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Disclaimer: Scott Pilgrim and the characters from that series are not owned by me. This work is fan fictional and I absolutely make no profit for writing all of this story, nor is intending to. They belong to Bryan Lee O'Malley and Oni Press.


Kim is just your average, downer girl who is now living with Scott and Ramona right next door, but this didn't help her. She was still all alone in her home and does not seem to have a boyfriend anymore. But it wasn't until at the party at Chaos Theatre that she saw another person who is also alone and quiet like her, and they both begin having fun together. Two hours later, her new friend went drunk but recovered later, while Kim did not. They then went to back to her house, and begin to have sex in her bedroom...unintentionally.

Kim Pine / ??? (OC)

[This introduces an original character for Kim sleep with. And I apologize if that didn't explained their relationship further, but I promise that more is yet to come after this, so...have fun.]

November 15, 2011

At the restaurant, called The Happy Avocado, Kim is boiling and chopping vegetables while Scott is doing dishwashing and mopping the floor. Kim looked at Scott, and sees that he is currently working hard, and sweat comes out of his head.

Kim: Scott? Are you alright?

Scott: Yeah. Me and Ramona are going to have a baby, Kim! I'm excited, but I'm also struggling at the same time.

Kim: Hmm...I see.

Scott: Ramona might stay home and rest while I'll be attending a party at the...Chaos Theatre? Wait, I thought this closes down last year.

Kim: No. Somebody else brought it and made it a promotional and event party for everyone. I think I may go as well. Don't you think?

Scott: Alright, Kim. If this is what makes you happy, then okay! You can come too, I was originally to 2 tickets for me and Ramona, but now you have it.

Scott pulls out one of the ticket he have brought from the store next to the Chaos Theatre, and handed it over to Kim.

Kim: *sigh* Thanks, Scott. You're a good friend of mine. I do need something to eat anyway...

Scott smiles as he heard this and they both went back to work. They both finish doing their job 'til the closing hours, and both of them went to the Chaos Theatre for a celebration about...the 5th Anniversary of the Sex Bob-omb, despite their actual split last year. They both were surprised by the slogan above the entrance...

Scott: Woah...

Kim: Yeah...we're still playing as Shatter Band. Don't worry about it.

So they both went inside, and sees a lot of people raving around like crazy, a lot of drinking, a lot of chattering and some...semen coming from the bathroom...for some reason...Scott notice this as a result.

Scott: Yeesh, I have seen people having sex in the back, and in the bathroom, guess no cameras can detect that.

Kim: Hmm...that seems weird...

Nevertheless, they begin partying with the rest of the crowd for who knows how long...although 4 minutes pass, and Kim is leaning on the wall when she notice a man her same age as him, looking around and drinking. She shrugs it off as this wasn't her problem, but she felt that he is alone like her also. So, she feel like it couldn't hurt talking to him. So she walk towards him and sit with him with another chair she found in this table.

Kim: Hi.

???: Hi.

Kim: No one else with you in the party, huh?

???: Yeah. 

Kim: I came up to you, since...I don't know. Maybe starting meeting someone?

???: Oh, well okay then. I learn a lot about you. You're that drummer that play with two bass guitarists as Sex Bob-omb.

Kim: Oh, so you know me after all?

???: Yeah.

Kim: Well, I don't do that anymore. I'm now a bass guitarist like my friend, Scott, as the duo called Shatter Band.

???: Oh...that is sad.

Kim: I know...anyway, I'm Kim. Kim Pine.

???: Kim? Nice meeting you, Kim, I'm Alliot. Alliot Pikuseru.

Kim: Alliot...Pikuseru? *sigh* I don't know where to continue speaking, I don't speak much here...

Alliot: Yeah, me neither...


Kim: ...Wanna join the fun, Alliot?

Alliot: Alright then...where do we start?

Kim and Alliot begin partying together, starting with...the actual brawl between someone who is too drunk to the point of fighting a different couple, then threwing up in the bathroom for 2 minutes, and dance around like crazy, all because they continue drinking, over and over again...

