Dollar's Lucky Day

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Gloria’s Dog Fuck”


Richie pounded away at his mother’s sizzling hot pussy as he watched Gloria gobble down every inch of Dollar’s juicy red dick. It was always exciting to watch Gloria suck cock, but the simple fact that she had a dog’s cock in her mouth, and seemed to be enjoying it immensely, was absolutely incredible!

Dollar’s hips thrust back and forth, shuttling his cock in and out of the little girl’s sucking mouth. He could feel the cum rising inside his roiling balls, and his fuck rhythm became more frantic.

Gloria sensed Dollar’s impending climax, and she sucked hard at the slimy red shaft, eager to bring the dog’s throbbing cock to a squirting orgasm. She eagerly awaited her first taste of hot gooey dog cum!

“That’s the way to do it, Gloria!” Regina cheered, “Suck that dog dick! Make Dollar cum in your pretty little mouth! You’re just going to love the taste of dog sperm!”

Gloria fondled Dollar’s furry ball sac, feeling the swollen orbs twitching inside. Suddenly, Dollar lunged forward, spearing her mouth with his tapered red cock. His balls erupted, sending a blistering gusher of thick salty dog jizz flooding into the nine-year-old girl’s cocksucking mouth.

Gloria choked as the first load of thick scalding semen filled her mouth, overflowing her cheeks and seeping out from the corners of her lips. She swallowed quickly, gulping down the bittersweet goo as it blasted into her mouth.

“Gosh!” Richie exclaimed, “Look at that, Mom! Dollar’s cumming in Gloria’s mouth!”

“I know, dear!” Regina said, “Isn’t it fantastic? Now, fuck me harder, son! I’m going to cum!”

Richie gripped his mother’s chubby ass and slammed his cock in and out of her hot squishing pussy. The silken channel tightened down on Richie’s pistoning cock, bringing his roiling balls rapidly to the boiling point.

With a ferocious lunge, Richie jammed his engorged phallus to the root inside his mother’s pussy, discharging a lava-like jet of gluey cum inside her spasming cunt.

Regina let out a wail of passion as Richie’s searing seed blasted into her cunt. Richie’s cock head butted against the pucker of her cervix, and the creamy blasts of the young boy’s sperm gushed into her womb.

Richie held on tightly as his mother’s body wracked in orgasm, her clenching pussy firmly affixed to his pumping cock. His balls emptied their glutinous payload into his mother’s cunt until his cock ceased squirting. With a breathless sigh, the young lad backed away, his stiff slimy cock sliding from the depths of his mother’s slobbering cunt.

Mother and son watched intently as young Gloria slurped the last traces of gooey dog sperm from Dollar’s scarlet cock shaft. She gulped down a mouthful of the tangy canine cum and smiled. “Golly gee!” she exclaimed, “That was great! You were right, Mrs. Rich! I do like the taste of dog cum! It tastes kinda like human cum… but different, if you know what I mean!”

“Yes, dear!” Regina chuckled, “It has a distinctive flavor doesn’t it?”

Gloria examined Dollar’s throbbing hard-on. “So, you’ve fucked Dollar too, right, Mrs. Rich?” she asked curiously.

“I certainly have, dear!” Regina admitted proudly.

“Gosh! Will you show me how to fuck a dog, Mrs. Rich?” she asked hopefully.

“Why certainly, Gloria!” Regina agreed, “I’m sure Dollar will be delighted to fuck your tight little twat, right, Dollar?”

Dollar nodded his head enthusiastically, his tail wagging happily in anticipation of driving his crimson fuck pole inside the little girl’s juvenile cunt.

Gloria eagerly crouched down on all fours, quivering in anticipation of her very first dog fuck.

Dollar dismounted the padded chaise and walked around behind the kneeling youngster. He sniffed curiously at Gloria’s redolent snatch, his retracting cock springing back into rigidity at the sweet scent of the little girl’s excited pussy.

The randy canine mounted Gloria’s rump, draping his paws over her shoulders as he jabbed the scarlet taper of his cock blindly at the succulent pink gash of Gloria’s cunt.

