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Disclaimer: Scott Pilgrim and the characters from that series are not owned by me. This work is fan fictional and I absolutely make no profit for writing all of this story, nor is intending to. They belong to Bryan Lee O'Malley and Oni Press.


Months after Neil and Knives seperated, and solved their breakup together (supposedly), Neil had met someone special from the...bar (sigh), and she usually had something in common with him: video games (and more). They were both dating for months, up 'til 2012, and he hasn't heard anything from Knives since her departure. Currently, he will graduate from college a year later, and when he heard something that surprises him the most, he decided to give her something special for their anniversary, both personal and passionate.

Neil Nordegraf / ??? (OC)

[This marks the continuation of chapter 2 in this story, so be sure to read that first before proceeding with this chapter if you want to know what happened.]

January 14, 2012

In Neil's house, he is sitting on his couch, crossing his legs and right next to him was the same GBA he has after Knives departed, and his phone, now fully charged from a minute ago. He is currently watching some tv, mostly movies and shows, for 2 hours straight. Suddenly, his phone rang...

Neil: Huh...? (Oh boy)

He picked up his phone and sees the image of his new girlfriend, along with her name: Katsura Tsuki. She is usually Japanese and is also wearing a mask, which looks like an okami, albeit much being more cute. She is calling Neil to see how he is doing now. Neil picked up his phone and answered.

Katsura (phone): Hi Neil!

Neil: Hi, Katsura...

Katsura (phone): How are you doing?

Neil: *sigh* Quiet...

Katsura (phone): Why quiet, Neil? Did your parents told you something?

Neil: Yeah...I'm going to get a job after I graduate from college, and my friend Scott might helped me find one around Toronto.

Katsura (phone): Oh really? Wow! I might have something else to tell you!

Neil: What is it?

Katsura (phone): Today's my birthday! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!

Neil: ...? (Wait, what?)

Today is her birthday, and he didn't know it until now.

Katsura (phone): Sorry! I was excited about this during this time.

Neil: No, no, it's okay. It's not ab-

Katsura (phone): Don't worry, I have much fun in the party! I went upstage to perform a karaoke, I dance around to one of my favorite...

As she talks about her experiences, Neil suddenly hears the word...drinking. That reminds of his time he met Katsura in the bar...from last year...

October 13, 2011

During the party at the bar, Neil is seen playing his GBA, usually Sonic Advance 3, as he's up to a stage called Altar Emerald Zone. He's also with Scott, Ramona, Stephan, Kim, and Wallace. All of them are dancing like crazy because they all drank some beer (oh no...) and they were intoxicated as a result. Scott went up towards Neil, tells him something before he proceeds to pass out, along with the rest of their friends.

Scott (drunk): H-Hey Neil...glad you ma-*hiccup* made peace with Knives, I'm really proud... *hiccup*

Neil: Thanks, she did a good job helping me.

Ramona (drunk): Hey, Neil! *hiccup* Maybe you can...ta- *burp* excuse me. Take that $50 as you bet and won.

Kim (drunk): I really missed Knives.

Neil: Yeah. Me too...

Stephan (drunk): Wh-Where's Joseph? I haven't seen him after a hour passed by.

Wallace (durnk): Woo...never the same aga- *hiccup*

They all begin talking and mumbling, right before getting tired and begin crumbling their legs...

Neil: Guys, are you all alright?

Scott (drunk, tired): D-don't worry about us, Neil. I might tell you...when....I... *hiccup*

He suddenly fell to the floor, and the rest followed, one by one, to the table right next to the window. Neil is quietly disgusted at their actions, but shrugs it off because they all had fun, like he did.

???: Excuse me?

He suddenly hears someone from behind him, and that was Katsura, whom he remembered back then during that time, and she has white and brown hair and that same mask before 2012...

Neil: What is it?

Katsura: Do you need help carrying your friends ba-

Neil: No, don't worry about them. They all had fun while they lasted.

Katsura: Oh...okay then. I came here because I thought they were hurt, and I thought that I can help.

Neil: Is that all?

