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Disclaimer: Scott Pilgrim and the characters from that series are not owned by me. This work is fan fictional and I absolutely make no profit for writing all of this story, nor is intending to. They belong to Bryan Lee O'Malley and Oni Press.


Aside in the city called Toronto, there are the so-called troops of the GGG Heavy Industries, now living and hiding in the suburb of said city due to its closure of said company, and all of them being labeled as involved in the conflict. Nothing special here this time...considering that all they do is make out after a job well done back then...and that's what we're gonna be looking at tonight...oh wait...

Buta / Donnie and Jesse / Stella

[This might focus only on the enemies from the game, so characters other than the ones we're focusing on will be mentioned here if needed, either implied or not.]

May 9, 2012

In the lonely house that contains two floor for each couple, they were Donnie, Buta, Jesse, and Stella, talking and chatting about what they did in their jobs, that night, on 8PM. Donnie, the obese man wearing his black shirt, talking to his pals about how much he has trouble concetrating on delivering 2 or more food orders by the customer...in a restaurant called Asian Legend.

Donnie: So...many workers told me to order it there, and order it here, and there and there, and all over the area. I couldn't handle the pressure today, because they're all in the rush of serving those damn customers just for money, and even I need some for our boss. It's a rough task I have done since Fight Club, but I doubt there's something worse coming...

Buta: Aww...sorry to hear that, Donnie. More likely to have drank some coffee in the morning.

And right next to him is his girlfriend, Buta, who is also obese, and wields her own sais. Both nicest and naive, she felts sorry for Donnie about his complicated job sometimes, including today.

She's been through a rather, quiet day in her job, as the burger waiter in that restaurant, and even been given a paycheck of $400 each week. It is usually called BQM Burger, and it has a lot of dining room to eat and have fun with. Except today, of course...

Buta: Mine's fine. And one time, I heard a customer is fighting another over a food that isn't right for the other, so I came out, and then BAM!! I slam down the man who complained, and let me tell you, it is not a good day to go through.

Stella: Wow...just fucking wow...

Along with the duo is Stella, who rollerskates anywhere in the city, and is the red-haired gal who knocks people out of her way. She seems to also notice her former target rolling skating into...nothing. Regardless, she works in the mail service, The UPS Store, as well in the rival company to Amazon: eBay. Her job is...also difficult to cope, combined with the fact that each mails and packages are delivered all over Toronto.

Stella: *sigh* I have two jobs, and both were not as good as expected. I have to roller skate all day and get some lunch along the way, and boy, oh boy do I tell y'all. It took me 10 minutes to 2 hours to reach the destinations. Yeesh, and even I saw a blue-haired girl skating into...whatever portal she went.

Buta: A portal? OH! You mean the Glow!?

Stella: *scoff* The Glow...the boss calls it. It's what bring a crazy zone called...Subspace? We have seen it before, didn't we?

Donnie: No, not really. Haven't we fought the owner's targets before?

Buta and Stella were suddenly surprised and they looked backed at how things went during their enemies' path to victory...

April 20, 2009 [?]

Back then, both Jesse and Lee were beaten up by Scott and 3 of his friends who are on their way to compete with Crash and the Boys at the Rocket. Donnie, Stella, and Buta suddenly went to the duo and carry them by the arms. Both were coughing up blood because of their brutal beating, and couldn't say a single word. Donnie suggests that all must keep training until they could beat up Scott back.

It did not suceed, as all of them, along with other comrades for good measure, fought them, but lost too. Anytime they encounter these targets, they were somehow outsmarted in the end. All 'til the final boss...is dead. Eventually, many are arrested for assault and burglary, while others escaped the police, and are now on the run as of today.

Malcolm, the second-in-command of the GGG Industries, announce that now that the leader is gone and the Glow is handed over to the former ex-girlfriend, they all must hide in order to avoid prosecution that involves the company. So...here they are...

Stella: *sigh* I heard that American chick gave birth 2 months ago, from some roommate of a geeky canadian who's with her at the moment, or something like that...

Buta: 4 newborn babies! KAWAII!!

Donnie: And yet...no actual support anymore...Ryan anyone?

Stella: Yeah, Richard was a good teammate nonetheless, but we all failed.

