A Super Apology

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Rest of the day wasn't interesting for Kara. Just completely average... no villains, no emergencies. She just had a nice dinner with Alex and after that, she headed straight home. When Kara arrived home, she got some biscuits, sat on the couch, and decided to watch some TV.

She didn't really pay attention though. All of her thoughts were once again with Lena. About all the things that happened in the past 2 days. She thought about everything. Even if Lena decided that she had enough, the dynamic between them was changed forever. Now every time she would look at Lena, all she would see on Lena from now on would be the woman who made her lick her boots, her armpits, who humiliated her, degraded her, threatened her...

Kara tried to escape all these thoughts watching the TV, but she really couldn't stop. If these terrible, humiliating sessions with Lena were to continue, how long would it take until someone found out? What if Alex found out? Kara wouldn't be able to bear the disappointed look on Alex's face.

Even though at first, Kara couldn't think about anything else. She was slowly getting sleepy and tired and got lost in the plot of the movie she was watching. It was a nice action movie, she usually didn't like all the explosions and fighting, she always thought it was pretty unrealistic and that it was barely a parody of reality, but this time she appreciated it and it helped her mind go elsewhere.

Just when she was about to fall asleep she heard a knock on the door. Kara immediately stood up, alerted, and in a "fight mode". She didn't expect anyone this late and surely anyone from her team, especially Alex, would have texted or called her first. She slowly walked towards the door and then took a look through the peephole. To her misfortune, it wasn't anyone she could fight with... It was Lena.

Kara was hesitant. Did she really want to open the door? She didn't want to deal with Lena right now... She could pretend that she wasn't at home. In the end, she was Supergirl, she could easily be out there somewhere fighting crime right now. But what if Lena found out and then told everyone about what had been happening between them?

She just couldn't risk that and decided to open the door, "uhh... Hey Lena, what are you doing here, isn't it a little bit late?"

It was obvious how close Kara was to being asleep a few minutes ago, but she tried to lead a regular conversation in hopes of this encounter not being anything else other than just a friendly visit.

"Oh, I just came to see the mighty Supergirl in her pyjamas." Lena sounded surprisingly friendly even though there was still a small hint of bitterness. And even if there wasn't any indication of that, it was still obvious that Lena was very disappointed in Kara, about how she lied to her for so long.

Kara just stared at her for a few seconds, because she didn't know what to answer, but Lena broke the silence.

"Well.. are you gonna invite me in or am I supposed to just stand here?" Lena insisted.

"Oh Y-yes of course, come in. Make yourself at home Lena.." Normally you would think that this sentence was sarcastic right? But it wasn't. Because even though both Lena and Kara were aware that Kara had the strength to kill Lena with one hand, Kara was scared of her and was scared to refuse Lena's self-invitation to her flat.

Lena went right pass Kara and just walked around the flat for a good few minutes, looking around, inspecting it like she was never there before, even though she was.

Kara just stared at her blankly, because she didn't know what to think of this, but this time, she was the one to say something, "Lena, do you want a glass of water or maybe some biscuits?"

Lena completely ignored Kara's offer instead, she took a long stare at Kara and said something completely unrelated, "Kara, you look so cute like this.." She said that with a completely soft and sweet tone. No poisonous, wicked, evil, cheeky subtext.

The fact that Lena's voice was so sweet weirded out Kara even more, but she had a question to ask, "Uh... Thank you, Lena, but what do you mean.. "like this"?"

"Well, like this Kara. You are just in your pyjamas, probably wearing nothing under them, your hair all messy, and no makeup. Out there, you always look so professional, in your suit, always so perfect, and even when you're not Supergirl, you are always just brimming with confidence. But I revealed your other side, Kara... I know you will not admit it right now, but you are submissive and you can't deny it. I asked you earlier this afternoon and you said that you did all that just because I threatened you about ending our friendship and telling everyone that you licked my boots." Lena ended with a small laugh.

