A Super Apology

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Kara didn't even sit on her couch or bed, she just slid down the wall right next to her door and cried for tens of minutes. She smelled terrible so she eventually slowly wandered towards the shower, while still whimpering, Kara took off her suit and threw it in the corner of the bathroom, together with Lena's underwear. She took a long look at herself in the mirror, hair messy, eyes and cheeks red, she looked terrible. She shook her head at herself in disapproval.  Then she finally got in the shower, she took at least 45 minutes in there, she rubbed her whole body extra hard. Not only to get rid of all the dried fluids on her, but she also kind of wanted to get rid of the dirtiness that she had on her. Of course, that wasn't possible, but Kara just wanted to feel better.

After Kara got out of the shower and dried herself, she went back to get her outfit and threw it into the washer for a cleanup, but she kept Lena's underwear and instead hid it in one of her drawers. After that, she dressed her pyjamas and sat on the couch and turned on the TV. She was very tired but didn't want to fall asleep in complete silence. After lying down on the couch, Kara fell asleep almost immediately.

Upon waking up, Kara felt a lot better. TV was still running, so she was sure to turn it off and then went to brush her teeth. When looking at herself in the mirror, she didn't feel the same emotions as at night, when she really felt like trash, when she was tidied up like this, she was way more confident. After that, she made herself breakfast and made sure to enjoy it. Kara knew that last night wasn't the last time she would meet up with Lena, but she felt like what Lena did yesterday were some of the harshest things she could have done and that it couldn't get any worse, so she wanted to find positives in everything. Though one thing has been extremely bugging her in, the back of her head. She desperately wanted to tell someone, especially her sister, but she just couldn't. She was fighting a hard mental battle inside of herself. She desperately needed to tell someone, she needed to talk about this but also believed that none of her friends would understand it, they might even hurt Lena thinking that she somehow brainwashed or manipulated her. No. She simply couldn't tell anyone, but that was killing her.

Kara was flying far above the city and its citizens, but her thoughts were lost elsewhere, she had to at least meet up with her sister and talk about regular things, to stop thinking about it.

"Hi, Alex, I was thinking that umm... that we could get lunch together?" Kara asked nervously in the comms.

"Yes, of course, Kara, is there something wrong?" Alex asked caringly, she immediately noticed something was up with her.

"No, no, I'm fine, I've just been feeling a little weird lately, you know... the whole thing about Lena and so on..." Kara tried to laugh a little but it still sounded weak.

"Yes, I know how hard that is on you, I wish I could make it easier for you Kara... And well, of course, I will go for lunch with you, do you want to pick a place?" Alex asked.

"No, feel free to pick yourself..." Kara responded a bit carelessly as her thoughts were again somewhere else.

"Alright then, I'll call you later, okay?" Alex answered with a caring tone

"Okay, see you soon!" Kara responded and then continued to circle the city.

Eventually, lunch-time came and Kara met up with Alex at a place she picked, Oh, I'm so glad to see you!" Kara greeted Alex with a tight hug.

Alex hugged back even though she was a bit confused, "I'm glad to see you too Kara and I will never refuse a hug like this, but why the energy, didn't we see each other yesterday?"

Kara realized that she really did overreact a bit and tried to somehow salvage the situation, "Umm, well I know, but I have been stressed out a lot the last few days so I will extra appreciate any time that I will get to spend with you."

"Oh, my sweet little sister!" Alex returned a warm hug to Kara and then found a table and ordered food.

It wasn't a noble restaurant or anything, it was closer to a pub, but they both preferred that in this situation, they just wanted to relax and enjoy the time with each other.

"Kara, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you too much, but I can just see that your thoughts are always elsewhere, you said that you are stressed, but I feel like there's more behind it, you seem sad and tired, please tell me why is that." Alex was still noticing worrying signs about her sister and wasn't going to let it go.

"I told you about a hundred times that I'm working on it with Lena!  Uh, I think I'm getting her back on our side again" Kara came out a bit irritated, but for Alex that only meant that she should push further.

"You keep saying that you are working on it, that you are getting through to her, but what does that mean? What do you exactly do with Lena? I mean you seem tired and beaten down like you just came out of a tough fight, so what's going on??" Alex wanted to get the truth out of Kara.

Kara nervously bit her lip as she was trying to come up with excuses, "It doesn't matter, what matters is that I'm getting her back..."

"Kara, you know that you can tell me absolutely anything right? It has always been this way between us, I swear I would never judge you or be angry at you and if it ever came out like that, it's just because I was trying to be protective... So please, if there's anything wrong that's happening to you with Lena, you can tell me." Alex wasn't giving up and responded with a soft, caring tone.

"I know that you care about me and I appreciate that dearly, but I can't tell you exactly what this is about, not until I'm done with Lena, I swear I will tell you everything after it's all over..." Kara responded with a slight tremble in her voice.

"Oh, Kara... Alright, I will stop asking, but if I will see you any worse than this, I will find out what's going on!" Alex started soft but ended with a firm tone to show Kara that she was being serious.

It was killing Kara that she couldn't tell her sister, she really wanted to talk to someone about all of this, but no one would understand. Later they finished their food, said goodbye to each other and each returned to work.

