Dollar's Lucky Day

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Dollar Gets Some Tail”


“So, Gloria…” Regina smiled as she licked Richie’s cock, “You think you can take Dollar’s big fat cock up your asshole?”

Gloria squirmed at the thought. “Gee! I don’t know, Mrs. Rich!” she said doubtfully, “I’m not sure I can get that whopper of a knot inside my little butthole!”

“Well, gosh, Gloria!” Richie said, “I don’t see why not! You’re pretty great at butt fucking! With a little help, I’ll bet you can take Dollar up your ass with no problem!”

“Gee…” Gloria mused, “Maybe…”

“How about I show Gloria how it’s done!” Regina offered. She got onto her hands and knees on the floor, presenting her rotund rump to the horny dog.

Dollar gave Regina’s hindquarters a sniff. His cock—which had since retracted back inside its furry sheath—began to poke its crimson head out in anticipation of another hot fuck.

“Come on, Dollar!” Regina coaxed the randy canine. “Put it in my asshole this time! Give me a good hard butt fuck, okay?”

Dollar grinned excitedly. He mounted Regina’s back, his paws draping over her shoulders as he prodded the pointy tip of his slippery dick at the rubbery ring of Regina’s puckered sphincter.

With a sudden brutal jab, Dollar thrust forward, his tapered prick searing a path thru the tight hot channel of Regina’s ass into her simmering rectum.

“My word!” Regina wailed, “Right on target, Dollar! Now fuck me hard and fast!”

Gloria and Richie watched with excited interest as Dollar hammered away at Regina’s asshole. The salacious canine’s tongue lolled from his mouth as he pummeled the voluptuous woman’s ample ass with his scorching dog dick.

The bulbous knot thumped against Regina’s ass cheeks, and she slammed her hips back to meet Dollar’s thrusts, endeavoring to shove the swollen orb inside her asshole.

Gloria recognized Regina’s intent and intervened, grasping the base of Dollar’s cock behind the knot and pushing the engorged bulb forcefully into the woman’s eager ass. With an audible squishy pop, the bloated knot entered Regina’s tightly stretched asshole, eliciting a passionate cry from the dog fucking woman.

“Wow!” Richie marveled, “She’s got it all the way in! You see, Gloria… if Mom can do it, so can you!”

Gloria still seemed uncertain. “I guess…” she said hesitantly, “But your mom has had more experience ass fucking with a dog. And my little butthole is pretty small.”

Richie considered for a moment. Gloria was right, after all, his mother had obviously been buggered by Dollar many times before, and her mature anus was certainly bigger than Gloria’s nine-year-old bunghole… but he had faith that his best girlfriend could do anything she put her clever mind to!

“You can do it!” Richie assured her, “You can do anything if you really try! Mom and I will help you out… you’ll see!”

The children watched as Dollar pounded furiously at Regina’s jiggling ass. Moans of sheer delight escaped the buxom woman’s lips as the salacious dog reamed her asshole mercilessly with his spearing cock.

Dollar let out a yelp as his cock exploded, firing a volley of superheated semen into the clenching cavern of Regina’s tight hot rectum. The humping dog blasted several more blistering jets of doggie jizz inside Regina’s churning colon until his throbbing cock could shoot no more. He backed away, his depleted dick slithering from Regina’s asshole, releasing a gooey cascade of canine cum from the lax gape of her overstretched anus.

Regina reached behind her and scooped up the creamy cataract of cum that drooled from her asshole. She slurped the bittersweet dog goo from her fingers and smiled. “See!” she said, gurgling thru the mouthful of dog sperm, “Nothing to it! Do you think you’re ready for it?”

Gloria bit her lower lip and nodded. “Yes!” she said emphatically, “I’m ready! Richie was right… I can do it if I really try! I’m gonna take Dollar’s cock all the way up my little asshole!”

Gloria scrambled to her knees, her petite round ass wagging invitingly at the horny dog. Dollar grinned lasciviously as he sniffed at Gloria’s tiny pinkish-tan butt hole. This one was gonna be a tight one, he thought!

