Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion

BY : Ryswell
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Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion


Time passed in a daze, moments bleeding into one another like a dream. A carnal, lustful vision of a man taking his pleasure from the woman who belonged to him. Afternoon passed into evening passed into morning passed into afternoon. Minute to minute, hour to hour, Diana’s life was lovemaking, fucking. She was either basking in the joy of ecstasy, recovering from it, or slowly building to it again.

But the man named Mark Messner wasn’t simply using her body to sate his lusts. Not entirely, anyway. In a way, she was using him in turn. Even under his thrall, the superheroine had enough agency and will to take for herself. She was Diana Prince, Amazon warrior. A Daughter of Themyscira. She had too much pride to simply lie back and let some man use her body. If she was to be a mortal man’s superpowered sex kitten, then she was going to take full advantage of her predicament. The superhero life was tough, stressful. Even Wonder Woman needed to let off some steam. And Mark Messner, dubious morals aside, was pleasing enough for a bedmate. 

Diana saw fit to sate her own lusts on him. Under his thrall, pliant to his commands, she would find ample opportunity to fuck her fill. Although Diana had a feeling that this was exactly what Mark wanted. 

He wanted Wonder Woman. He was getting Wonder Woman.


She rode him like an Amazon would ride a horse, firmly and with passion. Taking her pleasure from his manhood, she rocked her hips, fucking the man into his own bed. She had intended to make him spill first in order to humble him, to show him the famed Amazonian stamina, but he endured. 

A mortal man had outlasted her. It was her own fault, really. Diana had gotten lost in the sensations their lovemaking wrought, too distracted by the experience of dominating a man’s body that she had let the experience dominate her. Her pride as an Amazon had taken a blow. That needed to be rectified.

After taking a short moment to allow them both to recover, Diana threw her legs over Mark’s waist and rode him again. Harder and faster the second time. 

“Jesus… Oh, shit!” His howls were proof of her ability. She silenced him with a kiss, leaning down to swallow his cries and grunts like they were a delicacy.

He spilled again and he did it before her. As it should have been. 

Yes, the dignity of the Amazon’s had been restored. Or so Diana told herself. 

The satisfaction the woman felt as the warmth of Mark’s seed settled inside her told a slightly different tale.

“That’s nice… Yeah, keep doing that…”

It was early morning. Mark had offered to make them breakfast. Diana noted how strange a man he was, cooking for the woman - the Wonder Woman - he turned into his slave. They traded some friendly barbs - in Diana’s case, as friendly as she could be - and somehow the conversation ended with Diana on her knees.

Somehow, Diana thought dryly. Hands stroking his thighs, she pressed her face into his groin. Memories from the gala returned to the forefront of her mind. Messner sitting on a bench, Diana on her knees, pleasing him with her mouth. 

This time was a little different. For one, he was standing. That, and this particular dalliance may or may not have been Diana’s idea. 

‘Morning wood’ had always amused Diana. She wanted to see if he was any more receptive to one’s intimate touch than normal. 

He was, as it turned out. As she lathered his scrotum with her tongue in the early hours of the new day, Diana learned that men - especially gifted men like Mark Messner - were always ready for a woman’s close company.

“I still expect to be served breakfast. Real breakfast.” Diana hummed, resting her chin against his thigh. She gazed up at Mark with glimmering blue eyes - the same kind of look that melted her Queen mother’s heart. The fact that she was cradling Mark’s substantial manhood against her rosy cheeks only added to the desired effect. She drummed her fingers softly along his cock, pressing a small kiss to the side of the shaft. “This is just a snack. Understand?”

“Of course.” Mark said hoarsely, his hands planted firmly on the kitchen counter for balance. “How does French Toast sound?”

“That sounds lovely.” Diana smiled dazzlingly. Then she tipped her head down between Mark’s legs once more. She took his balls into her mouth and sucked.

It was the evening. Through the open window of the Messner Estate’s master bedroom, Diana could hear the whistling of the soft, night breeze. 

That is, she could hear it between the punctuations of her moans, her lover’s grunts, and the sound of flesh colliding with flesh. Daughters of Themyscira were taught many things. Modesty was not one of them. Amazonian lovemaking tended to be loud.

