The Rich's Pool Party

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Wet and Wild”


Cadbury’s churning balls detonated, spewing a copious geyser of thick hot cum inside little Gloria’s snug wet pussy. The sudden blast of sperm set off the youngster’s own orgasm, and she was soon squirming and thrashing around the butler’s impaling prick as it gushed molten jets of superheated semen inside her twitching pussy.

“Oh, geez!” Richard exclaimed, his own balls beginning to twitch as he felt his climax approach, “I’m gonna cum too! Get ready to swallow, Gloria!”

Richard’s cock exploded on the outstroke, when his cock head rested on the satiny pillow of Gloria’s dainty tongue. The little girl’s mouth was suddenly filled with a flash of hot glutinous sludge, which she hungrily gulped down as fast as it poured into her.

Gloria drank down the bittersweet goo ravenously, savoring every mouthful of Richard’s tangy, salty semen. Her cheeks bulged as they overfilled, and pearly rivulets of cum drooled from the corners of her lips before she could gulp down the entire mouthful of zesty slime.

Cadbury slid backward, his long prick slithering out of Gloria’s gripping wet pussy. His depleted dick fired a final parting shot, a thick rope of creamy white jizz that spattered across the pretty preteen’s naked back.

“I hope you can keep that thing hard, Cadbury!” Dot remarked, licking her lips at the sight of the butler’s cum-dripping cock, “’Cause I’m next!”

Regina was still moaning passionately as Richie hammered at her pussy with his prodigious cock. Her ass began to tingle as she suddenly got the urge to take her son’s mighty member in the back entrance!

“Fuck my ass, Richie!” she blurted out, “Pull out and put that big cock up Mama’s asshole!”

“Sure thing, Mom!” Richie agreed with a smile. He slid his slippery cock from his mother’s swampy cunt and redirected the tip of his cock head to the rubbery pucker of her anus. With a swift plunge forward, he drove his seven-inch shaft to the root inside his mom’s rectum.

“Yow!” Regina howled, “That’s the way to fuck an asshole, son!” She squirmed with joy as Richie began brutally buggering her tight gripping asshole, slamming his cock deeply with every inward stroke.

Nearby, Dot was mounting Cadbury’s still-stiff member, sliding her vise-like pussy down over the gnarled shaft of his nine-inch monster cock. She looked down to watch her hairless twat stretch over Cadbury’s cunt-splitting pole. She could see the bulging outline of his cock distending her abdomen as the immense shaft drove its way through her tight juicy young vagina on its way to her tiny womb.

Soon all nine gnarled inches of Cadbury’s magnificent prick was buried to the root inside Dot’s juvenile cunt. The little girl shuddered with bliss as she wiggled her overstuffed pussy around the butler’s cock and began sliding the tight wet channel up and down his long veiny shaft.

Cadbury grinned as Dot’s cunt strangled his cock. The suction of the tiny tot’s succulent snatch was absolutely heavenly! “My goodness, Miss Dot!” he complimented her, “What a wondrous pussy you have!”

“Thank you, Cadbury!” Dot giggled in reply. “Your cock is fantastic too! Now let me see if I can make it squirt some nice gooey cum up inside me!”

Richard and Gloria had likewise paired up, with Gloria sitting astride the man’s groin, taking his monolithic member to the balls inside her tiny overstretched asshole.

“Sounds like Richie’s really giving it to his mother, eh, Gloria?” Richard said with a grin.

Gloria glanced over at the incestuous couple as she bounced up and down on Richard’s ass-skewering cock. “He sure is, Mr Rich!” she agreed, “Let’s show them how a real assfuck is done! Grab my hips and really let me have it hard and fast!”

Richard grasped Gloria’s slender hips and pulled her body upward until only the flanged head of his cock was embedded inside her clenching sphincter. With a sudden motion, he pulled her down forcefully onto his throbbing phallus, eliciting a passionate yowl from the lascivious young moppet.

Soon he was pistoning the young girl’s body up and down his cock with a savage fury, his cock impaling the red-haired tyke’s hot clenching bowels all the way to the hilt.

Not to be outdone, Richie grabbed onto his mother’s fleshy ass cheeks and began pounding her scorching butthole furiously.

“Oh my goodness, Richie!” Regina screeched, “Harder! You’re tearing my poor asshole up with that big dick of yours… and I love it! Cum in my ass, Richie! Cum in Mama’s asshole!”

Richie clenched his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut as he brutally buggered his mother’s tight simmering ass. He could feel his tender testicles begin to twitch, eager to release their boiling load of pent-up sperm deep inside his mom’s heavenly hot rectum.

With a final violent thrust, Richie slammed his groin against Regina’s fleshy buttocks and buried his cock to the balls inside her simmering asshole. His balls discharged, spouting a thick viscous stream of hot semen straight up into his mother’s colon.

Regina screamed as her bowels filled with the lava-like load of Richie’s hot sperm. The staccato bursts of cum inside her ass set off her own orgasm, and soon she was convulsing, helplessly transfixed onto Richie’s pummeling pole.

Dot, meanwhile, was reaching her own imminent orgasm as she hopped happily up and down on Cadbury’s immense cock shaft.

The butler’s nine-inch organ was stretching her prepubescent twat to the limit. Just as he had done with little Gloria, Cadbury had managed to force the blunt-tipped head of his steely cock past the taut ring of the child’s cervix and into her tender young womb.

“Cadbury!” she squealed, “Keep it up! You’re making me cum!”

The tight grip of Dot’s amazing pussy was becoming more than Cadbury’s cock could tolerate. He held onto the young waif’s waist and guided her up and down his veiny shaft, feeling the cum rising in his balls with every stroke.

“Oh, heavens!” Cadbury exclaimed as his testicles suddenly erupted, sending glutinous spurts of hot white sperm deep inside Dot’s delicate young cunt.

Simultaneously, Richard’s cock released its payload of thick sticky goo inside Gloria’s pretty pink pussy, and the poolside echoed with howls of orgasmic ecstasy.

The exhausted participants lay atop each other for several moments, panting and gasping as they caught their breath. Finally, young Richie sat up and peered over at the cool inviting water of the pool. “Hey, guys!” he suggested, “Let’s all cool off in the pool for a while. We can toss the beach ball around for a bit and just relax!”

“Sure!” Gloria agreed, “We need a break from all this hard fucking!”

Regina stood and stumbled, weak-kneed, to the edge of the pool. “I concur, Richie, dear! But I hope you fellows know that once those balls of yours have recharged sufficiently… you’re expected to treat us girls to another round of hot sweaty fucking!”

“Oh, my!” Cadbury laughed, “We shall endeavor to do our best, Madam!”

“Gee, Mom!” Richie said with a grin as he slid down into the refreshing water of the pool. “We need to have pool parties like this a lot more often!”



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