Kara was once again just circling the city, looking for any trouble doers or situations where she could just help out. The lunch with Alex helped her get her mind off of all things Lena, but that didn't last long as a well-known voice suddenly sounded in Kara's ear.

"Hello, my sweet Kara..." Lena started softly.

"Uh, Hello L- Ms. Luthor," Kara almost accidentally called Lena by her name, because of how unexpected this was.

"Are you free tonight?" Lena asked curiously. She didn't waste time with any "how are you yous" and "what are you doings", just straight to the point.

"Umm... well... Yes, yes I am, Ms. Luthor" Kara answered nervously, she had a brief thought about lying to Lena, but almost immediately decided to throw away that idea and it was probably the wise thing to do.

"Amazing, I will come by your apartment at 8 PM, you better be there." Lena started with a pretend exciting tone but finished coldly and then ended the comms, didn't even wait for Kara's answer.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor" Kara answered to herself even though Lena couldn't hear it anymore, but then continued her small monologue, "Oh, not again..." Kara hoped that Lena would give her a break for at least one or two days since their session yesterday was really intensive, but apparently not.

And in a second, her relaxed feeling was gone, her chest tightened with nervosity and for the rest of the day, she couldn't think about anything else.

Kara arrived at home at around 7 PM, she still had time for dinner, which she got along her way home, she was very eager to eat it, because she wasn't sure, that she would be able to eat it later. Even if she still was able to eat it after Lena was done with her, god knows what Lena would have done with it.

Kara entered her apartment and quickly ate her dinner, her hands were shaking out of nervosity. Lena did a good job instating fear inside of her and she didn't know what to expect.

It was ten minutes before 8 PM and Kara's heart was pounding out of her chest, she was nervously walking back and forth in front of the table, near the entrance door. 

Then it was 5 minutes after 8 PM, Lena was nowhere to be seen or heard, *maybe she forgot?*, Kara thought to herself. However, after about twelve minutes, Kara could hear steps that were obviously closing to her apartment and it was extremely unlikely that it was someone else other than Lena. The sound of boots nearing her apartment stopped right in front of Kara's door.

Thanks to her senses, Kara could feel that it was Lena, but she had to quickly think about how to greet her. Should she open the door and immediately kneel? Or even kiss her boots? Or just look down and say "Hello". Kara had no idea what to choose, but she also had so little time, as she definitely didn't want to keep Lena waiting, so she just opened the door and hoped for the best with her decision.

"Hello, Ms. Luthor." Kara softly greeted Lena with her head down and slowly started getting down on her knees.

"Hi Kar- oh wow!" Lena wanted to greet Kara back and already put one leg forwards to enter the flat, but instead, she stood there with a surprised expression and a slight smirk on her face as she saw Kara getting willingly, without any instructions down to her knees and softly kissing both of her boots once, and then getting back up, with her head still pointing downwards.

"You are such a good girl, Kara, you really surprised me," Lena said with a genuinely soft and kind voice and stroked Kara's hair a few times. Lena couldn't see t properly, but Kara smiled a bit after this praise, it felt good to her. She didn't like all the punishments, but as she confessed to Lena before, she enjoyed pleasuring her, and getting rewarded with such words and strokes on her hair, really made her heart pound with excitement. And she also hoped that Lena would go easy on her tonight, especially after such a welcome.

Kara then stepped out of Lena's way so she could enter the apartment, just now Kara noticed that she had a bag with her. Upon entering, Lena looked around the same way as she did last time like she has never been there before and then put the bag on the table surrounded by four chairs.

Lena then turned around and took a long look at Kara, who was still standing at the same spot with her head pointing to the floor, "Kara tonight, we will once again try something new, of course, we won't forget the old things and I will include them as well, but we need to expand, don't you agree?"

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara obediently answered.

Lena smiled, but of course, Kara didn't see that, "That's why I brought this bag full of very interesting things, you can look up now" Lena added so that Kara would at least be able to see what Lena wanted to show her.

As Kara lifted her chin and moved looked at the bag, the realization finally kicked in. Well, she didn't know what exactly would be in the bag, but she had an idea.

Lena opened the bag so slowly, that Kara thought she was teasing her with that, but that was probably true because Lena had a wicked smile on her face the whole time.

Lena then reached into the bag and took out a bunch of ropes. They were all completely normal, light brown, no cute colors. Then she proceeded further and took out some handcuffs, whips, and canes. Upon seeing those, Kara internally whimpered and immensely hoped that Lena wouldn't use those on her tonight, especially the canes. Lena kept taking out more and more things, which made Kara wonder if she had all of that before, or if she bought it for Kara, but Lena seemed really experienced in this whole thing, so she probably had that before. So then it made Kara wonder how many women (and men?) were whipped and caned and tied up by these instruments. Lena was still taking out more things, like nipple clamps, various types of lubes, even a dildo and a vibrator, which wasn't that unfamiliar with Kara, after all, she had a vibrator in one of her drawers at her nightstand. Lena also took out many things that Kara had no idea what they were, but that didn't really matter at that moment.

