Dollar's Lucky Day

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Lotta and Dot”


“You have visitors at the door, Master Richie!” Cadbury announced, “Two young ladies! Misses Charlotte and Dorothy, I believe!”

“Lotta and Dot?” Richie smiled, “I wasn’t expecting them to come over today! What a pleasant surprise anyway!” He walked to the door and opened it to find the two girls standing there, broad smiles across their faces.

“Hi, Richie!” they both said in unison.

“Hi, girls!” Richie replied, escorting them inside, “What brings you here?”

“Gloria told us about Dollar’s… er… unusual talents!” Dot grinned shyly.

“We wanna know if we can fuck your dog!” Lotta blurted out.

Dot blushed, “Um… right!”

“Sure!” Richie shrugged, “Why not!” He placed two fingers to his lips and gave a whistle. “C’mere, Dollar!” he shouted, “Here, boy!”

A rumbling scramble of doggie paws could be heard from the end of the corridor as Dollar raced toward the foyer. He skidded to a halt, his tail wagging exuberantly.

Dot looked cautiously around, “So, where can we go to fuck him?” she asked.

“What about right here?” Richie suggested.

“Gee!” Lotta said, “In the middle of the room! What if your parents see us! Or Cadbury!”

“Gosh, they won’t mind!” Richie chuckled, “Everybody around here pretty much fucks wherever they want! And Mom fucks Dollar all the time… it’s nothing unusual!”

“Well, okay!” Lotta replied with a grin. She started shedding her clothes as Dot crouched down on the floor for a better look at Dollar’s genitals.

Dot fondled the furry sheath of Dollar’s cock. “I guess his cock is in there!” she said to Lotta, “How do I get it out?”

“Same way you get a boy hard, I guess!” Lotta surmised, as she tugged down Richie’s pants.

“Um… Gee, Lotta!” Richie said as the chubby minx disrobed him, “I thought you were here for Dollar’s dick! Why are you undressing me?”

Lotta pulled down Richie’s underwear, exposing his swollen cock. The steely tool sprang out at a right angle to his groin. “Mama says it’s a sin and a shame to let a hard cock go to waste!” she smiled, grasping his cock, “I’m gonna give your dick a little well-deserved attention!”

Dot stroked the furry pouch, watching in awe as Dollar’s scarlet prick began to peek out, slowly swelling in her hand. Dot giggled. She released the dog’s burgeoning member and started stripping off her red polka dotted dress.

“I wanna go first, okay?” Dot grinned, kneeling down on all fours behind Dollar.

Lotta was presently too occupied with sucking Richie’s swollen balls to object. She spat out the mouthful of testicles and smiled, “Be my guest!” she agreed. Lotta resumed her oral adventure, this time engulfing the mauve head of Richie’s engorged cock and sliding her mouth up and down his shaft.

Dot grasped the base of Dollar’s cock behind the knot and pulled the huge member back between the dog’s legs. She examined the bulbous bulge at the root of Dollar’s cock with interest. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “That must be the knot Gloria was talking about! It’s huge! Gee, I hope I can handle it!”

“I’m sure you can!” Richie assured her, “Why don’t you start out by giving Dollar a blowjob?”

Dot licked her lips. Dollar’s cock was rock-hard now and dribbling a quantity of clear fluid from its pointy tip. She extended her tongue and flicked off a droplet of the dog juice, snatching it into her mouth. “Hm!” she smiled, “Yummy!”

Dot opened her lips and took Dollar’s glistening red shaft into her mouth. She thrust her head forward, burying the length of the pulsing dog cock to the back of her throat until the swollen knot bumped against her lips.

Dollar began humping rhythmically at Dot’s face, sliding his slippery cock in and out of the horny preteen’s cocksucking mouth.

“Gosh!” Richie exclaimed, “Look at them go!”

Lotta glanced sidelong at Dot’s bestial blowjob. Her attention was split between watching her best friend suck dog dick, and her own oral ministrations to Richie’s juicy cock. In the end, her ravenous appetite for cum won out, and she turned her full attention to trying her best to coax a tasty load of creamy jizz from the tow-headed tyke’s lusty balls.

Richie’s cock was no match for the powerful suction of Lotta’s oral skills, and before long he was emptying his swollen testicles into the chubby girl’s mouth, feeding her great glutinous globs of hot briny semen.

Dollar’s climax wasn’t far behind. The furiously face-fucking dog pummeled Little Dot’s slobbering mouth, plunging his slimy cock in and out until his furry balls unloaded, spewing a torrent of blistering doggie sperm into the youngster’s waiting mouth.

Dot gulped down the hot salty dog cum as fast as it filled her cheeks. Juices seeped from her excited pussy as she reveled in the idea that she was sucking on a dog’s dick! She imagined there weren’t many nine-year-old girls who could brag that they had given a dog a blowjob before!

Lotta swallowed down the last mouthful of Richie’s semen and watched in excitement as Dot sucked at Dollar’s spurting cock. She could see pearly rivulets of dog cum oozing from the corners of the little brunette’s lips. “Look!” Lotta grinned, “He’s cumming in her mouth!”

Dollar’s spurting cock slowed to a dribble and Dot slid the gooey shaft from between her lips. A final belated squirt from Dollar’s expended dick spattered against her cheek and Dot giggled, wiping the creamy clot of cum from her face and slurping it into her mouth.

“Was it good?” Lotta asked curiously.

“It was great!” Dot replied, “Now I wanna fuck him!”

“Okay!” Lotta agreed, “But I get to fuck him next, right?”