Katsura: I think so...you don't need help then?

Neil: No, I'm good, thanks. I think they may wake up tomorrow.

Katsura: Alright then...I should go now.

As she turn around and walks to the women bathroom, Neil suddenly noticed something in her back pocket of her jeans...

Neil: Wait...is that a red GBA?

Katsura: Oh, this? Yeah...I have that at my birthday, last week.

Neil suddenly feels like she also liked video games, and shows him his blue GBA, which now displays the stage called Nonaggression Zone, albeit paused. Katsura is surprised that he has a GBA too. She walks up to him again, smiling.

Katsura: Are you fighting Gemerl?

Neil: Yeah! I'm in the extra zone...with a doctor.

Katsura: Wow! I have that game too! You think you can do multiplayer...with me?

Neil: ...? (Oh boy...)

Neil still remembered his time with Knives, the last time was their sex, and since he told her that he might meet someone, he seems nervous that this might be the moment he does meet someone...so he accepts her offer...

Neil: Yes. You can do that.

Katsura: Great! I'll start after you beat Gemerl!

Neil: *sigh* Right. I'm Neil.

Katsura: *chuckling* A funny name you got, but I like it. I'm Katsura.

They both looked each other in the face, smiling as they might entered a relationship after a week of friendship. So he finishes his stage, and begin multiplayer with her 5 minutes later. They both then enjoyed playing games together as this is the day they both meet. Back to the present, Neil suddenly snaps back to reality as Katsura is calling his name...

Katsura (phone): ..il...Neil! Can you hear me!?

Neil: *gasp* HUH!? Oh sorry! I got in the middle of the flashback...! 

There was a minute of awful silent before he spoke out...

Neil: Katsura...I was thinking about... *sigh* our meeting...

Katsura (phone): ...oh. I see. Still remebering that bar, Neil?

Neil: Yeah. You said something about your birthday?

Katsura (phone): Of course! My parents gave me gifts, and I thought I could tell you that if you didn't know that today.

Neil: That is...cool. My birthday comes out in Febraury.

Katsura (phone): Oh. Okay, so...got any gift for me? It's alright if you don't have one.

Neil: No, not really. But I think we can start playing in the arcades tomorrow.

Katsura (phone): Huh...that's nice. So what are you going do with me, Neil?

Neil: I don't really know...maybe making out here?

Katsura (phone): Alright then. I'll see you when I get back here after shopping, Neil. See ya~...

Neil: Bye. *kiss* *beeeeep*

He sighs and lays his back onto the couch, and begin thinking something about her, imagining her bust size increased to F-Cup size, fully nude, and have him grabbing her tits, and down her thighs, while kissing her passionately. He admires on how hot she became, and realizes that the more they date, the more they might have sex, because after months went by, this might occur when she gets back home, who turns out to be living with him as she moved in a month ago.

Neil: *whispering* Katsura...

He spoke this as his erection rises from the pants, forming a bulge in the process...

10 minutes later, Katsura entered their house, and saw Neil on the couch, playing Pac-Man on his GBA, smiling...

Katsura: Feeling happy, Neil?

Neil: Yeah. Glad to see you home.

She drops her groceries, puts her sweater and jacket away, and remove her mask and put it on the table. Neil smiles as he saw her face again, which may actually look similar to one of his friend, Ramona.

Katsura: *whispering* I'm not leaving something out between us, Neil...it's 9:30PM.

She walks into their bedroom, and Neil turns off his GBA, puts it on the table, and follows her to their room. Katsura sees through the window, and saw cities far from here, and then up the sky, and sees a lot of stars.

Katsura: *whispering* Wow...

Neil walked up next to her, stargazing through the window, and hug her from the side.

Neil: *whispering* Yeah. Epic, right?

Katsura: *whispering* My parents took me up to the park when I was a child. Does your do the same?

Neil: *whispering* Yeah.

Katsura: *whispering* Wait, where's your GBA?

Neil: *whispering* I put it to charge on our table. And I put yours too.

Katsura: Oh, thanks!

