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Disclaimer: Scott Pilgrim and the characters from that series are not owned by me. This work is fan fictional and I absolutely make no profit for writing all of this story, nor is intending to. They belong to Bryan Lee O'Malley and Oni Press.


With Knives leaving for the university, she will say goodbyes to many of her friends she knew. Including Scott, Kim, Stephan, Ramona, and...Neil? What is going on with him, she ask. She may need an answer from him and how they will solve this problem, together. It will actually take a week for her to do this before she can begin attending university...

Knives Chau / Neil Nordegraf

[This took place a year earlier from 2011, a month after Gideon's death.]

August 20, 2010

Knives was just receiving news from her parents! She is accepted into any, unexplained, university (or just one). She yelled out in excitement as she receive a college invitation for that university.

Knives: WOOOOOOO!! I'm accepted into this college, baby! YEAH!! I-wait...? (What's happening?)

She begin to be confused about how long she will be in the university, but even more unfortunate, what if she may not be able to contact them again, for a time.

Mrs. Chau: Knives, you okay?

Knives: Yeah. Does anyone else going to...university?

Mrs. Chau: Ohh! Tamara's going with you! You best friend with her, no?

Knives: Yes. I feel like only me and Tamara are what's left for me... *sad sigh*

A minute of silent went by, before her father gives her an advice.

Mr. Chau: Knives, 永远不要让孤独感吞噬您,一年后您可能会再次见到它们, okay?


Knives: Okay... (What?)

In her bedroom, Knives suddenly feels like she and Tamara are the one who may face the new problems themselves when there's no one else left to support them. And with Knives taking words from her parents, she knew what she need to do...

Knives: *sigh* Today, I'm announcing my departure to everyone I know...

So the next day, she host a dinner for her friends to come. Specifically in the chinese restaurant on Toronto. Everyone is eating food provided in this restaurant, until one ask Knives something...

Scott: So, you leaving Toronto to go to the university? Huh, we're sad to see you go, Knives.

Stephan: Don't worry about us, Knives. We'll be fine by our own. Besides, Joseph and I may live together with Wallace providing us room.

Kim: Hmm...there goes my roommate, since Jason and Hollie kicked me out.

Ramona: Kim, don't worry about that. You live with us now.

Scott: Alright, Neil, got anything to say to her before she leaves?

Neil: ....

Scott: Neil? (What's up with him today?)

Neil is seen busy playing his GBA (or specifically, a re-release of Mega Man & Bass on this handheld console). It's only before Stephan shrugs his shoulder.

Stephan: Neil!

Neil: Huh? Oh what? Oh, sorry, King just got me off guard.

All stood quiet and confused as Neil stated his reason with his GBA.

Knives: Okaaayyy....

Neil: My bad, guys. I'm not in the good mood today.

Ramona: Aww, that's sad.

Scott: Wanna talk about it?

Neil: No.

Neil went back to his GBA to battle King again (in his fortress)

Knives: *sigh* So, I'm not sure when to come back from my new university.

Kim: You shouldn't worry about that Knives, we had good times together. (I'm still in lesbian with you, goddammit.)

Stephan: We may miss you, Knives, but we'll never forget you. So have fun with Tamara in your new university.

Scott: Yeah, don't give up, Knives!

Ramona: We all love you, Knives!

Kim: Take care, Knives! I...

All of her friends (except Neil) are saying goodbyes to her before she finish her dinner, pays the food, and is heading for the exit.

Knives: Bye, y'all! I'll miss you! Bye!

Feeling happy again, she left the restaurant. Only Neil seems busy and...oh, he finished that stage in his GBA. Everyone looked at Neil, feeling worried about him.


Neil: *annoyed scoffs* I'm taking my food with me.

And so he took his food with him and left the restaurant. A minute of silent pass by, and they begin to grew concern about him...


Scott: *sigh* Guys, I think there's something wrong with Neil, we should really help him.

Kim: Ughh. You couldn't solve it on your own, Scott. That solution you have last year almost got you killed.

Stephan: Well, I can see his battery on his GBA is red. So, we shou-

Ramona: No, Stephan... It's not that. It's...it's their relationship.

They all stopped and shocked at what she has said. They now realized that Neil has a past of his own that weight him down afterward...

Meanwhile, Neil is walking around Toronto, missing a call from his parents, and finish eating his food before it began to rain. Annoyed and frustrated, he begin walking faster through the park, only to end up into one of the dead end and he can't waste his time going back and find another path home (Good thing his GBA is inside his backpack).

Neil: *frustrated growling* ... *heavy sigh*

He sits down into the untouched chair, and remember his time with Knives...