All of them continued talking, except Jesse, who sat quietly along with them...thinking about what happened last time in his job...

Jesse: ...

4 hours ago...

Envy has finished performing for all her fans, friends, and even a family. They all cheer in excitement and happiness for her...

Envy: Thank you all! Thank you, everyone for visiting this concert! I'll be seeing you again!

Meanwhile, Jesse and Lee were still bodyguards, not happy that Scott and Ramona were even there, along with the babies they carry.

Lee: ...

Jesse: Fucking great, Lee. Here there are. And we're stuck here, acting like gaurd dogs, or something...for 4 months straight.

Lee: Yeah. You're welcome to leave if you want.


Jesse: Wait...Did Envy told you something?

Lee: Well...he did say one of us has to go because there's gonna be alot more bodygaurds in that next concert, which is about the anniversary of...something.

Jesse: ...well alright. Tell her I'll see her tomorrow when she comes here.

Lee: Alright. Take care, Jesse. Stella is waiting for you outside. Tell her not to worry about me during sex!

Jesse: *sigh* Okay...

So out he went, and both Jesse and Stella talked about what happened during the concert...

Back in the present, Jesse feels disappointed that Lee might miss the fun they'll have with Stella...

Jesse: ... (Alright, narrator, just shut up already.)

And yes, Jesse is the one who's talking with me right now...but back to this moment.

Jesse: *sigh* Anyway...we've been through a lot, guys.

Donnie: Hey, where's Lee? Didn't he came here with Jesse?

Stella: No, he told me that Lee isn't coming with us on our way home. In fact, I keep hearing the name of the same chick and that bastard who fought us, from the crowd who chants them in excitement.

Jesse: Scott and Ramona...fucking bunnies...we'll show them who is th-

Donnie: Best family, Jesse. I'm with you on that one, and we all hate these bastards.

Buta: Whaaaaat? Are you serious?

Donnie: Yes. We need to do something new here.


Stella: *sigh* I suppose we could live together for now...but what about Lee?

Jesse: You'll breed with him when he's out of work.

Stella: *sigh* Alright...even when I do get pregnant, Lee would still fuck me alone...

Buta: Too sad. You already made out with both Jesse and Lee 11 times.

Donnie: ...anyway, let's start here, shall we?

Jesse: ... (Just my luck...seriously?)

So both Buta and Stella begin undressing, with Buta removing her purple wardrobe she still has today, and Stella removing her tank tops and her short pants, both revealing their tits and pussy covered in bras and panties. Stella licks her lips as both girls undress their boyfriends' pants and boxers.

As each boxers were removed, both size of their cocks are different. For Donnie, it was larger and could not be handled when in the bulge state in his pants. And for Jesse, it was already normal like when he raped Envy back then with Lee...but now it increases by 1 inch.

Stella: *whispering* Let's show them who's the better bunnies, Jesse...

Buta: *licking* No hold barred, Donnie, we're in this together...

Lemon Starts Here

Buta begins licking Donnie's cock around like an ice cream, before Stella licks Jesse's in a different way.

Jesse: *gasping, moaning quietly* Stella...

Donnie: Yeah...take it, Buta...

Stella inserts Jesse's cock into her mouth, and begin placing her tits in-between in the process. Buta does so next, and both men place their hands on the girls' tits, receiving moans and panting sounds as they squeeze their tits further.

Both girls suddenly move their bodies to have their boyfriend remove their panties and lick their pussies. So they pull their panties off, toss it in the couch, and begin licking inside their pussies. Both girls begin gasping and panting while doing their oral sex, and can feel their large ass and thighs being spanked seperately.

For Buta, his large cock barely fits her mouth, and between her tits, but manages to hold it for 3 minutes. And for Stella, salivas started staining down her tits, and she could barely feel warm because of the AC.

Jesse suddenly pulls out his vibrator and puts it inside her pussy and begin licking her anal. He then gives Donnie his anal beeds to insert it in Buta's anal and continue licking her pussy. Both girls gasp again on what they both did to their holes, and begin orgasms as a result.

Donnie: *panting very hard, gasping painfully* Dammit!! I can feel my muscles hurting!!