Meanwhile, Scott just finished partying after an hour, dranked some during the party, though he understands that this mean that he'll have to sleep in his couch to prevent any fight back home. So calls Ramona on her phone...

Ramona (phone): *phone ringing, beep* Hello?

Scott (drunk): H-Hi...that party was rough, and I might have drank too much...

Ramona (phone): *sigh* Oh great, Scott...now what?

Scott (drunk): Sorry I-I say this, but I think I might need to sleep in the couch bec-because...I might need some rest, recover from alcohol...

Ramona (phone): *sigh* I understand, Scott. You did what you need to do for yourself. Anyway, where's Kim?

Scott (drunk): Oh...I haven't seen her since she begin meeting with...someone? I haven't watch her as I went to the bathroom.

Ramona (phone): Well...I might need to call her. See you tomorrow, Scott.

Scott (drunk): See yo- *vomits* Sorry...I gotta go...bye. *kiss, beeeep*

Scott hang up on his call, and is now walking on his way back home, though weak to stand up straight. Meanwhile, Ramona, rubbing her womb after their sex, begin calling Kim on her phone, only to find her messages posted an hour ago...

Kim (message): Hi, Rammy! Just met someone, named Alliot, went partying together, and will now begin knowing him more afterwards! I'll introduce y'all tomorrow, good night!

Ramona is surprised that Kim has someone to go out with. But after each attempted calls, she receives no answer from Kim. She may have assumed that her phone lost all her batteries. She sighs in disappointment as she didn't get to ask how and why she met him, but Kim did promise to introducing him to her friends.

Meanwhile, another hour later, Kim and Alliot suddenly drank too much and are unable to speak straight... so they exited out of the Chaos Theatre, with Alliot carrying her around.

Kim (drunk): What the...!? Alliot, wh-what are you doing...!?

Alliot (drunk): I-I'm taking y-you home, Kim. We-we might have too much...

Kim (drunk): Le-Let go of me!! I can go home on my own!!

Alliot (drunk): Kim...I can't...you might get arrested for jaywalking, that's why I'm holding you...


Kim (drunk): ...*sigh* F-Fine...you can take me home, Alliot...don't say I yelled at you...I lived at right in the sno- *vomits* Sorry...

After Alliot took her to where her home is, while Scott is seen sleeping in his couch. 

Alliot (nearly drunk): Hey, it's that your friend?

Kim (drunk): Yeah...his name is Scott. I know him since my time in university...

Alliot (nearly drunk): Good to know...

Suddenly, a snowstorm starts above them and now, he is unable to return back home...

Alliot (nearly drunk): Goddammit...snowstorm started.

Kim (drunk): *sigh* Alright, you can stay, and go back home tomorrow or whatevs...

Alliot (nearly drunk): ...

Kim (drunk): Wanna sleep in my bed?

Alliot seems confused at what she said, but agrees for today. So they entered her home, close it, and went to her bed immediately. Unfortunately, Kim lost her focus and her mind, now saying intoxicating stuff.

Kim (drunk): Alliot, make me warmer...I need to be warmed...

Alliot: Wh-what...? *gasp painfully*

Kim suddenly grabs his balls in his pants, squeezing it and moves it around...

Kim (drunk): Ju-Just do it, Alliot. I need someone like you...

Alliot: Kim! We just me-

Kim (drunk): Shut up...I was all alone in my house, and I can't leave you...if you don't have...a special someone...like me...

Alliot then puts her on her bed as he scoffs this in utter embarrassment, only for her to actually open his pants and undress his bottoms. He is shocked as Kim remove his boxer and begin seeing his cock rise as tension grew between them. She licks her lip, begin undressing until fully nude, willing to please him (despite their first meeting), and is ready to be warmer...in a worst way possible...

Alliot: Kim, what are you doing...!?

Lemon Starts Here

She begin licking his cock and suck his side of his cock, doing both of them for a minute, before inserting his cock into her mouth. Alliot pants in panic as he might actually rape her after their first meeting at the party, but he'll make sure not to actually impregnate her during his sex with Kim.