Back in 2009, he was in the relationship with her. He was happy, because not only that she was a nice girl he has met, but she's also special. But it's only until she reveals that she only dated Neil due to his similarity to Scott. During that time, he accept his break up with Knives, moves...except then, things got emotional as time went by however, most likely after his visit to Chaos Theatre, and when he heard that Knives is leaving Toronto to attend university, he begin to feel depressed about it.


Neil: Knives...I love you... *sniffing*

His tears began visible and he felt sad about this. He raised both his knees up and crawl up into a ball to begi-

Knives: *distance* Neil!?

Neil: *stopped crying, sniff* ...Knives?

Knives, with her umbrella she brought from home, walks toward Neil, who stand up from his chair without his own umbrella.

Knives: Neil, what are you doing here?

Neil: *sniff* Don't worry about me. I'm fi- wait, how'd you find me?

Knives: I also went to the park, and saw you. Are you okay?

Neil: Knives, I told you, I'm fine.

Neil began to walk away before Knives grab his shoulder.

Knives: Neil, I can take you home, I think you may need to talk privately...with me.

Neil turn back, confused at what she said. He then agrees to talk to her in his home, and they walk together with Knives placing her umbrella over his head.

Back at Neil's apartment, both Neil and Knives are sitting on his couch. He sighs in disappointment as they talk about his problems.

Knives: *sigh* Listen, I know you, and I like you, we both did crazy stuff together back at Envy's Concert, at the birthday park, and...at the beach...

Neil: I know...

Knives: But me breaking up with you? Twice? It's that what makes you sad deep down?

Neil: *sniff* ...yes.

Knives: Neil...I'm really sorry. I didn't have the same feeling as you have. I was in the middle of the cheating debacle, so I ignored you afterward.


Neil: It's true...I began to loved you since the day I lay my eyes at you...you were beautiful, nice, and special, but only when we began dating... *sniff* So when you broke up twice...it tore me apart, not during this time, but today...!!

Knives suddenly feels sad as this affects him negatively, and now regrets doing this to him after that. 30 seconds of tears falling down his face later, Neil broke down mentally as a result, and Knives has to calm him down.

Knives: Hey, hey...easy there, Neil. I'm here to help you...

Knives kisses his cheek to ease his sadness. Neil felt surprised and stop crying for a minute.

Neil: *sniff* Huh...? *sniff*

Knives: I still love you, Neil, and I am today...if this is what hurts you, then I'll be here for you, whenever you need me, once or more...

Neil: ...

Knives: *whispering* We're in this together, Neil. You and me, I'll find a way to resolve this...

Neil smiles at Knives, tensions between them only increase, which results in Neil kissing her, which shocked Knives. Realizing that, to make amends for their break up, she may need to sleep with him...one more time. He suddenly feels horrified that he went off with her, so he stops kissing, apologizing.

Neil: I'm sorry! I wa-

Knives: Shhhhh.....feeling happy...? Together...again? I understand, we're here now...

Knives smiles back and begin kissing Neil, calming him down, but not his heartbeat. As they begin to kiss passionately, he realizes that their relationship is what really matters to him. But even if they became good friends, he doesn't want to harm her after all.

Neil: My bad, I don't hav-

Knives: No need, I'm taking your seed with me...

Neil was actually shocked at what she said before she pounces him down the floor. She begin breathing repeatedly, and Neil can see his bulge down his pants. Knives use her hand to undress him and toss his clothes aside.

Lemon Starts Here

Knives grabs his cock, and begin moving it up and down, making him gasp.

Neil: Knives, s-stop! I don't wa-

Knives: Shhh...it's okay, Neil. Let me show my interest back to you...

She begin to increase the speed of jerking him off, making him groan harder, and yet, Neil refused to cum next to her. But to no avail, it was too late for him.

He cums in her hand and into her tongue. Satisfied and swallowing his semen, Knives begin to insert his cock into her mouth, but not before hearing his plea.

Neil: *panting* Knives...do-

Knives: *whispering* It's okay, Neil. I'm ending this problem, please...let it go...

Neil felt like she may enjoy her time with him, and it didn't help that she sit on her face, wanting to be pleasured as well. There is her pussy and her anal present for him, oh, and her thighs too. All visible through her clothes.

She slurps his cock with her saliva, licking his cock like ice cream for 2 minutes and, unexpectedly, strips her tops off, revealing her breasts to his cock.

Neil: *sigh* Okay, I may join you for a fun you want, Knives...

Knives: *whispering* Good...I'll always remember you too, Neil...

Smiling about their relationship, he grabbed her large ass, and begin licking her pussy and anal, while she slid his cock with her breasts, and insert it again to her mouth, slurping it further.

