Richie's Sex Playhouse

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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“The Playhouse: Sci-Fi”


Monday morning came and Richie’s gold limousine pulled up in front of Gloria Glad’s home with Richie’s chauffeur, Bascomb, at the wheel.

The front door to Gloria’s house flew open and the cheery redheaded moppet raced out to the car, where Richie already stood opening her door. “Is it finished?” she asked excitedly, sliding into the backseat with Richie.

“Dad says it’s all set!” Richie answered, as the car zoomed down the road toward the Rich estate. “You should’ve seen it, Gloria! Trucks were arriving all day over the weekend! Boxes and boxes of stuff!”

Bascomb pulled the limo up to the miniature castle. He exited the vehicle and opened the door for the two children. “You two have fun!” he said with a knowing smile and a wink.

“Thanks, Bascomb!” Richie replied, “I’m sure we will!”

Richie and Gloria opened the large wooden door and entered the playhouse. The interior of the mock castle had been completely redone since the last time they had played there. On the wall near the entrance was a large lighted screen bearing a plan view of the structure.

“Gosh!” Gloria remarked, “This is new! A video map of the castle!”

The playhouse had been divided into different themes on each floor. Labels designated sections like SCI-FI, MEDIEVAL, WILD-WEST, STEAMPUNK and many more.

“What’s this?” he asked, spotting a square symbol on the lower right corner of the screen, “It says ‘scan to download’!” He pulled out his phone and scanned the symbol. Immediately a copy of the map appeared on his screen, showing his location.

“Neat!” Gloria smiled, “Now at least we won’t get lost!”

Richie and Gloria followed the map into the section marked SCI-FI. Several numbered doors lined the hallway with signs reading “ALIEN LAB”, “STARSHIP BRIDGE”, “PLANETARY BASE” and others. Gloria opened the “ALIEN LAB” door and stepped inside.

The interior was a futuristic setting, outfitted with the usual science-fiction props. Blinking computer panels and strange machinery lined the walls. One wall was outfitted with several chains bearing high-tech looking shackles with multicolored flashing lights.

Several long white tables with restraining straps stood in the middle of the room. Suspended over each table was a disk bearing an array of spindly robotic arms, bristling with sex toys of every description.

Gloria noted that some tables were Y-shaped—perhaps, she conjectured, to allow a potentially lecherous mad scientist free access to the more interesting parts of his female captive’s anatomy!

“These look interesting!” Richie grinned, eyeing the alien looking toys.

“They sure do!” Gloria giggled. She noticed a door marked with a triangular symbol resembling a coathanger. “Is this a closet?” she asked, “If it is, your dad certainly has an attention for detail!”

She pushed a silver button beside the door and it slid open. “Oh, goody!” she exclaimed in surprise, “Costumes!”

Indeed, costumes of all descriptions lined the closet walls; spaceman uniforms of all designs, sexy alien costumes—any sort of outfit Gloria could imagine were all inside!

Gloria picked a scanty red costume from the rack. The surface glittered in the laboratory light and the otherworldly design looked like something an alien sex slave or courtesan would wear. Gloria hastily removed her clothing and slipped into the sparkling scarlet outfit.

“What do you think?” she asked, striking a sexy pose. The skimpy costume featured a cutout bra and a crotchless panties that left all her sexy parts tantalizingly exposed.

“Stunning!” Richie grinned, “Oh, hey!” he exclaimed, catching sight of a ray-gun looking device on one of the computer consoles, “It’s one of Professor Keenbean’s colorizers!”

“A what?” Gloria asked.

Richie turned a dial on the device and pointed it at Gloria. “Don’t worry,” he assured her, “It’s harmless!” He pressed the trigger and a blue beam shot out, striking the little girl and immediately dyeing her skin a lovely cerulean tint.

“Richie!” Gloria yelled, startled, “I’ve turned blue!”

“Don’t panic!” Richie chuckled, “It’s reversible! And it wears off by itself after a while!”

A full length mirror stood against one wall, and Gloria studied her reflection. “Jeepers!” she grinned, “I do look pretty sexy as a blue alien girl!”

“How would the alien girl like to get herself probed by a sexy spaceman?” Richie asked.

Gloria turned to see Richie wearing a racy Flash Gordon style uniform, with a short-sleeved red tunic, a pair of blue briefs and red boots.