They were on Mark’s bed once more, the sheets in disarray, the pillows tossed into the far corners. Just the two of them, locked in a carnal embrace, engaged in the world’s oldest dance upon a mattress with a broken frame. Mark was above her, inside her, fucking her. Using the stamina of a mortal man, he brought pleasure to her body, sending jolts through her nerves with every thrust, every deep stab into the silky wetness between her legs.

And that wasn’t even touching on the fact that he had gotten her onto her back. How many men could claim such a feat, on Earth and beyond? To pin Wonder Woman to the bed and fuck her? 

“Don’t you ever get tired?” Diana was near breathless, managing to force the words out between gasps. Mark sank his manhood inside her, his waist slapping against her thighs, forcing a moan from her lips. His lips were at her neck, sucking, biting. She raked her hands through his hair, needing to hold him close so she could feel the heat, the sweat on his skin.

“Not when I’ve got you in my bed.” He growled into the crook of her neck. He pulled back but her cunt clenched around him, unwilling to let him go. Mark groaned, leaving a trail of kisses along her jaw. Then he thrust back in. Hard. Diana hissed through clenched teeth, her fingernails digging into the back of her lover’s neck. She could hear Mark chuckling darkly into her ear. “Why? Am I wearing you out?”

“Not a chance, mortal.” Her voice was low, daring. Mark drew himself up so that he was staring down at her, their eyes locked together. She made sure he could see it in her eyes. The challenge. Understanding flashed across his face and then there was the familiar glimmer in his eyes. The wickedness that started this whole ordeal. Diana saw it and she smiled.

Mark returned it with a wolfish leer.

“I guess I need to work harder then.”

Diana’s lover began working his body inside her. He had become a machine, a rutting beast. A quick pace, driving his hard cock into her dripping wet cunt. Harder and faster, unrelenting.

It was perfect.

The Princess of Themyscira screamed a word, a shriek that sounded closer to an animal than a woman. 


“By the Goddess… Oh… Oh!

It was midday. They weren’t making love in the bedroom. They weren’t fooling around in the kitchen. Nor were they enjoying a quickie in the shower. 

No, this time they were in the living room. The television was on, tuned to some nature or science channel. A documentary was playing, though on very low volume. But Diana wasn’t paying it much attention.

She was sitting on the sofa - although ‘sitting’ might not have been the right word. Her hips were pulled forward so she was resting on her lower back, her legs and thighs hanging over open air.

This was by design of course. It allowed him easier access.

Today it was Mark’s turn to kneel. Such was the man’s argument when he insisted on ‘returning the favor’. It was a pleasant surprise, truly. Diana wouldn’t have denied the man even without the spell making her incapable of saying ‘no’.

He kissed her, pressing his lips to hers, using his fingers to spread her apart so he could slide his tongue through her folds. Each stroke, each lash set her nerves ablaze. Her blood ran even hotter, boiling in her veins, making her skin flush dark pink. He tasted Diana, drank from her, eagerly drawing her arousal onto his lips, into his mouth.

“Oh, Sweet Hera…” Diana whined, her whole body struck still. Her muscles grew tense as an orgasm was ripped out of her, ecstasy shuddering violently through her perfect body. Her hands lashed out, grabbing for anything to keep steady, to keep her grounded to this world even as Mark sent her tumbling over the edge and into the abyss of sensation. One hand latched onto the sofa cushions, fingers nearly making ribbons of the fabric. The other found a place on Mark’s head, snaking through his dark locks. 

She held his head between her legs, staring down at him through hooded eyes, moaning like some wanton whore as the man dutifully continued to work his tongue inside her. That wicked look in his eyes remained, ever steadfast. 

He’s really enjoying this, Diana realized as pleasure wracked her body. In a twisted way, Diana found Mark’s conviction to lechery… Admirable. The raven-haired Amazon made a mental note to commend the man after she was done… releasing into his mouth.

Coming down from the high felt like being carried by clouds, her body turned into flower petals in the wind. Mark grunted as if to remind her he was still there. It was a deep, satisfied sound, not unlike that of a beast finally catching its prey. He planted kisses along her vulva, moving upwards towards her mons. Warm, wet kisses, his lips still slick with her ending.

Finally, when Diana had gathered her wits, he rested his chin upon her belly, just below her belly button. His eyes still held that primal need, but they also carried something more. Affection.

“I take it you enjoyed that?” He teased, his glistening lips spreading back into his familiar wolfish grin.

