Richie's Sex Playhouse

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: After watching a porn movie being filmed on the Rich Estate, Richard agrees to make a sex-playhouse for Richie and Gloria. Things get hotter when they invite Hot Stuff into their costumed roleplay.

CODES: 3Plus AFFO Anal Ds Minor1 Oral Rim Toys Voy Xeno(Devil)


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue # 10

Featuring Richie Rich & Gloria.

Special appearance by Hot Stuff


Richie’s Sex Playhouse



“Lights, Camera, Action!”


“Gosh, Richie!” Gloria said excitedly as she followed Richie and his dad into one of the many rooms in the Rich mansion, “This is gonna be fun!”

Richard Rich gestured toward a row of theatre seats, “Have a seat, kids!” he smiled.

“Are we really gonna watch a movie being made?” Gloria asked.

“That’s right!” Richard replied, “The director can’t allow kids on the set, so I’ve had Professor Keenbean route the camera to this closed-circuit TV here!” He pressed a red button on the wall and a large flat screen lowered from the ceiling into view.

“How come he can’t allow kids, Dad?” Richie asked curiously.

“Well, Richie!” Richard grinned, “The company making the movie is my own adult film company, Richporn! They’re making a light bondage porno!”

“What’s that?” Gloria asked.

Richie intercepted the question, “It’s like when one person pretends to be a master and the other is a slave!”

“Ooo!” Gloria grinned as she realized his meaning, “A sex slave?”

“That’s right!” Richard replied.

The screen lit up and a voice from behind the camera said, “All right! Action!”

Richard, Richie and Gloria all watched as the camera’s viewpoint closed in on a young couple. The man was clad in a regal looking robe and wore a golden crown on his head, while the young blonde haired woman was stark naked. She was bent over a padded wooden bench, chained hand and foot while the man circled her, eyeing her salaciously.

“That guy is the king!” Richard explained the plot, “And the girl is his sex slave!”

They watched as the king shed his royal robe, revealing himself to be naked underneath. He stood in front of the slave girl and inserted his cock into her mouth. “Suck, slave!” he commanded.

“Oh, gee!” Gloria gasped as she watched the slave girl struggle against the intruding cock. “She doesn’t look like she wants to suck it!”

“It’s just acting, Gloria!” Richie reminded her, “Look! Now she’s taking it all the way in!”

The slave girl was gradually giving in, sucking reluctantly at first until finally she was slurping noisily at the huge hunk of man meat that lunged in and out of her throat.

The king pulled his cock from her mouth and went around behind the chained slave girl. The camera followed the action, showing a closeup view of his monstrous cock as it split the young girl’s pussy lips and plowed up inside her blushing pink vagina.

Richard glanced over at the children. Richie’s pants were unzipped, his swollen cock standing stiffly erect as Gloria ran her dainty right hand up and down the shaft.

Richie’s left hand was similarly busy, having lifted Gloria’s red plaid skirt to reveal her hairless pussy. The saucy minx had evidently worn no panties today, and Richie’s index finger was worming its way into the hot, moist tunnel of the little girl’s juicy preteen cunt.

Gloria jerked up and down on Richie’s cock as she watched the king on screen pounding his cock back and forth inside the slave girl’s pussy. The king suddenly extracted his cock and, redirecting the angle of his approach, stabbed the flared head of the massive organ into the girl’s tight puckered asshole.

Gloria gasped as she heard the slave girl shriek and moan as the king buggered her ass without mercy. The exciting scene, the feel of Richie’s pulsing cock in her hand, and the sensation of his plundering fingers inside her succulent twat were rapidly bringing young Gloria to a climax.

Richie himself was nearing the tipping point as Gloria’s masterful hand stroked up and down his throbbing penis. He fought to retain his composure, but to no avail… soon his engorged prick was spurting fountains of pearly sperm in an arc onto Gloria’s skirt and blouse.

Gloria writhed on Richie’s squirming fingers, her cunt on the verge of exploding. A few deft plunges of Richie’s dexterous digits and her little pussy detonated, sending orgasmic shockwaves coursing throughout her body.

Richard looked over to find Richie and Gloria stripping off their clothing as they stared at the fucking couple on screen. Soon the two horny children were stark naked, Gloria kneeling on all fours while Richie fucked her from behind, doggie-style.

