Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion

BY : Ryswell
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Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion


The interior of the Messner Estate was cozier than Diana was expecting. The Amazon had felt a spike of dread as her captor led her through the threshold that was his front doors. If a man was willing to go to such extreme lengths such as ensnaring her mind to his whims… Diana could only guess as to what twisted things awaited her inside.

She found no twisted things - aside from perhaps Mark Messner himself. Instead, there were only the things that made the mansion feel like someone’s home. The foyer extended back some thirty feet, with a staircase on the right leading up to the second floor. On the left was a wooden archway that opened up into the living area, where an L-shaped sofa wrapped around a low wooden table. Opposite the sofa was a fireplace and installed above it was a large flatscreen. The news was playing on the television but the sound was muted. Scattered throughout the room, resting on the table, on the sofa, even on the floor, were boxes. Some had been opened, some weren’t. Some were large, some small. 

Did he just move in? Looks like he never finished unpacking.

“I noticed you chose to wear civilian clothes.” Mark nodded at her. The friendly grin on his face did little to settle the anxiousness that pulsed through her nerves. “You look nice, by the way.”

She had worn relatively simple garb for her trip back to Fawcett City, nothing too fancy. Dark jeans, leather belt, shin-length wedge-heeled boots. Above the waist she wore a simple white v-neck - large-sized but still found itself stretched over the vast swells of her bust. Over that she wore a black, fashionable jacket. A bit more subtle than the golden eagle and the star-studded battle skirt. Even so, Mr. Messner clearly had some appreciation for her wardrobe.

The v-neck exposed perhaps a sliver of cleavage, but Diana knew that even a sliver was enough to catch a man’s eye. She kept an even expression… and deliberately turned away from Mark’s eyes, brushing past him as she strutted further into the foyer.

“I don’t wear my Amazonian garb twenty-four-seven.” She flatly explained. “Not even Wonder Woman can be on the job every waking moment.”

Diana heard Mark chuckling behind her, his voice low and warm. For an instant, he nearly fooled her. Nearly had her believing that he was just a young man with a schoolboy crush. But then he spoke again.

“Of course not. There wouldn’t be any time for fun otherwise.”

That was why she was here. For fun. 

Diana felt a stirring in her belly, a pulsing in her nerves. Breathing deeply through her nose, she crossed her arms. Tentatively, she dared to glance back over her shoulder. Mark Messner was still there, his eyes still devouring her. A slight tremble quivered through her lips. She bit down to stop it.

“Did you want me to wear my battle dress during…?” The astonishment at herself as the words flowed from her lips faded soon after. This dominion was her reality now. And deep down, Diana knew that it was better to know what this Mark Messner had in store for her than having surprise after surprise thrown upon her.

Mark’s eyebrows shot up, as if he hadn’t even considered it. Perhaps he hadn’t and Diana had just provided him with another perverted fantasy. The possibility sent the Amazon’s belly into another series of flips.

“A lovely idea, Diana.” Mark praised as he approached her. He closed the distance in but a moment, one of his hands coming to rest on her upper arm. The other rose to her chin. His touch was warm, almost pleasant. But it wasn’t enough to fool Diana. “We’ll save it for another time.”

Mark kissed her then. Diana made a sound but it wasn’t of shock or fear or anger. It was a reflexive response to the sensations of his lips on hers, to the pleasantness of his touch. It was fake, of course. It had to be fake. Diana knew he was controlling her. There was no other way, no other explanation as to why she hadn’t put him through a wall already.

Then it was over, Mark pulling back some to plant a smaller kiss on the corner of her mouth.

“As I said before: two weeks is a very long time for a young man to be away from his woman.” Mark spoke low, barely above a whisper. The feeling of his hot breath on her skin made Diana’s eyes flutter shut. “We need to make up for lost time, Diana. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Diana’s eyes fluttered open then. She stared into the man’s hungry eyes. Then she darted forward, kissing him in turn. A small display of defiance. Yes, a show that even under his thrall, Diana Prince was not some tamed mare.

She pulled back and whispered into his ear.

“It’s impossible to disagree.”

It was a rush to get to the master bedroom, hurried steps padding up the main staircase echoing through the foyer. Not near as frantic as Mark’s hands grabbing at Diana’s clothes, her body, so eager to touch her, claim her the instant they passed the threshold. 

The civilian garb Diana wore lasted seconds against Mark’s aggression - with some assistance from Diana’s own helping hands. She couldn’t deny him her body. This was the base reason she had returned to Fawcett City - to serve Mark Messner, to sate his desires. The sooner those desires were sated, the sooner she could return to her true calling. She could be Wonder Woman again.