So, he begin grabbing her breasts with both hands and moves them around in the circle, in both turn, making her moan as she leaves out saliva on his cock. He touches her nipples with his fingers and squeeze it, milking her breasts out. 2 minutes after, he came into her mouth, unloading down her throat, and she swallowed all his loads.

Kim (drunk): Mmmm....

She then ask Alliot to lift her by her ass and he did, upside-down she goes, before beginning to lick her thighs and her pussy. She continue sucking his cock, now moaning loudly as he sticks his tongue deeper into her cervix. They both pants as they suck each other faster and faster until she orgasms in his face, and he cums again in her mouth, bigger amount this time. His cum drips down her mouth and he sucks and swallowed every pussy juice, and he felt it taste...delicious?

Kim (drunk): *sigh* Was I too hard, or is my breasts pleasing you more?~

Alliot: *panting* No...? I can't ev-

Kim (drunk): *whispering* Shh...I'm not even done with you, Alliot...

She drag Alliot down to her bed, and she crawls up to his cock, placing her juicy tits between his cock, and start moving it up and down, much like bouncing it around his cock. He grabs her breasts and do the titjob for her, who proceeds to suck him again...

Kim (drunk): *moaning quietly, sucking sounds*

Alliot: *panting* Kim...!!

He then pace up the speed and her saliva starts dripping down her tits and then he cums inside her mouth, with some spilling into her tits. She licks his cum off her breasts, looks up to Alliot, smiles, then turns around and presents her pussy to his cock.

Kim (drunk): Fuck me, Alliot. You're my new boyfriend now...

Alliot is shocked as she said this, all the fact that she's still drunk. But after a minute, Kim gets annoyed and sits on his cock with her pussy penetrated, making loud moans as she does this. Alliot wasn't happy about this, not even when she, still drunk, tells him to fuck her, so he begin thrusting his cock into her pussy anyway.

Kim (drunk): Haa...that's it...right there...~

During this, he can see dots on her large ass, but shrugs it off, as he is now grabbing her bouncing ass and spanking it out of fear of angering her. His cock begin to pre-cum and drips down her pussy, while he is fucking her, with sounds begin getting louder from not just her pussy, but around the room. Kim moans loudly as she orgasms for the second time, and does so the third 3 minutes later. He then unloads his cum in her, while thrusting her pussy into her womb. She gasps as he does this while spanking at the same time.

He pulls his cock out of her pussy and smear the dripping cum to her juicy ass, spanking for some time, before grabbing it, and rub his cock up and down her ass while he keeps cumming, now on her back. He then insert his finger into her pussy, making her gasp as a result.

Kim (drunk): *moaning* Alliot, I'm still wet from you. Give me more of your cum...

He rubs it faster and spanking her ass quickly, making her groan in pain as she didn't expect Alliot to be rough with her, all while he continues fingering her pussy. She gasps for air as he does both assjob and fingerings, over and over again, until she orgasms into his fingers.

He eventually cums on her back, making Kim feel like Alliot will be with her someday. After smearing some cum to her breasts and her pussy, he place his cock into her anal, something that Kim wasn't ready for...

Kim (drunk): *screaming* Alliot!!

He thrusts his cock into her ass, tightening her anal deeper, and making her orgasm the next 2 times because of his pressure. Kim is now lying her face to her pillow, screaming in pain and pleasure. He pants harder as he goes faster and faster, never stopping before cumming inside her ass, expanding her belly for good measure...somehow. After she orgasm yet again, he pulls it out and it drips down to her bed. Kim breathes very hard, looks back at Alliot, and gave a disappointed face as she only want her pussy filled, not her anal. Alliot sighs in annoyance, but eventually, he went back to vaginal sex, along with titjobs and assjobs, leaving her anal alone, but not before being filled twice.