“Immensely.” Diana said after a moment, laughing softly. The spell made it so she couldn’t lie. But the spell hadn’t forced the praise from her lips. She had done it by herself. She wanted him to know, to take pride in his efforts. A day ago that might have frightened Diana, but now? 

Perhaps the spell is taking a deeper hold, Diana thought distantly. Or perhaps I’m just starting to enjoy myself…

Immensely, huh?” Mark murmured, softly drumming and stroking his fingers across her stomach. He traced the faint lines that made up her tone abdomen, faint touches through the valleys between muscles. Taking a moment to appreciate the sculpted woman who belonged to him. “That’s high praise coming from you.”

“You continue to surprise me, Mark.” Diana admitted, allowing herself to sink into the sofa cushions, her legs hanging limply off the edge of her seat. The heat of Mark’s body upon hers had long become more than welcome. “When the memories of the museum gala came back to me, I feared I had been enthralled to a selfish lover. I’m… pleased... that this is not the case.”

The smile faded from Mark’s face, replaced with a more thoughtful expression. The notion that Diana had been afraid of him seemed to give the man pause.

“Well… It’d be hard for me to enjoy being in bed with you if I knew you hated every minute of it.” Mark confessed, shifting his body so that he was sitting up instead of draped over Diana’s legs and stomach. He ran his hands slowly down and up her thighs, his warm hands bringing warmth and comfort to her bare skin. “No man wants to be the chump who can’t make his woman happy.”

It was a surprisingly logical response, Diana realized, at least within the man’s unique perspective. Too empathetic to be a true sociopath, but too amoral to pass up the chance to bend Wonder Woman to his whims. Mark Messner was a strange man.

“That’s… sweet.” Diana said, a giggle bubbling in her throat at the absurdity of her situation. “In a twisted sort of way.”

Mark’s deep, rumbling laughter followed after, the man wiping his lips with the back of his hand. He rose from between Diana’s legs, looming over her. She saw his manhood swaying between his legs, half-hard and ready for more. He leaned down and kissed her, an embrace she accepted eagerly. Then he pulled away, pressing his forehead to hers. She could feel his hot breath on her lips.

“I may not be selfish, but I am demanding.” He growled, one hand reaching up to cup her breast. His fingers found a nipple, already hardened into a pebble by his earlier ministrations, and gave a soft squeeze. Diana moaned.

“Mmmm…” The Amazon stirred under her lover’s looming presence, her legs rising to wrap around his waist. Her ankles locked together above his ass, pulling him down so that his body pressed flush against her own. “How demanding, Mister Messner?”

“I want your ass, Diana.” He decided, his cock now at full swell, throbbing against her belly.

The words shocked her. They shouldn’t have, as Diana had briefly considered the many possibilities of Mark’s control over her when she first walked through the doors of his home. But back then it was fleeting. Now, the striking image entered her mind: Diana on her hands and knees, Mark behind her, above her, taking her. Skewered on his immense length, taking his manhood deep into her body. But not through her cunt. No, here he was violating her, plundering the tight confines of her ass in base, lustful act of dominance.

A shudder went through Diana’s body as the filthy act played in her head. But it was not fear that Diana felt. It was anticipation.

“What’s stopping you?” She whispered, surrendered to her desires.

Mark closed the miniscule distance between them to ensnare Diana in a fiery kiss… And suddenly there was a loud beeping noise. A noise Diana recognized… And at the moment, loathed to hear. 

Diana craned her neck to look past Mark’s looming mass. There on the living room coffee table were the ruins of her civilian clothes, the clothes Mark made a promise to replace - The outfit wasn’t cheap, after all. The pile of clothes was the source of the noise.

“Your phone?” Mark asked, sounding both curious and concerned. He untangled himself from her legs and stood, letting Diana rise from the sofa herself. 

“My League communicator.” Diana explained as she dug through the tatters of her jeans. She pulled out a small, circular device. It was silver and fit into the palm of her hand. The beeping continued. Someone was calling her from the Watchtower. “This specific alarm is for urgent business.”

“Take the call.” Mark told her, nodding. He scooped up his boxers from the floor, heading for the foyer. “I’ll get you a change of clothes.”

Huh. Diana pursed her lips as a number of thoughts entered her head. Just like that? No questions asked? You really are a strange man, Mark.