They both face each other, smiling passionately at how much time they spent together, before they begin kissing each other, sitting in their bed, and begin grabbing their thighs and heads. 2 minutes later, he grabs her tits, in which she gasps, as he doesn't do this to her before, and pulls her mouth out to speak.

Katsura: Neil! What are you doing?

Neil: What? Don't you like it?

Katsura: ...? Oh...I-I'm sorry. Do you have condom? I forget to bring one in the store...

Neil: Oh...no, I don't. Sorry...

Katsura: *sigh* Perhaps we can have sex without it, raw and wet.

Neil: Okay. I really loved your body, Katsura.

Katsura: Weird...but I don't need to hear that, Neil, I already knew it.

Neil: *chuckling* You're really special. *kiss*

Katsura: *chuckling quietly* Enough commenting, Neil. *whispering* Just make sure that you don't get me pregnant...

Neil: *whispering* Got it, girl. Anytime you want. Happy birthday, Katsura.

She smiles as he says this before they both continued kissing, with Neil now grabbing her bare tits, and down her thighs, and Katsura grabbing his bulge on his pants with both hands. They both begin undressing and drops their clothes to the floor, and they both lay down the bed. She licks her lips, down at how his cock is risen up to her tits.

Katsura: *chuckling quietly* Come at me, Neil. Think you can beat me?

Neil: Yes. I'm ready.

Lemon Starts Here

Katsura crawls down to his cock, lick his cock up and down, before inserting it into her mouth, moaning as she likes the taste from it. She turns her body around to have Neil face with her thighs and her anal. He is amused by her pussy lips and her thighs shined by the stars from the windows.

Neil: *whispering, moaning quietly* Wow...so hot... (I think that's similar to what Scott is doing with Ramona.)

He licks her thighs around, then around her large ass, then her anal, before targeting her pussy lips, and sticks his tongue inside, liking her thickness of her body, as it was D-Cup size. This makes her moan more, as her saliva stains the cock around it as she keeps sucking it.

Katsura: *muffled moaning* Neil...! MMMPPH!

Neil: *panting* I love your... *licking sound* pussy...!! *licking her insides*

They both went on for 4 minutes, increasing their speed each minute, and he sticks his tongue deeper and deeper, until she orgasmed in his tongue, and, as return, he came inside her mouth, with Katsura shaking her body and swallowing all of his seed into her mouth. She slid her mouth out of his cock, and lick the tip of his cum off, before speaking...

Katsura: *panting* You won a point, Neil. But I'm not done with you yet...

Neil: *panting* Oh yeah...? I might slid my cock on your ass.

Katsura: *panting* You're welcome to try, babe. I'm yours to keep...

He stands up on her bed, have her in the doggy style position, grabs her ass, and slid his cock in between her ass cheeks, receiving a moan from his girlfriend as she apprecitate the pleasure.

Katsura: Ha....~

While he does this, he suddenly pulls something from her bag: a small vibrator. He turns it on, put it in her pussy, making her gasp in shock.

Katsura: *gasping, moaning hard* Neil! What are you doing!?

Neil ignores her words, and begin sliding his cock between her ass cheeks, while his balls keep her vibrator in her pussy. She then begin twitching as the vibrator shakes her inside, pleasuring her even more.

Katsura: *moaning hard* Neil...Neil...Neil...god, Neil, you're really rough...!!

Neil continue ramming it onto her back, and she keeps panting hard as the vibrator managed to make her moan hard as this pleasure won't stop him from doing the assjob.

2 minutes later, he begin to feel that his cock swells from the sex, so he it let out, came on her ass cheeks and her back, spanking it as she orgasmed next in her vibrator. He pulls it out and place it in her mouth for her to swallow her pussy juices. She pants and swallow it each time, while he spanks her ass again.

Neil: *panting* A point for you, girl. But now...I'm fucking you like rabbits.

Katsura: *panting* Please do me...I want it hard and raw...!!

So he turn her body around to have her sit on him, grab her thick thighs, smear her ass with his cum, and insert his cock into her pussy, deepen it in her womb, making her scream in pleasure.