Mark’s clothes fared little better against Diana’s Amazonian strength. They were made into tatters and ribbons and thrown to the sides, into far corners to be forgotten. They might have been expensive - wealthy men tended to drape themselves in designer threads - but Mark didn’t seem to mind. Judging from the fire dancing in his eyes as Diana ripped his shirt open, her sudden aggression may have been exactly what he wanted. Diana’s blood burned hot as the realization settled in her mind.

With one hand, the Princess of Themyscira shoved her wealthy master onto his bed - King-sized of course, because what other kind of bed would a rich man have? Sprawled on his back before her, Mark still possessed that look in his eyes, the predatory hunger that had Diana’s nerves buzzing, her blood singing. He looked like he was in complete control. Diana glowered at the man below her.

Taking a moment to observe her master in this moment of vulnerability, Diana found that his nudity pleased her. For a brief moment, some part of her Amazon spirit was aghast. But her flesh and blood body could not turn from the truth. The reality was that as morally corrupt as he was, Mark Messner looked good. His slender-but-athletic build. His rich, tanned skin. His full, smirking lips. His darling, devious green eyes. 

Her Amazon spirit screamed at her, the spirits of Amazon warriors past screamed at her, but Diana discovered at that moment a new truth. A twisted truth. 

Mark Messner was right. There were worse men to be enslaved to.

Diana descended upon her master. Miraculously, the wooden bedframe didn’t break. As her lips began to explore Mark’s body, Diana wondered if the man would show the same… fortitude.

The bedframe gave out after twenty minutes. Mark, on the other hand, still held firm. Very firm. Diana couldn’t help but admire the mortal man’s stamina. Perhaps he felt the need to impress her? It wouldn’t have been the first time a man’s pride carried him beyond his limits.

“Oh, Christ…” Mark groaned, low and throaty. His head rolled back into his pillow allowing Diana to see the tiny beads of sweat glittering across the man’s Adam’s apple. She planted her hands on his chest and rocked her hips. A harsh curse came hissing from Mark’s clenched teeth. Diana herself hummed softly, taking on the strange task of enjoying herself despite the bleak particulars of her situation. Mark Messner was not only attractive, he was blessed. With Mark’s cock now deeply acquainted with her womanhood, Diana had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

Diana straddled her master, riding him like she would ride a horse back on Themyscira. This was not what she had expected when Mark invited her into his home. No, she thought he might put her on her knees again, like he had back at the Gala. Shove his big bastard of a cock into her mouth and make her choke on it, make her swallow his hot, salty seed. There was no doubt he would return to such low-minded domination fantasies. He had enjoyed himself too much the first time. But until then, Diana would show the man that Amazon’s were not so easily conquered.

“If there’s any god you should be praising right now, Mr. Messner, it should be Aphrodite.” Diana teased, rolling her hips just a bit faster. She leaned down, pressing her forehead against his, her dark mane falling down around their heads like a curtain. She felt him inside her, felt his skin on her body. Mortal hands eager to touch Amazonian flesh. One of his hands grabbed her ass. It was a base action, much expected of a man. Hungry fingers pawed at the plushness of her buttocks. His hand retreated from her rear… then quickly returned, his palm slapping against her ass. “Oh!

“I’ll send her a ‘thank-you’ note.” Mark growled. 

Diana huffed and rose so that she was straddling him again, but not before giving her master a soft peck on the lips. His eyes were on her then, drinking in the sight of Amazonian beauty. Her toned belly, her breasts, her wild mane of black hair. She saw a certain glint in his eyes then, the wicked happiness that the woman above him - the woman around him - was his.

Hera, help me. Diana closed her eyes, feeling a small ping of shame as she quivered around the man’s cock. Either it was her body’s natural reaction to his male presence or she was aroused by the thought of being conquered. Neither possibility was pleasing to consider.

There was a flash of anger - or was it passion? Diana began to rock her hips harder, faster. The effect was instant - for both of them. Mark groaned, grunted, making low, guttural sounds like some hairy, lustful beast. Which was exactly what Diana considered him to be. Diana herself sang the musical sounds of a woman’s pleasure. Messner didn’t deserve to hear them, but Diana let them flow from her lips like flower petals in the wind. She clamped her eyes shut, unwilling to look her captor in the eyes. 

She felt his body shift some beneath her and next felt the slick sensation of his lips on her breasts. One of his hands held her by the hips, the other rising to cup and grope the tit that he wasn’t assaulting with his mouth. Diana whined, her fingers instinctively running through Mark’s dark locks. She briefly thought to yank his head back, to deny him the wonders of her milky teats. Instead, she held him there, burying his face into the valley between her breasts.