Dollar mounted Gloria from behind, his tapered cock jabbing blindly at the cleft between the little tyke’s ass cheeks. Regina assisted the frenzied canine, guiding his prodding cock to the puckered target of Gloria’s little rosebud.

Dollar slammed his hips against Gloria’s buttocks, skewering her asshole with his slimy red cock. The scarlet cock shaft sliced thru Gloria’s scorching rectum causing the little girl to squeal with surprise and delight. She slammed her ass back to meet the savagely humping dog’s cock, trying her mightiest to jam the swollen globe of his knot inside her impossibly tight asshole.

“Help me, Richie!” Gloria pleaded, “Help me get it in!”

Richie leapt to his girlfriend’s aid. Grasping behind Dollar’s bloated knot, he forced the huge organ against the pinkish-beige rim of Gloria’s asshole. “Geez!” he muttered, “It’s gonna be a really tight fit!”

Regina placed her hands on Dollar’s furry rump, pushing steadily as Richie slowly forced the enormous knot against Gloria’s anus. Soon he saw the little girl’s asshole begin to relax, opening wider as the bulbous red knot stretched the dusky pink button of Gloria’s sphincter into a thin magenta band around its circumference.

Suddenly, the knot popped inside, bringing a cry of ecstasy to Gloria’s lips. “I did it!” she cheered, “I took the whole knot in my asshole!”

Regina’s purse was lying nearby, and she fumbled inside. Retrieving an expensive digital camera from inside, she began taking photographs of the youngster’s first anal experience with the happily humping dog.

Gloria noticed Regina’s photography of her first doggie assfuck and grinned. “Oh!” she exclaimed, “You simply must send me a copy of those pictures! I wanna see what Dollar’s big fat cock looks like in my tiny little asshole!”

“Of course, dear!” Regina smiled, leaning down for a close up shot of Dollar’s deeply embedded dick. “I can have it framed, if you’d like!”

“Gee, Mom!” Richie smirked, “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea!”

“Well, perhaps not!” Regina chuckled, “But I will send her a photo!”

They watched as Dollar pummeled Gloria’s ass relentlessly, drilling his searing cock shaft into the simmering channel of the young girl’s tightly clenching ass. Before long, both girl and dog were cumming, Gloria writhing on Dollar’s impaling cock as the lecherous dog spewed his blistering cum into her bowels.

Dollar collapsed exhausted onto Gloria’s back. He turned around and began to pull away from Gloria, attempting to extricate his firmly entrenched cock from the vise-like grip of Gloria’s preteen asshole.

Dollar grimaced as he tugged at the embedded knot. He glanced pleadingly at Richie.

“Don’t worry, boy!” Richie chuckled, “I’ll help you out!” Richie braced one hand against Gloria’s soft round butt cheek and grasped the base of Dollar’s swollen cock with the other. He pulled hard, watching the enormous orb stretch Gloria’s tightly puckered anus to incredible proportions as it slipped over the circumference of Dollar’s knot.

The ass-plugging organ finally popped free, releasing a cataract of thick white goo from Gloria’s battered asshole. Regina was on it in a second, fastening her greedy mouth to the oozing orifice and slurping out the creamy dog cum from inside Gloria’s rectum.

“Oh, my goodness!” Gloria exclaimed, catching sight of Richie’s throbbing hard-on. “Did watching me fuck Dollar do that to your poor cock, Richie?”

Richie glanced down at his pulsating prick and grinned. Azure veins stood out in relief along the engorged shaft of his cock and the dribbling head had turned a deep plum color. “Gee!” he said, “I guess so! It feels hard as a diamond!”

“Let me give you a little relief before that poor cock explodes!” Gloria giggled, wrapping her cushiony lips around Richie’s massive member.

Richie sat back as Gloria sucked on his overinflated cock. He reached over and petted Dollar on the head. “Gosh, Dollar!” he said, “We’re both pretty lucky dogs, huh?”


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