"I'm sure you are all excited to try all of these things out, but I will disappoint you, my sweet Kara, I won't use all of it, that would take simply too long and I want to save something for later," Lena said with a bit of sass in her voice.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara didn't know if Lena expected an answer to this, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Especially after she saw all of the things that she could use on her tonight.

"Awesome, but before we start, there's one vital thing missing, do you know what that is, Kara?" Lena asked teasingly.

"Uhh, umm... My collar?" Kara responded nervously as she wasn't a hundred percent sure that was the right answer.

"Of course! Come here then." Lena commanded and Kara quickly obeyed.

Lena gave her the collar and let Kara put it around her neck herself, Lena then simply locked it and turned on the Kryptonite option on the second-lowest setting which made Kara let out a subtle whimper.

"I also believe that you are wearing too many clothes"  Lena continued and encouraged Kara to undress.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, I'm sorry." Kara apologized for still being dressed and then quickly took off her sweater, t-shirt, and her bra then proceeded with her jeans, socks, and underwear. She left all of that lying on the floor right next to her.

"That's a good girl." Lena expressed happily.

Lena then leaned back on the table and looked at Kara for a few seconds, then she said, "Come a little closer." But didn't wait for Kara to make a move, instead, she pinched and grabbed Kara by one of her nipples and pulled Kara towards her which made Kara scream out in surprise, but the scream got muffled, by a kiss that followed right after. Lena gave her a long, sensual, soft kiss.

Lena then sat on the table instead of just leaning on it and locked her legs around Kara's waist. Pushing her even a bit closer towards Lena. Kara wasn't sure how to react, so she just let Lena do whatever she wanted until she was given further instructions. Lena chuckled a bit and then played around with Kara's breasts, groping them and pinching her nipples which always made Kara let out a whimper or a subtle scream.

After a minute of breast play, Lena firmly slapped Kara across the face, without any warnings, which made Kara exhale in surprise. Lena didn't wait for anything and immediately issued a second slap on the left cheek and then just slapped Kara continuously until her cheeks were red. Kara wanted to pull away at least a little bit, but Lena's grip with her legs was surprisingly strong and tight, but that might have been because of the Kryptonite.

Lena noticed Kara's struggles, so she stopped and jokingly added, "Oh, poor little Kara, does it hurt?"

"Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara responded with a sad and soft tone.

"But you like it right? You will endure it for me." Lena continued to ask as she stared right into Kara's eyes, which made her even more intimidating and Kara wanted to look away or at least look up or down, but every time Kara tried to move her head, Lena grabbed her chin and positioned her head, so she had to look her into the eyes right back.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, I love it, I would do anything for you..." Kara responded with the answer that Lena expected.

"I'm glad to hear that, maybe I won't even need to be harsh on you tonight," Lena said with a laugh. She also just now realized, that she wasn't feeling the kind of hatred and betrayal she felt towards Kara at the start, that didn't change what Lena wanted to do with Kara that much though.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor" Kara responded gratefully.

Lena gave Kara one more sweet and long kiss before turning back to reach for something on the table, next to the back, still having Kara locked with her legs.

"Now, let's see if these will suit you," Lena said as she was turning back to Kara now with nipple clamps in her hand.

Kara got scared a bit as she didn't know how much this would hurt, but she just obediently waited for Lena to do her thing.

Lena first attached one of the clamps and Kara didn't feel anything so she thought that this wouldn't be so bad after all, but then felt Lena tightening it, Kara started feeling tension and was hoping that Lena would stop anytime soon, but she kept on slowing adjusting it until it became really painful.

"Ouchh! It hurts!" Kara screamed and tried to rub her nipple with one of her hands, but Lena grabbed her hand.

"Hey! Did I allow you to touch yourself?! Maybe I jinxed it praising you and saying that maybe I won't need to be harsh today, but apparently, I will."  Lena snapped at Kara and her tone was very angry which made Kara frightened.

"No, I'm sorry, I will be a good girl, I swear, I'm really sorry! Please tighten it even harder!" Kara immediately put her hand down and started apologizing to Lena and tried to make it up to her by begging for more pain.

Lena knew what Kara was trying to do, but she liked it, "Beg more, bitch."

Kara still didn't get used to the derogatory nicknames as Lena didn't use them that often, so once again it took her by surprise, but she didn't hesitate to beg more.

"Please, please, I beg you to make me feel more pain, please make my breasts and nipples hurt, please, I want to make you happy, I'm sorry if I disappointed you!" Kara sounded really desperate and tears were coming down her face which Lena found really cute.

Lena first responded by wiping Kara's tears off of her face with her fingers and then said, "Oh you are so cute and you are trying so hard, I can't resist... Well, I will spare you of the punishment this time, but I won't be kind next time, now let's tighten this, as you wanted." She started soft but gave emphasis on the last few words to remind Kara that it was her, who wanted more pain inflicted on her nipples.

"Thank you, thank you, Ms. Luthor!" Kara responded and patiently waited until Lena was done

Lena wanted to keep one of the clamps as tight as it was now, but after all, Kara did ask for more, so she tightened it just a bit more and in response, muffled screams came out of Kara's mouth who tried with all her might to not scream out loud.