“Pretty exciting stuff, huh?” Richard chuckled.

“Oh gosh, yes!” Gloria agreed exuberantly.

“I’ll say!” Richie concurred.

Richie pummeled Gloria’s sweltering cunt, his balls slapping against her butt cheeks as his oversized cock slammed in and out of the youngster’s juicy cunt.

“Golly! Look, Richie!” Gloria exclaimed, “He’s going ass-to-mouth! Ooo! And now she’s rimming his asshole! Oh, fuck me harder, Richie! I’m gonna cum!”

Richie accelerated his pace, furiously fucking his iron-hard phallus into his girlfriend’s tight seething snatch. He could feel the cum rising in his balls, churning to be released in an explosive blast into the heavenly hot paradise of Gloria’s preteen pussy.

Meanwhile, on screen, the lecherous king had bound his sexy slave girl to a cross-shaped table with a set of iron shackles. The helpless young woman lay with her arms and legs spread wide as the king stood between the arms of the wooden saltire, slamming his raging cock mercilessly into the squealing slave’s squishing cunt.

The camera closed in on the action, recording every brutal stroke of the swollen cock into the slave girl’s pussy until, with a final savage lunge, the king came inside his chained captive. The camera captured the king’s cock in detail as it slithered from the slave’s pussy. Gooey semen oozed in pearly globs from the lax pink orifice of her cunt and dripped from the king’s smoldering prick.

Gloria and Richie both howled in unison, their orgasms coinciding with the actors on screen. Richie’s testicles emptied their searing payload inside Gloria’s seething twat, filling her spasming pussy with thick glutinous sperm.

On screen, the unseen director yelled “Cut!” and a stagehand entered to free the exhausted actor playing the slave girl from the x-shaped table.

“Gee, Dad!” Richie exclaimed, “Is that the end?”

“Of this scene.” Richard explained, “They film another scene tomorrow. This is going to be an epic porno movie, son!” he said proudly, “When Richporn makes a movie, they pull out all the stops! We Rich’s don’t do things halfway!”

Gloria slurped a congealed blob of cum from Richie’s cock, “It was really exciting to watch!” she said.

Richie fumbled inside his pants and withdrew a monogrammed handkerchief, offering it to Gloria. She giggled as she wiped her boyfriend’s semen from her oozing twat and began wiping down Richie’s glistening cock.

The two kids gathered their clothing and dressed. “Gee, Dad!” Richie said, “You think Gloria and I could use that playroom sometimes?”

“Well, Richie…” Richard replied, “The bondage furniture is sized for adults. It’s much too big for you!”

“Maybe we could make a sex dungeon just for Gloria and me? Please?” Richie smiled.

“Well,” Richard mused, “The dungeon gear is manufactured by the Rich Sex Toy Company, so I suppose I could place a rush order for a few custom pieces!”

“Gee!” Gloria smiled sweetly, “Won’t that be neat, Richie? A sex dungeon for you and all your girlfriends!”

“Especially my best girlfriend!” Richie replied, kissing Gloria on the cheek.

“Aww!” Gloria blushed.

“Hmm!” Richard considered, “On second thought, why not take this thing all the way! How about I convert your old castle playhouse into a sex playhouse? With any kind of genre you can imagine inside! I’m sure Professor Keenbean has some gadgets that would make it fantastic!”

“That would be great, Dad!” Richie replied.

“I’ll talk to the Professor and order the equipment tonight.” Richard said, “If the crews work through the weekend, they should have it ready by Monday morning!”

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Rich!” Gloria said, racing to Richard and hugging him. “I’m sure Richie and I will have lots of fun in it!” The diminutive girl’s embrace encircled Richard’s hips, and she noticed a prominent bulge begin to form at the crotch of his pants.

“Oh, gosh!” Gloria tittered, noticing the conspicuous bulge, “Look what I did!” She reached out and unzipped Richard’s fly, freeing his swelling cock from the confines of his pants. “I’ll just be a minute, Richie!” she smiled at the young lad, “There’s something I have to take care of first!”

“I see!” Richie laughed as he watched Gloria slide her pink lips over the swollen glans of his father’s cock and plunge her head down onto the nine-inch shaft, “Don’t worry, I’ll wait!”


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