Richie's Sex Playhouse

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.



“The Playhouse: Wild West”


“WILD WEST, huh?” Richie said, looking at the map on his phone. He scanned the numbered doors, reading the signs above each one. “SHERIFF’S OFFICE, SALOON, BROTHEL” he recited, “Interesting!”

Gloria opened the door marked ‘SHERIFF’S OFFICE’ and stepped inside.

The room resembled the typical sheriff’s offices that Gloria had seen on TV westerns, with a row of jail cells along one wall, and a desk near another. Behind the desk was a gun rack filled with toy pop guns—the old-fashioned kind with a cork tethered by a string. A wooden filing cabinet stood beside the rack.

She noticed a wooden sawhorse padded with carpet against one wall. The array of rope coils and manacles that hung on the wall nearby told her that it was obviously a sex bench of some kind for dealing with the more unruly prisoners!

“Gee!” Gloria remarked, gazing around the room, “This is pretty detailed!” She walked over to the cabinet and pulled open a drawer. Sex toys of every kind filled the drawer, all crafted in artificial leather and wood to fit the old west theme! “Wow!” she grinned, “Impressive!”

Richie scarcely heard her. He was busy examining the four jail cells along the other wall. All four had a simple iron bunk with a thin mattress and pillow, but, unlike any western jail he’d ever seen, shackles hung from chains suspended from the ceiling of each cell.

“Hmm!” Richie contemplated the four cells, “Gloria and Dot and Lotta and Audrey! I could have a whole harem of sexy outlaw bad-girls in here!”

“What’s that, Richie?” Gloria asked.

“Just thinking out loud!” he grinned lecherously.

Gloria had found the closet and was busy examining the costumes. The room contained everything from lawmen’s uniforms to outlaw gear—even a few Native American costumes! Gloria picked out a sexy outlaw girl costume and quickly donned the garb while Richie was daydreaming.

The costume consisted of a stetson hat, a simple plaid shirt, a pair of boots and a gun belt. A pair of pants were included, but Gloria decided to forgo those—they weren’t likely to remain on too long anyway! A pistol-gripped dildo was holstered in the gun belt and Gloria drew it out, poking it playfully in Richie’s back.

“Reach for the sky, Sheriff!” she grinned.

Richie turned around with a smile. “Looks like you’ve got the drop on me!” he said.

Gloria pulled a sheriff’s costume from the rack and tossed it to Richie. “You’re out of uniform, Sheriff!” she giggled, “And don’t bother with the pants, pardner! I’d only be taking them off you eventually!”

Richie quickly changed into the sheriff’s garb—sans pants—and raised his arms.

Gloria marched Richie into one of the cells and secured his hands to the ceiling chains. A nearby winch controlled the length of the chain, and she cranked it until Richie’s arms were raised straight up. Turning him to face the wall, she grabbed a handful of his ass cheeks and grinned devilishly, “Looks like I’ve got you where I want you, huh, Sheriff!”

Gloria spread Richie’s buttocks, exposing the pinkish tan pucker of his asshole. She extended her tongue and pressed her face between the boy’s butt cheeks, sliding her probing tongue into his simmering ass channel.

“Oh, my goodness!” Richie exclaimed with a grin. He squirmed in his restraints as Gloria’s spelunking tongue explored the inner cavern of his seething rectum. His cock began to swell, rapidly becoming stiff as a board due to Gloria’s expert tongue work.

Gloria slobbered into Richie’s tight puckered anus. “I’ve got a surprise for you, Sheriff!” she grinned impishly. “Hold still! I’m about to take this sex-gun and plug you good!”

Richie raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Don’t you mean SIX-gun…? Yow!” He felt Gloria’s pistol-dildo press against his slippery bunghole and drive inward, prying open his constricted sphincter and blazing a trail into the depths of his clenching asshole.

“Nope!” Gloria grinned a devilish grin, “I mean SEX-gun!”

Richie didn’t think his cock could get any harder, but the sudden invasion by his girlfriend’s sex toy caused the throbbing organ to stiffen to steely hardness.

Gloria spun Richie around again, the dildo still embedded firmly in his ass. She licked her lips at Richie’s twitching fuck rod and grasped the gnarled shaft in her hand. Opening her mouth, she slid her luscious lips over Richie’s engorged cock and began sucking voraciously on the boy’s rock-hard phallus.

“Gosh, Gloria!” Richie grimaced, “That feels great! Suck it hard! Take it all the way!”

Gloria plunged her head forward, burying all seven inches of Richie’s thick veiny cock down her throat. She began sliding her drooling mouth back and forth along her boyfriend’s pulsating penis, swirling her tongue along the underside of the shaft as she sucked.

