe the ability to butt fuck her beautiful and deadly girlfriend on a regular basis. To make Caitlin her butt slut. Oh God, could Iris really do that? Because that would be so hot, but it seemed impossible, even if Caitlin seemed to be taking the butt stuffing surprisingly well. Extremely well, in fact. Iris could be wrong, but she thought she heard a sound of pleasure coming from Caitlin's mouth.

Shortly after hearing that sound Iris was suddenly very distracted by the fact that she was running out of dick to slide into Caitlin's butt hole, and sure enough inch by inch the strap-on completely disappeared until her chocolate thighs were pressed against those pale cheeks, meaning it was official, Caitlin Snow had just taken every inch of her cock up her ass like a little slut. Like a butt slut, Iris thought with a blissfully happy, and hopeful, grin. That grin stayed on her face as for the next few minutes she admired the contrast of their skin, and continue to do so when she eventually started ass fucking her girlfriend, Iris pumping her hips back and forth so that her big black dick began sliding in and out of Caitlin's super pale and super tight ass.

Then Iris heard a sound which awoke her from her lust fuelled daze. At first she thought she must have heard wrong, just like before, but there it was again. A moan! A fucking moan of pleasure, and after that Iris continued hearing them as Caitlin began not just moaning, but whimpering, gasping and crying out in pure pleasure, all of which put a wide grin of delight on Iris's face. Caitlin was a butt slut! Or Iris had turned her into one. Honestly Iris wasn't sure what she liked better, but either way the important thing was Caitlin was loving this. Caitlin loved it up the butt! Oh yes, prim and proper Doctor Caitlin Snow, a.k.a. the deadly Killer Frost, was a butt slut, and Iris was determined to make Caitlin her butt slut.

Caitlin had wanted to enjoy this for Iris's sake, and because the alternative would suck. Because sure, she was confident that Iris would have stopped at any time if she asked, but she wanted to give this affair try and more importantly please her girlfriend, so Caitlin had been determined to keep her mouth shut. As it turned out she failed, but not because she found anal too hard. In fact it was exactly the opposite, which was incredibly embarrassing. After all, being a bottom was one thing, but being a butt slut? It wasn't something Caitlin thought she could handle. Although it soon became very clear that she didn't have a choice in the matter.

One choice she desperately clung onto with all her might was the ability to at least not beg to cum too soon. Because if there was one thing she knew about having sex with Iris West was that begging to cum was pretty much inevitable, but at least Caitlin could resist for as long as possible. And who knows, maybe she would be lucky. After all, this wasn't just any normal fuck. No, Iris was apparently fulfilling a fantasy she'd had for a while. So maybe, just maybe, if Caitlin could hold it together she'd be able to avoid this particular humiliation. But no, Iris's stubbornness won the battle of wills again, and ultimately Caitlin found herself breaking down and begging the other girl to make her cum.

"Harder!" Caitlin moaned softly.

Iris grinned wickedly, and then because she just couldn't resist pushed, "Sorry, what was that?"

"Harder!" Caitlin whimpered.

"Louder." Iris demanded with another wicked grin, "Tell me just how bad you want it."

Again Caitlin whimpered, then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening her eyes again and beginning to tell Iris whatever she thought she wanted to hear, as long as it got her what she wanted, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass harder and make me cum! Please Iris? Fuck me baby. Fuck my butt! Fuck it hard! Oooooooh Gooooddddddd, fuck me in the butt and make me cum! Please? Please butt fuck me like a slut. Ohhhhhhhh fuck, like a butt slut. Ooooooohhhhhh Goooooodddddd Iris, butt fuck me like a God damn anal whore! Mmmmmm yesssssss, fuck my ass, God yes, please Iris, ass fuck me! Fuck me up the ass hard and deep and make me cum with a dick in my butt like a little anal slut! Please Iris, I need to cum like the little slut I am! Goooodddddd yesssssss, make me cum like an ass slut! Your ass slut! Oh Iris, make me your ass slut!"

"Ohhhhhh, I like the sound of that." Iris grinned, before challenging, "But if you really want to cum... then you do it. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, lift yourself up onto all fours and bounce that little white booty back at me. Show me what a little butt slut you really are. Oh yes, that's it, ooooooh bounce that ass! Bounce it good, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck!"