Katsura: *gasping, screaming* Neil!!

He begin thrusting his cock up and down her pussy lips, grabbing on to her ass, and sees her tits bouncing along with each thrusts. Turn on by her tits, he gropes them closer to his face, before licking and sucking one of her nipples for her milk, and pressing the other with his fingers, making her squeal as she feels her nipples being pressed and sucked, making slurpy sounds from the sucking.

Katsura: *moaning hardly, panting hard* Neil, keep fucking me!! I'm your kunoichi...I'm your Mai...Shiranui!!

He does this for 3 minutes, her ass bounces as his cock keeps getting deeper each thrust, squishing out her pussy juice. And her breasts is now lactating milk out of his mouth, as this was too much for Neil to bare. Over and over again, she orgasmed as he thrusts it one more time, and pants hardly as she is catching her breath.

As for Neil, he came inside her next, filling her womb, coating most of the area inside with his seeds, and swallowing all of her breast milk. He pulls his cock out, with his seeds leaking out of her pussy and onto the bed, and spanks her thick thighs, receiving an 'oomph' sound from her.

Neil: *panting* Your milk taste like vanilla ice cream, kunoichi...

Katsura: *chuckling weakly, panting hard* Thank you, but I don't think my anal will take that!

Neil: *panting* Oh...let's see how much your vibrator can tell...while I titfuck you!

He inserts her vibrator into her anal, making her gasp even more. And he grabs her tits, slid his cock up and down, and sees her moan hard. While she was sucking his cock during her titjob, her vibrator begin to twitch faster, thanks to her boyfriend pressing the increased speed button.

3 minutes passed by, her saliva begin to stain his cock again, and she is close to orgasm from the vibrator. And Neil begin to feel swell again, fucking her tits over and over, before cumming on her breast as she pulls it out as she points it towards her D-Cup size tits. She orgasmed in her anal after he does so a minute later, with her pussy leaking out her juices.

His cum leaks onto her breasts and she smiles as she lick his cum off her tits, looks up to him, and turn her body around to show her ass to him.

Katsura: *panting* Another point for me, Neil. Now try my juicy ass...~

Neil: *panting* Okay, babe. I'm going to satisfy you as much as you want...

So he grabs her ass, grope her tits, and inserts his cock into her anal. Katsura gasps as she feels his cock inside her anal, just like her pussy, which was still filled with his seeds. He thrusts it up and down her ass, and grope her tits at the same time, panting hard as his cock is swelling again from their sex.

However, this makes her pant in pain, as anal sex actually hurts her, and blood suddenly comes out as a result, because her hole was too tight and honestly small for a cock that large to penetrated.

Neil: *panting very hard* Katsura! Are you okay!?

Katsura: *panting very hard and in pain* Yeah, but don't stop!! I'm loving this!!

Neil: *panting very hard* Okay!! Just making sure you're alright!!

He then thrusts it faster, with her cum-stained tits bouncing left and right, and her ass being spanked three times, leaving his hand mark on her ass. 3 minutes later, she can't take the pain in her anal much longer, and orgasmed in her anal as she scream in agony and delight. 

10 seconds later, he came inside her ass and, while unloading his seeds, he can see blood coming out of her anal. So he pulls it out and both liquid begin staining the bed, going through the sheets as there is too much semen. They both pants for air, and looked at each other in the eye...

Neil: *panting heavily* Maybe I should stick to your pussy, so that you don't feel the pain from your anal.

Katsura: *panting heavily* Yeah, good idea...

They continue kissing before he inserts his cock into her pussy, and Katsura hugging him further for great pleasure. They both moan hardly as he inserts her vibrator into her anal, making her gasps in his mouth.

Both holes were now penetrated by a toy, and his cock, as he thrusts it further in her. Her tits kept bouncing around like crazy as time went by. Neil later stopped kissing Katsura and begin sucking one of her nipples for her milk again, while leaving saliva on her mouth.