"I see that you like it," Lena stated teasingly with a smile on her face.

Lena now grabbed the second nipple clamp that was connected to the first one via a chain and started tightening it on the second nipple, as she was making it tighter and higher, Kara couldn't keep her scream muffled anymore and screamed out loud.

Kara almost broke, "Please, Ms. Luthor, I can't handle it like this, please keep it like this." she begged.

"Oh, come on you yourself said that you wanted it tighter, or have you changed your mind? Would you rather have a punishment?" Lena asked with a cold tone.

"No, I'm sorry, Ms. Luthor," Kara responded with a sad tone to her voice.

Lena wasn't going to let Kara off the hook that easily though, "Beg for me to tighten it."

Kara cried out as she was afraid that Lena was going to say this, she hesitated for a bit.

Lena grabbed Kara's chin to make her look into her eyes, "Come on Kara, it's not that bad, don't disappoint me." she then proceeded to wipe Kara's tears again.

"P-please tighten the clamps on my breasts, I b-beg you." Kara stuttered between cries.

"Oh, when you ask like that, I guess I have to do it." Lena answered with a smug tone and then tightened one of the clamps which made Kara yell out again.

"Alright, I guess that's tight enough," Lena said she pulled on the chain, making Kara yell out again.

"Wow, I really made it tight, I'm not sure I have ever done that on anyone." Lena admired her own work and decided to lick one of Kara's nipples while Kara just waited in great discomfort.

Lena spent a few more seconds admiring Kara's beautiful, humble breasts and then finally let Kara out of her "lock", which made Kara stumble a bit, as she didn't expect it.

Kara didn't know what to expect next, her nipples were aching so much, she could feel them pulsing, but those clamps probably weren't getting off anytime soon. On the other hand, Lena knew exactly what she wanted to do next.

"Let's go over there." Lena suddenly said and on purpose didn't give any indication of where Kara was supposed to go, she didn't even point or nodded the way she was supposed to go, so she was just standing still, looking around nervously as she wanted to listen to Lena and avoid any potential punishment, but she also didn't know what to do.

"B-but- Ouch!" Kara started out nervously but got interrupted by Lena suddenly grabbing the chain of her nipple clamps and pulling it towards her as she was walking over to the second table that had 6 chairs around it. Kara just now realized why Lena didn't tell her where to go, just so she could do this.

Lena laughed as Kara yelled out and stopped her at the second table, "Stand here for a bit sweetie." she said jokingly as she came over to the first table and reached for something else in the bag. She took out another toy, a dildo, but it was attached to lots of straps, Kara didn't know really what it was, but Lena enlightened her while holding it in her hand.

"Kara, this is called a Strapon, it basically does what it says, I will strap on this thing and I will fuck you and you will take it, understand?" Lena didn't talk around it, she just said what she was going to do straight away.

"Uhm, yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara said nervously, it was obvious that she was quite shocked as she didn't know such a thing even existed and she never expected Lena to fuck her like that, but it's foolish to not expect something from Lena.

Lena then started putting it on, tightening all the straps around her waist, "Next time, you will be the one putting this on me." she said with a smile.

When she was done, she walked up to Kara, "Now bend over the table sweetie."

"Y-yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara hesitantly turned around and hesitantly put her body over the table. She was careful because she didn't want to press her nipples against the table, but that was a mistake.

"Come on, all the way Kara." With these words, Lena forcibly pushed on Kara's back, completely pressing her against the table, which was extremely painful and made Kara whimper.

"Now, Kara I just have a few questions, I hope you don't mind," Lena said jokingly as if Kara's opinion mattered.

Since Kara didn't answer, Lena continued, "I doubt that you are a virgin, so how many times have you done it... vaginally?"

These questions were really intimate and somehow made Kara even more uncomfortable than most of the other conversations with Lena, but she couldn't complain or refuse to answer.

"Umm... just once." Kara softly answered.

"Oh, really? With whom?" Lena asked curiously.

Kara really didn't want to answer. "Uhh... Mon-El." she eventually hesitantly answered.

"Wow, I knew you were in a relationship, but I didn't know it got that far." Lena expressed.

Kara hated being in this conversation, but what could she do, "Well, it happened just once..."

"But wasn't there a problem... with your indestructible hymen?" Lena continued to ask invasive questions.

Kara thought about begging so that she wouldn't have to answer these but realized that it probably wouldn't work, "I did that myself... I broke it."  she said it softly and almost mumbled it because she was just ashamed to talk about these things out loud, but Lena heard it.

"So clever." Based upon this, Lena already knew the answer to her two remaining questions, but she wanted to ask them anyway because she enjoyed how uncomfortable it made Kara.

"So, I think I already know the answer, but how many times has someone penetrated you... anally?" Lena still asked with the same curious tone, even though she knew the answer.

"Umm... never"  Kara responded pretty quickly.

"And orally?" Lena quickly added her last question.

"Also never, Ms. Luthor" Kara obediently answered Lena's last question.