Gloria raced to the nearest table and hopped up onto it. “Uh-oh, sexy spaceman!” she said in an exaggerated voice, “Looks like you’ve got your alien sex-slave exactly where you want her!”

Richie strapped Gloria down to the table, her arms extended over her head and her feet strapped into a pair of metal stirrups that splayed her legs open invitingly. He studied the array of mysterious toys that surrounded the hanging disk above the table. Each spidery arm had two buttons on the disk at its base, one pink and one tan. He surmised that each represented a particular color-coded target for the tool to home in on!

“Let’s see what this one does!” he grinned, pressing the pink button next to the arm of a particularly devilish looking silver implement. The eight-inch toy was studded with rings of evenly spaced bumps and ridges and it began buzzing as soon as the pink button lit up.

The toy went straight for Gloria’s sizzling pink snatch, exactly as Richie had guessed. A spritz of lubricant sprayed from the tip onto Gloria’s already moist cunt, and the shining implement slid effortlessly inside and began shuttling back and forth.

“Oh, my gosh, Richie!” Gloria squealed, “This thing is amazing!”

Richie selected another tool, this one resembling a series of silvery hen’s eggs stacked end to end. He pressed the tan button and the sci-fi sex toy zoomed directly toward Gloria’s anus. A squirt of lubricant sprayed from the tip of the toy and it lunged forward, burying itself deeply inside Gloria’s tight simmering asshole.

Richie watched with excited interest as Gloria writhed and squirmed beneath the two ravaging robotic toys. His tight spaceman’s shorts were getting even tighter, and he quickly peeled them off, freeing his quickly inflating cock.

He mounted the table, straddling Gloria’s head. The redheaded, blue-skinned minx was babbling deliriously as the mechanical arms plunged their attached sex toys in and out of her cunt and ass. Her eyes were shut tightly, and she didn’t realize that Richie was even on top of her until she felt the brush of his hairless balls against her chin and the press of his spongy cock head against her lips.

Gloria opened her mouth, engulfing Richie’s seven-inch boner with a single gulp. She sucked madly at her boyfriend’s luscious prick, saliva dribbling down her cheeks as Richie began humping at her face, driving his engorged cock down her throat with each vicious lunge.

Gloria was cumming in staccato bursts, one orgasm following another as the metallic toys tickled places deep inside her preteen pussy. The robotic dildos were relentless, never pausing or slowing down as they furiously probed her fuck holes.

Richie fucked Gloria’s face with a passion, slamming his cock to the hilt down her throat until his loaded ball sac smacked against her chin. With a sudden roar and a savage lunge, Richie buried his cock deep inside Gloria’s gullet and came, firing a scalding torrent of gluey sperm straight down the sexy blue girl’s throat.

Gloria choked momentarily as the first blast of thick semen caught her off guard. She quickly recovered, swallowing down great gobs of the salty-sweet slime. Some of the glutinous goo backed up into her mouth, puffing out her cheeks and seeping from the corners of her lips before she could gulp it all down.

Exhausted, Richie extracted his dripping cock from Gloria’s mouth and dismounted the table. He pressed the buttons again, deactivating the spelunking sex toys, which withdrew themselves from their respective burrows and returned to their place above the table.

Richie unstrapped Gloria and helped her off the table. She stood, weak-kneed, gasping for breath. “Wow!” she gurgled through a mouthful of cum, “That was absolutely amazing!”

“I’ll say!” Richie agreed, “And you were pretty sexy getting fucked by those robot toys, that blue skin was a real turn on!”

Gloria glanced down at her blue skin. “Hey! That’s right! I’m still blue!”

Richie picked up the colorizer ray and turned the dial. He aimed the device at Gloria and zapped her with the ray, returning her to her former hue. “See! Back to normal!” he said.

“Good!” Gloria laughed, “It would be hard to explain to my parents if I came home blue!”

The two kids removed the costumes and resumed their clothing.

“Where do we put these?” Gloria asked, picking up the discarded garments. She looked toward the closet and noticed another pushbutton, this one bore a blue teardrop shape. She pushed the button and a hidden laundry chute opened up.

“Gee!” Richie grinned, “A laundry room? Looks like Professor Keenbean thought of everything!”

Gloria placed the costumes in the chute and closed it. “C’mon, Richie!” she said, “Let’s see what else we can find!”


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