Kara wanted to say something, but Lena didn't let her and instead continued in her speech.

"But Kara... We both know you have faced greater dangers. You fought against Agent Liberty, Reign, my brother, and many others... Yet you didn't kneel before any of them, but me. And I'm not even your enemy. Does our friendship really mean that much to you, are you scared that much that I will embarrass you in front of your friends? We both know that if I told them about what you did, they would still love you. So what happened Kara? Did I just push the right buttons in the right places? Was I just the right person to trigger your submissive side?

Lena's speech finally ended and it left Kara in a shock. She had no idea what to say or how to respond, she had no immediate counter-argument and she was just completely stunned. She tried to speak out a few times, but every time her first word turned into a stutter and Kara had to go through millions of thoughts going in and out of her brain and had to organize them.
However this was exactly what Lena wanted, she wanted Kara to doubt herself, she wanted to finally admit that she was a submissive and that she liked most of the things that happened yesterday and today. Because if Kara finally admitted it, she could play with her more often and she had ways so make it rough even for the Girl of Steel.

"I-I... L-Lena... I d-don't know what to say." Kara stuttered.

"Just say the truth and I will be satisfied." Lena pushed.

"Lena.. this is so hard for me... I can't be like this and you know that! I'm Supergirl and I can't be like this, the world needs me! If I become this how will I be able to help anyone?!" Kara started crying, she was at a point of mental breakdown.

However Lena didn't care, "So you admit that you liked it, you just don't want to like it?"

"Lena.. please... don't push me anymore, I admit! I admit I liked some of it. I didn't like everything, what you forced me to do today was terrible I never want to experience it again, but I liked serving you, yes!" More and more tears were coming out of Kara's eyes, but Lena wasn't done.

"Did it make you happy?"

"I wasn't happy that you were angry at me Lena, I didn't like it that you threatened me, I just want to be your friend!" Kara was almost hysterical at this point.

"No, Kara, I mean did serving me make you happy?" Lena asked more and more questions, she was so close to finally having Kara fully in her control.

"Y-yes..." Kara mumbled between whimpers.

Finally, Lena heard that one word, finally things could change, finally, she could order Kara without the need for threats.

"Oh, come here Kara, hug me." Lena reached out with her hands, but she wasn't done yet, she still had plans with Kara for this night, but right now she wanted to comfort her

Kara couldn't believe Lena was actually offering her a hug, but she appreciated it greatly and immediately reached out for Lena and hugged her tight, "Thank you, Lena, thank you! This is just what I needed!"

Lena kept hugging Kara for a minute or two until she calmed down. Then she needed to establish rules.

"Okay, Kara that's enough, let's sit down, we need to talk about this."

"O-okay Lena." Kara was still stuttering a bit, but she sat down on the couch with Lena.

"Listen, Kara, I know you're scared that if you will open up your submissive side that you will not be able to be Supergirl, but hey, you always had this side in you, you just didn't know and yet, you're still Supergirl. I'm not going to pretend Kara. I want you. I want to have you at my feet, at my mercy. I want you to beg me to hurt you. And you want me to do that, you just didn't want to admit it, right?" Lena waited for Kara's response, but at this point, she knew Kara's answer.

"Yes, Lena... You are right, but just I don't know how will I be able to live like this!" Kara tried to bring out some arguments, but Lena immediately started to fend off Kara's worries.

"Come on Kara, don't worry. Of course, I know what you bring to the world both as Supergirl and Kara Danvers and I will, of course, let you continue in both of your jobs, but during calm days and evenings like this one, you will always be mine."

"B-but what if an emergency comes up during an evening like this one?" Kara still had some serious doubts.

"Then, of course, I will let you go and save whoever will need saving. You will always make it up to me later anyways." Lena finished with a smirk.

"Uhh, okay, but what exactly do you want me to do Lena?" Almost all of Kara's worries were gone, but she was still unsure of how exactly is this going to happen.