Jesse: *panting very hard* Don't worry about it, Donnie. Just focus on these chicks...

2 minutes pass and it gets wetter here from now. Both guys begin feeling their cocks swell, over and over it goes through their girlfriends' mouth, until they unload their seeds in the girls' mouth, with some cum dripping down their tits, staining their bras in the process.

They then orgasms again as their tongues manage to reach even further, with both swallowing their pussy juice. They both swallow some cum, smear some on their tits, and coughs up some later...

Stella: *panting* Dammit! Jesse got me good.

Jesse: *breathing* Well...you were always hotter when I met you...

Stella: *chuckling*

Donnie: *breathing painfully* I'm heavy in this couch, and it hurts...

Buta: *panting* Here...

Buta gives out one of his heart pills he brought from the store, and he swallows it with some water bottle.

Buta: *panting* It'll take effect after sex...

Donnie: *breathing heavily* Thanks, Buta...

Stella: Now...you gonna give us more cum or what?

Jesse: Yeah, maybe some assjobs?

Buta: I think so...it might feel like water in our hug- oh wait...

Suddenly, both men lower the women's bodies, switch the sex toys to each others' holes, and have their cocks position towards their asses. They slid it above their ass cheeks, whom they grab on to, and begin ramming it up and down, while having the anal beeds in Stella, and the vibrator in Buta, turned on in a 1.25x speed.

Stella: *moaning* Jesse! My fucking anal!! *panting*

Buta: *gasping* Donnie, what are you doing!?

Donnie spanks Buta's ass as she yells out, while Jesse increases his pace of thrusts towards Stella's ass, all of them moaning hard as the assjobs keeps going on.

A minute goes by, and the vibrator and the anal beeds begin twitching violently and their bodies begin shaking as well, as both girls orgasms twice as the sex toys increases it speed to 1.75x.

Jesse and Donnie have since spanked their girls' asses so much that it now shows red mark of their hands all over them, and as well as their cocks begin getting pressured by the ass cheeks, and now they're grabbing on to their thighs because of the actual pace giving.

Stella and Buta: *panting very hard* FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FU- *gasping painfully*

They suddenly came on their asses and then their backs. And the girls orgasms again for 10 seconds before all of their orgasms stopped slowly...

Stella: *breathing very hard and quielty* Jesse...

Buta: *breathing very heavily* Donnie-san...

Jesse smears some cum on Stella's ass and feed her some in her mouth, while Donnie smears it on her back, before spanking Buta's ass with his cum-filled hand, both of which makes their asses shiny, after their tits. Their cums are now staining the couch, but they didn't care; they have some good time together.

Donnie: *breathing heavily* What now...?

Jesse: *breathing* Breed. Just breed them, Donnie.

Buta: *breathing* Please do us...we're yours to keep...

Stella: *breathing* Don't worry about us, guys...the less we talk about these assholes, the further we move on from that point on...~

Jesse: ...? (You know what? You're actually right.)

So, they moved their bodies up to face them, insert their cocks in their girlfriends' pussies, and deepens it into their womb.

Stella: *gasp* FUUUUUUUUUUUCK...!!!

Buta: *groaning in pleasure* That's it...right there...!!!

Both men begin thrusting it up their bouncing asses, making some smacking and patting sounds as they does this. And their tits bounces too, up and down it goes right in front of Jesse and Donnie, satisfied at their movement.

Stella and Buta are both panting and moaning hard as they keep fucking them in the cowgirl positions, and both men are now licking and sucking their girlfriends' nipples for milk.

Stella: *panting very hard* YEAHH!!! UGHH!!!

Buta: *panting very hard* DONNIE!! FUCK ME RIGHT IN THAT CUNT!!

Both were happy at what their gals had said, and begin fucking them faster in a speed of 1.50x. Jesse continues sucking Stella's tits for more milk, while Donnie gropes Buta's since she is unable to provide more milk due to her obesity.

Donnie: *breathing very hard* I'M LOVING THIS!!

Jesse: *sucking faster* MMM...!! (Her milk...taste like ice cream...)