"Wow, poor Mon-El, so boring... But not really a surprise, you always seemed to innocent and nice, with your cute face I could have never imagined you'd be some nymphomaniac." Lena laughed upon her remark, but it actually hurt Kara a bit that Lena basically insulted her relationship with Mon-El.

"Well, now I could just stick this into you dry and just listen to your screams, but I have no reason to punish you and I'm not in the mood to punish you, "just because" either, so you will get the lube." Lena continued with an energetic tone and then walked to the other table to grab one of the lubes.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara really appreciated that she knew that she couldn't avoid this, but at least it would be less painful. What Kara was actually worried about, was that Lena was going to penetrate her anally. She didn't say anything about it, but she asked about anal and that made Kara very nervous.

Kara couldn't see what was happening behind her, even she tried to look over her shoulder, she only saw Lena's head looking down, but nothing else. Meanwhile, Lena was first applying the lube on her strapon and then she put some on her hands as well, rubbing it any other reaching for Kara's vagina, rubbing it up and down, and even spread it up to Kara's ass, which made Kara whimper in fear and shock.

Lena knew exactly what Kara was so afraid of and enjoyed that thought in her head, but she didn't want to penetrate Kara there. Not just yet.

Kara then finally felt the dildo slowly rubbing against her genitals, Lena didn't penetrate right away, she teased her first and toyed around with it.

"Kara, beg me to fuck you." Lena suddenly commanded.

"Umm... Please fuck me, I beg you." Kara said it with such a ridiculous and uncertain tone that Lena almost burst out laughing, but she managed to keep it together, she needed to be serious.

"Come on Kara, that's pathetic, beg better!" Lena scolded Kara.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Luthor, please I beg you to fuck me, I need it, I want it, I want to please you, I want to be your good little girl, please!" Kara tried her hardest, but she also didn't really know how to beg, she never had to beg before and Lena didn't really teach her.

"Good girl, continue." Lena gave Kara a bit of praise, but it wasn't enough, she was also slowly hastening her pace, which made Kara moan.

"Oh, please use me, fuck me, use me as you please, any way you want. I want to make you happy, I live to satisfy you." Kara tried to make it as sensual and real as she could, but she still had a lot to learn.

"I'm not sure that you mean it, Kara." With these words Lena reached for Kara's hair, grabbed a handful and pulled hard, making Kara scream out and arch her back, Lena now also started fucking her harder and faster.

"Aaah! I do, I do Ms. Luthor, I love every second that we spend together, I live just for this, I would never lie to you, please believe me!" Kara screamed out these pleads in between her moans as she was getting closer to the climax.

"Hmm, who's girl are you?" Lena asked eagerly

"I'm yours!" Kara answered almost immediately

"I'm yours, what?" Lena asked again with a firm tone.

"I'm yours, Ms. Luthor!" Kara corrected herself.

"Uhm and you will always do as I say, without questioning me, right?" Lena was getting horny as well.

"Yes, always, Ms. Luthor." Kara continued to obediently answer to Lena's questions.

"Who owns you, huh?" 

"You, Ms. Luthor!" 

"Say my name, who owns you?!" Lena said with an aggressive tone in the heat of the situation.

Kara wasn't absolutely sure if she was supposed to say her whole name, but she already said "Ms. Luthor", so it must have been it.

"Lena Luthor owns me!" Kara screamed it and both exhaled in surprise as suddenly, she felt Lena inserting one of her fingers inside of her ass. It wasn't painful, but it was also just one finger.

"Do you like that?" Lena asked eagerly.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor!"

"Are you getting near?" Lena continued.

"Ah, Yes, I'm reaching my climax!" Kara continuously moaned.

"Tell me, right when you are about to cum, if you don't, there will be a very harsh punishment!" Lena didn't forget to threaten Kara as that part was crucial to this play.

"Ohh, Yes, Ms. Luthor!" Kara answered.

Lena continued to play with her finger inside of Kara's ass, she eventually pushed in two and then three fingers and Kara didn't even seem to notice, she had too much work with her orgasm and her moans.

Lena was quite surprised that it was that easy to get in three fingers, she had girls where it was much tougher, even though these girls did receive anal before, right now she was wondering if she will push through her entire strapon.

"Ohh, please Ms. Luthor, let me orgasm, I'm very, very near!" Kara begged

Lena let out a subtle laugh, about the fact that Kara still didn't really want to say "cum" and just used "orgasm" or "climax" instead, even in this position she still tried to be so polite, she found it really cute.

"You can cum Kara, go on, cum!" Lena allowed Kara to cum, however, there was an unpleasant surprise ready for her. As soon as Lena felt Kara's body vibrating and her moans intensifying, it was a cue for Lena to bring it up a notch. She let go of Kara's hair and grabbed her strapon by one hand and spread Kara's butt with another, then she forcibly penetrated Kara's ass. All of this had to be very quick for it to still have the same effect and combine the pleasure of orgasm and this immense pain, but it was a bit hard, to actually push through Kara's ass, it was very tight and Lena only managed to get it through on the second try. But once it was through, it went in and out quite nicely as both her ass and Lena's strapon were nicely lubed.

