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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“The Playhouse: Medieval”


“Let’s see…” Richie said, studying the signs above the doors in the MEDIEVAL section of the playhouse. “We’ve got: DUNGEON, KING’S CHAMBER, PUB…”

“Ooo!” Gloria cooed, “I wanna see the dungeon!”

“Gee, that does sound interesting,” Richie agreed, “Maybe it’s like the one in Dad’s movie!”

Gloria skipped gaily over to the door and opened it, entering the room with Richie close behind.

The gray stone walls of the dungeon interior looked grim and foreboding. Iron barred cells lined one wall, with chains and shackles hanging from the ceiling and fastened to the walls. A selection of crosses, racks and cages—all scaled to the appropriate size—furnished the room, along with some more esoteric bondage gear that Richie could only guess the use of.

Richie smiled slyly as he examined the furnishings, he could just imagine Gloria strapped to the rack and Little Lotta tied spreadeagled to a cross awaiting their turns while he fucked Little Dot’s face as she knelt with her head and hands fastened into a pillory.

“So, have you checked out the costumes in here yet?” Richie asked Gloria.

“Here they are!” Gloria replied, pressing the button to the closet door. The wooden door swung open slowly to reveal a plethora of costumes of the Middle Ages. Princes and Princesses, Peasants and Clergy, even a few stereotypical Witches thrown in for good measure.

“Oh, look!” Gloria grinned, showing a costume to Richie “A nun’s habit! Now who would a naughty nun be fucking in a dungeon?” she giggled.

“Maybe a naughty priest?” Richie suggested, pulling a priest’s vestments from the rack.

“Or maybe even a devil!” Gloria grinned impishly.

“A devil?” Richie asked.

“I said she was a ‘naughty’ nun!” Gloria smiled.

“Well, gee!” Richie grinned, “We just happen to know a little devil, don’t we?”

“Hot Stuff!” Gloria replied, “But how can we call him? The magic mirror is back in your room at the mansion!”

“Well, we only need the mirror if we want to visit him!” he explained, “Hot Stuff can teleport here anytime he wants!”

“But, still!” Gloria replied, “How are you gonna call him then? It’s not like you’ve got his phone number or something!”

“Sure I do!” Richie said, pulling out his phone once more.

“What?” Gloria said, confused, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” Richie answered as he dialed Hot Stuff’s number, “He gave it to me during one of our visits to the Enchanted Forest!”

“Gosh!” Gloria said with a smile, “I didn’t even know devils had phones!”




The bells atop the old-fashioned wooden telephone emitted a brassy ring that echoed throughout Hot Stuff’s cave. “I’m comin! I’m comin! Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute!” the little devil muttered as he trudged toward the phone.

“Yeah, this is Hot Stuff!” he grumbled into the receiver. “Oh, hi, Richie!” he said as his face brightened considerably. “Uh-huh… A playroom, huh? Like a medieval dungeon… and Gloria’s dressed like a what…? A nun!”

With a flash of reddish flame and a puff of black smoke, Hot Stuff disappeared from his home in the Enchanted Forest and reappeared with similar pyrotechnics in the playhouse dungeon room.

“You don’t have to ask me twice!” he grinned.

Gloria was dressed in a long black habit with a stereotypical black and white wimple covering her head. A gold crucifix hung on a chain around her neck. Richie was clad in the black garb of a medieval priest, complete with similar religious jewelry.

“Whatcha got on under the habit?” Hot Stuff asked with a mischievous grin.

“Why, nothing at all!” Gloria smiled seductively, “You naughty devil you!” She lifted the hem of the garment to reveal her bare legs, stopping mid-thigh.

“Well, ‘Father’! Hot Stuff addressed Richie, “I say we teach this slutty nun a good lesson! To the rack with her!” He stepped out of his fireproof diaper, his crimson cock already starting to swell with anticipation.

Richie stripped off Gloria’s habit, leaving only the wimple and the dangling crucifix to identify the costume as that of a nun. He took off the pants of his priest’s costume in preparation.

Gloria climbed up onto the rack and allowed Richie and Hot Stuff to chain her hands and feet to the device. She lay there, arms and legs widespread, awaiting her fate.

Richie mounted the rack and straddled Gloria’s head, “I think naughty nuns should have to redeem themselves by eating some holy asshole!” he grinned salaciously. He lowered his hips, squatting over Gloria’s face. “Go ahead, ‘Sister’! Lick my ass!”

Gloria delightfully obliged, extending her tongue and driving the pointy tip into the tight tan pucker of Richie’s anus. She swirled her tongue around inside Richie’s asshole, swabbing the inside of his rectum with the wriggling organ.

