The Rich's Pool Party

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: It’s a hot summer day, and things only get hotter when the Rich family tries to cool off by the pool with Gloria, Dot and their faithful butler, Cadbury.

CODES: 3Plus AFFO Anal F/F Fist Inc M/F Minor1 Oral


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue # 12

Featuring Richie Rich and family, Gloria, and Little Dot


The Rich’s Pool Party



“Hot Day in Richville”


It was a hot summer day at the Rich estate, and Richard and Regina Rich lounged by one of their many swimming pools. Their butler, Cadbury, approached, clad in his normal work attire of bowler hat and black tails. He placed a large silver tray bearing a pitcher of iced lemonade and several glasses on the table between the two lounge chairs.

“Why thank you, Cadbury!” Regina smiled. She eyed the unflappable butler up and down. “Aren’t you uncomfortable in that long jacket?” she asked, “It’s dreadfully hot out here!” She herself was clad in a scarlet one-piece bathing suit, while her husband Richard wore only a pair of tan swimming trunks. Never without jewelry, Regina also sported a diamond necklace, and a pair of huge diamond earrings hung like plumb-bobs from her ears.

“Not at all, Madam!” Cadbury replied with a smile, “I have a remarkable adaptation to temperature!”

Regina shrugged. “Very well.” she said, “But do help yourself to a glass of lemonade if you’d like!”

“Perhaps I shall, Madam!” Cadbury bowed politely.

Just at that moment a flurry of bare feet could be heard pattering across the hot cement of the poolside. The Rich’s nine-year-old son Richie hurried over under the large umbrella that shaded his parents’ lounge chairs. Behind him trotted his best girlfriend, Gloria Glad, and their friend Dot Polka.

Richie wore a pair of black swim briefs, emblazoned on the side with a monogrammed R, while Gloria wore a red and black plaid bikini. Dot, naturally, was clad in a red bikini covered with black polka dots befitting her obsession with dot-shaped objects.

“Gosh, it’s hot!” Richie exclaimed.

“Have some lemonade, Master Richie!” Cadbury offered, raising his glass to the kids before taking a sip, “And the young Misses as well! I just made it myself!”

The children happily helped themselves to a cold glass of fresh lemonade as they rested their tired hot feet on the beach towels that Regina had spread around the chairs.

Richie looked over toward the pool. “You girls wanna take a swim? That oughta cool us off!”

“Sure!” Gloria agreed, glancing at the inviting blue water.

“How about a skinny dip?” Dot suggested with a sly smile.

“Now that sounds like a great idea!” Richard laughed.

Without hesitation Dot shed her polka dot swimsuit, tossing the top and bottom of the bikini casually onto the cement floor.

Richard let out a wolf whistle, which elicited a giggle and a blush from young Dot.

“Oh, Richard!” Regina chuckled, “Don’t embarrass the girl!”

“I’m sure she gets attention from all the boys, dear!” Richard grinned, “She’s such a cutie!

Gloria and Richie followed Dot’s lead, stripping off their suits and racing naked toward the pool. With a leap, they all splashed into the water. Richie snagged a striped beach ball from the poolside, “Here!” he said, playfully tossing the ball to Dot, “Let’s play catch!”

Dot caught the inflated plastic ball with a smile. “Gee!” she said, “It looks just like a big flying dot when it’s coming at you!”

Richie laughed, “I was sure you’d think so!” Anything round or spotted was bound to be seen as a dot by the polka dot-obsessed youngster, and her friends were quite used to her quirky comparisons.

Soon the three children were tossing the ball playfully from one to the other, splashing and giggling with glee.

“My!” Regina smiled, “That looks like fun!”

“Indeed it does!” Richard nodded, taking a puff of his pipe before returning to his cold glass of lemonade.

The naked youngsters continued splashing about, batting the beach ball into the air and catching it, laughing merrily all the while. Richie missed a catch from Gloria and swam out to retrieve the ball.

Dot eyed the young boy’s ass as he swam toward the beach ball. “Hey, Gloria!” she said with a wicked grin, “I’ve got a new game we can play! Let’s ditch this beach ball and play with Richie’s balls! We’ll see if we can grab his cock underwater and make it hard, then we can both suck him off!”

“I’ll play that game!” Gloria giggled.

The two girls huddled together whispering as Richie swam back with the ball. “What are you two conspiring about?” he asked curiously.

“We’ve decided on a game of ‘catch the cock’!” Dot grinned devilishly.

“Yeah…” Gloria smiled, “It’s played like this!” She made a furtive grab at Richie’s dangling member.

“Hey!” Richie yelped as he deftly dodged her attempt, “Give a guy a fair chance!” he laughed.

“No way!” Dot chuckled, circling behind Richie, “Whoever catches it gets to suck it first!”

Gloria giggled as she made another sweep with her hand at Richie’s swaying cock. She could see that Richie’s eyes were focused on her movements, completely oblivious to the whereabouts of Little Dot, who was meanwhile swimming underwater in an attempt to approach Richie’s wagging dick from below.

