Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion

BY : Ryswell
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Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion


They had time for one last fuck before Diana had to report back to the League. Mark was going to make the most of it. 

The Princess was waiting for him across the room, naked and facing the bedroom wall with one hand planting high above her head. Her other hand was down lower, working between the soft, luscious cheeks of her ass, fingers coated with lubricant sawing in and out of her tight rosebud anus. It was a magnificent sight, near hypnotic. 

Mark himself was working on his own manhood, applying a generous amount of cool lube to the entire length. Up and down, he pumped his fist along his thick shaft, smearing the clear gel over as much of his cock as he could. The lube tingled as he applied it, providing a nice warm sensation that danced across his skin. But it was the vision of Amazonian femininity before him that kept him throbbing. 

“Damn. Your ass is perfect. Anyone ever tell you that?” Mark grunted, his eyes fixated on Diana’s perfectly sculpted rear end. He watched with hunter’s eyes, hungry eyes, laser focused on every wibble and wobble of those full moon cheeks as Diana dutifully worked her fingers into her tight hole.

“I’ve heard one or two catcalls.” Diana hummed, tossing a heated look over her shoulder. Mark swore he could see her grinning. “Most men seem to focus more on my bosom.”

“Well, it’s a pretty wonderful bosom.” Mark said, smearing lube gel onto his swollen head.

“Cute.” Diana huffed, shuddering as sank her fingers up into herself all the way to the second knuckle. She groaned quietly which petered out into a soft whimper. A rare sound from an Amazon. It made Mark swell even more. “Are you still preparing yourself or are you going to fuck me?”

“Just making sure I’m nice and lubed up.” Mark said, giving himself a couple last pumps. He released himself, letting his manhood swing down to sway heavily between his thighs. “I know that you’re practically invincible, but I want you to enjoy this.”

“How thoughtful.” Diana finally drew her fingers from her ass, the lube gel glistening against the skin of her ass. Mark approached as the woman continued to speak. “I doubt even an Amazon would be able to handle a man of your size raw.”

Mark closed the distance between them, coming up so that the swells of Diana’s ass flanked his cock on both sides. His hands found her hips, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh there, holding her steady. Diana hummed happily, giggling as she pushed her rear back into Mark’s groin. Up and down, side to side, Diana used her lovely ass to gently bat Mark’s gelled up cock around.

A single spank was enough to get the woman to settle down. And the sight of her derriere quivering under the impact of his palm had Mark throbbing almost painfully.

“I’m gonna start slow.” He warned her. “Don’t tense up.”

Mark took himself by the root, aiming his head into Diana’s lubed up ass. Holding himself steady, the tip of his iron-rod cock pressed flush against her tight rosebud, he pushed into her slowly. She was tight even with the generous application of lube. Mark knew that claiming Diana in this fashion would take time. He pushed a little further in, again slowly.

Diana groaned, shuddering under Mark’s firm grip.

“Athena… Give me strength…” Diana bowed her head, her long, black hair falling down like a curtain across her face. Mark huffed through his nose and tightened his hold on her hips. He pushed further into her depths.

“Oh, yeah…” Mark murmured, pressing his forehead into Diana’s back. He kept his cock steady, watching himself continue to sink into Diana’s ass. Slowly, carefully, inch after inch sliding through the tight ring of her anus. “That’s good… Nice and easy…”

Diana made a sound then, a cross of a pained, pleasured moan with an annoyed grunt. She bucked herself back onto Mark’s cock, trying to force more of him into her. 

“Easy?” The Princess cast another look over her shoulder, smoky eyes trained intently on Mark. “I’m an Amazon!

“I don’t want this to hurt you.” Mark hissed as he sank another inch into Diana. He spoke truthfully but nevertheless felt a burning desire for what Diana implied. She was an Amazon. Immortal. Invincible. Why couldn’t she handle Mark when he was let off the leash?