Kara's screams of pleasure quickly turned into screams of pain as Lena didn't waste any time and after penetrating her ass, she quickly grabbed her hair again and rammed her hard. And Kara simply couldn't handle it, she peed herself. The super intense orgasm, combined with so much pain, simply forced Kara to let go. Luckily for Kara, thanks to her position, she didn't pee or Lena, it rather just dripped down her legs onto the floor, but it reached Lena's boots as well.

"Please stop!!!, please, I beg you Ms.Luthor, please!!! it hurts too much!!" Kara normally knew that begging wouldn't help and Lena would just do what she wanted to, but this hurt so much, that she couldn't really make herself do or say anything else.

For the meantime, Lena was ignoring Kara's cries, but she felt that it was quite hard and exhausting pushing in and out, as Kara was clenching her sphincter very hard, because of the pain it was instinctive and even though she was controlled by Kryptonite, she still had some strength and toughness. But if she wasn't under any kryptonite influence, she probably wouldn't be able to even penetrate her.

Right now, Kara was in so much pain that she tried to disobey Lena and tried to get off the table, but she was in such a position that all it took Lena, was to pull her hair harder and push her back with her second hand and she was helpless. However Lena was not going to hold this bit of disobedience against her, she knew this was really extreme torture for her.

"Please!!!!! Please!!! Ms. Luthor, I can't handle it, I will faint!!" Kara tried to make her voice sound powerful, but she was exhausted that her voice was soft and weak..

Then Lena finally stopped. But she didn't pull the strapon out, instead, she actually stopped while she was deep inside of Kara's ass.

"What do you say?" Lena asked softly.

"T-thank you, M-ms. Luthor" Kara weakly answered in between stutters.

"Th-thank you, f-for ss-stopping." Kara continued and she really sounded grateful. She didn't think to complain about the fact that she still had the strapon rammed deep inside of her, even just Lena stopping was such a relief.

Lena also noticed that Kara's "thank yous" were absolutely genuine and appreciated that, so after about fifteen seconds she slowly pulled out her strapon. She expected to be lots of mess on the dildo, after all, she didn't prepare Kara for anal at all, and Kara definitely wouldn't do that herself. But her strapon was actually clean. *Wow is this some kind of superpower?* Lena thought to herself, but she didn't complain and didn't mention it either. After that, she took a few steps away from Kara and admired her trembling body, if she had done this to a regular girl, there would definitely be blood, but this is Kara, The Girl of Steel, Supergirl. Also just now, she noticed and realized that Kara peed herself.

"Oh, wow Kara, you peed yourself!" Lena said that with a surprised tone, but not in a bad way, she was actually happy that she brought Kara to such intense emotions and to such intense orgasm.

"I-I'm very sorry, Ms. Luthor..." Kara apologized to that, still crying and stuttering, and still bent over the table as she dared not to move without Lena's permission.

"No, that's fine Kara, that's absolutely okay! But I do see that some of it got on my boots, so that might need cleaning. But I really pushed way beyond your limits, so I will give you a break, you can move around as you wish until I call you again." Lena decided to give Kara a break as she really did push her far.

Kara slowly stood up and felt the pain in her butt, she tried to touch it, but it was very sensitive. She also still had the clamps on her nipples which were still extremely painful and now after the anal, their pain started to dominate again.

"May I take a shower and take off these things, Ms. Luthor, pretty please," Kara asked with a hopeful, soft voice.

"You may take a shower if you want, but you will get dirty again anyway. But you may not take off those nipple clamps. And if you want to cheat and take them off in the shower, I would advise against it, it, after such a long time of them being on, it will actually hurt more after you take them off." Lena firmly informed Kara about what she could and couldn't do.

"Thank you very much, Ms. Luthor." Kara gratefully responded and then slowly moved to her bathroom. She left footsteps behind as she was standing in her own pee the whole time.

Kara wanted to take a long shower, but she knew that this was only a break and it probably wasn't meant to be very long and she definitely did not want to make Lena wait, so she just quickly rubbed herself, especially her genitals and legs, but her ass still hurt too much to even touch, so she just gently washed it with water. The water was also painful on her nipples as it was applying pressure on the clamps that she still wasn't allowed to take off.

The shower only took her about 10 to 12 minutes as she tried to be really fast, but also tried to make sure that she wasn't dirty.

When Kara came back into the living room, she noticed that Lena tidied up some of the things like she pushed the chairs back to the table where she was bent over, the strapon was also gone and some other things that were previously lying on the table next to the bag disappeared. The only things that stayed untouched were Kara's own pee-footsteps and the puddle under the table. Lena was sitting on one of the chairs at the table where the bag was.

"Welcome back, my sweetheart." Lena happily greeted Kara with a smile.

Kara wasn't sure how to respond, so she just smiled back and said, "Umm, I'm ready, Ms. Luthor."

"Great!" Lena expressed happily, stood up, and looked at the floor.

"As you probably noticed, you made a bit of a mess on the floor including on my boots. Cleaning my boots is mandatory, cleaning your floor, is not. But it's your apartment that will stink of your own pee, not mine, so it's up to you." Lena was giving Kara her next instructions in a neutral tone.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara obediently answered.

