The Rich's Pool Party

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Poolside Orgy”


“Oh, my!” Regina wailed, “Harder, Cadbury! That’s it! Ram that thing all the way to the root!”

“Indeed, Madam!” Cadbury smiled, “I shall give you a fucking you shan’t soon forget!”

Dot watched Cadbury’s nine-inch pole slam in and out of Regina Rich’s wet clenching pussy. Each inward plunge elicited a delightfully obscene squishing sound from the woman’s hot swampy cunt and Little Dot’s own tender pussy was becoming quite aroused.

Dot slid her mouth from Richard’s cock and climbed up onto the chair, straddling his hips. “Wow! That looks like a lot of fun! I wanna fuck too, Mr Rich!” she said excitedly.

“All right, little girl!” Richard grinned, “Mount up! You’re in for quite a ride!”

Dot lowered her hairless twat down onto Richard Rich’s towering fuck shaft. The bulbous head of his cock parted the tiny pink petals of her pussy, prying open her tight wet vagina and sliding inch by inch into the heavenly tunnel of the horny nine-year-old’s seething cunt.

Soon, Little Dot was bounding up and down like a trouper, taking every inch of Richard’s prodigious pole inside her overstretched young pussy. She could feel her womb being pressed up into her abdomen as Mr Rich’s immense organ slammed inside, and she could see the impression of his cock inside her as it stood out in relief against her belly.

“My goodness, Dot!” Richard yelped in surprise, “How on earth do you fit all that cock into such a tiny vagina!”

“I get a lot of practice!” Dot answered with a smile, “I’ve got a lot of big polka-dotted dildos at home! Some of them up to ten inches long! Gloria’s even fisted me all the way to the elbow before!”

“Wow, really?” Richard said, impressed.

“Yep!” Dot said proudly, “But I prefer real live hot cock! Like yours and Richie’s!”

From across the pool, Gloria had hastened her assault on Richie’s poor defenseless cock. Her head was a blur as it shuttled up and down on the tow-headed tyke’s engorged member. Her talented tongue swirled along the shaft and her cheeks hollowed as she strove to suck out her boyfriend’s delicious cream straight from his balls.

“Oh, golly!” Richie groaned, his teeth clenching and his eyes squeezing shut. “Here it comes, Gloria! I can’t hold it back! Your mouth is just too good!”

Richie’s hips bucked up, sending his cock spearing into little Gloria’s gullet down to the balls. His hairless testicles erupted, spewing a voluminous amount of salty, sticky sperm down the young lass’s rapidly gulping throat.

Gloria drew her head back, allowing the onslaught of rich creamy cum to fill her cheeks. She swallowed down the gluey jizz as quickly as it spurted into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Regina Rich’s moans began to reach a crescendo. With a sudden wail of ecstasy, her voluptuous body convulsed on the lounge chair as her faithful butler, Cadbury, filled her waiting womb with a fountain of thick scalding semen.

Cadbury continued to pummel Mrs Rich’s twitching twat until his roiling balls had fired their last gooey shot. He raised up, extracting his slimy spent member from his employer’s wet steaming cunt.

As Regina licked off the traces of cum and cunt juice from Cadbury’s gradually wilting cock, nearby, young Dot was getting a cuntful of hot gluey cum from Richard.

Richard grasped Dot’s hips and slammed her down hard onto his monumental cock shaft. The spongy head of his cock pressed against the tiny orifice of Dot’s juvenile cervix, wedging open the entrance to her womb and bullying its way inside.

His body shook as his balls unloaded a blistering salvo of thick gooey sperm inside the child’s overstretched uterus.

Dot screamed in pure bliss as the tiny organ expanded from the sudden influx of Richard’s scorching semen. Her body trembled atop the stiff throbbing pole of his cock as she continued to slide her spasming pussy up and down the gnarled shaft.

White fuck cream backed up from Dot’s overfilled womb and oozed from the tautly stretched edges of her cunt down Richard’s cock where it drooled onto the towel that covered the plastic lounge chair.

Once her orgasm had subsided, Dot weakly dismounted Richard’s gigantic cock and lay prone on the man’s heaving chest. “Gosh!” she panted breathlessly, “That was fantastic!”

Gloria spied Dot’s gaping, drooling pussy and Richard’s slime-covered cock from across the pool. The temptation was too much to resist! She released Richie’s cock—now cleaned of cum and glistening with her saliva—and swam across to the delicious repast that awaited her.

“Hey!” Richie exclaimed, “Where are you going?”

His question was answered almost immediately as he watched Gloria hop out of the pool and race between his father’s outspread legs. The wet naked redhead dove in between Dot’s thighs and began sucking the pearly ooze of Richard’s cum from inside the brunette vixen’s lax slobbering twat.

Richie laughed as he watched Gloria turn from swabbing Dot’s cream-filled vagina with her tongue, to slurping the festoons of congealed jizz from his father’s wilting dick. “Looks like all the action is going on over there!” he said with a chuckle as he began to swim across to the other side of the pool.


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