Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion

BY : Ryswell
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Wonder Woman: Twisted Dominion


“Sorry that our new relationship had to start like this,” Said the man named Mark Messner. He gave a sheepish grin, his eyes showing a glint of mild regret. He had led her to a new exhibit, showing off Roman culture and artifacts, just outside the main hall. There were still people around but it was sparse, small groups or pairings mingling twenty, thirty feet apart. “But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have you.”

Diana felt the tiniest spark of anger igniting deep in her heart. Normally, the full force of an erupting blaze would follow. Her anger would quickly transform into righteous Amazonian fury. But the burst of raw emotion and divine wrath never came. Instead, the powerful emotions she should be feeling were dampened - drowned almost. Where Diana was supposed to feel outraged, she instead felt the dull sensation of mild annoyance. The faintest chill of horror came next as the Princess of Themyscira realized that she literally couldn’t feel anger towards the man who had just ensnared her mind. But soon that too faded away.

“You are forgiven, Mark.” Said Diana, sincerely and to her own surprise. She pursed her lips, drawing upon the hazy memories of when this had happened to her before. The spell offered control to the one who spoke the incantation, but the effect on the recipient wasn’t total. Even enthralled, Diana could still speak her mind, at least somewhat. “You pulled a very dirty trick back there, casting that very dangerous spell. Still, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Really?” He had a brow raised, clearly surprised at her answer. He placed a hand on the small of her back, his thumb brushing softly across her bare skin. Diana inhaled softly, her body betraying her mind as it derived soft pleasure from the contact. Damn this backless dress.

“Aside from the mind control, you’ve been very charming.” Diana admitted.

“Is that what you really feel or is the spell making you say it?” Mark asked, his eyes set on hers with deep interest. 

“It’s the truth. The spell can’t alter the truth.” Diana answered, once more shocked at her own words. She kept a straight face, setting a hand on Mark’s chest as she turned to face him. “So… What are your plans for me, Mark? A man wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars and risk his freedom to put a superheroine under his thrall for no reason.”

“I see that the spell can’t suppress curiosity, either.” Mark said with a wry smirk.

“The spell doesn’t suppress anything except my free will,” Diana explained, the memories of her previous time under magical mind control resurfacing once again. The memories weren’t clear or even coherent, but she was beginning to understand the nature of her mystical affliction. “And it only suppresses my free will in the context of your wants and desires. I’m sorry to disappoint you if you were hoping for a sex doll.”

“I’m not disappointed at all. This is much more interesting. And much more fun.” Mark’s fingers ghosted across her skin, travelling up her exposed back. His hand reached her neck and he began to toy with a lock of Diana’s raven-black hair. He leaned in close so that his lips almost brushed against her ear. Diana felt a sudden jolt through her nerves at the sudden close proximity. “What do you say we go somewhere a little more private?”

Diana breathed in, her heart thudding, her skin tingling. She knew she should tell him ‘no’. She knew the smart option, the logical option, would be to slap his hand away from her hair, declare that he should be ashamed of himself, and drag him to the nearest authorities. Diana knew. But she just couldn’t bring herself to do any of that. She couldn’t bring herself to truly care, to be truly angry, to feel anything more than muted vexation. 

“So we can get to know each other a little better.” Diana said, correctly pointing out Mark’s true intentions. If she couldn’t feel angry, she figured she could at least make the man feel some sense of guilt or shame. “You want to see if the spell really works. You want to lead me off to a supply closet so you can command me to pleasure you.”

The thought of being taken to some dark, dingy room and being forced down onto her knees… Diana shivered at the prospect and briefly felt a small ping of embarrassment. The Amazons had been enslaved once, bound to the whims of their male masters. Diana was the Princess of Themyscira. This wasn’t… This couldn’t happen to her.

“Well, I would never take you to a supply closet for our first date. I think I’m a little classier than that.” Mark chuckled warmly. Even before being ensnared by his incantation, Diana had enjoyed the sound of his voice. She breathed in sharply as she felt his lips brush against her neck. “But yeah, you got the general idea down pat. How about it, Princess?”

Diana pursed her lips, wondering why the man would bother asking if she was physically unable to refuse him. Then she breathed out, a heavy exhale that took with it the last remnants of her fear, doubt, and anxiety.

She looked her captor in the eyes, quirking a half-smile. “Lead the way, Mark.”

Mark didn’t lead her to a supply closet. Truthfully, he was a classier guy than that. As classy as a guy like him could be, but still. He had no interest in degrading Wonder Woman. He had no interest in slapping her around on some power trip, either. He just wanted to have her. And right now, with his plan having gone off without a hitch, he wanted her now more than ever. 

He led them to an empty, isolated hall in a closed-off section of the museum. It was a large, spacious room with cavemen exhibits and a Mammoth statue in the center. It was a couple areas removed from the gala itself, so Mark wasn’t worried about interruptions. He didn’t think the museum types would be as daring as he was, anyway.