"And I think that at this point, I do not need to tell you that you are only allowed to use your mouth to clean any of it, but you can choose if you want to clean my boots first or your floor."

"Of course, Ms. Luthor." Kara complied and got on her knees and slowly crawled towards Lena. Cleaning her boots was the obvious choice. She got close and slowly started licking and cleaning Lena's boots with her mouth. When she first felt the taste of pee in her mouth, she made a disgusted expression, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it was when Lena made her drink her pee. Lena knew when it was enough and lifted up her boots so that Kara could lick her outsoles, as the pee obviously got there too.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor, for letting me clean your boots." Kara, to Lena's surprise, obediently thanked for her generosity, she didn't expect her to thank for this. With her other partners, she expected this level of submissiveness way later in the relationship, but with Kara, it seemed to come naturally, which still very hard to believe, since it was The Girl of Steel.

Kara then crawled away to lick away her footsteps and Lena watched with joy as Kara's sweet butt jiggled away from her. Cleaning the footsteps was quite quick and wasn't that hard and Kara didn't even taste it that much, but then it came to the puddle. She was building up the courage for a bit and then deeply exhaled as she closed in her mouth to the floor and started slurping the pee off of the floor. Lena once again watched that with a big smile on her face. Once Kara was done slurping, she licked the rest of the floor clean. Kara then went back to the kneeling position and awaited next instructions.

"You are such a good girl, Kara! I'm so proud of you!" Lena went over to Kara and started stroking her hair and that made Kara extremely happy.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor," Kara responded happily.

"However, we are still not done." Lena continued while still fondling Kara

"As you probably remember, there's no way there will be a time where you cum and I don't, so that will be your next objective, but we will do it my way, of course." Lena continued to talk as she was getting some weird double-sided dildo that once again Kara had no idea what that was for. Then she also got some ropes.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara responded.

"How are your nipples?" Lena teasingly asked knowing, that it will make Kara notice them again and it will hurt more.

"They extremely hurt, Ms. Luthor," Kara said with pain in her voice.

"Well, you will have to endure it a bit longer, you probably realized that the clamps are not coming off until the end of our session." Lena continued in a cold tone.

"Yes, thank you, Ms. Luthor," Kara answered with a bit of disappointment in her voice.

"Now stand up and turn your back to me" Lena ordered and Kara complied.

Then Lena grabbed her by one of her hands and brought her closer to the table. She took one of the ropes and said, "Stand still."

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara nervously answered.

First, she tied Kara's wrists together and made sure that it was really, really tight, so tight that it made Kara subtly scream out. Then she also tied her elbows together, which was a bit painful by itself, but once again Lena made it extremely tight, which only made it hurt more.

"Now, that's done..." Lena grabbed Kara by her hair and pulled her towards the couch near the television.

"Ouch!" Kara mumbled, but Lena didn't pay attention to that.

"Kneel," Lena commanded and pointed in front of the couch and Kara almost immediately dropped to her knees.

"Lift your butt away from your heels." Lena kept on giving instructions and Kara lifted herself up a bit, so she was still kneeling, but her butt wasn't touching her legs.

Lena then proceeded to sit on the couch behind Kara and got another rope and started tying Kara's legs at the ankles. Once again she made it extremely tight and Kara once again exclaimed "Ouch!" As she could clearly feel the rope burning her skin.

Lena then lead the rope upwards and managed to push the rope through a basically nonexistent gap between Kara's wrists, which once again, burned Kara's skin. Lena then tied it all back together, tying Kara's ankles to her wrists, which made Kara arch her back and made her a bit unstable. Lena also made it so tight, that it basically forced to sit back on her butt. At this point, Kara could easily fall over backward, but Lena was supporting her head.

"One more thing, and you will be ready." Lena happily said as she was already seeing Kara's arms getting purple.

Lena took the thing that until this point, Kara thought to be a double-sided dildo, but just now realized that it was actually a gag, as it was explained by Lena.

"You see, I will gag you with the smaller side so that you stay nice and quiet while, I will enjoy the ride on the bigger one and also on your face. I'd advise you to keep your head still since after I stop supporting you, the only thing holding you in place and not falling over will be your head on the couch. I will not untie you or ungag you until I cum. Did you understand everything?" Lena gave Kara the last set of instructions.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara answered.

"Aaand those are your last words for a while, open wide." Lena laughed as she stuck the smaller end of the gag into Kara's mouth and strapped at the back of her head.

Kara was a bit scared that she would gag on it, but it was really small and it was just a bit uncomfortable. Lena then pushed Kara's helpless body closer to the couch so that she could lay Kara's head safely on the couch. Lena then proceeded to get the last few things, First, she took off her boots, pants, and underwear, but then put her boots back on as she wanted to wear them, she got a vibrator and lube. She lubed up the dildo, turned on the vibrator which she gently applied against her clitoris, and then slowly slid down the dildo. And all that Kara could see was Lena's genitals and butt. At the start Lena was just slowly moving up and down, not going completely down, so it didn't really have any effect on Kara, but after a while, Lena started moaning and got hornier and suddenly pushing all the way down on the dildo, which applied pressure on Kara's head and it became difficult to hold her head in place, especially since it was at the very edge of the couch and she couldn't move an inch. Kara tried to mumble something in fear that she would actually fall down, but it was all inaudible nonsense that Lena didn't hear anyway.