2 minutes later, both men are grabbing onto the girls' large asses, and the girls begin orgasming for a minute, over and over and over again...until Jesse and Donnie explodes inside their wombs; both were cumming all over their insides and fills it 'til the remaining seeds leak into their thighs and then to the couch.

Both Stella and Buta were panting harder until they can catch their breath again, all while Jesse and Donnie doesn't pull their cocks out of them for a minute...

Jesse: *breathing heavily* Girl, we're still sad that Lee didn't come with us for this fun...

Stella: *breathing heavily* I know...

Buta: *breathing heavily* You guys wanna do anal?

Donnie: *breathing heavily* Hell yeah...I'm in.

So, Jesse and Donnie pulls it out afterward, leaving only a very small amount of cum dripping into the girls' thick thighs. They smile that they may have bred their love interest, but they're not done here yet, so they insert their cocks in their anals.

Stella: *grunting in pain, screaming* My anal!!

Buta: *grunting in pain, gasping* It fucking hurts!!

Jesse: Don't worry about it, that just the beginning...

Donnie: Besides...I know anal sexes, and I feel the pain too.

Jesse: Get use to it, girls...you're in for another ride.

Thus, they move their bodies to face the windows, and begin thrusting the girls' asses and continue spanking them for 2 minutes...if only these bloods will come out later. Their tits, whose milk are sucked out, is still bouncing during the anal sex orgy.

Both girls were moaning in pain, and sometimes in pleasure too, due to the cocks feeling its insides. And both men begin groping their tits with one hand and another down their asses.

Stella: *panting and moaning very hard* Your cock tore me apart!! AWWWW!!!~

Buta: *panting and moaning very hard* UGGHHH!!! MY FUCKING ANAL!!!~

Both ignores their comments and continue fucking them raw and dirty. All those sounds of squishing, patting, smacking, and gurgling are audible here.

Jesse: *panting very hard* Sorry, girl! Really wish you have a large anal hole for this...!!!

Donnie: *panting very hard* Tell me ab- *coughing* SORRY!!

2 minutes later in this painful anal sex, they all begin to feel their genitals being swollen and the pace fastens after that time. Over and over, the girls are unable to orgasm because of the pain, and can only moan their boyfriends' name.

It's only when they finally climax inside their anals, and a lot of seeds are filling each and every walls of their asses, leaking out in the process, along with the actual blood.

Stella and Buta were breathing heavily as their anals were gaped wide open, and the cum leaks down the cock.

Stella: *breathing heavily* Jesse...my anal hurts...please prefer my cunt...

Buta: *breathing heavily* Can you see our blood coming out?

Jesse: *breathing* Fine...I enjoyed that anal anyway.

Donnie: *breathing* Hold on...how long we've been doing this?

Jesse: Don't worry about it.

Stella: *breathing* Just shut up and breed us already...

Buta: *breathing* Yeah...we need some love...

Jesse: Yeah okay.

Donnie: I knew I had a future, obviously...

So they insert their cocks into the girls' pussies again, preparing to breed them with more children...

Meanwhile, Lee was patiently waiting in the backroom with another bodyguard whom he recognized back in the day...

Lee: Hey...

Ryan: Yeah?

Lee: Do you guys remember what was the password for each gate?

Ryan: Whatever and... *sigh* ...what's wrong?

Lee: I really miss the fun our buddies have in the house.

Ryan: An orgy, you meant?

Lee: Of course.

Ryan: Well...that's too bad. Don't worry about it though, you'll get out of this job soon...

Lee: ... (Stella, here I come...)

Both Lee and Ryan begin talking about what they might do after the job, and it will take some time to forget talking about Scott...

Back in the lonely house, 8 minutes has passed, and the rest of the couple were fucking their pussies, except now in the spooning position because they can't sit in the couch anymore. Hardcore it goes, the couple begin hugging each other for the rest of the final act of this lemon scene.

Jesse: *panting very hard* ... (About time.)

Stella: *panting and moaning very hard* MY PUSSY!!! AWWW!!!~

Buta: *panting and moaning very hard* AWWW!!! DONNIE!!!~

All of them were orgasming over and over, and their climax is the only one left...

Donnie: *panting very hard and wheezing* JESSE! I CAN'T TAKE THE SEX ANYMORE!!