Kissing Wonder Woman was a dream beyond even his most lovely fantasies. The near-unbearable softness of her lips, the taste of her tongue, the heat of her body against his own as he pinned her against the museum wall, Mark gorged himself on the sensations, reaching a pleasure high that he never thought possible. The Thief had nearly come undone from the sensory overload, relishing the touch of Wonder Woman, the smell of Wonder Woman, the taste of Wonder Woman. And this was only from some desperate make-out session!

The Amazon had ignited a burning fire within Mark’s soul, a starving lust that demanded he take his pleasure on her divine, sculpted body. Diana was softer than he thought she would be, Mark realized to his delight. In the days leading up to his daring move, the Thief had imagined Diana of Themyscira as being solidly built - and she was to an extent, certainly more toned and muscular than the average woman. But even so, Diana was still womanly - the flesh of her legs, her thighs, her wide hips, they had  the perfect amount of give, deliciously pliant under Mark’s touch. He reached down and took a possessive palm-full of the woman’s wonderful buttocks. She gasped into his mouth, his fingers sinking into her soft-but-firm glutes, groping her through the expensive silk dress.

Mark willed himself to pull away only to be tempted by Diana’s exposed neck. He descended upon her, kissing and nipping playfully along the path to her collar bone. She reached up to cradle his head in her hands, the little gasps and moans spilling from her lips driving Mark into a heated fervor. He forced himself to stop, remembering that he wanted clarity on some issues before pressing onward into their new future.

“Alright, honest question…” Mark grunted, his face buried in the crook of Diana’s neck. He held her by the waist, his body checking hers against the wall. She still held his head, her fingers running softly through his short hair. “And please don’t lie to spare my feelings.”

“I can’t lie to you.” Diana stated, low and breathy. “Not unless you tell me to. And even then, I can’t lie in a way that will bring you harm.”

“Good to know.” Mark smirked, planting soft kisses along Diana’s jawline. He took in the sweet scent of her hair, her skin, her everything. As he moved to bring his lips to her ear, he finally noticed the silver star earrings. Cute, he thought. “Tell me, Diana… Are you enjoying this?”

For a moment, the Amazon was silent save for her deep, heavy breaths. They stood there in the dim hall, holding each other.

“Hmmm,” Diana hummed softly, pulling Mark’s head back so that they faced each other. She stroked his cheek softly, pursing her lips as she considered his question. “Under normal circumstances I’d be very angry with you, Mark Messner. Even now, I still feel some level of frustration. Towards you and what you’ve done to me, obviously. But also towards myself. I feel embarrassed as well. For an amazon to find herself in such a vulnerable position… It stings the ego.”

Mark couldn’t really find fault with her feelings. They were completely understandable. Even a scrupulous man like himself could see that.

“Makes sense,” He admitted with a shrug.

“However…” Diana sighed, her cheeks growing red. “Kissing you… Being in your arms… Feeling your hands on my body… I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good. And I can’t lie to you anyway. So… Yes, on some level I am enjoying this. Or rather, my body is enjoying it.”

“That’s a relief to hear,” Mark said with a faint smile - along with a small amount of pride. A mere mortal making Wonder Woman feel good? Mark took that as a win. He gently placed his hand on Diana’s shoulder, leveling his eyes with hers. He gazed into her pools of blue with what he hoped came across as true sincerity. “I want you to know that I will never brutalize you, Diana. Not that I could brutalize you - You’re Wonder Woman, after all. But you get what I’m saying right?”

“Of course.”

“Great. I’ll also never force you to brutalize anyone else.”

“That’s a relief to hear. I’m pleased you’re not a psychopath.” Mark caught the wince that flashed across Diana’s face. She likely couldn’t stop the words from spilling out. This spell is more potent than I thought…

“Psychopath? Nah,” Mark shook his head, chuckling. “I’m just a horny rich kid with dubious morals. Speaking of horny…”

Diana took a quick but subtle glance down between Mark’s legs. She looked him dead in the eyes and for a moment the Thief felt like he was back in school, the hot history teacher having caught him red-handed sneaking test answers to his buddies. Her expression held a miniscule trace of amusement, as if his turn towards more erotic interests was an inevitability. An absolute. His future that was set in stone.

“I suppose you want me to help you to take care of that?” Diana pursed her lips again, her eyes still accusing. It was Mark’s turn to feel some embarrassment. She knew what he had done to her and even more, she knew why he had done it. Mark Messner may not have been a violent psychopath, but he was still a criminal. And now, having magically forced a woman into his thrall, he was absolutely a jackass.

However, the prospect of sex with the Wonder Woman meant that any real measure of shame or guilt simply didn’t stick. Instead, it just ran down and off his body like rain.

“Well,” He smirked, pulling Diana close so that their noses brushed together. “As long as you’re offering…”

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