Both: *moaning, muffled* *grunting*

Neil stick his tongue further inside one of her holes, while Knives begin to feel his cock twitching around her juicy tits. 2 minutes ahead, and their orgasm begin to build up.

Both: *moaning hard, muffled, grunting*

Neil suddenly remember to charge his GBA, but he can do that later, because now, he's with Knives for today. Speed increases, over and over until they both came. He cums inside her mouth, massively, and some spilling on her tits. She orgasms on his mouth, squirting from her anal.

Neil: *swallowing, panting* You taste great.

Knives: *swallowing, breathing* So were you.

Neil then sat on the couch with Knives sitting on top of him, placing his cock into her pussy, giving out a normal moan as usual, but to Neil, this hurts him. But anyway, he begin thrusting her pussy up and down, while Knives is riding him in a cowgirl position, with Neil sucking her erect nipples as well.

Knives: *moaning loudly* Neil!! This is amazing!!

He kept sucking her tits, and Knives moans loudly as he does this, and thrusting his cock further into her womb, making squishes and slurpy sounds as it touches all over her inside. Then his cock began to swell, and her pussy began to twitch and vibrate naturally. Knives suddenly orgasm from all the sex, with her body shaking like crazy before he explodes inside her pussy, receiving a pleasuring scream from her as a result.

Knives: *gasps, breathing repeatedly* Neil, that was great.

Neil: *breathing, chuckling nervously* ...

Knives then pull out her jar and she pull his cock out of her with cum leaking into her jar, confusing Neil, but possibly to avoid any mess on the floor.

Knives: *sigh in relief* ...

Neil then begin rubbing his cock up and down between her ass cheek, receiving moans from Knives. Spanking it, rubbing it, and fingering her pussy for 2 minutes, she pants out like she's in heaven (or something like that...), and he proceeds to do it faster. over and over, until she orgasms from his fingering, and he cums on her back, staining her ass cheeks in the process. Again, she still holds her jar for any drop of his semen...

Knives: *breathing heavily* ...so...wanna fuck in the bathroom...?


Neil: *breathing slowly* Alrig- wait hold on.

Knives: *breathing slowly* What?

Neil: I need to charge my GBA.

He went to get his charger and connect it to his GBA. He sighs in relief that this didn't kill off his GBA. Knives smiles at him.

Knives: Well...?

Neil: Alright let's go.

In the shower stand, while the shower keeps running down their bodies, Neil is seen carrying Knives by her shiny ass while his cock is sliding in and out of her pussy, making her moan more. This has been going on for 2 minutes, ironically, and there's still sound of squishes and slurps.

Knives: *moaning softly* More, Neil, more...!

Neil suddenly spanks her now shiny ass, making her gasp many times.

Neil: Alright, girl...

He suddenly went faster, inadvertently making her orgasms from this pace, milking his cock down to the wet floor. Neil is still amaze at her tits bouncing in front of him and proceeds to suck it again.

Neil: *panting* I'm going to continue sucking your boobies...

Knives: *panting hard* Wait, what...!?

Neil licks one of her erect nipples before sucking it whole. She screams in pleasure as this excites her even more.

Knives: *panting hard* HAAAAA...~ Neil...!!!

Knives kept on moaning from her ride with Neil, and his cock deepens into her cervix. With both panting more and more, and hard, she eventually orgasms again, and she's not alone; he unload his cums into her, filling her womb and her cervix as a result.

Knives felt his cum around her womb and is satisfied, but since they were still good friends to this very day, she pulls his cock out, fearing that this may impregnate her in the process. So, his cum drips down her pussy and onto the floor. Neil sees the window and finds that the rain hasn't stop.

Neil: *breathing* Huh? It's still raining?

Knives: *breathing heavily* I believe so. It seems I may need to stay with you. Good thing I brought my other clothes for this. Wanna do anal now?

Neil: Anal? Wouldn't you do #1 or #2 when you use the bathroom?

Knives: Yeah, but other people insert their cocks in anals when women are ready for this. It's free to pleasure me, Neil.

Neil: *sigh* Alright, just don't do any of these 2 things, okay?

Knives: I promise...

She kiss him to make her promise, and he slid his cock into her anal, deepens it, and making her gasp at her tightness of her ass.

Knives: *gasps* Ohhh....god...

Neil begin thrusting his cock into her anal, back and forth he goes, as she yelps out in happiness that Neil turns her body around his cock, stops behind her back, and continue ramming, as well as grabbing her breasts and twisting it for good measure. Knives gasps for air and manages to squeeze his cock inside her for more pleasure. Neil grunts as he speed his pace up, making her squirt out more as this tightens her so much that she can't hold her anal no more. She let him in.

Knives: *gasps harder* FUCK!! NEIL!!!

