Dollar's Lucky Day

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: Richie’s dog, Dollar, has a nose for pussy! He leads Richie and Gloria to Richie’s mom, Regina, who shows young Gloria the joys of doggie sex!

CODES: AFFO 3Plus Anal Beast F/F Inc M/F Minor1 Oral Rim Toys


Harvey Comics Paodies

Issue #9

Featuring Richie Rich and Dollar the Dog and friends

Dollar’s Lucky Day



“On the Scent”


Richie Rich tossed the red rubber ball across the lawn. “Go fetch it, Dollar!” he said to his faithful dog.

Dollar set off after the bright red ball, his ears flapping and his tail wagging happily. Richie’s pet dog was a one-of-a-kind breed—a dollarmation. Essentially a dalmatian with dollar signs instead of spots—whether by accident or design, no one seemed sure—Dollar was certainly a unique animal!

Richie Rich’s girlfriend, Gloria Glad giggled as she watched Dollar grab the ball in his teeth and spin around, bounding back across the lawn where he dropped the toy at Richie’s feet.

Suddenly Dollar lifted his head and sniffed at the air.

“Looks like Dollar smells something!” Gloria said.

“What is it, boy?” Richie asked, “Is Chef Pierre cooking something?”

Dollar shook his head from side to side and turned toward the Rich Mansion. He sniffed carefully as he walked toward the Rich’s stately home.

“Gee!” Gloria said, “Let’s follow him! Maybe he’s tracking something!”

Richie and Gloria followed the sniffing canine across the lawn and up to the front porch of the mansion. There near the doorway stood the Rich’s butler, Cadbury, steadfast and stoic as ever. The zipper of his pinstriped pants was open and his prodigious nine-inch phallus was firmly ensconced in the mouth of the family nurse, Nurse Jenny.

The chubby redhead knelt before Cadbury on the porch, her head bobbing rhythmically back and forth as she sucked ravenously at the butler’s engorged cock.

“I, say!” Cadbury greeted the two children, “Hello, Master Richie, Miss Gloria!”

“Um…” Richie smiled, “Hi, Cadbury. What’s going on here?”

“I appear to have come down with a rather embarrassing spontaneous erection!” Cadbury explained, “Naturally, I sought the help of Nurse Jenny, who is, as you can see, administering aid right at this moment!”

“I see!” Richie chuckled.

Nurse Jenny’s slavering mouth slid back and forth over Cadbury’s massive cock. She choked briefly as the flared knob of the butler’s engorged organ bumped against the back of her throat, but she fought the instinct to gag on the strangling dick, relaxing her throat in order to swallow down the entire nine-inch length of the meaty fuck rod.

“My word, Nurse Jenny!” Cadbury exclaimed in surprise, “I do believe you’ve managed to take the entire thing down your throat! I’m impressed”

Jenny accelerated the motion of her head, sliding her lips back and forth along Cadbury’s cock shaft, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked mightily at the throbbing organ. She reached up and grabbed a handful of Cadbury’s balls, gently massaging the swollen orbs inside their wrinkled sac.

Cadbury let out a moan of pleasure as he grasped a handful of Nurse Jenny’s curly red hair and thrust her head down onto his cock, burying the swollen organ down her sucking throat. His face contorted in a grimace as his body shuddered. “There it is!” he said thru clenched teeth.

His cock erupted inside Jenny’s mouth, and the dutiful nurse swallowed down the briny bursts of gluey sperm as quickly as Cadbury’s cock fed it to her. Her cheeks bulged as her mouth filled with the contents of the butler’s overladen balls, gulping down each mouthful before it could spill out between her lips.

Cadbury’s cock finally stopped squirting, and Nurse Jenny slid the spent organ from her mouth, stripping off the slimy layer of cum from the glistening shaft with her lips. She swallowed the last mouthful of the brackish goo and smiled at Richie.

“I’m always happy to give an aching cock some well-needed relief!” she grinned. “You wouldn’t be in need of any attention in that regard, would you, Master Richie?” She asked with a sly smile.

“Um…” Richie replied, “Not at the moment!”

Dollar approached the kneeling nurse and began to sniff under the hem of her white uniform.

“Oh, my!” Nurse Jenny said, startled, “What are you doing, Dollar?”

“Perhaps he smells something good, Madam!” Cadbury suggested with a wry grin, “You know, if your pussy has become too uncomfortable, perhaps my newly cured cock can be persuaded to provide some relief!” His penis, which begun to sag slightly since its extraction from Jenny’s mouth began to swell in anticipation.

Nurse Jenny giggled. She turned around and presented her voluptuous rump to Cadbury. “Be my guest!” she said, “Don’t worry about removing my panties… I don’t happen to be wearing any today!”

Dollar turned his head toward the open doorway of the mansion and sniffed cautiously.

Richie and Gloria watched Cadbury lift the hem of Nurse Jenny’s uniform and fold it onto her back, exposing the chubby cheeks of her ass. Cadbury placed the bulbous plum-hued head of his cock into the juicy pink cleft of Jenny’s eager cunt.

Dollar barked, turning toward the doorway and raising a paw in the manner of a pointer.

“I guess Dollar wants us to follow him again!” Richie surmised, “C’mon, Gloria!”

The two kids followed the dog, leaving Cadbury humping away at Nurse Jenny’s succulent pussy on the front porch.