Richie released the plastic ball and allowed it to float away as he covered his pendulous prick with both hands. “Nice try, Gloria!” he chuckled, not realizing that the redhead’s clumsy attempt was a mere diversion for Dot’s attack from below.

Gloria’s distraction was just what Dot needed to goose Richie between the buttocks, driving her left index finger up into his asshole from behind. Richie let out a yelp of surprise and reached back to protect his vulnerable rear end—unfortunately leaving his cock exposed for Dot to nab with her right hand. In a matter of moments, the wriggling boy’s member was captured in Dot’s tight little fist, and the engorged phallus stood stiff and ready.

“Look, Gloria!” Dot giggled, examining her prize, “Feel that!”

Gloria gave Richie’s erect penis a playful flick under the water. The seven-inch fuck rod vibrated like a tuning fork.

“Hard as a diamond!” Gloria tittered.

“That was a quick game!” Richie said with a laugh, “Looks like Dot wins!”

“Oh, the game’s just started!” Gloria said, giving him a sly smile and a wink, “C’mon, Richie!” she said, “Get your ass up on the side of the pool! Your cock is really in for it now! Go ahead, Dot, you won, so you get first suck!”

“Gee!” Richie smiled, “It seems like you two teamed up on me! I thought you were competing against each other!”

“That’s the fun thing about the ‘catch the cock’ game, Richie!” Dot replied with a wink, “Nobody loses! Now get up on the side of the pool and let me at that hunk of cock meat!”

Richie obediently climbed out of the pool and sat on the edge, his feet dangling in the water as the two girls assaulted his swollen cock. Dot slid the bloated mauve-colored head of Richie’s cock in between her lips and thrust her head down onto the iron-hard shaft, taking the entire seven-inch length effortlessly down her throat.

A few bobs of her head on Richie’s overexcited organ had the boy moaning in ecstasy. Dot slid Richie’s cock from her throat and passed it on to Gloria, who took her turn at deep-throating the horny preteen’s stiff prick all the way to the hilt.

Richard and Regina watched with rapt interest as the young girls swapped their son’s cock back and forth. “Now, that looks like a fun game!” Richard remarked with a smile. His own burgeoning cock had become quite too large for the confines of his swimming trunks, and he peeled off the skimpy shorts and began slowly stroking his massive nine-inch phallus.

“Indeed it does!” Regina agreed. She had also begun to get rather overheated watching the two young moppets minister to her son’s deliciously swollen dick. She stood up from the lounge chair and slid out of her bathing suit, allowing it to drop onto the concrete before settling back down.

The fingers of her left hand drifted lazily down beneath the soft golden triangle of her trimmed cunt bush and slipped in between the succulent petals of her moist pink pussy lips. With her right hand, she picked up her glass of lemonade from the tray and gave it another sip.

Dot glanced over at Richie’s parents while Gloria worked her magical mouth up and down Richie’s cock shaft. “Ooo!” she exclaimed, “Looks like Mr Rich has got a boner! You can have Richie’s cock all to yourself for now, Gloria…” she grinned, “I’m gonna see if I can help Richie’s dad with that huge hunk of cock!”

Dot raced over to Richard’s lounge chair and hopped up between his outstretched legs. “Need a hand with that big cock, Mr Rich?” she invited with a smile.

“A mouth would be better!” Richard grinned, grasping the base of his engorged dick with his hand and tilting it toward the young temptress.

Dot was upon it instantly, fastening her lips around the flared purple glans of Richard’s cock and gliding her mouth downward onto his gnarled meaty pole until her nose was buried in the man’s woolly blonde cock hairs.

Regina set down the lemonade and began clawing at her aroused cunt with the fingers of both hands. She looked over at Cadbury. The stoic butler stood stiffly at attention as he watched the dark-haired Dot bob her head up and down on Mr Rich’s gargantuan cock. Regina couldn’t help but notice that Cadbury’s cock was likewise standing rather stiffly as well, judging by the bulge in his overstretched trousers!

“Oh, Cadbury!” Regina smiled sweetly, “Would you be a dear and come assist me with my pussy? It appears to need the attention of a sizeable cock right about now, and yours seems quite ready to go!”

Cadbury began unfastening his pants as swiftly as he was able. “I though Madame would never ask!” he said with a grateful smile. “I’m happy to be of service!”

Within moments, Cadbury was standing stark naked beside Mrs Rich’s lounge chair, all except for his black derby hat, which remained perched impeccably atop his head. His impressive nine-inch cock protruded proudly beneath a fastidiously trimmed tuft of black pubic hair.

Regina splayed her legs wide apart, revealing her drooling pink cunt. Cadbury accepted the tacit invitation, mounting Mrs Rich in the missionary position and burying his massive member inside her hot wet pussy with a single deft stroke of his hips.


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