A Super Apology

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Just as Kara left the hideout, comms immediately popped back on.

"Hey, Kara?! Are you there?"  Kara immediately heard Alex's worried voice.

"Uhmm, yes, I'm just now heading back.". Kara responded, still a bit distracted and shocked.

"What happened? We thought that you were in trouble! If it was up to me, I would already be sending a task force, but J'onn convinced me that you would be fine.." Alex seemed angry, but also scared and worried, she was a very caring sister.

"Uh, I'm sorry Alex, I didn't know that the comms wouldn't work inside the hideout, but everything went fine, I talked with Lena and everything went just fine, she didn't want to let me in at first, but I think I got through, but It will take some time, however, we are on a good path. I just need to be absolutely honest with her about everything, I can't betray her again, not ever.." Kara felt bad that she was lying to her sister, J'onn, Brainy, and the others, but no one could know about what happened inside with Lena. 

"Oh, wow, good. That's good, amazing!" Alex was really surprised, she didn't expect this outcome, she expected Lena to at least just brush Kara's apologies off, but not this. 

"Are you sure Kara? Wasn't it some kind of trick?" J'onn was still worried about this strange, sudden change of heart.

"Well, it wasn't easy, I had to basically kneel in front of her, to convince her to give me a chance. And I told you that it isn't over, but I'm on a good path with her." Kara had to change her tone a bit to turn her words about kneeling into a joke because that was the truth, but she obviously didn't want anyone to know.

"Well, Kara I'm so happy for you, that it worked out with Lena, but now just get back to the D.E.O., okay?" Alex's tone didn't sound all that convincing, but she tried to be happy for her sister, still, she needed to be careful, she didn't trust Lena as Kara did.

"Of course, I'm on my way." With these words, the comms cut out.

Kara purposely didn't fly at full speed, she needed a bit of space, time, and a clear head for thinking about what just happened. It was insanely humiliating and nasty and she had no idea Lena had that inside of herself, well Lena was obviously a dominant person, she knew that, but not this kind of dominant. What was even weirder or even scarier is the strange tingling sensation Kara had and still has all over her body. It made her feel emotions she didn't feel before. It wasn't just shame, but she simply couldn't figure out what it was.

**a Few hours later**

Kara came home, it was almost night, she was exhausted after the fight with the Leviathan, but even through all of this, everything's that has been eating up Kara's mind was Lena. But before getting some well-deserved rest, Kara decided that she needed to find out more about what happened with Lena. So went on the internet. At first, she didn't enter the right terms into the search bar, so all the things that were popping up were pretty irrelevant and useless, but eventually, she got to terms similar to "Domination", "Submissive" and other terms. All of this really scared her, because she wasn't like this. She knew that she wasn't always super dominant when the situation didn't need it, but this, what she just read about wasn't her, she was sure of it. After a few more minutes reading through articles, she realized she had read enough and decided she wouldn't bother with it anymore. That thing with Lena was probably a one-time thing and next time they will probably meet over a coffee or something and proceed from there. With these thoughts, Kara fell asleep.

**Next day**

Nothing interesting was happening in the city, Kara tried to be very active, prevented car accidents, saved a cat stuck on trees., greeted citizens, or just enjoyed the scenery of the city. She had occasional talks with Alex, but since nothing urgent or important was happening, it was more of a friendly chat about regular things, rather than anything else.

After an amazing lunch with Alex, Kara continued to circle the city, when suddenly Lena intervened in her comms, "Hello, Kara, please stop by my office, be dressed up as Supergirl, it's urgent." Lena's voice sounded cold and without much emotion.

"Uh, Lena? What's happening, are you in danger?" Kara didn't believe that Lena was in danger, but she was very scared of what Lena wanted from her considering what happened a day before and she actually hoped that she could save Lena from some kind of predicament right now.

"Don't worry, I'm not. Just come." Lena didn't say a word more.

So Kara did as Lana told her, she changed her direction and headed for her office, she was there pretty quickly just in a matter of seconds.

"So what's happening Lena, why did you call me here?" Asked Kara as soon as she arrived.

Lena completely ignored her question, "Turn off your comms, so we don't get interrupted."

Kara was a bit hesitant, but in the end, she decided that it can't do any harm if she does it, if there was a real emergency there were still other ways her friends could contact her, so she turned her comms off. After that Lena just leaned against her table and looked at Kara's whole body with interest.

Lena then broke the silence, "So about what happened yesterday... did you like it?"

"Umm no, I didn't, it was very humiliating for me and also disgusting." Kara was shocked and Lena actually thought that she may have liked that.

This wasn't the answer Lena was hoping for, but it didn't matter, "Then why did you do it?"