Down the hallway and around a corner, Dollar led the children to the open door of a parlor. Sitting on a plush armchair was Richie’s father, Richard, stark naked, with the family’s robot maid, Irona, straddling his lap.

Irona was equally naked, her silver skin gleaming as she sat astride Richard’s monumental cock. Her hips moved up and down, sliding her artificial cunt over the nine-inch pole of Richard’s impressive cock.

Both Richard and Irona seemed oblivious to the presence of Richie, Gloria, and Dollar. They were obviously so enraptured in their fucking that Richie didn’t have the heart to interrupt.

Richie and Gloria both watched for a while as Irona rode up and down on Richard’s throbbing cock shaft. They smiled as they heard Irona emit a passionate moan just as Richard slammed her hips down onto his groin, burying his cock to the root inside her synthetic pussy and blasting a copious load of creamy goo into her metallic womb.

Dollar again sniffed the air. He spun around and led the two kids back into the hallway.

“Gosh!” Gloria tittered, “Where is that silly dog going now?”

Richie and Gloria followed Dollar to a nearby library, where Regina Rich, Richie’s mother, lay relaxing, nude, on a padded gold-trimmed chaise. She was holding an open book in her left hand while her right hand held an eight-inch platinum dildo that she was busily sliding in and out of her juicy twat.

Regina looked up from her erotic novel and smiled at her son and his girlfriend. “Hello there!” she said, “What brings you two in here?”

“Dollar did!” Richie explained, pointing at the sniffing dog. “He’s been leading us around the house and everywhere he takes us, people are having sex!”

“Hm!” Regina mused, extracting the glistening dildo from her cunt, “Dogs do have an extraordinary sense of smell, you know! They’re especially sensitive to the scent of hot pussy!”
“Gee!” Gloria exclaimed, “Really?”

“Of course!” Regina assured her. “And I happen to know that Dollar here knows how to do more than just sniff! Don’t you, boy?” she grinned.

Dollar nodded emphatically, trotting over between Regina’s legs and poking his snout into the aromatic wedge of her crotch. Dollar extended his broad flat tongue and began licking at the drooling hole of Regina’s simmering pussy.

“Oh, golly!” Gloria giggled, “Look, Richie! Dollar’s licking your mom’s pussy!”

“I see!” Richie grinned.

Regina chuckled as the horny dog lapped at her dribbling cunt. She glanced between the dog’s hind legs and noticed that his scarlet cock had extended from its furry sheath and was now twitching between his legs.

“My word!” Regina exclaimed, “I’ve given the poor doggie a hard-on! I simply must take care of that at once!”

“What do you mean, Mom?” Richie asked curiously.

Regina got up from the chaise and moved Dollar onto the seat. “Why, I’m going to suck him off, dear!” she explained.

Richie was startled but intrigued at the thought of his mother sucking a dog’s cock. He’d never considered that his mother might be interested in bestiality, but it certainly didn’t seem too surprising that she would have tried it. After all, she was a pretty kinky lady!

“Oh, wow!” Gloria cheered, “I’ve never seen anyone suck dog cock before! Can you show me how?”

“Of course, dear!” Regina replied, “Come closer and I’ll show you!”

Gloria and Richie both approached the chaise. They watched as Regina stroked her hand up and down Dollar’s hard pulsing member. The canine cock was bright red and glistened with a slippery looking sheen. The veiny tapered shaft was about six inches in length atop a bulbous bulge that measured over two inches in diameter.

“What’s that?” Gloria asked curiously, pointing to the swelling at the base of Dollar’s cock.

“That’s his knot!” Regina explained, “It helps hold his cock inside a female dog’s pussy—or anyone’s pussy for that matter!” she grinned. “Now watch me suck him!”

Gloria watched, enraptured as Regina knelt down beside the chaise and grasped the base of Dollar’s cock below the lemon-sized knot. Dollar’s crimson cock constantly dribbled a clear briny juice and Regina stuck out her tongue, licking the tasty fluid from the dog’s slimy shaft.

She opened her mouth and sucked Dollar’s juicy cock inside, burying the dog’s drooling penis into her hungry mouth. She slid her lips up and down the slippery cock, enjoying the exotic flavor of hot salty dog dick.

“Oh, golly!” Gloria exclaimed excitedly, “That looks yummy! What does dog cock taste like, Mrs. Rich?”

Regina slid Dollar’s shiny cock from her mouth and smiled, “There’s only one way to find out, dear!” she said, “Here! Have a taste!”

Gloria eagerly accepted the invitation. She knelt beside Regina, allowing the older woman to guide the scarlet rod of the dog’s pulsing cock to her lips. Gloria opened her mouth and hesitantly slid her lips over the slippery red shaft.

The thin trickle of dog juice flowed over Gloria’s tongue, and she swallowed down the salty-sweet liquid. It tasted somewhat different from human cock, but as an experienced cocksucker, young Gloria found it quite delicious!

Richie watched with rapt interest as his girlfriend sucked at Dollar’s red canine cock. His own cock had become uncomfortably swollen inside his pants, and he was forced to remove them in order to obtain relief. He finally shed his clothing completely, standing naked near the chaise and stroking his swollen cock while he watched Goria give the dog a magnificent blowjob.

Regina glanced over at Richie’s steel-hard erection. “Oh my!” she grinned, “We mustn’t let that go to waste! Come over here and fuck me, Richie!”

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