Faster, harder, Diana worked her body atop Mark, around Mark. Sneering, she both savored and resented the sensations of milking her master’s fat cock. Big, she thought. Hera, why does he have to be so big? Her pussy - her cunt was dripping wet. Low-minded words used for womanhood, such was the respect afforded to her mortal sisters in the Man’s World. But could Diana truly consider herself an Amazon anymore? Enslaved with mystical chains, bound to the will of a man? Why does it have to feel so good?

Diana felt Mark throb and twitch inside her. The end was near. With their bodies pressed flush together, she could feel his heart beating, working within his chest like those monstrous, man-made engines. She felt his teeth raking against her nipple, teasing. His tongue followed soon after, rolling around and bathing her tit in warmth. That was enough to put her over the edge. She shoved him back onto the bed and rode him. Hard.

“Jesus Chr-Fuck!” Mark bellowed. A deep and loud voice. That’s how Diana expected a man to sound like.

“Oh, Hera!” Diana threw her head back and wailed. 

The worst thing of the entire ordeal was that Diana spent first. It was a mere fraction of a second. That was the difference. Diana knew Mark wouldn’t have noticed. But the truth was there, forever lingering in the back of Diana’s mind. A mortal had outlasted her. He hadn’t even ordered her to, like some petty power play to preserve his ego.

Her plan failed. An effort to show this… man exactly what he was to her. Instead, Diana showed herself the reality of her predicament. The enormity of her failure. The feeling of his seed, hot and scalding, crashing against the walls of her cunt sent shockwaves through her nerves. It was ecstasy. 

Diana rolled off of Mark after a fashion, waiting until she was sure she had milked every drop out of him. She laid beside him, staring at the ceiling, her skin tingling as she came down off the sexual high. Mark Messner had defeated her again and he didn’t even know it.

“Fuck.” She heard him exhale. Out of the corner of her eye she could see him roll onto his side to face her. She could make out the fuzzy image of his smile. “Diana, baby-”

“You were supposed to spend quickly.” She told him plainly. Truthfully. “You weren’t supposed to outlast me.”

Mark was quiet for a short moment. Then he chuckled. “Sorry to disappoint.”

It was Diana’s turn to roll onto her side. Once again, she found a man staring back - not some monster. She regarded him for a time, drinking in his face, his eyes, the little expressions he made as he watched her in turn, all in silence. She wondered what he was thinking, what he felt. Was he proud as men were? Was he reveling in victory? Thinking lecherous thoughts? Did sexually defeating Wonder Woman make him hard?

“You alright, Diana?” His words brought her back to reality. Her new reality. He sounded genuinely concerned. She didn’t understand this man at all.

“I meant what I said at the Gala.” She told him. “Using that spell was a very dirty trick.”

“I’m a thief.” He answered plainly. “Dirty tricks are what I do for a living.”

He reached one arm over to snake around her waist. He drew their bodies closer together and Diana could feel his length against her thighs. Still hard, Diana noted.

“You don’t feel guilty?”

“Maybe a little.” The hand that had settled on the small of her back began to travel lower. Mark Messner, as it turned out, was as much of an ass-man as a tit-man. “But having you in my bed like this…”

“You’re shameless.” Diana could admire Mark’s sincerity. If nothing else, he was completely sure of what he was. A thief who stole Wonder Woman’s freedom. Diana felt something bumping lightly against her legs. Mark’s cock. Mark’s throbbing cock. Still hard and ready for more.

“Yes, I’m a very bad young man.” Mark moved forward for a kiss. Diana accepted - and kissed back. This time with some measure of warmth, affection. Soft lips, soft tongue, Diana allowed herself to enjoy it, however twisted it was. It was Mark who pulled away, his hot, heavy breaths sending lovely tingles across Diana’s cheeks. “Are you going to teach me a lesson?” 

Diana reached down, her long, slender fingers slowly curling around the column of flesh between Mark’s legs. She couldn’t help but smile at the groan that poured from his lips when she began to stroke him. He was hard in hand, pulsing. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel it. She could feel every inch of him. The long, thick, veiny bastard Mark Messner called his cock.

“In a manner of speaking…” She purred.

Diana of Themyscira, the Wonder Woman, belonged to her master. But in this small moment in bed, she had him ensnared. Even defeated, even with his cum leaking from her well-fucked pussy, Diana still possessed the fiery Amazon spirit.

“You know…” Mark murmured, rubbing his nose against hers in an eskimo kiss. “I meant what I said at the Gala, too. This is much better than having a sex doll.”

“That’s good to know, Mark.” Diana smiled then, a devious glint of her own flashing through her eyes. She slowly stroked Mark’s cock, her fingers leisurely traveling up and down the entire, impressive length. “You wanted Wonder Woman? You’re getting Wonder Woman.”

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