A Super Apology

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Disclaimer: I do not own CW's Supergirl, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

These events happen after S05E07 and start directly at S05E08, but instead of Kara using the hologram to communicate with Lena, she goes to her directly. Also, I apologize if this story seems sloppy or badly written, English is only my second language and this story is my 2nd ever and my 1st written in English, so I hope you can excuse occasional grammar mistakes.


"Hologram won't work, I will go to her directly, it needs to be real!" Kara said decisively.

"You already tried that and she almost shot you off the sky with Kryptonite!" Alex almost yelled.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that, Lena isn't friendly anymore." Alex continued with a calmer tone.

"I'm going Alex, you can't stop me, I need to do this!"  Kara brushed off Alex's remarks.

"She used kryptonite against you, Kara! Your friend wouldn't do that to you, only an enemy would!" Alex still fought her sister back, still with a more firm tone.

"You don't understand, she's hurt, she's not a villain, she didn't kill or hurt anyone." Kara didn't back down.

"I don't know Kara, this is too dangerous and risky, anything could go wrong, what if she is truly beyond redemption, what if she attacks you with kryptonite again? What if we won't be able to save you?" Alex replied with a softer tone, realizing that Kara will do this whether she thinks that it is a good idea or not.

"I don't believe that for one second, and even if it's true, it's all my fault and I deserve to pay for it and I will forgive Lena for whatever she may do." Kara didn't back down on her firm tone.

"Okay, but we will have you on comms at all times and at the very moment Lena starts being offensive, we will be on our way, understand?" Alex resigned, but she wanted to make sure that everything will go smoothly and that her sister will be safe.

"Deal, but it won't be necessary, I will get through to Lena, I must.". Kara mumbled the last few words, so no one could hear them.

Kara headed out to Lex's base, she was there just a couple hours ago and she could've died easily, but she wasn't going to back down this time, even if it meant that she would die. In just a few seconds she was there, at the place where she was almost shot down with Kryptonite cannons. Alex, J'onn, and others on the comms.

"Everything good, Supergirl?" The question came from J'onn.

"I don't see cannons pointed at me, so I take that as progress." Kara tried to make a joke, but her voice was trembling, she was very nervous.

"Don't make jokes, you could die!" Alex wasn't accepting any jokes in this situation, her sister's life was in danger and she had to be careful.

"I'm sorry.". Kara responded softly.

Kara didn't have a way to connect to Lena's comms inside the hideout, so she decided to just fly around so that it would get Lena's attention and hopefully she would talk to her.

"Ms. Luthor? We have Supergirl on our radar again. Should I deploy the cannons again?" Hope announced Supergirl's arrival.

"No, don't... Doesn't she understand that she won't just make this up with a stupid apology and some tears?!" Said Lena mostly for herself, there was a speck of anger in her voice.

"Ms. Luthor, do you wish to initiate communication with Supergirl?" Hope realized Lena's question wasn't for her and continued to wait for further instructions.

"Yes, do it, let's see what else does she have to say, though nothing she will say will gain my trust back." Once again Lena mostly mumbled this to herself with a small dose of arrogancy to her remark.

Hope initialized comms with Supergirl, "What do you want Supergirl, or should I call you Kara, I don't even know anymore." Lena started with a cold, poisonous tone, but Kara could hear the sadness in her tone, hidden layers under this protective barrier.

Kara already felt terrible, "Please, hear me out, I know I-."

Lena immediately interrupted her, "Save your breath, nothing you will ever say, will resolve this."

Kara already had teary eyes, "You have every right to hate me right now, I hate myself for what I've done to you, you didn't deserve this, I was a bad, horrible friend, but please don't do this, I will do absolutely anything!"

Lena couldn't stop a smirk on her face, "Of course.. of course, you only think the worst of me, did you actually think I was going to destroy the world with my work? You keep telling me that you didn't want to treat me like a villain and that you won't do that anymore, yet you still assume the worst of me. Your words mean absolutely nothing to me, same as our friendship didn't mean anything to you."

For Kara, every single one of Lena's words stung worse than any pain she has experienced, because they were partially true, "Please, Lena, I'm sorry.." Kara didn't manage to let out anything else with her soft, broken, trembling voice.

Lena was ready to tell Hope to turn off the comms and let Supergirl be, but she got curious.. what did it mean when a Kryptonian told her that she would "do anything"? 