“I think this nun has a little devil in her!” Richie moaned as Gloria munched at his steaming asshole.

“Not yet she doesn’t!” Hot Stuff grinned, climbing onto the rack, “But she’s about to!” He knelt over Gloria’s groin and nudged the maroon head of his erect cock in between Gloria’s coral pink cunt lips. With a swift lunge, the little devil plowed his cock to the hilt inside the blistering hot depths of Gloria’s juicy young pussy.

Gloria tried her best to concentrate on licking out Richie’s tasty asshole, managing to overcome the delicious distraction of Hot Stuff’s diabolic phallus plunging in and out of her wet clenching cunt. She withdrew her tongue from Richie’s ass and slipped one of his dangling balls into her mouth, sucking on the swollen nut while Hot Stuff pounded away at her pussy. Soon she had both of Richie’s engorged testicles inside her mouth and was rolling the sensitive orbs around in her bulging cheeks.

“Gee! Look at that!” Hot Stuff exclaimed, “Both balls at once!” He sped up his strokes, feeling the cum rising in his own roiling balls.

Gloria could feel Hot Stuff’s crimson cock shuttling back and forth inside her wet gripping twat. The devil kid’s cock was hotter than an ordinary human cock, and the sensation was driving poor Gloria’s clit to the boiling point.

Richie’s spit-shined scrotum slipped from Gloria’s mouth. “Oh, gosh!” she screamed, “I’m gonna cum! Fuck me harder, Hot Stuff! I’m cumming!” Her cries were muffled as Richie sat down onto her face, provoking the climaxing girl into resuming her magnificent tongue-fucking of his asshole.

Gloria’s spasming pussy was too much for Hot Stuff’s swollen cock. The fiery red rod erupted, spewing a magical jet of liquid fire inside Gloria’s climaxing cunt.

Gloria squealed a muffled cry into Richie’s ass as her pussy filled with Hot Stuff’s flaming devil sperm. The igneous liquid seeped from the edges of her tight pussy lips and oozed like lava down onto the rack where it blazed for a moment before condensing into a warm pearly gel.

Richie’s cock throbbed as he watched Gloria lie naked and spread on the rack, Hot Stuff’s incandescent semen drooling from her gaping cunt. He hurriedly unfastened his girlfriend from the wooden frame. “C’mon over here!” he suggested, “I’ve got an idea!”

Richie led Gloria to a set of wooden stocks nearby on the floor. The implement consisted of two widely spaced hinged planks, one with holes for the recipient’s wrists and the other for the ankles, leaving the hapless victim in a convenient kneeling position.

Hot Stuff and Richie both helped Gloria into the restraint, snapping the wooden boards over her wrists and ankles. “What have you got in mind, Richie?” Hot Stuff grinned.

“My cock needs a little relief!” Richie said, “How about lubing up her ass for me!”

“With pleasure!” Hot Stuff agreed with a sly grin. He knelt down and began probing his impish tongue into Gloria’s pink puckered butthole, prying open the tight sphincter and wriggling the squirming organ inside.

He slobbered into the steamy orifice of Gloria’s asshole until it was slick with saliva, then stood back. “Let’s make sure she’s ready for that big cock of yours!” he grinned.

Hot Stuff picked up his trident and turned it around, grasping the middle of the three barbed tines. He placed the rounded handle against Gloria’s asshole and screwed the scarlet metal pole into Gloria’s tight anus.

“Yow!” Gloria yelped, “That’s hot!”

“Sorry! Too hot?” Hot Stuff asked, sliding the trident outward.

“No! No!” Gloria replied, “Just hot enough! But I want a real cock in there! Richie! Get back here and fuck my asshole!”

“Why certainly, Sister Gloria!” Richie smiled. He hurried around behind Gloria as Hot Stuff stepped away. Placing the bloated purple head of his pulsing cock against Gloria’s slippery asshole, he shoved his hips forward, burning a path through her rectum with his scorching phallus.

Gloria’s eyes squeezed shut as Richie plowed his cock to the hilt inside her clenching asshole. She opened her eyes to see Hot Stuff’s red ass in her face, his chestnut-hued anus winking at her seductively and his barbed tail wagging with delight. She extended her tongue as the lascivious little devil pressed his buttocks back against her face, driving her swirling tongue deep inside his sizzling rectum.

“Oh, yeah!” Hot Stuff chuckled, “This naughty little nun sure knows how to lick an asshole!”

“She sure does!” Richie agreed, as he pummeled Gloria’s torrid ass with his iron-hard cock.

