The Rich's Pool Party

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Hotter and Wetter”


Gloria had just finished swallowing down the last luscious mixture of cunt juice and semen from Dot and Richard’s gooey genitals when Richie emerged dripping from the pool.

The young boy watched with interest as his mother gave Cadbury’s cock a final plunge down her throat before extracting the slowly dwindling mass of man meat from her mouth. She swallowed down the last gulp of the butler’s tart tangy sperm and winked at her son with a smile.

Gloria turned toward Cadbury, admiring the butler’s immense organ. “Hey, Cadbury!” she grinned impishly, “If you can get that thing hard again, how’d you like to have some nine-year-old cunt?”

“Why, I’d be delighted, Miss Gloria!” Cadbury responded, his cock already twitching back to life at the mere suggestion of plowing inside the tight channel of Gloria’s sweet preteen pussy. With a few dexterous strokes of his hand, his cock was back to its rightful iron-hard rigidity, ready to take on whatever Gloria’s delectable young twat could offer.

Gloria knelt down on the beach towel beside the lounge chair, wiggling her pretty ass. Her cunt juiced in anticipation of Cadbury’s massive cock wedging itself into the impossibly small opening of her steaming tween twat.

Cadbury placed the plum-hued head of his swollen dick between the dainty pink lips of Gloria’s pussy and shoved his hips forward slowly, burying his nine-inch wonder inside the little girl’s dribbling cunt one inch at a time.

Gloria’s cunt wriggled impatiently around Cadbury’s invading phallus. “Don’t tease, Cadbury!” she begged, “Push it in hard! I want it all the way inside!”

“All right, Miss Gloria.” Cadbury agreed, “If you’re certain you can take it all in one plunge!”

“That’s just the way I like it!” Gloria grinned, “Split me in two with that big cock, Cadbury! I can handle it!”

“Very well!” Cadbury grinned. He drew back his hips and lunged forward suddenly, plowing the entire length of his monstrous member to the balls inside Gloria’s delicate young cunt.

Gloria howled with delight as Cadbury’s cock slammed inside her tight kiddy-cunt, stretching her vagina to the limit as it butted against her cervix. Cadbury drew back again and slammed forward, forcing open the puckered orifice of Gloria’s womb and jamming his cock head and an inch of his shaft inside the rubbery pocket of the little lass’s uterus.

Gloria wailed in ecstasy as Cadbury hammered away at her overpacked pussy. She squirmed and thrashed, impaled helplessly on the butler’s madly fucking meat pole.

“My word!” Regina exclaimed, “Gloria certainly loves the large ones, doesn’t she?” Her pussy began to exude a fresh stream of pussy fluid that mixed with the copious load of semen that Cadbury had just recently dumped into her steaming cunt, and the succulent mixture began to ooze from her pussy out onto the towel.

“She sure does, Mom!” Richie heartily agreed.

Dot noticed the cataract of pearly brine that seeped from Regina’s twat, and her mouth watered hungrily. “Mind if I help myself to that delicious looking cunt, Mrs Rich?” she asked politely.

“By all means!” Regina chuckled, “Be my guest, Dorothy!” Regina splayed open her legs wider, allowing Dot ample access to her steaming cum-slathered cunt.

Dot fastened her lips to Mrs Rich’s oozing cunt and began to slurp out the reeking globs of sperm and vaginal juice, gulping it down greedily. “Mm!” she smiled, “Tasty!”

The ravenous brunette worked her tongue deep inside Regina’s sloppy pussy, raking out the bittersweet pudding of sperm and vaginal juices. She pressed her lips against the gooey hole of the woman’s oozing cunt and sucked, drawing out more of the creamy globs of semen that Cadbury had deposited inside her.

Dot slid a finger inside Regina’s mushy cunt and scooped out more clots of pearlescent cum. She soon found that another finger would fit in beside the first, then another… and before long, the raven-haired minx was shuttling her entire hand in and out of Mrs Rich’s stretchy cunt almost up to the elbow!

“Wow, Mom!” Richie grinned, “She’s really giving you a heck of a fist-fuck!”

“Don’t I know it!” Regina moaned, “My goodness! It’s wonderful!”

Between watching his wife get fisted, and watching little Gloria get pummeled by Cadbury’s huge cock, poor Richard’s own cock was now engorged beyond belief! His glans blushed a deep purple and the veins stood out along his shaft like vines entangling a tree trunk.

Richard knelt down in front of Gloria and presented his aching cock to the furiously fucking young tot. Gloria needed no further instruction, she opened her mouth readily and engulfed Richard Rich’s swollen tool, and soon the beefy man was fucking frantically back and forth into the youngster’s well-trained gullet.

Regina wailed in orgasm as Dot’s plunging fist finally drove her to a bone-rattling climax. Dot struggled against the grip of Mrs Rich’s spasming cunt, punching her fist back and forth as the climaxing woman writhed and thrashed on the little girl’s cunt-skewering arm.

Regina’s orgasm ebbed to a close, and Litte Dot extracted her fist from the woman’s gaping pussy and started licking off the traces of cunt slime and cum that coated her arm.

Regina panted as her elastic cunt slowly constricted, squeezing out the last dribbles of Cadbury’s creamy semen. She glanced over at Richie, whose cock was now rock-hard and ready to go. “Get over here, Richie!” she smiled, “Give Mama a nice hard fuck!”

Regina turned over onto her hands and knees on the lounge chair, exposing her ample ass and glistening wet pussy to her son. Richie took up his position behind her and guided the bulbous tip of his cock head into the bright pink orifice of his mother’s sweltering cunt.

With a brutal lunge, Richie slammed his hips forward, drilling his stiff cock deep inside his mom’s sizzling wet cunt until his hairless balls slapped against her hot pussy lips.

Regina grunted as Richie began pounding away at her tightly clenching cunt, her body rocking forward with each vicious thrust of her son’s oversized cock.

“I say!” Cadbury suddenly exclaimed, “I believe I’m about to climax, Miss Gloria! Prepare yourself for quite a voluminous load of sperm!”

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