Gloria reached behind Richie and grasped the pistol-handled dildo. She began pumping it back and forth inside Richie’s tight asshole as she slurped and sucked at his swollen cock.

“Aw, gee!” Richie moaned, “That feels amazing! Keep it up, Gloria! I’m about to cum!”

Gloria’s cheeks hollowed as she increased her suction, rivulets of saliva escaped her sucking lips and dripped onto the floor as she shuttled her head rapidly to and fro along the length of Richie’s engorged member.

Richie squirmed at the end of his chains as he felt his climax approach. His testicles quivered and tingled as Gloria’s sucking mouth finally pushed the swollen orbs to the limit. With an ecstatic howl, Richie came, spewing a hot gooey fountain of creamy semen into little Gloria’s cocksucking mouth.

Gloria greedily gobbled up every blast of the bittersweet sludge as rapidly as it shot from Richie’s detonating dick. She swallowed down the tangy slime until it stopped spurting, then withdrew Richie’s smoldering member from her mouth.

She licked the coating of pearly sperm from Richie’s spent prick and removed the dildo from his asshole, setting it down on the cot nearby. Gloria unfastened Richie’s manacles, releasing him from the chains that had suspended him.

“Whew!” Richie grinned, “That was terrific, Gloria! You sure know how to surprise a guy! And speaking of surprises…” He snatched the dildo-gun from the cot and pointed it mockingly at Gloria, “Looks like the long arm of the law has caught up to you!”

Gloria raised her hands and giggled, “It’s not the law’s long ARM I’m interested in!” she said.

Richie escorted Gloria from the cell and over to the padded sawhorse that Gloria had spotted before. He placed the dildo on a nearby barrel and removed a set of manacles from the wall, fastening her hands together. “Bend over!” he ordered.

Gloria obligingly bent over the padded horse, her head and shackled hands lying against the floor as her ass and cunt were tantalizingly raised for Richie’s access.

Richie took a coil of rope from the wall and tied each of Gloria’s feet to either end of the sawhorse, leaving her legs spread widely apart. “Looks like your past has caught up with you, outlaw!” Richie said, “You live by the gun, you get fucked by the gun!”

Richie leaned down and probed his tongue into Gloria’s tight asshole, slobbering a generous amount of saliva into the tiny orifice. He then picked up the pistol-shaped dildo and placed it against Gloria’s puckered pink butthole.

With a brutal lunge, Richie plowed the toy to the handle inside Gloria’s churning rectum, evoking a yowl of surprise from the little girl. He grasped the base of his inflated cock and pried open Gloria’s dainty pink cunt lips with his swollen glans. With a sudden savage stroke, he buried his entire cock up to his swinging ball sac inside Gloria’s blistering wet pussy.

Gloria let out an excited shriek as Richie began hammering his steel-hard cock into her simmering cunt. She moaned with pleasure as the lascivious lad pistoned his oversized member in and out of her juicing pussy.

“Oh, yes, Sheriff!” Gloria shouted, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

“You bet I will!” Richie said with a grimace. He slammed his veiny cock balls deep inside Gloria’s hot cunt, twisting the dildo in her ass with his hand as he fucked in and out of her sizzling pussy.

Gloria’s cunt erupted, sending a jolt of orgasmic bliss coursing through her young body. Her entire body convulsed, spasming under the furious onslaught of Richie’s searing cock and the brutal buggering of the pistol-shaped dildo.

Her clenching cunt was too much for Richie’s pummeling dick, quickly bringing the swollen organ to a gushing climax. A scalding volley of thick slimy sperm blasted inside little Gloria’s quivering cunt, filling her tender young pussy with thick globs of Richie’s hot gooey cum.

The two youngsters fucked until their orgasms subsided, then separated. Richie unfastened Gloria from her restraints and the grateful young lass turned around, slurping her boyfriend’s cum-covered cock into her mouth and cleaning off the gluey layer of cum that clung to his cock shaft.

Once finished, Gloria and Richie stripped off their costumes and re-dressed.

Spotting a blue teardrop button similar to the one she had seen in the sci-fi room, Gloria pressed it and dumped the clothes inside the chute that opened up from the wall. “Do we put the sex-toys in here too?” Gloria asked.

Richie pulled out his phone and looked at the map of the playhouse. A circled question mark appeared in the lower right corner of the screen, and he pressed it for help. “Hmm!” he murmured, reading the instruction page, “Yep! Professor Keenbean says he has robots that sort the toys and costumes and restock them for us!”

“Gee, how convenient!” Gloria smiled, tossing the dildo into the laundry chute behind the clothes, “You were right! Professor Keenbean does think of everything!”


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