He stared down at where their bodies joined, near in awe at the sight of half of his manhood shoved up Wonder Woman’s tight ass. His manhood twitched within the tight warmth that enveloped him, begging to dive deeper. Then Diana’s voice came, low and throaty.

“You can’t hurt me, Mark.” She spoke to him, her words forming from the wondrous music of a woman’s lust. “I’m Wonder Woman. And I want more.

It was a dream. It had to be. The most beautiful dream a man could have. But Mark didn’t question it. Instead, he chose to give himself to the fantasy, the pleasure.

“As you say, Princess.”

Both hands gripping Diana firmly by the waist, Mark pushed himself deep inside the Amazonian’s ass while pulling her back onto him at the same time. Beneath him, Diana shuddered and trembled, letting loose a series of low, almost feral moans. Inch after inch, Mark watched his cock sink between the full, luscious swells of Diana’s ass cheeks, penetrating deeper and deeper into those rich, unplundered depths.

Hissing a curse through clenched teeth, Mark drew back some from Diana’s ass. He shifted slightly on his feet to get a better angle, placing one hand on Diana’s shoulder for more leverage, then plunged himself back into her. 

Diana threw her head back and wailed, her wild mane whipped against Mark’s face.

“Goddess, yes!

The words spurned him on, filling Mark’s spirit with twisted delight. Dark desires had taken root in his mind - more so than they already had. Planting a quick kiss to Diana’s shoulder blades, Mark took a firm hold of Diana’s body and thrust. Another inch plunged deep into Amazon ass and another moan was ripped from the woman’s throat.

Music to my ears…

Diana Prince, Daughter of Themyscira, Princess of the Amazons… Getting fucked in the ass by a mortal man… If my mother could see me now…

Mark’s concerns hadn’t been unfounded. He was a gifted man - incredibly gifted - and even with a generous helping of lube, his dominating presence inside the tightness of her ass hurt. But there was pleasure to be had all the same.

The aching of her rear as Mark plundered it was… delectable. There was certainly a psychological aspect to her enjoyment of being violated in such a fashion, Diana decided. But she didn’t care to delve deeper into that. Not right then. No, the only person she wanted delving deep was Mark. Mark and his magnificent cock.

“God damn…” She heard him utter behind her, his voice having grown sharp and raspy. His grip on her shoulder tightened possessively as he continued his measured thrusting. Then his lips were at her ear. “You’re really fucking tight, Diana. Anyone else ever had fun with your ass? Or am I the first?”

Diana knew well about the possessiveness of mortal men. The macho chest-pounding that was common among them. On occasion, such behavior annoyed her. More often than not, Diana found it amusing. But with Mark, it was… flattering? 

She couldn’t quite place her feelings towards Mark’s occasional caveman demeanor towards her and her body. She only knew that on some level she welcomed it. A far cry from her standard feminist attitudes, but then again what she had with Mark was a far cry from the standard relationship.

He wasn’t the first person to lay claim to the wonders of her backside. No, that had been Aresia, her fingers, and her skilled, plying tongue. The blonde Amazon had taken her fill of Diana when she had the superheroine under her thrall. Perhaps Mark wouldn’t have minded to hear those details. But Diana chose to lean into the man’s macho desires.

“You… You’re the only man who’s been in my ass, Mark!” She cried, breathless as he continued to pound away at her tight rear. It might not have been an answer to his question, but it was a truthful statement. Mark was the first man to fuck her in the ass.

“Good to know.” He growled into her ear. Then he picked up the pace. Harder. Faster. Merciless.

The sound of Diana’s ass slapping against Mark’s firm thighs resounded in the master bedroom. He was entirely stuffed inside her now. He had to be with how full Diana felt. Several inches of hard, mortal flesh piercing deep into Diana’s ass. She was skewered on Mark’s cock.

Goddess above, it’s like he’s going to split me in half!