Wonder Woman flipped the device open and pressed the ‘answer call’ button… But was mindful enough to keep the line audio only. I shouldn’t be showing the glory of Themyscira to just anybody…

Mark made his way back to the living room with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants. It wasn’t as fashionable as the get-up Diana had arrived in, but it would have to do. The man figured he could take her on a shopping spree to make up for the ruined clothes. If Diana was even into that sort of thing. 

Mark himself had put on a grey t-shirt as well as some blue gym shorts. The fabric was tented by his still half-hard cock. He had been moments away from enjoying a new part of Wonder Woman. That kind of eagerness simply didn’t vanish.

When he reached the living room, Diana was waiting for him. The League call had been quick from the looks of things. She stood there, her mane of black hair a wild mess, her whole body flushed pink from the exertion of their morning marathon of lovemaking. But even naked and well-fucked, Diana looked regal. A breathtaking sight, beauty and strength married into an impossibly perfect feminine form. She turned to face him and suddenly he was at full mast again. 

The things this woman does to me…

“Ocean Master has launched an assault on San Francisco. The Justice League has requested my assistance.” She explained, her voice calm, even… But there was a hint of something else in her words. A hint of apprehension. Worry. 

Why would she be worried? Mark frowned, thinking. Then he realized. She thinks I might keep her here.

“Go then. Handle your business.” He told her calmly, setting the spare clothes before her on the coffee table. “Our thing… It can wait.”

Diana’s eyes widened. “Really?”

“I’m not unreasonable.” Mark snorted, giving her a half-smile. Part of him felt that he should be insulted. But the more logical elements in his mind told him that her feelings made perfect sense. He was the thief who stole her freedom. She had no reason to trust him. The burden was on him to put her at ease. This would be a good start. “And I certainly won’t stop you from saving the world just because I’m horny.”

The Amazon narrowed her eyes, appraising the man before her, mulling over his words. A long moment later, a grin tugged at her lips. There was a shine to her eyes then, a lovely shine. She snatched up the offering of clothes he brought and started tugging on the pair of sweatpants - which, to Mark’s great fortune, turned out to be delightfully snug around her hips.

“You continue to surprise me, Mark Messner.” Diana said with a wide, genuine smile. She was beaming at him. Had he been ten years younger, Mark would have been a puddle. Mark felt a warmth rising in his cheeks. It’s like I’m a damn teenager again… 

“Go back to being Wonder Woman,” He told her, leaning on the archway connecting the living room and the foyer. He smirked, savoring the subtle jiggle of the woman’s heavy breasts as she pulled the t-shirt on. It, too, turned out to be delightfully snug. “Live the superhero life. But next week, say Friday evening… I want you back here. Wearing Amazonian garb, of course.”

Diana seemed to consider his words, but the glimmer in her eyes told him she was teasing. Playing the act of weighing her options. She pursed her lips, her hands finding their place on her hips.

“I can’t really refuse such an offer, can I?” She brushed a lock of hair out of her face, humming thoughtfully. “Shall I bring my lasso as well?”

“A wonderful idea. Bring an extra change of clothes, too.” Mark gestured to the pile that used to be Diana’s outfit. “Just in case we get too… Wild.

“Okay.” Diana answered in a calm voice. Serene. She approached Mark then, stepping towards him with grace and purpose. She planted a soft but firm kiss upon his lips. Then another, smaller and softer, like a punctuation. Or perhaps a stamp of ownership. “I will.”

Diana pulled away, standing before him tall, beautiful, and strong. Perfect. She was Wonder Woman once more. Gently moving past him, she made a beeline for the front door.

“See you Friday, babe.” Mark called after her.

Wonder Woman cast a quick look over her shoulder as she exited the Messner Estate for the first time in two days. Gazing back at him with smoky eyes, her lips curled into an alluring smile. 

“I’m already looking forward to it.”

Then she was gone. Out of his life again and off to handle a supervillain threat.

Mark stood alone in his living room, the television still going on in the background and the smell of sex still heavy in the air. The man planted himself on his sofa, exhaustion finally catching up to him. But even then, his cock throbbed madly between his legs. 

The Thief had his own battle to fight, one that seemed infinitely more daunting now that he had gotten himself a taste of Amazonian flesh.

A week without Wonder Woman, Mark silently bemoaned as his manhood still refused to subside. She hadn’t been gone for five minutes and he was already aching for her touch, her scent, her taste.

It’s too cruel, Mark thought, managing to crack a small grin. 

A week without Wonder Woman… Like asking a man to go without water in the Sahara...


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