"Hope, get ready to allow Supergirl inside our hideout, but conceal everything she doesn't need to see and get ready to activate the inner defense systems just in case she wants to betray me again and take me into the D.E.O.."

"Ms. Luthor?" Hope seemed confused about this change of heart.

"Just do it, Hope, I know what I'm doing."

Kara was just ready to leave in tears when she heard Lena on the comms again, "You can come in, but don't expect hugs, or any affection for that matter and if you try anything, I will not hesitate to defend myself."

Kara felt a huge weight coming off of her heart, "Thank you, thank you, Lena! I will not disappoint you again, not ever!" Kara's voice still sounded very nervous.

Kara entered the hideout and tried to navigate through it, to find Lena. Due to lead shielding, she couldn't find her easily. She also realized that since she entered the facility, her comms with Alex, and the rest stopped working, "Alex? J'onn, Brainy? Are you there? Hello?" Comms didn't work, but that didn't matter for her right now. Kara continued to helplessly try to navigate through the maze, but after several minutes she finally found Lena standing in the middle of a room, with Hope in the background. Lena stood by her table, arms crossed, she expected Kara to start the conversation. But after a few seconds of Kara just standing and looking around, tears running down her cheeks, she had to push her.

"Well..? What do you have to say now, What is your plan, Supergirl?" Lena said with a firm tone.

"I-I... I want to apologize for everything that I've done to you, I know this isn't enough, I don't know if something ever will, but I feel horrible and I can't live with the knowledge of how you feel, how I betrayed you and destroyed the trust that we have built.." Kara stuttered a lot, her voice trembling even more than before on the comms, she was nervously looking around and rubbing her hands against each other, she honestly believed, Lena would be able to attack her right now. And she believed that she would deserve it.

Lena let out a laugh, "And that's all? Oh my god, I already told you, anything you said doesn't mean a single thing to me, you are a liar and a deceitful person, I don't trust you and I never will again."

Kara was so lost, "What do you want me to do, I will do absolutely anything, I will go beyond words, what do you want from me, anything and I will do it!" Kara found some force in her voice, but it still sounded weak.

"I want you to suffer." For the first time during this conversation, Lena said something softly, smoothly, silently. She meant that for herself, but Kara obviously heard it.

"Lena.. please, I beg you.." With these words, Kara, the mighty Supergirl, dropped to her knees and begged Lena for forgiveness.

"Kara, what are you doi-" First thing that caught Lena off guard.

Kara couldn't keep the tears at bay at this point, now it wasn't just tears coming down her face, it was a full-on cry, "Don't you see what I'm willing to do, a Kryptonian on her knees in front of you, absolutely willingly!"

Lena looked shocked, she didn't expect this from Kara. She always seemed like a really dominant person, both as Kara and as Supergirl, in the end, both of her "occupations" didn't allow for anything else other than dominant personality. However, this was the complete opposite. Lena never expected someone like Supergirl to drop to her knees in front of her, crying, absolutely pathetic. For the first time since Kara's arrival, she was interested.

"Hope, leave." Lena wanted to find out the truth alone.

Hope responded without much emotion, "Yes, Ms. Luthor."

Lena tried to hide her shocked expression and decided to investigate further... Was Kara really a submissive? If that was to be true, Lena already had ideas coming to mind, on how she could play with the Kryptonian.

She needed to push more, "That's not enough." Lena looked down on Kara and with these words, Kara seemed even more desperate.

Kara walked over, on her knees, closer to Lena and then dropped on all fours, putting her head all the way down, her nose touched the tip of Lena's beautiful black boots, Kara's ass sticking up.

Lena knew exactly what to do, of course, no one knew this, but this wasn't her first girl's head at her feet. But of course, it was never someone as powerful and as dominant looking as Supergirl herself. She often had fantasies about Supergirl, what would it be like, to have her at her mercy. Just the fact that she had Kara, the Supergirl in front of her doing this, filled her body with waves of warmth. Lena didn't want to start ordering any commands though. Not just yet. She still couldn't be absolutely sure that it was her fantasy what's happening there. There might still be a chance that this is just an act of absolute desperation from Kara.

"Kara, this is not enough." The firm tone in Lena's voice still prevails, then she patiently waited and observed what would Kara do next. As she was lightly touching her boots, she could feel her trembling and hear her sobbing and see her tears. running down her face...