Mark took his hand from her shoulder, taking hold of her hips again with both hands. Grunting, he fucked her against the bedroom wall, his pace steady and even. Punching into her, again and again and again. Diana’s nails raked lines down the wallpaper.

They continued like that for some time. A steady pace of fucking, their bodies colliding together amidst sounds of grunts, groans, and animalistic growls. They were rutting beasts, the both of them, eager to fuck their fill and reach their end.

Diana reached her peak first, though the more prideful parts of her mind wished that hadn’t been the case. It stung the ego somewhat, to be undone again by a mortal man, but the delicious ache of having him ravage her near-untouched backside drowned it out.

It bloomed in the pit of her belly, spreading like wildfire. Every nerve came alive, blazing. Her blood bubbled hot, boiling, singing to the rest of her body. It was the most delicious kind of pain, the kind an Amazon could get addicted to.

“Aphrodite’s cunt!” Diana shrieked, her whole body quaking, trembling as white hot ecstasy shot through her nerves. Even as the pleasure washed over her and through her, Mark kept thrusting. Even as her body tightened and clenched around him, the man dutifully continued his assault until he too found his ending.

“Gonna cum. Gonna cum!” Mark pressed his face into her neck, snarling. Diana shivered as she felt his hot breath on her skin. A moment later, it was as he told her. She could feel him inside her, his long, thick cock twitching, pulsing within the tightness of her ass. She felt it next, the pooling warmth, wet and sticky. Every pulse she felt meant more of his scalding hot seed being shot into her. 

Deep inside, where it belongs…

“Don’t pull out, Mark.” Diana whined, reaching back with one hand to clasp needily at his hips. She couldn’t bear the thought of feeling so empty after all that. No, she needed his cock to stay right where it was. Just a little longer. “Leave it in… Just… Goddess…”

Diana would have to leave soon. They still had about an hour. It would only take a few minutes for Diana to shower and change, so they chose to spend the last moments of their weekend side by side on Mark’s bed.

And after a fuck like the one Diana had just given him, Mark couldn’t argue with a chance to rest. This time the Amazon truly had wrung him dry. But that didn’t stop her from reaching over to run her finger gently over his well-fucked cock.

“You really are enormous, you know that?” She told him, cooing softly as she turned her body to face him. She cradled him then, cupping both the shaft and stones in her palm. “How do you walk around with this thing?”

“It’s just something I got used to.” Mark replied, grinning. Fucking Wonder Woman was more than nice. But to have her praise his manhood afterward? That was the true prize.

“It’s too much…” She whined playfully, pressing kisses to his shoulder, then on to his bare chest. “Too much cock for one woman, Mark.”

“You seemed to handle it well enough.” Mark said, his breath falling short as the woman began to lightly massage his balls. Still he managed to keep his sanity. He was a man, not a beast. “Besides, it’s like you said:  you’re Wonder Woman.”

Diana seemed to appreciate that, giggling softly into his chest. She inhaled then, taking in his scent, his musk, and gave a warm, appreciative hum. They shared a moment of comfortable silence. Then…

“I mean that your cock is too much for one woman to have to herself.” Diana clarified, resting her chin upon his chest, staring up intently into his eyes.

Mark blinked as the woman’s words registered in his hazy mind.

“Oh.” He answered dumbly.

“You like that idea, do you?”

Mark did like that idea. He stirred in Diana’s hand.

“I… I can’t deny the appeal.” He told her truthfully. And that seemed to be exactly what she wanted to hear.

Diana gave a brilliant smile, her eyes twinkling deviously. Then she leaned down and gave his cock a loving kiss on the head. 

She rose from the bed next, her body bare in all its splendor. She headed towards the shower and Mark couldn’t help but stare at the lovely sway of her hips and ass. Diana threw one last look over her shoulder then.

“I need to be heading out,” She told him, smirking. “But that’s very good to know. I’ll be seeing you next weekend, lover.”


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