Meanwhile, after Ramona finished showering, and then drank some milk for her kids, she went to the living room and sees Scott sleeping on the couch with only his shoes off. She smiles as he'll recover from that party, so she kissed his cheeks, went back to her bedroom, rubbing her belly, resting in her bed, and covers herself with her blanket before she sleeps, ready to see Alliot tomorrow.

8 minutes pass, Kim finally recovered from her alcoholism, and she was horrified at what was happening now between her and Alliot, who is now ramming his cock in her pussy, in reverse cowgirl position, squishing sounds coming from inside her pussy. She is now stained with cum all over her body.

Kim: *gasp, panting very hard, moaning hard* ALLIOT! PLEASE, STOP!! I'M SORRY!!

Alliot: *gasp, panting very hard* ...K-Kim!?

Kim: *panting very hard, moaning hard* ALLIOT, PLEASE...STOP!!

Alliot: *panting very hard* Kim, I can't!! AWW FUCK!!!

Kim feels that it was too late to stop their sex, but since she feels like he's almost done, she has to go through with Alliot anyway. So she turns around to face him, have him suck both of her nipples for her milk, and finish what she started.

Kim: *panting very hard, whispering* Okay...just finish me, Alliot...and filled me...with all of yo- *screaming, gasp*

Alliot continue sucking her breasts, panting very hard, and Kim reacts the same, gritting her teeth in utter pain, and hold onto him as he'll finally finish their sex. Over and over, Kim orgasms the 12th time, as he unloads his massive amount of seed inside her, again filling her womb. She breathes heavily that this is finally over...

He then begin to cry quietly as he pull his cock out of her, staining her thighs all over again. Kim realizes that...maybe she went too far with him...

Alliot: *sniff* I'm-I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have met yo-

Kim: No...it's my fault, Alliot. I'm sorry...

Alliot and Kim silenty look at each other, before they give out their first kiss as they hugged and now feels much warmer than just their sex. They both lay in bed and begin sleeping afterwards, forgiving each other.

Lemon Ends Here

The next day, the snowstorm stopped, and Kim wakes up first, before Alliot is next. They're both breathing quietly, before he begin to speak.

Alliot: *sigh* Kim, I felt bad for filling you up afterwards, I just wanted to take you home.

Kim: It's okay, Alliot. Maybe I drank too much to have you do this to me, but thank god that you didn't knock me up after all this, so we're good.

They both smiled at each other, finally found someone to go out with. It's only when she forgot something...

Kim: Oh! I haven't introduce you to my friends, Alliot! Would you like to come with me for breakfast?

Alliot: Sure! I'll be happy to go out...with you.

They then begin laughing for a minute before her stomach suddenly grumble. Kim suddenly went to the bathroom to throw up in the toilet, while Alliot is watching her puke.

Alliot: Oh boy...

Kim: *coughs* Sorry...alright let's go.

They smiled again, before they both begin dressing up and kissed each other for a new relationship...


After they both got dressed up, they went outside and met up with Kim's friends. She introduced Alliot to many of his friends, all of which are happy to see him. They both went on their relationship together, with Kim forgetting her past about Jason and Hollie altogether. Many years later, he would move in with her, and they would continue having sex, all of which he would avoid impregnating her as she wasn't ready to get married. Smart idea, since they both have met in 2011. Odd enough...but remember, if you're lonely and don't have anyone to speak to, then start one yourself, nice and safe.


  • It's currently unknown on whether Kim lives alone, is homeless, or it's with Scott and Ramona, as evident by their relationship, so this might be one of the possibility as seen here.
  • It's the first chapter to have an original character getting laid with an official character, but it's also the first time they does so after their first meeting.
  • Whenever Kim, Scott, and Stephan starts Sex Bob-omb is never actually known, so the number 5 is made up from start.
  • Alliot was originally going to be Daniel Grayson, the same guy that dated Kim Pine in Scott Pilgrim vs. More of the World, but was rejected, possibly due to Pixel Katana owning that character, so Alliot has to be different from him altogether, for now...

Thanks for reading this, guys! And remember: happy cumming!

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