Regina reached between Gloria’s legs and guided Dollar’s madly stabbing cock in between the dewy petals of the girl’s pussy lips. The pointed tip of the dog’s slippery prick pierced the tight opening of Gloria’s scorching cunt and plunged inside.

Gloria let out a squeal of sheer delight as the horny dollarmation began humping frenziedly at her seething wet pussy. “Look, Richie!” she shouted with glee, “I’m fucking a dog! Dollar’s got his cock all the way inside me!”

Regina smiled as she watched Dollar slam his cock in and out of the squelching slit of Gloria’s tender young cunt. The bulbous knot bumped against Gloria’s outer labia on each inward stroke. “Well, dear…” Regina said, “You don’t have quite all of it inside you yet!”

“I don’t?” Gloria replied.

“Not yet!” Regina said, “You’re not a real dog fucker until you take the whole thing! Knot and all! You think you’re ready for that?”

“Oh, yes!” Gloria said excitedly, “Help me put it in, Richie!”

“Um… Okay!” Richie agreed, “What do I do, Mom?” he asked his mother, the experienced dog fucker.

“Just grab the base of Dollar’s dick and force the knot in Gloria’s cunt, dear!” Regina instructed, “I’m sure her little pussy will be stretchy enough to take it, although it might be a tight fit at first!”

Richie followed his mother’s guidance, pressing the ovoid bulge of Dollar’s knot between the pink folds of Gloria’s delicate cunt lips. He pushed hard, watching her tight vagina struggle to stretch over the thick red knot, expanding around the equator of the swollen orb as it slowly entered her pussy.

With a sudden wet squelch, the immense bulging knot popped inside Gloria’s overstretched cunt hole. Gloria wailed with joy as her tight cunt swallowed up the scarlet globe and Dollar commenced slamming his firmly fixed phallus back and forth inside her simmering snatch.

“Omigosh!” Gloria screeched, “That feels so good! He’s in me all the way! I’m a real dog fucker now, right, Mrs. Rich?”

“Right you are, Gloria!” Regina heartily agreed.

Dollar let out a whine as he began humping madly at Gloria’s incredibly tight pussy. His swollen scarlet shaft plunged in and out of the little girl’s juicing cunt.

“Fuck me harder, Dollar!” Gloria screamed, “Harder! I’m gonna cum!”

Dollar eagerly obliged, accelerating his tempo. His hips were a blur as his drooling cock squished inside Gloria’s scorching wet cunt. Each lunge of his swollen dick inside the little moppet’s pussy brought both dog and girl closer and closer to orgasm.

“Isn’t it exciting, Richie?” Regina exclaimed, her fingers plundering the juicy pink cavern of her cunt as she watched the incredibly erotic scene.

“It sure is, Mom!” Richie wholeheartedly agreed. His own hand was occupied in stroking the long veiny shaft of his engorged cock while he watched Gloria writhe on the horny dog’s firmly embedded shaft.

With a sudden shriek of pleasure, Gloria’s entire body trembled, her cunt exploding in a jolt of orgasmic bliss. Her pussy contracted, squeezing tightly around Dollar’s bloated dick, setting off the dog’s own violently spurting climax.

Great gushes of scalding dog semen spouted inside Gloria’s simmering snatch, filling her tender preteen pussy with gobs of viscous canine cum. Dollar pumped madly back and forth inside Gloria’s cunt until his spurting cock ebbed to a mere dribble.

“Gosh!” Gloria gasped breathlessly, wiping beads of sweat from her forehead, “That was fantastic! My first dog-fuck! Bestiality is amazing!”

Regina had meanwhile taken the opportunity to fasten her lips around Richie’s massively swollen cock shaft, and was busy sucking at the engorged organ with a passion. She withdrew the spit-slimed cock from her mouth long enough to agree with young Gloria. “It certainly is, dear!” she said, returning to her incestuous blowjob.

Gloria lay prone on the bed, her head propped in her hands as she watched Regina suck her son to a spouting climax. Nearby, Dollar had begun to lick the traces of sperm from his glistening red penis.

“Hey!” Gloria giggled, “Save some for me!” She turned around, grasping the dog’s semen-coated cock and started slurping up the pearly dregs of dog sperm that clung to the scarlet shaft.


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