"Oh, Kara, I'm getting close, you are a great toy, just stay still!" Lena expressed with an energetic tone and Kara just mumbled something in response.

Lena kept sliding up and down harder and harder, pushing against Kara's face, that Kara almost felt dizzy. Lena was moaning constantly and Kara thought it would never end, but eventually, Lena came to an ecstatic long moan which sounded more like a roar and Kara could clearly feel that Lena peed on her. Lena stayed pushed against Kara's face for a while, deeply breathing until she finally stood up and Lena could take a look at Kara's messed-up face which was full of her own fluids.

Instead of giving Kara some relief, Lena started inspecting her.

"Seems like my pee didn't really get on the floor, just a few drops, you will clean that up, most of it is just on your beautiful body." Lena's inspection once again only received mumbles from Kara.

"I will untie you now, but I suggest that you don't move much if you don't want more of my pee dripping on the floor. Oh, but I won't allow you to shower anyway, so if you don't want it to drop, I could just smear it across your body, nod if you want that." Lena asked Kara with an excited tone.

Kara slowly nodded.

"Great!" Lena exclaimed and walked over to the bag still sitting on the table and took out two white gloves. She put them on and then slowly smeared her pee on Kara's body, she made sure to get it everywhere, which made Kara do ungrateful whimpers, but Lena only laughed that off.

Then finally, Lena ungagged her and Kara immediately knew what to do,

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor, thank you so much!" Kara expressed eagerly.

"Good girl, Kara!" Lena responded happily and strokes Kara's hair.

"Uhh, I can't feel my hands, Ms. Luthor." Kara tried to bring up a small complaint, but there was panic behind her tone.

"Oh, don't worry, I will untie you right away, your circulation will come right back." Lena calmed down Kara and pushed her away from the couch, once again supporting her head and untying her hands and legs. Lena knew very good knots, which were very tight but also easy to untie, so in just a minute, Kara was untied.

Kara immediately looked at her hands which were still dark purple, before pretty quickly turning to light purple and then returning to the original color.

"I'll give you a 10-minute break now, you can stretch yourself and I would suggest that you do, because you won't be able to move again, pretty soon," Lena informed Kara.

Kara was hoping that with this, their session would be over, but apparently not, so she just answered, "Yes, thank you, Ms. Luthor."

Kara actually used the 10-minute break just to properly stretch out her arms and did some exercises, which Lena watched with joy. Right before Kara's break was supposed to end, Lena asked her what her favorite movie was.

"Umm, well...  I like romances and comedies, but also musicals, if I had to pick one of everything, I could probably say it's The Wizard of Oz, may I ask why, Ms. Luthor?" Kara was a bit confused about this sudden question.

"Well... we will watch it, that's all I'm going to say now," Lena said with a devilish tone.

Kara got excited, that she might actually spend the night watching one of her favorite movies with Lena, but she knew it wouldn't be that easy, after all, Lena told her she won't be able to move.

"Alright, your break's up, now I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. When I told you that we are going to watch a movie, I lied. Actually, it will be just me watching the movie, you will actually be my stool that I will put my legs on. You won't watch a second of the movie and I will make sure of that." Lena stopped to see Kara's facial expression and if she would say anything. She could see that Kara got really sad and disappointed, but was clever enough to say just one thing,

"Yes, I understand, thank you, Ms. Luthor." But the sad tone in her voice was obvious.

Lena then continued, "I will make a few precautions to ensure that you are not cheating or doing anything else that you shouldn't be doing."

First of all, Lena moved away the coffee table that was in front of the television.

"Get on all fours and arch your back" Kara did as Lena said.

"Now I don't want to hear your voice at all during the movie and I'm sure that you don't want to make me angry, so I think that this will only benefit us both, right?" Lena showed Kara a ballgag and waited for Kara's reaction.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor..." Kara still seemed really sad, but Lena didn't care, she actually found it hot.

"Alright, now open." Kara obediently opened her mouth and Lena put in the ballgag and tightened it.

"Now, as I said I don't want you to cheat, so I got this simple blindfold, I'm sure you will like it" Lena only got whimpers as a response

As Lena was putting on the blindfold she continued, "That being said, I don't even want to hear any whimpers or cries from you. I'm exhausted and I just want to relax and I don't want to hear any annoying sounds, do you get it?"

Kara nodded that she understood.

"Now some basic rules: You don't move, you don't wiggle, you don't make any noise, you don't move your head in the direction of the television. The blindfold is not see-through but I still don't want you to turn your head. Only after the movie is over, You will be allowed to move, but only upon my command, of course. Nod again if you understood everything." Lena eagerly awaited, Kara's reaction

Kara simply nodded again, without a single sound coming from her. Lena then proceeded to find the movie that Kara was looking forward to watching, sat on the couch, put her legs on Kara's back, and enjoyed the relaxing evening with a great old-time classic after a day of hard work.

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