Neil went faster with their sex, fucking her tight ass and spanking her thighs, making her gasps in pain, but also twitching for his orgasm. Over and over til he came inside her anal. Knives screams out as she squirt out of her anal and into his cock.

Knives: *breathing heavily* Neil...

They both kiss as he forgives her for the break up, and she found peace with him. He pulls his cock out of her anal, cum leaking out of her and into the floor. They then begin to repeat the process with her pussy, then assjobs, then her anal, and so on...

Meanwhile, her phone, laying on his couch, was actually been ringing for 5 whole minutes and it said "Tamara Chen." Unfortunately, they were still having sex in the bathroom and can't hear her phone ringing, so the phone leaves out an audio for Tamara.

Phone (Knives): *beeeep* Hi! I'm unavailable to answer my phone, as it may be dead by my batteries, or I'm in the middle of something and can't answer right now. Please leave a message so that I can hear ya! Ciao! *beeeeeep*

Tamara: Knives, are you there? Where are you? Are you still talking with Neil...? Knives...? Hel- *beep beep beep beep*

The phone suddenly shut down due to the battery reaching 0%, leaving Tamara worrying about them.

Back to the shower, 9 minutes, between anal and pussy grinding, making her feel like heaven with him. Her ass is still bouncing around his cock, so...

Knives: *panting very hard* NEIL!! AWWWW!! MY CUNT!! *moaning very hard*

Neil is now riding her pussy and spanking her ass at the same time. Her breasts is still bouncing up and down. But that doesn't distract Neil from finishing their relationship once and for all...

Knives: *panting very hard* Neil!! I'M SORR- *screaming*

Neil: *panting very hard* Knives!! I FORGIVE YO- *screaming in pain*

Neil ultimately unloads his massive amount of cum into her pussy, and she orgasms for the 18th time since then.

Neil: *breathing heavily* ...

Knives: *breathing heavily* ...

They both kiss each other and he pull his cock out of her pussy, with cum leaking out to the floor, only when Knives took out her small jar and stores his cum inside again, still confusing Neil.

Knives: *breathing* You're right, I'll buy you a condom... for a dollar.

Neil chuckles at this joke, but yeah, this should've prevented her pregnancy. Luckily, he didn't breed her after all their sex, so he's good.

Knives: Oh and that jar...I'll store your semen for our memory.

Neil: Huh...that's really weird...

Knives chuckles at his confusing and they both kissed passionately for 3 more minutes before beginning to shower for real...

Lemon Ends Here

After their shower, they both got dressed up, with Knives packing up to go back home, and sees that the rain is calming down.

Neil: Oh the rain is stopping.

Knives: Goddammit, my phone is dead.

Neil: Huh...sorry to hear that. Whoever's been calling you must have been so worried.

Knives: Don't worry about me, Neil. I may still love you today, but now, I'm going away...

Neil: *sigh* So...we're good now, Knives?

Knives: Yeah...we're good now.

Knives kiss his cheek as Neil nervously chuckle.

Neil: Thank you for your help, Knives. I appreciate that you have made me feel better.

Knives: No problem, Neil... *sigh* Well, guess it's time for us to move on...

Neil: Yeah...I might see someone new from that point on.

Knives: Oh, that's interesting! I guess I'm seeing other people too...

Neil: Huh...that's cool...

As they smile at each other, they remember spending their good time together (despite some meddling around this relationship) and they finally found peace with each other now...


Neil: Goodbye, Knives...


Knives: Goodbye, Neil...

They both kiss for the final time before she closed the door, leaving his home altogether. Neil sighs happily that this problem with her is finally over. So, he checks his battery of the GBA and discovers that the battery is 97%. He smiles and went back to playing his game, finishing up the last stage, right where he left off.


After both Neil and Knives resolved their relationship problems together, Neil recovered from their break up, and told his friends what had happened. It's only when they were stunned when he tells them how they both really resolved their problem. They all walked away in utter embarrassment, but they were happy that Neil recovers from his past anyway. As for Knives, a week has pass by and she finally attend the university, while holding Neil's semen inside her jar in memorial between Neil and her. Hopefully, a therapy may actually help other people!


  • This chapter explains the aftermath of their failed relationship and how it was resolved in the end. Something which was never mentioned in the comic series or in the movie.
  • It is currently unknown to what university or college she is going to, as it was never specified in the comic series.
  • The way Knives started the lemon scene with Neil is similar to how Emily starts the sex scene from My Favorite Nanny - Ep. 7, though both Neil and Knives were still friends in the comics.
  • The narrative around this story is much more detailed and emotional in this chapter, which may explain why this lemon scene is shorter than Chapter 1.

Thanks for reading this, guys! And remember: happy cumming!

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