"Well... I will play with you, I will make you serve me, do what I like and things you may dislike. Don't worry Kara, I won't make you do the things you dislike all the time, I will do it mostly only if you disobey, or maybe if I feel evil." Lena made a small pause but then continued.

"You will basically be my slave, Kara. From now on, you are not allowed to call me Lena. You will call me "Ms. Luthor". And I will punish you every time you call me Lena or in any other way." Lena once again made a small pause and then continued to explain, when she saw Kara's worried look.

"Of course, you can still call me by my name in front of Alex, J'onn, and the others, but you will never call me Lena when we are alone, understand?"

"um, Yes L-... I mean Ms. Luthor." It was really weird for Kara to call Lena like that, but at the same time, it made her feel warm.

"Good girl, Kara." Lena awarded Kara with these words but got a confused look from Kara as well.

"These words you will hear a lot Kara, but well.. that depends on how well you will behave and act. If you will obey me at all times I won't make your life with me hard. But disobey me, make me angry, mess up often and you will wish that I would only make you lick my armpits, do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms. Luthor.". Kara responded obediently.

"Well, but as I said even if you will be the perfect sub, always behaving perfectly, it doesn't mean that I won't be making you do stuff that you dislike or even hate. I might have a bad mood, I might be angry with something completely unrelated and I will need you to take my anger. Also, you will never talk back Kara, never. Talking back will lead to quick and harsh punishments, remember that, okay?"

"Yes, I will Ms. Luthor." Kara still couldn't get over the fact that she was calling Lena, one of her best friends "Ms. Luthor" like this in private.

"But don't be scared my little Kara, you will also get rewards, if you behave well, I may be sadistic, but I know when to reward my pet."

Kara blushed when Lena called her, "her pet".

"Okay, that's probably it, for now, however, I'm not leaving yet, I want to have some fun first... Kara... I've never seen you naked before, so, please. Stand up and take off your cute little pyjamas."

Kara hesitated for a bit, she was really, really shy, but she knew she had to do it, so she stood up and slowly took off her clothes. However, she tried to hide her breasts and crotch with her arms.

"Come on Kara, don't be shy, put your arms down to your waist." Lena waited lustfully for Kara to finally reveal her beautiful body to her.

Kara once again didn't do the task immediately, but Lena wasn't that strict yet. It took Kara a few seconds to get the courage, but then she did it.

"Your body looks stunning Kara, you look beautiful... I can't believe we haven't done this sooner. Turn around for me." Lena commanded Kara with a soft tone.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara was blushing from Lena's compliments. She couldn't believe that someone as perfect as Lena was complimenting her looks.

Lena took a minute to admire Kara's amazing body and then decided to continue the play, "Kara, one more thing we need to make clear. My pleasure comes first. Your pleasure is not important, during some of our plays, it may not come at all, that's always up to me, understand? If you ever put your pleasure in front of mine, you will regret it."

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, I understand." Kara obediently answered. 

"Okay, so now that I made that clear before I leave and let you get your precious sleep, you will pleasure me, Kara."

Kara's look was a bit confused until she was Lena taking off her jeans. Kara knew where this was going and it made her a bit scared and nervous. She never had sex with a girl and she didn't know how to properly satisfy a woman. And Lena will probably have high demands.

When Kara was lost in her thoughts, Lena had the time to take off her panties as well and dropped them on the ground.

Lena saw the scared look on Kara's face and she encouraged her, "Come on Kara, get on your knees, you have work to do."

Kara immediately got on her knees, but she didn't know what to do next, "Umm, Ms. Luthor I know I shouldn't talk back and I apologize, I want to do this, but I don't know how.." Kara was ashamed that she had to ask this and expected punishment from Lena, but it didn't come.

Lena found it funny and cute how Kara was already so scared of the punishment that she apologized immediately, but she didn't want to punish Kara for this, in the end, it was true that she had never done this and she won't be angry if Kara messes up a bit.

"Kara, don't worry, just follow your instincts, use your mouth and fingers, I'm sure you will figure it out." With these words, the conversation ended.