Kara responded quickly, "Because I betrayed you and I said that I would do anything to restore our friendship and that... the thing that happened yesterday is what you requested. So I did it."

Lena was a bit disappointed with that answer, but she still knew that Kara was submissive, otherwise, she wouldn't have done what she requested from her yesterday. Lena didn't give up and at that moment she promised to herself, that Kara, the mighty Supergirl would be her bitch whether she liked it or not. But Lena was sure she would like it eventually.

"Well, today you are going to continue because I still didn't have enough Kara, but today you won't spend all of your time licking my beautiful boots, don't worry." Lena started with a serious tone, but in the end, she sounded cheeky and a small smirk appeared on her face."

This is what Kara feared the most, "Umm, I actually thought, that maybe you would like to have a coffee, or a nice dinner, a trip, whatever else that you want."

For Lena it was obvious that Kara was trying to avoid the inevitable, "That's right, whatever I want, you will do and I want this. And what I said yesterday still stands, if you defy me, I will not ever forgive you and I will tell everyone about everything you already did, so choose wisely."  Lena's tone was wicked and full of poison.

Kara resigned, she couldn't believe it. Girl of Steel trapped with words, "Yes, Lena I will do whatever you want, I promise.:" Said Kara softly.

"Okay, I'm glad we got that cleared up, now I said you won't spend the entire time just licking my boots, but that doesn't mean you can't start with that."

Kara hesitated and looked behind Lena, there were big windows in her office, right behind her chair.

Lena understood what she was scared of, "Don't worry, nobody is going to see us."

After that Kara reluctantly dropped to her knees and then immediately on all four. And before licking Lena's boots, Kara decided to kiss them with the hope that it would satisfy Lena enough.

Lena knew exactly why Kara decided to kiss her boots instead of licking them, it didn't involve her tongue so it wasn't as bad as with it and she could've stopped her and corrected her right away, but decided not to do so because kissing was just as hot and showed the same signs of Kara's inferiority towards her. For a few more minutes, Lena just enjoyed gentle kisses from Kara, but eventually, she ordered her to lick her boots, Kara needed to learn how to listen.

"Kara, now lick them, lick, not kiss.". Lena said that with a soft tone because she was satisfied with her sweet little Kara, but still made sure that her tone was serious and firm.

Kara thought about it in her head for a few seconds but then changed from kisses to licking Lena's boots. She had a different pair from yesterday, but they looked almost the same, beautiful, high, black boots.

Lena's heart was pounding with excitement, but she didn't show it. It was really her, Supergirl on all fours in front of her, kissing and licking her boots. She still couldn't believe it and she definitely wouldn't let Kara off the hook now. Kara was meant to be owned by her. Right now, Lena wanted to push Kara's boundaries a little bit further.

"Okay, Kara stop.". Lena commanded her.

Kara stopped, but instinctively she started getting up from all fours, back on her legs.

Lena immediately screamed at her, "What are you doing?! Did I allow you to stand up? If you won't listen to me, if you will do anything without my permission, I will make you lick my boots for hours under my desk, understand?" Lena's voice calmed down near the end of her warning as she could see that Kara almost immediately corrected herself like a good girl.

"I'm sorry Lena, I made a mistake, I hope you're not angry.." Kara said it so softly that Lena almost didn't understand her and with her eyes facing Lena's beautiful boots and not her face. She remembered that it made Lena angry yesterday.

Lena noticed that Kara was learning as well, it made her incredibly happy, that Kara was such an obedient submissive. Shame that Kara herself didn't realize that yet.

"Okay, Kara you can stand up now, but keep looking into the ground."

Kara did exactly as she was told, this time with little to no hesitation. She heard some movement right in front of her, thanks to her enhanced hearing, she could tell there's some clothing friction, but her mind couldn't connect the dots.

After a few seconds, "Okay Kara, look up now." Lena told Kara to look up and so she did. Meanwhile, Kara was looking into the ground, Lena took off her jacket, shirt, and whatever else she was wearing from the waist up. The only thing that remained was her bra.

"Do you like what you see, Kara?" Lena eagerly waited for an answer.

Kara didn't really know how to answer, of course, she didn't rule out the possibility that she was bisexual, but her partners were always men. After a few seconds though, she realized that what Lena wanted to hear was "Yes" and anything else would probably lead to trouble.

"Yes, Lena, you look stunning." Kara tried to make a smile, trying to revert to her regular role a little bit, but it didn't help her at all.

Lena smirked, "For your own good, I hope that you actually meant that because now you are going to give attention to a part of my body that isn't usually the first thing that you see on a person and certainly one of the least appealing parts of the body." Lena couldn't stop her wicked expression from escaping.