Quickly obeying Caitlin lifted herself onto all fours and started pushing back against Iris's thrusts. Even in her deliriously horny state Caitlin had the presence of mind to slowly build up the pace, and time her thrusts so that whenever Iris pushed forwards she pushed back and vice versa, making sure that the dildo went as deep into her butt as possible with every wonderful thrust. Which wasn't easy, as Iris in turn built up the speed and the force of her own thrusts, meaning that the two girls were working together to make the butt fucking as hard as it could possibly be, both of them becoming completely lost in it to the point that they were going at it like animals.

Just before they started using every ounce of their strength Caitlin finally came. Her first anally induced orgasm was easily as strong as any she'd ever had, if not more so, which was really impressive given the pure ecstasy Iris had given her ever since they had gotten together. The next orgasm she received was just as powerful, as was the one after that, and so on, until Caitlin felt like she was having one continuous climax, the ecstasy so intense that it retroactively validated the words she had just said. Oh God yes, there was nothing more Caitlin Snow wanted to be in that moment than Iris West's little butt slut, and her last coherent thought for a while was a promise that she would be the best butt slut ever, happily giving up her butt to her girlfriend whenever Iris wanted it.

Iris wanted that more than anything right now, and she was more than willing to use every ounce of her energy to do it and give Caitlin a truly epic butt fucking, and more to the point, so many orgasms that she would beg her to do this again, and again, and again. Which was why Iris desperately tried to hold back her own desire to cum, as she knew that would be the beginning of the end to this wonderful ass fucking. That involve closing her eyes and trying to block out the wonderful sounds around her, but it was no use. In fact it only intensified some aspects of the sodomy, until ultimately Iris just opened her eyes and focused on pressing forward while avoiding her own finish line as long as possible.

Luckily she was naturally stubborn, and had experience with something like this from strap-on fucking Caitlin's pussy, so she was able to hold back for quite a long time, but ultimately it just became too much. The stimulator against her clit, the feeling of Caitlin's juicy little cheeks jiggling against her thighs, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh and Caitlin's screams of pleasure echoing throughout the room, and maybe most of all the sight of Dr Caitlin Snow bent over in front of her, taking it hard in the ass like a little bitch. All of it was just too much, and inevitably Iris found herself crashing over the edge of orgasm. Although to her credit she pushed through it and the next few climaxes, but she could already feel her strength failing her.

Deciding to enjoy what time she had left Iris allowed her mind to wander into fantasies she'd been having lately which she was determined to make a reality. Fantasies involving her waking up to Caitlin anally riding her like the greedy little butt slut Iris wanted to turn her into. Then Iris would bend Caitlin over the kitchen table, and maybe in the shower too, so they could have three solid butt fucks before leaving for work. Then, after a couple of breaks filled with ass sex, they would come home, have dinner, maybe curl up and watch a movie or a TV show before finally having a couple of hours of deep anal love-making in which Iris got to take Caitlin in every position and gently give this ass the attention it deserves.

Of course such fantasies were impractical, but if Iris could talk Caitlin into even weekly anal she would call it a win. It definitely seemed like it wouldn't be a problem, as by the time Iris ran out of steam she had lost count of how many times cum had squirted out of Caitlin's cunt. Although when she did run out of steam Iris collapsed down onto an equally exhausted Caitlin, who in turn collapsed onto the bed sheets, both girls just lying there in a sweaty heap for a few long minutes. Then Iris groaned softly, and began gently kissing first Caitlin's shoulder blades, neck and cheek before beginning to whisper loving words into her ear.

"That was so amazing." Iris practically purred with delight, "Mmmmm, you were so good for me. Mmmmm, such a good girl. Such a good butt slut. Oh yeah Caitlin, you were such a good little anal slut for me. Cumming nice and hard with my big dick in your ass. Mmmmm, please baby, please tell me we can do this again. I want to make you cum that hard all the time."

"Whenever you want." Caitlin groaned softly, almost without her permission.

"Really?" Iris grinned wickedly, "You promise?"

"Uh-huh." Caitlin blushed, briefly hesitating before tilting her head back slightly so she could look at her lover and tell her, "My ass is yours. Whenever you want it."

"Oh God, you really are the perfect little bottom." Iris chuckled.

"Your perfect little bottom." Caitlin confirmed dreamily.

"And my ass slut." Iris pushed gently.

Again Caitlin blushed, but confirmed with a nod, "And your ass slut."

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