Meanwhile, their GBA are fully charged, and her mask is now absorbing dusts, coming from the air, along with it, her groceries is getting colder as the air conditioner is lowing its temperature. And the lights went out automatically as they were no one left in the living room...

10 minutes pass by, and they both keep earning points on each time they orgasmed, until both have 12 points, and one more is left for the lovely couple. Katsura now moans very hard, pants quickly and hard, as Neil keeps thrusting it into her womb, now faster as he came in her four times, and his cock now leaking out seed onto her thighs. Her body is now covered in cum as they might need to stop having sex altogether, aside from the sex sounds they made each time per point...

Katsura: *panting quickly and hard* Neil!! Fuck me!! AWWWW, FUCK!! *moaning very hard*

Neil: *sucking sound* MMMPPHHH!!

He then checks the time, and it's now passed 10:00PM, so he went out to finish their sex. He proceeds to go faster, making her orgasm over and over and over again, and with his cock finally reaching her G-Spot...

Katsura: *gasping loudly* NEIL!! *screaming in pleasure*

Neil: *gasping loudly* OH FUCK!! *screaming in pain*

She orgasmed as she called his name one more time before he unloads his remaining cum in her. It explodes all over her thighs, as this inflates her belly after her womb could not handle any more cum inside. And her breasts are now exploding milk out of her nipples, with Neil sucking most of them and swallowing it. She smiles and pants at the same time as he does this.

Their seeds are now staining their bed completely, and as he pulls out his cock, his seeds is now leaking to the floor, most likely due to Neil sitting in bed for the last 10 minutes. They were both catching their breath again, as they finally finished their so-called game.

Katsura: *panting very heavily* Neil...thank you...

Neil: *panting very hard* Aww crap...I actually won that game...sorry.

Katsura: *breathing heavily* It's okay...we can try that again next time...glad you filled me up completely, though I'm also glad that you didn't impregnate me.

Neil: *chuckling* Yeah...I love you, Katsura...

Katsura: *breathing* I love you too, Neil...

They kissed each other, before seeing the mess they made on the bed, along with her vibrator...

Katsura: Oh wow...it's a lot of seeds on our bed...

Neil: Yeah...we're wet alright.

Lemon Ends Here

As they both put the bed sheets to the dirty laundry, Katsura suddenly speaks...

Katsura: Oh, Neil! I forgot to ask you something!

Neil: ...? What is it?

Katsura: I saw your 3DS in the counter and I gotta ask...what happened to your DS?

Neil: Oh that? I still have it down my counter. I just keep in my memory of my time back in 2009...

Katsura: Oh. Alright...was your 3DS fully compatible with your GBA?

Neil: No, that's why I still have my GBA with me.

Katsura: Okay...I think it's time for bed, sweety. *chuckling*

As they have nothing left but blankets in their bed, she went to the living room, unplugged both their GBAs, cleans her mask, wears it, and return to the bedroom, with Neil now laying on the bed with only blankets on. She smiles and lay down there too. As they begin to close their eyes, Neil whispers in her ear for something...

Neil: *whispering* Happy birthday, Katsura...

She smiles as he gives her this as her gift and kisses him again, before they begin sleeping for another day. Both were still nude, wet, and cold, but they don't care. They just loved each other after all...


Neil and Katsura spent a lot of time together, and the following year, he graduated from college, and now Scott hooked him up on the job he might enjoy based on his hobby: Next Level Games, whose one location is somehow around Toronto. As for Katsura, she ironically won the next time they have sex, and she might enjoy spending time with Neil. He may remember the day both he and Knives split up, but he has found new love, and a great headstart...honestly.


  • The mask that she wears is similar to Andiemation's, albeit much more of being kawaii.
  • It is unknown on whether or not he's actually in college, as this was never explained in the comic series.
  • Neil never actually owns a GBA, as seen in chapter 2, but instead a DS. So this may imply that, while he still does have a DS, he now owns a 3DS in this fanfic.
  • Katsura's bust size being D-Cup is reminiscint to another character whom she has refer to during the lemon scene.

Thanks for reading this guys! And remember: happy cumming!

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