Jesse: *panting very hard* DON'T WORRY...WE'RE ALMOST DONE HERE!!

Stella and Buta: *panting, groaning, and moaning very hard* HAA...HAA...HAA...HAA...~ *repeating those words*

All: *panting, groaning, and moaning very hard* FUCKING GO- *screaming in pain and pleasure, echoing out of this building*

So...all of them reached their climax. All of them orgasm one last time, with both men cumming inside their wombs, and both girls cumming out pussy juices, all of which makes squishy sounds coming out of this sex. Stella and Buta were unable to catch their breath and thus, passes out as a result...

Jesse: *panting* Goddammit... (Lee...I'm sorry...)

Donnie: *panting* What now? Are we letting our seeds impregnate our girlfriends?

Jesse: *panting* We're doing this...just feel it, Donnie...

So both begin to close their eyes and feel their seeds passing through the womb...while the sperm cells itself passes through the pussy of each girls and 3 sperm cells manages to pass through the egg in Buta's womb, while 2 of them do the same in Stella's womb.

Donnie: *disappointed sigh* I see 3 cells. That's not really enough to counter Scott's family. How 'bout you?

Jesse: ...2. Lee will take care the rest of them on his own.

Donnie: Maybe if they gave birth, we'll try this again, won't we?

Jesse: ...

Lemon Ends Here

The next day, Lee returns home, only to find Jesse and Donnie making breakfast. Jesse turns around and was happy to see him again.

Jesse: Good morning, Lee.

Donnie: Hello! How's your job?

Lee: Quiet. I saw Ryan outside the concert last night.

Jesse: Oh...that's nice.

Lee: Well...that was really it. Otherwise, I do encounter three criminals, but not our group.

Donnie: Thank haven...

Lee: So...where's Stella and Buta?

Jesse: Oh. They're upstairs, sleeping in Donnie's bedroom.

So Lee checks upstair, went to the bedroom, and sees Stella and Buta sleeping. He went close to Stella to wake her up...

Lee: *whispering* Baby...wake up. Wake up, Stella...

Stella: *groaning* ...L-Lee...?

Lee: *whispering* Hi, babe.

Stella: Hi, Lee...glad to see you again...

Lee: How's the orgy...?

Stella: Orgy?

She moves the blanket to see that both Stella and Buta were fully dressed up. She was confused at what both Jesse and Donnie did afterwards, and the pregnancy test is right next to the counter. Lee gives it to Stella for her and Buta to check.

Lee: Here.

Stella checks the test, and it was positive. She does the same to Buta and it's positive too.

Stella: Oh wow...I guess I really miss you after this orgy.

Lee: ...

Both Lee and Stella embraces after this revelation, it's only when Buta wakes up next, and sees Lee again...

Buta: Lee...?

Both stopping kissing and looked at Buta, surprised.

Buta: Oh, hi! I didn't see you there. It is breakfast time?

Lee: *sigh* Yeah. But then I may need to sleep here...thanks anyway.

So, all of them went downstairs to eat pancakes, bacons, eggs, and hash browns. Jesse was happy to see Lee again in the house, and Donnie grew concern about the whole "feud" thing against Scott...but he doesn't care; all of them begin eating breakfast and prepares to do their job under the alias, except Lee, who has to sleep here today. Oh boy...


So...after a crazy orgy last night, both Stella and Buta were indeed going to have children, and that's not the only current issue all five of them will have to face with Scott; he's also paying the medical bills for his kids he made with Ramona. All of them are willing to take the risk of supporting their children when that time come months later. However, only time will tell when the feud will eventually stop between Scott and Jesse...I'm not so sure.


  • This is the first chapter to date in this comic topic to have two pairings doing lemon scenes together, as there's only one pairing in each story. Phew...
  • The date in the flashbacks are actually inconsistent within this chapter, as both the game and the comic series executes differently from each other.
  • Also in this matter is the fact that no specific date is given in the comic series, so the rest of the timeline is never specified at all.
  • The feud that Jesse and Lee had on Scott comes from the fact that they were both beaten in the game because, of course, they're computer-controlled characters. Yeesh...

Thanks for reading this, guys! And remember: happy cumming!

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