“Sure!” Dot said, “After he cums in me, I’ll help him fuck you too!”

Dot turned around on all fours, presenting her shapely little ass to Dollar. The horny dog sniffed at the hairless cleft of Dot’s juicing cunt and his crimson cock twitched in response. He knew the aroma of hot young pussy when he smelled it! And to him, that meant one thing—it was ready to be fucked!

Dollar mounted Dot’s luscious ass, his wagging dick jabbing between her thighs in search of the hot wet cleft of her sizzling pussy. Dot let out a shriek of surprise as the humping dog’s cock finally hit the mark, burrowing deep inside the satiny pink tunnel of Little Dot’s juicy cunt.

“Gosh!” Lotta exclaimed with a lecherous grin, “Dot’s really fuckin’ a dog! Neat!”

“Oh, my goodness!” Dot grimaced, “It feels great! Deeper, Dollar, deeper!” She reached between her legs and felt Dollar’s slippery dog cock as it lunged into her cunt. The six-inch shaft was buried to the hilt inside her pussy, but she could still feel the immense bulge of the dog’s knot butting against her labia.

“Remember what Gloria told us, Dot?” Lotta reminded her, “You’re not a real dog fucker till you’ve taken the knot!”

“I want it! I want it!” Dot screamed, “Put this whole huge dog dick in me! Knot and all!”

“All right!” Richie smiled. He knelt down beside the fucking couple and reached between Dot’s legs. He spread apart the pink folds of Dot’s juicy cunt lips, “Lotta,” he said, “Give Dollar a little push, so he can get that knot inside Dot’s pussy!”

Lotta placed her hands on Dollar’s rump and gave the dog a firm but gentle shove. Her extraordinary strength made it easy to force the bulbous organ inside Dot’s elastic cunt hole, and Richie watched in awe as Dot’s pliable pussy stretched around the huge girth of Dollar’s knot.

Dot wailed in sheer ecstasy as the knot popped wetly inside her cunt. A full eight and a half inches of hot hard dog cock was now embedded deeply inside the child’s simmering young snatch. The pointy tip of Dollar’s scarlet cock nudged against Dot’s puckered cervix as the doggie dick wedged open the entrance to her tiny womb.

Lotta laughed, “Wow!” she said, “Such a big dog cock in such a little girl!”

Richie’s cock had been rendered quite flaccid from Lotta’s extreme blowjob, but the sexy sight of Dot getting royally pounded by Dollar’s immense canine cock had brought the oversized organ back to its rightful size.

Lotta glanced over at the throbbing tool between Richie’s legs and, without a word, knelt down on her hands and knees with her plump ass facing Richie.

Richie knew an invitation when he saw one! He stepped into position, placing the bloated purple head of his cock against the succulent slit of Lotta’s chubby cunt lips and lunged forward, skewering the portly youngster’s blistering wet pussy with a single stroke of his cock.

Richie fucked back and forth, plowing his cock to the hilt inside Lotta’s cunt while the two of them watched Dot fuck the dog. “Oh, yeah!” Lotta cried out, “This is so hot! Fuck me hard, Richie! Cum in my pussy!”

Meanwhile, Dollar’s frenzied fucking was bringing him closer to a volcanic climax, certain to send a geyser of thick hot dog jizz blasting into Dot’s clenching cunt. With a staccato pistoning of his hips, Dollar’s cock hammered into Dot’s pussy, finally erupting with a glutinous gout of creamy canine cum.

The conical tip of Dollar’s cock pierced Dot’s cervix as the dog thrust inward, spewing a thick jet of semen inside the little girl’s hollow womb. The blast of hot dog cum felt like a stream of molten lead as it filled Dot’s pliable uterus, expanding the organ as more and more of the gelatinous dog goo gushed inside.

Dot convulsed in orgasm as a torrent of canine cum flooded her petite pussy. She thrashed helplessly, firmly affixed to the impaling cock of the madly fucking dog. Finally, Dollar’s cock ceased spurting and the fatigued canine attempted to extract his knot from the clutches of Dot’s tightly clenching pussy.

Richie, meanwhile, had already shot a scalding load of jizz into Lotta’s chubby cunt, and the two kids watched in rapt attention as Dot and Dollar struggled to separate.

Lotta again came to her friend’s assistance. Gripping the base of Dollar’s cock and bracing her hand on the dog’s haunches, she gave a mighty tug, extricating the trapped knot with an audible pop.

“Gee, thanks!” Dot gasped breathlessly, her forehead beaded with sweat, “For a minute I thought I’d have a dog permanently attached to my pussy!” she giggled weakly.

Lotta went back and forth between Dollar’s dripping dick and Dot’s sperm-slobbering pussy, eating up every salty glob of the delicious dog-semen. She spun around, her rotund ass facing Dollar. “C’mon, boy!” she invited the dog, “It’s my turn now! Fuck me!”

Dot and Richie laughed as the excited dog regained his second wind. He sniffed at Lotta’s redolent cunt and leapt upon her back, spearing her juicy twat on the first try with his stiff scarlet cock.

“Dollar sure is a good dog!” Dot remarked as she watched him pummel Lotta’s pussy from behind, “I’ll have to recommend him to Audrey! I’m sure she’d love to have some of that beautiful juicy dog dick!”

“See there, Dollar?” Richie said with a smile, “Soon you’re gonna have all the pretty girls after that big red dog cock of yours!”

Dollar could only smile in return as he hammered away at Lotta’s squishing pussy. He was certainly a very lucky dog indeed!





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