Kara moved a bit closer. Unlike Lena's armpits, this sight was way more appealing to her. Lena smelled perfect and her cute pussy looked sweet. Lena was mostly shaved but had a little bit of hair up top. She was also already wet, which made Kara blush, but Lena didn't see that.

Then finally, Kara first put her fingers wet in her mouth, and then she stuck in two of her fingers. Slowly moving them in and out.

Lena immediately moaned in pleasure. Which made Kara really happy.

Kara continued to use just fingers, changing up the pace a little bit. Kara was still hesitant about when should she start to use her mouth, but Lena implied that she wouldn't punish her if she messed up now, so she decided, now is the best time.

Kara slowly touched Lena's skin with her tongue. She instantly tasted all the flavors of Lena's juice that was now leaking everywhere, including her couch. And it was beautiful. Kara pushed her head even closer and started licking Lena's perfect pussy. Moving her tongue up and down, in and out. She tried to pay special attention to Lena's clitoris as well, but it was all overwhelming for her and didn't do everything properly.

Yet Lena was moaning in pleasure, she grabbed Kara's hair and pushed her into her pussy. Obviously, Kara had to let her, because she wouldn't have the strength, but Kara liked it. With her second hand, Lena was squeezing one of the nearby pillows on the couch. She didn't expect Kara to be this good this soon. The pleasure was ecstatic.

Kara didn't focus on anything else, but Lena's moans and Lena's pleasure, luckily her tongue couldn't feel sore, so she still kept up the same pace as she had at the start, which was like a cherry on top for Lena.

"Yes, Kara, lick me, lick me!" Lena starting spouting orders at Kara, though she didn't need to command Kara to continue.

"Don't stop Kara, you are amazing, you are so good!"

After hearing those words, Kara felt extra encouraged to pleasure Lena, she didn't hear those words from Lena for a long time and it took all this to hear them. And if she had to do this for Lena to appreciate her, she will.

"Make me cum Kara! Fuck me with your tongue!" Lena was almost screaming.

Kara worked her tongue hard without stopping and eventually, Lena let out a loud long scream of pleasure which indicated that Lena had reached the peak.

Kara wasn't sure if she should stop or not, since Lena already came, but didn't give any other commands, so she just continued until she was told otherwise.

"Kara.. stop licking and instead clean up my pussy, I don't want my panties soaked." After a few seconds of rest, Lena collected some thoughts and ordered Kara to clean her up.

Kara now used both her mouth and fingers, to clean Lena up, she also tried to clean the wet patch left on the couch with her hand, but it didn't work so well...

Kara was also really wet herself, during the entire licking session, her own pussy was dripping, but she knew she wasn't allowed to touch herself and she knew Lena's pleasure was the priority.
After a few minutes, Lena ordered Kara to stop completely and Kara obediently did.

"Give me a few minutes to collect myself, Kara." With these words, Lena put back on her panties and jeans, after zipping them, she once again looked completely formal and professional. Meanwhile, Kara was kneeling on the ground, naked with a wet patch between her legs.

Lena knew how much Kara wanted to cum, but she decided to torture her instead, "Kara, I know that your pussy is aching, but not today. Also, of course, you're not allowed to touch yourself when you're alone, otherwise, there really wouldn't be a point right?"

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara was obedient, but there was a sad tone to her voice, she really wanted to cum as well.

"Of course you can now put your pyjamas back on Kara, I will be on my way, goodnight."

"Goodnight Ms. Luthor.". Kara answered and with these words, Lena left her flat.

Kara had so many emotions running through her entire body, she was so happy, excited, but at the same time confused, worried and scared of what will come, In her entire life, she was never in this situation before. So she didn't know what to expect or what would it do to her daily life.

Kara cleaned up the couch and the floor and then stayed on the couch and tried to fall asleep. At first, she couldn't, because she was still horny, but that eventually faded away and Kara finally fell asleep.

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