Kara didn't really understand what Lena meant, "Umm Lena, what do you mean?"

Lena then proceeded to show Kara and lifted one of her arms, "This Kara. This is what I meant, you will lick my armpits. Usually, I put extra care about smelling nice and be all tidied up, but just for you, I didn't take a shower after my today's exercise." Lena's voice was evil and wicked, she enjoyed this whole situation.

Kara was already disgusted, she knew the terrible smell that came from armpits and she was sure that it didn't taste much better, and it shocked Kara that Lena made it harder for her on purpose.

"Lena, I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I can do that." Kara tried to hesitantly protest.

"Of course you can, and you will, I don't care if you like it, you will do what I say." Lena didn't even really say it as a command, she just said that as it was already a fact that's going to happen. And she was right, Kara was about to step closer to her and lean in her head for the armpit. However, Lena stopped her.

"Wait, Kara, there's something I want from you before we continue. I don't want you to do anything that you wouldn't want to." This made Kara sigh out of relief for a brief moment, but quickly realized, thanks to Lena's tone, that it was a sarcasm. Then Lena continued.

"So I want you to do this: Ask for it. Yes, you heard me correctly, you will ask to lick my armpits because you want to do it. You are eager to please me, but I can't just let you, you don't deserve that." Lena now wickedly smiled.

"Umm." Kara got stuck, she didn't know what to say, this was a new level of humiliation, it was one thing to get humiliated, but it was entirely another to ask for it.

"Come on Kara, ask!" Lena still pushed.

"Uhh, Lena, can I please lick your armpits?" Kara said that with a really awkward tone, because she didn't know how to ask.

"Hmm, maybe, do you actually want it, Kara?" Lena continued to tease Kara and made her ask multiple times.

"Y-yes, I want that, I want to lick your armpits, Lena."  Kara continued to try, but her voice was nervous.

"Come on Kara, you can do better than that, if you really want it, put a bit of emotion behind it, be a little enthusiastic, that you get to lick armpits of someone like me." With this sentence, Lena tried to make the gap between them even bigger, making herself superior and Kara, inferior.

"Please, Lena, can I lick your armpits, I really want that!" Kara tried to forget all the pride that she had inside of herself and whimpered for Lena, continued to ask Lena for permission to lick her armpits over and over again.

"Alright, I think you deserve it, come, Kara, lick one of my armpits." Lena let Kara choose which one.

When Kara's tongue touched Lena's armpit for the first time, it was terrible. Thanks to the unwashed sweat and no deodorant, the smell was horrible and the taste was even worse than she imagined. Kara pulled her head away several times, Lena wanted to correct her by pushing her head back into her armpit, but she realized that she was still a human and Kara was a Kryptonian and if she wanted, she could easily overpower her and just fly off. So for now, Lena just stuck to the words and kept on commanding her to not pull her head away.

"P-please, can I stop Lena, it's horrible." After a few minutes, Kara begged Lena to stop making her do this.

"No, I decide when you can stop, you won't stop until I say so." Responded Lena with a firm tone, but smiled at Kara to show her that she had no control over what was happening.

Almost 20 minutes passed by and Kara still had her head buried in one of Lena's armpits. Kara suspected that she made her lick them for longer for trying to ask her to stop. At this point, all that Kara would taste was just Lena's sweat and whenever she had to swallow some saliva, she could taste it down her throat. But finally, Lena decided she had enough.

"Kara, stop now, step away."

Kara stepped away without saying a word and Lena looked at her with joy. After so many minutes buried in her armpits, her hair was messed up and her cheeks were all red. Lena then proceeded to put all of her clothes back on.

"Well, thank me, Kara." A sudden command came from Lena.

"W-what?" Kara stood a bit surprised.

"You heard me, Kara, thank me for letting you do this." Lena insisted.

Kara thought that this was crazy, why would she thank Lena for something like this, it was terrible and she will have the taste in her mouth at least for the rest of today. 

After about 15 seconds of silence, Lena once again, spoke out, "Kara, don't disappoint me now."

"Umm, t-thank you, Lena, I appreciate what you let me do." Kara reluctantly thanked Lena for letting her lick her armpits, though it didn't sound genuine.

Lena heard that as well, but she decided not to pick up on it now, especially since she had an important meeting soon and she also liked that little addition Kara made at the end, which made her smile.

Lena then decided to belittle Kara with some remark, that was more psychically directed, "Okay, Kara now get out, I have more important things than you, but remember from now on. If I call you, unless you are in the middle of an emergency, you will immediately come to me, without a question and with your suit on, understood?"

Kara was a little hurt by Lena's remark because it sounded serious, but eventually, she responded with a small tear coming down her face, "Understood."

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