Kara didn't have anything else other than Lena's friendship and her own need of forgiveness in her head, she was ready to do anything, but Lena didn't imply that she wanted anything, she just kept on saying, it wasn't enough, she just hoped that if she continued to belittle herself and humiliate herself for her, that she would understand how much she regrets everything.

Kara slowly opened her mouth and her soft tongue reached for Lena's left boot. She started to delicately lick the tip of Lena's boot and Lena almost couldn't contain her excitement, she allowed herself a big smirk as Kara couldn't see her face. This was real. Supergirl was on the ground in front of her, head down on the cold hard floor, and licking the dirt off of her boots. She decided to do a step back so see how Kara would react.

Kara mistakenly took that as a cue, implying that Lena was satisfied and decided to look up at her face, but that was then Lena decided to outright yell the first command. 

"Don't look at my face! You don't deserve it, or did something give you the impression to think that you do?!"

Kara was shocked when she heard those words coming out of Lena's mouth, but she quickly obeyed and looked straight back into the ground.

"I asked you a question." Lena returned to a more collected voice and expected an answer.

"N-No, I-I don't, I'm sorry Lena." Kara stuttered and apologized to Lena, this whole thing was insanely humiliating to her, but she felt like she was on a good path.

"That's right and did I tell you to stop licking my boots?!" Lena raised her voice again, but only by a little bit. And Kara quickly crawled forwards a little bit and continued the lick the tips for Lena's boots.

"That's not enough, Kara. Lick my boots, not just the tips." Lena continued with another command.

Kara hesitated just for a second, but then quickly moved from the tips upwards, ankles, insteps, shins and worked her way up and down. Luckily for Kara, she was still a Kryptonian and her tongue didn't feel sore at all. Lena had Kara lick her boots for a few more minutes. She considered asking Lena if she could stop or if there's anything else she could do, but at this point, she didn't want to mess up and so just awaited Lena's next instructions.

"Kara, I still feel like my boots are not clean yet." Without saying anything else, Lena lifted one of her feet a little, letting her heel carry the weight of her foot, revealing her boot's sole. Kara hesitated. Lena's boots were overall pretty clean, so it wasn't that dirty, but Kara thought that this was too nasty.

"Come on Kara, you want to make it up to me right?" Lena insisted and wiggled her foot a little bit.

"Lena, this is too much, I can't do it." Said Kara softly, she was nervously anticipating Lena's next response.

"What do you mean, this is too much? You didn't think it was too much to keep one of your best friends in the dark from your biggest secret when everyone around me knew? That wasn't too much? You are an absolute bitch!" Lena got angry, as Kara pretty much expected, but still hoped that her reaction would be lighter. However, Lena's next move shocked her even more.

"This is what you deserve Kara!" With these words Lena lifted her leg completely from the ground and decided to step on Kara's cheek, rubbing her head against the ground for a few seconds, leaving some dirt and mud on her beautiful face.

"Lena, oh my god, please.." Kara whimpered softly.

"I already told you what to do." Lena then continued with once again an absolutely balanced voice. And proceeded to lift her foot once again, just enough so that her heel would support her. This time Kara didn't hesitate and started to lick Lena's sole. Kara felt disgusting and so humiliated, more than she ever felt before in her entire life. After every lick, Kara had a full mouth of small bits of dirt and dry mud, it was crunching in her mouth, she wanted to spit it out so badly, but she knew that would anger Lena a whole lot more, so she just tried to swallow everything. After about 5 minutes, which felt like an hour for Kara, Lena ordered her to stop. Then she finally let Kara stand up and look her in the face. One of Kara's cheek was still dirty and red thanks to Lena's boot.

"We are not done yet, but you can go now, I don't want your friends storming this place, just because they couldn't reach you on the comms for a few minutes, but you will come back, this isn't over. And if you want this to stay between us, I suggest that you do come back." Said Lena with a completely serious tone.

"Yes, Lena, whatever you want...". Kara mumbled softly as she was leaving and scrubbing the dirt off of her cheek.

"Hope, you can come back now, we can continue.". Lena called back Hope into the room.

"Did everything go according to plan, Ms. Luthor?"

"No.. It was much better." Lena couldn't help herself but let out a smirk as she knew that what was about the happen in the upcoming days, would hopefully change Kara's and her dynamic forever.

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