Gloria licked at the inner membranes of Hot Stuff’s demonic asshole, her tongue twirling and twisting as she sucked at his simmering sphincter. She pulled her tongue suddenly from his asshole. “Turn around!” she said, “I wanna suck your cock!”

“Look who’s giving the orders now!” Hot Stuff laughed. “Oh, well! Guess I can’t disappoint our holy sister here!” He spun around, his engorged red dick nearly striking Gloria in the face.

Gloria clamped her lips around the rigid shaft of Hot Stuff’s turgid cock. She sucked hard, her mouth watering as the horny devil began pumping his hips back and forth, fucking in and out of her cocksucking mouth.

Richie watched with excited glee as Hot Stuff hammered his scarlet devil cock in and out of Gloria’s drooling mouth. His balls felt as if they would burst at any moment, and he sped up his strokes, eager to empty the gooey contents of the roiling orbs inside his girlfriend’s tight hot ass.

“Aw, gee!” Richie exclaimed, his face contorting in a grimace as his climax approached, “Here it comes, Gloria!”

Richie’s balls unloaded forcefully, spewing a fountain of scalding cum into the clenching tunnel of little Gloria’s asshole. Her rectum tightened around his plunging cock, milking thick spurts of hot pearly cum from his testicles and sucking it deep into her bowels.

Hot Stuff’s cherry-red balls were on the verge of erupting as well, and the randy devil grinned impishly as he pulled his spit-covered shaft from Gloria’s mouth. “Open up!” he ordered, “You’re gonna get a faceful!”

Gloria opened her mouth, eagerly awaiting the imminent blast of fiery devil jizz. A thick jet of flaming semen blasted from the tip of Hot Stuff’s cock, splattering Gloria’s forehead and oozing down over her right eyelid. A subsequent volley of the blazing goo spattered her cheeks and shot into her open mouth, where she greedily swallowed down the cinnamon-tinged supernatural sperm.

Richie withdrew his spent cock from Gloria’s steaming asshole and watched Hot Stuff paint the little girl’s pretty face with his flaming devil cum. When the horny little devil had finished unloading his balls into Gloria’s face and mouth, the two boys released the costumed cutie from her restraints and helped her to her feet.

“Gee! That was fun!” Hot Stuff said with a smile.

“Gosh yes!” Gloria agreed, giggling. She raked a flaming glob of cum from her chin with her finger and sucked the gooey clot into her mouth.

“Well, I’d better be going!” Hot Stuff said, “Got things to do back home. But next time you two are up for a little hot devil sex, gimme a call!”

“Sure!” Richie smiled.

“You bet!” Gloria added.

Hot Stuff vanished in a flash, leaving a puff of smoke in his wake. “So, you wanna explore a little more?” Richie asked.

“No, I’m bushed!” Gloria grinned, “I’d better go take a shower! I’ve got cum all over me!”

Flaming white strands of Hot Stuff’s demonic ichor crisscrossed Gloria’s face, dripping onto her flat bare chest and encasing the golden crucifix in a coating of magically blazing devil goo. She glanced down at her legs. Thick clots of Richie’s semen seeped from her asshole and ran in pearly rivulets down her thighs.

“Yeah!” Richie agreed with a chuckle, “You’re a mess!

“At least Hot Stuff’s magical cum is finally burning out!” Gloria remarked, scraping a blob of the incandescent sludge from her cheek. It glowed briefly with a weak blaze, then extinguished into a glistening white dollop on her finger. Gloria sucked the cinnamon-flavored sperm into her mouth and smiled. “I’d hate to have to explain flaming devil cum on my face to your parents!”

“We can shower here!” Richie said, fishing through his clothes for his cellphone. He scrutinized the map of the playhouse, “Here it is!” he said, “I knew I saw a shower room on the map, we’ll stop by there on the way out.”

“Good!” Gloria laughed, “That way we won’t get the inside of your limo all gooey when Bascomb comes to pick us up!”

“We can come back tomorrow and play, okay?” Richie suggested, “I still wanna check out the Steampunk and Gothic playrooms!”

“Me too!” Gloria replied, “Say! A Gothic style haunted house would be the perfect setting for a little ghost sex! Why don’t you get in touch with Casper and I’ll call Dot! We can have a spooky dungeon double date!”

“Sounds like fun!” Richie agreed, “C’mon, let’s get these costumes off and get dressed!”

“Yeah!” Gloria said, “Then off for a little shower sex before we leave!”

“Okay!” Richie laughed, “Y’know Dad sure knows how to put together a nice playhouse!”

“Well, like he said, Richie.” Gloria said, “Richard Rich doesn’t do anything halfway!”



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